HD Project 1.0 Release Date


The day is approaching… I know some of you may feel slightly disappointed when you see the release day, but believe me, it will deserve the extra month of waiting.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the community, we’ve been able to raise this project to another level by fixing some infamous issues this and previous HD ports had.

And it’s all thanks to nipkow and emoose (maybe some of you already know them). What you’ll read now is all their work! And in fact, you already can test some of these features using nipkow’s “re4_tweaks”, which is still in development.

They’ve been able to fix a lot of things, all of them can be enabled or disabled by simply editing a .ini file that will come allong a .dll file. Here goes the complete list of the current improvements:

  • It makes the game to allocate more memory for the inventory screen, preventing crashes with high-poly models inside ss_pzzl.dat: No file-size limitations in the inventory. The game crashed when the file that contains the inventory and Merchant store models (ss_pzzl.dat) reached 1,35 MB approx. This forced me to optimize the item models and even all the improvements I did over the original low-poly models, they didn’t look as good as the ingame and examine models. But not anymore! I was able to replace all the models with their examine-model counterpart! So, you can imagine how extremely detailed they look now!!
  • Full HD videos are a reality! The game will allocate more memory for SFD movie files, and properly scale its resolution display above their original 512×336 resolution. As you already know, I remastered Separate Ways and other pre-rendered videos, but I still wasn’t able to implement them ingame. Now they are completely integrated in the game. They still use the old sfd format, but the bitrate and encoding method is so good you won’t notice compressing artifacts even during the most complex scenes!
  • It restores transparency on the item pickup screen.
  • It fixes a problem related to a vertex buffer that caused the image to be slightly blurred, making the image much sharper and clearer.
  • It disables the film grain overlay that is present in most sections of the game.
  • Additional FoV: You will be able to adjust the FoV (Field of View) at will.
  • It will allocate more memory for some vertex buffers. This prevents a crash that can happen when playing with a high FOV.
  • It fixes the incorrect aspect ratio when playing in ultrawide resolutions, preventing the image from being cut off and the HUD appearing off-screen. (Only tested in 21:9)
  • It prevents the camera from being randomly displaced after you zoom with a sniper rifle when using keyboard and mouse.
  • The V-Sync option found in the game’s config.ini actually works now.
  • It enables the original DoF blurring effect from the GC/Wii versions, which was removed in later ports.
  • Whether to use a borderless-window when using windowed-mode.
  • Position to draw the game window when using windowed mode.
  • When running in 60 FPS, some QTEs require extremely fast button presses to work. This gets even worse in Professional difficulty, making it seem almost impossible to survive the minecart and the statue bridge QTEs. This fix makes QTEs that involve rapid button presses much more forgiving.
  • Key bindings for flipping items in the inventory screen when using keyboard and mouse. Normally, you can only rotate them with the keyboard, not flip them. Flipping was possible in the old PC port and is possible using a controller.
  • Key bindings for QTE keys when playing with keyboard and mouse. Unlike the “official” way of rebinding keys through usr_input.ini, this option also changes the on-screen prompt to properly match the selected key.
  • Makes the game use the memcpy function instead of MemorySwap, possibly resulting in some slight performance improvement.
  • This version of RE4 only works properly if played at 30 or 60 FPS. Anything else can and will cause numerous amounts of different bugs, most of which aren’t even documented. By default, re4_tweaks will warn you about these issues and change the FPS to either 30 or 60. If you have modified the game’s config.ini file and changed the “variableframerate” option to something other than 30 or 60, please be aware of the potential issues before turning off this warning.

There’s still a list of things that can be improved/restored and I’m sure they eventually will be able to bring us something else. In the meantime, the resident evil 4 HD Project 1.0 will include these new features and I need to optimize a few files because of this.

Oh! And emoose has been able to recompress the files again to .lfs original compressed format, which means the installed mod will use half of the HDD space!! Yahooooo!


On a different topic: Keep an eye on your email, or even the spam box. I’ve emailed the donors. My proposal was to include the donors’ name in the ending credits as a kind of gratitude for your support. Of course, there’s no space for all of them in the ending credits, but I’ll try to fit as many as possible in the movie.

Anyway, the entire list will be in the Credits you can access from the Main Menu of the game.

So, if you have changed your email address, or you haven’t received any email from us, and you’ve donated at some point in the past, please, fill and send a “Contact us” form and tell us the email you used to make the donation —just for confirmation purposes— and tell us which name or nickname you’d like to be credited as.

Also, I haven’t responded to the emails you’ve already sent me (because of time limitations), but believe me: I’ve read them all! Thank you to everyone for your kind words!

Of course, there’s the possibility some donors appear after the release. Since there will probably be some patch to fix bugs or some visual details based on feedback, I’ll take the opportunity to update the Credits and ending movie.

Finally, I’d like to send you all a HUGE THANK YOU for all the time you’ve been following this project and their members and for your infinite patience!

¡Hasta luego!
— Albert

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196 responses to “HD Project 1.0 Release Date”

  1. Arenz says:

    Whao ! Can’t believe it’s finally coming to an end. It’s been so long since I’ve followed this project. I’m so hyped !

  2. H N says:

    Albert, thank you Cris and the rest of the team. It’s been fun watching your progress and can’t wait to play your remaster in February.

    Have a good holiday!

  3. re4usr2021 says:

    I am very excited to see that. THANK YOU for your effort and sharing! I will be very gratitude whether you would send the download link to me! THANKS a lot!!

  4. Alan3D says:

    Happy to see how far the project has come!
    How are you encoding the SFDs?

  5. RightClickEmpty says:

    You are a real man! I wish you all the best! I hope you will solve all problems with job. Thank you very much for your work.

