Chapter 3 – FINAL Comparison Images

Hello everyone! Here is the entire Chapter 3 summary in the form of comparison images as I did with the previous 2 chapters.

I’m in the middle of Chapter 4-1 final remaster stage. As you know, this chapter is really long, but I want to show you something special about it.

Maybe some people already know it, but the person who created the Ultimate trainer for this game (Raz0r) also was able to fix a few extra things like the infamous video resolution limitation this game has. To achieve this improvements it’s needed to allocate an additional .dll file in the same folder the bio4.exe file is.

And as you also know, Separate Ways cutscenes and 2 or 3 short cutscenes in the main campaing are prerendered low resolution videos. I tried to improve Separate Ways 1st cutscenes using AI upscaling and I re-created the 2 short low quality videos in chapter 4-1 (rotating bridge and Verdugo’s approaching scenes). Here’s the result:

Since this HD videos are only possible to include in the game using a 3rd party files, my idea is to share a separate pack with all the HD videos once the project is finished.

And here’s the huge Chapter 3 gallery. Enjoy it!!


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137 responses to “Chapter 3 – FINAL Comparison Images”

  1. Gee says:

    Absolutely amazing.
    Your work is phenomenal and I really wish you get all the most deserved credits for this.

  2. StevenS says:

    > the person who created the Ultimate trainer for this game (Raz0r) also was able to fix a few extra things like the infamous video resolution limitation this game has.

    Well, it looks like Christmas came early this year. Seriously, this is the best news ever, I’m more glad about this than about RE3 Remake announcement.

  3. NEGAARMAX says:

    Me encantan las comparativas, realmente se nota la mejora que se ha trabajo en estos años, con respecto a las cinemáticas, se ven bien, aunque siento que el sharping esta algo exagerado, pero bueno es solo una observación y siento que pueden quedar un poco mejor.
    Espero mas avances el próximo año.
    felices fiestas 😀

    • CyberRazerX says:

      Hasta donde vi no tiene sharpening, sino que simplemente las cinemáticas originales no tenían antialiasing y al ser escaladas se nota demasiado, en todo caso se podría hacer algo similar al DLSS, es decir, se podrían reescalar las cinemáticas a una resolución mucho mayor y luego volver a bajar la resolución para que se suavicen los bordes, como si se usara supersampling
      (Bueno probablemente requiera de mucha memoria y termine crasheando el editor antes de renderizar unos pocos segundos de video XD)
      O bien algún filtro tipo MSAA en Sony Vegas? No sé, se me ocurren varias cosas pero mejor no dar ideas tan disparatadas jaja

      • albert says:

        Gracias a los dos! Por desgracia cualquier filtrado “mataría” el poco detalle que tienen estos vídeos, como ocurre en la versión PS4… Dios… en PS4 los vídeos de Separate Ways se ven escandalosamente borrosos y se nota la desesperación por eliminar cualquier tipo de artefacto de compresión de los vídeos originales. Es una vergüenza que, además de no tener el material para renderizar los vídeos de nuevo, ni siquiera conservaron una versión sin pérdida de calidad!!

  4. Frank Nitty says:

    The difference between the original and the HD remaster in the comparison photos is like night and day. Excellent rendering and attentiveness to detail. Kudos

  5. HHH207 says:

    Great work but there is no zealots comparison pictures. Interesting…

    • albert says:

      Yep! Because I still have to re-create half of the zealots (mostly clothes variations) and also re-create their faces because right now they have a cheat upscaled texture. Fortunately there’s only one face for all of them XD
      I’ll show them when chapter 4 is done

  6. David says:

    Es genial poder ver el re4 realmente remasterizado y bien hecho. El esfuerzo que han puesto en este proyecto es de valorar, y me quito el sombrero, porque creo que hay que tenerle respeto a lo que han logrado. Muchas gracias a los que han contribuido a este gran trabajo.

  7. Suckable_Lemon says:

    Hi Albert, needless to say great work overall but I have a nitpick about one of the hi-res textures. In the first floor of the room you enter after destroying the castle doors with the cannon, the hi-res textures for the walls don’t seem that faithful to the original. The walls comprise of those pillars with the brickwork in between them. The walls upstairs are great, I wish a similar or identical texture as used downstairs as well since it seems closer to the original aesthetic.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the feedback! This is something that was mentioned some time ago: The original walls use the texture used in the room where Salazar appears (the walls with the cathedral windows).
      They simply hide the windows with rectangular brick texture patches in this area XD

      So I took the decision to used the real life original wall with no edits instead. So, there was no need of any weird patches:

      Capcom: Sevilla cathedral wall + Barcelona Cathedral window + Random briks covering the window.
      HD project: Sevilla cathedral wall with its original briks

  8. Sean says:

    pic23_B – amazing!! you fixed the water 🙂 i didnt like the small pools with steps or whatever

    pic_25B – very cool having all new pictures!

    pic_26B – wow is that the same piece of art, just no longer mirrored? all these years my interpretation of that painting was very different lol 😮

    pic_85B – this painting of young salazar looks fine IMO

    pic_96B – theres still an odd texture/shadow on verdugos face (minor nitpick)

    about the separate pack for Adas videos, this is awesome news!! i realize you are going outside of your rules for these files and you probably dont want to push things too far, but I think it would be amazing if you/raz0r (or anybody) could find a way to include the Ada missions into the main game as like side quests. Since you already plan on separating the Ada files, then maybe you could add this in too? I understand if you cant do this, but please check out my post here for more details thanks —–>

    as always, great work! and please take your time with chapter 4 its probably my favorite chapter 🙂

    • Sean says:

      pic_53B – the shadows along the right side of the hand-railing seem too strong and sharp, they should be a little fuzzy and maybe at less of an angle? like shorter?

      in the back corner theres a torch or 2 casting light and you can see some of the shadow is less dark, but it doesnt really match IMO, the shadows in the far far back shouldnt be gone and they should transition from light to dark gradually instead of just having 1 light tone and 1 dark tone

