Walkthrough | The Mercenaries Fully Remastered


Hello everyone!

Finally, a new video is here. This time it will cover ALL Mercenaries Stages and ALL characters. I don’t play extremely well, but I got 5 stars in all the stages hehe

I took the opportunity to talk a bit about the project in the video, so I suggest you to take a look at those parts. Jeez… it took me ages to prepare this video! I can see the amount of work a real YouTuber has to do to prepare decent videos haha

Right now I’ve just finished Separate Ways chapter 3, and all Start and End of Chapter renders for the entire mini game are already done (You can see them all at the end of the video). I’ll do another post sharing them all in form of wallpapers soon ;D

So, now I only have to do the final revision to chapters 4 and 5 and do a lot of minimal edits all over the game based on feedback.

I hope you enjoy the video! I really enjoyed playing The Mercenaries. I didn’t remember it was so fun this minigame ;P

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86 responses to “Walkthrough | The Mercenaries Fully Remastered”

  1. Ron C says:

    Thank you so much for the update, Albert. This is seriously awesome stuff. Mercenaries and the Seperate Ways pictures look amazing. Hopefully everything with the programmer and other issues can get figured out. I wish the best of luck to you.

  2. Jamie says:

    Thank you for all your work, Albert. What you have done for the cutscenes in Separate Ways is remarkable!

  3. Soul says:

    Greetings, Albert! How are you? I hope you are well. Once again, congratulations on the incredible work and dedication to the project. Words are missing to describe such gratitude for everything you are doing in this fan-to-fan project.

    Does the box that appears behind Krauser at https://youtu.be/OTs3Dr5SRbQ?t=1776 appear to be upside down or my impression?

    Once again, congratulations on the excellent work! And being a professional player in Resident Evil is also paying attention to details and managing the items, space and time well. You are a pro player and it is great to watch your gameplay! 🙂

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      Wow! How did you notice that?? hahah
      Yes, it’s upside down, but since the texture is not mirrored, I think it’s not a big deal some boxes are upside down and some others aren’t. The problem would be mirrored texts

      Yeah! It seems I don’t play that bad after all haha 😛

  4. brett says:

    AWWWWW YEEEAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. EPD Gaffney says:

    Looking great as always.

  6. Frank Nitty says:

    Thanks for the status update. Your improvisation to enhance the video quality of the original FMVs is decent enough. If your programmer isn’t able to wrap her head around modifying the DLL file to fix the upscaling issue then I wouldn’t mind still getting your rendition of attempts you made to upscale the videos. Till next time, “adios”.

  7. butts says:

    Looking great, as always.

    Hard to believe that after all this time it’s finally starting to get close to being finished, huh? It’s really fortunate for the rest of us that talented and committed individuals decided to stick with this project.

    I appreciate your work, and eagerly look forward to playing the definitive version of RE4.

  8. NEGAARMAX says:

    Esos fixes de las cinematicas estan hermosos, espero que la programadora que esta con el DLL puede hacer que se reproduzcan correctamente.
    espero con ansias el siguiente update

  9. SeongCastle says:

    Hey Albert, have you tried to use this for the pre-rendered videos? IDK if it could help a bit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fILG1J6gMBs

    • albert says:

      Oh I’m afraid this would distort the little detail the original videos have and it would look even more different from the rest of the game… The goal is the transition between video footage and the realtime ingame image is not that noticeable.

  10. WAHID87 says:

    Words of praise do not fulfill your right, thank you for your generosity.

  11. Eduardo Ramirez says:

    Hola Albert!!

    He dado seguimiento de todo tu esfuerzo desde finales de 2014 que me entere de este enorme proyecto elaborado de tu mano junto con la de tus compañeros, estoy de verdad impresionado con todos sus avances siendo un fan de Resident Evil desde pequeño, viendo cada uno de tus videos de tu canal de YT y reseñas de esta pagina me convenzo mas de el arduo trabajo de vosotros invertido en este juego y la espera , valdrá completamente la pena , personalmente te agradezco por este GRAN PROYECTO y por todo su esfuerzo depositado en el, que espero sea publicado lo mas pronto posible, me muerooo de ganas de probarlo y compartirlo con mas gente, sin duda, tu gente y tu están superando muchísimas expectativas y realidades que fans esperan sobre este Resident Evil 4: HD Proyect


    • albert says:

      Gracias por tus palabras!