  6. EPD Gaffney says:

    This is incredible. I’m really excited for you and excited to play this in February. The wait sounds well worth it for all these fixes, not that I’d have doubted you either way. Your commitment to this has been astounding and I’m glad to see it all coming to fruition soon. Best of luck with your job/education situation, happy Christmas, enjoy your red days, hope your favourite football team does well, and so forth.

  7. nipkow says:

    Oh wow, that first image of Ada looks especially good! Amazing work, as always!

  8. eminaguil says:

    After all this time, a couples of months doesn’t feel so far away.

  9. JonathanRyuken says:

    Oh my God! I can’t believe… We’ll finally get our hands on this beauty. You guys are fucking awesome!

  10. Jeff R. says:

    This is incredible! Amazing work as always. I’m soooo excited!

  11. Gamer says:

    Great like always, although would be good if this had it`s own Steam page so there wouldnt be a need to download the original HD textures first. I`ve seen other projects that do this, so thought would be possible. I think this was aksed previously though.

  12. Artyom says:

    I can’t believe it’s finally happening and can’t quite express just how happy I am hearing this news!

    Huge thanks for your work, you are the best!

  13. Frank Nitty says:

    After taking the time to read the changelog, I am not disappointed at all by the delay especially since it’s literally a day before my birthday 🙂 . Take all the time you need; the upcoming planned improvements are worth the wait… This version that will get released in Feb 2022 WILL be the “real” ULTIMATE definitive RE4 experience that any newcomer to this entry should try out instead of the re-released “remastered” chicken fodder that Capcom has been feeding us for over the past 10 years. I’m highly anticipating and looking forward to the final definitive release. Thank you Albert & Cris for all the hard work that you have done to make this unrealized remaster mod a reality and bringing it to fruition. Also, shout outs to the late bloomers nipkow and emoose for their contributions; it’s not just the icing on the cake, but the cherry on top. See you in February 😀

    • albert says:

      “It’s not just the icing on the cake, but the cherry on top.”
      This is exactly what I told them haha

      Thank you, Frank, for your continuous messages of support!
      Almost there ahhhh!!!

      • Frank Nitty says:

        You’re very welcome my guy. RE4 is one title that holds a special place in my heart 🙂 . You guys are doing the Lord’s work.

  14. Lucifronz says:

    Looks great. Hard to believe we’re this close to release now. Just a few months now.

  15. ufo says:

    What will the file size be for 1.0?

  16. danyukhin says:

    amazing news, tysm for all your work <3

  17. V I D A L says:

    Congratulations! It’s almost there. I’m gonna miss visiting this site almost daily for the past… 7 years? I always loved seeing the comparisons. Can’t wait to play it.

    • albert says:

      Haha I can see people making their own comparisons. It’s like I’m seeing it:
      “Look! The character was brighter in the original, and now it looks much darker and dull. The original was better because it was brighter and warmer! And the lighting and shading still looks outdated. Meh!”

      • V I D A L says:

        I’d love to see Digital Foundry making a video on this.

        • Alvin says:

          Things have taken a turn for the worst within the gaming industry for the last 10 years. That said, it is when a person who doesn’t have any knowledge or understanding of game design or development start reviewing and making dumb remarks on graphics and mechanics that it gives me so much cringe. It’s infuriating and tragic to hear them spout nonsense about how much of a improvement gta definite edition is f.e. And how they skim over and downplay the fact it’s an absolute demake in terms of functionality behind the curtains. I bet there’s people too who prefer Re4 vr edition or think it looks better than this project.
          It makes me realize that there’s no nostalgia googles. We grew up with those old gems and knew exactly back then and still know what we loved about those titles. They had real intend behind an artistical vision and were certainly more polished products.

          • V I D A L says:

            I think you are mistaken, Alvin. Digital Foundry heavily criticised GTA Definitive Edition and they pointed out all it’s flaws way above it’s qualities. Digital Foundry is one of the few remaining professionals that make sense. Besides and more importantly, they don’t review games per se, just their technical aspects regardless if the game is good or fun or bad. They just analyse the technology behind it and how it was made as well as it’s performance.

          • Alvin says:

            Ah nice! 😀
            I want people to remain critical of lazy products
            like this ‘definitive edition’.

  18. NEGAARMAX says:

    Se ven excelentes los cambios, estaré probando el dll para ver estas mejoras
    por cierto Albert que convertidor a SFD utilizas, yo uso el PES converter, pero me limita mucho en el bitrate:
    Un saludo y espero con ansias la liberacion del mod

    • albert says:

      Pues usa “ffmpeg-2021-10-28-git-e84c83ef98-full_build” para codificar a mpeg
      En la linea de comandos (puedes crearte un archivo .bat en la misma carpeta donde esté el ffmpeg.exe) debes poner

      ffmpeg -i “VIDEOORIGINAL.mp4” -an -c:v mpeg1video -b:v 50M -maxrate 80M “NOMBRE-QUE-QUIERAS.mpeg”

      El 50M el el bitrate medio del video, el 80M es para limitar el máximo, ya que el juego no soporta picos de más de 70/80. Si es necesario, rebájalo un poco más
      “VIDEOORIGINAL.mp4” debería ser un vídeo de muy alta calidad sin artefactos de compresión con mucho bitrate para que el resultado sea óptimo y con el dll el video ya puede ser de 1920×1080 🙂

      I luego, para “muxear” el sfd uso CryTools-win-x64
      Aquí igual: genérate un archivo .bat con el bloc de notas con el siguiente comando:

      Y ya tienes tu nuevo sfd fullHD!

      • NEGAARMAX says:

        Me costo pero lo logre sobre todo porque te saltaste la parte del audio a formato adx pero todo correcto, por lo que pude convertir perfectamente el video sin ningun problema 😀

  19. Ricardo says:

    haz un videito del release en febrero bro XD. te apoyo, y te seguiré apoyando en futuros proyectos que tengas, me apasionan esas cosas que haces, saludos.

