Walkthrough | Chapter 5-3 Fully Remastered

Finally! Chapter 5-3 is ready… Hello everyone. It took me a lot of time to complete this chapter.


The 2 new enemies in this area had by far the most difficult to re-create textures. Both, Krauser (and all the shirt-no shirt-mutated variations) and U-3 (and its intricate huge 8 textures)


The next most time-consuming task in this chapter was the puzzle panel in the final area. Also, the most complicated stage/item textures I’ve re-created…


The rest of the work has been the usual and these are the differences compared to the pack we released on 2018:

  • Adjusted, improved and new lighting and effects.
  • Re-created and restored some textures.
  • A lot of small stage model edits.
  • New and improved stage shadows where needed.
  • Remastered Files and Chapter End background images.
  • Remastered enemies textures and some slight 3D edits.

There’s something that took me a lot of research hours: The blood effect on U-3 when it mutates. Maybe some of you noticed the “monster inside the monster” is covered of blood when it hatches. That effect is corrupted in the HD PC port. No matter what I do, the blood texture never appears.

That effect is only on screen during 10 seconds or so, then it will disappear. But I noticed the PS2/old PC port replaced that effect by using a covered in blood version of the textures. So, the blood remains there forever. This gave me the idea of doing the same (but with a slightly lower amount of blood).

The blood will be permanent, but I don’t think it’s a problem.


I hope you like the video and don’t hesitate to comment on it!

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84 responses to “Walkthrough | Chapter 5-3 Fully Remastered”

  1. Ron C says:

    ALBERT, oh my goodness, what to say?????? THIS LOOKS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! I’m seriously in awe watching your video, right now. Saddler ( and all the other baddies ) look absolutely stunning and awesome. Seriously no words can explain my happiness and excitement right now!

    If you ever plan on posting more comparison images, please feel free to show off Saddler, I would love to see! ( But you already know that XD )

    Good luck on the next chapters, hopefully it won’t be so much trouble. You’ve got my support here! 🙂

  2. EPD Gaffney says:

    This may actually be the most impressive-looking of the new textures. I can’t believe how good this looks. Also impressed that you caught that missing effect. I didn’t remember that at all until you mentioned it. I may have caught that it was missing if I were scrutinising, but I never would have remembered the difference between the PS2 and GameCube versions.

  3. Florin Ratz says:

    Two more chapters then? Awesome!

  4. El Yacine says:

    Hey Albert good job man 💪 ur very talented to be honest but i have a question because i can’t wait any longer 😐 ur going to release the final build after finishing the main game ? Or after finishing ada extra missions and other bonuses ? Thanks again for this fantastic job ur doing this 😎💪

  5. CiTRiC says:

    Excelente Albert. De verdad se nota todo el esfuerzo que has puesto. Las cinemáticas se ven muy geniales. He notado el pequeño cambio a la textura de ojos de Ada y concuerdo en que se ven mucho mejor. Queda muy poquito para terminar la campaña principal. 🙂
    Mi aportes son los siguientes:
    En el 53:25 se ve la textura de la muralla de piedra cortada muy bruscamente. https://youtu.be/GF2rr-0Sjko?t=3205
    En el 1:11:45, se ve que las miniaturas de las piezas de las bestias sagradas en el inventario son las originales y no las remasterizadas por ti. https://youtu.be/GF2rr-0Sjko?t=4306
    Y esto es más cuestión de opinión: respecto a la cueva, entiendo que debe verse algo clara por cuestiones de jugabilidad, pero personalmente a mí no me molestaría que la cueva se viera más oscura.
    Me da un poco de vergüenza admitir que no noté el easter egg en Krauser, asumo que debe ser algo de Darkside Chronicles pero ya me rindo jajaja.
    Mucha suerte Albert con el proyecto como siempre.

    • albert says:

      Buena vista. Ahora mismo arreglo esa pared ;D
      Y sí, ahora incluso las miniaturas se ven borrosas XD

      Efectivamente tiene relación con Darkside Chronicles hehe ;P

  6. Rene Martinez says:

    Al final del combate leon trae 2 cuchillos uno en la mano y otro en el sujetacuchillos del hombro.

