Walkthrough | Chapter 5-1 Fully Remastered

Hello! I’m finally back with a new chapter

It took me ages to finalize this part of the game. It was filled with new enemies and a loooooot of details awaiting to be improved!

I’ve had a great time doing all the edits, and I have the feeling the efforts needed in this Island part of the game to reach the same level of perfection we reached in previous areas are higher… I guess the technological nature of some assets in this part of the game is the reason for that. And it’s also the reason the game looks worse in some of these final areas, even it use a lot more of extra 3D details compared to some Village and Castle areas.

For example, think about a wooden structure, a palace wall and a control panel. The 3rd one will stand out in a worse way when using low resolution textures and low polygonal models because we expect to see small details in a control panel while our brain is ok when we see lower detailed wooden and ornamental surfaces. It doesn’t need extra details unless we are looking for it on purpose.

What’s new in this chapter since the last July 2018 release:

  • Adjusted, improved and new lighting and effects.
  • Re-created and restored some textures.
  • A lot of small stage model edits.
  • New and improved stage shadows where needed.
  • Remastered Chapter End background image.
  • Remastered enemies textures and some slight 3D edits.

Enjoy it and have a great weekend!

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106 responses to “Walkthrough | Chapter 5-1 Fully Remastered”

  1. I downloaded the res4hd yesterday. Is this chapter included? And by the way, congratulations for the job, i heard about you through Filipe Ramos on youtube

  2. Devina says:

    Nice work so far Albert! I’m glad we’re close to the end.

    If I have to make a suggestion, it would be the text at 44:00. The font and handwriting just doesn’t fit the look of the place at all, especially why such a gross evil group would have such perfect handwriting. It looks too much like someone just Photoshopped text. Even the “celda30c” looks off, the two c’s are exactly identical.

    Then at 44:30, you can see there’s multiple Cam 3s which does not make sense. Any way to make them all identical, or are you stuck with being only able to use two? If you can’t make them all individual, then I would just remove the text entirely. If you can make then individual, I would grab a sharpie marker, write Cam 1, 2, 3, etc, in your own handwriting, take a photo, and scan it in.

    • Scout says:

      I kind of like how they’re all so neat and precise. Some scientist took the time to make his corner of evil death island to look good.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the message and suggestions!
      Yes, it’s quite obvious that text is Photoshop and not handwriting… I’m sure I can do something about it ;D

  3. Ron C says:

    I absolutely love love LOVE how Saddler looks!! You really brought him to life. He looks so much more evil/sinister. Been following the project for some time. You are doing such an awesome job!! Can’t wait to see how he looks in the next cutscenes/chapters <3 How do you figure out how to remaster the skin/cloth textures so well??

    • albert says:

      Thank you for your message!
      It’s all about photoshop and hundreds of texture and adjustment layers 🙂

      • Ron C says:

        I wish I had talent to figure out how to remaster textures like that !!!! That is seriously impressive, I was assuming you got them from like a database where the OG textures are in HD quality or something like that. That’s awesome! Can’t wait to see how he looks in the next update, you have me even more hyped 😀 I do my own modding for Resident Evil stuff but nothing in comparison to what you are doing XD

  4. NEGAARMAX says:

    Estas tan cerca que casi puedo saborearlo.
    Me encantan los cambios, las texturas de esos ganados militares son hermosas y ni que decir del Regenerator y del Iron Maiden, esperaré al sigiente update para ver más.
    Una pregunta es posible que en la campaña principal agregar mas variables de atuendos como en el modo de Separate Ways, ya que en este ultimo oncluso los ganados llevan lentes y mas accesorios que los de la campaña principal

    • albert says:

      Es posible que se puede editando los archivos .esl, pero solo podría usarse las variables ya existentes, no variables nuevas.
      Aunque eso lo dejaría en manos de otros modders. Si se editan esos .esl solo afecta a partidas nuevas, no a las guardadas, ya que la información de localización de enemigos se carga en el juego al empezar una zona y queda guardada en memoria y en las partidas guardadas.

      • NEGAARMAX says:

        Oh ya veo, entonces mejor así ya termine la ronda 46 y como que no quiero iniciar una nueva XD
        Igual muchas gracias y es bueno saber que es posible

  5. Vladabdf says:

    It’s been a while since I was actively keeping up with the project. I would watch short sections of these update videos and see progress every once in a while so I don’t have all the details. I am wondering, is Cris still helping with this project? I haven’t seen a post from him in the Steam thread for a while at least.
    Keep up the awesome work! I can’t wait to replay the game many times over with the complete overhaul you’ve been doing!

