resident evil 4 PC – pseudo first person view – Just for fun…

In case someone wants to take a look at this improvised video I made using Raz0r trainer camera tweaks. Of course, it’s inspired by the upcoming VR release.

I’d say it looks quite interesting ;P

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53 responses to “resident evil 4 PC – pseudo first person view – Just for fun…”

  1. exodia275 says:

    Honestly im praying that somehow your mods can work with the re4 vr edition thats coming out so I can truly appreciate all the amazing work u guys have put in especially the lightning in dark stages. Good video Albert!

    • Alvin says:

      I honestly don’t care about another release. Issues and imperfections keep piling up one after another version. The previous studio involved abandoned their pc port after countless of issue reports on steam regarding 60 fps. I was well involved into sharing thoughts and reporting and easily got into contact with them on Steam forums. Even though uhd’s main selling point, it clearly goes to show that re4 was never meant to be played on 60fps. I sometimes wonder, if they really didn’t mess up gameplay mechanics, timers and enemy ai for the sake of converting to 60 fps.

      • Alvin says:

        I’m refering to enemy ai and quicktime events specifically. It seems to me after playing this game on Dolphin that the original ai and combat is by far more agressive and frantic than uhd’s. What are your findings on that Albert?

        • Sean says:


          ALL PORTS OF RE4 after the gamecube version have reduced the AI especially on professional mode, the HP system is screwed up!!!! I have said this to albert and I have posted about it on the re4modding forums but it seems nobody is interested in scrutining every detail of enemy AI and player HP 🙁

          I have not done specific tests myself but from my experience the professional difficulty is actually EASIER than the normal difficulty on all ports of the game

          I tried writing up a detailed explanation on this but it was years ago and I lost interest since nobody ever seemed to care 🙁

          • albert says:

            I definitely notice some changes in the difficulty of the game but I never dug into that.
            Sean seems to have waaaay more knowledge about the details of this than me.
            But this is something I can’t edit… but now that some programmers MAYBE enter into scene… that list could come in handy. Also, maybe some of those issues are caused by the 60 fps… who knows…

          • Sean says:

            Please let me know if there is somebody interested in this, and I will write up the list

            I tried talking to Mr.Curious about this on the re4modding forums and his response was “do it yourself” and he explained to me how to do it, but Im just not capable of putting that amount of time into learning how to code

            Also, it would be SOOOO amazing to have an extra hard or insane difficulty mode, I mean the old PC port had some mods like that but it wasnt very well balanced. What I wish we could do is eliminate the easy mode, turn easy mode into normal, turn normal mode into professional, and make professional just a little harder (just a little bit)

            Mainly we need less ammo and to remove the games built-in difficulty reduction system when playing on professional+ (or whatever you wanna call it) I think it would bring a lot of attention to this mod if you could do this cause the balance of difficulty is actually more important than graphics IMO 🙂

        • Sean says:

          If there is anybody capable of modding the AI and/or HP system, PLEASE LET ME KNOW and I will write up an extensive detailed list of what is wrong with the difficulty on all ports of the game, I know this for a fact cuz I have LITERALLY played the original gamecube version over 30 times and the majority of my playthroughs are on professional

          • Xuru says:

            I would also love for the knife to give the same amount of damage as the GameCube version. For some reason when they ported the game to the PS2, they made it so the knife inflicts way more damage than it should, making it one of the most OP weapons in the game.

          • Alvin says:

            Yeah, the Krauser boss battle is ruined because of that. I just lure him into a corner so he’s unable to stand back up and continue to slice till the cutscenes appears. xD

          • Suckable_Lemon says:

            I’m not a modder I’m afraid, but I would be really interested in seeing a list of all these AI/HP/difficulty distinctions compiled somewhere.

