Release Trailer!

Hello everyone! This is a brief post just to bring you the Trailer of the HD Project. Better late than never!

To those who were there when RE4 was announced for the GameCube…
Does this look familiar to you? ;P

I’m quite happy with this because it’s the first trailer I do, and even it’s quite long, I guess it’s interesting to watch. Thank goodness Cris revised the texts that appear in the trailer! XD

I hope you enjoy it!

Time to prepare the Release pack…

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46 responses to “Release Trailer!”

  1. Prathamesh Bhekare says:

    Following this project for a long time and now seeing it get released made me emotional. It was a great journey guys. Great work!

  2. Gabriel Tierre says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work! Really outstanding!

  3. Koopah says:

    So excited for this Albert, good job and congratulations on all the hard work! Been following since it started and I cannot wait to get my hands on the 1.0 release.

  4. Juanpv says:


  5. Genaro Lozano says:

    Absolutely great trailer. Felt extremely professional and well made. Can’t wait to get home from Uni so I can play it once you release. Thank you so much for your absolute dedication.

  6. Mike says:

    This has to be the best mod ever! You really did a damn good job! Out of curiosity, what has to be the most painful texture that you remade/remastered?

  7. Michael says:

    I love it, the site can’t even handle the traffic! I’m so happy for you two

  8. kaua0f0m says:

    heya, loving the mod, cant wait to see it in action!
    in the end of the trailer you guys said “multilanguage”, so how much is it, only spanish and english? maybe you guys could add portuguese as well?

    • albert says:

      Multilanguage means that is compatible and have all the UI textures remastered for all languages available officially: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese Traditional and Simplified
      We can’t add extra languages. Extra languages only can replace an existent one.

  9. nipkow says:

    Looking awesome as always! Can’t wait for the final release. Cheers, my friend!

  10. unnoticedhero says:

    Thanks for this guys, I’ve been watching this project over the years and can’t wait to play it, I’ve actually only beat the game on PS2 but got the HD release in a Humble bundle awhile ago and knowing this project existed I couldn’t do a full playthrough until this release.

    I will enjoy it as it is one of my favorite RE games but I’m not a super RE fan as I’ve only played through a few of the games but have watched playthroughs of most of them and enjoy the games. If there is a RE4 Remake in the works like rumored I’ll buy it but you guys making the definitive remaster that Capcom should have done in the first place will always be special. I hope Shinji Mikami is aware of this and likes the project as he’s probably the inspiration for a lot of people in games and related areas and it would be awesome to have his endorsement or acknowledgement.

  11. Steven says:

    I remember back in 2014 thinking this mod was going to be awesome and you have not disappointed me! I stopped playing RE4 almost every year and instead decided it was time to build up the anticipation and play it fresh again with this mod. So I’m very thankful all your hard work Albert and Chris! It was great seeing all your blog posts about your progress.

    Seriously if you don’t find work in the world of videogame development with a project like this under your belt, I don’t think the world is a just-world, I know you will though.

  12. I just shed tears at how beautiful this looks this is what i wanted from the actual HD port and now I can have it, YOU GUYS DID AMAZING JOB

  13. NEGAARMAX says:

    Quedo bellisimo el Trailer y la mescla de musica me encanto.
    muy bueno la verdad no puedo esperar para poder lo jugar.
    UN saludo y muchas felicitaciones 😀

  14. V I D A L says:

    Absolutely fantastic work. I’m proud of you and happy for be following this work since day 1… I visited this website weekly for all these years and checked every single update. It’s amazing seeing this all finally coming together and I’m also very pleased to see the depth of field successfully restored in the cutscenes.
    I have donated quite a few times and this post deserves another 20 bucks. There.

    Cheers! Can’t wait for it’s release.

  15. Joseph says:

    Excelente trabajo, los he seguido desde que me enteré del proyecto. Mis felicitaciones!!!

  16. mofail says:

    I don’t need capcom anymore…I’VE GOT THIS !!

    Well next month i will…..

  17. Jenny says:

    Super excited for this to get released! By the way–sorry this is a bit random–but would either (or both!) of you be open to an interview? I’m really impressed by the scope and breadth of your RE4 project, and would love to know more about it. I’m Jenny, a writer/reporter covering video games.

    Rest assured I’ve read the FAQ + a lot of the blogposts, so there wouldn’t be a lot of redundant questions in our conversation!! If ya’ll are interested, please hit me up at and we can talk further. (I can also send clips to verify my writer-ly identity lol.)

    (I know this request would be better submitted through the Contact form, but it’s returning a Database error whenever I submit. I figured I’d try my luck asking in the comments. ?)

  18. PrinceHeir says:

    We’re almost here! I really can’t believe we’re going to experience the TRUE Definitive Edition for Resident Evil 4!!!
    This is the RE4 version to top them all!!
    Can’t wait!!!!

  19. coldiori says:

    Thanks the great job at first.
    It is still possible that the Handgun with scilencer?