  6. Andi Kurnia says:

    is this compatible with 60fps gameplay now?

    • Alvin says:

      It always was ‘compatible’. But I recommend playing in 30 fps still. In this particular showcase, as Albert pointed out, you’ll get disco lights at the merchant and very fast zzzp sounds coming from the electric stun baton enemy. Pretty much everything is different mechanically when playing on 60.

  7. Alexandr says:

    Albert, amazing work as usual! I can’t wait… Re4 is my favorite game all the time.
    I’m dreaming to play a new release of the mod this summer 🙁 and please, please update a progress summary!

    p.s. sorry for my English

  8. mofail says:

    Fantastic…..3d coats on hangers please?! That’s the only thing i can think of lol @39:34 they’re are very flat but it’s really a small detail.

    Very glad for another video & I can imagine there must be some excitement as you get closer to the final chapters now! Great work on the enemy soldiers & so happy you worked on making them look better & ESPECIALLY more individual. They’re so dam ugly & lazy in the original designs! This has been quite a fantastic journey shared with people, best wishes.!

    • Alvin says:

      They look so badass right now. Especially the electrified ones with gas masks. 😀

      • mofail says:

        Absolutely they were always the scary ones i thought, the rest of the soldiers looked so very dull & unimaginative in comparison. Am also looking forward to any before/after slide shows too.

        The struggle of correcting meshes/structures & textures is interesting for smaller modders so share as much info as possible please guys!

      • albert says:

        I’m quite proud of those…
        WTF… who had the idea of staple the masks on their faces and use barbed wire… that design is gloriously sick XD

    • albert says:

      Haha they are 3D but maybe not enough ¿?
      thanks! i think these enemies will benefit of this HD remaster the most

      • Gamer says:

        Maybe the soldier`s arms seem slightly low polygon ? I am not sure if they could be more detailed though because of the other extra detail added to the game.

  9. Scout says:

    This game just keeps looking better and better. I also watched your gameplay vid for the first time and it really helps someone who doesn’t know how games are made see how much effort it takes for all these minor details you’re adding in. Thanks for putting in so much effort for such a classic game. I can’t wait to play the final release.

  10. Max Storm says:

    Hey Albert, what’s wrong with their ears? It doesn’t look quite right. Like, the minigun ganados and the other soldiers?

    • albert says:

      low-poly 😛
      I want to improve some details but I don’t know if there will be polygonal limitations issues. So, it’s something I’ll try at the end.
      It’s quite simple make rounder ears and better hands. the problem is the game’s graphic engine limitations
      thanks for asking!

  11. Pedro says:

    Se pueden activar las sombras dinámicas en el gameplay normal del juego? si es asi sería genial ver como luciría el juego con sombras dinámicas.

    • albert says:

      Por desgracia no se puede para más de 4 o 5 personajes a la vez en pantalla. Y además, habría que recrear tooooda la geometría en 3D de suelos, paredes objetos etc en un único archivo 3D invisible que se ubica dentro de otro archivo para cada una de las salas del juego. Cosa que seguramente daría problemas de rendimiento en muchas ocasiones.
      En las cinemáticas donde aparecen las sombras en tiempo real hay planos invisibles con la forma del suelo y paredes, etc donde se acomodan dichas sobras.

  12. Frank Nitty says:

    Thanks for the update. You seem to be quite the perfectionist, lol. Top notch textures, keep up the good work

  13. WillM says:

    Great work! Just one (STRONG) suggestion/recommendation: The Unreal 5 engine is up and running now as you surely know. By next update can you simply replace RE4’s entire engine with U-5 and rework all your graphics accordingly? I know already that your response is “yes I’ll do that asap!” so I’ll say now instead of after this sure-to-happen-in-two-weeks update: YAY, THANKS!

    j/k! 🙂 Seriously, this is one of my favorite projects on the internet to follow currently(-ish) and I’m not even some big RE4 player at all; I’m just into this kind of great fan project work/results.

