Chapter 4 – FINAL Comparison Images

Hello everyone!

The 2 first Island areas are driving me crazy… Their geometry is a complete mess even after the first revision I did in the past!

Fortunately, I’ve checked the rest of the Island areas and most of the hard work is already done. By the time I did the first revision I already knew a lot of stuff about lighting, effects and baked shadows than during the Village and Castle first revisions. So, most of the remaining work in this final chapter 5 will be about enemies, touching up textures and the finest 3D improvements.


Oh! Here’s a remastered Chapter 5 end of chapter background image in the form of 4K Wallpaper:


In the meantime, it’s time to share a complete comparison gallery about the entire Chapter 4. I’ve fixed that weird ear mapping Ashley has. The antihelix was completely wrong. You can clearly see it in a couple of cutscene comparison images down here.

Other than this, I’ve also improved some small details based on feedback as usual throughout the entire Chapter 4

Enjoy them!


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125 responses to “Chapter 4 – FINAL Comparison Images”

  1. Frank Nitty says:

    The image comparisons are a night and day contrast. Was expecting to see pictures of the island, but these will do for now. Awesome work guys

  2. SWkiller says:

    Awesome work as always both of you. Just keep doing what you’re doing, no rush. I’m sure the final release will be a work of art.

  3. Josh says:

    I really don’t want to knock your years of dedication and effort, but I have to say that a few stylistic choices I think go a little too far. There are some elements of this game that are low poly or low detail for stylistic reasons. The metal grating change in the molten steel level for instance, I think takes away from the atmosphere by making it seem less dangerous. Sometimes, extremely low resolution textures were used not just to lower the overall memory cost but also because detail was not needed or distracted from focal points. It’s not just detail that matters but which details draw the eye, and the power of imagination filling in obscurity. The worn cloth that’s covering the giant’s face shouldn’t be a focal point. It actually looked like worn rags before but less so as detail is filled in. Organs and skin are often low contrast and simple textures as well. Some of these slight stylistic changes like making Salazar’s boss form more contrasted and sharp actually takes away from the image. In the first image he looks more wet and your mind fills in the gaps since the foggy haze obscures him more. The organs and flesh also look more smooth and believable despite the low texture detail. More sharpness and contrast here are a negative as they make the fog and wet glossy effects harder to see.

    Pic 4_104 comparison seems to be missing pseudo bloom, pic 4_105 seems to be missing haze, pic 4_106 the textures have so much detail that they look more like stone than a translucent mucousy slime. Pic m_008 the new water is too bright and takes away from the focal points (the destination, and the boat/spray).

    My one point is that if you look at the before and after, while the images are minimized so that you take in the overall image instead of just the tiny minute details, then you can see what the intent of the artists was. Yes, they used a lot of tricks to hide the limitations of the time, and probably left behind sloppy code and weird textures all over the place, but keep in mind that not all of this is unintentional. Your project and incredible dedication proves that sometimes more is definitely more, but as I’ve held my tongue for years I want to say that some of the before pictures here prove that less can also be more. I urge you to take some of these side by side comparisons and throw a gausian blur over them and see which ones are a more cohesive and intentionally directed. All of this said with deep love and admiration.

    • albert says:

      Hello Josh and thanks for the feedback!
      I understand your concern about all the changes.
      One thing I noticed is the grating in the lava room makes the lava almost unnoticeable from the distance. So, I’ll probably make it much thinner (I think it’s a transparency issue)
      I even can make it to bright, so it will look like the light from the lava is engulfing the thin grating and also will bring back the danger illusion.
      I don’t want to remove the new grating because the huge holes hurt my eyes XD

      About the rest, I’d say the motionless of the pictures makes no justice to some comparisons.
      For example, the Gigante worn rag. It’s animations make it to clearly look like a rag. And same with most organic textures, which have real time specular/gloss/bumpmap applied on

      Pic 104/105: a lot of comparison images have different levels of fog/smoke/bloom/etc because it’s constantly moving. But I haven’t edit them at all, no worries 😉
      pic 106: it looked like sand before and like a tree texture at a certain distance. But as I said it looks better in motion because of the specular effect

      Water: this is interesting: I always look at the water. It stood out a lot because of the terribly blurry water texture. This leads me to think about how some things that worked for SD resolutions doesn’t work anymore now that the game runs at HD because some assets look just too outdated/blurry/blocky and it distracts the attention, and we never play this game at small sizes or SD resolutions anymore. So, we are trying to get rid of anything that stands out in a bad way.