    • albert says:

      El que agarra del suelo es el de Krauser. Es el que usa para liberar a Ada justo antes de luchar contra Saddler. Y al lanzarlo ya se pierde para siempre.
      Yo tardé años en darme cuenta de este detalle XD

  7. Frank Nitty says:

    Awesome work. Looking forward to the next update

  8. Gamer says:

    Great progress once again, also an idea for the shooting range bonus rooms on the island, maybe change the lobby textures ( or maybe even the room design ? ) so they dont look like the castle versions ? Unless this would be too different from the original to be worth it.

    • albert says:

      Unfortunately the shooting range is the same room data the game loads in several locations. So, there’s just one room

      • Gamer says:

        I see I said the same thing on Youtube, lol……

        Ok, I will type the other edited message if you never read it, maybe a good alternative ( or maybe not ), that is to change the wall colours, ( a shade of blue maybe ? ) and then mod the furniture to simple boxes or barrels.

        Maybe then the room could fit both the Castle and the Island without seeming obvious where it is from.

  9. V I D A L says:

    Oh man… So close yet so far. lol
    I can’t wait to get my hands in the final version.
    Awesome as always.

  10. verdugo7 says:

    Holyshit it looks awesome, amazing job as always albert!
    Looking forward to the next updates!

  11. Greg says:

    Me vas a matar por ser tan meticuloso, pero falta un acento en la carta de Saddler en el minuto 3 jajajaja… Las texturas de Krauser y “Ello” están genial, sigue así compañero!!

    Un saludo y espero que estés bien (no te pilles el coronaplaga 😉

  12. Master Chen says:

    LESS blood? CENSORSHIP!!!11

  13. Graccio says:

    Hi Albert, Always a great work.
    I was looking at the duel cutscene in slow motion to better observe the movements and I noticed that the segment 12:01 to 12.03 -Krauser kicks Leon to the ground- Krauser’s left forearm has the same modeling problem that you have already corrected previously.

  14. Matthew says:

    Absolutely outstanding work as usual. I’ve been following this project since it was planned for Dolphin and you continue to outdo yourself time and time again. I’ve recently played the Switch port and I couldn’t believe just how bad some of the supposed “new HD textures” looked in comparison to the demo release of the project and your updates. You’ve really spoiled us Albert! It’s a shame the Switch port can’t be modded via homebrew to support the project and fix its other issues. No 30fps support means all the usual bugs. PC and this project is the way to go. Keep up the good work at whatever pace works for you. The results are ALWAYS worth the wait 🙂

    PS. Did you ever decide what you wanted to do with that mystery hidden room?

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      It feels like it’s been 100 years XD

      And yes… I’ve seen videos of both PS4 and switch ports, and they look horrendous to my eyes… A simple GC/Wii port with all the original effects intact would look much better. Like playing it on Dolphin but optimized, of course
      The absence of anisotropic filtering makes my eyes to bleed when I see all those textures flickering at the distance
      And everything looks like someone threw red paint to the screen and someone else tried to clean it with a dirty rag XD

      Not yet, I’ll think about that room when everything is finished ;P

  15. Kevin Alasco says:


    If you finish your work from Chapter 1-5, can I reupload all your videos to make all cutscenes compile to those who wants to watch Resident Evil 4 HD Project Game Movie? I will credit you as well as I dedicate it to all Resident Evil Fans.

    • albert says:

      Some videos are at lower resolution and filled with artifacts and some of them have some inaccuracies that needed to be fixed. So I’d suggest to you to wait until the Pseudo-Final release is out ;D

  16. Georgi says:

    The effects on the knives really do look great in motion. Kudos to you for all the time and effort you put into this; it really paid off!

    Now I have to replay Darkside Chronicles to figure out the easter egg.

    • albert says:

      Oh yes! I forgot to mention in the video I restored all the light bloom effects coming from the knives.
      There was another one in the cutscene when Leon takes the first emblem I forgot to fix. It’s restored now, too 😉

      Just the Darkside Chronicles cutscenes should be enough to figure it out hehe

  17. Kyle says:

    I just went through all of the comparison shots for your last few updates, and boy do I love your work. You’re an amazing artist and clearly an even bigger Resident Evil fan. The years of watching you put out updates has really kept my love for this game from fizzling out. Beautiful changes as always. I’m dying for your completed vision.