  20. maricela says:

    muchas gracias
    será compatible con el mod de doblaje en latino que han hecho un fanmade mexicano

    • albert says:

      En principio deberán adaptarse los archivos de ese mod al HD project.
      Se trataría de que las modificaciones que han hecho se hagan a partir de los archivos del HD project y no a partir de los archivos originales.
      Imagino que en algún momento nos pondremos de acuerdo ambos equipos para hacerlo. No debería ser extremadamente difícil.

  21. Ryan says:

    Love your work! Can’t wait to play it once it’s released.
    Question: Any chance of implementing proper Gyro controls?

    • albert says:

      Humm… I had to Google what are gyro controls haha
      I don’t think we are going to fix anything beyond optimizing some mouse/keyboard things.
      But who knows… at this point, I can’t be sure something is possible or not. The coders have the ability to amaze us every day!

  22. Grub says:

    Would it be possible to leave in an option to enable the Film Grain if desired?

  23. Hal says:

    Have you asked Capcom if there’s any chance of them adding this is Steam as a free DLC for RE4?

    • albert says:

      They can’t do that because they’d need to make sure every single texture of the pack can be commercially used, and this is almost impossible for them.
      Also, they already have the VR port new textures, and I’m sure that is good enough for them…

  24. Bonk says:

    Congrats Albert, you guys have done amazing work. I’m so excited to play the finished release!!
    I think my only feedback way back with the 2018 release was to ask for a toggle for the weird motion blur that is introduced in certain scenes early on in the game (Present in vanilla game.) I think it’s a fine effect if you like it, but I can’t remember if you said it was possible to disable this or not. (My main concern with that is that on displays with slow low black level pixel response times like VA panels is that it exacerbates problems with black smearing. Making it look worse.).
    Have zero complaints about anything else! Hope things have gone well this year for you and your familes!

  25. JulianB says:

    But February 2nd…it’s Groundhog Day!

  26. Adam says:

    Albert, this is fantastic news! I’m looking forward to the final release. A big thank you for your and the team’s work!

  27. Sergio Ferrari says:

    Is it you who thank us?!?! Really??? You are crazy …
    We should make you a MONUMENT to what you are doing!!!
    You have also reintroduced the DOF … I have no words…
    Thanks guys… Chapeau.

  28. NikitaM says:

    Congratulations! I didn’t follow the project, but I found out about its completion just yesterday on one of the gaming sites. I liked playing Resident Evil 4 in the past and had tons of fun and recently I was thinking about replaying the game, but when I heard about the upcoming HD project I wanted to know more about it and postponed it until February.

    My question is where can i check system requirements for this project if there are any. Since my PC is not powerful by modern standards i I want to understand whether I should wait for the release of this mod or start playing now.

    Thanks in advance!

    • albert says:

      It should require more that the original 2014 release. but now it needs more VRAM because of the huge textures.
      The rest of improvements shouldn’t have a big impact on performance. It’s all about making it to look better. The original use extremely lowpoly models after all, and the new ones don’t reach modern games levels at all.
      So, I guess a video card with 4GB should be good enough to play it al 1920×1080. Even if it has 2GB but your machine is decent enough, it should be ok.

  29. ilhass says:

    It was incredible journey since 2014. Thank you for this incredible project with unbelievable results!

  30. Gospodinus says:

    Hi Albert! I am not a contributor, but I have been following the project for quite a long time. I even tried to predict the release date of your project according to mathematical calculations, but I missed a bit (winter instead of summer). I wish you success not only with your project, but also in your personal life. I can’t wait for its release. Hope Capcom will pay attention to you (in a good way). You did a titanic job and clearly deserve it. Good luck!

  31. Begali says:

    Sizga omad tilayman

  32. NikitaM says:

    Congratulations! I didn’t follow the project, but I found out about its completion just yesterday on one of the gaming sites. I liked playing Resident Evil 4 in the past and had tons of fun and recently I was thinking about replaying the game, but when I heard about the upcoming HD project I wanted to know more about it and postponed it until February.

    My question is where can i check system requirements for this project if there are any. Since my PC is not powerful by modern standards i I want to understand whether I should wait for the release of this mod or start playing now.

    Thanks in advance!

  33. Chris says:

    Albert, hace poco salió un MOD de voces en español para la versión normal del RE4 el cual trae dobladores profesionales….si te pusieras en contacto con ellos para la compatibilidad con tu MOD en su versión de lanzamiento…..seria GENIAL !!!!
    El equipo detrás del MOD de voces en español es IG Studios y esta es su web: https://www.igstudios.tv/

    Gracias por tu esfuerzo y dedicación al proyecto durante años, la comunidad RE no puede estar mas que agradecida….
    Dios te bendiga.

    • albert says:

      Copio y pego la respuesta, que me lo acaban de preguntar antes XD:

      En principio deberán adaptarse los archivos de ese mod al HD project.
      Se trataría de que las modificaciones que han hecho se hagan a partir de los archivos del HD project y no a partir de los archivos originales.
      Imagino que en algún momento nos pondremos de acuerdo ambos equipos para hacerlo. No debería ser extremadamente difícil.

      Un saludo!! :DD

  34. BlueWindGTR says:

    I can use this mod in steam version and still can unlock achievements?

    • albert says:

      This won’t affect anything (savegames/achievements) because it simply replaces graphic and sound data. All game’s preferences and personal data will remain as is

  35. Amazing. Been refreshing your homepage for years. Really looking forward to play this.
    I just hope Capcom isn’t actually remasting this like with Res 2 and 3, though this will still be a little gem in any way.

    Curious to know what at PC port bugs are left? Are all the 60Hz problems conversion fixed?