      I hope this clarifies some decisions. Anyway, you’ll be able to judge by yourself in motion when the “pseudo final pack” is released. Then we’ll collect feedback again ;D

      I’ll give a try with the grating!
      Thanks again!

      • Tony B says:

        All feedback is valuable, but remember that you can’t make everyone happy no matter what you do. That is the the human condition.

        • albert says:

          Yes, I’m aware of that. I’m trying to filter all feedback from an objective perspective, which is really hard sometimes.
          You can’t imagine the amount of things I’ve changed because of feedback haha, but the results are always for the better 🙂

          • C. says:

            Hello. I have only two criticisms. Otherwise your work is impeccable.

            Is there anything more you can do to the Girl’s face? This is not a criticism. I just wish she looked a little more detailed and more realistic, and I hate her clothes lol. I honestly just want to change her clothes.

            Anyway, from the photos:

            Zombie guy’s eyes:

            I feel that the eyes of the zombie guy with bluish pupils, he looks likes a gentle giant or something. Anyway to make him a little more fearsome looking? He is an enemy correct? His eyes are really sharp now, and while his face is AMAZING, his eyes look a little weird.

            Barrels and lighting:
            The barrels have a lot of light on them and it makes the wood look weird to me. That’s the one thing in the lighting i don’t like sometimes, is that those barrels when lit up look like they are almost white. Wood doesn’t really reflect like that, and I wish the wooden barrel textures were more subtle in white light.

            Thanks, and your work is much appreciated. I have yet to complete a full playthrough of this game. It looks glorious now.

          • C. says:

            Sorry meant the whole eye really of the zombie guy. Iris especially but the whole eye to me looks a little too friendly. His face is such a massive improvement it is insane.

      • Josh says:

        Thank you for the reply. I’m glad you took it as the well intentioned concern that it is. I have been following this project since its infancy, reading every post, and I mean no ill will. I’m also glad you cleared up some of my confusion about specularity and fog looking different in motion.

        I’ve gotten a few replies coming to your defense, but as they can see from your reply; you don’t need any backup. You understand what I’m talking about isn’t a personal attack or based entirely in ignorance. It’s just a well intentioned, if not partially misguided perspective.

        Through the years I’ve played quite a lot of remasters and many heavily modded games, and one common problem with texture modding is that often mod authors will take a texture, bump the contrast/saturation, add noise, and call it an HD texture pack while destroying the original feel of the object, or worse, changing the visual identity of a scene as a whole. You guys on the other hand have done an incredible job of tracking down original assets and rebuilding textures from the ground up, not to mention the work you’re doing now with AI upscaling.

        I just wanted to make sure that I reiterate this vague notion: obscurity of certain things may be beneficial to the overall image. Also, fear often lingers in the imagination.
        To address a couple of replies: I’m not saying that anything should remain low resolution, just that a high resolution texture doesn’t have to have more details added. (A blurry painting for example, could be chipped, cracked, and covered in 100 years of dust as opposed to totally clear). That’s all!

        Its probably best to take this with a grain of salt and stay the path! At the end of the day what you’re doing is like restoring a painting, and just like in the that line of work, the better a job you’ve done the more people will accept it almost as if it was always that way. It’s a thankless job and you’re surrounded by critics. There will always be people like me whose childhood imagination happened to fill in details a little differently than someone else.

        Just a random perspective, and you guys know as creatives that its better to have a few well intentioned critics than a mountain of “yes men”.

        Keep up the incredible work! I’ll be here til the end.

        • Josh says:

          One final thought… I said the word “job” a couple of times. This is YOUR project, and its a passion project. You do not owe me or anyone else anything. Thanks again. Only the best wishes.

        • albert says:

          Thank you again for all the clarifications and the good intention of your arguments!

          In fact, this is one of the first things I thought about at the very start!: blurry textures leave a lot to the imagination and this is part of the magic.

          The developers used this trick to take advantage of the hardware limitations in a wise way as you mention… mostly… There are some rushed areas that clearly use blurry ultra low resolution textures and models because they had no time to get a decent graphic balance (some Island areas come to my mind.

          The problem comes when you play the game at HD. The blurriness and blockyness is so high that the intended “leave to the imagination” becomes a “this is outdated as hell” feeling.