    I’ll add that this (5-1) vid was one of the funnest to watch, largely because of the FREAK enemies (so nicely done as others have said), how you got them to kill each other and how you died at their insane hands (the first couple of times of you dying being especially funny, your reactions/commentary…)

    Thanks for the great work and your sharing all the details of what you do, telling which things you managed to find the original textures for, making the (fun) videos with commentary, etc.

    • albert says:

      Hahah thank you for your message XD
      This game needs a new graphic engine that’s for sure. But it’s interesting to work with this old engine limitations as well

      It would be really boring a video of just staring in from of walls and floors. It’s more entertaining to show a real walkthrough even is far from being perfect 😛
      I’m glad you are enjoying these updates!

  14. Max says:

    Hey Albert, is it possible to fix some clipping issues with the ganados? Like, the minigun guy has his arms clip to his biceps.

    • albert says:

      I’m afraid these issues would need some kind of reprogramming (inject new bones mostly)
      or at the least some animation files converter and slightly edit the animations

  15. SomaVars says:


    I’m super happy that you have finally reach Chapter 5 🙂

    I just have a couple of questions. Are we nearing the final stages of the project or the project still has long ways to go?

    Like what about Ada’s Seperate Ways/Assignment Ada? Have they been completed or not yet started?What about Mercenaries mode (The stage Water World is not from the main game) Does the unlockable special costumes (RPD Leon/Gangster Leon, Casual Ashley/Knight Ashely) need some fixing as well?

    Sorry for asking a lot. Take your time, no rush!! I’m just happy we have been seeing a lot of progress and feedback lately ^^

    We’ll finally have a proper HD Remaster of RE4 soon!!!

    Capcom should just pay you to use this mod for the new rereleases for next gen and all.

    • albert says:

      Hello and thanks for the questions!
      About Separate Ways. Most of that minigames assets need just a porting process from the main campaign areas.
      And the rest of extras will be COMPLETELY remastered as well 😉

  16. Marcus Albertsson says:

    Have been following your project for several years and am just about as excited as you all to see it nearing completion!

    Albert, just continue improving the following chapters until completion. After all is said and done and a v1.0 is released. Maybe you and Chris could go back and do some kind of small video documentary on the project as a whole?

    I think it would be very interesting to hear more about yours and Chris life before and during the project. As Vladabdf voiced, I am also curious about Chris involvement in the project. We mostly hear updates from you, so atleast from my point of view, it seems like you are doing the majority of the work. Maybe some of these things could be discussed in a small video documentary format:

    Would be interesting to know how it all began.
    How did you and Chris decide to work on this project?
    What you were doing before the project?
    What skillset and backgrounds you two had before starting?
    How you divided the work inbetween yourselves and how the developmental cycle evolved through the years?
    Any mentions of real life trips to take those important reference shots?
    Experiences and knowledges you have gained throughout the project?
    What you are currently doing for work today?
    Has the RE4HD project furthered/impacted your careers in any significant way?

  17. V I D A L says:

    I hope Digital Foundry make a video on this mod once it’s out.

  18. [ROLO] says:

    Albert, viendo el video noté que la “X” roja que aparece en la tienda sobre los productos no disponibles, además de algunos textos en esa misma pantalla, tienen baja resolución. No sé si se te ha pasado o están aún en la lista de pendientes, pero igual quise señalarlo por cualquier cosa.

    Por otro lado, como siempre, un trabajo increíble el que haces. Luce fabuloso este nuevo avance.

    • albert says:

      La cruz se ve algo difusa porque está medio transparente (y distorsionada, ya que es una textura que se usa en otros contextos con una proporción más cuadrada.
      Y no he visto ningún texto que se viera borroso. A cuál te refieres exactamente?

      • [ROLO] says:

        El texto de “out of stock” me pareció algo borroso ayer que vi el video, pero checando ahora nuevamente, veo que, más bien fue un error de percepción mío por el efecto que tiene ese texto de estar cambiando de color claro a oscuro. Así que ignora ese comentario.

        Nuevamente, gracias por tu gran labor para remasterizar uno de mis juegos favoritos de todos los tiempos. Donaré de nuevo en cuanto tenga algo de dinero libre.


  19. mofail says:

    Also where is the grey box behind the grid on the right side of the screen @ 34:14? When you move the handgun? o_O ? ? Is that how it always was?