      • albert says:

        Those shadows come from the moonlight. But I agree they are too sharp/dark sometimes. I’ll selectively blur them slightly and fade them when they get close to the lamps 😉

    • Sean says:

      pic_05B – ashley & leons back/rightside doesnt seem any brighter when standing next to the torch

      sorry, its probably better looking in motion 😛

      • albert says:

        Haha it’s just a coincidence the angle in that screenshot is completely perpendicular to light direction. Look at Ashley’s hand. The side of their bodies you can’t see in the image is much brighter ;P

    • albert says:

      Thanks for all the comments!
      That would be an interesting mod… If it’s possible to do. I’m not sure that’s possible because I don’t know how to change the character when you enter a new area. If you make a door to teleport you to a Separate Ways area the game won’t change the character at all. This is something the game does at the beginning of the game and during specific areas (I bet it’s codded in the exe)

      I guess Raz0r could do that, but I don’t know if he’s still interested on all this stuff. I asked him about something but I haven’t received any answer (maybe he has a different email now ¿?)

      If someone here knows how to contact him…: could you send me a message using the Contact us form? Thanks!

  9. vpablosoldini says:

    Increible albert!
    Pregunta: tenes info de como funcionan las sombras dinámicas (esas que aparecen en los personajes y enemigos) en las cinemáticas?

    Aca por ejemplo:

    La sombra cambió automáticamente después de ajustar las luces del escenario o las tuviste que modificar manualmente?


    • albert says:

      Exacto, se manipulan manualmente. Las luces de este juego jamas proyectan sombras. Toda sombra que se ve en este juego está programada manualmente y con independencia de las luces que hay alrededor. Una pesadilla, vamos XD Por desgracia no pueden usarse estas sombras en el juego normal por innumerables problemas técnicos que este juego no acepta

  10. Diegoeo99 says:

    Wow, estas imágenes me siguen impresionando, muy entretenidas de analizar, a veces son un cambio verdaderamente radical, pero a veces son muy similares, eso me hace apreciar más lo bien que se veía el juego ya en el 2005, no ha envejecido tan mal, pero que mejor que disfrutarlo con este proyecto que le da un nueva vida al juego, que ansias de jugarlo, ojalá este listo para verano para continuar la historia después del Remake del RE3
    Felices fiestas

  11. Superuser says:

    This is amazing Albert! I’m wowed by your work. It’s interesting how you went for a much ‘colder’ set of colours. This is usually influenced by the light.

    It adds to the horror atmosphere, though I won’t lie, I personally liked the very warm colours used in the original. I felt it added a contrast between the ornate Castle and the Village part you were in before, as well as the Island still to come. Overall though, you kept the bright lights and warm colours intact in the grandest and most ornate of rooms.

    The one I’m most curious about is picture 13, I noticed the pikes have been darkened quite a bit and are a bit jaggy, and the candleholder is much more ornate but a fundamentally different shape as well. I wonder what the source for the candles was? For the pikes, I wonder if they were just a sprite in the original and not a model. Thanks!

    • albert says:

      Thank you! I copy-paste what I wrote before (easier for me :P)

      […] remember the “original” pictures has a reddish/yellowish tone because of a broken effect 80% of the areas have. The original overall colors in the GC/Wii version are like in the HD project shots. So, the color differences are mostly due to the removal of the broken effect in the PC version and the return of the REAL original colors […]

      Anyway, we’ll include an optional color filter that brings back a warmer tone to the overall image 😉

      Pikes: the brightness change is caused by the overexposition in the original. Also the wall suffered that problem, but the pikes texture is brighter and the brighter a texture is the more affected by overexposition issues is.
      It was a 3D model even in the original 😉

      Candleholder: It’s the same pattern but now it has some volume. This makes it looks quite different from certain angles, but when you look at it at close a distance you can see it’s the same but HD

  12. mofail says:

    Incredible endless adjustments !

  13. Roman says:

    Absolutely incredible comparison!

  14. Drawken says:

    As always, awesome work!
    Pic 22 – In the original, what exactly is the significance of having that middle picture mirrored everywhere? Great decision to fix that!
    Pic 24 – Thanks for considering my suggestion. The color of the pressure plates are no longer an eye sore!
    Pic 37 – Love the added detail of the wood beam structuring! Super nit-picky – The Uvmapping at the top of the door frame corner isn’t aligned.
    Pic 44 – Ceiling looks great!
    Pic 109 – For something that’s seen so briefly you went above and beyond to remaster the hell out of that background! It’s really beautiful.

  15. V I D A L says:

    Yay! The return of the image comparison… I really enjoy those.
    I love all the artistry that went into all those new added baked shadows (as well as the fixing of the sloppy inaccurate ones the game had). Some real talent is required for one to be able to observe the light sources and mentally calculate where the shadows would cast. Really well done.

    • albert says:

      Hehe thanks! It was quite interesting to learn all this baked shadows stuff. Placing the lights, calibrate them, generate the new polygons where the new shadow texture will be placed on…
      I’m quite happy with the results ^_^

  16. Alvin says:

    Holy cow.. :0

  17. I don’t know if this has been asked before already, but would it be remotely possible, once everything is all done, to port everything over to the Wii Edition of the game so we could play it via the Dolphin emulator? To be able to have all these beautiful HD textures to go with those pointer controls be truly perfect.

  18. Bonk says:

    AI upscaling is really obvious and especially bad looking on videos.
    But for a fan project, it’s better than nothing. At least you aren’t one of the many companies out there lazily upscaling everything badly including videos and selling it as a remaster. *cough* Gungho and Grandia I&II* cough*

    Separating it into a separate download is a good idea because honestly I think it’s a waste of space.
    AI upscaling on videos only looks decent if you have close to a lossless source file. And even then, it is obviously still upscaled.

