Brief Site Update

Hi Everyone! (This is Cris.) You may have noticed that the site was down earlier today. This was because of a hosting issue due to the amount of traffic to the site – specifically to the image galleries.

While the site is now back up, the image galleries are disabled while we optimize to avoid this issue in the future.

And of course, this doesn’t impact the upcoming 1.0 release. Thank you, everyone, for your patience!

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53 responses to “Brief Site Update”

  1. EPD Gaffney says:

    I can’t believe we’re so close! Hope you’re ding well, Cris.

  2. Prathamesh Bhekare says:

    @re4hdcris, We must be the ones thanking you for not losing hope and doing this project. I personally feel proud to be part of this journey.

    • re4hdcris says:

      The credit really goes to Albert for enduring through to the end — he really perseveres. 🙂 But agreed – definitely something to be proud of!

  3. Frank Nitty says:

    You guys are a/b to break the internet, pun intended, lol. Awesome work, looking forward to the finished product.

  4. psforever says:

    ¡Muchísimas gracias desde el Perú!. La calidad de tu trabajo no tiene fronteras y la comunidad de RE4 peruana está ansiosa de acceder a una verdadera versión HD de este fantástico juego.

  5. sean8102 says:

    Just wondering what are your plans for releasing the mod. Esp since it’s going to be so large. I was thinking offering a torrent would be a good idea, wouldn’t have to worry about your site getting overloaded.

  6. Adam says:

    Can sb tell me how we will be able to download it and how much it’s gonna cost? Is there any information about the size of the game?

  7. Nameless says:

    I know Albert gets a shitload of kudos for all his hard work on this project, but I want to say thanks to Cris too for his contributions. Both you guys rock!

    • re4hdcris says:

      I appreciate it – thank you! At the same time, it can’t be said enough that Albert deserves the lion’s share of the praise. 🙂

      • Nameless says:

        I can not tell you how much I have been anticipating this release. Coincidentally, I have a new system coming next week and this game and this mod is one of the things I bought it for. I love this game so much, beaten the main campaign at least 20 times over the years (first GC, then Wii, then PC HD edition) but I never get tired of it, and I think this mod is going to breathe new life into it for me.

        Again, thank you guys SO MUCH for bringing this beautiful thing into existence.

  8. Tito says:

    Phew… Thanks for the update!

  9. Skellymanz says:

    I am so ready for this mod! I just spent an hour fine tuning my gyro aiming configuration in steam. Love your work Cris!

  10. Willian says:

    Queria poder ver esse remaster nos consoles por favor!!! Quero muito poder jogar Albert, esse trabalho está incrível teria algum geito de coloca pra baixar na Microsoft na loja? Eu não tenho Pc queria muito aproveitar essa abra de arte no console:/

  11. Redacted says:

    is there going to be a “how to” as far as installing the mod?

  12. HollyD says:

    Antes de nada, felicidades por el trabajo realizado y por el inminente lanzamiento. Sin duda para mi es el mejor mod que he visto nunca en cuanto a “remasterizar” un juego se refiere. Y para mi algo importantísimo es que se hace respectando al máximo la base de los creadores. Muchos mods caen en poner una iluminación, texturas o incluso elementos en el escenario que quedan muy chulos y al final te queda un apartado gráfico, que nada tiene que ver con el original. Vosotros habéis respectado en todo momento lo creado y os felicito.

    Por otro lado, me gustaría preguntar por el modo de 60fps, recuerdo que en más de un video de los que se han subido, no se recomendaba jugar en ese modo ya que si mal no recuerdo, había pequeños defectos en algunas animaciones o que incluso los quickstimes se hacían considerablemente más difíciles debido a que se acortaban su tiempo de respuesta. ¿Sigue eso así o se pudo corregir?

    Muchas gracias y saludos 🙂

    • albert says:

      Aún hay el problema de las animaciones a 30 jugando a 60, pero lo de los QTE está solucionado gracias a mis colegas programadores 🙂
      Así que ya dependiendo de lo sensible que sea uno a esos defectos gráficos a 60, pues que cada uno elija libremente ;D

  13. Ansh says:

    bro great work , just one question do we still need to install the 4 gb patch tool for this release

  14. Lab Member says:

    Thanks for all your effort, Cris! I following this modification since release of Ultimate HD Edition. Best wishes to you and can’t wait to play version 1.0 already.

  15. mofail says:

    Has anyone seen this reshade preset video?

  16. Amanda Everett says:

    Super excited for this. I’ve been following since you first put this page up. Amazing work

  17. Vinícius says:

    No lançamento vai parar a internet

  18. Eliel Santos says:

    Wow, no puedo creer que se acerca el día, estoy deseando que llegue. Felicidades mis amigos, hicieron un trabajo impresionante.

  19. BlueWindGTR says:

    I can’t wait 1.0 release… No, I can wait.
    So, Happy Lunar New Year!

  20. Dave says:

    Will there be a torrent/magnet link on release? I would seed the hell out of it! Thanks for all of your hard work and congrats!

    • albert says:

      Yes, 3 direct download options and torrent ;D

      • chris says:

        checking if you have release times per zone for when this will drop 🙂
        really looking forward to enjoying your hard work

        • albert says:

          I’ll try to activate it this night (Spain time), but please, people, don’t F5 the page or it will collapse XDD

          • chris says:

            thank you for your response
            for reference to anyone reading, if he means midnight by “this night” (loose assumption, albert can clarify of course).

            googling midnight spain offers midnight in madrid, which is 11pm GMT, so you can use that to translate over to your own time zone.

            example: that’s 6pm eastern US.

            this is only an *estimate* based on the comment. obviously dont try to crash this domain, if it’s not up when you check, give it some time before coming back.

  21. nameless says:

    thank you sir

  22. Sergio says:

    Tonight 00:00:00 right??? RIGHT???


  23. AykO says:

    Thank you so much for this project, you Albert, Cris and the people involved deserve the whole world of hapiness and peace into your lives, a great hug from Brazillian fans, thank you again and stay alive for the sake of the humanity lol!

  24. Riasat Salmin Sami says:

    Even Digital Foundry acknowledged this project. This project deserves all the praise.

    Thank you Cris and Albert.

    Wait a min? Cris Redfield and Albert Wesker?

  25. MZA says:

    Wait is killing me

  26. Redacted says:

    Is the download from the direct link supposed to take this long? I just wanna make sure I’m doing everything right lol

  27. Disappointing_of_NY says:

    what an utter disappointment, tried to download it from nexus, it’s not there anymore, tried downloading it from the other links, they want me to pay for it before I download it, or it’ll only allow me to download a very limited amount of files (namely 2 files) a day.

    I appreciate your effort, however, I think I’ll wait for a legit remake.

  28. Bon says:

    Yessssssss! Thank you thank you!

    Time to rescue Ashley again, then promptly tell her to “hide” in the dumpster. 😀

  29. rhema says:

    after use 4gb patch, my game is error when i’m open it. it say ” bio4.exe – Application Error
    The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142)

  30. Solo tengo unos pesos , me gustaria poder apoyar mas este enorme trabajo , les dejo lo que tengo…. muchas gracias y sigan asi , los moders son el futuro , de nuevo muchas gracias por tan excelente experiencia en este tremendo juego…
    saludos desde tucuman argentina