    • albert says:

      I’m afraid I don’t know what are you talking about 😛
      Are you sure it’s 34:14?

      • mofail says:

        sorry I meant @30:14 when you buy the killer7 gun, isn’t there is a grey box area where you move the item from that into your briefcase?

        Is there supposed to be just a grid on it’s own or a grey box behind the grid?

        Man i can’t remember how it was supposed to look right now..never mind i’m sure you know what you’re doing it just looked strange i could’ve sworn it was a grey box area there when buying from the merchant.

        • albert says:

          Oh! in the inventory. I was looking for some concrete box or something like that haha

          That’s another bug this game has.
          I know some versions of this game doesn’t suffer from this bug and the brown plate appears as it should. It’s the same plate that appear when you are moving items in the regular inventory.

          Could you guys check if you have the same issue?:
          The brown plate under the temporary slots of the inventory disappearing and/or moving one space up while you are buying some weapon to the merchant and only the grid is visible
          If not, which version of the game do you have?

          • mofail says:

            Okay so if i buy a rocket launcher from the very 1st merchant i get this…
            This is the proper inventory screen….

            But If i try to buy a tmp though…

            Or If I try to buy a rifle…

            My game is just the crappy pile of shit standard steam installation. I never noticed this issue until now, they just released it like this lol Wot a bunch of lazy retarded fucking twats. If it can’t be fixed so be it, it’s a minor bug i suppose.

          • albert says:

            Yep, that’s the exact issue I’m having: first time you try to buy anything it moves one slop up, following times it’s completely gone…
            Some people I asked a looot of time ago doesn’t have this problem. So, I guess they have a prior to 1.0.6 version or the physical disc version
            I’ll try to figure out a way of fixing this… somehow…

          • albert says:

            I can’t believe it… I fixed it! XD
            I’ve just slightly adjust the panning speed (how quick both the grid and the plate appear on screen) and it got magically fixed!
            It’s the same file that controls the same texture for the temporary inventory, but for some reason it was buggy when it’s activated in the merchant shop context…
            Anyway, now it works all the time (the horizontal panning speed difference is not noticeable) 😀

          • mofail says:

            Congratulations man !

          • sean says:

            Hahaha nobody will even notice that you fixed this tiny little detail, but for those few of us scouring every detail with a fine pick comb, we salute you albert 🙂 cheers!

  20. Frannz says:

    I’m starting to believe the release will be a nice 2020 christmas present!
    Can’t believe how great this project looks.
    Amazing work.

  21. CiTRiC says:

    Maravilloso trabajo, los Regeneradores eran los enemigos que más anticipaba de este proyecto y no tengo ninguna queja, se ven excelentes y el de la nota de Luis es la mejor imagen de ellos que he visto.
    Aquí van mis granitos de arena de lo que espero se pueda mejorar:
    02:40, la esquina inferior izquierda del cuello de Saddler no está del todo sombreada, se ve un corte en diagonal.
    20:30, no sé si soy yo, pero veo que esos enemigos no están siendo afectados con la luz de la bombilla que hay ahí, los veo un poco planos (sobre todo en 22:08), además de que tampoco veo que el palo eléctrico que lleven emita luz (pero se ve muy genial cuando golpean a Leon y la luz del palo que tienen ilumina todo el lugar).
    26:00, 26:32 y 26:41, se ve una luz naranja a un lado de Leon que presumo viene de una hoguera pero esta luz afecta a Leon y enemigos incluso cuando están bien dentro del túnel.
    1:14:48, un detalle pequeño, pero me incomoda que diga “depósito” con minúscula y no “Depósito” con mayúscula.
    Por último, corregir todos los textos que están al revés (lo más aburrido, lo sé).
    Muchas gracias Albert por tu infinita dedicación.