          So, the main goal of this project is to “fill in the gaps” in the best possible way. The new detail shouldn’t be the new protagonist of the adventure. Instead, it should be used to avoid bad graphics distractions.
          Of course, It will become the protagonist when a hardcore fan that played the game 1,000 times gets surprised when he/she sees the new textures and models XD, but that’s another story…

          Also, it’s possible you are partially biased because –as you mention– you are disappointed with some mods that kill the mood of the game, and this generated a “radar” in your eyes for this kind of things 😛
          But this is not a bad thing! As you know we are really demanding with the results and all point of views are useful!
          And at the same time I’m completely biased because I’m one of the creators of this project. So, the feedback is really needed.

          The way I “fill in the gaps” is completely instinctive and of course, some times it won’t be as good as it should.
          I hope you play the game when we release the “pseudo final” pack and tell us if you find some changes that go too far.

          Thanks again!

    • Alex says:

      “Sometimes, extremely low resolution textures were used not just to lower the overall memory cost but also because detail was not needed or distracted from focal points”
      Nah, trust me, mate. It’s always about money (time spent in development, payrolls for workers, etc) “It’s not just detail that matters but which details draw the eye, and the power of imagination filling in obscurity and hardware limitations.”
      Once again, u won’t need imagination once u got a better hardware which is able to actually draw full scale of work an artist gave into the game (in this particular instance, for example). That’s exactly what we have here. An actual work and one of passion at that. When u seen how much time and efforts guys gave into this project, when u match those screenshots (static, ok, well, we’ll have a chance to test’em in motion ofc) u actually see how much was left unfinished, skipped or simply left low-poly, low-res, etc.

    • Tony B says:

      This is an HD remaster. If you want the low poly look, why not just play the original RE4?

    • Catbus says:

      Fully agree.

  4. Necdilzor says:

    Hey this is looking awesome! Great job 🙂

    I have a question though, in the fourth comparison pictures (the one with the chest and the pedestal). I think the original has the number 1521 while the remastered textures say 1921. Could it be?

    Anyway, everything is looking great! Thanks for keeping on it over these years 🙂

  5. Alex says:

    Awesome work, as always. And something tells me, your work guys will be much better HD remaster than what Capcom is going to make (personally, i don’t trust’em anymore, they can’t deliver these days), so don’t stop and keep up the good work. Cheers.

  6. Bonk says:

    Wow, these comparisons look incredible. It’s amazing with the lighting how weird the original looks now in comparison. Keep up the great work!

  7. Hammersickle says:

    Great work, Alfred!

    If I may point something though, I believe some details on the enemies are too sharp, like El Gigante’s “veins” or something… I think it’d look nicer if it were softer…

    But anyway, keep up the good job!

  8. Just says:

    Hey guys, we are LOVING your work!!! it´s a masterpiece!!!!!

    Just a comment. In the pic number 4, there is a chest and a number under it. I can see written 1521 and in the HD version it´s 1921. This is right or am I seeing too much?! haha

    Nice job…it´s incredible!!!!!

  9. Fahd says:

    Amazing work as always! It is always a joy to see through all the comparison images and see how much more detail has been refined in the models. Although (and this is a very small and petty complaint for which I apologize) the luis sera background image looks different than the original. The original had luis with a much more smug pose than the one made in the hd project. If it doesn’t become too much of a hassle please try and fix it.

    Keep up the good work as always.

  10. Rusher says:

    Wow these images are beyond awesome GREEEEEAAAAAATTTT !!!!!
    Are you working on the EASTER EGGS in this game ?? because that would make this game way way interesting and cool.
    Keep up the good work. Everything is awesome

  11. Luke says:

    Hey awesome work!
    One thing I noticed is Leon’s shirt toned down on muscles? I mean his default looks more bulky even if low res 😉
    P.S. I can’t believe it’s already six years since RE4 HD came out and you guys started all that hard work on making it look modern and how it’s suppose to look! Thank you.

  12. V I D A L says:

    Thanks for sharing. I missed those. Photo comparison are my favs.
    But I have to address the elephant in the room. Are you eventually gonna show the comparison of Ashley’s panties? We gotta be sure you got that lingerie texture right.
    I feel like you’re avoiding it. We know you worked on it already. lol

  13. Tony B says:

    Wow how far you guys have come. This is amazing work, as one of the earliest supporters, I have to say that I can’t wait!

    • albert says:

      Yeah since 2014! hahah you really have a lot of patience! and I’m grateful for that. As I said in the past, I’d say this project is fun not just for the results, but also for the long journey it entails and all the fun of doing all this work…

  14. Desperado says:

    Awesome job guys keep up the good work

  15. Med says:


    Sorry for the excitement, this all is just unbelievable… it’s an absolutely phenomenal work to a monstrous of a game, the best i’ve played.

