Getting Closer and Closer to Del Lago

Refinements continue! Lots of textures that are stretched over huge expanses to create the cliff walls, muddy ground, etc.

Enjoy the work in progress!

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7 responses to “Getting Closer and Closer to Del Lago”

  1. Pedro says:

    Amazing! I can’t wait ’til you reach the Island part where Leon sees Ashley on the monitor.

    (Sorry for my bad english)

  2. kaludio says:

    wow, the look awesome. as always, thanks you guys for the work. Also is there any progress on the water on the lake or is it more of a technical limitation rather then texture res?

    • albert says:

      All water issues are due to technical issues. I’m trying to fix some of them by editing the water texture sequences contained in every room folder. For now I was able to “fix” that ugly and broken water effect in the cave area only.

      I wonder why water in room 208 looks splendid (first water room where Ashley uses the 2 cracks to raise the platforms) while in second water room (226, Salazar robot) the water looks horrendous…

      • KALUDIO says:

        i think is the surface area of the water that matters, i believe the programmers thought that the water faraway would blend with the nicely renders water near you since the resolution was low and the you could only see less of it because of the 3rd person perspective; and since the room with the water mirrors has less extensive water surfaces they programmed it so that the water FXs was rendered at all times. anyways i notices that on the videos the explosions and fire look nicer, did you guys edited the animations or something? if so it would be neat if you did a update about it. As always, thanks for your time and effort

  3. V I D A L says:

    Great… Can’t wait to see it in 4k. =D

  4. Sajirou says:

    Looking excellent! Can’t wait for the next release as well as the final release. It’s amazing how much Capcom didn’t work on the HD version, they did some work into it but didn’t really make a meaty HD port, but this is turning this into that meaty Port. Keep up the good work.