    • albert says:

      Perdón que se me olvidó contestar a este mensaje XD
      Gracias por fijarte en tantas cosas! Siempre es de ayuda
      – Lo de Saddler, cierto. Tengo que encontrar los modelos de las escenas de radio y arreglar la posición de esa sombra, que no es más que unos cuantos polígonos con textura negra y transparencia
      – Lo de los enemigos que reciben poca luz. Buena observación! De hecho es que el escenario tiene 1 luz extra que sirve para dar más “vida” al conjunto, pero que no alcanza a los personajes porque al pasar cerca de esa segunda luz parecía que había una segunda bombilla flotante e invisible. Pero es cierto que ahora da la sensación que los personajes están más oscuros que el resto. Seguro que hay alguna forma de corregirlo.
      – Luz naranja: arreglado. Había una luz que ilumina el agujero del que saltan algunos de los enemigos (se encuentra al otro lado de la pared del túnel). He desactivado el hecho de que alcance también a los personajes, que no es necesario. Solucionado.
      – “depósito”: en la textura original también está en minúsculas 😛
      – textos invertidos: lo sé… ^_^”’

  22. Jake Jake says:

    Excelente, no sabes cuanto espere este Cap, hiciste un gran trabajo y mientras mas te bases en lo original pues mucho mejor… por cierto en el 1:0053, NO, no pongas estática la maquina amigo XD, estaría bien así. Ademas en la vida real, cuando desenchufas una nevera, congelador o lo mas notable, cuando apagas un carro, puedes ver que los sistemas de Refrigeramiento se siguen moviendo, esto es para que el frió no se acumule y este ventile para que pueda circular bien. Es un sistema manual, que con un residuo de energía se sigue moviendo pero es por un rato. Otra cosa es que hay unos cuantos errores en los fondos del cielo, y en la Textura de J.J y en la primera cinemática pues se pudo ver como a Leon se le ve una Textura Blanca. Con respecto a Leon te deje una opinion personal en la caja de comentarios, Saludos.

  23. Max says:

    Hey Albert, will chapter 5-2 be long to complete?

    • albert says:

      Heheh I’ve been fixing a looot of small things about chapter 5-1 based on feedback. So I still need a few weeks. But the first room is almost done. 5 more to go!
      Fortunately, there are no new enemies this time…

  24. Norman says:

    Man the work you guys put into the levels is honestly amazing, I can only imagine how much of a pain it is to fix all of the terrible seams and oddities, and edit the lighting to look as good as you guys have made it.

    The only thing I can critique is that I feel the Mine Thrower could do with a bit more love to the texture. Even in the base game out of all of the weapons the Mine Thrower always stood out in it’s quality due to how unfinished the texture look, like the devs just took a noise filter as a base and added some gradients in a few spots but no other details, and while it does seem like you have done a little bit to the texture it still looks overly flat and “unfinished” looking.

    Other then that amazing work as always!

    • James says:

      I Second this, Albert!

      • Klaudio says:

        I am pretty sure it is due to not having a real life reference. That is why is looks odd. Maybe Albert or Chris could make a texture with more volume… maybe? i dunno i let the Chris and Albert to their magic

        • albert says:

          Yep, that’s the main reason. But I’m applying my magic and I guess it will look much better in the next video ;P

          • Soul says:

            I know they are different armaments, but would there be any inspiration for the Mine Thrower from RE3 Remake / Reimagined? Regardless of what happens, I know that you will do an excellent job as always.
            I apologize for my English, I am not a fluent speaker ROFL. And I congratulate you so much for the really incredible work you are doing! It is really gratifying to see all the affection and dedication that you put into this project! ^^

      • Alvin says:

        I agree as well. Though, it’s very strange because the model itself has all these details. But the texture doesn’t support any of it. There’s gotta be a way to bake in some shadowing or something into the texture itself or at least, bake in a normal into diffuse through mudbox. And then taking some liberties regarding small details or a more metallic looking surface. Dunno, but I feel like Albert could make this work. 😀

  25. Reagan says:

    Albert, you’re doing such an amazing job. Any idea when a new version of the pack will be available for download?

  26. Jake Jake says:

    Excelente, no sabes cuanto espere este Cap, hiciste un gran trabajo y mientras mas te bases en lo original pues mucho mejor… por cierto en el 1:00:53, NO, no pongas estática la maquina amigo XD, estaría bien así. Ademas en la vida real, cuando desenchufas una nevera, congelador o lo mas notable, cuando apagas un carro, puedes ver que los sistemas de Refrigeramiento se siguen moviendo, esto es para que el frió no se acumule y este ventile para que pueda circular bien. Es un sistema manual, que con un residuo de energía se sigue moviendo pero es por un rato. Otra cosa es que hay unos cuantos errores en los fondos del cielo, y en la Textura de J.J y en la primera cinemática pues se pudo ver como a Leon se le ve una Textura Blanca. Con respecto a Leon te deje una opinion personal en la caja de comentarios, Saludos.

