Brief PREVIEW – Chapter 5-1

Hello people! Since this chapter is taking so long, I decided to post something in the meantime.

I only need 1-2 more weeks to complete it, but anyway…

I haven’t rest a single day since the last chapter and I’m taking care of loooots of details that I didn’t perfect during my first revision. This second revision and the amount of new enemies in this chapter is taking a lot of time.

Fortunately, after this chapter only a few bosses will remain to be remastered because most of the Island enemies appear by first time during this 5-1 chapter.

Here are a couple of images: An animated comparison and a close view of our dear friend, the Regenerator.

Have a nice weekend!

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59 responses to “Brief PREVIEW – Chapter 5-1”

  1. Mike says:

    You’re working really hard on this. Kudos.

  2. Scout says:

    Those are some terrifying eyes on the Regenerator. Great Work!

  3. Lucifronz says:

    I’m never going to get over how terrifying regenerators are.

  4. Frank Nitty says:

    That Regenerator mug shot tho lol 🙂

  5. Nordeck says:

    Glowing eyes of Regenerator is a very nice touch (it’s triple creepy than before) and love how detailed control panel looks nice + AO effect adds a lot of immersion.
    Great work, but still manage of getting even better and better with each release.

    P.S. personally don’t trust Capcom anymore, they can’t deliver imho. Their only target is profit, not passion for what they are doing.

    Thank you for this never ending dedication.

  6. EPD Gaffney says:

    Wow, that monitor room looks much better now. I wonder if the Regenerator’s skin is too shiny, but the texture work on it is great. I’m not sure about the eyes glowing, either, but I trust your judgement. If you’re satisfied wit it by the time it’s ready to release, I’m sure that means it’s great. Hope you’re doing well.

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      This is something probably only a few people noticed: there are 2 variants of Regenerator, this is the second (I actually had no idea before remastering them XD). You found it in the corridor just before reaching the Dump area. The differences are: more reddish skin, some extra skin malformations (really subtle) and the specular effect on its skin is much more noticeable
      About the eyes, They are like that in the original, I haven’t edit them. Regenerators have that red glow moving in a crazy way in their eyes XD

      • EPD Gaffney says:

        Ah interesting, see, I didn’t realise that. Well, that’s why I said I trust you.

        I did just watch some videos and still can’t detect the glowing eyes, but you never really get that close to them, which is probably why I didn’t notice it.

  7. Trostamundo says:

    Now the regenerator will be much more scary, I am amazed.

  8. Alvin says:

    Awesome, it looks absolutely next gen.
    You too man. 🙂

  9. podrias postear una comparasión de los 2 regeneradores? me dio curiosidad

  10. Joseph Hill says:

    Awesome job man!!!

  11. Gonzo says:

    Joder Albert estas hecho un crack, no sabes el hype que tengo por rejugar el juego con este lavado de cara. Espero que estes bien curado de la ansiedad, un abrazo muy fuerte

  12. victor donato says:

    Is it possible to improve water, light and gameplay (mouse, keyboard, access buttons to avoid having to pause and choose weapons like in FPS)?

    • Gamer says:

      They havnt decided to improve the gameplay, although there are some mods by Razor who did create mods like quick item select.

      They already improved the graphics like you`re saying, unless you ment even more than right now, which I think isnt possible because of the limits of the game, unless you use ENB or something similar.

      • victor donato says:

        It really is infinitely more beautiful than the original and they are to be congratulated, my question would be if it was possible to improve these items more but as you said the engine has limitations. Thank you

  13. Jake Jake says:

    Buen trabajo, pero te recomiendo mejorar los ojos del Regenerador, un toquesito mas realista al Iris y perfecto… Acomodar la iluminación (mas enfoque brilloso y dinámico en la oscuridad para que de mas miedo) y mejorar la posición de los ojos que parece que se le salieran, se que sera difícil por que en si se mueven como locos pero si lo vemos estático pues parece que traspasa el pómulo, en cuanto a la Esclerótica, opino que se vería bien mucho mas oscura, como los típicos ojos de monstruos, y así contrasta mas al contemplar su movimiento en el iris de color rojo, sin duda alguna Excelente trabajo, la nueva sala esta totalmente basada en las texturas originales y eso es un gran detalles, saludos, espero tu vídeo, no olvides remasterizar Hunnigan :D. PD: si puedes añades el mismo brillo dinámico de los ojos en las cinemáticas al Regenerador.

