Knives Out

Since I love comparative images and I’m more than happy because I finally remastered this famous cutscene, I’m going to share a few comparative images (And I also know some of you love comparison screenshots, too ;D)


There are a few things that were broken in the original.

  • All specular bloom effects from the knifes were missing in the PC port. Now they are all restored… and it looks really impressive in motion!
  • Krauser’s right arm bent in a weird way after the second dodge. It was an animation issue. I’ve been able to fix it by editing a few vertices weights. (This entire cutscene is divided into 14 mini-cutscenes, every one of them has its own 3D models, so, I edited Krauser’s body just for that moment of the scene, the rest of the time his arm is ok)
  • Krauser’s gloves wrist part is missing in the wounded version of his body!! I’ve brought back the missing part of the gloves.

Right now I’m in the U-3 area and it’s almost ready. As you can see, the original lighting in the area was quite plain. Now it has much more depth when you look at the distance:

Without further delay, here are the comparison shots.

I hope you like the images!


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119 responses to “Knives Out”

  1. Fahd Shahab says:

    Oh wow that cuf comparison photo is my favourite. Well done!

  2. Nordeck says:

    Breathless…just, stunning work as ever. Double kudos for one of the best scenes in the game. Any chances for video comparision?)

  3. DarkShinobu says:

    Muy bueno Albert, tremendo trabajo ??

  4. EPD Gaffney says:

    I think sometimes I forget to be impressed by how faithful your improvements are to the source material, and all the effort that goes into that. This is excellent as usual.

  5. Ron C says:

    Seriously wish I had talent like this. 🙂 I’m so looking foreward to the next update, Albert. You have amazing skill <3

    I wanted to ask you by chance, since you know more about modeling than me, do the cutscene models compared to ingame models have a different poly count and different textures? For example, I have Saddler's model from Ada's playthrough ( Seperate Ways ) on my computer, but to me it looks different compared to the ingame cutscenes / radio communications model? Are they different models entirely? And if so, where would someone find this model of him in the games files? Any help would be appreciated. 😀 I'm making my own mod and this would help tremendously.

    • EPD Gaffney says:

      No idea how to locate the model but yes, models in most games vary considerably between cinematic events and gameplay. As Albert mentioned in the post, this cutscene is split into 14 smaller cutscenes and they all have their own set of models. To save on resources, gameplay models are often much lower in poly count, textures, bone count, and so forth. Cutscenes are more carefully controlled by the developers so they squeeze out extra graphical power by raising texture and mesh quality and choosing camera angles that display only what the engine/hardware can handle.

      • Ron C says:

        Would I be correct to locate the cinematic / cutscene models that I would need to use the EVD tool? Any help would be really appreciated, since I’m relatively new to this 🙂

        • EPD Gaffney says:

          My guess is yes but I’ve never modded RE4. I’ve done some game development and modded a lot of New Vegas, so that’s where my knowledge comes from.

  6. Frank Nitty says:

    Awesome work…. Looking forward to seeing what improvement you make on U3 area.

  7. Ernesto León says:

    Excelente trabajo Albert, has pensado en que los modelos de las granadas que lleva Krauser en el cinturon sean el mismo de las granadas que usa León?

    • Angel Gabriel says:

      Lastimosamente eso es imposible amigo porque ese modelo de las granadas de Krauser ya el juego lo trae preestablecido, osea que no se puede editar, solo se puede cambiar la textura mas no la forma o modelo.

  8. Steven says:

    The eyes on Leon look like a vampire in your HD version. Compare them with Brad Pitt in the interview with a Vampire or Legolas’s eyes in the Hobbit movies; They all look uncanny.

    • Angel Gabriel says:

      The eyes are the same, is the same model that uses the original game, that is seen in the comparisons, in the HD Project version are only in HD with a more realistic brightness.

      • Steven says:

        The eyes are immediately the first thing I notice are different. We can agree to disagree, but I am just trying to add my own critique to this project. I’d like for the mod to be as perfect as it can be.

        I understand that eyes are typically the hardest thing to get right on a videogame character, artists use a variety of techniques to make it looks as natural as possible and I think they pretty much nailed it in the original look of Leons eyes. The HD version looks like hes wearing grey colored contacts.