    • Xuru says:

      I’ve been wondering about that too. It would be simply amazing if the coders managed to fix all of the 60 FPS bugs!

      • Matthew says:

        Funnily enough I never ran into any problems in 60fps mode outside of the rifle reloading animation.

        • albert says:

          There are countless 60 fps animation issues. It’s just they are minor bugs (mostly some things move/fall twice fast, the water effects moves twice fast, the lightning during storm and the spark effect of the electric nightstick the militia ganados and some other sounds rate is doubled as well. And of course, some animations still running at 30 fps, not just reload animations.
          This will be harder to fix because they are comparing a lot of stuff with the gamecube code, and gamecube version runs at 30 fps only. But who knows… maybe they find some way of fixing it some day

          • Filippo Tarpini says:

            Are the water effects video textures? If so, the frames could just be duplicated no? Though I guess they are actually just shaders with an hardcoded update step that makes the result change based on the FPS.

  36. John says:

    It’s finally here, I’ve waited my entire life for this day. On this Thanksgiving I’m thankful for the entire team who painstakingly worked on this project through out the years to revive and let me relive my all time favorite the way it should be. Thank you guys so much for all your hard work!!!

  37. Aleena says:

    Congratulations for the effort. It’s a great achievement.

    I have a question: you’ll release the project on Steam, but how do you get the approval from Capcom? Did they gave you green light to release?

    Best Regards!

    • JRG says:

      He already has the approval of Capcom. You can check this in the FAQ section

    • Gamer says:

      I don`t think it shall be on Steam like with a Steam page, if that`s what you`re saying. Maybe added to the modding and configuration section though.

  38. mofail says:

    Congratulations !

    This immense work is still going to be fine tuned a little further I imagine but this is what we’ve all been waiting for, an actual release! It’ll be great to go take a look at everything, thank you re4 team.

  39. Matthew says:

    I gotta say, even though VR is my preferred way to play this game now, I will joyfully be playing through it again once this final version is released. Especially all of the content that the VR port doesn’t have (for now). The attention to detail and level of care you guys have put into this is beyond my wildest imagination. Cheers for taking one of my favorite games of all time and perfecting it!

  40. Mario says:

    have you tried the VR version of re4? Thank you again for your long time dedication, I will wait patiently for the release

    • albert says:

      I’ve just seen videos on YT
      some decent texture work indeed, but I think the lighting and effects could be much better. In factm some effects simply disappeared. And the cutscenes lighting is… not sure if “terrible” is the word, but the characters look really weird. Specially Ada…

  41. Kevbo says:

    Thank you so very much dev team, really appreciate all the hard work and effort! This amazing game deserves to be seen in all it’s glory so thank you for making that happen 🙂

  42. Thank you for all your hard work over the years. I was wondering – will it be possible to download a version of this mod where the most high-resolution versions of the textures are removed? With the Steam Deck reaching a bunch of customers in February, I think an option to save even more storage space by cutting out textures that don’t even make a difference on a 7 inch screen would be great.

    • albert says:

      I guess a “light” version of the project could be possible if there is enough demand, yes.
      When the project is finished, I’ll take some time doing optional patches. This could be one of them. You just need to remember this to me when the moment arrives. 😛

      • Cameron Standring says:

        Heh, well, as an Australian I haven’t got a clue when I’ll be able to get my hands on a Deck. But I’ll for sure do in again next year. Much appreciated.

  43. Gabe says:

    I cant wait to try these tweaks out, and am very excited for the final release! I continue to be impressed and thankful for all of your guys work. How do I donate? Ive never been able to find out where to donate to you guys and have been wanting to for a long time. It feels almost wrong to enjoy this wonderful creation for free, it completely enhances the RE4 experience.

    • WillM says:

      At least on my browser, at the near-top of *this very page* toward the right is a very present “DONATE” button, field, etc. 🙂

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the support! 🙂
      Yes, there is a donate button at the top/right of the page ;D

      • Gabe says:

        I always visit this page on my phone and not on my computer, thats why I never saw the button before lol. Thanks for the tip, looking forward to the release!

  44. butts says:

    A real shame about the delay, but I understand. Unlike most “professional” developers, I trust you’ll definitely make good use of that time. Thanks for working so hard, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

  45. Metholus says:

    maybe it’s just a word screenshot but with the DoF effect on the scope it seems blurry. I know it’s optional but why would you use this? https://www.re4hd.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/DOF1B.jpg

    • albert says:

      Oh, that’s just during a moment. If you can take a look at the GC/Wii ports, you’ll see this effect briefly when the scope view appears and it quickly backs to normal image. And it also gets slightly blurred when you zoom in and zoom out, but the image is clear the rest of the time.

  46. carlos says:

    seria genial si este mod y el otro mod reciente de voces en español se juntaran por que de verdad lograrian hacer la version definitiva del remaster del juego en español

  47. Putera says:

    I believe all the thanks should be at the first words in this comment section :)). Wonderful job, wonderful teamwork for all coders and textures compilations! My utmost respect for you guys! Im going to say in my language to show respect to you guys: Angkat topi buat kalian semua! Salut!


    • albert says:

      Same expression we have here in Spain: “Me quito el sombrero”. I’m not sure in it’s the same in English, too haha

      • Chris B says:

        We’d say “I take my hat off to you, sir” or “Hats off to him” in English.

        Amazing work on this, been around for years trying each release. Can’t believe it’s almost complete.

        Hopefully you get some paid work out of this once it’s released and more people get to see the quality.

  48. Crozh says:

    I’ve been following this project since the beginning, and I’m really happy it’s finally coming true.
    Now people are gonna enjoy the game the way they imagined when the cashgrab HD remaster announced! And it’s all thank to you, Albert and Cris. Donors and helpers as well.
    I hope I will see you two working on another project, whatever that is.

    Wish you all the best!