    You guys are the best and deserves no less than the best as well!


  16. mofail says:

    1 The 1st image of the island soldier looks GREAT ! I cant wait to see the soldier with barbed wire wrapped
    around his head! These island enemies are the worst looking in the whole game imo excited to see more!
    It’s good to see his face textures are not perfectly symmetrical now

    2 The 2nd image……i never realised how enormous ashley’s ears were lol.

    3 Can we see a video at the end of this month please? Well good luck.

    • albert says:

      I don’t think the first Island Chapter will be finished because there are a looooot of areas in this chapter and a lot of new enemies to remaster.
      The good thing is after this chapter 5-1 only 3 big bosses will remain to be remastered! (u-3, krauser, and saddler if I’m not mistaken)

  17. Sergey Tokarev says:

    Great work, as always. As you mentioned before, screenshots makes no justice to some comparisons. Just as suggestion, I remember an old video you made for one cutscene (“Cut-Scene Comparison – Salazar Sends Leon into the Pit”) which was posted on Resident Evil 4 HD Project youtube channel in late 2015. It would be great if you post more such videos made with ‘side-by-side comparison clips’. I think people would love to see something like that.

    • albert says:

      Yeah… I have this idea in my mind, but I never find the right moment to do it… Maybe after finishing all the chapters, while I prepare the release pack, it would be good promotional advertising XD

  18. Max Storm says:

    Hey Albert, why did you add the moon and the extra tree in this shot?

    • albert says:

      I’m trying to add the moon in those areas there’s moonlight. It was in the original in some areas. Of course, it matches the light direction. If Leon turns 180º his back will be illuminated with the moonlight.
      About the trees, I edited both the texture and add extra layers of trees in order to get a more decent panorama when Leon looks outside the windows. This is why the height of the vegetation is not always the same as in the original.

  19. Great work dude. It looks amazing

  20. Yannis says:

    Absolutely stunning, I am in utter awe of the effort here. One interesting thing I noticed is how the fog was lifted on a lot of rooftops. This has a couple of effects. I was initially uncertain because it makes the world of the game smaller… you can see the castle just across for example. But then it clicked that some part of castle is always there, watching you. It’s sort of like the Eye of Sauron, a menacing presence that’s always there. So I think it’s cool on the whole.

    I have some that I wanted to query? With picture reference numbers:
    051 – can the bullets be a bit more rounded? I appreciate it could be a big GPU load if they were. This is literally the only thing I’m not all that hot on, and I looked at every screenshot in detail.
    077 – I’ll confess I’m not an expert on geology, but I believe those ‘windows’ are not naturally formed? Perspiration is also very limited there, so it would be difficult for them to break down and become smooth unless the place floods. If so, it would be better for them to have harsh/sharp edges.
    107 – the top of the battlements has been cropped? Just curious as to why I totally forgot this area existed by the way, it really reminds me of Demon’s Souls which I’ve just been playing! (and it has a healthy graphics modding community, believe it or not, thanks to advances in PS3 emulation)
    M013 (The final picture) – eyes are definitely the hardest due to engine limitations and it’s very visible in this specific shot. They are very details and due to the reflections, they become more and more like the Ganados’ eyes.


  21. Max Storm says:

    Hey Albert, what is this? this isn’t there in the original right?

    • albert says:

      It’s the ceiling of the cave. There are light spots everywhere in the cave, but… where they come from? So I covered the cave ceiling with holes that allow the moonlight to enter ;P
      You’ll only see that if you aim up, so the atmosphere of the place won’t change

  22. Luiz Adam Tankian says:

    It was just beautiful. A lot of attention to details, textures and resolution. Really impeccable work.
    But there are two things I didn’t like:
    1 – The skull mask of enemies. They’ve lost the somber tone of before. In the region of the eyes it would be better to look more angry as before, instead of round.
    2 – Ada’s look, in the original she has a more seductive look. In HD Project, it was a normal look.
    It could leave you with that seductive look from before. It is much more beautiful and attractive.
    but anyway, your work is excellent. I would say that even better than the producers themselves! 😉

    • albert says:

      About the enemies. Maybe it’s because of the new lighting. Keep in mind the light was static in a lot of places before, and now it changes completely depending on the camera angle. So, the expression also slightly varies.
      About Ada, I don’t know what to say, I didn’t change her shape, just the textures, and I tried to be faithful to the original. I didn’t change anything else.