        • EPD Gaffney says:

          I think you’re mostly just seeing the addition of the specular effect here. The eyes looked really flat originally, but so did the entire game, so our brains accept basically whatever we see in the original. Now, you may say the specular effect is a little too strong here, or something else about the effect should be tweaked, but that effect is the main difference.

        • albert says:

          They look better in motion because the glossiness changes constantly its position. But the original has no specular effect. It’s all painted on the texture. That’s why the eyes sometimes look strange in comparison shots. The original will always have the fake specular effect in the fame place, while the new eyes has dynamic specular effect. Other than this the eye texture has exactly the same tone brightness, etc than the original, but HD ;D

    • Alvin says:

      Well, Albert has tried multiple ways to have eyes look more realistic without breaking the character’s face. I think they look bad in original because the total lack of specular.

  9. Reven says:

    Excellent work as always. It’s fascinating to see things like the hold in Krauser’s model where the shirt is cut and wonder if it was there in the Gamecube version and just hidden by the resolution of TVs at the time, like some of the texture oddities showing up during the work on the project. Seems to be getting somewhat close to completion, and I am excited for that, been holding off playing RE4 for this.

  10. Peluchito says:

    Hermano, cuando termines de remasterizarlo por completo los fans te van a regalar una plaza recordatoria por tu esfuerzo y el de tu equipo de trabajo !!!!! estas haciendo historia, no lo olvides….

    Dios te bendiga….

  11. V I D A L says:

    Thanks for the treat. Yeah I love comparison photos, much more so than the gameplay videos.

  12. Deewine says:

    When’s next walkthrough coming boss?

  13. DarkSamus says:

    Great work as always Albert. Keep up the great work

  14. Shigetora says:

    Nice! U3 is one of my favourite boss in the game can’t wait for the next gameplay video.

  15. Luke Star says:

    All looks beautiful, just not the characters faces to me, all look too ”pink” like an vampires lol

    • albert says:

      that’s the original lighting. The PC port had different tones in several rooms compared to the original GC/Wii lighting
      They look like that because of the tone of the light

  16. Joseph Kreuz says:

    Hello, in the following cutscene, the green grenade has a text saying “illumination” which should not be there since it’s clearly a fragmentation grenade, could you change it ?

    example of the decals of a frag grenade

    • Norman says:

      Krauser uses a sort of flashbang like grenade as a way to retreat from Leon so these grenades are supposed to be them, it’s not really accurate to its real life counterpart but we are trying to make sense of Resident Evil logic.

      This wouldn’t be the most faithful of changes but maybe they can be made blue like the in game flash grenade that both Leon uses, and what Krauser uses in Mercenaries?

      • sean says:

        I agree, it might not be authentic but it would make logical sense for it to be changed to blue

      • Joseoh Kreuz says:

        Im sure Krauser uses both kind og grensfes when you fight him, maybe make one grensde blue and make the other green?

        • albert says:

          In fact, Krauser has 3 grenades: 2 of them are green the other is blue XD
          It’s just these screenshots don’t show them all

          • Ernesto Antonio León says:

            Pero el comentario de arriba hace referencia a que la granada verde tiene el texto de una cegadora

          • albert says:

            Lo decía porque comentaban de cambiarlas por azules, pero ya lleva también una granada cegadora azul, pero que no se ve.
            Acerca del texto, en realidad la granada verde del juego tiene ese texto. Aquí una imagen comparativa de una granada verde y una azul. Texturas originales sin modificar de las granadas que usa Leon si las examinas:
            Entonces, yo, al no ser experto en granadas no sé hasta qué punto a los creadores del juego se les fue la olla con la potencia que puede llegara atener una “illuminating grenade”.
            Busca en Google y verás que las “hand illuminating grenades” son verdes e incluso el nombre de modelo coincide con lo que aparece en el juego.
            Y según alguna de las deficiniones que he encontrado:
            «Illuminating hand grenades are used primarily for illumination and signaling. Because of high temperature generated by the pyrotechnic illuminating composition, these grenades may be used for incendiary purposes against flammable targets.»

