resident evil 4 HD project v1.0

You can find the Download links here!

Nothing more to say!! 😀

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195 responses to “resident evil 4 HD project v1.0”

  1. zombieassaultman says:

    Congratulations on this achievement guys!

  2. Oh my gosh. It’s finally here. I can’t believe it. Thank you so much for doing this Albert and Cris. I love this game.

  3. Aldi Hidayat says:

    Wow, that’s release now… thank you for hard work.

  4. Warby says:

    Congratulations 🙂

  5. Eonian says:

    Thank you guys so much for this incredible job you delivered us today, the download is really slow at the moment but i cant wait to play it already. Congratulations for the incredible work you guys managed to do and thanks again for giving us another reason to go back and play Resident Evil 4 again.

  6. postal says:

    CONGRATS! Well done on pulling off one of the most impressive modding ventures I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to start playing it.

  7. rodrigs says:

    I have nothing to say but thank you. from the bottom of my re4 fan heart.

  8. SamuelSnart says:

    ¿Albert sabe algo sobre los archivos de subtítulos del juego? Estoy tratando de hacer una traducción para mi idioma pero no encuentro ninguna herramienta para editar estos archivos.

  9. P says:

    I thought it would be on february 2nd, I guess it might be already that day in Spain lol

    Gonna immediately download before the forum gets the hug of death lol

  10. Nameless says:

    BOOYAH I’ve been SO looking forward to this. Thank you so much Albert and Cris for all the hard work, dedication and financial investment! Can’t wait to try it out!

  11. Amirarsalan khalife says:

    It’s finally here.
    I can’t wait.

  12. MZA says:

    Right this history

  13. Anon says:

    Time to dig in. It’s been a long journey, I was often afraid that other considerations would stop work on this. Thanks for the hard work guys, really. RE4 deserves it.

  14. chris says:

    major congratulations – i’m stoked to try this out.
    for anyone torrenting, remember to give back and seed at least once over.

  15. Ennix says:

    Been along journey for us waiting and an long tiring journey for you modders. Big thank you from the bottom of my heart you guys gave the amazing game a remastered version that it deserves in fact better than any triple A company can do.

  16. Emi says:

    It’s actually here!!! Yall better be seeding!

    • chris says:

      according to the tracker i have, there’s only 2 seeds but for some reason im using 0 of them, but i’m working with about 100 peers at the moment.

    • chris says:

      follow-up: turns out the program only allocated 100 connections per torrent. increased that substantially and now i’m downloading much faster.

      i’ve got a 50Mb/s so i’ll help seed this through the night

    • Emi says:

      Well it went pretty smoothly, worst part was waiting for the last 0.5 percent lol

  17. Adrian Hall says:

    Thank you so much guys, I have been waiting with baited breath for this since the last release… even bought a new TV kind of just for this!

    congratulations on getting this mother completed.

  18. ZetsuMT says:

    Congratulations for the release !!!
    Good job ???

  19. Lucifronz says:

    Today is the day. Thanks so much for your hard work, guys. I think now’s the time I finally got back into RE4.
    Sincerely, thanks.

  20. RaptorMelon says:

    Well done on the release! I have been waiting for this for so long and can’t wait to play! Thanks so much for the hardwork, time, and love you’ve put into this. Sent over a donation and just cannot thank you enough for this amazing gift to the fans.

  21. NEGAARMAX says:

    POr fin despues de mucha espera a jugarlo en HD como debe ser, muchas gracias por el mod, el esfuerzo, amor y dedicación a este mod

  22. Stefan says:

    Awesome game and project as well!!! Thanks guys!!! I would like to ask if this should be installed on regular version or on HD version?

  23. Koopah says:

    Thank you, Albert and friends. Nothing left to say, but thank you. 🙂

  24. AlexEris says:

    Congrats! Thank you extremely very much. Ive waited loooong for this day and it is a Godsend. A light in the darkness and an inspiration.