        • albert says:

          I definitely notice some changes in the difficulty of the game but I never dug into that.
          Sean seems to have waaaay more knowledge about the details of this than me.
          But this is something I can’t edit… but now that some programmers MAYBE enter into scene… that list could come in handy. Also, maybe some of those issues are caused by the 60 fps… who knows…

          • Sean says:

            as far as I know the FPS only effects QTE but that isnt the problem, actually the 60fps makes QTEs harder… and thats a good thing IMO lol, well not for some people but I dont mind

            But Im not talking about QTEs Im talking about HP and enemy difficulty, all weapons in the gamecube version do less damage and for some reason I feel like the developers accidentally enabled the extra armor when you play on professional, if you collect the armor towards the end of the game it doesnt actually do anything because its already enabled at the start (only on professional I THINK) its been awhile since I actually played the game though, but Im pretty sure I remember that

          • Paulo says:

            O moder Brasileiro Luiz do canal
            Ele manja muito dessas na edição de MUNIÇÃO,HP, DIFICULDADE DO JOGO
            ele poderia ajudar!

            Ele até fez um mod de dificuldade usando seu último lançamento beta como base o cara e fera.

            Alguém poderia falar com ele!?

          • JSuperbegita says:

            The fps will affect the QTE but also the damage with physical weapons so as the knife it’s very true in japanese games for that. Ex Resident evil 2 remake when played at said 120+ fps the boos and ennemy take way more damage…Honestly in 4k you can easily kill Bikin G1 by exampe in well 1min 30 or almost 2 minute see much less (the more fps you have the more deadly the knife will be same goes for others games with blades/axe etc

            An example ? if you don’ tuse the infinite knife just look the bar of hp of the knife you will see clearly it will degrade much more quickly. Normal it’s a well temporal /time attack

            One cut of knife and in the same amount of time you will do some …6/7 hits in reality (not visible but game count as it).

            I wonder if Skyrim is the same when you fixe the 60+ fps problem that it has… i should try just for see it.

            Ah and yes for the 60 fps some games are relally broken by that ex the Kingdom hearts ports on console and on Epic (i have them) only way to not crahs is simple play in horrendous..30 fps

            If you play at 60 fps crash will occurs without any doubts (its the true reasons of the bugs of the HD edition same goes for console sones..except that can bypass the lock in 60 fps…)

            Beware on Kingdom hearts by example if you do more than 60 fps , some battles will be VERY ULTRA HARD (or impossible in fact) with insta lock, kil, double damage (wears two keyblade by example, some boss…)

            Myself i can kill Birkin in about 1 minute … Just run made the cut without stop and and after just throw a flash grenade…continue to slash him..and if you do well..well just in time you will win when he totally recover (and just with 120 fps…i mena in 4k but of course you can goes to 500 fps…and beyond)

            Game won’t speed up but damage yes. Linked to the physical engine.

            Some crash if they can’t handle that (all Kingdom hearts except the KH3 because engine is Unreal engine 4 , the ole dones have their ancient engine )

  2. Juen fero says:

    Creo que la version de albert esta mejor que las mejoras que le hicieron a esta nueva versión. Grande albert saludos desde Colombia!

  3. Mariano says:

    Cuando termines el proyecto que vas hacer como siguiente cosa o nada mas tengo la duda

  4. KuroTenshi says:

    Nice ! Waiting for the final release. The cutscene issue make sometimes the game unplayable.

    In the meantime I made a Reshade preset, thought for your mod. I can give it to you as a basis if you want.

    • Ron C says:

      This look really nice !! It makes the fire bloom alot more.

      • Alvin says:

        It looks off. It also affects the other brights on Leons face and darken the shadows of the environment. If the plugin can do the bloom without increasing contrast and sharpening filter, I’d be willing to use it. Unfortunately, as I said before, this filter affects the whole output color of the screen. Even taking hud with it and probably the menus too..

    • albert says:


      Did you set the brightness to the max in the OPTIONS menu? I always show all the images and videos with the max brightness and is the way the game should be displayed.
      Also, this kind of filters unfortunately generate overexposed whites and kill a lot of detail in dark areas. Did you try some of the custom color filters we included in the last 2018 release? The filter “1” contrast the image a bit (like seeing the game on a TV in the gamecube era) while avoiding crushed whites and blacks.

