Brief update (Separate Ways Cutscenes)

Hello! Since this is taking me ages, I’m going to post some comparison images about the last thing that remains to be done for Separate Ways: Chapter 4 and 5 cutscenes.

Keep in mind, this remastered cutscenes won’t be implemented until some coder finds the way to force the game to load these video files instead of the original 512 x 336 pixel low resolution pre-rendered videos.

The coder that was working for me almost got it, so it’s a matter of time some other coder (or maybe the same one when she has the time) polish her work and the videos can be used.

And below you can see a few examples of what I’m doing.

There are countless remaster methods used, most times several of them used in the same camera angle: From a simple AI upscale to a complete re-creation. Sometimes several AI methods are used in the same camera angle, because some portions of the image look better using certain AI upscale parameters while other portions look better using another configuration. And, of course, most background stages use the HD textures from the HD project (remember the camera data for the SW cutscenes is still there). But most times I need to adjust lights and effects to make them match the original lighting of the low-res pre-rendered videos before capturing the backgrounds, and sometimes I need to adjust lights and effects for just for one camera angle…! Well, I could do an entire series of videos explaining the process… XD

Enjoy the comparison shots!

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71 responses to “Brief update (Separate Ways Cutscenes)”

  1. NEGAARMAX says:

    Realmente se nota el cambio, no puedo esperar para poder jugar Separate Ways y disfutarlo visualmente.
    Excelente traabajo Albert.
    Espero que se logre terminar el codigo y salgan junto con el proyecto finalizado.

    Estaré al pendiente de más actualizaciones.


  2. Felipe says:

    This looks gorgeous!

  3. Xuru says:

    This is insane work Albert, it looks better than what I could have ever expected.

  4. Frank Nitty says:

    Thanks for the status update… The after HD image is a complete night and day comparison to the original. Keep up the good work, guys. Looking forward to the final product.

  5. RightClickEmpty says:

    Incredible looking! It’s a god’s work. What about main game? Cutscenes in it fully remastered like in SW?

    • Xuru says:

      Most of the cutscenes in the main campaign are not pre rendered, but the ones that are (castle bridge moving, Verdugo’s POV) have been completely recreated. I’m not sure about the opening cutscene though, but I assume it’s been AI upscaled like the SW ones.

    • albert says:

      As they’ve already said, Leon’s campaign cutscenes are realtime (keep in mind this project is for the 2014 PC port, not the 2007).
      You can take a look at previous videos in my YT channel and you’ll see how they look 😉

  6. Frank Bloemer says:

    Nice to hear an update of your amazing work, Albert! I can’t wait to play your project, keep up the excellent job, and be sure to take as much time as you need to make it perfect! You’re incredible and I really admire you. Much love from your brazilian friend! 😉

  7. Harban says:

    RightClickEmpty: There are no pre-rendered cutscenes in the main campaign. The game is based on the GameCube original, where all cutscenes were real-time, except for a short introduction video.

    • DarkSamus says:

      Actually to fair there is also the castle bridge moving, the Verdugo’s POV scene and the end credits.

      • Gamer says:

        And Albert already improved those a while ago I think, although not sure if he was able to add them yet either.

  8. Necdilzor says:

    The improvement is really insane!
    These cutscenes are infamous for their low resolution and now they look better than ever.
    Thanks for the hard work!

  9. Victor says:

    Seeing new updates is always a huge highlight for me!
    I love this project so much!

  10. V I D A L says:

    “Well, I could do an entire series of videos explaining the process… XD”

    I wouldn’t mind that. ;P

    • V I D A L says:

      Great job as always. It’s crazy how much work you are putting into it.
      Slightly concerning that you are spending all this time enhancing those cutscenes and as of now you can’t even be certain it will be possible to have them playing in the game? I thought that was already sorted.

      • albert says:

        Haha yeah XD
        It’s half done. I’m pretty confident that it will be fully possible in a near future. Anyway, they can be used in the old 2007 port, at least 😛

    • Andrzej says:

      Add me to the list. I love me some behind the scenes on video game production. Or modding.

  11. Its awesome, i hope the mod become ready soon!

  12. R says:

    La verdad que esta comparativa me dejó impresionado, espero con ansias el siguiente vídeo!