      Es emocionante que este proyecto lleve tanta alegría a la gente que ama este juego y estoy encantado de ello.
      Pues sí, cuando miro atrás aún no sé cómo he tenido la paciencia de hacer todo esto… es un poco de locos hahah
      Ya falta poco!

      Gracias de nuevo y un saludo!!

  12. Max Storm says:

    Albert, hold on, I thought that in my mind, pre-rendered cutscenes can’t be altered except for the resolution changes, but somehow, you were able to add and transfer models and textures in the separate ways cutscenes even though it’s pre-rendered???

    • albert says:

      Hehe I explained in the video. The Camera angles for the Separate Ways cutscenes are still there. But you only see the stage models, no effects, no enemies, no characters, different lighting… just the camera angles.
      So, I’m combining things in After Effects

    • Nick says:

      I think that was something like ‘green screen’?

    • V I D A L says:

      They can be edit and remade. He didn’t transfer models and textures.. As he explain, the game itself had hidden in the code the camera position of those cutscenes… so he captured that camera feed from the real time graphics as a pre-rendered video and edited in After Effects. He can only recapture the environment with no characters or special effects.. he then used the high resolution backgrounds he captured with the Upscaled pre-rendered original cutscene, then masks the character from it to overlay into the background. They are still pre-render videos at the end.

    • Kaz says:

      Apparently, the camera motions were still in the game, but *not* the animations used. So Albert was able to partially recreate the Leon/Ada/Luis scene by recording the empty background with the Separate Ways camera movement and his/Cris’s improvements to the background models. As for the Leon village intro for Separate Ways, it was basically edited together using footage recorded from the main campaign version of the same scene (and a recreated logo).

  13. V I D A L says:

    Oh man.. Never mind the lame Mercenaries gameplay.. the highlight of this post should be the Separate Ways cutscenes. You went above and beyond on that. Really impressive work and dedication. I wasn’t expecting anything other than AI Upscaling. Well done, mate.

    I’d like seeing an entire post dedicated to the work you’ve done there once it’s complete.


  14. Rafael says:

    Hi, it would be great to add DualSense gamepad support as an option with him features. Probably, of course, this is not your task, but maybe there would be someone among the fans if they wrote about it. This game is perfect for supporting adaptive triggers and gyro aiming. With DualSense, this game will be even more fun! You can also hang a health status on the lightbar (like on classic rebirth patches for classic re). Thanks for your work, I look forward to the release.

    It would also be very cool if, after the release and a break from development, you would take up HD backgrounds for RE 1, 2, 3 classic. Only you and your team can take these games to the next level and give these wonderful games a new life.

    I am amazed at how carefully and painstakingly you process everything. You are the one who should be making remasters for Capcom, because your level is much higher than theirs. Your team makes a remaster better than a whole company, with a lot of money.

    Such enthusiasts are the mainstay of this world!

    • albert says:

      Have you seen the HD Seamless Projects? They look gorgeous! 😀

      • Rafael says:

        Yep, this is an awesome project, but some textures need fixing. For the first part, AI helps very badly.

    • Sean says:

      This game is perfect for supporting adaptive triggers and gyro aiming. With DualSense, this game will be even more fun!

      I disagree, I have the Wii version and I still prefer using a standard controller

      Capcom is also releasing a proper VR version of the game and I’m not happy about it, I think I’d rather play the standard version with a standard controller on my VR headset, but Ill probably still buy the VR version anyway

      I also cant imagine that would be easy to add to the original game, otherwise modders woulda already done it, either that or there just isnt much demand

  15. Mariano says:

    Hola es mucho pedir waterworld tenga en el agua sus reflejos o queda muy mal esta exelete estoy ancioso por no quisiera jugar un remake por que lo cambian mucho

  16. Max Storm says:

    So Albert, I’m guessing that once you’re done with chapter 4 and 5, you’re going to make a video about it and that’s the end right…no more?

    • albert says:

      Yeah that will be the end of the walkthrough videos. And time to put all files in order, polish the final feedback petitions/corrections…
      Oh, I’ll have to prepare a trailer video or something like that haha

      • Ron C says:

        Will you be making the Seperate Ways video in 1 big video, completing it in one shot, or will each Chapter be separate walkthrough videos? Not sure if you answered or decided this yet or not. I’m looking forward to chapter 5 the most.

