Chapter 5 – FINAL Comparison Images

Hello everyone! First of all, thank you everyone for all the support during all these years. I still can’t believe we are on the 8th year of this project!

Finally, I had some time to post this comparison gallery that covers the entire Chapter 5 (the Island section of the game)

Before that, I’ll take the opportunity to post what’s the status of the project.

I’ve hired a programmer who’s creating a few DLL files that will fix some issues this game has. These are the bugs I’d like to fix:

  • Restore “DoF”.
  • Fix water and light bloom effects.
  • Restore the “intense fire effect” that was in the original GC/Wii version of the game (that subtle halo around most fires in the game that gives an extra realistic feeling). The porting process broke that effect, and it became that reddish tint some areas have.
  • Fix the black shadows in the floor (the characters and enemies shadows in the floor are always black even at long distances).
  • Black “Take item” screen. The screen becomes black when you take an item. It should be transparent.
  • Weapon scope and binoculars “zoom effect” it was lost during the porting conversion. The image should be blurred when you zoom in and out.
  • Custom HD movies. This is almost done! The game will be able to load custom HD mp4 files instead of the crappy .SFD movie files!
  • English subtitles on the way!

It’s costing me an arm and a leg, but this is what happens when you ask for some professional help ;P Fortunately I don’t have to maintain a family XD

According to the programmer it’s a matter of time and patience if we want to fix all these aspects of the game. I’ll leave it on her hands, and I’ll cross all my fingers!

Oh, and NO, this won’t postpone the release date even further. It’s being done while I’m remastering Separate Ways 😉

And about the regular progress of the project:

  • Mercenaries: It’s already complete, I’ll post a video next time.
  • Separate Ways Chapter 1 almost finished, I only have to adjust some church lights and re-create the end of chapter render.
  • Mission start render is done:
  • The cutscenes for this first chapter are already remastered. I’ll go in depth in the methods I’ve used to do it, but I’m 99% certain there’s no way these horrible 512×336 pixels cutscenes can look better than this:
  • Opening Sequence is already remastered.
  • I’ve spent an entire week editing small details all over the game based on feedback from people 😀

And finally, here comes the Chapter 5 gallery. It’s a random selection because there were sooo many different details compared to the 2018 version…


Enjoy it!

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218 responses to “Chapter 5 – FINAL Comparison Images”

  1. NEGAARMAX says:

    Ese DLL se ve que será una maravilla para el juego y las comparativas son bellisimas hasta ahces que Sadler se vea guapo D:
    No puedo creer que solo falten algunos meses para poder jugarlo con el proyecto finalizado de verdad que a valido la pena la espera.
    Espero que compartas tambien los artworks de inicio y final de separate ways que se ven espectaculares.
    Esperaré pasceintemente el siguiente post.
    Saludos 😀

  2. Vykhodzev says:

    Astounding progress all around, Albert!
    This project deserves a place in the “Hall of Fame” of video game modding.

    Also, if I were Capcom I would totally show some appreciation for this labour of love and invite you to their studios so you can take a sneak peak at their upcoming RE4 remake. 😀

  3. exodia275 says:

    Always a pleasure watching these comparison images albert. They give such a dopamine rush I feel satisfied everytime.
    Everything is perfect imo except for maybe the doors in the throne room (the original reflection looks better I think) and the cloth of the chair in the throne room (too highly detailed) but these are quite small nitpicks.

    Great job as always and I am patiently waiting to send this mod to all of my friends to get them into this amazing game as soon as it releases.

  4. Harban Vassbak says:

    Fantastic! And I’m sure that if you post what you had to spend on programmer time once she’s done, many of us are willing to donate more money to hopefully cover most of what you’ve spent 🙂

    • Nick Perry says:

      This exactly! I want to know how much you spent so we can all help you absorb that cost man!
      My wallet is ready!
      I’ve donated a bunch times over the years and it has all been 100% deserved and I would be more than up to help contribute to help pay this programmer!

  5. Joe Sun says:

    Hi there,

    Great job as always! Looking forward to the final release!

    In the meantime, I am not sure about the textures of U-3 and Sadler final form here. U-3 now looks like he’s made of granite instead of mutated skin and veins. Same thing goes with Sadler final form. The original textures were muddy on both but with the well-placed specular/normal mapping they look solid (almost 7th gen console-quality if you know what I mean). The overcomplex wrinkles in the new textures overshadowed the original normal mapping/specular, making them a bit more hilarious than creepy.

    Just my two cents though, I have been following your work from the beginning and I highly respect your project! Hope this input helps!

    • Sean says:

      I kind of agree with the above^ comment

      Sometimes less is more, and Sadlers final form is almost too detailed IMO

      Although, it might look better in motion (not sure)

      • Joe Sun says:

        Thank you for your reply!

        I think 99% of the time, Chris and Albert have done a phenomenal job. Taking the close-in on Sadler’s hand (just before Ada vs. Sadler human form, when Sadler expelled the bullets through his palm). The newly added veins and 3d details are incredible. Even the ruby on Sadler’s ring looks like a real gem now.

        However, same cannot be said for U3 and Sadler final form, sadly. Maybe it’s due to these models already reaching their poly-count limit. Had the new textures had more normal mapping/parallax mapping, the final result could be as phenomenal as Sadler’s hand as previously mentioned. In the current status, they look more flat and cartoonish than with original texture. Although others might prefer it this way.

        In this sense, I don’t think there can be “too much detail”, but rather “too much detail that doesn’t register with our brain”.

        I surely hope they could find a way to improve these two cases.

        • albert says:

          Thanks for the feedback!
          Yeah, I’m trying to get the perfect balance. These 2 cases are quite hard and the results feeling varies a lot from screenshot to screenshots. And the look in motion is also different compared to a still picture due to the moving bumpmap/specularity. Not need to mention personal preferences and what people interpreted when looking at the low-res textures!

          • Joe Sun says:

            Hi Albert,

            Thanks for your kind reply!

            On a side note, what you did with Krauser mutated form (including the details on his left arm half-way during mutation) is right on-spot. The new “G.I. Giger” look with hundreds of new wrinkles/hardened metallic tissue on Krauser’s arm made me yell “aha, this is exactly what the original artists intended”.

            That said, I don’t know if the same approach fits U3 or Sadler final form. Maybe a little less G.I. Giger and a little more “Mancubus” in Doom Eternal? I don’t know if that makes sense.

          • albert says:

            Haha yeah, that’s indeed some kind of exoskeleton structure. And Saddler also has traces of the same hard structure here and there. And it makes sense because bullets don’t hurt him. But U-3 is bullet-penetrable, like the regenerators, so its skin should look more like Mancubus. The hard part is to decide the amount of skin detail. But I’m on it ;D
            Thanks for the references and feedback again!

