Walkthrough | Separate Ways – Chapters 1, 2 & 3 Fully Remastered

Hello everyone! Wow these last weeks have been really agitated. All the fun with RE: Village and then the Copyright infringement by Capcom because of some textures used in old games.

I’ve been playing Village as if there were no tomorrow. A+ game IMO. Also, all of a sudden that news about Capcom popped up… I really thought they paid for her picture collection. This is really shocking! Some may think this is unprosecutable after so may years, but we must keep in mind the game has been released in several platforms until today.

Anyway, Capcom can pay with no problem if they lose the claim. I guess someone in the art department was careless and the department in charge of copyright stuff had no time to check all material used in the game was licensed because of deadlines… I guess…

Let’s start with the important stuff. Today, I’ll show you the first 3 chapters of Separate Ways in video format as usual.


These are the differences you’ll see in this video compared to the pack we released on 2018:

  • Remastered prerendered cutscenes.
  • Adjusted, improved and new lighting and effects.
  • All main campaign last improvements have been ported again to Separate Ways
  • Re-created Start and End of Chapter renders.
  • Exclusive stage edits for exclusive Ada’s stages.
  • Remastered enemies and characters.

I hope you like this loooooong video 😛

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96 responses to “Walkthrough | Separate Ways – Chapters 1, 2 & 3 Fully Remastered”

  1. Ron C says:

    Thanks so much for the video, Albert! Everything looks awesome. I can’t wait to see the next chapters especially. Those textures look AMAZING.

    Do you have any plans on what to upload once all of Seperate Ways is shown off? Maybe ‘behind the scenes’ videos? I think that would be interesting to see your design process.

  2. H N says:

    Albert & team, thank you all for your hard work over the years. As well as the regular updates. I’m very excited and can’t wait for you all to release this.

  3. Tony B says:

    I was always scared of copyright strikes from Capcom. I hope it gets resolved. Is it just me or does Ada’s back and arms look more masculine in the HD version?

  4. Tony B says:

    Is it just me or do Ada’s back and arms look more manly?

    • Xuru says:

      Looks fine to me…

    • Steve says:

      I agree they do look more muscular. Adas original arms are more feminine and round. The HD model is more sculpted like lean muscle.

      • Rey says:

        I guess it makes more sense considering she’s an agent

        • albert says:

          Yeah, Well as I mentioned it was not my intention, it’s just that her cutscene model arms have more polygons. And you are right. I never liked all Capcom girls look like porcelain dolls with soft and perfectly round skin that haven’t made any training in their entire life while they should be more muscular because of the professional training they’ve received.
          Anyway, Ada’s physical shape has the same sense as her outfit for this kind of mission. And we must remember it’s a videogame where a cult leader thinks they can rule the world using bowguns XD

  5. Jim says:

    You upscale of the cutscenes are pretty much perfect but is there a way to get rid of the one issue still there in the cutscenes the aliasing or is that impossible?

    • albert says:

      I’m afraid there’s no way of getting rid of that without ruining the entire image and loosing detail
      Perfect example, PS4:
      There’s no aliasing at all XDD

      • Jim says:

        Do think there will be a way one day?

        • albert says:

          I don’t think so. Any filter used to fix that would be applied over the entire image. The aliasing issues are only around the 3D models.
          Any filter used to get rid of that problem will be also applied on the rest of the image. And this means a lot of detail will be lost on all the textures and soft surfaces
          Maybe someday a super AI algorithm is able to discern between what needs to be antialiased and what not. But given the poor source of these videos and the compression artifacts the original videos have… This is a hard case to solve because the compression artifacts make some frames hard to discern what needs to be filtered and what not.
          If we had uncompressed video files… but even the PS4 version used the compressed PC videos (which are already compressed videos from the PS2 version [which already have compression artifacts]). So I guess not even Capcom have uncompressed version of these FMVs

  6. Remora says:

    Adas arms are different, more muscular; where her posterior deltoid muscles meet her triceps are more sculpted on the HD version and less round.

    Here’s a crude highlight I put together for reference.

    • albert says:

      Well, now her body and head is the cutscene model. It simply has more polygons. Where you see more muscle I see less fat XD
      I’m not saying fat is bad haha just that the differences are caused because the arms now have the cutscene level of detail.

    • Frosty says:

      you are questioning an element which, is more than true, I do not know a human being capable of doing what the ADA does without a minimum level of detail in the aforementioned muscles!

      thank ALBERT instead of criticizing a muscle that would actually be even bigger than that. for the stunts the ADA does!