    • albert says:

      The first 2 short cutscenes are real HD, but Separate Ways can’t look any better with the terrible source files.
      I used PS2 videos, whcih looked slightly better than the Wii/PC videos.
      Wii edition videos (which are exactly the same files used in the UHD PC port byte by byte) were slightly blurred in comparison with the PS2 videos (I guess they tried to reduce those terrible vertical lines that are visible everywhere)
      So, it DO looks better than the original PC videos because I used a better source 🙂

    • Mendez says:

      Slit your wrists, why don’t you 🙂

      You are always welcome to do a better job where AI upscaling is not really obvious, since you are such a champ I am sure you wouldnt ‘lazily upscale everything badly’

  19. EPD Gaffney says:

    Incredible. Haven’t checked out the videos yet, but the comparison pictures are just gorgeous.

  20. Stuart says:

    ¡¡¡Como siempre, un increíble trabajo muchachos!!! No más tengo un criticismo (¡medio largo!) y una petición (bien corta, que honestamente importa más). Por favor, dame el tiempo de su día. 😛

    Los pilares azules (que aparecen en el área de combate antes de encontrar a Luis) tienen como una textura blanca sobre lo azul en la textura original. La forma en que esas partes blancas fueron pintadas y distorsionadas me hace creer que la intención original fue que trataban de simular una forma de brillo resplandeciente. Un brillo que es bien típico al mármol, lo cual me parece lógico que es el material que componen estos pilares. La decisión de hacer ese efecto una textura en vez de utilizar un “shader” tal vez fue para salvar costos de rendimiento para al Gamecube. Utilizando tantos shaders en el misma área talvez fue muy desastroso para el FPS, llevándolos a la decisión de replicar el efecto en una textura.

    ¡¡¡Ahora, creo que la textura que hicieron es hermosa y no debe ser cambiada!!! Pero, tal vez seria interesante ver si hay forma de implementar un shader (como los que existen en algunas partes del modelo de Leon) sobre el pilar para replicar ese efecto brilloso del mármol que las texturas originales intentaban de simular. No solamente preservaría el intento artístico, pero creo mejoraría el sentido de profundidad y curvatura, lo cual los pilares originales tenían y los de ahora les faltan (ignorando el efecto del cambio de iluminación en la escena, obviamente).

    ¡Y ahora, la petición! Esto ha estado en mi mente desde el primer momento que jugué este mod en resolución 4K…Además de descubrir que el trabajo de ustedes dos se magnifica en su detalle y nitidez, también vi que al subir la resolución del juego más de 1080p, el láser de las armas se pone desastrosamente fino, ¡al punto que no se pueden ver para apuntar bien! Seria increíblemente amable de ustedes de incluir opciones de resolución (¡y hasta colores, si quieren! 😀 ) para el láser de armas. ¡Tal vez un folder opcional que ofrecen láseres más gruesos para la gente que quiere disfrutar su trabajo en toda su gloria en 4K! ¡Una sugerencia, no más! 😛

    ¡Gracias por su atención y dedicación a este proyecto esencial!

    • albert says:

      Muchas gracias! 😀
      Sobre lo de los pilares, ya intenté aplicar ese efecto hace tiempo, pero el efecto especular “estándar” (que viene a ser algo así: ) es muy complicado de controlar y tiene bastantes limitaciones. En este caso, lo que veríamos es a TODOS los pilares azules brillar del mismo modo al unísono somo si fuera una orquesta de brillos sincronizada XD Y claro… eso quedaría raro de narices haha
      Pero ahora mismo la textura azul sí que tiene brillo especular, aunque es distinto (se nota en los vídeos).

      Lo del láser… no tengo ni idea de qué archivo controla la mira láser! creo que debe estar incrustado en el .exe del juego.
      Los colores pueden cambiarse editando un archivo de texto 😉


  21. Jerry says:

    Now that RE3 Remake is announced, aren’t you worried that Capcom will eventually remake RE4 aswel? What are your feelings if that should happen?

    You’ve done some truly extraordinary work with this mod, I’m just worried that it might get overshadowed if Capcom decides to do a proper remake of RE4. Considering the success of RE2 Remake (and the imminemt release of RE3 Remake), I think Capcom might actually do a RE4 Remake aswell. What are your thoughts on that?

    • albert says:

      I’d love to see a remake of 4. It’s not a problem, at least not for me. It would be different game just like RE2make is a different game compared to the original RE2.
      But I think Code Veronica would be the next one to be re-created (and CV needs a remake more than RE4)

      • Sean says:

        a remake of RE4 is NOT necessary at all! youre HD work here is already better than anything capcom could do, especially considering you have retained the original look and atmosphere. Nothing about the gameplay can be improved upon

        If we are lucky enough to get RE4 on PS5 then I would like to see it running at full 4k with proper 60fps (maybe even 120?) and it should look AT LEAST as good as this mod does on PC

        it should also run smoothly in PS VR and support motion controls like the Wii version!!

        If they cant achieve those things then theres no reason for them to bother touching this game until next-next generation (like PS6)

        Oh and I would also love to see co-op support, but that would probably require a total remake, probably with a re-balancing of the health systems

        • albert says:

          And please: New lighting, effects and realtime shadows! And re-created Separate Ways cutscenes 😛

        • mofail says:

          @sean with much respect, speak fo yo self lol
          A brand new re4 could be AMAZING. Well it….. COULD…?…
          New A.I & enemies
          New environments
          New weapons
          Extra game modes this time with Luis Or Ada, maybe others…those cops?
          New graphics & music
          New many more combat moves like stomping enemies on the ground like what happened in re5 & re6…

          I guess the list is endless but all of these added to re4 would be most welcome & long over due in my opinion.
          None of this devalues this H.D project of an ageing classic & I support this 100% Resident Evil 3 remake will answer a lot of questions…people are already expecting something great but lets see.