      • albert says:

        I need to find the perfect balance for these textures as I did with U-3. But yes, they look better in motion ;P

  6. Mark says:

    Awesome job!

    When was that release date again?

  7. [STARS]TyranT says:

    Hi Albert! Looks amazing as usual.

    Did you have any success potentially getting the Ashley camera angles working for her section? (I directed you to the mod that was released a while back?)

    Really can’t wait to see this update in action. Separate Ways scenes look much improved.

    • albert says:

      Yep! I can use those at will. I just need to replace a couple of files and that’s it. So, the project will include a small patch in case someone wants to play that section with the classic camera angles ;D

  8. Nicholas Spaziani says:

    This is so exciting!! I can’t believe it’s been 8 years since the project began and it’s incredible that you guys have continued to work on it all this time. I really can’t wait to play through the game with my brother when everything is finalized. Thanks for all of your time and care.

  9. Koopah says:

    Man, your dedication and lack of compromise to release a fully finished HD mod is incredible and inspiring. Thanks so much, I seriously cannot wait to play this.

  10. Gonzo says:

    Que ganas de jugarlo madre mia, eres una maquina. Gracias por el trabajo Albert

  11. SWkiller says:

    Awesome work, can’t wait to see it finished.

  12. Rafael says:

    Hi, a few of moments that I noticed might maybe helpful
    the veins here seem to be too bright
    it seems that a small shadow is needed here, since the light source is partially obscured by the walls of the barrel and seems to look better with a shadow
    the veins here seem to be too bright
    Amazing work! thanks, we look forward to the release

  13. Max Storm says:

    Hey Albert, why did you invert the button on top of Ashley in this picture?

  14. Luiz says:

    Well done, man! You guys are awesome with your dedication and passion about the game just so are we.(the rest of the fans :D). You know what’s the most exciting part of that list of new stuffs? The english subtitles! haha, that’s right… I always wanted Re4 with some English caps and even mentionted that to you guys in one of your posts before. Anyway, I’m really excited about the new stuffs, so, keep it up guys and again, your work is awesome!

  15. KadY says:

    love the progress 🙂

  16. Ron C says:

    Hi Albert! I hope things are doing okay. 😀 Awesome stuff! Thank you so much for the update. Will the video on Seperate Ways be for each Chapter, or will you be playing the entire thing in 1 video once all the chapters are complete?

  17. René José Martínez says:

    Magnifico trabajo albert. Solo tengo una duda, en la mesa donde esta el ketchup la bolsa parece tener chicharrones, siempre pense que el contenido eran viceras o tripas, igual no se si solo sea apreciacion mia.

    • albert says:

      No, solo son pretzels 😛
      No son caníbales. Sencillamente les importa un comino qué comer: pretzels o carne podrida XD

      • Ron C says:

        Huh, I always thought they were cannibals, unless it’s just specifically for the monks? They do chant / mutter ” cerebros ” over and over. Doesn’t that mean ” brains ” in english? Unless I’m mistaken and they are saying something else in Spanish?

        Regardless, your attention to detail is amazing as always, dude 😀

        • René José Martínez says:

          Exactly, that´s why, probablly those are brains on plastic bags.

  18. frankchesk0 says:

    I really love it

  19. Josh Ochs says:

    Any chance you could have this person look into restoring the demo/trailer that plays at the main menu of the ps2 and PC versions of the game? The fmv for it is in the game files.

  20. Genaro Lozano says:

    Looks absolutely fantastic as always!
    I was going to ask about the buttons above Ashley when removing the parasite but someone beat me to it. Crazy how you’ve found all those little details. Can’t wait to play!

    • Genaro Lozano says:

      Oops, meant to add:
      I saw the piece on you and your travels in the latest issue of Game Informer. That was a really cool piece. It was so cool to see this project get some wider attention. Are there any areas of the world you wanted to visit for the game but couldn’t?

      • albert says:

        Oh thanks!
        They didn’t “inform” me the interview was out! can I see it anywhere?
        Hummm… a wall inside Palacio Real, in Madrid. it’s not allowed to take pictures… so… technically I visited the place, but … it was for nothing XD

        • Genaro Lozano says:

          Please excuse the poor lighting.

          That link should work.
          Follow up question, why were the photos removed from the bulletin board in this screenshot?:
          Were they just such poor quality it was impossible to make out what they were supposed to be? Thanks

          • albert says:

            Oh! Sorry I didn’t saw that haha
            Thanks for the picture. I’ll ask them a PDF ;D
            I thought it would be much longer… taking into consideration it was like… an hour of interview XD.
            But that’s a limitation of a printed magazine.

        • Seam says:

          Follow up question, why were the photos removed from the bulletin board in this screenshot?:

          Also the TV screens look flat and less realistic with no glare on the screen from the ceiling lights

          • albert says:

            Oh, some pictures have been relocated. That picture floating in the middle on that long list doesn’t make sense. It’s just there because the texture was a hodgepodge of elements. The picture on the right is also just a portion of picture on top of another document. I put order to that chaotic texture.
            The specular elements on the screen are “painted” on the screen texture. They look terribly fake when you move the camera. Now they have a subtle but realtime specular effect. This is one of those cases you have to see it in motion to fully understand the change ;D

  21. Xuru says:

    Could this new dll also fix the way the text is displayed on the Merchant menu and the multiple 60fps bugs?

  22. Olliver says:

    This is amazing! Love your work. I’m so happy that English subtitles are on the way! I’m hearing impaired and it helps to have subtitles as sometimes it’s hard to understand speech in games (especially when there’s a lot of other background noise). Also, very excited about the textures and bringing back the GC/Wii effects. I never played the GC version. I started with the PS2 version and have always been told that the GC version had much better graphics which made me jealous but I did enjoy the extra contents offered in the PS2 version. Can’t wait to see this project finish. Do you think this will run fine on 7700K and GTX 1070 8GB (1080p)? Does this game support 4K or 8K or Ultrawide resolution? Maybe have the programmer add those resolutions if it doesn’t and also unlock the memory limit rather than using the memory unlock .EXE that you recommend.

    • Xuru says:

      I have a GTX 1660 and an i5 9400F and I’m able to play the game at 4K 60 fps with the 2018 pack without any issues

  23. Frank Nitty says:

    Can’t wait to see the finished product. Thanks for the update.

  24. Pedro Vitor says:

    Great news, you dont have idea on how happy i got when i had seem this, i open your website everyday from quite some time to get to play the full version, on the printscreen that Leon is sitting on the chair, there is a new light bulb on the roof, is this cut content?
    Everything is looking good, nice job!