  18. Shannon says:

    Stunning work as always, Albert. At this pace, maybe I’ll get to see the final release by my birthday this year ;p

    Speaking of, did you plan to do anything in the way of adding button prompt/UI texture options for the final release? I know other mods exist, but I’d personally love to see your implementation in one easy package. I’m one of the few out there who uses a Nintendo controller for their PC gameplay, so admittedly it can be a struggle to work with the Xbox layout most PC ports rely on.

    Additionally, since you have much more insight on the inner workings of this game, how realistic is the modded implementation of subtitles for voiced dialogue? That was always a strange omission in this title, and I always wondered how easily it could be added in post.

    • albert says:

      I’ll do some optional packs once the project is complete (buttons, no grain, etc)
      About English subtitles. It’s only possible to replace one of the other languages’ subtitles. So, the idea is to completely replace one of the language with English text (and also the cutscene subtitles, of course) and share it also as an optional patch

      • Shannon says:

        That’s really great to hear, can’t wait to see these optional packs! You’re really going above and beyond, even when the work you set out to do is done, I really admire that. As always I’ll keep myself posted! Thank you again for all your hard work!

    • sean says:

      i use a gamecube controller and theres button packs available @ http://residentevilmodding.boards.net/board/72/re4-uhd-modification

      its the only site i go to for re4 mods, and the only place to find gamecube button mods

      they work fine with alberts HD mod (infact the creator of the button packs specifically updated his button mods to be compatible with alberts HD mod) and I dont think theres much that can be changed or updated regarding button mods like that

  19. Ernesto León says:

    (no se si el comentario no ha sido aprobado o olvide comentar, por lo que intento de nuevo, si es un duplicado puedes borrarlo xd)

    Excelente trabajo de nuevo Albert, queria comentar algunas cosas, no en este capitulo en particular sino de temas miscelaneos

    1)Es posible editar los textos del juego? hay un par que tienen errores ortograficos, como el buhonero llamandote “extrangero” y textos que no se corresponden con lo que se puede leer en los nuevos carteles en español, para mas inri, Leon y Ada leen el mismo cartel de manera ligeramente diferente (el del cuarto donde rompes la botella es un buen ejemplo)

    2) hice mi tarea en relacion a las granadas verdes, y llegue a la conclusion de que el texto que posee la verde no se corresponde con su funcion, he aqui una recreacion de algun fan mucho mas apegada a la realidad, en lo que a texto refiere, podias considerar cambiarlo? (sobre todo lo que es la palabra illuminating por fragmentation

    3)crees que podrias cambiar las texturas de la tmp para que sean algo mas similares a la de la demo japonesa, y en consecuencia a las de la tmp real?

    gracias por leer este mensaje

      • CyberRazerX says:

        Lo comenté en el post de Knives Out pero aprovecho para dejarlo acá ya que es más actual XD
        Lo de las “Illumination grenades” no es que esté del todo mal en cuanto al rango de explosión, como se puede ver en el siguiente video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIR9TnnSRtU
        Aunque ciertamente tendría todo el sentido cambiarlas por “Fragmentation Grenade” o “HE Grenade” (Por las High Explosive).

    • albert says:

      Hola! Pues no ha venido ningún otro mensaje.
      -Sí, si se pueden modificar los textos
      Lo de Ada es porque Separate Ways lo tradujo otra persona sin tener en cuenta la campaña principal. No hay más que ver los subs durante la escena en casa de Mendez…
      -Granadas: Ciertamente lo de “Illuminating” no tiene sentido. Así que me guardo la imagen para pensarme cuál sería la mejor solución (posiblemente lo que hay en la imagen que me pasas tal cual)
      -TMP: eso ya entraría en el apartado de mods (de hjecho creo que alguin ya lo ha hecho, lo de cambiar texturas y sonidos de las armas por sus equivalentes en la vida real). Nuestro objetivo es ser fieles al original. Si decidieron cambiar el diseño del arma, pues eso va a misa, ya que muchas de las ramas del juego son modificaciones más o menos originales/plausibles de armas reales. No es algo exclusivo de la TMP.