  49. Charles N. says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work, Albert! I’m so excited.

  50. ItalicMaze says:

    Great work! The blur filter mitigated moiré patterns though.

  51. Leandro says:

    Hola crack, que buen proyecto, es larga la espera pero lo vale, ahora queria preguntarte si hay algun enlace para descargar el hd project del 2018 ya que cambie de pc y tuve que volver a instalar el juego de steam sin el parche, cuando quise descargar acá por torrent a la hora de poner para descargar el archivo torrent no se descargaba, puede ser que el enlace ya no exista ? se puede resubirlo ?

  52. Ignacio Rzeszut says:

    Albert, one question, we’ll need the steam version in order to play this HD version, right?

    • Superbegita says:

      Yes the legit one of course ^^I have it already with the old pack (2018) and it work perfectly when you patch the ex for begin large adresse aware (not a single crash)

  53. Cal says:

    Congrats on the upcoming release. Is there any chance this could work with the new VR port? Thanks

  54. Hey! fantastico trabajo! cada vez estamos más cerca!

    tengo 2 dudas

    El efecto de blur existia en las versiones originales y quedó roto en relases subsecuentes?

    el peso del mod final en cuanto rondará mas o menos? por lo que entendi, pudiste comprimir los archivos en su formato original, que pesa menos?

  55. AyamCemani says:

    Awesome work, as always!
    Hopefully someone will someday do something similar for RE1R HD Remaster. Upscaled bgs in that game are just terrible, even The Reupscale Project doesn’t help much in it

  56. Raymistio123 says:

    So now that re4 vr is out, will we be able to apply all this work to that, cuz that would be amazing. Re4vr looks like trash atm, so it’d be godlike. Tho quest only game, but nevertheless this would be the best damn game on it, with the textures redone.

  57. Max Storm says:

    Hey Albett, why does the Depth of field when using the sniper rifle looked all blurry?

  58. Mark says:

    Albert please ask Capcom to release it on Steam too!! Thank you for your great work!

  59. Hello Albert! Congratulations on your successes, I’ve decided to take a walk and look at the stages of work, and I saw, it is true, the video of 2020, but suddenly it escaped you https://photos.app.goo.gl/pM425VjqNsHN4Boq6

  60. Gabooz says:

    Yeah! RE4_Tweaks is what I’m using for the 21-9, so if you also use it then there will be no compatibility problem, and it’s esay to modifiy the config file to adjust the effects we wan’t separately (really one good thing) 😀
    Everyone will enjoy the game again with the mod. But no news about the surprise area since you’ve ended the chapter 2-3, people will rush on it I bet.

  61. Max Storm says:

    Also Albert, did you saw the leak concept art of wesker for Resident evil 4 remake?

    • Jim says:

      The leak reveal the remake is updating the separate ways part of the game as well I wish this game would be remade later along re 5 and maybe re 6. the reason I mentioned 5 and 6 is because I think a remake to make them better story and scare wise would be great. I think we need remakes of re 0 1 and code Veronica first. Sadly they rather skip those games for the meme in the sense of how many releases it got re 4.

    • Ron C says:

      That leak was never confirmed to be legitimate. People have found credible sources of the assests that make up the image in a program most likely in photoshop. This entire situation is still ongoing and nothing was ever confirmed to be real besides second hand accounts. Direct and private messages can easily be faked. Even leaks can be faked. Please do not believe everything you see online. The voice actor has put out an official statement he has never been contracted by CAPCOM since Teppen and has no involvement with RE4R. He has never mentioned on stream he has any involvement in the game.

  62. Coolmuzt says:

    Maybe the real HD Project was the friends we made along the way.

  63. Vita says:

    Yuhuuu! only 3 months left ><
    and for the effect causes motion sickness (like I said in the previous comment, re4hd.com/?p=9218#comment-191982)
    so it can be changed via the .ini file or with the patch you said? ._.

  64. Harpotos says:


    So much hard work and passion and the finishline is in sight.
    I’ve loved following this mod’s progress, bless all who’ve been part of the project or who’s donated!
    Bravo, Albert!

  65. C. says:

    This project is amazing. Congratulations on the hard work and perseverance. I have been saving a playthrough forever. I actually only ever played the Wii version, which I loved, up until the second area. This is going to be a massive change for me lol.

  66. MNSyarief says:

    Awesome! Been following you since 2017. I’m so happy to see this reaching its conclusion. One thing though, I hope that you could fix the door slamming into the camera whenever Leon enters the room. Its very jarring to see the door do that. Also, will you be doing like a special room gallery where you place the characters models as display? I remember that long corridor room that you made in the Farm level. Is it still going to be used? Thank you for all the hard work!

  67. DarkSamus says:

    Incredible work by you and your team.

    Feb 2 can’t get here fast enough.

  68. hiohi says:

    Hi . Can you tell me what the minimum configuration for a pc will be? I have q9400, r7 250, 4 gb hopefully that will be enough to play.

  69. Riasat Salmin Sami says:

    I never commented here before, but I’ve been following this project ever since I became aware of it sometime around mid of 2015. This whole Journey has been wonderful.

    Cris and Albert, thank you! You guys made one of the best remaster of a game, and there are hardly any good remasters. Most very official remaster ends up looking worse than the originals. But you guys literally managed to upgrade the original art style without breaking anything.

    I did give some feedback on one of the youtube video about the lighting looking dark. But honestly, it does look better than the original and the darker lighting in those particular areas make sense given how the area didn’t had bright light source to begin with.

    The fact that every texture has been upgraded while remaining exactly faithful to the original textures, lighting has been improved without changing the atmosphere of the original already makes this mod better than any official remaster or even remakes of many games.

    I wish you two success on your endeavors.
    7 years of watching this project evolving and coming to completion while growing up. You guys are legend. Thank you again.