  25. Ernesto León says:

    What do you mean with english subtitles on the way? and will this DLL let you edit subtitle typos / differences? like in spanish when you are reading the “carne para gozar el tiempo que nos es dado” the subtitles saying something slightly difference (and those differences go even further when reading the same sign in separate ways)

    • Alan3D says:

      Theres no subtitles at all for the english game (except for raido calls). Only non english languages have subtitles.

  26. Donald Trompeta says:

    Buenas! Unas cosas que noté!
    Esta keycard siempre me ha parecido gigante, podrias hacerla más pequeña?

    Hace tiempo mencioné que este seria un texto más adecuado para la granada fragmentaria, y estuviste de acuerdo, ya se lo aplicaste?

    Me parece que el rojo de esta manguera es muy vivo y alegre, podrias hacerlo un pelo más oscuro?

    Y por ultimo, se que las armas se busca que sean lo mas parecidas posibles a las originales, pero, podrias POR FAVOR, añadir esta pieza a la Striker? Sin ella, Leon de disparar sujetandola como las otras escopetas, le pegarian los cartuchos en la cara (en el articulo de IMFDB de RE4 Se explica bien, y gracias)

    • albert says:

      La tarjeta tiene el tamaño adecuado para la ranura en la que luego debe insertarse. No es una tarjeta llave al uso, como las de la comisaría del RPD, es un modelo muy raro… así que no hay referencias de tamaño.

      Granada: ya está cambiado a
      COMP B PA 1-266 LOT 30-32
      FSN 1220-724-5041

      Es verdad. En otra habitación se usa la misma textura pero con el rojo más vivo. Pero en esta habitación la textura era idéntica pero más desaturada y olvidé ajustarla. Solucionado!

      El arma… es un tema peliagudo, ya que esa pieza ahí en medio cambiaría bastante el aspecto del arma, y por lo que he leído no es la única pieza que le falta, y además dispone de una culata desplegable que se supone que facilitaría su manejo y no se llega a usar, está de decoración… vamos, que la Striker es un despropósito de arma XD
      Me lo estudiaré…


  27. X says:

    Albert acabo de terminar de ver las imágenes y he notado 2 cosas: 1ro la camiseta de Leon es ligeramente mas clara que el original…he revisado en escenas donde no has modificado la iluminación y el original luce MAS OSCURO y 2do concuerdo con alguien que dijo que la textura de Sadler transformado debería ser mas rojiza como lo es el original….es asi o son mis ojos? :S

    Un abrazo a la distancia…

    • albert says:

      En el original, por error mío, he capturado las texturas HD (ya sabes, en el juego puedes elegir entre “calidad de texturas original” “calidad de texturas HD”. Las HD son el 95% ampliadas y filtradas, y algunas como las de Leon han sido rehechas con bastante mal gusto. La caniseta, por ejemplo, es más oscura y tiene textura de cuero si te acercas mucho…
      La textura de Saddler es exactamente del mismo color, la diferencia es el filtro rojizo que tiene toda la imagen en el original, consecuencia de un fallo del port. Yo he restaurado los tonos originales de la versión de Gamecube/Wii 😉
      Gracias por los comentarios!

  28. Ronny says:

    Hi Albert! Do you think that with the fixed DLL you will be able to fix those black screens that appear on some cutscenes after interactions? Like Salazars right hand throwing the knife at Leon, and El Lago rope cutscene.

    Also, the same thing applies to a bug that freezes the cutscene for half a second after minigame interaction, like Leon and Krauser knife fight.

  29. Alan3D says:

    Excelente trabajo como siempre! Pero tengo algunos nitpicks, la X del botón de XBOX en la interfaz que dice OPEN luce más comprimido que el original de alguna manera. El el hombro del brazo izquierdo de Krauser luce un poco muy lowpoly, seria posible añadir un loop/bevel más? El circulo negro cuando haces zoom con el rifle parece de baja resolución o comprimida.

    • albert says:

      Sí, tengo que retocar los botones, no es problema
      lo de los polígonos es complicado. Porque siempre se va a ver algo poligonal y es difícil decidir cuando parar. Aparte de lo complicado del proceso en sí. Cada polígono nuevo hay que asegurarse de que las normales de los vértices no generen sombras raras, y que el peso asignado a cada hueso del modelo 3D sea el correcto para evitar ligeras deformaciones durante el movimiento. Y La zona que va del cuello a la muñeca es, perdón por la expresión, una puta pesadilla XD
      Me lo apunto para ver si me da tiempo de optimizarlo un poco ;D

      • Alan3D says:

        ¿Usas el Skin Wrap modifier? En teoría deberia copiar los pesos de los polys identicos o similares para no tener que rerigear de cero

        • albert says:

          Sí, pero los resultados no son perfectos. Siempre quedan “valores residuales” que generan algunas pequeñas deformaciones indeseadas en cuanto el personaje realiza ciertos movimientos un poco bruscos.

  30. Max Storm says:

    Hey Albert, do you have to play the entire separate way again or not?

    • albert says:

      SW will receive the same treatment (final revision videos) the main campaign received
      Chapter 1 is complete ;D
      So, Mercenaries and Separate ways chapter 1 videos will come next. but I’ll be working on the next chapters in the meantime, of course!

  31. Depassage says:

    Amazing truly,

    Any chance that this programmer could fix the controls issues that has the game on some room with the “aim button” on any Xbox (X360, Elite, probably others too) type of controller like the room with the first plagua ganados and some platform on the mercenary (waterworld) minigame?

    trying to aim at theses specific rooms, many times, makes you unable to aim and shoot.

    I’m so happy that this project is near completion. had fun watching the progress over all theses years =)

  32. Gonzo says:

    Que barbaridad, no entiendo como puedes hacerlo tan bien todo. Si tuviera que poner alguna pega, quizas que los personajes a pesar de tener buenas texturas se siguen viendo algo poligonales pero supongo que sera una limitacion del motor o algo asi pero vamos, me encanta tio. Capcom deberia pagarte por este trabajo o contratarte, porque menudo talento

  33. Axel says:

    Hi, Albert!

    Thanks for the update. Can I ask a question? Once this project is finished, will you release the source code for the DLL to the public?

  34. Victor Poulsen says:

    You guys are heroes! Thank you for the write-up Albert, I love following the updates and seeing all the love that’s being poured into this. Like always, best wishes and good luck!


    Your work is flawless, the true HD remaster that Resident Evil 4 needed.
    Shame on you CAPCOM, they should turn your work official, and also canceled their stupid plans for their stupid remake.
    RE4 just needs this true HD remaster.