  23. gran colección Albert! ¿habeís puesto en español los estandartes de la familia Salazar?

  24. Alvin says:

    Ashley looks perfect. Ada seems to be missing shadow over her eyes cast by the upper eyelids or lashes. Because the eyes move, I suggest a separate overlay that puts the shadow over the eyeballs without rotation.

    • Alvin says:

      Then again that might cause clipping.

    • albert says:

      Ohh in fact Ada has 2 different type of eye textures, one with more intense shadows than the other. The problem is it’s not a separate layer…
      Maybe it generates some transparency issues… but I’ll try the shadow layer trick and see what happens XD

      • Alvin says:

        Very curious to see if the trick would work. Please let me know. 😀

        • albert says:

          it didn’t X(((
          they doesn’t move even I link them to the main head bone.
          Since the eyes doesn’t use that bone by default I can’t force the game to use it (it must be hardcoded somehow)
          but even if that trick worked, the eye movement is not based on a completely perfect spherical movement and as you mentioned the ocular movement would eventually clip both eye and shadow meshes…
          Well, at least I tried it haha

          • Alvin says:

            Ah.. Interesting finding. Thanks for trying out though. I think in this case, there’s no other way around it.

  25. verdugo7 says:

    Hello again albert! Everything looks very outstanding as always!
    If I have to suggest a feedback,

    The island ganado’s face has a slight stubble (beard) above his lips and around his cheeks. In your version he looks a little more clean shaven. Maybe add a “little” bit of a stubble above his lips & around his cheeks like the original? Thanks a lot so far, amazing job!

  26. Wolf says:

    It’s hard not to be excited over this. Albert and Cris, I just have to leave a comment to once again say that this is amazing effort! You two took all of this the time to collect new photographs, replace textures, tweak character models and lighting, and have been doing a great job putting in the work to improve so much detail throughout the game. The textures look so clear in the higher resolution provided for them. The passion you have for RE4 shows from all of this dedication to a project.

    I have never been more excited about any mod in my life. Keep up the excellent work here! ?

  27. Niño Rey Crescencio says:

    I am really excited for the final release, Cris and Albert! No pressure ?

    By the way, I found something about the light switches in the caves. Aren’t they emitting a blue-yellowish light or somethin’? If so, the light reflected to Leon shouldn’t have been white/blue. Just my thoughts. Thanks!

  28. StarTroop says:

    Amazing work as usual! Reading through these comments though, I just want to say that I agree with the idea of making the fine grating in the gigante lava room somehow “less safe” (but don’t remove it!), and also that the new zealot mask does seem too vibrant now (I think the original looks more disturbing as it seems worn and mucky, almost like a rotting wood faceplate inserted into a gold helmet, though you don’t necessarily have to “change” the material.)
    Apart from that, I just have one thing to request, which is to either reduce the specularity of the new novistador cave ceiling, or otherwise balance the brightness of the sky to match it. As it stands, the brightness on the ceiling openings it much higher than the light source, which doesn’t make much sense when the light source is apparently supposed to be the whole sky (it can’t be the moon as a point source because the light is scattering in all directions). I don’t know if this would be difficult to balance with the existing ambient light, but as dramatic as the new ceiling is, I think if a more realistic version isn’t possible than at least a more subdued version would be a good compromise between your new version and the dark vanilla version.

  29. Master Chen says:

    >Ada’s lipstick print is much smaller/tinier on the attached note now (den0ting much smaller mouth/lips), in comparison to the low-res original



  30. Steven says:

    First off let me just say thanks so much for sharing this passion project with the world. Your passion for this game has been the highlight of my internet browsing during my many bored hours at work. I’ve been watching the project progress for 5 years now and you just keep improving and getting closer and closer to your goal.

    The majority of all your changes have been stellar and it’s hard to really nitpick out much from the screenshots and videos you’ve released the past few months for chapter 4. I do also believe without the many constructive feedback comments people have been leaving you would have an inferior HD mod. So the only thing that really stands out to me is in screenshot: 007-B, the 7th photos down the list, the floor tiles, you’ve messed up the originals pattern. You’ll notice the white tiles in the bottom left corners of the darker squares are now darker, interrupting the white lined patterns and making the squares look odd. This is likely a texturing mistake, probably a quick fix, but it does really catch my eye as an error.