            En cambio las “flash stun” sí que son explícitamente cegadoras

            Es decir, el problema no son las granadas de Krauser, sino las granadas verdes de todo el juego. No deberían ser tan potentes… Sinó más bien como las de autodefensa del REmake quizás
            Eso, o tener otro texto.
            Algún experto en granadas en la sala? XD

          • CyberRazerX says:

            Yo creo que no está tan mal después de todo después de ver este video:
            Al menos no en cuanto al rango de explosión, pero supongo que no hará más que unas quemaduras leves…

  17. mofail says:

    Glad the website is working better, these slideshows are exciting . Can’t wait for another video as this cut scene needs to be seen in motion. Only thing i hope for is the environment does not look like tiled textures though like in the two gifs you can really see repetitive tiled walls. Please make the wall textures seamless textures instead of tiled effect? good luck

  18. Jake Jake says:

    Buen Trabajo! Espero que salga el vídeo pronto y no se demore uwu (Ojala no te falte tanto pero tomate tu tiempo). Pero esos Ojos de Ada en la penúltima foto dan miedo XD, pues es la idea, es Resident Evil :v Saludos

  19. sean says:

    I love your work, and I know you have discussed the “yellow vs white color” issues many times. I realize you offer the yellow gradient, but I worry is that good enough? My issue is not to do with wanting more yellow, I just want Leon less pale.

    When I look at these images side by side, I sort of prefer characters (mainly Leon) to have some color to their skin. But you have made most people very pale, almost like they are sick. I mean, I know if I just go back to the village (before nightfall) then the characters will be less pale in the daylight… so I guess it makes sense the way you have it (especially since Leon is infected). But I still think they are just a little too pale and that instead of appearing as “moonlight” it appears as if they are turning pale from sickness and have never seen the sun. Especially if you compare Leon to Ada because Ada actually does have a little bit of color to her skin

    heres my big concern: since Ada does have some color to her skin, if I decide to use the yellow gradient wont that make her even more yellow (as well as other things)? I dont want to use the yellow gradient if it changes everything… all I want is for the main characters (mainly talking about Leon here) to have a tiny tiny bit more color to their skin, and not be so pale/sickly looking… it makes sense for Ashley to be pale, but not so much with Leon since he was out in the sun earlier

    Also, I have my own custom gradient I enjoy using so I really don’t see the gradient as a solution to correcting this issue. Not to mention, many people have brought this up before, and I’m trying to say we don’t need the yellow gradient, what we need is Leon to be just slightly less pale. Everything else is damn near perfect <3

    I have expressed this opinion before, and I do understand that you made this decision because its what you feel is best. And thats fine 🙂 Im happy you have done this work for all of us, and you are doing a great job!! I just wanted to express my opinion one last time before you reach the final chapters of this awesome project! Good luck in crossing the finish line, either way were all excited for the full release

    On a different topic: does Leons hair actually change length in the final picture? Or is it just the timing of your pictures were taken at different angles? Cause I cant see the bloody/scar in the middle picture

  20. sean says:

    Sorry for the double post but I am still comparing the skin and, I just want to say that you should look at Krausers arms. Just in these few pictures you can tell Krausers face is almost silver, while his arms have a more natural color tone. The same is true for Leon. You put a slight bit of color in their arms that looks more natural, but you made their faces look like a vampire.

    I honestly think Krauser looks really bad when you compare his arm (which is almost like a reddish-tan) to his silver face, its very contrasted. Leon doesnt look quite as bad, but considering Leon is the main character I would prefer that he looks good rather than sickly, and I always remember thinking Leons skin looked “pretty” even in the days of standard definition

    • albert says:

      I can take a look at the arms. As you mention, Krauser’s arms are more tanned than the rest of the skin. (I’ll revise it when I do the complete skin body texture)
      But the face’s tones, both Leon and Krauser, are IDENTICAL to the original texture. The difference you are seeing is because the change of the ambient tone. Now it has the original Gamecube/Wii tone. The PC original had wrong colors due to a broken effect. They look pale in this scene because of the place’s light. The same way they’d look completely yellow/red if they are in a place full of fire and lava
      here’s a gamecube/hd project comparison (I’ve reduced the size so you compare just the colors)

      • sean says:

        hey man I still love your work and I trust the final release will be great 🙂 just wanted to throw my opinion out there about the faces one last time. I do understand your choice and I want you to stick to the original (I always only ever played the gamecube version before Steams UHD)