          • Sean says:

            New A.I & enemies
            – is that really needed? When you say new enemies, you mean without removing any of the old ones? just adding a few extra new creatures? I mean if they Improve the AI to be more challenging it could be OK, but I think RE4 has a great design in its pacing and I wouldnt want to see anything changes aside from maybe adding a few extra enemies in certain areas (or maybe a new boss fight)

            New environments
            – not sure what you mean, like all new stages? or new backgrounds?

            New weapons
            – the weapons in RE4 are fine, what more do we need? this isnt call of duty where you have 50 different slight variations of weapons. And isnt there already mods for new weapons? Plus the secret unlockable weapons already make the game too easy, like I said before the game has great balance and pacing and changing the weapons could impact that

            Extra game modes this time with Luis Or Ada, maybe others…those cops?
            – like I said before, I would love a co-op mode especially for mercenaries. I think there was a mod in the works but Im not sure if it ever ran smoothly. But I dont think an all new mode similar to separate ways would interest me very much

            New graphics & music
            – like I said before, this HD mod by Cris&albert already looks fantastic. If capcom redid all the character models and animations from scratch it wouldnt look right

            New many more combat moves like stomping enemies on the ground like what happened in re5 & re6…
            – no please no, if you want that style of gameplay then go play those games. Adding extra melee moves to Re4 would only reduce the difficulty and ruin the balance and pacing… Re5 is fun for co-op but RE4 is still better

            The ONLY thing this game needs is VR support with full 4k proper 60fps and motion controller support like the Wii

            *IF* they could make this game Co-op and add more enemies, that would be awesome too… but I dont have high expectations of that happening unless its through modding, the best we can hope for is a port to PS5 with updates to fix certain issues (like fps and lighting as albert said)

            The only reason RE1-3 needed remakes is because they had horrible graphics and poor controls on PS1, but RE4 already looks and plays amazing. Remaking RE4 would be wayyy too costly compared to just updating the ps4 version for ps5, and they probably will get the same # of sales either way. I’ll be very surprised if they remake anymore older games, aside from re-releasing next-gen ports with slightly improved frame rates like they do with every new console. Im also sure they have RE8 in the works for next-gen

          • Sean says:

            RE4 on PS5 Should include the following:
            – full 4k with proper 60fps (maybe even 120fps)
            – VR support w/ full motion controller support
            – all of Cris&alberts work from
            – all of the desired patch/fixes for lighting, animation etc

            the rest are unlikely to happen, but would be nice:
            – a few new stages for mercenaries, maybe w/ new characters and weapons
            – maybe a side quest for Luis similar to Separate Ways
            – possibly full Co-op support with an all new enhanced AI and increased difficulty adding a few new enemies
            – Player2 would get to play as either a cop, Luis, Ada, or Ashley, depending on the chapter they are in. Or if playing Mercenaries we would have the freedom of choosing any character

            but this would NOT be a full “remake” like RE2, it would just be an upgraded version of the current game

          • mofail says:

            @sean not quite sure what to say except again with respect speak for yo self lol The idea of a PROPER remake has been on my mind for years mostly due to capcoms constantly porting this game with little or no improvements on to much better gaming consoles & advancing tech in general. Pure cash grabbing corporate crap at it’s best. It was relentless & this steam release is just another piss poor port of a game that needs updating. The new environments? again not sure what the confusion here is? The game could be expanded, new areas, more exploration, a larger village perhaps? More rooms in the castle & island areas? It would all be most welcome. New A’I would be great for better stealth for instance, the game has a silencer for instance but it serves no real purpose in the game as it is. More stealth weapons & stealth moves would be great & i really don’t know why anyone would resist something like this. There have been mods for years adding new combat moves to this game & I have no issue with any of it. Unsure why anyone would resist something like that, more fun is well..more fun.. There are bear traps every where in the village but the enemies can just walk right over them with no effect. I never liked that. With new enemies I’ll put it this way, the village has 4 unique males & 2 unique females with no children anywhere. Not even corpses. There could be many more npc’s added it is supposed to be a village after all. The zealots are one monk with various war paints, costumes but it’s all just one guy. More variation in appearances & body types, just more npc’s in the castle is something i’d love to see. The infamous hook man was very interesting. The soldiers on the island were the most disappointing enemies in the game for me I would really love to see all 0f this expanded upon. As for the graphics, well this mod has lighting edits, textures & also structure corrections. There is so much more that cannot be done here in this mod that could be recreated from scratch by capcom like water effects for instance. Animations won’t be fixed in this mod either.. not yet anyway. I would love to see real time lighting.

            Resident Evil 4 looked amazing in 2005, it is now almost 2020. It hasn’t looked amazing for a very long time. In my opinion.

            I have never personally experienced any vr mode so i can’t comment on that but I do look forward to what the future holds for this game!

          • Sean says:

            “capcoms constantly porting this game with little or no improvements on to much better gaming consoles & advancing tech in general. Pure cash grabbing corporate crap at it’s best. It was relentless & this steam release is just another piss poor port”
            I agree, but that doesnt stop the game from still being fun. Obviously we have very different views on what this game is and what a remake could be, but you seem to want an entirely different game based on the things you keep suggesting
            “New A’I would be great for better stealth for instance, the game has a silencer for instance but it serves no real purpose in the game as it is. More stealth weapons & stealth moves would be great & i really don’t know why anyone would resist something like this.”
            I get that RE4 had unused features like wall-covering, but it wasnt designed to be like that. Personally, I’ve played stealth games like MGS and while they can be fun, it just doesnt seem like its ever been a big part of the RE series.
            “The new environments? again not sure what the confusion here is? The game could be expanded, new areas, more exploration, a larger village perhaps? More rooms in the castle & island areas?”
            What your saying is basically completely rework every stage to be bigger and more expansive, that to me doesnt sound like a “remake” it sounds like an all new game. Maybe theres a misunderstanding, but like I said before, RE2 and RE3 both had horrible graphics and controls on PS1. If you dont consider Cris&alberts work on this mod to be top notch, then you must be very picky about graphics. Personally, I enjoy older games and I dont see much wrong with RE4 visually. Comparing RE4 to the new RE2 obviously shows differences, but not big enough differences to warrant an all new game
            “There are bear traps every where in the village but the enemies can just walk right over them with no effect. I never liked that.”
            Who cares? If bear traps effected enemies then the game would be so stupid easy, what would be the point of even having bear traps then?
            ” I’ll put it this way, the village has 4 unique males & 2 unique females with no children anywhere. Not even corpses.”
            Im sorry but I do not see how adding children or a single child corpse would improve the game in anyway, if thats what youre into then just use your imagination, but its not necessary.