    • Jim says:

      I agree with you instead of remaking 4 they really should be remaking code Veronica it’s a lot more dated than 4. Plus a good amount of the acting hasn’t aged well in code Veronica the acting in 4 really has no issues. I don’t understand why they’re giving an important part of the resident evil story the cold shoulder. it’s not like they didn’t already remake a game staring Clare redfield already. shame on capcom.

  36. Ascaron says:

    Impresionante, Albert! Qué duro trabajo el tuyo, estoy esperando con ganas a que acabes.

  37. Suckable_Lemon says:

    Hey Albert, really appreciate how much effort you are still putting into this project. Good luck having all those issued fixed by the programmer you hired. I’m assuming the intention is to have those effects you mentioned function identically to the original GC version of the game.

  38. Donald Trompeta says:

    Hey Albert, te dejé un comentario arriba con unos enlaces por si no lo viste xD

  39. Stef says:

    Amazing work, can’t wait for the final release.

    Is there any chance of the programmer fixing some of the 30fps animations? I need that sniper rifle reload animation in 60fps 😀

  40. Abdulrahman says:

    WoW !!! well done …… this is on another level …… I really appreciate all the work you’ve done … Can’t wait to play it with these astonishing modifications..

  41. Ben says:

    Be really great to see a lot of those bugs fixed with the dll files. Not sure if this has been asked already, but would Leon’s bulletproof vest costume hair physics be possible to fix with this?

  42. Alvin says:

    Absolutely stunning results. Can’t wait to play the full game again with these remastered graphics.
    Couple of things that still bother me:

    • The red light during Saddler battle has yellow rings around them.
    • Ada looks like she’s sitting in a bathroom instead of a the helicopter because of how the walls look currently.
    I think these walls supposed to be metal plating but rotated to look like squares instead of diamonds.
    • As someone else already pointed out, the mutated Saddler and U3 look too sharp/contrasted somehow. It seems as though they’re suppose to be slimey/muddy instead of dried out bacon/sausage.
    I did an edit putting U3’s original texture on top of the high res and lightening it up a bit. I think he also doesn’t ‘pop out’ as much because the environment behind him is a bit brighter than before.

    • albert says:

      Hello Alvin!

      Those are not rings. It’s just the light reaching the edges around the lights. ;D

      Haha that wall is a padding surface. It took me ages to figure it out, but I found out most military helicopters have a protective surface.
      I guess it’s function is to avoid crushed heads when the helicopter performs abrupt moves XD

      Thanks for that U3 refinement. It looks really nice and a good inspiring start point for a final revision 🙂

      • Alvin says:

        To clarify the red light during Saddler battle. I know the edges light up that way because of realistic and close light placement, but are you sure the actual light colors are reddish enough in tone? I’d expect it to look more like this:

        Not sure if it’s possible but I think it looks prettier that way.

        • albert says:

          Ahh ok! Fixed. the light color was FF 46 0F (RGB values). So, the Red value (FF) was at its max. I reduced the Green from 46 to 08, and now it looks more or less like your image ;D
          You know… red + green = yellow. Since the object is already yellow, a small amount of green in the light increases the yellow final result

      • Hellboy. says:

        Para mi “the mutated Saddler and U3” estan perfectos.
        albert me gusta mucho mas la imagen en “before”, especialmente como se ve la cara.

      • Hellboy. says:

        albert si decides usar las texturas mas borrosas puedes subir las primeras que creaste para usarlas cuando salga el mod. Gracias

      • Alvin says:

        That looks so much better now. I suggest you do the same with Saddler and Verdugo. 😀

      • dreadfield says:

        yes it look better because before the shiny effect was too constricted on the bump of the details of the texture, making it look very convulted and the effect not visible on the surface of the skin of the u3
        i think is a welcome change!! well done

  43. V I D A L says:

    8 years? Damn time flew. Here.. have another 20 bucks.
    Just made another donation. Really appreciate your work.

  44. Marcos says:

    Can you increasing the ground UV size for make the texture smaller?

  45. Shannon says:

    Hello Albert! The news of programmer being hired on is great to hear, I really hope your list of fixes can be fully completed for the final release. On that note, is there any intention to fix the aiming speed bug that has plagued every HD release of this game? It’s the one where an object exploding (wire traps, explosive barrels, etc) will cause Leon’s aiming sway animation to play at double speed until the next explosion. It’s super minor in the long run, and I apologize if it’s been brought up or fixed prior, but I figure it’s worth a mention! Thanks for all your work!

    • albert says:

      Thank you! I also hope most of these things can be fixed ;D
      About the aiming sway speed, i0’ve just tried by myself at 30 and 60 fps and I haven’t noticed any issue. Could it be it depends on the weapon? Is it possible to see this bug in action?

      • Shannon says:

        Here’s a good look at it for reference:

        However, after doing some testing and additional research myself, it turns out this doesn’t affect the PC version! Admittedly I’ve played the HD release the most on console, so I apologize for wasting your time!

  46. Gandi says:

    Hey albert,
    amazing work as always – can’t wait to finally play this.
    I have one question regarding the TVs as seen on

    Is the change to labels at the top an artistic choice? Because I’m pretty sure those are supposed to be tally lights as found on professional monitors. You could google “sony bvm/pvm” images for reference.
    Would be a shame with all the work you put into the labels though lol
    Either way, thanks for all you’ve done. This is the only “hd” project of any game I’ve ever come across that really puts the artistic intent of the original game front and center. Cheers!

    • albert says:

      Thank you! 😀
      I thought you were right until I saw the original texture again, and I’m not that sure now:
      As you can see they have different sizes and inclinations. That’s why I saw them as some kind of label.

      • V I D A L says:

        It looks to me that Gandi is, indeed, right about the Sony bvm monitors, but the labels actually look much cooler anyway. It’s not like no liberties were taken in this project anyway. Some scenes look dramatically different due to the work done for more consistent and realistic lighting so I don’t think the labels is a big deal. They do look more interesting than the little light would anyway.

        • albert says:

          Haha yeah, and there are a few things that have been changed on purpose because they made absolutely no sense. Did you see the original texture I posted as a response to Gandi? what about that variation in sizes and inclinations… hummm

      • Gandi says:

        There’s different sizes of tally lights found on the BVMs as well, although not on the same exact monitor model … but the inclination? That doesn’t really add up.
        I’m fine with it staying labels, just wanted to add some input on one of the things I thought I knew about!
        I may also be a bit biased and wanted some BVM goodness show up in the game 😀

  47. EPD Gaffney says:

    These images look wonderful as always. Just wanted to point out a couple of things that I think could be improved.

    First, Ada’s Mercenaries picture has a facial expression that looks a little bit possessed.

