Walkthrough | Chapter 3-3 Fully Remastered


One month later (again), I’m here with a new video. It covers Chapter 3-3. A short but time consuming chapter. The 2 main rooms of this part of the game had sooooo many graphic bugs that even after all the remaster work we did in the past they needed a lot of extra edits.

Click picture for full resolution image

What’s new since the last July 2018 release:

  • Adjusted lighting and effects.
  • A lot of small model and texture edits.
  • Improved stage shadows where needed.
  • Remastered File and Chapter End background images.
  • Remastered new enemies’ textures and models.

I’ve “HD-fied” all final cutscene elements: Luis wounded model, its textures, the Plaga sample and the medicine bottle. Also, I’ve unified the flickering of the light sources during all the cutscene and also during the game.

I’ve spent a lot of time doing minor adjustments in previous areas based on feebdack from everyone here and in my Youtube channel (Thanks!) that’s why it took me again one entire month to post this new video even this chapter is much shorter than any previous chapter

And finally, I’m really happy with the new stage shadows I think the results are much more realistic than before. I hope you enjoy the video!

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41 responses to “Walkthrough | Chapter 3-3 Fully Remastered”

  1. EPD Gaffney says:


  2. Lucifronz says:

    That medicine bottle looks good. Tried to see some older screenshots of it online to see how much it has changed from the original cutscene. Slight difference, but still noticeable.

    • albert says:

      Yes, the original bottle already looked quite decent. But now is rounder and the textures are HD and the specular effect has been adjusted 🙂

  3. CiTRiC says:

    Excelente trabajo Albert, pero sólo un problema… el vídeo está duplicado y dura casi 2 horas por eso.

    • albert says:

      Gracias! Me pasa a veces con algunos videos que subo. Ya lo he cortado pero tarda unas horas en procesarse. En cualquier momento estará arreglado 😉

  4. iguanabeyourdog says:

    increible como siempre, aunque me gustaria hacer una peticion con respecto a las sombras nuevas, ya que lucen genial las nuevas proyecciones en ocasiones creo que son demasiado sutiles y es una pena que se pierdan a la vista… quizas podrias darle un poco mas de intensidad en espacios interiores, ya que luces artificiales como las de candelabros, etc… puede proyectarlas de una forma mas intensa y se apreciaria mejor el gran trabajo hecho con ellas.

    • albert says:

      Gracias por el comentario!
      Es cierto que a veces son casi inperceptibles. Seguramente acabe ajustando algunas. Al fin y al cabo es cuestión de aclarar y oscurecer la textura que se proyecta. Es sencillo 🙂

  5. Sean says:

    YAY!!! I skimmed through the video quick and what I saw looks great!

    Will you be adding english subs to the video soon? I’ll probably watch the video in full detail after you add subs, so I can give more specific feedback then 🙂

    Very happy to hear you are still working on previous chapters to further improve the lighting!!!!

  6. Frank Nitty says:

    Awesome work again guys, the attn to detail and textures are much appreciated

  7. JcFerggy says:

    I love the work and progress you continue to make with this. I understand you put a lot of effort and work into your YouTube video commentary, but could you still provide a few image comparisons with your post? I’m not asking for the huge lists like you’ve done in the past, but like 5 images just showing off some main changes.

    Thank you again for all your hard work and effort!

    • albert says:

      I do it this way for a reason. Showing the video is easier for everyone to see if some changes work or not. A static image doesn’t always make justice to the results and sometimes we received some criticism to changes we did, but we did know the change was for the better. It’s just people couldn’t see the real context of the change.

      I’ll share a huge gallery of comparison shots once the entire chapter 3 is complete as I did with the previous 2 chapters, and it will include the final touch-ups based on feedback about the videos 🙂

      (Now that I remember… there are 6 comparison images at the beginning of this video XD)

      • V I D A L says:

        I also prefer the photo comparison.. mainly for the quality and resolution. Even though I agree that videos are generally better, the 1080p highly compressed Youtube video doesn’t do justice to the quality of the work. You can see the texture quality a lot clearly in hi res photos.
        I don’t suppose you have the means to capture the videos in 4k do you? That could solve the issue.