    • albert says:

      Hello! and thanks for the message and encouraging words!!
      Yeah, I know the darker light in certain areas may look duller when you compare side by side, but it’s always justified. And sometimes the new light is brighter. It depends on a lot of factors…
      We’ve tried to be consistent and logical 🙂
      Thank you too for following us during soooo many years! haha it’s crazy this took so much time…

  70. Ashley says:

    I am very excited to download the complete HD project next year only 2 months away. I’ve been waiting for this for a while and the character models are going to look great when i play the game.

  71. Maxine says:

    Everything looks amazing, thank you! But there is one thing i want to give you a note about, Wesker on this screenshot looks kind of like he’s a doll with this weird mouth of his ?

    • Gabriel says:

      Lol, Wesker almost looks like Sting right there ?

      • albert says:

        Hahah that part of the image is AI upscaled. I can’t recreate everything, just stages and some animations at the distance here and there… Maybe I can fully re-create everything when I finish my 3D animation course 😛

  72. jjj0309 says:

    Fianlly, hell frozen over.. It’s about time! My utmost respect to Albert and everyone! You are my hero!

  73. funky_boy says:

    Much appreciated for the hard work. Looking forward to the HD Project release in the future.

    Also, since no one mentioned what I’d like to ask, and it’s rather trivial, too.
    Will this HD Project fix or touch the Ditman glitch? Where do the players utilize Striker weapon glitch to temporarily accelerate the animation of characters being played?

  74. DarkSamus says:

    [Quote]There’s still a list of things that can be improved/restored and I’m sure they eventually will be able to bring us something else [/quote]
    I would love to see a list of these issues.

    • albert says:

      Hehehe, the infamous broken effect than makes all the image reddish, it was a halo around certain fires and explosions in the Gamecube.
      The shadows cast by the enemies getting pitch black at the distance. They are not affected by the fog in the HD versions.
      Of course, the 60fps issues
      Leon, Ada and Wesker’s facial animations when they get injured/die.
      Physics deactivated when you use the tactical vest and inside the inventory (This issue was even on the Gamecube)
      And I’m surely forgetting a few extra bugs.

  75. peps says:

    Excelentes noticias..

    Todavía recuerdo jugando re4 con el albert 2.0 texture patch. Cuanto amor tienes por este juego Albert.
    La reincorporación del efecto de desenfoque es simplemente genial.
    Espero que hagas un video trailer!

    • albert says:

      Gracias!! Anda que no ha llovido!!
      Osti sí! El trailer XDDD haha ya me había olvidado. Estrés hasta el último día!! 😛

  76. Robce Lee says:

    Awesome work! Haven’t played RE4 in a while, will definitely play it again after this mod gets released!

    I don’t know if it can be easily implemented, but is there a possibility where you can replace the XBOX button prompts with the PS ones? Either way, thank you for this amazing mod!

    RE4 might not be among the best survival horror games, but it is one of the most fun to play games out there, even after so many years.

  77. A says:

    What does “Full and Free Pack” mean? Does it mean that the full pack will have a price, while the free pack will have very few textures?

    Or is it saying that the full pack will be free?

  78. Axel says:

    I just saw a comparison from ElAnalista. Is it the old version or did you provide the HD version only for him?

    Can the DoF be improved? It looks like a drawing filter. Even so, it’s much better then not having it.

    I love this project, I can’t wait to play it! Thanks a lot!

    • albert says:

      It’s an almost finished version I provided to a couple of reviewers ;D
      I’m afraid this is how the DoF works in this game. I know it looks outdated, but it really looked nice on SD resolutions haha.
      Anyway, it’s optional and can be deactivated at anytime

  79. mark1246 says:


    For someone who has an PS4/PS5 controller, with the UI also match for PS controller ICON or no? (that an different mod) cause i know the horror of the QTE of this game, & playing an PS controller on XBOX UI icon seem like an nightmare

    just asking thanks

  80. WillM says:

    Beware the lava!

    I just heard about the volcano in Spain. You live in Spain so this must mean you’ve been dodging lava flows trying to keep them from getting your laptop that’s full of the precious files (ReHD project). It seems you’ve been successful thus far so I’ll just say:

    May all your back-flipping, side-flipping and running jumps into aikido rolls (with your laptop in hand) over the lava flows continue to be successful, Albert!

  81. Riasat Salmin Sami says:

    I know its almost release date, but I got a small feedback on the very first section of the game, right when the game starts.

    Will it be possible to reposition the light source? Because all the environment shadows are falling on one side, but Leon himself is lit from the other side. To match the actual light source with the shadows, the light probably needs to be repositions to other side.

    Here’s a screenshot for example:

    As you can see, I’ve pointed out the light direction of the shadows and the actual light source falling on leon [and possibly the whole environment] with different colors.

    It still looks great, thats why its not absolutely necessary to change it immediately. But maybe with a future path, it can be repositioned.

    The light source on rest of the game does match with the shadows. This seems to be the only location where the environment shadows and light source aren’t properly aligned.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the feedback. It’s not too late to change it!
      In fact, the light was almost in the right position, but I’ve just repositioned it a bit anyway.
      Keep in mind you are looking an image on perspective. You only can see shadows on the right side of the image.
      If we could see more trees just on the left side of Leon, the shadow on the floor would be pointing to the right. Here’s what I mean with the perspective stuff:
      The light source is already slightly changed in this image
      Good to know this is the only place you noticed something was off! ;D thanks!

      • Riasat Salmin Sami says:

        Thanks for the clarification.

        Yeah, from the comparison videos, rest of the areas seem very accurate. I can give further feedback once the mod is released and I check all of the areas. But the upgrades that have been made already look 10x better than the base game. So I don’t think there will be any need to make any massive changes in the future.