  7. Eduardo Ramirez says:

    Nuevamente encantadooooo con todo tu progreso albert…
    A nivel de detalle es excepcional, creo que hay algo que me gustaría preguntar sobre las cinematicas… ¿Es re-escalado o un renderizado de las cinemáticas como tal, o ambas?
    Se que ha de ser lo mas pesado a elaborar de la campaña de Ada principalmente porque son las escenas que menos amor tuvieron por parte de CAPCOM (a nivel de resolución xd).

    Dicho esto, no parare nunca de agradecerte por este enorme trabajo y esfuerzo que espero muy pronto finalice, otra pregunta mas… En uno de tus videos ME MARAVILLASTE CON LA SOMBRA EN TIEMPO REAL después de pasar la habitación laser, comentaste que era muy jodido elaborarlas por colocar paredes invisibles para trazar dichas sombras para TODO RE4, pero ¿Puede lograrse ese nivel de detalle en el juego?

  8. Victor says:

    Absolutely amazing, always a joy to see new posts 🙂

  9. Xuru says:

    Incredible as always. Just wondering, are the pre rendered cutscenes in 60 fps, at least the ones taken from the main campaign?

    • Xuru says:

      I also noticed some errors. The background of chapter 2’s start render looks very flat. You can see the texture repeating itself over and over. Maybe changing the texture or adding a few more trees or the same stone walls you had placed in the main campaign might help to mask that. This is what I mean by the way. https://imgur.com/ENlKdd1
      Also, at 47:49, you can notice the polygons of the wood planks covering the window are in conflict with each other.

  10. Ernesto León says:

    Wow! que bien Albert, gran trabajo!

    Una duda, ya restauraste la señal con las calaveras en la zona del pantano de noche?

  11. PrinceHeir says:

    So we’re done with Main Campaign, Separate Ways? All that’s left are finishing touches on Mercenaries? What about Assignment Ada?

    I really can’t wait for this! I feel this is coming along soon! Sometime this year 🙂

    Yes, I also finished REVIII Village (Village of Shadows first play) and currently doing a new run with some mods (Weapon Retextures, Lady Dimitrescu Mods O__O) and a new Village of Madness Difficulty.

    Don’t know about that legal thing. A lot of the images are kinda suspect, especially when that photographer claiming the RE4 logo is from hers.

    • Xuru says:

      Assignment Ada and Mercenaries are already finished, although Separate Ways isn’t. IIRC the mod will be finished sometime at the end of this year, while programming fixes will be out a while after that, enabling higher resolution for pre rendered cutscenes, fixed water physics, restored intense bloom effect, etc.

  12. Wesllen says:

    Doing amazing job as always, can’t wait to play RE4 again like this.

    • Xuru says:

      Can you highlight it?

        • albert says:

          Sure thing! thanks! ;D

          • Marcos says:

            Thank you. Can you do something about this too?


          • albert says:

            What’s wrong here?

          • Xuru says:

            I assume it’s the lighting. The piece highlighted is brighter than the piece behind it.

          • albert says:

            Hum, but there’s no need everything is the same color.
            Anyway, I edited this texture because as someone pointed a few months ago, it was too saturated (I forgot to desaturate it because it was a reused texture from another room that had this super red color).
            Also, I think the reason this piece looks brighter is this game uses a per-vertex lighting. Which means the light sources reach the vertices of the models first and the bright fades from those points. The pipe has only a few vertices in the middle and they quickly fade to dark, but the little pieces have a lot of vertices, and they all receive all of Leon’s flashlight light.
            I hope some programmer can change light system as Dolphin does and make this game use a per-pixel lighting. That would generate much more realistic spotlights!

            I’ve just test it and if you separate a bit from the hose both small and big pieces receive more or less the same amount of light, and it also depends on the angle. So it’s definitely because of the per-vertex lighting method this game uses. Blame Leon’s flashlight XD

          • Marcos says:

            Can you extrude the planes?

    • mofail says:

      ? Can’t see anything either lol ?

  13. Someone says:

    I like Ada’s back. Please do not give in to people and don’t change it back. Please.

  14. Blake says:

    This is truly my favorite project on the internet. Been following along since the early GAF days. Thanks for all you and your team do Albert! Seriously so excited for this and you’ve done a wonderful job with regular updates and quality behind the scenes footage to show your process. Thank you!

    • albert says:

      Thanks for your message ^_^ It’s almost done!

    • Alvin says:

      You mean Neogaf? That site is an absolute atrocious cult and abomination in regards to freedom of speech.

      • LOUIE says:

        if they were in charge of this mod, they would censor half the game

      • What the hell?
        Pretty sure you meant ResetERA, made from ex NeoGAF users.
        That place really is an atrocious cult, well known for the reasons you just described.

        NeoGAF on the other hand is the opposite, ever since those extremists left.