            WHAT YOU ARE ASKING FOR IS BASICALLY … a “Return to RE4 sequel” similar to how Nintendo made a sequel to Link to the Past called Link Between Worlds. You dont want a “REmake” of RE4 you want a true SEQUEL to RE4, like RE4.5 and you know what? that might actually be kinda cool, if it had a new unique story

          • mofail says:

            oh wow. lol i am not “into” dead children. By the way there are dead children in resident evil 4, you do know that right? It’s in the end credits when images are being shown about Saddler first entering the village. Eventually the virus spreads & the villagers are displayed as crazed whilst dead?..children are slumped over the kitchen table in the village houses. At least that’s how i remember it. Adding corpses to a game with a horror theme isn’t necessary but then why bother with anything then? Of course we all have our own preferences though this is something that just would make sense.

            I am trying to be fairly specific about what i would like here but i’ll try again. I want capcom to do to RE4 what they did with RE1 HD remaster.

            That’s Not the same as what you’re saying at all lol.

            It gave everything i already mentioned in the remake, new EVERYTHING.

            It still was resident evil 1 it really felt very familiar & was awesome. Expanding areas would not be reinventing the wheel here & improving blatantly daft A.I like the bear trap or stealth issues wouldn’t be reinventing the wheel either. It’s an old game that can be vastly improved in many many ways & it’s all good. This is supposed to be a horror game so corpses around the village would also be not out of place quite frankly it’s odd there weren’t more, it would add unpleasant tension & atmosphere to the game not degrade the experience, in my opinion.

            I also am not sure how you thought i don’t think this projects hd effort isn’t top notch, it is & i never said otherwise. I did say there are things Albert & Cris can’t do like real time lighting, animations & water effects. The project has full support & admiration though only capcom can give us a true remake like the resident evil 1 HD remaster or the recent resident evil 2 HD release.

          • Sean says:

            whether or not we agree is irrelevant, i think we both know capcom will not do what you are hoping, at least ot within the next-generation of consoles

          • mofail says:

            Oh man, are you for real? lmao how dismissive of you lol

            Here’s what i know. I don’t need you telling what i know or what i like or what is relevant or not lol so again speak fo yo self As for what capcom will do in the future, time will tell… if that’s ok with you that is.
            There was a huge surprise for me when they remade Resident evil 1 for the nintendo game cube & the resident evil 2 remake was also a great surprise. Both were excellent, resident evil 3 remake will be here next year & I hope they do follow up with a resident evil 4 remake soon after. It maybe code veronica, that’ll be interesting too. I can’t wait to see what they do next, after years of porting re4 I’d lost all respect for this company, they are on the right track again with exciting high quality releases, how things have changed!
            Welcome in 2020 capcom !

      • Mendez says:

        ” It’s not a problem, at least not for me. It would be different game just like RE2make is a different game compared to the original RE2.”

        same here, as long as I have your remaster, I dont care how Capcom might mess the game up with potential reimagining.

        • Gamer says:

          If capcom remade RE4, then yea, great, although Iam sure this HD project would be available before capcoms version is completed so it shouldnt matter to fans of this

        • S.T.A.R.S.'s Julia Valentina says:

          In my opinion, they should do an almost 1:1 remake, this REngine is top-tier and in my head RE4 would fit perfectly. With almost 1:1 remake, I mean new free movement like RE:2 and RE:3 (I’ll be refering to remakes as RE: and originals as RE), Dr. Salvador in a Mr. X fashion, more aggressive enemies (they’re zombies after all, since they’re dead), full satanic-esque zealots, like them doing real shocking messed up stuff, no war-zone (for me it kinda killed the mood of the game but it’s almost at the end so whatever), extended Separate Ways and a bit more of backtracking (Island to be concrete). The map, the attache case and all the weapons should keep being the same, and Paul Mercier BETTER be back to re-dub both eat-your-green-vegetables Leon and the Merchant. Oh and they should include the Mercenaries with more returning characters like Claire, Chris and Jill, maybe Barry.

          • Sean says:

            “more aggressive enemies (they’re zombies after all, since they’re dead)”

            actually no thats wrong, in RE4 they are not the “undead zombie” that most people think of as zombies, in RE4 they are brainwashed / mindcontrolled zombies which are controlled through a parasite or virus… thats why Ashley and Leon are able to cure themselves, because they are not undead

            Also, the term zombie originally was used to refer to somebody who was brainwashed, and the term living-undead was originally what we now call a zombie… it was george a romero who converted the term zombie to mean living-undead, but in actuality that is incorrect and not the true definition of the word

            “new free movement like RE:2”

            if they add full freedom movement to RE4 then the game will no longer be amazinly perfectly balanced and paced, the later RE Games are fun but they are not better than RE4 in terms of pacing

          • S.T.A.R.S.'s Julia Valentina says:

            Yes they are undead. They’re slowly rotting, see Bella Sisters. When their heads explode, the Plagas still control their bodies. I don’t think a headless person is still on his mind. Armaduras are not alive either, the Plagas inside them took the form of limbs to fit on the armors. Leon and Ashley on the other hand were still alive due to the drug Luis gave to them to slow down the Plaga’s growth. Not to mention, you refered them as “zombies”. And like you said, the original meaning of zombies didn’t necessarily mean they were dead. Either way, they’re still zombies at the end of the day.
            “Also, the term zombie originally was used to refer to somebody who was brainwashed, and the term living-undead was originally what we now call a zombie…”

            Now, I don’t think free movement would make the game less balanced. Movement in RE6 was far different from RE:2. In fact, RE:2 is way more slow paced than 4. Even if, according to you, it makes the game “unbalanced”, the aggressive AI of the enemies would compensate it.