        A trailer video sounds fun. 😀

  17. Caikera says:

    Hola Albert, gracias por el excelente trabajo, se vuelve cada vez más increíble con cada actualización. Albert, ¿sería posible en la versión final agregar soporte nativo para monitores ultrawide?

    • albert says:

      Gracias! Aun no estoy seguro… es algo en lo que la programadora también estaba trabajando en ello la verdad (sin que yo se lo pidiese XD)
      Así que hay posibilidades, pero por si acaso no te hagas muchas ilusiones. Yo, hasta que no vea los resultados no me lo creeré 😛

  18. ANAS KHALEEL says:

    Did you fix the low enemy number on 60FPS mode?

    • albert says:

      Had no idea about this issue. I’m afraid this is too complicated for me.
      Is there any video where the issue is visible? some kind of 30fps vs 60fps?

  19. Leo says:

    Many thanks to you and everyone involved in the project, this dedication is incredible and inspiring. It’s been great for me to follow the update videos because I’m curious to see the changes and the processes that have been made. I wish you all the best!

  20. CyberRazerX says:

    Excelente trabajo como siempre! Las cinemáticas quedan geniales aprovechando los datos de movimiento de cámara!
    Por cierto, estaba pensando que quizá te resulte útil utilizar algunas técnicas de motion tracking para los personajes, de modo que en vez de recortar fotograma por fotograma a los personajes y pegarlos sobre la captura del escenario puedas capturar también a cada uno aprovechando tus mejoras y la resolución completa del video final.
    Se que es posible con Blender pero no tengo idea de cómo funcionan otros programas, ni si el motor de RE4 sea capaz de leer esos datos, pero espero que te sea útil 😀

    • albert says:

      Sí, en algunos casos lo he usado, el problema es que el material original es tan borroso que el motion tracking se hace un lío y confunde partes del personaje con partes del fondo, y al final debo pulir el motion tracking fotograma a fotograma igualmente XD

    • CyberRazerX says:

      Oh bueno, supuse que eso podría pasar, se que es el doble de trabajo ya que estás hace tiempo con esas cinemáticas y rehacerlas solo por esos detalles dudo que valga la pena.
      Aunque como ya mencionaron sí distrae bastante la resolución de los personajes en cinemáticas como la de la muerte de Luis (A excepción de Wesker, por alguna razón es el que mejor queda con los escalados ?)

    • CyberRazerX says:

      De todos modos tomaré como referencia parte de esa cinemática para ir acostumbrándome al tracking ya que sinceramente no tengo demasiada experiencia pero me gustaría dar una mano con eso

  21. Fer says:

    Sos el número 1.

  22. Fer says:

    Sos el número 1. Gracias por tanto trabajo!

  23. Kaz says:

    Before I forget, has anyone mentioned to you that the main intro to the game uses part of Resident Evil 3’s pre-rendered cutscenes?

  24. Shannon Z says:

    Looks stunning as always, Albert. I’m seriously impressed with your approach to the Separate Ways cutscenes! Above and beyond the straight-forward upscaling job I expected, but honestly I should’ve guessed you’d find a way to go the extra mile!

    Maybe it’ll just take some getting used to, but I’m admittedly a bit apprehensive of the scenes that utilize the bluescreen method (as seen in the Castle scene where Luis dies). Similar to what you mentioned earlier in the video, the sharpness of the environment compared to the characters is fairly distracting. It may not be ideal, but maybe lowering the quality of the environment footage to match the characters’ fidelity would be easier on the eyes? That way they blend in a bit more with each other.

    Again, it may just be me, but that’s my only criticism from all this footage! I’m glad things are progressing smoothly, and I wish you all the best in your continued efforts.

  25. Xuru says:

    Great work with the SW cutscenes! Has the programmer managed to fix the water effect?

  26. Max Storm says:

    Hey Albert, have you heard that capcom released a trailer of ‘resident evil 4″ for vr. What are your thoughts on it?