        • Alvin says:

          Neogaf is the shittiest forum I’ve ever been on in my lifetime. I got banned there in one day. For saying that the protaganist of Returnal looks like Briënne van Tarth. People flipped out and tried to insult me. When I tried to make a light hearted joke out of that, they banned me. Funny thing was, I got a warning first. So I didn’t reply anymore and stayed out of the thread, and then a day later I was locked out, even though I refrained from saying anything else, with the reason for ban saying; We don’t accept trolls on the forum. All I can say is that they’re an 100% leftist politically-correct cult. Say one thing they don’t like, and you get shat on.

  15. pkt77 says:

    Any plans on a release date? It’s been so long since the last one. I really want to play the game again.

    • Xuru says:

      A release date would only put unnecessary stress on Albert, but he did say the finished pack will probably come out at the end of the year.

      • LOUIE says:

        Just release what you have now
        the campaign is already done
        I don’t need the side missions or mercenaries to be perfect
        I can just install the final version later

      • LOUIE says:

        what if capcom changes their mind since they’re doing a remake, just release what you have now asap

  16. Andy French says:

    Wow, I never would have thought that at this point it would be possible to get more HD texture from the original sources! The project will look more amazing than ever, can’t wait!

  17. Julio says:

    I don’t want a remake, the HD Project is ALL WE NEED! you guys are legends!

  18. mofail says:

    About Ada’s back…check out this update video from a few months back, @13:36.

    Ada.s mercenary costume is a little different from the red dress though you’ll see a butterfly effect on her back. Maybe if the shadows on her back were more subtle it could help..?…faded?…They stand out far too much in general & it looks a little odd in bright lit sections. Also i wanted to ask about the inventory screen.
    @15:48 in the same video..is there a light source shining on the characters in the inventory screen? It seems some times a little too bright, ada looks like plastic if there’s too much light on her, would reducing that light look too odd? ..just some nit picks really. Everything else looks just great.

    • Xuru says:

      I don’t understand what you mean by the butterfly effect. Isn’t that how a person’s back is supposed to look, perfectly mirrored?

      • mofail says:

        I mean the skin details her back has shadows drawn on her back skin that stand out too much. Of course there is symmetry though the back muscles move in real life whereas here it’s static. It only looks odd when she’s well lit areas. Ada is far from a muscular lady she’s really isn’t even shredded either.

  19. Kurnis says:

    Incredible work as usual!! Absolutely amazing

  20. MadHolix says:

    Albert, eh notado que la llave del teleférico tiene la textura bien en un lado pero mal en el otro, es decir, la palabra “teleférico” está de cabeza en un lado del llavero.

    Luego felicitarte por el arduo trabajo que llevas haciendo todos estos años, espero con ansias el día en que termines el mod por mas que no tenga las cinemáticas de Ada, un abrazo ?

  21. Albert! se que es muy pronto para preguntar cuanto falta para el siguiente video, pero en que estás trabajando actualmente de los proximos capitulos?

    • albert says:

      Pues retocando cositas de capítulos anteriores de las que algunas personas me han enviado sus comentarios a la vez que retocando los escenarios del último capítulo
      Saddler ya está hecho.
      Me faltan las texturas de Krauser resucitado
      Retocar las cinemáticas de los 2 últimos capítulos, que también lo tengo a medias
      Ah, y ya he mejorado los sonidos que tenían calidad PS2

      Ya va faltando menos 😉

  22. Olbap says:

    Hola Albert!
    Me acabo de cruzar con este video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKjzcTs5gn4

    Al parecer CAPCOM utilizó fotografias sin adquirir licencia del fotografo y ahora este está demandando a CAPCOM.

    Pero bueno, pensé que quizas te podria servir para conseguir las imagenes originales si es que ya no lo habías visto antes. En la descripción del video está el link a su patreon y podes descargar un PDF con mucha informacion sobre que texturas usaron en distintos juegos. Y no hace falta ser un patreon para descargar ese archivo.

    Espero que te sirva!!

    • albert says:

      Sí, ya estaba al tanto de que usaron este libro. Lo compré ya hace unos años 😛
      Lo que no sabía es que lo usaron sin permiso. Que cara más dura tienen XD

  23. Taitass says:

    When will the final realise ready

  24. mofail says:

    Hello !
    Sorry to refer to an older video again but I do like watching mercenaries lol

    When you control Ada going through the castle stage in mercs @17:19 of your last video, could you fix the butterfly effect on the very large barrels please?

    Thanks again for all this legendary modding & good luck !

  25. Albert, disculpa si es muy off topic, pero en el video que hiciste sobre los mercenarios, que musica usaste durante la introduccion mientras estabas hablando? gracias de antemano

  26. Lucas Rodrigues says:

    Hello! Where do i get the 4GB Patch Tool? Thanks! =)

  27. Sam Turner says:

    Hola. ¿Lanzarás también este mod HD para la primera versión de 2007? La de Ubisoft. Sería genial, ya que no todos contamos con una PC de altos recursos para jugar la versión de Steam.