  25. ItchyTasty says:

    Congratulations Albert and Chris! You’ve done incredible work. It’s nuts that I’ve followed this project for all these years and now it’s finally done and looks amazing. Absolutely incredible jobs! I would highly encourage other fans to hit that Donate button to show support for all the hard work and attention to detail they’ve put into this project. Cheers guys!

  26. eirrocmh says:

    Watching the trailer for the first time, i was dissapointed. I have a slow internet connection and had to watch at like 480p lol.. when i was finally able to watch at 720p i was blown away, and if i could watch the trailer at 4k im sure id be floored by it.. cant wait to play this after waiting 3 days for it to download lol… it doesnt seem heavily seeded yet unfortunately, hopefully that changes soon

  27. Ratz Florin says:

    You’re making gaming history right here. Thank you for giving us the best example of pure passion for a game. You’re really inspiring, thank you!

  28. SirDoge27 says:

    Any other mods or tweaks recommended to use along side this one ? Thank you.

  29. s1nk0 says:

    Thank you for all your hard work! It’s amazing finally seeing this release after following it for so many years.

  30. mofail says:

    Is the 4gb patch built into this ? I don’t need to use it the old way?

  31. Eduardo Romano says:

    It is here. After eight years, it it finally here. I cannot express in words how happy I am right now. I’ll be playing Resident Evil 4 for the 1000th time, but instead of skipping cutscenes and speedrunning every area, I’ll savor this REMAKE of my favorite game of all time, scenario by scenario. If I could hug you guys right now, I would. Thank you SO MUCH for all your hard-work.

  32. eminaguil says:

    Thank you so much guys.

  33. set says:

    great work ,Thank you for all your hard work! It’s amazing finally seeing this release after following it for so many years.

  34. set says:

    great work ,Thank you for all your hard work

  35. grub says:

    Just astonishing. Through all these years, through crisis and loss and changes in ourselves…

    It has, at last, arrived. The great remaster of our time.

    You did it. You guys, and all the wonderful folk who helped along the way… you all did it.

    Take this glory to old age. You earned it.

  36. Putera says:

    Wow! downloading atm!. can we have a realtime number whos already downloaded ? :))

  37. Rhyzak says:

    Finally after all these years. Probs gonna be the slowest playthrough of RE4 I’m ever gonna do 🙂
    Thank you for all that detective work you put in over the years.

  38. Mauricio says:

    Gracias Albert, llevo esperando más de 6 años por este lanzamiento final. Voy a probarlo ahora, para este fin de semana, darle una pasada al juego, mirando los detalles.

  39. DarkLink1308 says:

    It is still recommended to increase the game brightness settings to maximum, right? The game with the mod installed at the default brightness settings is a little dark. Btw is it still recommended to play the game at 30 fps locked?

    • albert says:

      Yes, Brightness to the Max is the best option 🙂
      Playability issues at 60 fps (ultra quick QTE) are fixed. So it all depends on if the visual inaccuracies of the 60fps are important to you or not 😉
      thanks for asking!

  40. Marco Morales says:

    Voy a extrañar eso de entrar todas las semanas para ver los avances. Enhorabuena, muchas felicitaciones por esta tremenda hazaña.
    Seguramente ya alguien más hizo el comentario pero un estudio latinoamericano hizo un doblaje al español del juego, quizá en un futuro les interese integrarlo de alguna manera al proyecto.

    Saludos desde México

  41. H N says:

    Just played 10 minutes of it. Wow! After following it for at least 6 years, this was worth the wait. It’s absolutely amazing what you’ve accomplished. I own multiple versions of the game and am a huge fan. THIS is how I imagined a RE4 HD would look like. Also, this version’s Ada is the best Ada. I can’t wait to play through this.

    It’s a marathon not a sprint. As everyone knows, rarely do these types of projects come to completion. So congratulations on an extraordinary job. I know you guys didn’t do it for the money, but I promised myself that if you guys got it to version 1.0 and released it, I’d send you a donation. So I just did. Thank you for all of the work you’ve put into this project and sharing it with the world.

