Wallpapers, wallpapers…

Hello everyone!

These are weird days. Doubt and fear are everywhere. When I play RE3make I can’t help but see similarities with real life!

Chapter 4-4 is at 70%. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you a few Wallpapers. Just for fun.

As you can see, Ada’s wallpaper is a re-created render based on the End-of-Chapter 4-4 background image and it will appear in the game.

I also include a slightly corrected Ashley wallpaper (End-of-Chapter 4-1 to 4-3 background image) and 3 stage wallpapers.

Enjoy them.. and stay safe!

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52 responses to “Wallpapers, wallpapers…”

  1. Dante says:

    ¡Muy buen trabajo tío! Esta mañana he terminado Resident Evil 4 por primera vez en mi vida y solo tengo una cosa que decir:

    – Morir es viviiiir, morir es viviiiir…

  2. Ascaron says:

    Strange times, indeed. Hope you are doing well.

  3. Frank Nitty says:

    Awesome guys. They look great

  4. Muy guapas! En el proximo video por favor da tu opinión sobre el remake de RE3

  5. NEGAARMAX says:

    Me encanta el de ADA muchas gracias por rehacerlo

  6. Peace says:

    Hi, peace,
    Thanks for sharing & giving life to RE4 with your hard work, wonderful & creative hands.
    Lots of love and respect for you all ?

    I pray to Allah Subhanahu wata’ala to keep you and all of us healthy, happy & peaceful.

  7. lainiwaku says:

    why no update since 2018 ???

  8. M4nu88 says:

    Saca reís algún pack nuevo o ya cuando lo termines completamente ??

  9. Kris says:

    Sad news @albert @chris
    Resident Evil 4 remake has now entered full production with an estimated release window in 2022.

    • lainiwaku says:

      it’s just rumors… they didn’t said if it will be re 4 or code veronica

    • Nick says:

      I just heard about that too, but it’s not like their work will have gone to waste or anything. Hope it’s not terrible news for them.

      • Tony B says:

        I do not think it is a waste. Given that Resident Evil 3Make changed so much from the original. If the trend continue to Re4Make it might be a very different game. So in this way fans of original RE4 will be happy with Albert work.

    • mofail says:

      lmao “sad” news….l000ol
      The only thing sad about it is that it will be a rip off like the resident evil 3 remake, half a game with cut content all over & micro transactions. This is the video game industry today. I really don’t know why but crapcom has always treated re4 very badly for 15 years now, why stop now? What ever they end up doping it will be rubbish so how exactly is this “sad news” for this project lol ?
      This re4 project here will blow what ever them corporate rats make out of the water !
      Unlike crapcom this project here is a very careful high quality work in progress & I only wish it to be completed & thoroughly enjoyed the journey so far..

      • CiTRiC says:

        For the second time, this is not your twitter account, if you want to complain go somewhere else and stop behaving immaturely.

        • mofail says:

          What happens the third time i say something you don’t like?

          Cry harder to get my comments deleted again lol

          • CiTRiC says:

            It was Albert who rightly deleted your comments, not me so, again, stop behaving like a kid already.

        • mofail says:

          You have zero authority lol

          Keep playing victim though it’s funny, my OPINIONS stand & you can keep crying about it lol It’s really not my fault honest reviewers are exposing capcoms relentless laziness, greed & their army of apologists can’t change the facts because it hurts your feelings lmao.

          • Alvin says:

            mofail, you’re right though. Resident Evil 3 Remake sucks. It was literally copy-pasted stuff from Re2 remake. xD
            I’m not sure, but I’m afraid they’re gonna ruin Re4 too. Luckily, this project exist. It’s the one and only correct way to play a finalized version of this masterpiece of a game.

          • mofail says:

            @Alvin – Bingo !

      • Lambertokevlar says:

        Go away, this is no place for rant

        • mofail says:

          This is a place for pro corporate crapcom propagandists?

          Wipe your tears kids I’m not one of you .

          • Lambertokevlar says:


          • mofail says:

            Great response here lmao
            I can’t help but notice no one has any real argument against anything i say about crapcom so keep crying be quiet or go away? aaahh the safe space generation.

            Delusional people with no authoritaa l00O0ol

  10. Tony B says:


    RE4 Remake in development. What do you think about this news Albert?

    • lainiwaku says:

      it’s a rumor from a weird unknow website, nothing confirmed

      • Spoony says:

        Even if it’s true it won’t be the same game. I’m definitely of the opinion that RE4 doesn’t need a remake since it has aged pretty much perfectly, but if Capcom are insistant on remaking it I’d be interested in seeing what they’ll do to justify the effort…

        I could never see a remake replacing the charm and cheesiness of the original though, especially in regards to dialogue and voice acting. Also, I feel like a game as big as resi 4 needs much more than 2 years to remake the game in today’s modern standards unless they plan to cut out huge chunks like the RE3 remake…

        • shinjiro says:

          It won’t be two years of development. The game is in development since 2018, so by the time it releases it will have been 4 years of development. It’s plenty for RE4.

  11. M4nu88 says:

    Tanto remake como se nota que ya no ay nuevas ip el 4 no le hace falta con lo que esta haciendo estos chicos para mi es suficiente no saben que sacar y van a lo fácil a ganar dinero sin crear cosas nuevas…

  12. LittleTale says:

    great render ! you guys are just amazing ! felicidades y gracias !