  20. Gabooz says:

    @ 10:37 the blood on Leon’s face is not on his skin (with the angle before he moves the head it’s more visible), but I don’t know if this could be modified
    @ 50:00 when you’re in the camp side of the door there is a lot of big trees in the background, but once on the ruins side of the door there is much less trees and they’re smaller, shouldn’t they both have the same size?
    @ 1:02:12 when Krauser jumps his shadow is not cast on the ground but under his feet and falls with him
    Except that it looks absolutely great 🙂

  21. mofail says:

    AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa craprom.

    At the same time as I realise that they allowed this project to exist, I also know that you men have done something much better than they ever could.

    That is because you actually cared whilst they’re lazy, greedy & incompetent.

    Congratulations & thanks for all your efforts. It’s funny as I don’t play this old crappy game anymore & haven’t modded it for years now but I sure do enjoy this project updates more instead. When this project is finished I will miss coming here for the exciting spectacular updates lol

    • albert says:

      Thanks XD
      Yeah, this updates are also part of the fun ;P

    • sean says:

      theres nothing crappy about the game itself, its just the ports that are bad

      • mofail says:

        lmao @sean my only interest in this shitty old game is the progress of this project but you do get one thing right at least, the ports are all crap.

        • Harban says:

          Why do you have an interest in this project if you dislike the game that strongly?

        • sean says:

          but why bother watching this progress if its just for a “shitty old game” i dont understand why you say something so hypocritical? just cause theres newer games you think RE4 is now shitty? you obviously didnt think it was shitty at one point in time, otherwise you wouldnt be here posting

          • mofail says:

            lol. I mod games, this website is a spectacular modding project that’s why I’m here. Not every one here is a braindead crapcom fanboy guys. Some here are just modders that like….mods. I doubt I’m the only modder here, one of the first games I ever modded was 2007 ubisofts re4 but it’s truly the modding that I appreciate. It’s takes a lot of time & energy & it’s an art. re4 is a shitty old game that is being transformed & updated into something much better now. To my knowledge there has never been such a massive overhaul like this before, people have tried including myself but my/their efforts pale into comparison with this effort. High quality textures with 3d edit/corrections & lighting shadow edits, no one else has done this before to such a high standard. No one. Not even crapcom.
            There’s nothing hypocritical going on you I.Q lords, calm down lmao

          • Harban says:

            @mofall: I know you’re probably just trolling us, and I know that it’s bad etiquette to call someone a troll, but in the end I think it’s better to raise one’s voice than lust let aggressive statements stand.

            I’m not that bothered by you behaving badly towards me, but please keep in mind that both Albert and Cris love RE4, and that there’s really no point in coming to their site to make fun of the game that they’ve been working on for years. You’re just making people feel bad, and you should really try to lift your standards. Other people are people too.

          • Mofail says:

            Bwa hahaha

          • Alvin says:

            Honestly you sound unlike your usual self and a little edgy in your statement mofail. That’s bound to provoke a reaction or disagreement. But I get what you’re trying to say. 😀

            Not sure how many times you replayed Resident Evil 4 though, but I can assure you, it must have been around 16 times for me now. The game’s on my top ten list favourite games of all time. The gameplay is amazing and fun even for this day and age. I call it the pinnacle of game design.

            And indeed, to think this project would grow into dealing with all these dated visuals to such a degree. Going around the old engine’s limitations, improving texture and model fidelity, implementing new features with hex editing water, lighting, flares, dynamic shadows to make it look better. It’s become everything I’ve hoped for when I first started following this project.

          • Mofail says:

            Alvin – BINGO ! really don’t mean to get people so immensely butthurt though lol modding is to take something inferior & improve it.

            its a simples concepts really.

          • Harban says:

            @mofail: I really hope you find friendship some day. Maybe even love. It will do you good. I promise 😉

          • Mofail says:

            Hargan I’ve no idea what you’re saying & neither do you lmao….

