Walkthrough | Chapter 5-4 Fully Remastered

Hello everyone! Today I’m showing you the penultimate chapter of the main campaign.


This chapter is filled with lots of new small improvements such as restored light bloom effects during the cutscenes, touched and even re-re-created textures and additional countless 3D edits.

It’s incredible a lot of bloom effects during the cutscenes are deactivated… They are quite subtle, but at the same time they add a lot of life to the overall image. It seems that a bad porting job to the PC made the game to interpret a “00” as “deactivated”, while in previous ports that “00” meant “skip this byte”.

I just need to replace that value to “something big” and the effect magically reapears…

I’ve even put in practice a couple of modding tricks I never used before (the addition of the missing moving spotlight effects in the battle area comes to my mind)


The rest of the work has been the usual and these are the differences compared to the pack we released on 2018:

  • Adjusted, improved and new lighting and effects.
  • Re-created and restored some textures.
  • A lot of small stage model edits.
  • New and improved stage shadows where needed.
  • Remastered Files and Chapter End background images.
  • Remastered enemies textures and some slight 3D edits.

Here’s a side by side comparison between PS4 and this HD remaster project that allows us to clearly see the missing effects and some new/improved effects (the PS4 port lacks even more effects!)

And finally, here’s the video! I hope you like it.

Have a good weekend!

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113 responses to “Walkthrough | Chapter 5-4 Fully Remastered”

  1. Fahd Shahab says:

    Brilliant work as always. Your hr long youtube videos are so fun to watch I always eagerly wait for the next one

  2. HawkX says:

    Just a quick kind comment to you that i’ve been following since Chapter 1 or 2 MANY years ago and I cannot wait for the whole thing to be finished and polished to your level of quality! 馃檪 I have bought the game on steam since and have yet to even start it up as I am waiting for this project to be completed.

    Keep up the amazing work and looking forward to 1.0 release eventually! 馃檪

  3. Vykhodzev says:

    Improving the visuals AND bugfixing! Your work is just remarkable!
    Keep it up man, you’re almost done!

  4. El Yacine says:

    Omg that’s incredible man
    The comparison between ps4 and pc is like a ps1 and ps2 ? i can’t wait for the full release ??

  5. Ernesto Le贸n says:

    Una cosa que siempre he notado en las 2 escenas del helic贸ptero, es que todos los enemigos parecieran tener la misma cara (pero con sus variaciones de ropa), 驴esto podr铆a ser cambiado? por ejemplo en ning煤n punto se ve al enemigo de la m谩scara de gas, saludos.

    • albert says:

      Cierto, por desgracia no se puede hacer nada. Los modelos de las cinem谩ticas no los carga el juego a partir de los archivos de los enemigos, sino que son modelos empaquetados dentro de los archivos de dicha cinem谩tica. En esos casos en concreto solo existen un par de modelos del cuerpo y todas las variaciones que comentas y no hay forma de implementar nuevos modelos en la cinem谩tica que no est茅n ya en el pack, es una cuesti贸n de programaci贸n.

  6. Frank Nitty says:

    Awesome work as always. Eagerly awaiting and looking forward to the completion of the remaster project.

  7. Estevez99 says:

    Es impresionante tu trabajo, sobre todo las im谩genes de final de capitulo, y esas comparaciones en imagen, me hacen recordar que me acostumbrado demasiado a tus mejoras, la ultimate hd es horrible! Ya falta cada vez menos, que emoci贸n!

    Una duda, al igual que todos los juegos de su generaci贸n, los elementos del HUD (la vida de leon, ashley y la munici贸n) son enormes, me imagino para que sean visibles en teles antiguas, pero creo que ya no hay necesidad, al igual que lo hacen varios remasters, hay forma de hacerlos un poco m谩s peque帽os?