        In this particular scene/ or the scenes where Leon saves the dog from the beartrap, his right side looking too dark kinda seems off. But if we were to expand the light source, then Leon would loose contrast and look flat. So idk if its possible to make it any better.

        Maybe slightly shifting it to right might balance things out from both angles. This is actually hard to pick. The base game Leon is light on both sides but he lacks the contrast because of this. With mod he has very nice contrast for the lighting, but his right side is looking too dark.


        The shadows casting on Leon’s body looks amazing btw. With these new lighting upgrades, it almost feels like Ray tracing on vs off given how accurately Leon is lit in most of the areas now. Base game Leon seems to be lit in a very weird way that doesn’t match his environments, especially on night scenes and interiors.

  82. Pocok says:

    Is it safe to assume that after the initial 1.0 release, there could be minor-major fixes?

  83. Medeiros says:

    Even tracking the progress along the years, I still find hard to believe this truly exists. It will be an immense pleasure to replay one of the best games ever made in the best possible way. I’ve been waiting for this for so long, and I couldn’t be happier, since it’s not a dream anymore!

    Thank you, Albert.

    Thanks to everyone involved in this extraordinary project.

  84. Omar says:

    Lots of love and respect!!
    My favorite game!
    Best wishes!

  85. peps says:

    Hey albert, me acuerdo de esa cueva que habias agregado en la parte donde estan las hermanas bella antes d abandonar el pueblo, se me ocurre que si no encontraste que hacer con ese lugar, podrías incluir ahí los nombres de los donantes en vez de los creditos. Creo que seria cool.

    Que piensas?

    • albert says:

      Gracias por la idea! No está mal pensado… hummm
      Bueno, en los créditos en los que puedes acceder desde el menú principal también me gustaría ponerlo. Si no va a ser un percal si eres un donante encontrar tu nombre en el juego haha

  86. Juan Pablo Acosta says:

    Are the controls going to be the same as in RE 2 and 3 Remake? or will they be the same, with the single interaction of the keyboard?

  87. Wayne says:

    Would be amazing if Capcom bought this whole project from you then used it to update every version of there resident evil 4 game with over all platforms.

  88. Esteban says:

    I was looking at the RE4 Ultimate HD edition i was asking myself should i buy it? until i saw the release date now i have more reasons to buy the game hope the release comes with amazing results have you have done is a love letter to fans and Resident Evil 4

  89. Master Chen says:

    I’ve been following this project for nearly 5 years straight by now, if not earlier than that. It’s truly unbelievable how far it came, and it’s very hard for me to believe it’s all going to finally over soon. Albert, you guys, thank you very much for all the scrumptiously hard work you’ve put in this in all those years. You’ve shown and proven to the entire world that “fans” can do VASTLY better job than the so-called self-proclaimed “official remastering” teams of spaghetti code monkeys from nu-modern CrapCon and other subpar conglomerate monsters.

    After this finishes, do you guys plan to retire and merely continue on maintain/bug-fix this thing, or do you already have plans on maybe trying to tackle anything else out there that requires a “proper HD remastering” treatment these days (such as Silent Hill 2 and 3, Siren series, or Code Veronica X/Kanzenban/Complete, perhaps)?

    • albert says:

      And thank you!
      Yep, that’s the power of enthusiasm and no deadlines (and fan love haha)

      There are a couple of projects I may be part of, but since it doesn’t depend just on me, I won’t say anything just in case.
      But of course, this project will be alive anyway and ready to receive any extra improvement when possible (I hope our beloved coders find out a way of fixing even more stuff!) and also based on feedback.
      All remaining corrections and edits should be really easy to do.

  90. Jorge says:

    Me gustaría donarles, en dinero, un par de cervezas o vino para que celebren la finalización de este proyecto. Honradamente un seguidor desde los inicios de este proyecto, quiero expresarles mi gran respeto y admiración ante semejante hazaña, persistencia y determinación.
    ¡Animo, ya falta poco!

  91. Diego says:

    ¡Gran mod! El mejor mod de texturas o remaster de cualquier videojuego. En las cinemáticas se nota un poco de ghosting sobretodo al principio con Leon y los policias de camino al pueblo cuando baja uno de los policias a orinsr, se ve el suelo de hojas borroso y los bordes de hierbas y hojas de los árboles con ghosting o doble imagen. Pero por lo demás de 10.

    • albert says:

      Ese ghosting que mencionas es el DoF (Depth of Field) es decir, profundidad de campo. Es un efecto que estaba originalmente en Gamecube y Wii, pero que por algún motivo se perdió al pasar el juego a HD (PS3, PC, PS4, etc…)
      Es un efecto de desenfoque de lente usado para desenfocar lo que está cerca o lejos de la cámara, según el ángulo de cámara.
      En consolas se veía muy realista, pero a resoluciones HD se nota un poco falso. Así que este efecto es opcional, se podrá activar o desactivar a voluntad 😉

  92. Congratz Albert, this is so incredible to witness after closely following the project for almost 8 years. So proud of you. Hopefully the fire halo can also be restored before launch, for a total stunning and mindblowing release.

    Just have a feedback that would affect the entire village.. but also probably cause some UV problems. Maybe for v2.0:

    The original “ground leaf” texture had visibible varierty in it, big darker spots on the texture which allowed the texture to never look flat or “samey”, in particular when seen from afar (as often happens, being the most common texture used outside of the playable area).
    This makes said texture to look better and more realistic than the new HD version (which can sometimes look like a simple repeated texture) from great distances, and would be beyond awesome if you could improve it. Especially considering most Comparisons online will focus on the first area and cutscenes, where said texture is basically always present.

    But anyway, as always, thank you for your work.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the words and feedback! I’ll see what can I do with that leaf texture. It’s always the same texture in all areas, so it should be easy to improve ;D

  93. mofail says:

    32 days left….