        • albert says:

          I tried but my PC only can capture up to 1440p even if I force the graphic card to render al 4K.
          But this way it will more impressive when you play it by yourselves ;P

  8. mofail says:

    @54:00 the blue pillar has a strange abrupt texture seam though otherwise the entire video is fantastic !
    I remember the large room with the rocket launcher was very buggy in appearance lol Lot’s of things made no sense there but then the whole game is like that.

    Are you going to leave the stretched panel repeating around @10:55? These panels are repeating just above the ground as repetitive tiles side by side with smaller panels & larger panels together… Is this texture warping/stretching deliberately kept in?

    What is that spooky music playing at the end of the video?

    Well congrats on more progress & looking forward to future reveals from this amazing project, good luck!

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the feedback!
      The pilar is fixed. That pillar is split in 2 models and their vertices’ normals didn’t match.

      About those fancy panels, yes, the irregular size is kept on purpose. It would be too much trying to keep exactly the same size/proportion everywhere.

      The music is from Dragon Ball Kai 😉

  9. SLH says:

    Great work as usual! It looks really good overall so I just wanted to point out some little details:

    – Leon’s chest looks a bit unnatural because of its flatness, as if he had flat panels instead of pecs (really noticeable at 41’54”), but usually, it looks ok. I guess it’s pretty tricky to add volume to his chest without messing with many other things so it’s probably not worth it. But if it is feasible without problems elsewhere, I think it would make Leon’s chest look more natural overall.

    -Luis’ death scene: with the amount of blood Luis is losing, I think the overall color of the pool of blood can be darker and more uniform (and lighter at the very edge). Here’s a reference https://imgur.com/NF9eOua

    -Regarding Leon’s fingernails, I think they’re too long and too square (they should start higher up on the finger and should be curved at the base). It could be interesting to try to change them just for the cutscene (but not for the rest, since it would be too much work to modify for each weapon). Here’s more or less what I mean: https://imgur.com/TBbsNUF (But honestly, we can’t really have a good look at the fingernails during a cutscene, and it’s noticeable mostly when looking at screenshots)

    – Ada’s hair looks more natural now! It’s definitely better than in the last video, but I think it can still look better if there’s a bit less specular effect and an even darker hair color.

    -It looks like Ada’s upper lip is not completely symmetrical, the right half seems a little bit higher https://imgur.com/XCEcjlJ

    -I’m not sure for this last detail, but Ada’s irises looks very slightly misaligned with the right iris being apparently a few pixels higher than the left one. Not really noticeable when watching the cutscene, and even with the screenshots, I’m not sure if it’s because of the angle or if it’s really a little bit misaligned. https://imgur.com/ZbRAkzj

    Thanks for all the hard work and good luck for the next chapter!

    • albert says:

      As always, I’ll take all the feedback into consideration.
      The only one I don’t understand is the last one. Bothe eyes use the same texture and they look aligned in other camera angles, so maybe it’s a just slight animation momentary imbalance…

      About Luis blood, it use one of the blood textures used all over the game. I can force the cutscene to load a new customed and adapted texture for this specific context.

        • albert says:

          Wow these eyes look really good! but considering the ammount of transparencvy issues this game has with hair I’m afraid eyes would suffer the same problem when characters are at certain angles.

          • Alvin says:

            Hm perhaps yes.. the only part transparent would be the part that’s glossy. You should try tho. It’s really worth it. 😀

          • albert says:

            Ouch! I’ve just tried it right now… but there’s no possibility of add a transparent and glossy material at the same time ingame… The glossy material must have some kind of opacity, and the glossy level depends of the ammount of transparency, so, the result would be whiteish zombified eyes XD

          • Alvin says:

            Not sure if my comment went through just now but after I was retyping, I went through a couple of steps ahead on this particular matter and came to the conclusion that ultimately, the effort needed to pull this off isn’t worth it. The alpha property canceling out the specular ruins it’s possibility in more ways than one. That said, sorry if my idea got you off track.