  42. davidedby says:

    Anyone got a high-res version of the “4” icon for PC? Also hope someone mods Playstation buttons for this fast

  43. Blake says:

    Thank you so much Albert and Chris. The work you’ve accomplished with this project is absolutely astounding. I’m in awe!

  44. Sebastian says:

    Creo que voy a llorar, hace 3 o 4 años que vengo viendo su proyecto y siguiendo a la par los videos que subiste a YouTube
    Las palabras no alcanzan para agradecer el arduo trabajo que se mandaron

  45. Fullbuster23 says:

    Thank you so much Albert and Chris! *o*

    May I ask what is the most updated tool to unpak and pak the files inside ImageHD folder? I going to update a few mods for the HD Project.

    I remember seeing Albert talking about a new method that compress better those, i think it is .lfs files right, I’m on phone now can’t check the file extension, I would really appreciate a link for that tool.

    Thanks again, you guys rock!!

  46. Narden says:

    Thx for all of ur work mate! It’s one of my favorite game! <3
    Nice to play it again in 2022

  47. homerun says:

    Omedetou Gozaimasu guys and happy new year?.

  48. Josue says:

    This is beautiful

  49. Abhinav Kaushik says:

    Damn! 40gigs, That’s one big ass remaster!

  50. Nerkie says:

    I don’t want this to come off the wrong way but I am not understanding how to properly download, install, and get this thing working. For instance why is it broken into 18 parts, they are all just the same files. I refuse to believe that you have to manually extract all 18 into one location because it just has everything overwrite each other and take forever. Even after I did only part 1, followed the video, and ran the game no screen came up to prompt me to install the patch so I’m unsure what I did wrong. Help me understand here because I’m clearly not getting something right.

    • Hobart Paving says:

      You need to download all 18 parts (it’s split into parts because of size limitations with the hosting sites), then select all 18 parts at once, and then unzip them all into the same folder (using the password).

      That will give you the completed mod, which you can then use as instructed. It’s just too big to host online in one part.

      • albert says:

        Get all parts IN THE SAME FOLDER and ONLY extract part 1. Use Winrar if 7zip give you errors
        No need to extract all 18
        thanks!! 🙂

    • albert says:

      Get all parts in the same folder and ONLY extract part 1.
      Use Winrar
      That’s it 😉

    • chris says:

      you need to pay closer attention to what you’re doing before you have so much angry complaining.
      “why is it broken into 18 parts they are all just the same files”

      the total download size is almost 40gb. surely just by doing some math you can realize these files *are not* all the same, then you’d realize you *do* need to be working with all of that and skip past whatever problem youre having.

      use 7zip or winrar, they know how to handle multi-part archives.

      after it is totally unpacked do *exactly* what the readme says. *exactly*. dont try to interpret or question it, just do it exactly as it describes. it’s a few steps.

  51. Urgent says:

    Dude, don’t tell people to buy RE4 from a key seller site such as Eneba. Either link the Steam page or an Official key seller site. This is really bad by you guys and I wouldn’t be surprised if Capcom took action because of this. Either way it’s a very very bad choice. Change that installation info ASAP.

  52. micnorian14 says:

    Here’s hoping the engine bugs that have been resolved means we get some mod scene stuff going. Would love to see some new content!

  53. Mr.TGB says:

    file part 02 says wrong password when I enter re4hdproject as the password. Part 01 works fine but I keep getting a error on part 02

  54. Fracchio says:

    please,could you add a no hud option please?Wonderful job

  55. Mivi says:

    Muy buen trabajo chicos, cuando termine de trabajar lo probaré, que le tengo una ganas locas. Muchas felicidades por este arduo trabajo;

  56. Vykhodzev says:

    The Nexusmods uploads seem to have been mistakenly flagged as suspicious by the site and barred from being downloaded. Can you inform the staff at nexusmods to reinstate the downloads again?
    I emailed them too but if the creator culd contect them it would speed things up.

    And congratulations on the release!!!

  57. Gospodinus says:

    I can’t believe this day has come. There are no words, only emotions. Congratulations!