    And second, the diamond plate/cross hatch anti-skid metal pattern in some places like in CHAPTER5_077B_resultado.jpg
    is really large compared to what you’d expect to see in real life. At least, I’ve never seen any that big.

    But other than that, these are unbelievably impressive, and we’re excited about the programmer. Also the Easter egg on the board. Has anyone else mentioned it?

    • albert says:

      Hahah the original was crosseyed.
      Maybe she looks a litle weird because of the lighting. The other characters have side light sources reaching them while Ada is the only one that have a source of light in from of her face. Could that be the reason??

      The plates’ pattern size is fixed ;D

      Easter egg: Nope, you are the first one. So you figured it out?

      • EPD Gaffney says:

        Yeah, now that you mention it, the lighting is probably part of the problem with Ada. I’d guess part of it’s her wide eyes as well but it’s hard to say. The mission start render of her below looks excellent, though.

        Well, my girlfriend actually noticed the Easter egg and she wants credit from me. I’m very sure I would have missed it haha.

        • Alvin says:

          It’s because her eyes are not centered to camera like Leon’s. She looks down, yet her upper eyelids are too high up, revealing the iris above the pupil.

        • Alvin says:

          Perhaps dilating the pupils further would solve it.
          I’ve noticed that they aren’t black in the original low res either.

    • Xuru says:

      Hahahah, only now did I notice the easter egg

  48. Steven says:

    Nothing short of amazing work. Thank you for your dedication to this project.

  49. Alex says:

    Wow! You’ve really gone above and beyond for this mod! I’m not holding my breath for absolutely everything to be fixed, since it’s I know it’s hard work to make extensive modifications without access to source code and official documentation, and I was also already happy with the compromises you made for most of those issues, but if your programmer can manage to fix even half the items on the list (I’m also hoping for the 60 fps animation bugs to be fixed), that would already be extremely impressive. Although I’m sad that this means that the final release will probably take longer than if you had simply released what you had so far, I’m also happy that this potentially means that RE4HD will inarguably be the best and definitive version of the game. In any case, this definitely warrants more donations.

    • EPD Gaffney says:

      Actually the post says that the release will not be postponed as she will be working on the programming stuff at the same time as Albert finishes up the non-code stuff, so it should happen simultaneously and not delay anything.

  50. Master Chen says:

    >Fortunately I don’t have to maintain a family


  51. Max Storm says:

    Hey Albert, why did you add the lights in this picture eventhough the original doesn’t have it?

  52. Ion says:

    Brillante, Albert. Es innegable que con esto pasarás a formar parte de la historia de Resident Evil.
    Hay una cosa que no deja de sorprenderme cada vez que muestras los progresos y es el absoluto y enfermizo nivel de detalle en prácticamente todo. La inmensa mayoría de mods que alteran texturas o assets siempre pecan de alterar demasiado la atmósfera o estilo artístico del juego base pero en este caso realmente logras que permanezca inalterado.
    Siendo los japoneses como son con estas cosillas, se ha puesto alguien de Capcom en contacto contigo para agradecerte la labor que te estás pegando? De no ser así hay que hacérselo llegar!

    • albert says:

      Gracias!! 😀
      Hubo contactos con alguien de estados unidos, que a su vez informó a la rama japonesa de Capcom (mediante PDF presentación del proyecto que se molestaron en traducir al japonés!), pero nunca llegaron a mostrar interés real por ello desde japón. Sin duda, el contacto de Capcom americano era bastante más entusiasta de este proyecto que la rama japonesa, así que al menos he de agradecerle por haberlo intentado XD

  53. dreadfield says:

    hi albert looks amazing and its almost done!
    i was wondering seems that you hired a programer , i am guessing if it would be possible to fix positional audio , some sound are still mono, and breaks inmerssion
    what you said?

    • albert says:

      The graphic bugs are the priority. Unfortunately we’d need more time and money to be able to fix absolutely all issues, but I don’t even know if the audio bugs can be fixed.
      I’d like to restore the reverb effect some areas of the game had in the gamecube/wii version at least

      What’s the positional audio that was lost during the porting process? Is there any accurate sound bugs list?

      • dreadfield says:

        capcom back in the day, realessed a patch that fixed some of the sounds to pan out to rear channels like 5.1 does but not all of them
        i could make a list but i rememeber this
        foot steps from the enemies that come from the back still sound stereo o mono the sound in front but enemies coming from behind
        voices from the enemies i think were positional or working in 5.1 not all of them
        fire torches objects were mono or not positional and so on
        is a matter of identify wichones are still mono and turn them to positional…

      • dreadfield says:

        it seems the enemy footsteps not work in positional audio the rest of the game seems to works dont know if any other sound is broken i will do a research

        would be awsome if you fix reverb sounds!!!

  54. BlueWindGTR says:

    I buy RE4 just in library no install no open the game, it is for waiting install your HD mod.
    It’s worth to waiting. Thank you.

  55. Alexander says:

    Albert, how about fixing the soap image in the game, and making the images clearer, as it should actually be. Or do it so that it can be turned off and off optionally.

  56. Joel says:

    Stupid question: What’s “DoF?”

    • albert says:

      Depth of Field. In brief, the blurriness we could see during cutscenes at the distance in the Gamecube/Wii (and even when looking at some skies)

  57. Nick says:

    You absolute legend

  58. Nicky says:

    about improving Separate Ways pre-render cut-scenes… have you guys ever think about adding effects like ‘scanlines’ to it? I did it when I was playing PS2 version on PCSX2 back in those days and I think it makes the cut scenes looks a bit more bearable to my eyes, dunno how you guys think, just saying~

    • albert says:

      That would make the videos even less similar to the rest of the game. The main goal is to make the transition from game to video to game as smooth as possible. The scan lines would make it even more noticeable.
      I’m combining AI upscale methods, manual edits and some re-creations for certain camera angles. I’m quite happy with the results given the limitations of the source material

      • Nicky says:

        yeah it had to be consistent alright… I forgot that the game itself didn’t had such effects, adding the effects only on FMV but not in-game gameplay surely makes things weirder… 🙁
        Well thanks for the reply! and I hope there will some way to make Ada’s cutscenes look better!

  59. Shuja Khan says:

    Is it weird that I fap to Ada every now and then?

  60. Alvin says:

    Lmao, I forgot how much work went into this project. When I got back to playing the ugliest port there is; “Ubisoft’s SourceNext” I kinda realized how much it has improved over all these years. Donated another 50 euro.

  61. abi008 says:

    Amazing job, really you are restless. The only gripe I have with the game is how enemies and their bloodpool dissapear almost instantly. We all know why, but still it would be great if programmer could skim at the codes if it’s not overly complicated? I think that Raz0r did it with his trainer, also in Ubisoft’s port somone hex edited exe file to make it work. Just an idea..