          • albert says:

            Oh no worries! I’m really used to make trial-error tests and it just took me 5 minutes 😉

      • SLH says:

        It’s great that you can modify the blood in the Luis cutscene!

        About the eyes, it’s probably just the angle and what Alvin explained below. Also yes, it looks fine the rest of the time so actually, no need to think about it.

        And I noticed that you resized the character’s irises compared to the previous video, they are now slightly smaller than before. It looks fine either way, but it could be better if it was possible to make them more round, like a perfect circle, but I guess it’s not possible due to the polygon limitation.

    • Alvin says:

      Ada’s eyes look misaligned from an angle because they’re probably just a hemisphere’s with the eye texture on it. Real eyes are slightly more complex. The sclera is convex, however, the iris within it is concave. Then we have the cornea (later with specular) preventing light to bleed directly through the pupil by it’s shape.


  10. jweezy64 says:

    Were the Novistadors always there at 13:10? I swear I don’t remember that.

    • Sean says:

      in the original gamecube version yes, in later ports no, he explained that was the reason why he brought them back

      • EPD Gaffney says:

        Oh, I didn’t realise they weren’t there in later ports. I thought he was saying you could see them come from the hole in the floor on GC or something like that; that’s how well I remember them being there. I must have played the GC version proportionally more than I’d remembered.

  11. Alvin says:

    Looks amazing.. 😮

  12. CiTRiC says:

    Albert, disculpa por tener que volver al capítulo anterior, pero es que se me ocurrió una idea interesante.
    En la habitación con el cofre donde obtienes la Figura de cabra, anclaste sombras en la base de la estructura que asciende, que no está mal, lo malo es que claramente puedes ver como aparecen de repente y se pierde la ilusión.
    ¿No es posible anclar sombras en los pilares, de forma que sean “dinámicas”, y asciendan con la estructura durante la cinemática? No sé si se puede colocar sobras en forma triangular en los pilares, pero sería la solución ideal, asumo.
    Considerando que estas pequeñas cinemáticas donde puedes ver el escenario cambiar son escasas, siento que valdría la pena encontrar alguna forma de hacer algo al respecto. Saludos.

    • albert says:

      Por desgracia (y si lo he entendido bien) eso no es posible. Las sombras no son más que polígonos con una imagen negra que tiene un canal de transparencia con el dibujo de las sombras. Es decir, son planos completamente fijos. Del modo en que sugieres todos los planos con los “pasos intermedios” quedarían flotando en el aire a modo de papeles negros semitransparentes.
      Pero gracias por las ideas igualmente!
      Al menos se consigue que cuando la plataforma está elevada la zona a su alrededor quede sombreada 😛

      • CiTRiC says:

        Gracias por responder.
        A lo que iba es que, si puedes anclar estos polígonos a la base, ¿no lo puedes anclar a toda la estructura para que se muevan con ella? No sé si me explico bien o si yo no entendí cómo funcionan.

        • albert says:

          Pues la verdad no acabo de entenderte haha. Los polígonos nuevos simplemente son unos polígonos extra que están en la base de la estructura. Es decir, están escondidos bajo el suelo hasta que la estructura llega su punto más alto

  13. terminator says:

    No veas la currada que llevas aun! por cierto te envie un mp en animelliure para comentarte un temilla

  14. Leon says:

    its wonderful works.

    Please reduce ambient light.
    Make the game light as dark as possible.
    Lamps, candles, and torches have high brightness, but this is not normal.

  15. Sean says:

    the pics and videos of this project are all recorded with the max brightness setting turned all the way you, you can just turn it down if you wish. I dont normally like it on max brightness either, but I think the lighting is pretty good for the most part

  16. Willianbr says:

    Estou louco pra ver essa obra prima ficar pronto. Algum dia se for possível jogar nos consoles. Esse trabalho eh incrível cadê a capcom pra contratar você?. Quero desejar tudo de bom pra você isso é trabalho de profissional. Estou sempre deixando like nos vídeos de Re4 pra dar uma força E sou inscrito também Im Love U❤❤

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