It took about a week but thankfully I’m feeling much better now! The doctor said I had bronchitis and a sinus infection, but thanks antibiotics and rest I’m 100% again. 🙂

Tonight I’m sharing some progress in refining the cemetery / church area. Some notes about the images:

  1. You’ll notice that one of the tombstones in the original game says, “In loving memory” and then the names “Sarah and Elizabeth.” You’ll notice in the HD revision that “In Loving Memory” has been revised to the Latin phrase “Mors Vincit Omnia” (death conquers all). Second, the names have been revised with an ornamental relief  pattern. There are a couple of reasons for these changes: a) this tombstone appears several times in the cemetery. It wouldn’t make sense for that many Sarahs and Elizabeths to have died in the area. 🙂 b) it’s a bit strange to have “In Loving Memory” when the game is set in Spain. c) this texture is repeated for the tombs in the gated area right next to the church, but it’s stretched, repeated, and mirrored. Putting the ornamental designs instead of the names fixes the issues there.
  2. I was able to fix a warping issue with the church door. The door now more accurately reflects the real-life dimensions of the wooden slats and the hinges for this door.
  3. For the other tombstone, I wasn’t able to find an equivalent design. This is simply my attempt to create an HD version that maintains the tone of the original.
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17 responses to “Tombstones…”

  1. Lukas says:

    If you’re going to fix thisthat don’t make sense, you should remove the “Mohammad” writing under the Los Illuminatos symbol, on the door that was taken from the mosque. :^)

    • KALUDIO says:

      in his defense Mohammad is a pretty common name xD. plus it makes sense, its a cult and it has religious imagery. as a matter of fact spain has a long and complicated history with the Muslims, so it wouldn’t be a surprise that some of their decorations still had some vestiges of Muslim decent, specially how god-like those guys where at architecture and patterns xD.

  2. Lukas says:

    Also, I can tell that’s obviously mother Mary and baby Jesus in his cradle on that original tombstone. I think it might be taken from this diorama but photographed from another angle. :^)

  3. KALUDIO says:

    by the way how do you guys created the iron hinges tree thing on the gate?

    • Cris says:

      That one I made in Photoshop from scratch. The image we had of the door wasn’t at a high enough resolution, so I remade it.

  4. Lukas says:

    Hey, about the carpets again, i’m having problems with the extract thing, could you just send me the carpet textures? :^)

    • Cris says:

      Hi Lukas! I’m sorry, but we won’t be able to send specific textures. The main reason is that if we start doing this, the project will be delayed because of the additional work to respond to these requests (several people have asked). Thank you again for the feedback and support!

    • KALUDIO says:

      you can use dolphin emulator. go to graphics, then advance, enable dump textures, and go to a room where the carpets are located on the game. what dumping textures do is to make a backup of all the textures that the emulated ram of the gamecube loads. they will be on dolphin emulator folder (dolphin emulator>dump>textures>RB4E08) or something like that. i found the first carpet, the file name is on the dump carpet is RB4E08_618c4f08_14, you can open it on Photoshop.

  5. John says:

    beautiful, good luck to you

  6. Cris Without H says:

    Well, if the person who died there were of English descent, it would somewhat make sense to write “In loving memory” on their graves. Then again, the fact that this texture was repeated is ridiculous. Perhaps what you did is the best solution.

  7. Cris Without H says:

    What I don’t understand, however, is the names being replaced with these ornaments. I mean, some other latin words would’ve fit nicely there.