          • CiTRiC says:

            I agree with all the others. It seems like every time you comment on this project’s website you just feel the need to shit on capcom for no reason and with no provocation. Independent of whatever you think of Capcom, this game and this project only exists because they made RE4, and whoever calls you out you aswer back by telling them they’re “brainded crapcom fanboys” or something similar. And just like Harban said, making fun of the game that Albert has been working on for years its very disrepectful to everyone involved.

          • Mofail says:

            Oh my would you like some tissues? I mean I answered a question & just look at all the tears lmao

          • Sean says:

            I dont understand why Capcom gets any credit for creating Resident Evil? The creator was Shinji Mikami, and he left Capcom after RE4 to create games like God Hand, Vanquish, and the Evil Within

            Shinji Mikami left Capcom specifically because he did not want RE4 ported to the inferior PS2 (which could not display the same amount of enemies on screen as the gamecube)

            Personally I consider RE5 a really fun co-op game that tries to replicate RE4, but RE5 was flawed because it didnt have the understanding of pacing and structure that Shinji Mikami puts into all of his games. Pacing is what separates RE4 from other games, and that has nothing to do with Capcom or the graphics. I can still enjoy playing this game on an original gamecube, because giving a crappy game good graphics doesnt make it into something better

          • EPD Gaffney says:

            Exactly. RE4 is such a perfect game, and it’s disrespectful to the people that worked on it to deny them anything because Capcom the corporation are a greedy bunch of executives like any other corporation. The people that poured very likely well over 40 hours a week for years to make RE4 deserve credit, because the end result is one of the best games of all time. And Mikami is almost certainly my favourite game design lead because of his work on RE, Vanquish, and Evil Within 1. Haven’t played much God Hand but I’ve been itching to pick up a copy one of these days.

            And I think RE5 gets a bad rap. It’s obvious that it’s not nearly as good as RE4, but it iterated on it as best it could as well as added local co-op, and the result is my most played game to date. And the fact that the majority of that time is in Mercenaries tells you that yes, the pacing is clearly not the strong suit of RE5. Though I don’t think it brings the game down *too* much, the main game isn’t as replayable as RE4’s, whilst the additions to Mercenaries and Reunion turn what RE4 had for its already fantastic and replayable Mercenaries into an evolved, deeper, more polished, superior mini-game that rewards teamwork and planning and communication in a way few other games have ever done.

  22. mofail says:

    Oh @7:24 in the video…about that tool kit on the wall….would it be possible to scale it to a more realistic size? It all looks x3 larger than it should do lol just look at the screws ! Maybe just 50% total size reduction?

    The rest of this video is just mind bogglingly good. Bogglingly lol i loike that word.

  23. John Mc Clain says:

    I want to add some in the cut to show the current weapon that you are holding is not showing in the cut scene, I just want to suggest this man. I love your work man, I will love also if you add this man. I really appreciate your effort to remastered the game we love

    • albert says:

      It’s impossible to change that.
      The cutscene models are not the same files used ingame. They have no relation at all. You can think about it like the cutscene world is a parallel universe not related to the ingame univers.

      • Ron C says:

        This has always bothered about the difference between cutscene and ingame models. For example in the last 5-2 cutscene, they make Ashley almost the same height as Saddler, but in game if you use a trainer, there is like a 2 foot difference between them, lol. Same goes for Krauser, Ada, Wesker, and Leon. The model difference isn’t noticable at first but once you extract both and compare them its pretty drastic. I believe ( i may be wrong ) some models might be larger / smaller depending on the camera angle, but I haven’t messed with the CAM tool yet for RE4UHD. Makes me wonder sometimes Xp

        • Gamer says:

          If there are height diferences, maybe Albert could correct these, simply a guess though.

          As for the correct gun duing movies, that would be nice yet I guess not as simple as it seems, do newer RE games use correct equipted gun though ? Iam not sure RE5 does for example.

        • albert says:

          The differences are mostly polygon amount (specially in the face). The size (height) is exactly the same, at least for main characters. So, it’s probably a perspective illusion ¿?

          • Ron C says:

            Most likley perspectives, then! I was wondering if like the mercenary/boss/cinematic models had any differences besides the polygon amount or better details.

            If Krauser’s height listed by Capcom is listed to be 6 foot 1, is Saddler just a giant then? LOL The villians in RE4 must all be huge then. XD take a look at this screenshot I took. Krauser looks so tiny haha.