  31. CiTRiC says:

    Tremendo trabajo Albert, nunca nos dejas de sorprender.
    Sólo tengo dos propuestas.
    En este wallpaper los colores se ven un poco saturados
    …en comparación con este (se nota viendo el pelo y rostro de Ashley)
    A no ser de que este esté con baja saturación a propósito o que no estén finalizados, no lo sé jaja.
    Por último, es que en ese mismo wallpaper donde están Leon y Ashley, el dedo índice de Leon tiene una iluminación extraña justo en medio, y tal vez en contexto la luz tiene sentido, pero así como está distrae un poco.

    • albert says:

      Las imágenes originales también son distintas. Una está más saturada que la otra. Diferentes imágenes, diferentes niveles de iluminación y saturación. No hay motivo por el que tengan que ser iguales. Son como fotos en la vida real, cada una sale con sus niveles de color. En el juego se verá un poco diferente porque en la pantalla de final de capítulo el juego aplica toda clase de filtros y resplandores de varios colores.

      Lo del dedo… simplemente es el juego de sombras. Hay una luz que viene de abajo y la parte del gatillo hace sombra sobre el dedo de Leon.

      • CiTRiC says:

        Entiendo, gracias por responder.
        Ahora, tengo un nitcpick pequeñísimo que a lo mejor ni vale la pena discutir, pero estaba viendo el capítulo 4-4 de nuevo, y me di cuenta de algo en el minuto 46:21 (véelo en velocidad 0.25)

        La base del elevador se ilumina muy repentinamente al entrar en contacto con la luz de la pared, y además se mantiene iluminada hasta llegar al suelo. Dudo que sea posible hacer que se oscurezca de a poco, pero asumo que lo que sí se podría resolver es que la luz llegue un poco más arriba y evitar el brusco cambio de oscuro a luz. Ahora ya no lo puedo ver de otra manera jaja. Saludos.

  32. Greg says:

    Buenas Albert. Un gran trabajo, como siempre!
    Me he fijado que en la captura del ganado con la dinamita en la mano, el texto de la etiqueta esta del revés, no se si te has dado cuenta. Aunque por otra parte, ya estaba así en el original, así que igual lo has dejado así queriendo. En cualquier caso, yo lo comento por si las moscas.
    Un saludo!

  33. Estevez99 says:

    En la foto 013B las velas del reflejo no están encendidas
    Estoy de acuerdo con la reja en el cuarto de los gigantes, mucho mejor sin esos agujeros gigantes, pero estaría bien retocarla para que la lava y la iluminación intensa no pierda presencia
    Excelente trabajo!!

    • albert says:

      Gracias! Menudo ojo, no me había dado cuenta ;P
      creo que es un problema de transparencia. lo arreglaré!

      He cambiado la reja, si vuelves a abrir las imágenes de la zona de los gigantes ahora verás que el brillo es mucho más intenso a pesar de que hay la reja extra 😉

  34. Cj says:

    Looks fantastic. Maybe im out of the loop, but how will this work? Will it be compatible with emulators or is it for the PC verison of the game? Also do you have an estimated release date?

    • Wolf says:

      @CJ – All of this mod work is being done for 2014 release of Resident Evil 4. This version updated some of the lower resolution textures from the 360’s version of the game, but it only went halfway with updates. There are still technical issues and even past effects left ignored from the GameCube and Wii versions.

      Albert and Cris were here to resolve these issues by giving this game a full upgrade with high resolution textures. I can’t tell you when they’ll finally be done, but they are hard at work at this project.

      You can read more about the project here:

  35. Tony B says:

    Hi CJ please reqd the FAQ section of the website, it is there for a reason. There is no solid date of release. They are not selling the HD version, it is a part time passion project. Be patient my friend. Have a good day.

  36. Wolf says:

    I have gone through the images again and can spot so many shadows that now appear, positions of shadows changing, and textures that do not look stretched and in low resolution. Light appears where it needs to be or according to a light source. This really is quite engaging to see all of this dedication to the project. I will check back when more work is completed.

    Thanks again, Albert and Cris. You’ve done a wonderful job!

    • albert says:

      Thank you for your message!
      I’m really happy you took the time to notice all small details 😀
      As I always say, we’ll keep doing our best 😉

  37. Sean says:

    I mentioned this before, but – I still think the moonlight in pic 10B should cause the characters to appear brighter on the side that is facing the moon, unless its just the angle of that specific picture? but it seems like the silhouette of the characters is a bit dark

    very minor nitpick 😛 otherwise its all amazing!!!