        I actually just went back and checked the gamecube version, and you are correct that the lighting in the room does make the characters very pale in that scene. I think its just that Ada is standing away from the white light so shes got color in her skin, which threw me off when looking at the side-by-side images. I think the same is true for Krausers arm, it probably looks fine during motion 🙂

        • albert says:

          No problem!
          In fact, the arm looks actually way too tanned even in the original, so it’s something to take into consideration!
          I guess side by side comparisons generate this effect: we pay attention to details that we never did before XD

          • Alvin says:

            Interesting how we take note of flaws from the original.
            I agree 100%. His arms are way too orange and his face is very pale. But I really dig the new lighting, the bluish night time Game Cube lighting.

  21. CiTRiC says:

    Impresionante trabajo, Albert, ninguna queja hasta ahora. La verdad no esperaba comentar algo porque no tengo mucho que añadir, pero he visto que hay varios que manifiestan que no les gusta el color de la piel de los personajes en esta escena. Respecto a eso, prefiero la versión del proyecto final con el tono más azul o gris, y por razones simples:
    1.-No tiene que ser realista. Casi todos los juegos modernos tienen luces dinámicas en las cutscenes que cambian dependiendo de quién se enfoca que no tienen sentido alguno.
    2.-Los colores no existen solamente por la luz del lugar, sino para generar un “mood” a la escena, son razones puramente artísticas/cinemáticas.
    3.-El resultado lo conseguiste restableciendo efectos que estaban rotos en el port a PC, así que técnicamente así es como debió haberse visto desde el inicio.
    Te deseo lo mejor Albert. 🙂

  22. Booker Overbeck says:

    Hey Albert, could you create some scars on Krauser’s left arm (a link with Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles with this detail would be so cool

  23. Booker Overbeck says:

    Hey Albert, could you create some scars on Krauser’s left arm? (a link with Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles with this detail would be so cool.)

  24. iguanabeyourdog says:

    Desde que sigo vuestro proyecto he leido muchos comentarios hablando respecto a lo del tono mas frio con la iluminacion, que parecen vampiros, etc… a mi es una cosa que me encanta, queda muchisimo mas cinematografico y coherente con el ambiente… y como tu demuestras albert, has clavado la iluminacion de gamecube que fue la que realmente ideo el equipo que hizo el juego. Asi que mas que nada queria escribirte para apoyar tu decision con la iluminacion. Por otro lado al igual que siempre me parece un trabajo formidable, lucen genial las nuevas texturas, veo mas carga poligonal en algunos elementos del background (una de mis cosas favoritas en este proyecto xD) y una serie de arreglos con muy buen ojo, que si no es por tu trabajo ni si quiera me habria percatado de ellos. Lo de a nueva iluminacion de la cueva con ese sombreado me parece increible y acertadisimo, aunque si de mi dependiera hubiera sido aun mas radical (si soy el pesado de las sombras xD). Bueno solo eso, mas que nada al igual que existen criticas queria comentar que hay gente que tambien apoya esta decision y que esperamos que no la cambies. Un saludo

  25. Bloodyhunter says:

    It looks fantastic, especially U3’s area, the atmosphere is much more ominous now.

    I do have one gripe with Ada: her eyes colour looks really, really bright compared to the original texture. You could probably go for a darker colour to make it more faithful to the GC version.

    Off-topic: I don’t know if you have noticed it but in chapter 1-1, there’s a group of 3 ganados on a small cliff that spot you before running away (right before you enter the village). For some reason, that never happens if you replay the game on New Game+ mode. Would it be technically possible to “restore” that event? (this is a minor thing though, so it’s completely fine if you don’t want to bother with it! haha)

    • albert says:


      About Ada’s eyes, the texture has exactly the same color and brightness. It’s just now they have real time specular effect.
      It looks better in motion since that brightness is in constant movement.

      Yes, I always thought those ganados not reappearing was really strange. But I can’t do anything about that I’m afraid :/

    • mofail says:

      That scene with the villagers at the beginning being removed was always missed by me too, why remove it crapcom?? I liked it too. Please try bring it back?

