‘Result Screen’ is done :)

Hello people!

This is just a brief post to show you how the Result Screen background image looks like now.

Thank you everyone for all your suggestions and help! (Of course I’m still open to suggestions as always ;D)

The report text in the background is a courtesy of combined efforts of  EPD Gaffney and Jazz / Kaz.

Click to see full size
48This is the original low-res image.
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75 responses to “‘Result Screen’ is done :)”

  1. Superuser says:

    Ahhh so it’s a wallet! That makes sense. Though, it’s more like a coin pouch or even a purse. Surprisingly feminine for Leon.

  2. Kaz says:

    I love it! I think my only suggestion would be to italicize the text in the main part of the Intelligence Report, so the slant from the original font sticks around. Loving the reports on Leon’s past history with Krauser, Wesker and the Garradors. This came together really well!

    • albert says:

      Yeah, you are right. In the original the first letters in each line doesn’t look italic, but they are more and more italic the more to the right they are. I guess it’s the perspective illusion of the image or a bad Photoshop work…

  3. Jeff R. says:

    Great job as always!

    I’m so excited to see how far you guys have come.

  4. Israel says:

    Glad you found out what the item really was, i seached for 3 hours and gave up, you are an hero!

  5. Gabriel says:

    This project just keeps better and better with every post. I was curious of you opinion on this: With all the rumors of a RE4 Remake, which are starting to seem more founded than ever, are you confident Capcom wont cease and desist this project? I honestly believe that if they were going to, they would have by now. Maybe they don’t see this project as a copyrights issue? Or that they see this as more of a mod than actually remaking the game?

    • Tony B says:

      According to a leak. A remake for Re4 is not coming out until End of 2022. RE Outbreak coming out end of 2021 and RE Hunk end of 2024. Also something titled Biohazard Apocalypse end of 2023. I am also exited for remakes of Final Fight and Power Stone in 2024.

      But to answer your question, I think they got the ok from Capcom, all they are doing is upgrading the assets, they are not using Capcom property to make money, the release is for free. Unless you want to donate for the resources and time used. I personally donated like 3 times.

      • GABRIEL says:

        Ok that was kind of my thinking on it, that they saw it as more of an upgrade. It’ll be nice to actually experience both this project and the eventual remake together. Thanks for the response!

      • EPD Gaffney says:

        I’d love Outbreak. I really hope it gets local co-op. Wanted that for years. I tried it a couple years ago by playing online via the fan server and using two screens in the same house but the lag was terrible, unfortunately. Out break had so many amazing ideas that could use some polish. I don’t know if they’ll be faithful to the original as much as I’d like but I’m interested to see what they do, assuming this leak is accurate.

    • EPD Gaffney says:

      Also, I think it should be obvious to anyone in this sort of business that a mod like this can only increase sales for RE4, never take them away. Not that that’s always been how these companies operate, but at least is is sometimes.

    • albert says:

      It’s not a problem.
      This is exactly what you say: This project is nothing more than the typical PC mod, but on steroids.
      People need to own the original game first if they want to update it with real HD graphics. And this is not a remake after all (unlike the RE2 remake a team was doing before the actual RE2make was announced), just a remaster based on an old graphic engine.

  6. Mr. Vicious says:

    Hello Albert!

    I think, this trace from cup with tea need make more visible, like on original image.

    • albert says:

      oh! it’s from a cup of tea? I thought it was some kind of scratch done by the opening method of the envelope or something like that…
      The cup of tea/coffee theory makes more sense 驴?

      • Mr. Vicious says:

        This is just my guess, because of the low resolution difficult to say exactly what it is, but considering how messy the workplace is, I wouldn’t be surprised that Leon accidentally put the cup with tea/coffee on the envelope 馃槈

  7. Ron C says:

    Looking awesome Albert !!!!!

  8. Lucifronz says:

    That was fast. Nice work, too, it looks great!

  9. EPD Gaffney says:

    It looks great. I’m honoured that you used my text.

  10. Lukas says:

    Original letter seems to be in italic/cursive font.

  11. Chris says:

    This looks fantastic! You really took nothing and made a whole lot out of it when it comes to the written report!

  12. Martin says:

    That looks amazing! Well done once again Albert!

  13. Martin says:

    That looks amazing, awesome work once again Albert!

  14. mofail says:

    There seems to be too much shadow on the edges of the badge holder/wallet/handbag.
    Compared to the original it really stands out. It’s so great to see clearly what the report says lol

    Everything else looks amazing.

  15. grub says:

    Looks amazing, guys! Can’t wait to see this screen in its fully glory after playing!! 馃檪

  16. RAtA says:

    Creo que estoy siendo un poco quisquilloso pero a mi me parece que en la textura original, la letra del subt铆tulo y del texto que le sigue son cursiva. Despu茅s de eso est谩 todo bien fiel al original, gran laburo como siempre!