    No te olvides de mi y la comunidad del PC Pobre Race. 🙁

    • albert says:

      Eso no es posible, ya que la estructura, formato de archivos y casi todo es completamente diferente. Son como dos juegos diferentes cuyos mods son incompatibles el uno con el otro…

  28. Wilhelm Keitel says:

    Hey Albert, did you see Ashley in the new resident Evil series?

    • albert says:

      Thank god they kept her characteristic ears, and we finally saw President Graham’s real face. This will be useful to re-create the last file background image, hehe

  29. Willian says:

    Libera o mod por favor:)

  30. RightClickEmpty says:

    Hi Albert! So, there is no release after SW will be done? Something need to be recreate?

    • albert says:

      I’ll have to recreate the special costumes and then a looot of boring check files work and also take care of some feedback.
      So, the big part is done ;D

  31. Osaka Master says:

    When is the next video coming?

    • albert says:

      I hope I have the time to record it this week. I’ve been dealing with some work (my official job) issues these weeks and almost had no time.

  32. abi008 says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this mod, years of waiting is almost over..
    Anyway, there is thing about the weapon models that is bugging me a bit, and it’s their size. I find them larger than they should be but it’s probably not fixable due to animation and clipping?

  33. Patrick says:

    I just wanted to say Thank You Albert for this amazing work. Looks absolutely amazing

  34. Ernesto León says:

    Albert, cuando esté hecho, podrias mostrar como se ve el archivo final con la nueva cara del presidente Graham? me llama mucho la atencion

    • albert says:

      Ahhhh Ya lo tengo hecho 😀
      Pero habrá que esperar a que salga el pack final 😛
      Para dejar alguna sorpresa a la audienncia! hehe

  35. mofail says:

    Hello I noticed a few things in this video, small issues only.
    Sorry about previous dodgy timestamps, it’s tricky when you place your watermark in bottom left of the videos you make because that’s where the youtube time counter is.
    @1:34 The Chainsaw woman’s shirt buttons all look stretched/warped. They look oval instead of circular. Might be the same with other villagers..unsure..they never stand still lol
    @6:34 Ada’s arm looks a little odd near the elbow.
    @19:21 Before you drop off the roof after collecting the key, there’s large leafy area just before the trees boundary. Can there be stronger shadows there? It would make sense with the other added village shadows.
    @20:22 Are the glass windows of the watch tower transparent at all? Windows in general in this game, can you make every glass transparent please?
    @35:36 Church windows aren’t transparent on the outside but are from inside the church.

    I made a mod once where windows are transparent in the place where you climb ladders to see that giant novistidor blob hanging from the ceiling & it looked great through large glass windows in the castle. I liked shooting it from the windows. It’s a very nice effect that makes sense & looks great. Good luck !

  36. Rafael says:

    Hi, appeared is an HD mod released for RE1 for PC (for MediaKite version with Gemini patch and other patch). The backgrounds unfortunately have various artifacts.

    • Xuru says:

      The Seamless HD team is already starting to work on porting their own backgrounds as well, no artifacts present (www.reshdp.com).

  37. Sturmman says:

    Hello Albert, how’s it going?

  38. Christian Sturm says:

    I was shocked to hear that capcom makes reisdent evil 4 remake. I’m sorry for what was taken from you.
    So I Praises the work and commitment of all those who during these years have never ceased to work on.
    a high degree of dedication and passion, so much love for the small things in this game. Awesome.

    Albert & team, thank you all for your hard work over the years.

    greetings from Germany

    • RightClickEmpty says:

      This project is remaster (if I may say so). Capcom making a remake. Different things . Remake will be different not like original game. I my opinion there is no problem.

      • V I D A L says:

        I honestly don’t even believe there is a remake of RE4 in the making. I think the RE4 VR is the game in which was mistaken by a RE4 remake. Whoever the source of this rumour is, probably just caught whisper of a studio developing a RE4 game, since RE2 and RE3 had just received remakes, it was sensible to assume that this RE4 was another remake. I don’t think so.. the rumour was pointing to what is revealed to be the VR version.
        Capcom is notorious for completely abandoning classic versions once a remake is made. It’s like the remake replaces the original. If there was a RE4 remake in development, it would make no sense whatsoever to make a RE4 VR based on the original version, they would wait to make the RE4 VR based on the remake instead.

  39. Astolfo Duran says:

    When is the next video coming?

    • albert says:

      The ingame files are completely remastered, it’s just the cutscenes videos are taking me a lot of time. But the improvement is huge 🙂
      I need a few more days and chapters 4 & 5 will be completed!