          • albert says:

            Oh! XDDD
            I opened both models and Krauser is slightly taller than Saddler, but one thing I noticed is big enemies (minigun ganado, for example) have the same height than the regular ganados, but the game upscales them. Maybe that semimutated Saddler is the same case so it looks more menacing when you fight him as Ada…

          • Ron C says:

            ( replying to later comment ) I guess it depends gameplay wise and where the enemy is needed? That would make sense in terms of his height compared to Ada, then. Capcom lists her as being 5 foot 7, however. But it’s still a drastic difference.

            Maybe at some point, I can put a height chart together, but I guess if it depends on the scenario the character is in ( the minigun ganados for example being ” upscaled ” ) I guess we will never know XD. Because I guess what is considered ” canon ” is what is shown ” in game “. This is what I was referring to earlier with heights and stuff being inconsistent, I was sure I was remembering stuff correctly XD

            I wonder if the cinematic Ashley / Ada / Saddler models are consistent with this comparison.


            It’s fun trying to find out information hidden from this game, LOL. Maybe it’s better the Concept Art Guide has all the enemy information listed as ” unknown ” XD Thanks for looking Albert!

          • albert says:

            I’d say that Saddler model in Separate Ways has a different proportion. It’s gigantic! XD
            Looking at this cutscene image, Saddler it’s just half head taller than Ashley, so, he has more or less an average male height:


            Don’t mention it! it’s really interesting haha

  24. Ron C says:

    Hey Albert, random question, but if we plan on extracting the cinematic / ingame models for uses in like Blender / XPS / 3D modeling programs when the project is released, will the texture / model files be updated accordingly to your changes, just wondering? I haven’t downloaded the previous packs of the project so I’m not sure if these modded files are accessible or not.

  25. Soul says:

    I apologize for my English of Google Translate LMAO

    Incredible work as always, Albert! It is gratifying to see all your efforts in developing every detail of the game. And the commented gameplay videos are just as good! With your charisma and attention to explaining each change you made, the video is very good to watch! Hahaha

    About the shadow of the stairs at https://youtu.be/GF2rr-0Sjko?t=2736 was fixed at https://youtu.be/GF2rr-0Sjko?t=3169? It may be the angle, but they look the same to me …

    Keep up the great work! And thanks for doing it for fans of the game 🙂

  26. CiTRiC says:

    Después de haber visto el video de nuevo, esta vez en mi TV, me acabo de dar cuenta de otra cosillas:
    @ 1:06:37 y 1:06:53, en el borde izquierdo de Leon se ve un efecto de movimiento extraño. Dudo que sea el agua porque el “efecto” se mueve junto a Leon (además de que no lo veo presente en otros videos del juego).
    @ 1:07:04 se puede ver un corte en la textura del cuello de Krauser. No sé si la transición de texturas se pueda mejorar más de lo que está pero lo menciono de todas formas.
    Y esto no es en un momento en específico, pero por ejemplo, @47:47, 54:09 y 1:06:53 se ven los árboles del fondo, pero además se ve el fin del mapa después de los árboles. ¿Se pueden colocar los árboles al final del mapa, cortar el mar después de los árboles o algo similar? Así como está es como si hubiera una fila de árboles parados en medio del mar jaja.
    Saludos Albert.

  27. vicigarza says:

    Absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to play this again with the final release! Thank you so much for your work!

  28. Fer says:

    Sweet baby Jesus this is almost finished. You have done an incredible job. I hope Capcom sends some love (cash) to you, since your mod will be the reason a lot of people buy the game once again.

    Greetings from Argentina

  29. Scrittura says:

    Amazing work as always! Can’t wait for the final release.
    I did notice something strange tho. At 16:35 https://youtu.be/GF2rr-0Sjko?t=995 or 17:31 https://youtu.be/GF2rr-0Sjko?t=1051 or every time Leon looks up, there’s a strange black rectangle behind his right ear, it’s been a while since I’ve played the game so I could be mistaken but I’ve tried to double-check with videos of the original model to see if it was something that was always there but the original doesn’t seem to have it from what I could see. Is it maybe something you could look into? Thanks!

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