    • Casanova Heredia says:

      a ingrid le hace falta mucho remastered la verdad, le tienen que poner brillo en los ojos dinamicos y en los lentes y tmb arreglarle muchas mas cosas. y al regenerador si es verdad que lo hiso un poco sencillo ni se nota que lo remasterizaron, le hacen falta unas venas mas azules como tu dices y al iron maiden son rojas

  14. Jake Jake says:

    Muy buen trabajo pero recomiendo mejorar los ojos del Regenerador mejorando la posicion de estos, tanto su esclerotica mas oscura como su irirs mas realistas, con brillo mas dinamico. Saludos

  15. Aldo says:

    Gran trabajo, como con todos tus ajustes finales se ve increíble.

  16. Ascaron says:

    Amazing work you’ve done here!! I always feel I should help pointing out something that is not okay or needs refinement but, really, I cannot complain! Maybe people with more experience will give you some positive criticism. All I can give you is encouragement, as always!

  17. VAGNER says:

    Seu trabalho é magnífico, digno de um premio dado pelas mãos da própria Capcom pelo, empenho, trabalho e talento em melhorar substancialmente um jogo que é amado por muitos e mesmo assim mantendo sua originalidade impecável, parabéns Albert.

    • victor donato says:

      concordo com vc, trabalho perfeito. A capcom deveria olhar pra esses caras e recompensá-los. Deveria tb tornar essa versão oficial e dar suporte pra eles.

  18. mofail says:

    Amazingly detailed regenerators now I can’t wait to see more of these disgusting weirdos!

    Also the regenerators have no nuts or willy.

    No wonder they’re grumpy.

  19. Willianbr says:

    Será que tem como melhorar essa baba que fica escorrendo da boca dos inimigo E aumentar Essa secreção Que sai? Porque parece muito pexelizada. Fora isso As texturas dos inimigos estão perfeitas. Principalmente do verdugo. Quando vc derruba A galão de nitrogênio pra congelar ele. Ele fica com uma textura mais escura E com mais brilhos. Meio esbranquiçado. Se tiver uma meio de corrigir isso também. Fora isso estou doido pra que fique pronto logo!!!

  20. Gabe says:

    Do we need a remake at this point?

    • Alvin says:

      Lmao yeah, not at all. This project was worth every effort and anything I’ve ever imagined it to become. No triple-A studio will compare to the continuous flawless level of quality of what Albert and Cris have pulled off.

    • EPD Gaffney says:

      I never saw the point of a remake of this. It’s a perfect game already, and the graphical overhaul it’s getting here is the only thing I would ever have wanted in an update to the game it already is.

    • [ROLO] says:

      Not at all. RE4 is one of my favorite games of all time and I don’t want a remake yet (don’t know if ever), specially when Albert is making this game even better, close to perfection. They should remake RE:CV.

      • Gamer says:

        Theres a few things a remake could improve and not simply the graphics, although a modern remake probably wont be everything that people expect it to be.

  21. Jhon says:

    Awesome work man!
    Godamn details
    But can we play this with mouse and keyboard

  22. Eli says:

    Good job as always but aren’t the monitors supposed to be “tube TVs”?
    You know, old TVs screens that have a curve instead of being flat like modern TVs.
    You can clearly see the curves in the reflection and at the edges of the original texture except the ones showing static but I always thought of if as an effect that Capcom never put much care to it.
    But if you’re doing it for consistency then that’s ok too.

    • EPD Gaffney says:

      This is a good point actually. The screen models themselves should be curved if the specular effect is real now.

