We need your help! (Twitter account suspended?)

UPDATE: The account is restored. Thank you everyone for your support!!!

Hello people!

As some of you know, the project Twitter account was suspended a few days ago. RE4 HD Project @re4hdproject

We really don’t know what’s the reason, and we are waiting for their answer.

It’s taking some time, and we are afraid this is not going to be fixed until some “real person” in Twitter verify there’s nothing wrong. And who knows how much time this is going to take!

So, I’d like to ask you some help: Could you tweet at the @twittersupport account asking about why our account was suspended to get their attention?

As you know the only stuff we tweet is about the progress of our project, so this is a mistake for sure (Maybe you could mention this).

Anyway, thanks a lot in advance! ;D

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34 responses to “We need your help! (Twitter account suspended?)”

  1. Koopah says:

    Would be glad to help, but uh… what’s the Twitter account name that was suspended? 😛

  2. Bolski says:

    I cancelled my account. This is going WAY too far. Twitter has become unhinged. I tried to create a new account under a different email and it won’t let me. It says Twitter is experiencing issues right now. Right. I bet they are trying to keep all the people who left or have been blocked from coming back. Dump Twitter now.

  3. Ron C says:

    Did it have anything to do with the email or information being unverified? I think that was mentioned a little bit ago in some comments? Twitter can suspend you if your email or information goes unverified for so long, but if you can contact someone at Twitter and send them everything, they should be able to restore your account. Last I thought

    Hope this gets fixed soon, and I’m hoping it has nothing to do with Capcom or a DMCA!

    • albert says:

      That could be a possible reason. But as soon as I saw the verification step I contacted Cris because he is the administrator. Since we are in different countries maybe Twitter identified that discrepancy as a potential menace ¿?
      Anyway days are passing by, and we don’t have any solution :/

  4. HawkX says:

    It would be nice if you would let us (me) know what the twitter account was that got banned/blocked… I only follow the posts you make here so I dont really use twitter… but if 1 more voice can help out, i’ll try to reach out 🙂

  5. Chris says:

    Hace unos días leí que CAPCOM impidió la publicación de un juego de Megaman desarrollado por un fan y ahora en tu caso probablemente el responsable sea el mismo…ese es el problema de usar servicios que no son realmente “tuyos” ya que te encuentras sujeto a las condiciones que imponga el proveedor del servicio…

    No olvidar también que estan creando un remake oficial del RE4 y aunque este sea hecho desde cero, si comparte el mismo nombre con tu projecto…ojo con eso!


    • albert says:

      Por suerte no es ese el caso. Capcom sabe desde 2014 que estamos realizando este proyecto.
      Al ser un remaster, es decir un mod de un juego existente, y que no compartimos el juego entero, sino solo los archivos que cambian, no estamos infringiendo ninguna ley, Y Capcom siempre ha sido permisivo al respecto de modificaciones de sus juegos.
      Algo muy diferente sería que desarrolláramos un juego desde cero basándonos en personajes cuyo copyright es de Capcom, como este juego que mencionas o el Remake de RE2

      Lo más probable sea un problema de que es una cuenta compartida por alguien que está en USA y otro en España. A la hora de hacer verificaciones de seguridad le deben haber saltado los plomos a Twitter XD

  6. fatguy666 says:

    I’ve tweeted for all the good it will do on that hellsite.

    Wanted to share this though, Antonia71 has noticed an issue with the typewriters in game https://residentevilmodding.boards.net/thread/741/resident-evil-texture-mod-attempt?page=86

    I looked and this goes back as far as 2017 when you made a revision to them but don’t think anyone else noticed!

  7. Tweeted, keep up the great work!

  8. Potatoes says:


    REmake 4 is rumored to be revealed tomorrow, Capcom might be coming after you, I’ve been following this project since it first began and been checking on updates on a weekly basis, I don’t mean to be annoying, but I think now is the perfect time to release it before things get messy.
    I love you guys, and I appreciate all the effort you’ve put into this remake.

    • albert says:

      Capcom is aware of our project since 2014, and we even talk with them. I really doubt their first move is to shut a Twitter account down with no warnings or explanations at all. They wouldn’t get anything by doing this anyway. And it’s been a week since the account was disabled
      Anyway, we are doing a mod, not an entire game. We are not sharing the game, only the needed files to improve the visual experience. This can’t compete with a completely brand-new game developed on RE Engine
      I’m sure this isn’t the problem 😀

      • Gamer says:

        I highly doubt it is Capcom when this project is an advertisement for the Steam version, unlike 3D RE2 and random MegaMan fan games.

  9. Kevin Alasco says:

    As you finally completed the whole chapters of RE4 HD Project. Would you mind me to upload All cut scenes only to youtube and I will credit you

  10. MicNor says:

    Have you considered expanding to other platforms? Telegram..uhm..etc? 😛

    Twitter has become incredibly unreliable recently. I wouldn’t be surprised if they repeated this sudden suspension!