  94. Leeous says:

    I’ve played this game an uncountable amount of times and I really, really appreciate your work on such a passion project. Every texture, model, etc, just looks so “at-home” and correct. I can’t believe how true to the original you were able to stay, given how crazy melted the textures were for certain models and environments, it’s the work of a professional. Much love. <3

    • albert says:

      Thanks a lot for your message 😀
      That’s the goal of this project. I’m glad you and most people see it this way ^_^
      Happy New Year!

  95. Gabriel says:

    Hi Albert! I and a couple of other users on Nexus mods have pointed out an issue with the mod author of the re4tweaks mod with the inventory. Long story short, the mod author says that this issue comes down to the HD project. The issue is detailed out more in the comment section of his mod page on Nexus, but just wanted to point this out to you if were not aware of it and see for yourself if it actually is an issue with your mod and not the other way around possibly. Very excited for release!

    • albert says:

      Hummm I have no issues with the current “pzzl” dat file… maybe it was an issue with the old 2018 inventory data ¿?
      I’ve been working/playing/testing with the last re4tweaks version during the last month with no issues at all.
      Interesting and weird bug btw XD

  96. Leonardo says:

    Perfecto tuyo trabajo Albert! Capcom no tienes amor por ese juego! Um grande Juego com um HD terrible! Usted creo algo perfecto! RE 4 vive perfectamente por tuyo trabajo!

    Saludos de Brasil

    E muito obrigado por esse belo trabalho!

  97. SLH says:

    Hi Albert, you did an amazing work on this project! The attention to detail is just out of this world! I
    Speaking of details, I was wondering if you ended up translating the inscription on the Salazar coat of arms. Someone pointed out in an old comment that it made no sense to have an English inscription on a Spanish coat of arms. I understand it’s not a simple sign and that it was entirely designed by Capcom, but it does break a bit the immersion in that Spanish castle. Plus, it’s not a character name (Luis Sera / Serra), so it shouldn’t be as problematic to make this change. The coat of arms is shown on the Ashley puzzle, (and briefly in a cinematic) so it’s still quite visible. Anyway, no matter what you decide to do with it, this mod is already fantastic! I can’t wait for next month!

  98. Marius Johnsen says:

    Three more weeks left. I’m incredibly excited. I’ve been following this project since the start and knowing how close we are to playing the complete version now just seems surreal.

  99. Malkavian says:

    Are there any tools for a free-cam mod you could share? Preferably with stop time so we can take some beautiful and unique screenshots.

  100. Àrmin Breuer says:

    I was wondering about one particular cut scene; I can’t remember the chapter, but it’s a very short scene when Leon hits the switch on the clockwork tower mechanism, the one that rotates the bridge. Do you know what I mean? That scene is a video, and it looks horrible. Has that one been upscaled for the 1.0 release as well?

  101. Gamer says:

    What is the minimum system requirement?

  102. metroidguy says:

    Been following since you started the updates on the dolphin emulator. Great job Albert, you deserve all the positive things that come your way.

  103. Fracchio says:

    Hi Albert…maybe it’s too late but could you add an hud toggle to your mod

    a way to take screenshot and preserve oled screen.Thanks

    • albert says:

      The dll that will include the project (made by nipkow) has a debug option that allows to deactivate the HUD
      Anyway, I’ll probably create an optional minimod that changes the hud (size, color…) I’m aware that huge green dot can cause damage to certain screens…

      • Fracchio says:

        an option to change color and size would be wonderful.

        I suggest the grey color,the more oled-friendly.
        Even a button to toggle would be great,a way to recall the hud(energy and amno) only when the player need it.Maybe with the click of the right thumbstik (R3).
        Obviusly leaving the context buttons and quick time events button always visible,they don’t need a toggle.

        By the way thank you very much for your mod and thank bery much you for your kindness.
        I bought the game in 2014 and have been waiting for your mod ever since

        • Chizuru94 says:

          If you didn’t play RE4 prior to this mod, btw and even if you did, have fun with it, btw <3 Been waiting for this mod also for replaying it in pro (and since I failed all the time before on PC, but welp) and my brother will do his first Normal run with this mod. So damn excited and thankful for it <3

  104. Albert and the all crew, congratulations for this. It’s is a amazing job and a great realization for all of us to play this masterpiece with this quality. Love You Guys. Best Regards.

  105. Alluciate says:

    Is this gonna be released (only) as a steam workshop mod? I haven’t read other posts so

    • Chizuru94 says:

      Hm, good question. Not sure if they are allowed to do that, but it’d be great if they could do that 🙂

  106. Ansh says:

    Bro 1 request to upload the game on your telegram channel as my chrome speed is very slow in my laptop

    Thanks in advance

  107. Ronan says:

    Hey Albert!

    It seems that the “CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE” isn’t working for the vertex buffer photo. If you wouldn’t mind, could you fix this when you have the chance?

    Thank you!

  108. Arad says:

    In 2014 i remember the night i saw this news in our gaming site : the two big fans trying to improve the re4 uhd . and i saw the screenshots and i said : DAMN THIS AMAZING . I was just glad and happy for this news . I was around 15 years i guess and now im grown with this project i always followed every step of this project i even watched ur walkthrough youtube and it was so memorable. I wanted to donate very much but in my country (iran) we are limited for doing this . Thank u for created this memories for us bro im grateful .

  109. Qual será o tamanho total do mod?

  110. Zeniton-Youtube says:

    hello can we get some fresh update i want a new story mode in resident evil 4 and maybe some new guns or maybe some new events for resident evil 4

  111. set says:

    How to download this Resident evil HD. Right now

  112. Alfonso says:

    Hi, After this project which game have you think to be remastered after…?

    I suggest you if you can Assassin’s Creed 1