  26. Master Chen says:

    Remastering the de facto most hated QTE in the entire history of video gaming industry’s very existence. Yay.

    • albert says:

      For me, any QTE in RE6 is more hateful than this one XD

    • EPD Gaffney says:

      Is that how people see this one now? I absolutely loved this sequence when I first played the game in 2005. I only encountered people at that time that found RE4’s use of what was then a relatively new and infrequently used design mechanic, to be fresh and engaging. I admit that after playing through the game maybe thirty times since then, it now isn’t so much fun to fail it and have to try again, but I definitely don’t hate this sequence overall.

      • albert says:

        Well it’s the first time I hear about people hating this cutscene because of the QTE. In my opinion they are quite easy, and add some extra immersion to the tension of the scene because you have to pay attention during the most tense moments.
        The only problem I see is people that are used to skip all the cutscenes can’t skip it when Ada arrives.

        • Alvin says:

          Right?! It’s simply the most badass quicktime event implementation I’ve ever seen done in a video game. Just they way how brutal and quick each death is, making sure to keep the player on edge, making sure that the player has to pay attention on what Krauser has to say and when he decides to attack, it’s very responsive and thrilling. 😀

          • albert says:

            Yep. A much better explanation. This is exactly how I feel about this cutscene 🙂

          • EPD Gaffney says:

            Agree with both of ye. I haven’t played RE4 since I found out about this mod, so 1) playing it again is going to feel AMAZING, and 2) I don’t remember which versions allowed this but on some, you could skip to each QTE part of the cut-scene, which made it much more trivial to get through. When you can’t skip it it’s much more tense, but now that I’ve done it so many times, sometimes I do just want to get back to the normal gameplay.

      • Master Chen says:

        “now”? It’s been treated that way since day-friggin’-one waaay back on the goddamn Gamecube, matey. Krauzer knife fight QTE is a literal MEME and an outright trope nowadays. It’s INFAMOUSLY ill-notorious.

        • EPD Gaffney says:

          I don’t know, mate, I never came across that opinion. I googled [krauser knife meme] and got this:

          I don’t agree with everything said there but I agree with most of what they said about this scene. Of course, you don’t have to like the sequence yourself, though. No problem with that. In some versions of the game you can skip the majority of it altogether. Not sure about PC.

        • sean says:

          I dont play a lot of modern games but, IMO i always felt like RE4 was one of the first games to get QTEs almost perfect (not completely perfect, but pretty close)

          IMO i was never a fan of QTEs and I cant name too many games that do use the in a fun way, and I dont count rythym games as QTEs

          RE5 has decent QTEs but it annoys me how they made the El Gigante fight into a turret battle, and the ending where Chris punches a giant boulder is pretty silly but oh well lol! And I also really dont like how they just went with full melee combat in RE6, but they are still decent games

          The reason QTEs worked for me in RE4 is cause the pacing doesnt feel overbearing, like theres only a few spots where they are even difficult and most of them are fairly simple. And I like to think of the knife fight QTE with Krauser as like the big-final boss QTE battle of the game, and in that sense its perfect

          Some other games which I thought had good QTEs were Lost Planet 2, Sleeping Dogs, and a few others… but again, I havent played many modern games, and I dont count rythym games as QTEs 🙂

          • EPD Gaffney says:

            Another recommendation for Sleeping Dogs I see. After I got obsessed with Yakuza a lot of people recommended me that game and said it’s excellent. Fella I know in Hong Kong says it gets Hong Kong absolutely perfect. Thinking about trying it soon.

          • Sean says:

            sleeing dogs is kinda outdated compared to games like Mafia 4 or Watchdogs 2 or Just Cause 4, but I really enjoyed the combat system in sleeping dogs, it was very engaging for an open-world game

          • EPD Gaffney says:

            I notice people keep comparing Sleeping Dogs to games that i would never want to play, and it just leaves me confused as to how it’s anything like Yakuza, apart from being an open-world gangster game in an Asian city. Is it actually stylistically similar in any way?