    • albert says:

      Yeah, but since we have a lot of followers on Twitter and I have no time to check other social media I rather to recover the Twitter account and that’s it XD
      after all we are already in the final stages of the project.
      But frankly, it’s mostly because I don’t have the time and mood to start all over again and learn a new platform haha

  11. Josie127 says:

    Account probably got suspended by request of Crapcom? Since RE4 is getting a remake, my best bet is that Crapcom is going to do a cease and desist on the whole project?…. 🙁

    I hope I’m wrong. Keep up the good work guys, I love what you are doing to my favorite video game of all time.

  12. Master Chen says:

    This is OBVIOUSLY the Illuminati (Los Illuminados), since they own and control absolute majority of the leftist/”””””democratic””””” social media/platforms. They’re clearly trying to stop you before you finish this project, due to Crapcon recently announcing that RD-1 is taken the role on the REM4KE’s development and, I quote, “trying to make much more faithful and 1-to-1 to the original game, because of the backlash from nu-Demake of Last Escape/Nemesis”. It seems that Crapcon was the one who ordered this hitjob, guys. EXACTLY the same way how “Devil Hackker’s Nest” (Gemini and Tom) were attacked by fAtlus in the past (which forced DHN to close down and it’s members to disperse, though they still managed to finish the Echo Night II’s translation project in the end thanks to me personal interference/help of getting the main guys back together temporarily, since the project was almost finished by the time DHN died).

    Call me a tinfoil-hatter, I don’t care. After what they did to POTUS (and I don’t even care about POTUS, since I’m not a US citizen) this is a very clear exposal of these so-called self-proclaimed “””””social””””” platforms being nothing more than just arrogant aggressive circle-jerking echo-chambering censurers.

    • Ugh says:

      I can’t even tell whats parody and what is real anymore

      If it’s parody, I laughed

      If it’s not, I laughed and also get help, your “epic rants” are merely advertisements for the people who are profiting off you dumb fucks. Everybody knows how Q works now aside from the absolutely deranged. it’s just you and some d-list grifters left lol

      • albert says:

        Please guys, don’t start a dispute here. Nobody can’t change here the way other people think. It just will lead to insults
        The Twitter account is already restored. I still need to confirm it with Cris, but it was mostly an automate security issue with the account and the fact that Cris and I live in different countries and we both have access to the account.
        (To be honest, I also thought it was a joke)

        • therealest says:

          You have yet to understand how hopelessly insane some have gotten over the recent years in America. It’s really, REALLY bad. I’m not trying to start a political conversation, lol, but have you heard about Qanon?

          I know the topic is sensitive, I won’t ask anything else about it. Just curious if you guys know about it on your side of the globe, because it seems to be somewhat internationally known.

          • albert says:

            I personally didn’t hear about that (or I simply don’t remember right now), but judging by the amount of languages on Wikipedia covering this matter, I’d say it is well known everywhere

  13. Anonymous says:

    ^ This.
    I think Capcom informed Twitter to ban your account because of the recently announced official RE4 Remake Project. You may want to consider releasing this project earlier than you intend, because of the risk that Capcom may start threatening you legally to cease and desist immediately.

    I hope I’m wrong, but the risk of delaying this project longer is just not worth this. Maybe just release it now as “Final Beta” and then at least you got this project out there before Capcom lawyers come after you and stop this project. If they never come after you, then you can take your time and release “Version 1.0 / Final Version”.

    Just a friendly suggestion. I love this project and I hope Capcom leave you alone.

    • Axel says:

      RE4 Remake is not officially announced yet.

      This is a texture mod, not a new game. People still need to own the original game to apply the mod. There’s not even a single case of a cease and desist for a hd texture mod (that is even available for free), and I don’t think there will ever be.

      And the account is up again.

      • therealest says:

        Hey Axel, I agree with everything you said, but I think the concern is that calling what they’re doing “Resident Evil 4 HD Project” or “RE4HD,” etc. is an invitation for legal drama.
        Hey Albert & Cris, you guys may want to consider changing your project title to something less intrusive. You guys aren’t American, so I don’t know how much trouble you could get into, but in the US you could easily get sued for the name alone.
        If Spain is legally anything like the US, you guys should consider changing your name to something else, such as “Resident Evil 4 HD Texture Project.” And use a twitter handle of RE4HDTP. Hell, maybe change to “Evil Resident 4 HD,” lol.
        Capcom released an official RE4HD/RE4UHD so there is definitely a case to be made against you guys. I’m not just talking about twitter, I’m speaking in general. If you google “resident evil 4 hd,” your website is the first thing to come up.
        If laws in Spain aren’t like the US then forget I said anything. If they are, you should consider protecting yourself and all your hard work. I don’t know how vengeful Capcom are as a company but the fact that they may be making a remake just adds fuel to the probability fire.

  14. Ron C says:

    Do you have an alternative website or an email we can use to contact you, incase something does happen to the website? I would be devastated if Capcom was coming after your project right before its final release. ( I don’t think thats the case ) Your project is the thing I’m most looking towards right now.

    Have you been having issues on YouTube by chance or is it just Twitter where you are suspended? Any updates with trying to contact them at all?

  15. RE4Fan says:

    Hello, Albert

    Greetings and I hope that your account will be restored soon.

    I just wanted to ask you when will Your graphics mod will be available for download. I really want to replay RE4 again.

    Thank you.

    • albert says:

      It’s already restored 🙂

      We’ll release the final version after the mini-games are also finished
      Thanks for the patience!