  27. Artur King says:

    please, update actual progress summary

  28. Kian says:

    Stunned after seeing your work!
    Respect +1000
    When’s next walkthrough coming?

  29. Darkflame says:

    Since this is the final chapter, when is the expected release date of the final pack?

  30. mofail says:

    @42 seconds the video shows the spikes on the mans right shoulder have gaps between the shoulder & spikes….

  31. Jake Jake says:

    Holaa, oye cuando subiras la comparativa a la pagina? Saludos, espero el Cap 5-2.

  32. Nick says:

    Hey Albert! Will it work on biohazard 4?
    And what about the mouse support?

    • albert says:

      Yes, it works perfectly fine with Japanese version of UHD
      About controls, there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s beyond our knowledge

      • Nick says:

        That’s great
        Just waiting for the final release
        BTW the name of my game is biohazard 4 but it’s in complete english(size=4.60GB)

        • albert says:

          I’m afraid your version is the old 2007 PC port (aka, ubisoft port)
          This project is only for the PC port released on 2014

          • Nick says:

            You mean it’s only for the resident evil 4 uhd edition. :{
            Now I have to get the uhd version,any site for downloading full game?

        • Soul says:

          You can try to get the game on STEAM, there are usually some discounts often for the Resident Evil series

          • Nick says:

            Thanks but I’m not going to purchase in it $19.99 for such a bad port.If it was hd project then I’ll surely bought it! Anyway I will find it from any friend or internet.And the discount is only for combo pack,but I already have 3 to 4 parts so I’m not going with steam.
            Thanks for your suggestion!

          • sean says:

            ” I’m not going to purchase in it $19.99 for such a bad port […] I’m not going with steam ”

            What? the Steam UHD version is better than most ports, and the only other version I would recommend playing is Dolphin… but running a pirated copy of Steams UHD port can have bugs/glitches and cause more problems when running mods like this

            If youre a fan of RE4 mods, you really want to have a legit copy of the Steam UHD port (+ Alberts HD mod) along with the Dolphin version, to compare the original unchanged game to modern ports.

            ” the discount is only for combo pack ”

            No, Steam often has sales besides the combo packs. You just missed the most recent sale where RE4 was only $6 a few weeks ago, but they will probably have another sale usually around holidays… just google RE4-steam a few times every month

            ” If it was hd project then I’ll surely bought it! ”

            the HD project isnt complete yet, hopefully Albert will be nearing completion in less than a year (maybe idk Im just guessing), but my point is if you just wait a few months you will see Steam do a discount sale on RE4, and then you can give the extra $14 you save and donate it to Albert 🙂

          • Soul says:

            I agree with sean. STEAM offers promotions with interesting discounts for some games frequently, including the Resident Evil saga. You can add the game to the wish list to be notified when the game is on discount offer

          • Nick says:

            I also agree but right now I can’t buy it.That’s why I asked for a free full version and will suffer to download the HD Project too….(SIZE matters)?

    • sean says:

      ” what about the mouse support? ”

      it is possible to play RE4 with a mouse, but that is not how the game was originally designed. Obviously some people prefer the mouse, and if you dislike controllers that is fine. But this game was originally designed with the intention of being played with a controller, and I do believe it is much more enjoyable using a good controller for this game… even if it might seem slightly more challenging, thats kinda the point 🙂

      Pretty much any controller should work but, the Steam version is best played with an Xbox controller, and the Dolphin version is best played with a Classic Gamecube controller (or a Wiimote if you enjoy motion controllers)

  33. CiTRiC says:

    Disculpa Albert pero espero puedas leer las sugerencias que hice más arriba, gracias. 🙂

  34. James says:

    Hi Albert,
    It seems to me that there’s something wrong with Leon’s eyes.
    I know you’ve taken some time to improve them already but it’s especially noticeable in the opening cut scene that his eyes seem glazed or kind of inhuman?
    He also appears to look directly at the camera instead of at Ada (right before she swerves the boat).

    It is quite off putting to me, I’m not sure if anyone else agrees. Love your work regardless!