  17. [ROLO] says:

    Looks awesome, just 1 observation, the text is in “italics” in the original image, while on yours the text is not inclined. Don’t know if someone else already made this observation since, I don’t know why, comments are not loading for me on this post so I can’t see them :/

  18. CiTRiC says:

    Todav铆a pienso que el texto debiese parecerse un poco m谩s al original, pero de todas formas, buen trabajo. Lo 煤nico que pido es que por favor corrijas la fotograf铆a de Ashley que se sigue viendo en baja resoluci贸n comparada con el resto de los objetos en la imagen. Muchas gracias por el proyecto Albert.

    • albert says:

      El texto original era en un ingl茅s totalmente incorrecto y macarr贸nico XD
      Si lo dejara como en el original cualquier angloparlante pensar铆a que Leon es analfabeto

      Hay que pensar que originalmente ese texto era pr谩cticamente ilegible y por eso nadie en Capcom se molest贸 en revisarlo…

      Y esa foto… me extra帽a que nadie se haya fijado en lo interesante que es. Ser铆a un sacrilegio cambiarla, ya que hay un poco de historia tras de ella ;D
      Podr铆a haberla cambiado por la recreaci贸n que hice de la foto de Ashley, pero he dejado esta versi贸n expresamente 馃槈

      • CiTRIC says:

        Ah s铆, entiendo que el texto original estaba bastantea feo, pero s贸lo suger铆a las correcciones ortogr谩ficas, gram谩ticas y de redacci贸n que necesitaba. De todas formas respeto tu decisi贸n, porque a lo mejor estoy siendo *muy* purista con lo que pido, pues me incomoda un poco que alguien no se de cuenta que es una recreaci贸n鈥 tonteras m铆as jaja.
        Y con respecto a la imagen de Ashley, reconozco desconocer la historia detr谩s de esta foto como para justificar el upscale y no la recreaci贸n, pero conf铆o en tu decisi贸n Albert!

      • EPD Gaffney says:

        Wait, what is the history? Now I’m curious.

  19. DarkSamus says:

    Love it Albert

  20. DarkSamus says:

    Agree with others about you missing the italics on the font.

  21. Medeiros says:

    Great job, Albert. Besides the italic text request, i would like to also point out that the word “organisation”, with the S, is much more common in the UK, and since Leon is an american, it would be better to use the word “organization”, with the Z, instead. It is just a small detail, but since your work did prove how much you care about details, i thought i could give this suggestion. That’s all, thank you for the superb job!!

  22. The Porkinator says:

    I think you should use “organization” instead of “organisation” since an intelligence report for the US would likely use American english instead of British english.

  23. mofail says:

    Albert in your chapter 5.4 video @30:57 did you delete the hidden developer too?
    Here is a video that shows where he is exactly!
    You mention that you completely replaced the structure sooo….?….is the hidden developer gone too?

    I keep forgetting to ask lol

  24. mofail says:

    Albert in your chapter 5.4 video @30:57 did you delete the hidden developer too?
    Here is a video that shows where he is exactly!
    You mention that you completely replaced the structure sooo….?
    ….is the hidden developer gone too?

    I keep forgetting to ask lol

  25. Alvaro says:

    Quer铆a decirte que este mod tiene el potencial real de pertenecer al nombre ” supreme hd edition ” lo que est谩s haciendo es algo 煤nico, mir茅 todas tus publicaciones y vi que te sometieron a una cirug铆a ocular, tal vez eso te hizo m谩s atento a los detalles, eres un verdadero perfeccionista, me hubiera rendido en la primera semana, puedo comparar el proyecto hd con lo que sucedi贸 con la sombra del coloso remasterizado para ps4, no cambia el juego original, pero la experiencia

  26. V I D AL says:

    I think the txt steers a bit too far from the original and not very authentic to the source material.
    In the other post someone had posted an extremely accurate version of the text almost perfect word for word. I don’t think we need the improvement of a professional writer and should stay like the original. “rescuing mission target”? hmmm… I prefer the original.

  27. Arad says:

    Hi albert

    Can u give me Village section link to download ? Just village

    Thank you

  28. therealest says:

    Hey Albert! I used to post on your site a lot some years ago. I鈥檓 glad to see you guys are still doing great work, and can鈥檛 wait to see the final project.

    One issue I think you might want to check out is the sticky note. 鈥淕reat First Mission Leon!!鈥 seems a bit unprofessional and unserious. If Leon toppled a cult and saved the president’s daughter, you wouldn’t expect a sticky note saying “great first mission”; it probably said something else, which is why it is blurred in the original. Sticky notes are used for simple reminders and mental notes. Here’s an example “the Madrid dept. rescheduled.” For that specific note in the game, my first thought was that it said “Congratulations!!” as a simple demonstration of gratitude. In the original you can鈥檛 really see what it says because it鈥檚 blurred out by the light, and the writing looks more like normal, believably adult handwriting, which is rushed cursive and hard to read.