          • Master Chen says:

            You should really go try Shenmue and Shenmue II sometime.
            THAT was the first time in the industry when QTEs were “done absolutely right”. Hell, then entire TERM “QTE” was created BY Shenmue, this was where it appeared under that moniker for the first time ever. And Shenmue doesn’t just “have QTEs”, oh no. It’s QTEs are EXCEPTIONAL, 0utright LEGENDARY. They’re SO GOOD that they STILL hold up completely well even nowadays.

          • EPD Gaffney says:

            Shenmue has great QTEs. I liked them in Shenmue and RE4 and had no idea I was going to come to hate QTEs for the most part once games became saturated with them. They felt good and natural to me in Shenmue and RE4 despite being used quite a bit in both.

  27. ShareW says:

    O-M-G 😀

  28. Matt says:

    Just wow! Can’t wait to play this again with max settings at 4K with the 3080!!!

  29. Catbus says:

    Is Leon’s hair texture less transparent than the original SD texture?

    Also, what’s goin on with Ada’s eyes here?

  30. matheus s says:

    hello Albert greetings from Brazil, i know you goal is to keep the game looking the most original possible but dont you think it would be a cool feature to have a option to select the real guns models/textures between the remastered ones done by you, i mean the Remington 870 for example would fit perfectly in the game, the same goes for the Springfield M1903A4, i am sure that ours Americans friends could take high quality pictures of any gun in the world for you XD of course it would be a matter to be done after the mod release.

    • EPD Gaffney says:

      That’s basically a separate mod. Anyone can do this later. As long as it’s installed in the right order, the real-world models and textures should overwrite whatever’s already there. Shouldn’t be a problem if someone wants to do that, but it’s completely separate from this project.

  31. Foxhound_Veteran says:

    RE4 HD (required for this mod) is currently 75% down on STEAM for the weekend. Go and grab it!

  32. Gospodinus says:

    Hey guys! No news from you for a long time. How is Chapter 5-3?

  33. Marco Saldanha says:

    Don’t know if I’m right, but I see people *shouting around* that what they expect from this project is this or that, but, maaaaan, are you crazy?!

    Asking whatever it is to the developers is kinda egocentric and meaningless, they are doing the best they can, and even more!! With all the problems they came through this whole time of developing.

    Congratulations for you, and thanks!! Very much!!, I love this game and whatever modifications you do, it’s rightful and even though I see some improvement that could be possible, I have no balls for asking it, and y’all shouldn’t have it too, because they are doing it FOR FREE!!! For passion!! For you and me!

    Don’t know if I’m alone, but… If am I, don’t regret to tell y’all what I think.

    Go on!! ?? ???

    • Alvin says:

      Well said Marco. Can’t be bothered with small details anymore.
      I’ve looked and re-watched how this project got started from scratch and it never ceases to amaze me how far Cris and Albert have come with this. Btw, my brother’s name is also Marco. xD

    • EPD Gaffney says:


    • albert says:

      Thanks Marco for the support! ;D
      We are always opened to suggestions and feedback. Of course, it’s impossible to please everybody, and once we share this publicly we know there’s going to be comments of all nature, so we have to deal with it hehe

  34. mofail says:

    Doesn’t like complainers….starts complaining.

  35. Ron C says:

    Albert & Chris, I’m donating again to you right now just because I want you to feel appreciated for all the hard and continuous work you guys are doing. Please take all the time you need on your project 🙂 Know that there are people out there that support you!

    Hope you both are doing well during these unfortunate times. – Ron C

    • albert says:

      Thank you Ron for the continual support, to you and everyone else!
      Now I’m doing the 8 huge textures U-3 is made of. Only 4 remain…
      Also, I have to finish the Serpent/hawk/jaguar puzzle panel and the chapter will be almost done 🙂

  36. Elisabeth says:

    Hi! I really love what you’re doing here, awesome work!
    I was wondering if I could post the images on tumblr? With full credit and link back here, of course.
    Also, will you release the HD models separately at the end of the project?
    Thank you for your hard work!

  37. B says:

    Chris and Albert don’t owe you anything. You act like they have an obligation to provide this to you.

    “Probably fishing for more donations”
    – how old are you? And multiple usernames spamming the same comments over and over? If you’re not happy, just leave and spare everyone on this site of your toxic behavior.

