Look familiar? (L)

4 years later… Here’s the 50th “Look Familiar” tweet 😛

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14 responses to “Look familiar? (L)”

  1. NEGAARMAX says:

    Oh my…
    Se ve genial, no olvides agregar spectacular maps a la armadura para que se vea aun más hermosa

    • albert says:

      Por supuesto! El original no usa bumpmaps, así que se ve muy plano…
      Por cierto, ¿Sabes que se llama “specular” (especular en castellano de “espejo”) y no “spectacular”? ¿O lo dices siempre en broma porque se ve “espectacular”? XD

  2. V I D A L says:

    Oh I miss those. I’ve seen them all.

  3. RightClickEmpty says:

    Hi, Albert! How work is going?

    • albert says:

      All special costumes are ready!
      Now I have to do a lot of boring but needed checking (and surely I’ll find some details to fix during the process), but this project reached the 99%.
      All remaining stuff don’t depend on me, but on the skilled programmers that can fix certain graphic details of this port. So I hope they have the time to help us soon.
      As I mentioned, I’ll release the project as is, and the programming stuff will be released in the future when it’s ready. The only major feature not possible to work without the programmers help is the HD videos for Separtate Ways.

  4. Iván R. - KlivE- says:


    Llevo años siguiendo este proyecyto increíble y no veo el momento de que salga la versión final.
    Pero con lo que flipo, aparte del trabajo EXCELENTE con absolutamente todo, es de dónde sacas los originales que usó Capcom. Me flipa la manera en la que encuentras de dónde se sacó la textura xD.

    Ánimo y gracias por esta tremenda currada 🙂

    • albert says:

      Muchas gracias! Pues mucha paciencia, buen ojo y un poco de suerte ;P
      Ya está al caer! Acabo de terminar al “Mafia Leon”
      Ahora toca un montonazo de comprobaciones aburridas pero necesarias XD

  5. maverick says:

    relevant link for those that like this kinds of things: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsCN0Yx2Vbs

    • albert says:

      Fascinating stuff! Thanks for sharing it! I was aware of this preservation texture project, but this video give non-expert people a chance to understand the importance of their work in the history of videogames.

      • maverick says:

        As soon as I saw it I remembered of your own archeology job with RE textures. It’s quite fascinating what you guys achieved and the topic itself is really interesting. Thanks!

  6. Max Storm says:

    Hey Albert, have you seen ign latest video about RE4 VR? It doesn’t have any extra contents like separate way, assignment Ada and mercenaries

    • albert says:

      Really?? I’ve seen a complete walkthrough. The video looked quite compressed, but I can tell the effects are just TERRIBLE. The fire effects… please… those fires! X(((
      The lighting is… well… some places have interesting choices, while some others it’s simply bad… No flickering lights, missing effects everywhere. It’s like they got clean scenarios, and they created new lights and effects from scratch.
      Textures are quite decent. It’s obvious they took the biggest efforts in the first areas, but at least they are not horrible in the latest stages. But the difference between the first and latest areas texture quality is quite noticeable.
      About the 3D edits. I’ve seen some interesting edits here and there. Overall, they fixed the most terrible looking things, but I’ve seen they simply got rid of some 2D meshes in the lab instead of making them 3D …
      I guess Oculus players will have fun with this game, but it’s not for RE4 purists like me.

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