Walkthrough | Chapter 4-3 Fully Remastered

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are ok. These are confinement days for me and I guess they are also for some of you. Be patient and strong!

I’m lucky I can work from home (my official work I mean). And the project is not delayed because of the damned virus because… I have nothing better to do XD. So, today is time for another chapter!

This chapter is even shorter than the previous one. So, I finally decided to post it before RE3make is released.

I’ve spent a lot of time refining polygons and transparency issues here and there (specially in both mine area). And a few textures are now even further improved. Remember this is the first chapter that hasn’t received Cris’s second revision. So, my final revision from now on will include extra texture polishing.

Fortunately, the later areas of the game doesn’t need the same amount of care because my texture/model/lighting edit skills during my first revision were waaay better in these later part of the game than during my Village/Castle first revision.

What’s new in this chapter since the last July 2018 release:

  • Adjusted, improved and new lighting and effects.
  • Re-created and restored some textures.
  • A lot of small model and texture edits.
  • New and improved stage shadows where needed.
  • Remastered File and Chapter End background images.

On a different matter, I noticed the Novistadors in the previous chapter use a lower polygon version of the Novistadors we see in the area Ashley is abducted again. I guess the reason is the Gamecube had problems rendering all that ammount of Novistadors at the same time. I’ve corrected this and now the cave Novistadors model is also hi-poly (and even some extra mapping inaccuracies are fixed now!).

Here’s a comparison gif:


I hope you like the new 4K video! I’ll be waiting for your comments. Take care!!

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51 responses to “Walkthrough | Chapter 4-3 Fully Remastered”

  1. Nordeck says:

    Awesome work on details, as usual. Keep it up, stay safe and healthy!

  2. 1 says:

    Great work, keep rocking and stay safe !

  3. EPD Gaffney says:


    Stay safe, mate!

  4. CiTRiC says:

    Hace tiempo no comentaba, da gusto volver a ver las actualizaciones que son tan geniales como siempre. 🙂
    El único nitpick que tengo es que después de que botas la lámpara en donde está Salvador (24:02), la iluminación en Leon sigue siendo la misma que antes, se ve muy iluminado en contraste a la habitación.

    Por último, en el minuto 22:13, para hacer la ilusión de iluminación dinámica, asumo que anclaste unos polígonos a la piedra para que se movieran con ella, pero ¿por qué no le afectan a los objetos que se encuentran dentro? Y disculpa por ser tan pedante con esto de nuevo, pero, ¿no es posible conseguir el mismo efecto en la estructura donde consigues la figura de cabra? -> https://youtu.be/50DzMInXku0?t=3176
    Saludos y fuerza en estos tiempos de caos.

    • albert says:

      Es cierto. Ya lo he arreglado, Leon y los demás eran alcanzados por la luz de fuera, ya está arreglado 🙂
      Lo de la sombra dentro de la tumba, son unos polígonos a la altura del suelo que forman parte del modelo de la losa de piedra, por eso no afecta a los huesos, porque está en el suelo. Imagínatelo como una alfombra de un plástico oscuro semitransparente, por eso no afecta a objetos que estén por encima. No es un “efecto de sombra” son solo polígonos normales y corrientes con una textura negra semitransparente
      Lo mismo en la estructura que mencionas, esta “alfombra oscura” está anclada a la base de la estructura y solo aparece cuando la estructura llega a su punto más alto, antes de ese momento la “alfombra” está bajo tierra.

  5. mofail says:

    Thanks for sharing that gif !
    Please can you share more before/after gifs like that of other models in future updates?
    It’s really enjoyable seeing all the little details we would never notice otherwise !

    This virus situation is lingering & annoying everyone on earth, good luck to all of you out there where ever you are.

    • albert says:

      Yeah… Fortunately we have all this videogame world of entertainment in the meantime to help us to keep our sanity!
      I’ll try to share more images like this in future posts/tweets 😉

  6. Frank Nitty says:

    Kudos my guy, and thanks for the update. Be safe and stay healthy.