  62. Toma Tsvetkov says:

    Can’t wait for upcoming updates!
    Followed the project since 2015 and I always admire the dedication!
    I still can’t belive the project is coming to a conclusion!
    And after years of just following the progress I finaly made a donation!

    Just wanted to know since the project will get english subtitles, will it be possable to make
    somekind of mod similar to Fluffy Manager 5000 but for subtitles to be edited and people
    can actually make fan trasnlations of their own language? I know its really hard to localize
    subtitles in games but I just had to ask 🙂

    • EPD Gaffney says:

      Oh, is that what the subtitles were about? I had no idea. I thought it was just for the videos or something. I’d really love all the Spanish voices to have subtitles, honestly. I know what most of the lines are after so many years but that would still be quite nice. I’d have expected that sort of thing to be outside the scope of the project but if it’s already happening, I’m excited.

  63. XxDarkus101Xx says:

    I know I am so late to this but just want to know. I don’t have like uTorrent or anything, so is there another way to download the HD project? I think I saw in the description where the file size would be even bigger if downloading the “8 links” or something like that and I couldn’t find them anywhere.

  64. mofail says:

    All displays are amazing as usual, I’m very interested in the subtitled translation of this game…is this really possible? The ganado say their lines & we get to know what they’re saying?! I’d love that lol Good luck!

  65. cody rushton says:

    hi albert, i just want to say i just donated $100
    i love re4, probably not as much as you do, but the way you have approached this hd remaster has been something of… i dont know, almost perfection
    i have seen many remakes, remasters, etc. of old games, as you probable have, but i dont think ive ever seen such a dedicated person that cares so much about the source material, recreating in better quality what the original artists intended
    often i look at remasters or remakes and im disappointed by the work that is done, but its clear from when i started to follow this project after the release of re4 on steam that you truly care, that you really love this game, and i love this game too
    its amazing to see someone as passionate as you work on this game, i have followed this project from the beginning, and you are a real inspiration, and i think all game developers that are involved with remake projects should look to you for inspiration
    your approach to artistic recreation in video games is honestly revolutionary, a standard that all studios should live up to
    its rare to see in any sort of remake or remaster, someone with the passion or dedication that you do
    i love this game, and its unquestionable how much you love this game too
    to me, and im being honest, i have followed this project from its beginning, and it is one of the most inspiring pieces of artwork i have ever seen, and that i will ever see in my lifetime
    this is a project worthy of the collective love we all have of this game, and i thank you for it
    i have shed tears looking at what youve done, the philosophy of art restoration/remastering youve applied to this game is honestly an achievement beyond words

    thank you albert, seriously, thank you, in my opinion the work youve done is one of the greatest art restoration projects in history

    i love this game, and i love it more because of you
    thank you

    • cody rushton says:

      i apologize for bad formatting and grammar here, but really, i am shedding tears typing all of this out, thank you albert, i dont know what else to say

    • albert says:

      Hello Cody!
      Thanks a lot for you support and generosity 😀 And of course for taking the time to send us this message and the infinite patience for following us during sooo many years!
      What differs this project compared to other remastering and official projects is time and business. Videogame industry is a moneymaker and this kind of dedication for a remaster of an existent game is not profitable. But we, the fans, are here to correct this hehe
      Thanks again!

  66. Ron C says:

    Hello Albert, I was watching chapter 5-4 again. I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before, but in the cutscene where Saddler gets shot a bunch of times, his cape I think has less bones/rigging to the rest of his clothes, and it looks stiff, and you can see it during the cutscene when hes bent over. Can this be fixed? Not a huge detail but its something I noticed! Took an picture for what I mean.

    I hope the Seperate Ways chapters are going okay. You probably know how excited I’am to see it XD

    Have you ever thought of uploading the previous cutscenes in the highest quality like your most recent videos, or will you wait until the next pack releases?

    Hope everything’s goes well, Albert. 😀

    Ron C

    • albert says:

      Hummm I can’t add extra bones/edit animations. It’s something hardcoded. The game crashes if there are discrepancies with the original amount/name of the bones.
      I just can edit the vertices weights assigned to the existent bones. So, I’ll see if something can be done with that

      What do you mean with “highest quality cutscenes”?


      • Ron C says:

        In your previous videos from a year prior, the highest quality on youtube it goes up to 1080p. However in your most recent videos, the quality goes up to 2160p60. I was wondering if you would ever do a showcase of all the cutscenes playing at 2160p60 on youtube with the cutscene viewer in re4uhd?

        Watching your older videos, the difference in quality is actually quite noticeable. The 2160p60 makes it appear much clearer, crisper and textures pop much more noticeably.

        Up to you of course! I only ask because the next pack still has a while to go still c:

        Thanks for answering my other question! If its too much of a hassle please don’t worry about it, I’ve just played this game so many times and its kinda bugged me XD

  67. Alvin says:

    Hey there Albert, I was wondering.. If I recall correctly, you were able to transition the ambient intensity depending on the position of Leon. Is it also possible to change the ambient light color like that?
    It would look really cool if you could keep the warmer tone for interior and then gradually fade into cooler colors when outside. Here’s an photoshop edit I made. I think the moon would look nice like this:

    And then with a really subtle flare/bloom effect like you did with lamps.

    • albert says:

      Yes, that’s possible, but the transition isn’t smooth, so it’s not a good idea.
      Anyway, there are lots of ambient lights everywhere, even in open huge areas, that help to adjust the ambience and compensate the lack of realistic lighting. So, I can change the lights’ color in the outside part of that area while keeping the exact same color when you are inside the building or underground. And this is how it looks now 😀

      • Alvin says:

        This game’s engine has some very valuable and clever lighting tricks..
        Screenshot looks fantastic. 🙂

  68. dreadfield says:

    hi albert so we were talking about many sounds in the game that play in stereo and not positional 5.1
    i looked into the game and loaded gameply on diferent scenarios i just desconnected the stereo channels of my home theater , the left and right speakers so , i can only hear central and rear speakers so the next list
    i will put ONLY the sounds that are STEREO and not POSITIONAL (5.1 dolby etc)

    1.During Village scenario i found
    River sound thats come below the bridge before the first cabin ganado encounter, in the game when you start with the two cops _stereo
    2.Footsteps of all the enemies included ASHLEY are stereo
    3.all the Explotions that come from grenades that leon uses are stereo included its diferent effects because fire, or blinding grenades.
    4.Enemies hiting windows furniture or doors during rave towards leon in the bingo scenario cabin, are stereo.
    5.all the animals in the game their sound are all stereo included the dog the beatifull dog all of them cows birds crows bats etc.
    6.Also ashley voice is stereo
    7.Fire sound when enemies blow the torches to fire at you are stereo.
    8.All the enemie EL GIGANTE sounds are stereo no voice not grunt no nothing coming from behind or center channel.
    9.Salazar final form end game footsteps also stereo and objects he interact with.
    10.Ashley hiding in the container is stereo
    leon knife effect over flesh of the enemies is stereo
    11.chain sounds from the iluminados weapons are stereo.

    so thats pretty much it
    so this list of sounds NEVER play on the central channels and the rear channels.