    • albert says:

      Gracias! No est谩 bien que lo diga yo, pero me pasa lo mismo, cuando vuelvo a la versi贸n original para hacer las comparativas flipo de lo mal que se ve铆a antes XD
      Lo del HUD, quiero hacer un mini parche alternativo que lo haga m谩s peque帽o. No lo he probado aun pero jurar铆a que es posible ;D

  8. Marius Johnsen says:

    Excellent work. Seeing the side by side of what effects were missing really makes me even more excited to play this mod myself. One thing I only just now noticed is that at the start of the video ( 3:50 ) Saddlers left arm pokes over into Leon’s call window. Wondering if this is possible to stretch in those polygons in any way? If not, it’s no problem.

  9. EPD Gaffney says:

    WE’RE — SO — CLOSE !

    Absolutely brilliant stuff here. Looking forward to the final version, which I think will be done relatively soon, and I couldn’t be more excited. I can’t imagine what you must be feeling. Maybe relief, maybe excitement, maybe sad that it’s over, maybe thinking of what you may take on next? Keep us informed and I think you’ll have a substantive following if you want one.

  10. Max Storm says:

    I’m guessing that you will probably work on the final chapter, which won’t take long since it’s just the boss battle and using the jet ski

  11. Putera says:

    Your compassion and patience truly something!

  12. rennan says:

    Congratulations Albert , https://youtu.be/p76khdHtAaY?t=3812 this part you can duplicate the planes from floor fences and change a texture to a dark one, ll fit better the illumination under the bridge.

  13. Hellboy. says:

    Esta increible pero deberias cambiar el piso de verja, https://youtu.be/p76khdHtAaY?t=3884 porque creo que si alguien se para ahi se hundiria. Podrias usar algo como esto https://www.re4hd.com/wp-content/gallery2/0155-chapter4/CHAPTER4_061-BB.jpg

  14. Lucca says:

    This project is perfect because it keeps the game atmosphere(like the art video said), the only remaster/remake I ever seen to do such thing was Resident Evil 1 remake. One fun thing I have noticed is that you always replied every comment, then time went by people started to be more aggressive and started to send questions like ” when you’re going to release it give us a answer now! ” or ” I didn’t like it, could you please kindly remove the change” but even so you always replied to them, its awesome this connection between the project leader and it’s fanbase, you are a great man Albert, and you will be always remembered in the Resident Evil/PC modding community

  15. Hellboy. says:

    It’s amazing but you should change the fence floor, https://youtu.be/p76khdHtAaY?t=3884, because I think that if someone stands there they would sink. You could use something like this https://www.re4hd.com/wp-content/gallery2/0155-chapter4/CHAPTER4_061-BB.jpg

  16. Soul says:

    Incredible work as always! Thank you very much for developing this fantastic project! One question, is there a way to add light to these spotlights as done in the final scenario of the ganados war? Or are these spotlights off anyway? https://youtu.be/p76khdHtAaY?t=2601

  17. mofail says:

    Hello ! @1:06:58….is that thick cable on the ground using a rope texture?..?..?…?…

    Also is there any way to be rid of that black area around the bottom of lord saddler’s neck?
    It seems that should be a clothing texture or is it just meant to be a shadow? It looks a little odd in the radio sections.

  18. mofail says:

    …also @ 1:08:24 would it be possible to include the rock background behind the photographs as you have done for other document images?
    Another great video thanks, shadow work looks great !

  19. V I D A L says:

    Oh my… I can’t believe how close we are now.
    What’s next? What’s the roadmap like? After the main campaign is done, what else needs doing? Weren’t Mercenaries and Separate Ways finished previously or they need another pass?

  20. Daniel says:

    BOM Trabalho !!! Alguma possivel data para lan莽arem a vers茫o final ? PT / ING Good Joob ! Any data to final relace of the MOD ?

  21. Soul says:

    I understand the spotlight issue now. Thank you for being very attentive to the project and the comments 馃槈

  22. fatguy666 says:

    Amazing work as always, albert.

    Hopefully I’ll have a job by the time you get the final chapter out and I can send another donation, been a long time since I sent you anything and you deserve so much.

  23. Tatacloud says:

    Albert, cada vez que subes una nueva entrada con alg煤n avance del proyecto es que alucino con los nuevos detalles y cambios!!!

