Breaking into the castle

Finally. I’m immersed in the castle and I’m having a lot of fun recreating these textures! Lots of original elements were found so you can expect a really faithful recreation this time!

Unfortunately, I’m moving in a few days. So, I’ll be busy the next 2 weeks while I settle in my new home. Before that I wanted to make a new big update and today I’m showing you 4 new rooms: 202, 207, 203 and 201.

4 videos and a few comparisons for every room! As usual all of this is work in progress (you’ll see a few unfinished textures here and there) and lots of textures will be polished or redone by Cris in our desire to get the best quality.

(I’ve made a backup of all of my work just in case my computer gets broken while moving!! XDDD)

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15 responses to “Breaking into the castle”

  1. V I D A L says:

    Simply amazing.. really awesome job.

    Good luck with the moving.. its good to have your head elsewhere for a couple of weeks. You deserve a break from this.

  2. Pedro says:

    Nice, but some textures are different from the base texture, like in the 5th and in the 8th picture.
    But, like ever, a very good work.

    • albert says:

      Yes. I know that ceiling texture is a bit different. As always it’s work in progress and I’m 100% sure that specific texture is one of those that will suffer bigger changes in the final version 😉

      About the 8th image. The problem is the bricks don’t match exactly but the kind of material and the kind of decay/dirt is the same. That’s the problem with some side-by-side comparisons. The main goal is that people doesn’t notice the difference while playing. It was impossible for me to get access to the exact same portion of the original wall (the original surface was not a column but a wall). But again it’s from the same building. The floral motive shown there and the fact all that building is full of RE4 textures confirms it 😛

      • Lukas says:

        Why couldn’t you get access to that part of the wall, just wondering?

        Also, i’ve started working on becoming better at patterns and things in photoshop, and I was wondering if you could just send me the original versions of all the CARPETS in the game, like in a zip folder or something? :^)

        You don’t have to use what I make with it, but it would be fun to try!

        • albert says:

          There was new furniture hidding that portion -.-‘

          I didn’t explore all folders yet because I’m working on the fly. For now only 3 carpet designs appeared as far as I recall in these rooms:


          And there are some other design in room 4400020f which I could find the original texture, so there’s no need to recreate this one 🙂

          • Lukas says:

            Where do I find these files in Ultimate HD?

            And pardon me for asking, but why not move the furniture?

  3. Geoffrey says:

    Please guys, send them a donation. Anything is better than nothing!!

  4. paul says:

    how can people have the audacity to criticize such a work ?

    Good job albert.

  5. KALUDIO says:

    i like to think is more of a constructive criticism. yeah, something it can be annoying but it shows that people care, and that’s a good thing. now like Geoffrey said, we should show our support in other ways beside constructive criticism, like money donations, positive feedback, personal initiative and by helping spread the word about the project 😀

  6. albert says:

    To Lukas:
    I don’t think priests would be happy if I start moving all cathedral furniture in search of a portion of wall XD

    The files are contained in the files inside ImagePack folder
    There are the needed tools to unpack the files in the forums 😉

  7. albert says:

    Uhmmm Sorry, I don’t like a bit his result XD It looks like some kind of vector illustration. And the tiles look like some kind of control panel switches. It lacks realism IMO.

    But yes, it’s relatively easy to match the tiles to the original texture. But I was in a hurry because I had to move to another house and I wanted to post some big update before the 2-week break I needed. So, I didn’t mind these little unfinished details. But it will be fixed for sure! 😉

  8. Lukas says:

    So, are you hoping to find a hi-res texture of that chair in the new HD port of the REmake? 😉

    • albert says:

      Unfortunately nothing in REmake is usable for RE4HD. There are only textures for characters, enemies, doors and dinamic objects. The rest of the game is just prerendered material. An it seems just a very few details of the prerendered backgrounds will be remake in HD. The rest of the background images are just the Gamecube images at their low resolution upscaled and filtered…