  20. Fracchio says:

    best mod ever

  21. Alice says:

    It’s time for my second playthrough.
    There was a time I actually hated RE4 because it’s too different from the classic games, and I was basically playing it the wrong way. One year ago I finished it for the first time, and it’s definitely in my top 3 favorite RE games now. Can’t wait to play it again.

  22. JP says:

    It is so close!

    Looks great. Amazing work to all involved.

  23. Ascaron says:

    The quality of the project is outstanding, Albert! It looks very sharp and fresh

  24. Vinny says:

    Amazing trailer! I’ve been following this project for years! Can’t wait to play it again!! Amazing job!!!! Congratulations!
    Few questions > Cris still in the project? Could you update the ‘by the numbers’ section? What is the room at 2:32 in the video?

    Thanks! Cheers!

  25. Frank Nitty says:

    So instead of 2/4, this remaster mod can now be downloaded on 2/2/22… Awesome. I really enjoyed this trailer and it was well put together as it highlighted all of the improvements being offered compared to the lackluster release from Capcom back in 2014… This is the perfect b-day gift for myself since mine is on 2/3. Looking forward to checking it out while simultaneously anticipating the sequel for Dying Light.

  26. WJotta says:

    Creo que mostrarás todos los cambios cuando se lance la versión final, pero algo me preocupa, siento ser un poco molesto, pero noté en el tráiler que cambiaste el ángulo de la cámara. y animaciones por momentos, sera posible dentro del Mod deshabilitar esto y ponerlo como en el juego original de GameCube, como dije soy medio aburrido jajajaja, es porque quiero tener la misma experiencia que GameCube sin cambios en Gameplay, solo Gráficos, de todos modos buen trabajo Albert, lo haces mejor que las empresas que deberían encargarse de un Remaster/remake de un juego.

    • albert says:

      Pues no he cambiado ninguna animación ni ángulos de cámara, más que nada porque no sé como hacerlo haha
      Lo único es que si se quiere, se puede elegir la opción de cámara clásica para la parte de Ashley, tal como está en la versión japonesa, pero es opcional. ¿Puede que te refieras a eso?

  27. Gégéleroutier says:

    7 days. Will we have the HD Project or Sadako ? ?

  28. Riasat Salmin Sami says:

    This is truly a masterpiece.

    It’s been a long 8 years. Hopefully we will be able to see you guys in your future projects and I wish you guys the best of luck in your future works. It takes a huge dedication to constantly work on a project for 8 years and I truly admire that.

    Thank you for making a definitive edition of one of the best video game out there.

  29. Smurfman256 says:

    Hey, any estimate on how big the install size is gonna be?

  30. Luca says:

    Hey Albert! Just wanted to congratulate you on the trailer, it was awesome.

    I’ve already reinstalled the game and I’m setting everything up for the first playthrough in ages. I’ve been anxiously waiting for this mod to come before I go back to the game! 🙂

    I just wanted to ask, since the project is pretty much complete, do you think it would be possible to update the “by the numbers” and “project summary” tabs on the webiste? I think it would be a cool way to wrap everything up, letting people know the final numbers on the project.

    Once again, congratulations to you and Cris for this project, you two are going on the history books as the biggest fans of a game, ever.

  31. Jim says:

    If this is version 1.0 what’s going to be the final version and when will it be released?

    • albert says:

      This is the final version.
      It’s the first time we release a COMPLETE pack, that’s why it is called 1.0
      The previous packs were “beta” “demo” or “samples”.

      We’ll collect all feedback if people find some issues during some time, and then we’ll release a 1.0.1 patch if needed to fix/improve the potential problems this release has 😉

  32. Maxine says:

    Thank you so much for all these 8 years of hard work on this project!
    I have two questions btw, what do you estimate will be the size of the mod, packed and unpacked?
    And also will make a torrent download of it aswell?

  33. Absolutely amazing! Don’t see the hour to play this masterpiece again with this quality. Good Jod my friends. Best Regards.

  34. Alluciate says:

    Will this work if i already have ultimate hd edition applied over

  35. Dino-Killer 912 says:

    Albert and Cris, congratulations on your accomplishment! Eight years of work, that’s an unimaginably great cause! Also I especially appreciate your patch’s compatibility with Ver 1.1.0, which added support for my language. 向你们致敬最崇高的敬意!

  36. Serhii says:

    I’ll check it out, of course. But. Is this version compatible with the original CD release?

  37. UnMetalAlex says:

    Ive been working on my poetry books since 2011 and finally finishing my 12th this year with over 1000 poems. I know exactly what its like to work on a passion project considered your life’s work and im extremely happy for you and thankful. I too will try to release my final book 2/22/22 just like you and ive been following u since u started. God bless

  38. Jorge Galdames says:

    Pensé que este juego paso al pasado , pero viendo el trabajo que hicieron con los gráficos , estoy deseoso por descargarlo y volver a jugarlos , en verdad es un trabajo espectacular los felicito y darle las gracias por compartir este trabajo y llenarnos de placer para nosotros los fanáticos , MIL GRACIAS.

  39. Joseph Dybala says:

    Solo se puede descargar en PC cierto ?