    Solo dar mis agradecimientos por a煤n seguir con el proyecto adelante en el tiempo disponible y que ya falta poco!!!
    PD: Cuano terminen el proyecto, prometo armarme un pc para poder jugarlo en todo su esplendor xD

  24. Max Storm says:

    Hey Albert, are you only going to show off the final chapter or are you going to include more like the separate ways, and the extras?

  25. Jeremy says:

    Excelente trabajo, se nota que han sido pulidos bastantes cosas desde el 2018. Espero que la gente siga apoyando el proyecto luego de sacar la versi贸n final del mod (supongo que ser谩 la versi贸n final? o le daran soporte para futuros bugs/fixes? en realidad no lo s茅) ya que el trabajo que han invertido en recrear totalmente las texturas es muy impresionante, no es simplemente reescalar la textura y ya sino que hay una investigaci贸n y costos desmesuradamente altos lo cual se nota el aprecio y/o cari帽o con la que tratan de restaurar al juego. Simplemente mil gracias por todo…

    • albert says:

      La idea es sacar una versi贸n “pseudo final” y esperar un tiempo para recopilar posibles fallos y todo o lo que sea que encuentre la gente y hacer una revisi贸n, que deber铆a ser r谩pida
      Gracias por el mensaje y apoyo! ;D

  26. Scrittura says:

    Amazing work as always! Can鈥檛 wait for the final release.
    I did notice something strange tho. Every time Leon looks up, there鈥檚 a strange black rectangle near his right ear: https://i.imgur.com/By1embP.jpg it鈥檚 been a while since I鈥檝e played the game so I could be mistaken but I鈥檝e tried to double-check with videos of the original model to see if it was something that was always there but the original doesn鈥檛 seem to have it from what I could see. Is it maybe something you could look into? Thanks!

    • Gamer says:

      This was there a while ago, I guess it is something that is difficult to mod out the game maybe.

      • Scrittura says:

        It’s such a shame if that’s the case tho, all of these incredible improvements and new fine details, down to remodeling entire sections but this small black spot can’t be fixed? Man I really hope that’s not true, it would really suck.

        • Gamer says:

          It would be annoying I guess.

          I know Albert did aknowledge the issue when originally mentioned, this is the reason Iam guessing it is difficult edit.

          Or he did correct it and simply hasnt added yet.

    • albert says:

      Oh! yeah,,, that black spot. I always forgot to fix that haha
      I guess it’s just a matter of move some polygons under his hair 馃槈

  27. Mariano says:

    Hola Albert e encontrado que re4 tiene 2 versiones betas de gamecube una creo que es eeuu y la otra de china que tienen texturas originales en alta calidad,animaciones mejores hay modelos de armas ocultos en las 2 versiones items ect.se saca hacks o cheat engine me encanta tu proyecto y te sigo desde que iniciaste el proyecto espero que te sea de ayuda
    Gracias por remasterizar el primer juego que jugue en mi vida y con mi padre

  28. NEGAARMAX says:

    Albert me encnato ver los avances y el efecto de la sombra en la prision donde esta el regenerador esta increible, pero una duda el brillo extra que muestras en las comparativas esta con la configuraci贸n del juego con el brillo al m谩ximo como sueles recomendar, ya que siento que brilla bastante y por ejemplo en la captura donde esta Saddler baleado en vez de humo parece nitrogeno, siento que esta muy brillante, pero si es con esa configuraci贸n del brillo al m谩ximo entonces esta bien

  29. B Mendez says:

    I hope the final Saddler model doesn’t give you cancer 馃檪 It’s a very detailed character.

  30. Arad says:

    This is legend

    can ryzen 5 3500u vega 8 run this?

  31. leandro says:

    Albert cuando salga este projecto tengo que desinstalar el juego de steam y volver a instalarlo ? porque actualmente tengo el del 2018

    • albert says:

      Pues va a depender de c贸mo vayamos a preparar el pack. Lo m谩s seguro es que haya que sobreescribir y ya est谩. Pero ya informaremos de las instrucciones cuando llegue el d铆a 馃檪

  32. Eduardo says:

    I learned about this project in 2015. I couldn’t believe on what was planned. Two people managed to create what CAPCOM never managed to create. Not a remaster. Practically a remake of the game. Six years of work, and now you guys are at the final chapter of the game (I’m assuming it because this post is about 5-4).