    • dreadfield says:

      leon striking with knife on flesh to the enemies is normal to be stereo because that happens always in front XD

      have fun albert and cant wait to see the project realese with whatever changes you can ad

    • albert says:

      Wow thank you for the list!
      I don’t know if it’s possible to edit the positional audio, but I’ll comment it to the programmer ;D

  69. Jitterdoomer says:

    Do you think it is possible to change Ashley’s view from third person to classic Resident Evil-styled static camera from the Japanese version?

  70. bobby says:

    Hi I was just recently watching the assignment Ada video, great stuff BTW. Anyways I noticed that some items color were off.
    1. The 3 handguns in the game share the same new texture. For some reason they are blue on one side and silver on the other. This was really odd to me. In real life most pistol magazines are either black or silver and are also one solid color.
    2. You’ll notice that the handle on the case has a green tint to it. Also the marked areas near the top of the case seem to be missing detail.
    3. Similarly the radio also has a green tint to it.
    4. Finally the fire hose seems too bright of a red and or not dirty enough.

    Stellar work as usual and congrats on nearly being done 🙂

    • albert says:

      1.The magazine texture is the same, but the original was wrongly mapped. The blue part with that diamond shape part is supposed to be on the wider faces of the magazine. In the original mapping that blue part (that look almost black was wrongly mapped on the lateral faces.
      The new texture is based on another one from Remake, which uses the exact same magazine texture but higher-resolution
      2. Thanks! Easy to fix ;D
      3. The original also has the green tint. In the bottom image the lighting is completely different. The “original” comparison in the Ada image shows the pseudo HD textures the porting team created for the PC port which are completely wrong and badly mapped.
      4. Someone already mentioned that and I already fixed it 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback!!

  71. ganbattealbertsan says:

    Hi Albert!
    Stunning work – it goes above and beyond anything I expected back when you guys started out.
    Can’t wait to see the final results. Any chance you can get Capcom to offer it as a kind of DLC to the main game via Steam?

    Concerning Krauser’s arm at:
    The polygon model looks weird – almost like parts of his arm had been carved out?

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      They are not interested in this project unfortunately.

      About Krauser’s arm, that’s a polygon limitation. I can’t make everything smooth and round, just the most obvious stuff. And comparison shots make things you only see during a second even more obvious XD

      • Alvin says:

        I’m not interested in Capcom. Sure, without them we wouldn’t have the original game in the first place. But this project and the level of quality surpasses anything I’ve seen coming from re4’s re-releases. How in the hell did they allow lesser talent on porting/breaking the game multiple times. It makes my blood boil to see them f it up so many times. Even then breaking more and more features over each port. It can attest they dont care at all besides generating money. I guess Capcom’s team is not made out of people with passion and talent like Albert.

  72. Augustwolves says:

    Hello, Albert. Magnificent work as always. Please, can you mention to the programmer, if she able to fix bug U-3 (“IT”) boss room. When is hathes Tail with claws, not covered in blood as GCN version. You mention it in chapter 5-3

  73. Marcos says:

    Hola Albert, excelente trabajo como siempre. Volviendo a ver las capturas solo por placer noté un pequeño detalle.
    Aquí se puede ver que la textura de las cajas está bien:
    Pero aquí como que la versión HD Project está rotada a 90° a la izquierda:

  74. mofail says:

    Hello will this .dll coder be able to help with improving or editing water effects in this game?

    • albert says:

      The idea is to fix how the game handle water textures the same way the GC/Wii versions do.
      I edited the textures and the water EFF configuration to somehow fix/compensate the broken water effect the HD port has, but the results are not as good as the GC water is.

      • Alvin says:

        Oof. Never realized that. I thought you managed to fully grasp it through hex editing and fixed the entire issue, if not improved upon how it worked.

        Does that mean if it gets fixed for good by the programmer it might mean you’d have to re-edit all the areas with water once more? Speaking of, have you received any update from the programmer thus far? I’ve been very excited and curious from the day you posted about it.

        • albert says:

          No doubt the water looks much better with the simple hex-pacth-work I’ve done to the effect and the water textures edits, but yes, the effect is still broken. It’s just it’s not noticeable now and it seems it’s ok XD

          And yes, I’d probably edit the water effect again, but it would be a million times easier to get the perfect look.

          About the programmer, she’s having a hard time with the custom HD mp4 movie player. She succeeded on making it to work during the main campaign and in the movie browser, but she’s having difficulties with Separate Ways. No news about the other stuff so far because this is the first thing of the list she’s taking care of

  75. mofail says:

    wow , looking forward to more news/exciting developments from mystery coder ! The water effects are absolutely improved though I’m glad you acknowledge they can be even better. It’s only really blatant when you look down at the large lake from the cliff or just passing the church area or the end of game ocean scenes. Small puddles look fine though larger bodies of water should be more rippled.
    Having said that i personally like the lake up close because it makes the water look thick with contamination. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ slimier sludge or something..

    If this game mod was released now most people would be happy but the fact that you’re attempting even more fixes is highly commendable, good luck !

  76. Alvin says:

    Ah okay, i hope she’ll be able to find the issue holding back able to fix Seperate Ways.

    I think the ugliest most broken water effect is in the cave area near the rolling boulder and El Gigante.

  77. Paulo says:

    Mas que saudades das suas atualizações Alber ?

  78. Hellboy. says:

    Firearms Expert Reacts To Resident Evil 4’s Guns

  79. Whitegold says:

    Suggestion… Try Reshade to achieve visual improvements such as bloom etc. This might avoid paying more money to the programmer. Looking forward to the big release.

    • Alvin says:

      Reshade bloom doesn’t replicate the effect of Resident Evil 4’s Gamecube version at all.
      I bet that it looks at the final screen render for whether the brightness of a pixel exceeds a certain threshold. It has an ini file that can be altered just once. Meaning the entire game will account for these same settings in each room.