    • Frate says:

      That looks really nice, that washed out look always annoyed me

  5. Xuru says:

    Hey, I’m not sure if this can be fixed, but I realized that in this specific section, the ambient noise cuts off when going from room to room, instead of it fading out naturally.

    • albert says:

      Hummm I can’t see it maybe because of the compression artifacts. But I’m testing it in my PC and I can’t notice any change. Maybe I already fixed it by accident XD ¿?

  6. victor donato says:

    Great job, congratulations. The most difficult were the textures you guys did. I now suggest to refine an improvement in particles (smoother explosions and headshots as in the RE5 for example), water and greater dynamics in the mouse / keyboard gameplay as well as shortcut keys without pausing to change equipment. Who knows, maybe a ray trace, so you guys will be making the best resident of all time.

  7. KuroTenshi says:

    Thanks for your advices. I am testing another approach.

  8. Alexander Wesker says:

    Im hoping that person u paid to fix your cutscenes didnt ripyou off and decieve you. Is the project srill on track?

    • Sean says:

      ripyou off and decieve you. Is the project srill on track?

      Why would you even say that? albert gives us all the evidence and Im sure he would know if it wasnt true lol…

  9. Sean says:

    Is there anyway you could make the gun a little more visible in first person view? like doom? it doesnt have to include the hands, just the tip of the gun would be nice 🙂

  10. KuroTenshi says:

    I don’t know where to post this. I thought I have the graphic bug only in cinematics, but in the church, with a lot of prayers, I get this and I can’t progress in the game anymore.

    Anybody has a solution ?

    Thank you !

    • KuroTenshi says:

      My bad It’s a bug when you use the depth buffer with Reshade.

      Sorry for the disturbing

  11. Gamer says:

    Using the DPad to select items would also be nice, I think Raz0rs mod can also do that.

  12. Willian says:

    ¿Cuándo estará la versión completa con la textura actualizada para descargar? Tengo muchas ganas de jugar

  13. Kurotenshi says:

    Is it “normal” the game is crashing each time I try to equip the rocket launcher ?

    For the last boss it’s annoying…

    • albert says:

      No, it shouldn’t
      Are you using some other mods or trainers or something else?

      • KuroTenshi says:

        Thanks for the answer !

        I just use Reshade 4.9.1 and a HD model of Leon (I tried several, same issue). I play the French version of Resident Evil 4 UHD.

        Can it be possible that any High Poly Leon’s model make the game crash ?

        • Alvin says:

          HD model of Leon is causing it.
          If you search the forum there has been a fix for it.

  14. Mariano says:

    Muchos se deben referir a que paso de la version ntsc (Americana) creo que salio norte America que era mucho mas dificil en game cube y la pal (Europea) fue la siguente version mas facil en todas las dificultades. Puedes probar que los enemigos eran mas duros las armas tenian menos estadisticas incluso si hacias la mejora especial era tambien mas baja en el castillo la parte de un puente antes del verdugo y salazar donde hay que subir arriba de todo para jalar una palaca que mueve de costado el puente en ese puente no hay maquina de escribir ect. es version vieja
    Hay videos que cuentan mas detalle no pongo mas se me hace muy largo

    • Alvin says:

      Very interesting to hear about the version differences. I do think the typewriter on that bridge is very odd and out of place. Maybe someday we could look into the statistics and compare them accurately.

  15. Hey Albert, te pasé un tweet respecto a la zona del pantano, por favor si puedes echarle un vistazo.

  16. mofail says:

    Re8 sure is pretty good lol isn’t it just great when they try! How’s things over here? The vr thing is very very expensive & I’m sure for those that have such tech it’s fun but a lot of people don’t have the money for it. This vr re4 they’re working on will probably be yet another piss poor port without ANY of these high quality fixes/textures from this project. You’ve been warned folks. I’m glad RE8 isn’t a vr game like RE7 was. Just imagine what they could ‘ve done with RE3 remake if they really tried, what a waste.

  17. hao hu says:

    After downloading biochemical 4 HD, you cannot click yes after installing the mouse.

  18. Robbie B says:

    Will the Nude Mods work with this HD Mod?