    I can’t think of enough compliments to say to you people and how much this work means to me as a fan of Resident Evil 4 (in my opinion, the best of the franchise to this day).

    Thank you so much for your hard work. Can’t wait to see the final results of this.

  33. WillM says:

    Great stuff! You are AWESOME at this! 馃檪

    Just a little thing I noticed, that area at 42:00 when you come through the doorway — the area you said was a bit flat before — the light you turned on should be lighting the underside of the metal overhang above the door that you come through; it immediately struck me as strange when you turned around to look up at it:

    That’s the only thing that jumped out a little at me. And cool touch on those breaking CRT screens 馃檪

  34. PrinceHeir says:


    That means just need to fix some scenes for Ada Separate Ways, Assignment Ada, Mercenaries etc?

    Most likely this will be finish in 2021!! I don’t mind t he wait. I know it’s going to be good once it’s all said and done!!!

  35. sean says:

    congrats man, almost at the end!!!

    I know theres rumors about RE4 remake but they will never do the game justice, your mod will always be #1

    unless they can make unreal engine playable… have you seen this http://youtube.com/watch?v=Q2t45vi-30k looks amazing but it will never be playable like that, and especially not by capcom lol, so maybe you will have a new project to work on in a couple years 馃檪

  36. Xuru says:

    I recently rewatched your Chapter 4-1 video and I noticed in the Lava Room, the textures for the lava and the angels on top of the blue chest need to be higher resolution, in my opinion at least

  37. pablosoldini says:

    Hola albert porfavor haz el video sobre el mapa beta que eso sono muy interesante

  38. DarkSamus says:

    Maybe move on to devil may cry 3 next?
    Pretty sure that uses a lot of similar source material RE4 uses.

    • DarkSamus says:

      Or maybe it’s 2
      Either would be nice

      • Gamer says:

        Maybe DMC or DMC 3 would be good, maybe even edit the GFX issues with the original game.

        I know he originally mentioned RE remake, yet that already has an AI upscale project which is quite good.

        • Xuru says:

          Shyriu’s REupscale project isn’t complete yet, he still has to finish remastering the 3D models and the FMVs, but it’s taking him a while. It would be really cool to see Albert giving him a hand, I’m sure he could use some help.

          • Gamer says:

            Yes, the upscale project isnt completed yet, and I guess he could work with Shyiu if they both decided to.

            I was simply thinking, if he was to improve a diferent game, it woud be something else.

  39. Piotr Wiejak says:

    Almost there!

    Question: is it possible for you to implement QTE toggle, so that it’s enough to just hold the button instead od mashing it? The QTEs are the only parts of the game I’m not looking fiward to play again.

    • albert says:

      Unfortunately I can’t modify anything that change the game mechanics. That would require some kind of coder skills.

    • sean says:

      the QTEs are fairly simple and theres only a few points where you have to rapidly tap the same button (like when running away from boulders or stabbing el gigante) if you are experiencing issues completing the QTEs then make sure you are using 30fps instead of 60fps (under settings) otherwise the game can glitch and not detect your controller inputs… its a bug

      also, you know how easy it is to enable a turbo feature for controllers? plenty of controllers have turbo built-in and it makes the boulder running sequence a lot easier but you still have to do the other QTEs

  40. Ernesto Le贸n says:

    Podrias mostrar en el proximo video el cambio hecho al texto de las granadas de mano del que hablamos en el ultimo post? saludos

  41. Alan Antunes da Silva says:

    After the remastering of chapter 5-5, will you release another patch or will it take longer?

  42. Whitegold says:

    Please release for Christmas!

  43. LegendKiller says:

    Thanks For Your Efforts Albert , I have a Question, since ps4 Hen PKG games (which can played on Exploited Consoles) Are Editable and You can Extract and Repackage pkg Contents very Easily , Can you use your PC Models of RE4HD on pkg for Ps4 Hen games or Even Convert it? Or You Can Replace Your Models with The Originals of ps4 RE4 Remaster Version. For Example I have saw many of users Convert PES games patches From Pc file to Use in Ps4 Hen and it has worked properly. I think it will be a Good opportunity to make RE4HD playable on PS4 Without any Special or Official Requirement.