      On Dolphin, the game engine seems to be using a selective and interactive bloom effect on explosions and flames. Not just like the bloom circle of blue lights from the merchant but additional smaller pieces of bloom overlapping the fire and sometimes Leon, when he’s in front of it. You can see it when using Dolphin and entering the main village section where the cop is burning. I’m thinking, cause I have created some sort of effect in gml/Gamemaker 8 once, and because Albert mentioned it overlapping the entire screen resulting in a reddish tint, I suspect that it’s render surface is not clearing properly, at least, not black. It might be an alternative render that only draws fire on that surface, then occludes everything in front of it, blurs that drawing and finally puts a additive blend mode on it to strengthen the effect of fire. Who knows. I hope the programmer can figure out this mystery. It might be of great help to look into the gamecube files as well.

  80. Ghoul_RUS says:

    Hello! I am wondering, will there be some news in the coming moths? I actually was hoping that it will come out in april since I wanted do a marathon of RE games before RE8 comes out and really wanted to expirience RE4 again but with this mod. I understand that it is a very hard work and you fellas are doing an amazing job in any case, just wondering

  81. Buenas! Alguna novedad sobre el la siguiente actualizacion de la pagina?

  82. Max Storm says:

    Hey Albert, when is the next update going to be?

    • albert says:

      Not sure yet!
      I had very few free time the last weeks and I used it to make progress. Mercenaries, Separate Ways Chapters 1 and 2 are already complete. So, the project progress continues despite the lack of progress updates here ;D

  83. Jake Jake says:

    Tomate el tiempo que sea para perfeccionar como te mencione en un comentario hace tiempo, vi en el capitulo 6 que ibas a cancelar la animación de los tubos del cuarto de congelamiento de Regeneradores, ojo, no cancele esos detalles del juego eso si. Lo que si te digo es que te quedo muy bien el resultado pero igual tomate el tiempo que nesecites, salu2 😉 y no olvides la formula de el spray de salud jajaja

  84. Taitas says:

    Can the programer make weapons change without going to inventory like razor did with his trainer

  85. Gabe says:

    Im not sure if this question has already been asked and answered, but is it possible to use this mod on Dolphin for the Wii version? The thought of being able to play RE4 with this mod in the Wii version sounds very appealing lol

    • albert says:

      Only the textures could be ported one by one (if someone has the time and patience to do it… XD)
      But no other changes can be ported to Dolphin

      • Ron C says:

        If we had your permission to use your textures for the dolphin gamecube version, would that be okay? I also play the Dolphin version for the debug tools, and I could get some help from someone who mods the Dolphin version. Once its completed, of course, and I can give you credits for the textures. Hope you are doing well by the way, Albert. 🙂

  86. Ricardo says:

    Oye Albert, tengo una pregunta, ¿en que carpeta están los efectos de partículas y atmósfera del juego? Saludos

    • albert says:

      En realidad están repartidos en varios sitios. La mayoría de texturas están dentro del archivo 07000000.pack dentro de la carpeta ImagePackHD
      Pero algunos efectos son exclusivos de cada habitación, así que pueden estar repartidos entre tooodos los archivos que se llaman 44000XXX.pack, dentro de la misma carpeta. Por ejemplo, el fuego de las velas, algunos efectos de fuego extra, lluvia, rayos, algunos destellos… Es para volverse loco porque hay texturas repetidas tantas veces como habitaciones aparece dicho efecto…

      • Ricardo says:

        Dios mío Albert, está jodido tu trabajo XD, pero resulta divertido hacer este tipo de cosas. Saludos

  87. Marcvado says:

    Resident Evil 4 is coming to VR, Capcom just announced it. Full details next week

    • olbap says:

      Maybe CAPCOM could use albert’s work !

    • Alvin says:

      It seems they already reused Cris’ and Albert’s textures. I better hope they properly credit them. I will rant if Capcom doesn’t.

      • albert says:

        From what I’ve seen so far there are no textures from our pack. But I noticed they ignored the new UHD textures they used in the PC/PS4 ports (the crank mechanism in Ashley’s area, for example). So it seems they put some efforts HD-fing a few things this time from the original textures. But they tend to show the best parts in the trailers… Probably the hands and weapons received the most part of their efforts. We’ll have to wait and see some more footage.
        But if they end up using some of our textures (I really doubt it) I assure you no one at Capcom asked us XD

        • Alvin says:

          Ah okay, perhaps they did put some effort into it this time. Whilst probably breaking a new thing as well, like they always do. xD
          I’ll be very curious to see what they made of the castle and island section.

          I hope you understand where I’m coming from. I really, really dislike lazy game designers who take credit from someone else’s work and don’t add anything worth of value themselves. There were a few of those people I had to work with in my education and these slackers really pulled me down with them eventually due to getting overworked. If I get my hands on a VR copy, I will reverse engineer and compare, just to be sure.

  88. Marcvado beat me to it! Maybe it will contain some juicy assets…or it will broken

  89. Matt says:

    Hey Cris and Albert! Is there any more progress since the March 2nd post that you can share with us?

  90. C. says:

    My only criticism is I think the boxes in the basement are a bit lit up for my tastes in image comparison 10 early on. The new one I think the boxes have a weird lighting to them. They seem to glow a bit much. I think the boxes should be a bit duller and blend it a bit more.

    Other than that this is seriously SUPERB stuff.

  91. kevin says:

    I no longer have doubts: this man is a saint!

  92. mike says:

    Can’t wait for an update! 🙂

  93. Dr. Clocknik says:

    Absolutely amazing stuff here. I cannot WAIT for the final, full release.

    One question, though: on the inventory screen, what’s the text behind Leon that says, “My life has”? Is it just watermarking or is it intentional? ‘Cause it doesn’t look like there was any text like that in the original, so it seems odd that it’s there.

  94. josé says:

    helo,my english is not that good,so,anyone can say to me when the mod will be ready to purchase?
    or it is aready done?

    thanks for the patience

  95. Johannes E says:

    I have a comment about:
    That’s a lightbulb fixture on a cable, slung over a U-shaped piece of metal fastened to the wall. You’ll see this in some real-life caves. It makes it easy to move the light source around for where you need it. In the HD Project the whole thing becomes a light fixture that’s permanently stuck in place.
    Nothing but love for this project. But it jumped at me.

    • albert says:

      Thank you for the feedback!
      Yeah you are right! I’ll take note of this and see if I have a moment to improve it ;D

  96. Shiva says:

    English subtitles
    Thank you very much, that is very helpful for people who are not very good with the English language and hearing impaired…
    Wish u all the best of luck

  97. ダンス says:

    just recently seen a video about your project and just donated. I’ve been playing this game since I was a kid, my dad got it on the game cube. It is definitely one of my favorite games of all time. Congratulations on all of your hard work and your team as well