    It鈥檚 okay to make the lighting more dramatic like the original a little more. It won鈥檛 ruin the quality of the overall picture.

    I know you like perfection, so I figured I’d throw that out there.

    One last thing is that the “United States with the circle globe sign” above “Intelligence report” is supposed to be a stamped symbol, and that’s why it’s not fully on the paper.

    Overall everything looks amazingly amazing, as usual.

    • albert says:

      Yeah I remember, if you are the same “the realest” haha

      That note could contain anything. I thought it could be a friendly note from Hunnigan ;D
      “Congratulations!” is another option, yes.
      Or simply some unrecognizable text…

      About the lighting, I tried to be as close to the original as possible. When looking at both images at small sizes I can tell some areas are brighter in the original here and there. The differences are subtle but they can be corrected, yes

      US sign: Oh yeah! I was so focussed on finding the original symbol (which I didn’t find… maybe it’s just a random no US stamp) that I forgot to apply some “stamp filter”

      Thanks you for the suggestions!! 馃榾

      • therealest says:

        Hey Albert, I wanted to reiterate something.
        In the US, the average adult doesn’t write cursive properly. Almost NO ONE does. When people write cursive, normally it’s either sloppy, or very hard to read, or ineligible. If you can, try and get a sloppier font. https://www.google.com/search?q=sloppy+cursive&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiojqyfycPuAhVrRzABHdlVBigQ_AUoAXoECB8QAw&biw=1920&bih=937#imgrc=EwJnzEsFm6ilYM
        I know how much you want to add to the immersion factor, and this would help. A lot of the cursive fonts and writings online are made by people that enjoy and are talented at calligraphy/writing, and aren’t realistic, in comparison to the script of the average person.
        Also, in the original, it looks like they wrote “Congratulations!!” Which is more believable as a short posted-note message with two exclamation points (especially after having beaten the whole game).
        I just wanted to clarify.

        • Gabe says:

          Well albert I think the cursive writing actually works well because, contrary to what others think, back in 2005, plenty of people in the US were writing in cursive. You keep doing what you’re doing with this project, no one knows better than you guys do when it comes to this project. Thank you guys and keep up the good work!

          • therealest says:

            Well no one said cursive writing doesn’t work well, or that people in 2005 didn’t write in cursive. If you’re going to provide a counterargument to a statement having nothing to do with you, at least make sense. And if “know one knows better,” why give your opinion at all? Why even have a comment section if know one else’s input matters? If you only had the capacity to see the illogical hypocrisy of your statement.

          • Gabe says:

            Dude, calm down. You’re are getting worked up over nothing. And I never said no one else’s opinion mattered in the slightest. I just choose to believe that the people that are actually making said mod know whats best for the mod. I also like to take the time to commend and compliment the work they have done, as it is nothing short of spectacular, instead of nit pick rhem and ridicule others. ?

          • therealest says:

            erratum: *no one*
            Also Gabe, people such as myself contribute ideas and point out dissonances in their work because Albert & Cris WANT us to. Hence, “Thanks you for the suggestions!! ?” You telling them to keep doing what they’ve been doing means them asking fans for feedback.

          • albert says:

            Calm down guys! haha
            I changed that text before I released the Final Chapter video, but I forgot to replace the file before recording the video.
            At the end I used the exact same “Congratulations!!” text you can see in REmake

          • Gabe says:

            Looks awesome albert! Keep it up ?

          • therealest says:

            Hey Albert. I’m calm, lol. That congrats photo was a great find. I wasn’t 100% sure if the post-it note said that or not, but that seals the deal. I plan to play REmake one day, so that was a nice surprise mini-kinda-spoiler.

  29. Ernesto Le贸n says:

    Podrias hacer algo borroso el sello del gobierno de los EEUU? de manera similar a como expresaron el comentario de arriba.

  30. Master Chen says:

    …Leon was never a part of S.T.A.R.S. and he never had a “Samurai Edge”. That “change” actually…kind of…pisses me off. Unless I’m forgetting something (the last time I’ve played through BIOHAZARD 4, was more than 5 years ago), this is…just inappropriate, IMHO.

  31. Arun Shan says:

    Hi Albert,

    I did some research and found out that the thing I pointed in the image 1 is not a ribbon but a string as shown in the image 2 and 3. Hence can you make it look like a string?

    Image 1

    Image 2

    Image 3

  32. Max Storm says:

    Hey Albert, how long until the next update

  33. Juliusz says:

    Podziwiam was za oddanie i prac臋.

  34. Rafael says:

    Great, you’ve done a amazing job that surpasses the work done by capcom (hd remaster), it it very cool.

    if you suddenly want to do something else, then now there is active work on re1, re2, re3 hd. it would be cool if you with your skills wanted to participate.

    RE 1 HD work – https://youtu.be/E4xAwvSOchA

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