  22. Nico712 says:

    Great comparison, I have a question though
    why the change in color from a red carpet :
    to a purple one?:
    anyway amazing work!

  23. WillM says:

    Hello Albert!

    Fantastic work! I have one little thing to put out there, just one setting change perhaps (if the like textures are all linked)…

    I think your blue marble pillars need to be a lot more shiny/glossy (which, again, I assume would just be retyping some settings, no huge work, no?) Perhaps though there’s not much you can do about it with the settings at your disposal, perhaps that glossy reflectivity is baked into those older pillars’ maps?

    But just in case you can change it, look at the floor here:
    Going by the before and after of all the images with the blue pillars, I think they should be at least this shiny if not more. But I understand you might be limited as stated above and if so no biggie at all; just a small thing I noticed in the comparisons that I figured might be easy to change. If not just leave it.

    GREAT work! 🙂

    • albert says:

      The original pilars have that shine “painted” on the texture.
      Now the blue pilars specular effect is real time and cannot be captured in a screenshot. (it shines while you move around it)

      About that floor, that’s not glossy/reflection. That’s just a semi transparect floor and an upsidedown version of the room under the floor ;P

  24. Maxim says:

    Nope, this cutscenes need to be remade in SFM or other tools. Because in this cutscenes uses old assets, not new one from HD-Project and… it’s kinda causes dissonance.

    About others improvements – great job!

  25. Alex says:

    It’s amazing how you manage to take the original game’s noisy, low-res, “suggestion of detail” textures, and turn them into actual, detailed textures.
    RE4 was much like the original Quake and MGS1, in that it made good use of texture noise to create a gritty feeling that covered up the technical limitations of the time, while still contributing to the atmosphere, despite the textures being so abstract that you couldn’t actually tell what the noise was supposed to represent.
    The sheer variety of stonework in the castle incredible, yet somehow you’ve pulled off making the different sections look different, even though the noisiness made most of the original textures look same-y. I especially like how you interpreted the bricks in picture 021 to have a mottled, chipped texture. A lesser texture project might have simply interpreted the noise as unwanted and made the HD bricks completely smooth, but you made the choice that kept the feeling of the original.
    So, hats off to you for somehow interpreting the intentions, and translating it to a higher resolution without sacrificing the feeling and atmosphere.

    • albert says:

      Thanks a lot for your message! Indeed, everything you mention here is a really important part of the project.
      The low-res textures leave a lot to people imagination, so some re-creations are not always welcomed because they deviate too much from what people had in their minds when looking at the low-res texture.

      And it’s interesting that some criticism came from some new HD textures that actually use the exact same texture, but in HD, but it gives a quite different feeling because of the lack of blurriness/extra sharp effect of the low-res texture.

  26. MAGG says:

    Lo siento, no pude evitar hacer este video:

  27. André da Silva says:

    Outstanding work!
    What program did you use to upscale the videos?

    • albert says:

      Topaz AI Gigapixel, frame by frame
      I also filtered every frame in Photoshop to remove the vertical lines some camera angles have without killing the detail 😉

  28. Marcus says:

    Great work as always Albert!

    Some nitpicks I have are the brick-walls in the castle. I think you used similar textures on more places, like the corridor just before Louis gets killed by Saddler? In my opinion the bricks do not really fit with the aesthetic of the castle and is quite a bit different from the bricks featured in the original game.


    Both pictures above has the original brick texture, while your remake textures looks very different.

    I notice on CHAPTER3_0011A you have a similar texture work behind the shields, but actually use a more fitting texture. I am not saying you should copy paste that brick texture everywhere instead. But I do think the textures in CHAPTER3_009-10A –> 009-10B could be more similar.

    • Arun Shanmugam says:

      Hi Marcus,
      I was about to say the same thing to Albert lol. Glad you noticed this.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the feedback! This is something that was mentioned some time ago: The original walls use the texture used in the room where Salazar appears (the walls with the cathedral windows). (Pictures 015 and 016)
      In the area in pictures 009 and 010 they simply hide the windows with rectangular 3D meshes with that brick texture XD

      So I took the decision to use the real life original wall with no edits. So, there was no need of any weird patches:
      As you can see, the texture in pictures 015 and 016 has these briks under the window. So, I think the decision Capcom made was realy cheap and rushed.

      Capcom: Sevilla cathedral wall + Barcelona Cathedral window + Polygons with random briks covering the window.
      HD project: Original Sevilla cathedral wall with its original briks.

      Now that I see the comparison images… the floor needs a better texture. I don’t like the HD re-creation XD

      • frank says:

        maybe I just confused by the explanation but why wouldn’t you make the bricks in images 9 and 10 match the top brick texture that everyone is use too seeing instead of the underneath texture? also the new brick and mortar color is off to the originals underneath color, which is part of what makes it stand out now

        • albert says:

          As I mentioned, it’s simply a different brick texture that doesn’t mean to look exactly like the original. It’s both a homage to the original real world surface and also a visual retcon to that geometrical mess Capcom did.

      • Sean says:

        i think it looks fine, if im going to nitpick something its going to be character models or lighting… not a brick wall texture lol

        • Gamer says:

          I do notice its the same texture for each wall though, maybe make a slight differnt version for some of the walls, if its possible with the game

  29. r34l says:

    Hi again, and thanks for your astonishing work. I’ve been following this project nearly since the beginning, and it’s breathtaking how it’s taken shape over time.
    Some nitpicks tho:
    Image CHAPTER3_009: The image frame seems off somehow, mainly due to the harsh highlights. The wall tiles are too small, and both the wall and the floor textures seem too bright. The floor tiles are a touch too bright and colorful in other screens too.
    Image CHAPTER3_020: I’d go for some more subdued greens in that image. It feels too modern/garish to me.
    Image CHAPTER3_092: The inscription should be in Spanish, like the other signs you remade. English feels off somehow.
    Image CHAPTER3_096: The Verdugo guys have some weird textures/polygons in their ‘black darkness where their face should be’ area.
    Keep up the good work – feels like it’s soooo close to the finish line!