  13. li says:

    The skin of charactor looks a little bit too dirty.

  14. dreadfield says:

    hi albert , very nice wallpapers ! in the next video you do , please talk a little about your reception on RE3 remake, and the almost confirmed remake of RE4
    and stay safe

  15. Pablo says:

    Son increíbles, no tengo las suficientes palabras para felicitarlos, su trabajo es realmente excepcional.
    Muchas gracias por todos sus esfuerzos <3

  16. Alex says:

    Thanks. by the way, I absolutely love this render you guys did a while ago https://imgur.com/a/j7BWcel
    Do you by any chance have a higher res version of it? It would make a fantastic wallpaper

  17. Martin Sp. says:

    That is so awesome. Thanks a lot.

  18. Obrigado, por tornarem este jogo incrível ainda mais inesquecível, abraço dos jogadores brasileiros!

  19. Willian says:

    Albert seu trabalho E incrível se futuramente não sair para os consoles vou ficar muito triste. Quero muito poder jogar essa obra de arte Em vários aspectos. So de poder saber que vocês trabalham A bastante tempo nesse jogo já fico muito feliz.

  20. Gsilveira says:

    Just a curiosity: with this whole pandemic thing with quarantine going on, are you managing to work faster or slower on Resident Evil 4 HD Project?

  21. Alvin says:

    Take a look at this video:

    • mofail says:

      His logic is flawed & he doesn’t seem to know what he thinks, keeps saying “i don’t know…”
      Says 2005 game resident evil 4 doesn’t need a remake because it can’t be improved
      then says 2010 dead rising 2 game can be vastly improved with all the modern improved technology? lol
      If people are worried about re4 remake or ANYTHING crappers makes/remakes it should be because of what they just did with resident evil 3 remake. It’s a shit game. If a re4 remake is released & it’s great no one will complain but we’re talking about crapcom. There’s a great chance they will fuck up what ever they do next because that’s just how it is. They’re very inconsistent & seem to have no idea what people want but that doesn’t matter because they have plenty of people that will just buy what ever they release. I’ll be spending my pennies else where lol

  22. Toni Ostarcevic says:

    Hi there,

    I’m not sure if you know it already, but Capcom just announced that they have started to make a RE4 remake. Since this means that money is at play now, I’m afraid that they may lawfully shut down this project. There isn’t really a reason for this, since a remake usually changes also the gameplay and a lot of other stuff than just the models and textures, and this mod is also only available for the PC version, so it shouldn’t actually affect their income. But you never know. It happened to dozens of incredible fan projects, without any reasonable justification…
    You may add this information to the front page or to the newsletter, so that – if it happens – at least a lot of people who didn’t download every update so far can download the latest version, just in case.
    Your work is outstanding and by far the best quality overhaul of a game that I ever came across. I wish you all the best.


    • albert says:

      Thanks Tony!
      This is just a rumor. There are no real sources confirming this. And even if they release a RE4make, we are doing a remaster. And people have to own the game before installing our HD patch. Our files by their own can’t be used and nobody can stop people modding games (unless someone share the entire game, but this is not the case). So… no problem! ;D

      • Toni Ostarcevic says:

        I’m pretty sure they’re already on it. There are too much infos from too many sources meanwhile to be a rumor anymore. Also, the RE2 and RE3 remakes are selling well, and RE4 is one of the most popular ones. Yeah, mods normally shouldn’t be a probelm. But there were remakes made with UE4 that were made from scratch and used no original sources at all, and yet they got prohibited. You never know with what they’ll come up next…

  23. Lucas Oikonomopoulos says:

    Thank you very much for your time and effort into this!

  24. paulo says:

    Onde faço o download do RE 4 HD Project?

  25. Sean says:

    I am a Purist and RE4 is one of my all time favorite games (at least single player games). I enjoy both RE1 classic and Remake, I also enjoy RE2 classic and remake (although RE2 is not my favorite). With RE4 i still to this day consider the original Gamecube version to be perfection because it does not have any HP/balance changes, and I think its actually harder. If I knew how I would make my own mod to correct the balance changes for RE4HD, maybe someday. My point is, I will always prefer RE4 over any “modernized” REmake.

    I just today purchased a VR headset and Im ready to start playing RE4HD on it!! RE4 in VR has been my DREAM for many years. There is something special about this game for me, its hard to explain, but the only thing they could do to improve upon this nearly perfect game is to make it fully co-op, and maybe increase difficulty. Thats the only thing it needs, co-op and a few extra monsters. Otherwise they should just make an entirely new game with RE4’s style and atmosphere, that would be better than another remake IMO

    One last note for diehard RE4 fans, the original creator Shinji Mikami left Capcom in 2006 after arguing that the game should not be ported to the inferior PS2 hardware. His work continued with Vanquish and Evil Within, but its truly a shame thinking about what could have been if Capcom just listened to him. The guy was an incredible visionary, and the RE series has never felt right without him.

    I really hope Albert releases an update for us to download soon, and maybe it will send a message to Capcom that fans actually care about this game, and that we dont need another crappy port, we just need a few small bugfixes or improvements like higher FPS, the only problem with that is they cant make any money cause we all know Albert is the one who deserves it 🙂

  26. Ben Johnson says:

    When this game comes out is it coming out for Xbox one or just next gen systems

  27. Ben Johnson says:

    will this game be available to buy in stores like GameStop

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