    • albert says:

      The monitors are still slightly curved. The original texture had that black curved frame around the screens and that’s why they look more curved I guess

  23. Lázaro says:

    The ammount of detail you are pouring into this is amazing!

  24. Ophelia Phantasy says:

    Take care, don’t overwork yourself 🙂

  25. Fahad says:

    I was at chapter 1-3 with your previous mod when I came to know about your project back in 2014. I immediately stopped playing the game and waiting for this protect to complete so I could play the ultimate version.

    You know the best part Albert ? the journey of perfecting this game was so beautiful and exciting that now I don’t even feel like i’m gonna play this game. I just come here to see how you are making this game better and take inspiration from your passion & dedication.

    thank you so much for your efforts big brother

    • albert says:

      Thanks a lot for your message hehe
      I’m glad the posts have some other use other than increase hype and exhaust people’s patience XD
      It’s also about the project itself and the work behind it, not just the results, and I’m happy some people see it also this way 🙂

      • EPD Gaffney says:

        I haven’t played RE4 since I first found this project, either. Well worth the wait, I can tell. It’s going to be glorious.

  26. Mohsen says:

    Hey Albert
    some times ago i asked you about recreating separate ways cutscenes. you answered you ain’t have animation experience or motion capture device or actors. please check this site maybe it can help a bit.
    it has ready to use motion captures.

    • albert says:

      Thank you! but I don’t have animation skills even if I have the files and I’d need the exact movements in professional quality. An amateurish job –even if it’s at HD resolutions– can’t compete the original cutscene animations

      • Mohsen says:

        so at least you render the existing cutscenes from your work.
        appreciate your Effort.
        your work is amazing.

  27. x6205 says:

    Fantastic improvement on monitor room in many details. Very faithfull to original.

  28. Jhon says:

    When will you upload new video?


  29. Kaiser says:

    Next RE5 HDproject? =)

  30. Jake Jake says:

    Por cierto, estaba viendo unos tu tus vídeos, y en el capitulo 1-2 te comente algo a cerca de la composición aleatoria del Spray la cual no estaba de acuerdo xd. No lo se, lo puse en alta resolución y medio observe que tiene unos compuestos farmacéuticos muy sin sentido, por lo cual, me tome el tiempo de darte una formula mas detallada para que cuando se juegue en 4K se aprecie mejor ese detalle, si quieres la edita y remplazas ese texto por este. PD: Esta en ingles
    -Arklay Green Herbs (11 g)
    -Mentha spicata (8 g)
    -AloeVera (16 g)
    -Bioxtron (22 g)
    -Medical Cannabis (2 g)
    -Amoxicilina (4g)
    -iodine (32 ml)
    -Alcohol 100% (24 ml)
    -Hyaluronic acid (16 ml)
    -Clavulanic acid (7 ml)
    -Maltosa (3 ml)
    -Sodium chloride 1.2% (6 ml)
    -Anti-rabies composition (4 ml)

    • albert says:

      Ai sí!
      Lo tengo pendiente de respuesta… se me acumulan los mensajes XD
      Comentabas algo de un producto en concreto que decías que era para la psicosis o algo así… pero el nombre de la sustancia que mencionas no está en la textura.
      De todos modos tu propuesta me parece muy interesante y seguramente acabaré usándola XD
      gracias de nuevo!

      • Jake Jake says:

        Muchísimas Gracias! Me encantaría que mi propuesta sea colocada, y tambien muy interesante, ya que la gente que estudia o trabaja en Medicina/Farmacia quedarían asombrados por ese nivel de Detalle en 4K XD PD: Creo que lo del producto para la Psicosis fue y ilusión mía, creo que vi una F por ahi de Fluoxetina. Como en la Farmacia se la pasan pidiendo eso TODO el tiempo, debe ser que estan todos locos :p Saludos, espero verla 😀

  31. Jhon says:

    Finally you uploaded the video
    Waited for two days :I

  32. Jhon says:

    I have just seen the video
    Looks pretty good!
    One request – Can you make the cross hair of the rifle look like the 4x scope with kar98k in pubg
    Original one looks like toy thing.