  30. Donald says:

    La atención al detalle es increible. Hasta has puesto el orificio de la culata de la Red 9/Mauser.

  31. Nameless says:

    Man Albert, you guys just keep finding ways to impress me more and more! I had given up hope on the Separate Ways cutscenes and resigned myself to living with them in all their ugly glory, but then you go and find a way. Maybe the quality is not quite as good as the rest of your work, but HOLY SHIT is it better than what it was before.

    You are truly a god among modders. We’re not worthy!

  32. B Mendez says:

    I dont want to sound impatient but could you give any estimation for your next video?

    • albert says:

      humm maybe 3 weeks. Keep in mind this chapter is the longest and it also have new enemies and Krauser 😉

      • B Mendez says:

        Oh yeah, that’s right. Krauser, also body-armored Garrador and purple garbed ganados which has more details on their garb than standard zealots. I forgot about those guys. Take care and good luck 😉

  33. Max Storm says:

    Hey Albert, are you done with chapter 4-1?

  34. Alan says:

    I don’t know if you noticed, but there are some weapon animations that are at 30 frames even though the game is at 60 frames, such as the wood-rifle and semi-auto bullet-loading animations. I don’t know if there’s any way to “adjust” this, but it’s a detail that you, if you have time, can look into.
    And thank you so much for this work! Make sure you have a place in the heart of every RE4 fan. Hugs!!

    • albert says:

      Yep, I’m aware of this. There are also some animations that are simply doubled-speed at 60fps. Unfortunately this game was poorly optimized at 60fps.
      Right now we can’t do anything about the animations. Hopefully someday we’ll have the needed tools to do it, but I’m not sure those 30/60 animation issues can be fixed because I have the feeling it’s something about the coding of the game and not the animation files…

  35. Me perdoe pela pergunta, mas existe alguma solução para crahses na parte do castelo? Logo apos atravessar a sala das espadas o meu jogo fecha sozinho.

  36. Max Storm says:

    Hey albert, if you compare this picture to the original, are they both the same? Both of them looks the same but slightly different.

    • Sean says:

      obviously the original is lower quality, but there are a few differences:

      – the dots around his hat are gone, its hard to tell with the low resolution but I thought it was a western/cowboy hat?
      – his face seemed friendlier/happier in the original
      – I never noticed before, is he missing his left hand? or is his arm broken
      – the skin around his knees is way more visible/pronounced (maybe reduce slightly?)
      – his boots are less wrinkled looking now, and they looked better as dark brown IMO
      – the plants/leaves in the background definitely seem a little different, but its not a big deal
      – IMO the gun hes holding could look more/better detailed, idk if its the way hes holding it but it looks odd

      just minor nitpicks though, nothing major 🙂

      • frank says:

        yep the new version needs a lot of work, it now looks like a image instead of a painting. the colors are also off

        • Sean says:

          needs a lot of work? i dont think its that bad lol, the colors look fine aside from the boots, but its not something i would stare at for more than a couple mins at most

          • albert says:

            This is the original painting:
            That’s why it’s so hard to tell what’s happening with his hand.
            Capcom edited this painting in all the possible ways, but the base remains there as you can see. They put some real life plants in the background too, but it’s so blurred there’s no way to distinguish what’s painting and what isn’t. This is the main problem with HD textures: every small style deviation is highly noticeable.

            This is a downsampled-to-the-original-size version of my new attempt (left) and the original (right):
            I tried to keep a similar painting style for both the character in the painting and the backgound scene instead of trying to be 100% faithful to the original texture… because the original is quite terrible…

          • Sean says:

            “That’s why it’s so hard to tell what’s happening with his hand.”

            Hahaha wow! lol… nice work either way 🙂

        • Gamer says:

          his hand is either in his pocket or holding the glove like with the remake, although the plants do look like a photo now. Maybe itd more like a painting when playing the game, if not then Iam sure they could add a painting effect

          • albert says:

            This is the original painting:
            That’s why it’s so hard to tell what’s happening with his hand.
            Capcom edited this painting in all the possible ways, but the base remains there as you can see. They put some real life plants in the background too, but it’s so blurred there’s no way to distinguish what’s painting and what isn’t. This is the main problem with HD textures: every small style deviation is highly noticeable.

            This is a downsampled-to-the-original-size version of my new attempt (left) and the original (right):
            I tried to keep a similar painting style for both the character in the painting and the backgound scene instead of trying to be 100% faithful to the original texture… because the original is quite terrible…

          • Gamer says:

            it does look more like a painting now with the new example, if they used photos than the original resolution would probably make it seem more like a painting like you say

  37. frank says:

    great work!! couple of nitpicks

    the font looks a little plain
    do you plan on making some of the paintings more spooky looking like the original?
    also the magazine falls upside down now lol

  38. RE4 Crossbowman says:

    Happy 15th anniversary Resident Evil 4.

  39. RE4 Crossbowman says:

    Hey Albert, do you think the edges of columns in the sewer area a little too sharp, pristine and new looking, like they have been freshly made?

    In comparison to the old, worn out and cracked bricks of the edges in the old version?

    Bricks themselves are very good looking and way better than the originals but could it be possible to paint their edges to give them a more crumbling, decrepit suggestion? The same could be said about the iron railing, the original looks old and rusty while the new one looks brand new. What do you think?