  13. Mike says:

    Amazing work as always, last picture the interior of the helicopter looks too different though? is that WIP?

    • albert says:

      Nope! that’s the HD project version of that texture. I’ve been taking a look at military helicopters and they usually have some kind of padding surface (you know… so you don’t break your head in case of some abrupt helicopter maneuver…)
      and the original one was really loooow-resolution. So it’s logical it looks so different

  14. Pliskin says:

    That shot of the helicopter going off into the sunset looks beautiful nicely done. The background texture when Ada is in helicopter looks a little odd, like old bathroom tile rather than metal. Otherwise this is a great upscale!

    • albert says:

      It’s a padding surface so Ada don’t break her head in case of some abrupt helicopter maneuver. It’s very common in military helicopters
      The original one was so low-res it’s almost impossible to identify what the hell is that made of…

  15. Gamer says:

    Those differences are impressive.

  16. mofail says:

    awwww no video000 ▶ ༼ ºل͟º ༽ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (☭ ͜ʖ ☭) (ง’̀-‘́)ง
    I’m starting to wonder about the cutscene stuff, glad there will be patches later down the road & looking forward the main campaign. good luck peeps

  17. Nick says:

    This project is what I live for. I just beat RE8, which was worth the wait definitely; but the moment I play through entirety of RE4HD is the moment when I can pass on to the afterlife.

  18. nipkow says:

    Hey Albert! Amazing work as always.
    If you’d like to talk about the coding stuff to get the game to load the high res fmvs, send me an email. I’d like to help if possible.

  19. Spoony says:

    Sorry if this has already been asked before but are there any plans to fix the couple of code issues for the 60fps option? i.e. the rifle reloads and QTEs requiring double button mashing speed.

    • albert says:

      I hope my coder colleagues can fix some or all this issues at some point! As I mentioned in a couple of videos, I’ll release the 1.0 version of the project when my work is finished, and the extra programming stuff will come later as and additional small patch. (So people that is not worried about these “small” problems can enjoy the project as is, and also I want feedback in case there are some problems or graphic details to fix)

  20. gabriel says:

    Hi!, have you ever played the wii version or the game cube version with component conection? it looks very good. The game cube version has a graphic glitch I think, the image looks contracted when you play in widescreen format, this was fixed in the wii version (the black bars does not appear).

  21. Nimo says:

    I like to see this project is still active!
    I will be donating a small amount to support your work.

  22. Jim says:

    Am I seeing this wrong or did you figure out how to sharpen the cutscenes and get rid of the aliasing because these pics give me the impression that the aliasing was almost completely removed.

  23. Master Chen says:

    …what happened to the “previous coder”? Some drama, or life issues?

  24. Éric says:

    Hi Albert,
    Can you will add an option to have a more current gameplay like RE2 Remake?
    Best ++++

  25. Diegoeo99 says:

    No quiero ni imaginarme la cantidad de trabajo para estas escenas ¡Espectacular como siempre!
    Por cierto, haz visto este mod? Parece que restaura los fondos transparentes, arregla los QTEs en 60fps, y ultrawidescreen.

    • albert says:


      Pues no lo había visto! Eso de los fondos transparentes es algo que estaba en mi lista de “cosas para los programadores”
      Tendré que ponerme en contacto con él. Una cosa menos de la que preocuparse :DDD

      • .gif says:

        You already contacted them, it seems — they go by nipkow, and they already commented here 🙂

        Anyways, the new FXAA disable is a godsend, it really makes your mod’s textures stand out! I didn’t expect such a difference.

      • Te diste cuenta que en PC no habia una tecla asignada para ver los objetos del inventario por detrás? lo sabia, yo pulsaba todas las teclas y nada, agregarás este fix al mod?

  26. ItchyTasty says:

    Hey Albert! Been a while since I’ve commented, but you’re doing a kick ass job and I’m glad the project is close to complete. Just wanted to double down on something others here have already pointed out but I think is still worth addressing because it’s distracting to me. The interior of the helicopter totally looks like bathroom tile. I understand that it’s the original texture in higher res, but the original texture appeared to have some metalness and reflectivity to it even if it was an illusion from being blurry. The color tone of the original also matched with the metal bars to make the overall helicopter background feel more cohesive and flow together. The new texture doesn’t really have any specular highlights and the seams are way too big and too dark.