  7. Ben Johnson says:

    My name is Ben and I really enjoy what you are doing my q
    Questions is this version of resident evil 4 coming out for Xbox one

    • Superbegita says:

      Hi mate ! Sadly only for pc Steam version you need to instal the package and patc the game excécutable for being able to use 4go or more vram.

  8. Superbegita says:

    Ah yes whil i am for look tot he évolution of the Coronavirus’s situation i wil advertise this website very ccurate and in real tie

    US is in bad situation…more than France /Spain…but with x4 citizens in total it’s sadly normal.

    @Chris @Albert keep safe don’t overdoing yourself too much. Kudos

  9. Dracke says:

    Too bad this mod is unsuitable for Ubisoft version

  10. Georgi says:

    It’s interesting to hear about all the locations where the source material was found. It’s incredible to me that you’re able to recognize small details on landmarks that were used in the game.

    As always, thank you for sharing your amazing work! Stay safe!

  11. metroidguy says:

    I’ve always been a silent observer since your very first posts in 2014. It’s crazy to believe I’ve been following your progress since I was 14 years old. So many things have changed in my life and yet I STILL check on re4hd every so often for an update. I am glad the consistency is there and the excellence is like no other! You are an amazing individual please keep being you!

    Very Respectfully,


    • Adam says:

      I’ve never posted here either, but hey! Another person!

      Granted I was 27 back then but you’re right, it’s weird how every month or two for over 5 years my brain has said “See if Albert got closer to full release!”

      I never posted before because all I would say is how awesome everything looked and how I’m saving my next playthrough for his finished work, thinking that “he gets those same messages every post, there’s no need to add more to the pile”.

      So in case it helps – thank you for the years of work giving this masterpiece the modern treatment it truly deserved from Capcom, I can’t wait for RE4 to feel new and exciting in a visceral way after not playing it for 8 years(!)

      • albert says:

        It’s good to know there are more followers in the shadows 🙂
        All messages and comments are welcomed! No need to be original hehe
        You have tons of patience too! I hope you enjoy the final result when this project is complete ;D

  12. Arturo says:

    Don’t get samples of the Co-Virus…

  13. Bloodyhunter says:

    Beautiful work, as always! Take care.

  14. Maverick says:

    I love that I don’t remember most of this game towards the end. I’d like to play it blindly again, but I can’t help watching this videos. The commentary is just too awesome. Did you ever think about making some kind of documentary showing your making of process a bit? I’d love to see that. Your work here is truly inspiring.
    A little question: do you intend to make optional button prompts for Playstation controllers?

  15. ali says:

    nice work and also the gif is pretty cool and gives a better perspective about the project.
    lately you don’t answer my comments I don’t know if I’m done something wrong or else but still I wanted to ask if you can add a broken glass effect to those blinking lights after shooting them?(trap room 26:40 of video)

  16. Ascaron says:

    smoking content!

  17. ItchyTasty says:

    Glad you’re keeping safe and wishing you the best! It’s been a while since I’ve commented because these videos have been so close to perfection. I just thought I’d recommend that the Stone of Sacrifice be circular to match with the hole it goes into in the lion’s mouth. It seems like an awkward fit at 37:58. Keep up the great work and stay healthy! Hopefully you can enjoy some RE3 Remake soon too!

  18. Adam says:

    I’ve been saving my next RE4 playthrough for the final release, and with RE3make coming very soon I feel that having a follow up this excellent ready for me means that there’s no need to petition Capckm for anything.

    Hmm, perhaps I should start REmake again now (with beautiful HD background mod), and have a wonderful RE1-4 modern marathon while I have the time.

  19. EPD Gaffney says:

    Question, the video does look gorgeous but it seems as if the frame rate suffers. Is that for being in 4K? If we don’t use the 4K version (I think you said you’d be releasing smaller versions as well?), can that be avoided on decent PCs?

    • albert says:

      Oh really? I didn’t notice anything during the recording session. Are you sure? My old computer had some problems playing 4K videos even compressed 4K youtube videos
      I can make a “not so HD” version, yes 😉

      • EPD Gaffney says:

        I don’t know if it’s on my end maybe, or YouTube’s perhaps? but for example, if you watch the fight going on at about 20.00 in the video, you can see some minor but relatively frequent hitching throughout. It seems to happen more as you turn the camera and I think I noticed it more when the flame effect was on the screen.