  38. Steffan says:

    How come you guys don’t have a Patreon? I see there’s a donation button on the website but I imagine you would get more exposure using something like Patreon. People are more familiar with it and would probably be more quickly eager to donate on a trusted platform like that than on the website itself through paypal. It would also be a good place to communicate with people too (in addition to the comments on the website)

    • Gamer says:

      I might be wrong yet I think it`s because they dont want it to look like they are being paid for working on the game for legal reasons. While the donation page on their website simply looks like personal donations or something. Also PayPal is as trusting as Pateron, especially when you know this is their website.

    • albert says:

      As Gamer said, it’s for legal reasons.
      Anyway, more communication platforms to take care of would be really stressful.
      I almost have no free time XD

  39. Max Storm says:

    Hey Albert, how long until chapter 5-1?

    • albert says:

      I still need some time. I didn’t remember chapter 5-1 has sooooooo many rooms!
      And also almost all new enemies appear during this first chapter. So, even it takes more time for this chapter, the remaining 4 will be much more quick
      I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

  40. Tom says:

    I’ve been following the project for years and have fallen in love with the quality of your work and dedication to the project. I’d just love an estimate on what the file size is at currently? Thanks again 🙂

  41. Mehrab says:

    Hello im big fan of resident evil 4 and re4hd project !! 🙂 . when release this patch ? i cant wait anymore ! this hd project super lovely :))) can you release another demo patch like june 18 ,2018 ? please 🙁

    • eduardo_a2j says:

      Same me, its time for a new update, Im playing this game, I’m in Chapter 2-2, but download 28GB for a patch almost 2 years ago, stop me… And also I dont think play again this game in short time.

    • albert says:

      Hello! Next pack will be available when all chapters’ final revision is complete.
      Thanks for the message and the patience!

  42. Eli says:

    You’re doing great but here are a few things I noticed:

    007-B: some of the tiles on the floor are with the wrong colors, like Steven said.

    017-B: the holes in Luis photo are way too big and rounded compared with the original, they’re supposed to be dart holes (just Google “darts holes” and you’ll see how they look like)

    049-B: Ashley is missing the white dot she have in her eyes, I know you added real time shine on the cutscenes but its missing on that image and it makes her look more robotic and dead.

    038-B: the paint/tattoo looks kinda weird, I think the outlines needed to be a little blurry to give the illusion that he have paint on his face instead of something sticked on it.

    035-B and 026-B: the tattoos were dark red and black but you changed to dark blue/indigo. Any reason for that?

    053-B doesn’t look as good as 018-B, it was just some AI filtering added to it?

    • albert says:

      Thanks a lot for all the feedback. You really have a good eye for details!
      I’ll take a look at all the things you mention. They are easy to fix ;D

  43. Sortvind says:

    Cheering on you, this dedication and work is amazing <3

  44. Abdulrahman says:

    I haven’t played this game in while and I got to play it again and finsh it yesterday …. I really can’t wait to play it again with this HD project improvements …. awesome work for sure !!!!!!!!

  45. Angel Gutierrez says:

    tiene una buena pinta que flipe con los recreado y lo remasterisado de todo pero en especial con ada wong. que bueno que se se ve todo estos.

  46. hola! en la captura no creen que las luces deberian ser mas brillantes? como en la original

    Y creen que podrian hacer que el texto de la barra de dinamita esté en español?

    • albert says:

      No es posible lo de la luz, precisamente porque estoy arreglando todos estos problemas de sobreexposición que hace que un área se vea completamente blanca (por culpa de un fallo de porteo del juego a HD que hace que todo sea más brillante) Si conservo ese nivel de brillo otras zonas se verán completamente blancas. Por eso, en global, el original se ve a menudo más brillante/rojizo, pero en Gamecube/Wii no lo era.

      Se puede arreglar lo de la dinamita. No es problema ;D


  47. Nicolás Sabbatini says:

    Buenisimo como va quedando esto muchachos. Exclente sin dudas, y no saben como lo espero con muchas ansias. Por cierto, el proyecto sigue vivo? Se han dado un descanso? Lo comprendería porque es una trabajo grande. Pero para ir teniendo noticias de que tal avanza. Un saludo.

    • CiTRiC says:

      Por supuesto que el proyecto sigue vivo, basta con revisar las fechas de publicaciones de los post en esta página. Albert se demora entre 1 y 2 meses en editar los niveles y subir un nuevo video.

    • albert says:

      Si sí, sigo en ello, cada día sin parar. Estoy muy centrado en ello y se me acumulan los mensajes para responder XD

  48. adam says:

    stellar work!

  49. Eduard01 says:

    Hola, impresionante trabajo el que has hecho con las texturas y la iluminacion y sobretodo la atmosfera del juego en si que es muy fiel a la original.