    • albert says:

      Ah yeah. It seems this time they put some effort in the textures, but just a little XD (maybe they just showed us the best looking parts as they did with UHD…)
      The lighting and all the rest look still old and effortless. But I’d need to see more footage…

      • Sean says:

        or they expect you to do the hard work for them 🙁

        like literally, I bet they discussed this and decided since some of your textures cant be used for legal reasons, theyll just expect “somebody” to mod the game for them

        • albert says:

          Sadly, this is the most logical explanation I’ve heard so far.
          But they also used a lot of textures that couldn’t be used for legal reasons in the original game. They are so blurry that they are almost unrecognizable, but I could do a complete list of them

      • Alvin says:

        I’m gonna laugh my *ss of when I’ll see these old uv-mapping seams on the trees in the starting area. I bet they really can’t be bothered to fix something so trivial. xD

      • Xuru says:

        “over 4500 textures have been either repainted or up-rezzed”

        • albert says:

          Only 4500?
          It seems the lighting looks quite the same, but now it has ambient occlusion and per pixel lighting. That’s an improvement I’d love to have in this project. Not need to mention the corrected 60fps animation.
          But I’ll take this promo with a grain of salt. You know… it’s all promo.
          The new textures I’ve seen look quite faithful, but I’m still seeing some really blurry textures. I’d like to see some lab/island stages…
          Also, I’m seeing some 2D flat models are now 3d (the Bitores Mendez bed structure, for example)
          Again, in the UHD they put the retexture efforts in the very first stages of the village and the first stages of the castle and the rest was a complete mess… So we’ll have to wait and see the complete thing!
          Will they include Separate Ways game mode with the 512×336 pixel cutscenes?? hummmm

          • Xuru says:

            Imagine they managed to find the original files for the pre-rendered cutscenes and re-rendered them at 4K 60 FPS xD
            Of course, that would be too good to be true…
            Do you think the corrected 60 FPS bugs could be ported over to the Ultimate HD edition of the game?

          • albert says:

            Hahah that would be insane.
            I’m seeing they are using some original textures but higher res. So, they actually had the original sources for only some of the textures. (or maybe the AI-upscaled them… the blurry/compressed footage doesn’t let me see it clearly.

            About porting stuff from one port to other… does someone know if oculus games’ files can be ripped? And I bet they are a different file format anyway… :/

          • Alvin says:

            Reverse engineering a format takes time. Your best bet would be to check quickbms, zenhax or xentax.

          • albert says:

            But first someone should extract the files. Is it possible to extract the files from these VR games (I really have no idea about it…)

          • Sean says:

            VR is bad at less than 90fps sooo they better have it running smoothly at 90+

          • Sean says:

            Is it possible to extract the files from these VR games (I really have no idea about it…)

            It is if you know how to mod or hack the system, which I know is possible on the original oculus, but I dont think its possible on oculus2 (at least not yet, but hopefully eventually it will be) actually a big reason why they are making for oculus2 only is cuz its probably harder to hack it on there 🙁

  27. Diogo says:

    With re4 vr coming out, maybe you’ll be able to use some textures from there.
    Keep up the good work. We’re almost at the end

  28. Lucas says:

    Did you watch the new showcase for RE4 Vr? Apparently they port the game to Unreal Engine 4 and more than 4,500 textures have either been repainted or had their resolution increased. Well, better late than never!

  29. Kris says:

    Hey Albert & Chris,

    Amazing work as always.

    Are you guys speculating on a release date for the finished version?
    And RE4 VR is coming, will you guys look if the mod can be adapted to work with the VR version?


  30. Max Storm says:

    Hey Albert, since Capcom mention that they repainted and upscaled 4500 textures, how many textures does re4 have when you guys actually do the project?

  31. Avarage RE4 enjoyer says:

    finally the characters are in hd good job and i hope everything goes well with the project

  32. PrinceHeir says:

    Thanks for the Godlike work 🙂

    Since this is coming to the close soon. I want to ask. Is the mod only compatible with the Ubisoft RE4 version or is it also compatible with the Ultimate HD Edition Steam version?
    Based on this guy said, the weapon mods he is using is for Ubisoft version only.


    So I have to wonder if this mod will also be compatible alongside it? Since I want to combine Weapon Mods, Character Model Swaps/Retextures with your HD Project Mod 🙂

    Can’t wait to experience RE4 in its full glory!!

    • albert says:

      This project is ONLY for the UHD port released on 2014
      Ubisoft mods are not compatible with UHD port and some UHD mods need to be adapted to our project sometimes (depending on the files the mod will replace)
      Thanks for the message!

  33. Vanessa Brown says:

    I can’t wait! I love the progress, and I’m very happy to be a new supporter for this amazing project

  34. DarkSamus says:

    Can’t wait to see the newest revision of the new area you added into SW chapter 4