    • albert says:

      I think this is becuase we are comparing a blurry low res texture with a highly detailed one. The blurry textures generate the illusion of heavily aged surfaces. But if you don’t compare them side by side I don’t think the new one look new at all. Aboyt the edges that’s because the limits of the polygons. I can chamfer certain angles or edit the smooth groups. The firts one is not feasible because it wold require a lot of polygons. The second one is not always a good idea because of the light direction. And this brings us to another matter: the sharp corners look is sometimes consequence of a high lighting contrast between the diferent sides of the column. So, they not always look that sharp.
      As you see it’s a combination of a lot of factors 😛
      I’ll take a look at that Iron railing though

  40. Johnny says:

    Por dio, pero que trabajo tan fenomenal
    Me dejó sin palabras literalmente, ahora lo único que falta es que le agreguen los dialogos en español jajaja
    Aunque, ya sería otro cambio brutal
    Les deseo exitos, y pues la verdad vuelvo y repito un cambio extremadamente brutal
    Los felicito, bendiciones y sigan así

  41. Leonardo says:

    Do you have the final comparison images from episode 1 and 2 too? I would like to see them…
    Amazing work! <3

  42. RE4 Crossbowman says:

    Hi, Albert
    Do you think these blue glows under the doors something that could be rid off?

    • albert says:

      Hello! This is part of the door and the way it should look. The lower part is heavily worned and discoloured. Here’s another example:

      • Suckable_Lemon says:

        This is actually a good example of when certain texture details can actually be detrimental to the visuals of the game in my opinion. When every single wooden door of this type (and there are many) have this discoloured texture in the same place, it draws attention the fact that this is a frequently repeated texture. These doors would actually benefit from the removal of this additional detail. That said, it’s not exactly a big deal.

        • Sigma says:

          I mean, you have to consider these doors are all old. The discoloration is because the bottom is interacting with the floor and feet very commonly. In alot of villages or cities with older buildings, you’ll see very worn and discolored bases. Its not very practical for a villager or architect to rebuild with a fresh new door when the slightly discolored door is still functional.

      • RE4 Crossbowman says:

        Oh, that makes sense. I thought they had put it there only for playability reasons, as to show players where the interactabilites are.

        • Gamer says:

          repeating textures can be noticable in the game, not sure if they could make a few slightly differnent texture versions though

  43. Max Storm says:

    Hey Albert, how close are you finishing chapter 4-1?

    • albert says:

      Hi! I’m doing Krauser’s face and it’ll be ready to record the video 😀

      • RE4 Crossbowman says:

        You’re almost done! And I’m so hyped up for it 🙂

      • CiTRiC says:

        Por favor tómate todo el tiempo que necesites, Albert. Espero que no te sientas apresurado por la gente que te pregunta si es que ya vas a terminar el capítulo o no. Desde siempre, te deseo mucho éxito en el proyecto.

  44. Plew says:

    Is Cris still involved in this project or is it just you now?

    • albert says:

      He’s watching on the shadows. He’s really busy with family/work work/family so he has no free time at all for the project. As all you know: First is first!
      I hope he can actively return soon!

      • Sean says:

        Cris was focused more on doing 3D edits, right? I remember the Progress Summary showing “3D Edits – In Progress” for chap-4 and 5 for the longest time, like back in 2017/18 IIRC? and then not too long ago (last year) you finally updated the [3D Edits] column to [Completed], and added the [final revisions] category. I feel like I remember you said something about “hopefully Cris can find time to finish his 3D edits” or something like that?

        It made it seem like the island may not have received a fully thorough revision for 3D edits? or am I just mis-remembering and that was very very long ago?? Were all/most of the 3D edits completed? or is there still stuff Cris could improve upon, that you yourself cannot do?

        My main reason for asking is: I wonder what he would be working on if he was available and had the time? Would he just be helping fine tune the final revisions? And/or is there specifically anything that needs his attention before you can complete the final revisions for chapter 5?

        Sorry for the questions 🙂 just like keeping up on how you guys are progressing!
        Cant wait for the next video!!

        • albert says:

          Cris revised my textures and added new 3D edits. He did “2nd pass” after me. It was a good thing because he was doing the second revision with “fresh eyes”.
          He reached up to the beginning of chapter 4-3. From that point I’ll do the second revision by my own. It’s been soooo long time since I did the first revision… my eyes are fresh again and ready for those areas again.
          The good thing is the Island 1st pass I did was much more exhaustive than all Village and Castle 1st revision. By the time I did the Island 1st revision my retexture and 3D skills reached new levels of perfectionism. So, while the first Island pass doesn’t reach the level of detail the 2nd Castle level pass reached, the gap of quality between 1st and 2nd Island revision is much smaller than in previous areas.
          I other words, unless Cris is back at some point, my final revision work from chapter 4-3 till the end of the game will also include that second revison.
          That’s why the table says “completed” even the 2nd pass is not done for certain areas: because the 1st pass reached almost the level of the second revision ;P

          • Sean says:

            I see, thanks! Hopefully he can return for that extra set of eyes before you finish. I think Im going to be most critical of Chapter 4 cause it has some really amazing areas (mincarts, lava room, salazar fight) so I was always worried when the Progress Summary showed 4-3 as [In Progress] for so long lol, hope you are putting extra time into it if this is the final revision 🙂

          • Gamer says:

            it shows how these type of projects arnt often, theres a few people working on this out of thousands of modders, and even one of those people isnt always available now

  45. Traps says:

    I come back to this page atleast weekly, whenever my mind drifts back to RE4. I can’t wait for the final release. I’m suprised and inspired by your dedication and constant progress and updates. Wish you the best.

  46. Adnan says:

    bro how can I download this HD project also amazing work btw :3

  47. Paulo says:

    Quando vai ser lançado uma próxima postagem?

  48. iguanabeyourdog says:

    me encantan los finales de capitulos con las imagenes comparativas. Es increible como siempre :> estoy deseando ver el siguiente post, porque la parte de krauser era un completo desastre graficamente en el original.