        Part of me is wondering if I’m just more used to 60 FPS than I used to be (you play at 30, correct?), but I’m not sure it’s so simple. I did think it was odd that nobody mentioned it before, so maybe it is just me.

        • Sean says:

          It seems to happen more as you turn the camera and I think I noticed it more when the flame effect was on the screen.

          flame flickering is caused by playing on 60fps as Albert has said many times he records footage in 60fps but recommends we play in 30fps to avoid issues with certain effects

          as for the dip in frame rate while turning during high action moments, chances are thats due to the recording software and/or youtube compression… cant really judge frame rate unless your playing it for yourself, as far as I can tell everything seems to run smoothly

          • albert says:

            Humm maybe it’s because I was recording the game, or because this port, as some of you already know, is poorly optimized, or all at the same time!
            I’ve just check it in the same area. I’ve attracted ALL the enemies of the room to the same corner and started turning the camera 180º very quickly. I noticed the fps counter moved from 59-61 a couple of times and that’s it.

          • EPD Gaffney says:

            Phenomenal news. Thanks for checking. My PC is pretty good so maybe I’ll be able to use your 4K textures after all. Cheers.

          • albert says:

            I think a few people here are already using the latest release at 4K, maybe they could share their specs with us so you can compare ;D
            After all, the final release won’t be much more demanding (in fact, I’m optimizing a few things to make sure it runs better in older PCs)

          • EPD Gaffney says:

            Oh, that may be nice. I have a GTX 1070 and a Ryzen 5 1600. My guess is I’ll be grand.

        • Sean says:

          however, i should point out that i am only on 1080 and not 4k yet

          • UnclWish says:

            I’m playing on AMD FX-8320 and RX580 8Gb card.
            Using 1.1.0 PC version of the game.
            On some maps framerate drops to about 25 fps. And it happens when some objects on the screen. F.e. church in first chapters.
            Tourning camera in other direction – and fps returning to 60.

  20. mofail says:

    Wow deleted comments? looo00OOO00l

  21. Nil says:

    I’m confused, where’s the download link?

    Or are you just posting what you’re working on so people can see it?

  22. Kaine says:

    This guy is too cool for doing this unlike Crapcom

  23. M4nu88 says:

    En 1080 no habrá problema ahora que estas en 4k no??

    • albert says:

      Ui no, no, grabo a 4k para que en youtube se pueda ver mejor, únicamente por eso. Ni siquiera tengo un monitor 4k yo XD
      No hay problema 😉

  24. Thriexa says:

    ufff realmente hoy me entere de este proyecto que llevas acabo, y estoy TOTALMENTE fascinado con el, me parece una maravilla lo que estas haciendo, totalmente increible, ya estoy esperando a que termines el proyecto para poderlo comprar (si es que lo vas a vender xD) porque puedo ver que vale cada centavo

    psdt: gracias por traer parte de mi infancia de vuelta

    • albert says:

      Muchas gracias por el mensaje!
      Me alegró de que te guste hehe. El pack del proyecto será gratis (aceptamos donativos con el botoncito de paypal). Solo hace falta tener el juego instalado antes 🙂
      Ojalá lo tengamos pronto, ya que lo voy haciendo en mi tiempo libre

  25. Olá, Albert! Admiro muito seu trabalho no jogo! Mas algo me chamou atenção: logo quando você desce para as cavernas, no primeiro corredor onde você passa a iluminação que as velas fazem no ambiente me parece fraca. Também penso que essa iluminação que as velas fazem poderia ter um tom mais amarelado. Seu trabalho esta lindo, e não vejo a hora de poder jogar com tudo pronto.

    Abraços do Brasil!

  26. David says:

    Tengo una pregunta descargue el link que dejastes los 18 gb y lo puse en la carpeta de origen del resident evil 4 HD EDITION y muchas de las texturas no me salen como en tu video AYUDAME como puedo solucionar eso ;(

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