We need your help! (Twitter account suspended?)

UPDATE: The account is restored. Thank you everyone for your support!!!

Hello people!

As some of you know, the project Twitter account was suspended a few days ago. RE4 HD Project @re4hdproject

We really don’t know what’s the reason, and we are waiting for their answer.

It’s taking some time, and we are afraid this is not going to be fixed until some “real person” in Twitter verify there’s nothing wrong. And who knows how much time this is going to take!

So, I’d like to ask you some help: Could you tweet at the @twittersupport account asking about why our account was suspended to get their attention?

As you know the only stuff we tweet is about the progress of our project, so this is a mistake for sure (Maybe you could mention this).

Anyway, thanks a lot in advance! ;D

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