    Me preguntaba si seria capaz usar algun tipo de machine learning AI para remasterizar las escenas, he visto que el proceso para hacerlo no es tan complicado (aunque si lleva tiempo dejando la maquina crear miles y miles de archivos de imagen) y la diferencia que hace suma mucho. Lo vi en videos como escenas de juegos antiguos como resident evil 1.

    • albert says:

      Efectivamente, si te refieres a las escenas de Separate Ways, use un reescalado que usa tecnología AI ;D

      • Eduard01 says:

        Me referia mas bien a usar algun programa de reescalado para cambiar las cinematicas y cinematicas interactivas del juego que es donde mas contrasta con el retexturizado del juego, aunque estaba pensando que tal vez sea un problema a la hora de reducir el tamaño de los archivos de video comprimido en el formato que use el juego para reproducirlos.

        • albert says:

          No comprendo, las cinemáticas se generan en tiempo real. No son videos. Ponme algún ejemplo con imagen a lo que te refieres

          • Eduard01 says:

            Jajaj disculpa, por lo visto ya habias hecho eso con separate ways pero no lo note porque (probablemente) esten en la version final que aun no publicas. Dicho esto, me referia a esas escenas como cuando Leon y… (el chico latino que no recuerdo su nombre) estan amarrados y necesitas apretar botones para esquivar el hachazo de uno de los aldeanos. Pero si, era basicamente lo que hiciste con separate ways.

            La verdad es que te esta quedando genial y no puedo aguantar a jugar la version final, aunque prefiero que te tomes tu tiempo y nos entregues a todos este mod en la mejor manera posible. Aprecio mucho el esfuerzo y la dedicacion que pusiste en este mod, y gracias por siempre estar al tanto de todos nosotros en la caja de comentarios. Saludos!

          • Eduard01 says:

            Igual probablemente me este fallando la memoria porque hasta ahora solo me pase el separate ways probando el mod asi que tal vez yo estoy recordando las escenas en 144p en mi mente xD

  50. Catbus says:

    Not a fan of how Ada looks in that last comparison.

  51. dreadfield says:

    hi albert GOD, how much time left . to you, to upload ,your next batch ,of images please?

  52. Gvirus says:

    i cant wait… how much time left??

    • albert says:

      Right now I’m finishing Regenerator textures and I need to re-create a couple more enemies, too. The stage edits for chapter 5-1 are almost done. I guess I’ll upload a new video in 10 days or so…

  53. Mohsen says:

    Hi Albert
    appreciate your great work.
    man your work is really amazing. i hoped Capcom guys show this much dedication when they created the ultimate HD edition of resident evil 4.
    something is really bugging me and i like to ask you about it. the separate ways cutscenes as you now are upscaled version of rendered cutscenes created for PS2 version. i think about 7 to 8 minutes of them are new materials compared to gamecube version the rest are rendered from gamecube in game cutscenes. much of these cutscenes can be rendered again from your remastered material which i think you going to exactly do that. but the remaining 7 to 8 minutes i wonder if you recreate them or just upscale the old videos from ps2 era. for me the low quality of this videos is always disappointing.
    Please tell me that you going to recreate them. anyway i really appreciate your work.

    • albert says:

      But I’m afraid that’s impossible. I’d need great animation skills and a mocap actor and capture methods XD

      • Mohsen says:

        I am afraid so.
        But there are guys on youtube witch sometimes create some animations using material from games. i wonder if they are interested enough to contribute to this project.

  54. Arthur Yunix says:

    Sorry for question the off-topic
    Can you make a sight for RE4 (steam) as on RE5 in the PC version?

  55. mofail says:

    Peoples enthusiasm for more info/progress/videos/images may appear selfish but it is enthusiasm.

    As always I LOL at the snitchy delusional authoritarian types getting grumpy about peoples enthusiasm here. You all know who you are lmao …If it takes another month it takes another month so be it, people are checking here every week for news & it’s a good thing . I hope you modders are STILL happy working away at this game because quite frankly i’m amazed you’re still here at all. Good luck.

  56. Liam says:

    Am I the only one that thinks the Salazar slime/flesh textures look a little rough in this pass? The texture tiles a lot more compared to the original and stands out badly.

  57. Luciano Rosenthal says:

    Parabéns a todos os envolvidos, pelo trabalho magnífico! Sou fã desse jogo e de vocês. Amo esse jogo, obrigado pelo trabalho.

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