    Here’s a reference if it’s helpful. This is from a PBR Substance material which obviously RE4 can’t handle but I think it still shows what to aim for:,30,30&sharpen=true

    Good luck on finishing the project and if you don’t think this is worth your time to address then that’s no big deal either. I’m just grateful for all the hard work you’ve already put in.

    • Alvin says:

      It is indeed padding material but not metallic at all. Sure, it needs more gloss though. Diagonal looks less like bathroom tile.

      • albert says:

        Yep, since the specular system of this game engine is so old, any extra specular effect I’d add would make it to look like metal. I guess the best I can do is to emphasize the shadows/brightness in the texture itself

    • metroidguy says:

      It is not metallic material. What you see is supposed to be aircraft insulation. It is made of a plastic blanket like material.

      • ItchyTasty says:

        I think there was some confusion here. I was speaking of “metalness” in terms of how textures are created in a Physically Based Rendering pipeline, which is a more modern texture authoring process that I’m used to, however, this is not something that works in the RE4 engine so it doesn’t really matter. But in a PBR workflow, metalness functions on a slider from black to white or 0% to 100%. An object that isn’t necessarily metal, but still looks semi metallic could have this slider set at say 25%. I know the fabric in the helicopter isn’t metal, but it still looks semi metallic at least in some references, like this one:

        As Alvin pointed out though, I think it has more to do with the fact that the material is glossy in real life, but not here so it just ends up not looking correct and it’s not easy to fake that look in this engine. In every reference I’ve found, the squares are diagonal, but I get wanting to keep it true to the original still as Albert says.

        At the end of the day, I just don’t think it manages to trick my brain into believing it belongs anywhere in a helicopter and that’s my main gripe with it. Sometimes something just stands out to you and you know it’s not quite right, but it’s hard to put into words what might improve it.

    • albert says:

      Thank you for the texture example!
      Yeah, it really seems closer to the original indeed, but as Alvin and metroidguy say, the surface is supposed to be more a padding surface, not a metallic wall.
      And yeah… a diagonal pattern would indeed diminish the title feeling it has, but since the original has this squared pattern…

  27. Marcos says:

    Albert, what your opinions about the unused rooms?

    r324 (Beta Krauser room?)
    r22(Beta helicopter fight?)

  28. RightClickEmpty says:

    Albert, Hi! How much left to finish SW?

  29. mofail says:

    who knows?… maybe before next summer we could be playing this !
    It’s going to be so fun revisiting this game after the next big release.


    Hello I would love to download the MOD but I can’t download it

  31. Aleksander Jornyak says:

    Hello Albert I like your look at the textures, how they should look in the original, only in high quality, it’s really cool. And I also really waited and hoped that some kind and intelligent person would find a way to disable soap smoothing in the game, and this day has come. And finally, now I can enjoy the game with clear and detailed textures, without this soapy FXAA.

  32. Aleksander says:

    Hello Albert I like your look at the textures, how they should look in the original, only in high quality, it’s really cool. And I also really waited and hoped that some kind and intelligent person would find a way to disable soap smoothing in the game, and this day has come. I downloaded this re4_tweaks And finally, now I can enjoy the game with clear and detailed textures, without this soapy FXAA.

  33. ydy135 says:

    hi,how long will you release the HD game?

  34. Vyacheslav says:

    Hola, ¿has pensado en el remaster Devil May Cry 3? Me gustaría mucho ver tu ego después de la finalización de RE4 HD

  35. RightClickEmpty says:

    I think Albert is dead. We will never play HD mod.

    • R says:

      Mate, these things take time, and with work, it will take more time, he already said he’ll likely release the full thing in this year, and let me tell you that 2021 ain’t over yet, so please, have some patience, dude is doing God’s work and like I said, these things take time.

      • albert says:

        Yeah, I’ve been painfully slow remastering this lastest separate ways prerendered low-res videos. Almost frame by frame edits… But it’s done! and I’m preparing the youtube video right now 😀

    • Shady says:

      dude, he has a life, stfu and wait for his release.

  36. H123judd says:

    Wow looks amazing. Been following this from the early days and re4 is easily my favourite game of all time. Can’t wait to play this myself. Hope you’re alright!

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