Quick Update

Hi everyone. Just a small update for tonight. I’m feeling sick and will be going to bed early, but I wanted to share at least something before going to sleep.

This is the gate that leads to the church, remade from the original door / gate. You might recognize this gate from an earlier post Albert shared. 🙂

Please note the coloring /contrast needs to be tweaked.

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8 responses to “Quick Update”

  1. DN says:

    Just wondering, if it is possible, are you also planning on adding English subtitles to the cutscenes? Because it seems stupid that the game still doesn’t have a subtitle option, and I would like know what the villagers are saying?

  2. DarkSamus says:

    Oh and good work as always Cris.

    Sad to hear you are unwell and I hope you will get well soon.

  3. Mohsen.86 says:

    Get well soon Cris ….

  4. SoraXSky says:

    Get well soon! Thank you for your hard work!