    • albert says:

      I think it’s because the animation of the eyes. His look is strange also in the original

      If I get an animation editor tool at some point I’d like to change that. It always looked slightly off to me as well

      • Alvin says:

        Ah.. never noticed before. But now you mention it.. I cannot unsee it now. xD
        The eyes themselves have always look odd to me. But as Albert already tried my suggestion without avail, I really don’t know any other way to further improve them..

        • albert says:

          I’ve been checking the cutscene files and trying to manually edit that eyes animation.
          The problem is… there’s no animation for face Leon at all for that camera angle! That’s why it looks so strange. The face is completely static.
          Unfortunately there’s no way to insert files/functions during the cutscenes. We only can edit what’s already there, but since there is no face animation, I can’t edit something that doesn’t exist…

  35. G.Silveira says:

    Is cris still working on Resident Evil 4 HD Project? What happened?

  36. Ron C says:

    Wait, there are cutscene files for the game you can actually edit? 0.0 Does this apply for any character? How do you do something like this? I’ve just gotten recently into modding and I never even knew this was a thing! That’s awesome.

  37. Nick says:

    Albert any idea about the size of final release?

  38. The +Seeker says:

    Hey Albert!
    I can see that some are asking for the full game and also have seen some asking for it in previous threads. Well surely they should buy it from Steam but in case they didn’t. Without that The HD Project will not be delivered to the fans who are using pirated/cracked versions and aren’t able to buy it. So I’m asking for a favor for those and me too – Can you upload the physical copy of game(not hd project,the normal one) in Mega or Torrent so they can download the game from there and can install the HD Project without any errors and can finally see your outstanding contribution for this Legendary game!

    • albert says:

      Sorry, but I can’t do that because I have the Steam version. If you don’t have the game in your Steam library the game files/folders are useless.
      The game is on sale once in a while on Steam and it can be purchased at 6 o 7 USD if I’m not mistaken ;D

      • The +Seeker says:

        So, that’s impossible to get the original game without buying it? That will need a steam account with re4 uhd purchased. Just lol!

        And one more question – how does the dvd game work?

  39. Pablo says:

    Hola albert, como siempre muy buen trabajo.

    Te quiero contar que recién estaba jugando separate ways y noté que en la primer misión, cuando hay que ir a la iglesia y tocar la campana, el mapa de la iglesia es de noche ya que es un copy and paste de la campaña principal supongo.
    No tiene sentido que sea de noche con Ada, ademas, cuando tocás la campana aparece la cinematica donde los ganados se van a jugar al bingo y es de día de un momento para el otro jaja.

    Quería saber si era posible que arregles esto cuando llegue el momento de retocar separate ways. Si bien seria modificar el juego original, pienso que estaria buenisimo poder ver como sería de día esa parte del pueblo.

    Que opinas?

    • albert says:

      Hola Pablo!
      Gracias por el mensaje
      No es de noche. Tanto el interior como exterior de la Iglesia cuando juegas como Ada simplemente está muy nublado y en el interior se ha cambiado el ambiente de tal manera que puedes ver como entra luz tenue por las ventanas, cosa que cuando entra Leon de noche no pasa.
      Es de agradecer que se tomaran la molestia de hacerlo. Los programadores del Separate Ways tuvieron en cuenta detalles muy interesantes que dejan ver que intentaron que todo fuera coherente en la medida de lo posible

  40. Spoon&k says:

    Lord Albert! What about chapter 5-2? Waiting!!!!!!!!

    • albert says:

      It’s ready!
      I’ll record the video tomorrow ;D

      • Ron C says:

        Hi Albert, will the next update include the ending cutscene for Chapter 5-2?

        Also, just want to let you guys know that I donated. I hope it helps! Im an extremely big fan of RE4 and I’m very glad that you decided to put so much work into creating this project. Please keep up the awesome work!

        • albert says:

          Thanks a lot for the support to you and everyone supporting us! ;D

          Of course! It will include that cutscene with improved Saddler’s textures and hand model, better cast shadows and stage textures, etc, etc… ;-P

  41. Lázaro says:

    El enemigo más poderoso al que Leon se tendrá que enfrentar: La calor española de Agosto, XD
    Deseando ver el siguiente update. Gran trabajo, como siempre, Albert.

    • albert says:

      En un rato lo publico ;D
      Ya te digo!
      bochorno barcelonés + pico de calor + cov sars-2 = prefiero que me domine una plaga de Saddler y me explote la cabeza

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