  38. xuru says:

    shut up retard

  39. xuru says:

    Oh man, this looks gorgeous. Although there’s something weird I’ve noticed since the first revision of the mod (Chapter 1-1). Leon’s face just looks… uncanny. I can’t tell exactly what’s wrong with it, but his skin texture just looks weird compared to the original. Sorry, I really wish I could be more specific than that. Maybe you could have a look into it?

  40. Arad says:

    damn bro this is amazing verrrrrrrrrrry amazing
    can we play this LEGEND with crack version ?
    in my country we are poor bacause of dollar we cant buy games so we have to use cracks

    • xuru says:

      I’m pretty sure this only works with the legit Steam version of the game, sorry.

    • mofail says:

      yawn…..I wonder what crapcoms backside smells like….get a cracked game Arad, their steaming pile of crap game isn’t worth a single penny until this mod id finished lol

      • Arad says:

        I know i know dude lol but i want to know if i can run this mod in crack version that all.

        • EPD Gaffney says:

          I don’t know. The textures may work, I’m guessing at least, but the other things they’ve altered may be impossible to apply to a cracked version. I don’t know if this is too much money for you, but you can use this site to get notified when an official release is cheap. Seems GamerasGate ha a good price at the moment, but it may still be too much for you.

          • albert says:

            The problem with cracked versions is the 4GBpatch is not compatible with the .exe of pirated versions. And you need to apply the 4GBpatch to the bio4.exe file. Otherwise, the game will crash when loading certain areas because of memory limits. So, the huge textures are the problem.

          • EPD Gaffney says:

            Oh, I didn’t realise the 4GB patch wasn’t generic. I’ve used NTCore on a few games to make them LAA. It seems to work on everything.

  41. Arad says:

    EPD thanks for your answer

    Albert bro i have a pirated version that have only 2 dll file changed but the exe file seems original . is it still not working with 4gb patch?

  42. Thiago says:

    es mui buen lugar

  43. Alvin says:

    Legitimately the dumbest comment I’ve read on any of this project’s comment sections. The fact that you posted this twice as well.

  44. Ricardo says:

    Saludos Albert, ¿Crees que se vea todavía mejor agregandole Ray tracing al juego con el HD project? ¿O solo sirve el rt para juegos nuevos? Por cierto, te está quedando de maravilla este proyecto

    • albert says:

      Hola Ricardo!
      Efectivamente, el motor de este juego es muy antiguo y no puede añadirse ningún efecto gráfico que no esté siendo usado en el propio juego.
      reshade y similares es la única que puede añadirse, todo a bases de filtros de post procesado. Pero esto ya lo dejo a gusto de cada uno…

  45. mofail says:

    Hey how’s that u3 monster coming along?

    Is he more slimy & gooey than before? What HAVE you DONE to him?

    Looking forward to the next update, best wishes.

  46. Ron C says:

    Can you seriously stop? Albert has been updating his twitter account, which you are obviously missing. He updated a few days ago. Come on. Why are you spamming his website with hurtful comments? He doesn’t owe you anything, he’s making this mod himself. Everyone’s excited for another update, but let him take his time on it.

    • EPD Gaffney says:

      From now on I suggest comments like this simply be ignored. And if you can spare it, throw an extra donation albert’s way for each one you see. The only way to deal with non-sense like this.

      • Ron C says:

        I threw a donation the last time ( and may again ) 😉 I just want Albert to know that he’s supported, that’s all! I seriously feel very bad.

  47. mofail says:

    lmao xD

  48. Max Storm says:

    Hey Albert, how long till the next update?

  49. Alvin says:

    You seriously feel the need to go on this project page twice to fish for negative attention with the same comment? Truly pathetic. We will all laugh at you. And for a different reason than you might think.

  50. albert says:

    I’ve deleted some troll comments. I’m seeing your responses to that comment disappeared, too. Sorry!

  51. ydy135 says:

    what’s going on ? It has been two months from this article appread. UP,are you ok?

    • albert says:

      I’m preparing the new post ;^)
      This chapter 5-3 had a few time-consuming tasks to be done…

      • Alvin says:

        I knew because I got that from the end of your last video. People underestimate how fricking hard work it is alongside a normal life and job. Besides you did a rough estimation on how long it was going to take you that was very accurate as well. So mad respect to you. You deserve a month off as far as I’m concerned.