    • albert says:

      I have no idea which kind of file format the PS4 version uses. If it’s not the exact same file format used in the PC version then there’s noting I can do
      Anyway, I don’t have a PS4 and I don’t know what’s ps4 hen. So, if someone wants to do it once the project is released he/she is free of doing it ;D

  44. Xuru says:

    Hey, I think I noticed a small bug in your Chapter 5-1 video, not sure if you’ve already been warned about it.
    At 1:11:32 there’s a weird transparent thing in the hole of the wall on the right.

    • albert says:

      Thanks! Yeahhh I noticed it too while I was recording the video XD It’s already fixed
      It’s the mesh where the new stage shadows are placed on.

  45. mofail says:

    Hey Albert, could you ask capcom to release a 60 fps patch for the steam community version of the game please?

    • albert says:

      Capcom didn’t create this port themselves. The company in charge of the port already ended their work years ago after the 1.0.6 version of the game was released. So, I’d say there’s no way they patch the game at this point.

  46. Carlos says:

    Hello Albert!
    This updates you have done, they are in the 2018 file from download page?

    Thank you for the excellent job XD!!

    • albert says:

      Everything posted after June 2018 is not included in the July 2018 release. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be called July 2018 release XDD
      (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the joke ;P)

  47. Gabriel says:

    Wow Albert, the work you’ve done with this project over the years with this game is nothing short of amazing! I’m actually having an issue in Chapter 3-1 right now that I’m not sure anyone else is having. Audio for all the enemies in the Castle does not work properly for me. Like, when I attack an enemy, there is no audio coming from them. Even when I knife them, the attack noise for the knife doesn’t even register. Is there a workaround for this I dont know about?

  48. mofail says:

    @30:57 did you delete the hidden developer too?
    Here is a video that shows where he/she is exactly!
    You mention that you completely replaced the structure sooo鈥.?
    鈥.is the hidden developer gone too?

    sorry about double post in other thread accidental

    • sean says:

      maybe albert can make that cardboard cutout a little more visible when using the sniper scope? so that we can see him without using a camera hack 馃槢 and maybe if we shoot the character it can break apart like in the mini-games 馃槢

  49. mofail says:

    Man the silence is killin me lol If the target was shootable that’d be cool & or a scream when shot. I think these guys have gotten rid of him/her already & it may be tricky to place him/her back into the new scenery that was put in.

    I don’t know why the video link declares it to be a woman any way either, it’s a very low res image of a person & hard to make out details. The person seems to be wearing baggy clothes so i really got no idea if it’s a bloke or a lady. Either way i wonder what happens with this ..?deleted? developer…

    • EPD Gaffney says:

      I doubt that they removed an Easter egg like that. But I wouldn’t expect anything extra like having them scream when shot or break apart or anything. That’s code stuff, which they’ve only worked with minimally in this project as that’s always been a sort of ‘guest contribution’. Models and textures are more the speciality for cris and albert. Doesn’t mean someone else can’t/won’t do it, but I would imagine it’s not going to be in this mod, most likely.

    • albert says:

      Haha sorry it’s been a crazy week 馃槢

      Yes, I removed it for now. But I have the intention of restoring it somewhere else and I’ll probably add other things here and there.
      I’ll include the texture in the 0700000.pack file, So there will be no way of locating the exact room by looking at the packed textures huhuhu…

  50. mofail says:

    AHAAAAA I knew it! lol….
    wait you hid him/her somewhere else?……but it took 12 years to find him/her the first time !….o___0
    if i hadn’t seen that video revealing him/her in 2017 i would never have known that person even existed lol

    Ok well i guess it’s almost time to start roaming around with a sniper scope lol….did you manage to get a better clearer image of the person/developer at all?
    Or will it remain as the original low res texture?
    Thanks for explaining, good luck !

  51. Daniel Cardenas says:

    Cuando podremos probar la versi贸n final amigos?

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