  58. Sergio says:

    Congratulations!!! And Thank you.
    Thank you for bringing back one of the best games ever.
    Thank you for giving me (us) a new reason to replay this masterpiece.
    Thank you for the love you put into the project.
    Thank you for never giving up on it, through all the difficulties.
    Thank you for listening to the community of enthusiasts.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you… For making the dream of any RE4 fan come true.
    P.s. More slimy and shiny shader on the U3… 😉
    P.p.s. Just before meeting U3, Leon picks up an object from a puddle. the reflection in the puddle of Leon’s left foot is as if it were not resting on the ground, you can see the sole of the shoe… I hope I explained it well…

  59. Hobart Paving says:

    Thank you so much for the insanely hard work, and congratulations on releasing. Gracias!

  60. eclipse says:

    Let’s f’ing goooooooooooooooooooo!

  61. cikame says:

    Congratulations, it’s been a hell of a journey.

  62. Fracchio says:

    8 years..unbelievable effort.You are a legend

  63. Squall says:

    Buenas, enhorabuena por el trabajo, pero tengo un problemilla, cuando arranco el juego y sale la ventana del LAA patch, se queda congelada con el fondo negro y no me deja mover el cursor para darle a YES, he probado a reinstalar y me pasa lo mismo, he hecho los pasos de las carpetas correctamente, por qué puede ser? Gracias.

  64. Duy says:

    Just wanted to warn you that it’s currently quarantined at Nexusmods due to suspicious files.

  65. EPD Gaffney says:

    I’m so glad I was able to watch this happen and even participate here and there, for probably about five years now. An unbelievable experience that probably won’t be repeated. It must feel great to have such an accomplishment to your names. Seeing something through over the course of 8 years is really special. Best of luck to both of ye, and thank you to everyone that contributed.

    I’m going to miss these updates, so I hope that if there’s any game development or modding in your future, you’ll let us know.

  66. Alvin says:

    Still love this game, even after all this time! I’m replaying once more right now. 😀
    The lighting looks so nice..

  67. Hola! No se si los bugs se comentan aqui o harás un post aparte para ello, pero comentaré 3 que he notado

    * En el menu principal, en las opciones, en la seccion “como jugar” los pantallazos de esa seccion siguen estando en la calidad original? pareciera
    * La primera escopeta tiene su descripcion en inglés. a pesar de jugar en español
    * En los archivos de tutoriales, hay algunos textos en rojo, en ingles, podrian ser estos traducidos dependiendo del idioma que se juegue?

  68. Master Chen says:

    It’s alive! IT’S ALIVE!!!11

  69. oh, y también me pasó que en la escena donde leon y luis están amarrados, el audio no estaba sincronizado con los movimientos vocalicos, esto lo noté después de desactivar manualmente en el .ini el blur de GC, no será si justo lo note en ese momento o estará relacionado

  70. Patrick says:

    My cutscenes have a strange ghosting effect and the background can look very blurry and ugly.
    Also, the cutscenes will stutter and cause the audio to be out of sync.

    • albert says:

      That’s the original Gamecube DoF (Deph of Field) effect, you can deactivate it by pressing F1 and uncheck “EnableGBBlur” And that’s it! ;D

      About the desync, we are aware some people suffer from that problem and we’ll try to optimize the game as much as we can!
      thanks for the report!!

    • Timo says:

      Had the same problem with the ghosting, for me it wasn’t the Gamecube DoF but the general motion blur. Just try to disable it 🙂

    • Juanda says:

      So do i, get weird ghosting on all the cutscend, and also backgroud became very blury, i have try disable the motion blur and gcdob, nothing work for me

    • Juanda says:

      So do i, get weird ghosting on all the cutscend, and also backgroud became very blury, i have try disable the motion blur and gcdob, nothing work for me, cutscene still very ghosting

  71. Mark says:

    Cool, fantastic work!! Thank a lot! 🙂

  72. Jim says:

    You guys got a new project in the pipeline since this is done?

  73. Kyle R says:

    Albert & Team,
    Thank you so much for your painstaking work, and non-stop drive to make this dream for fans of the series (and mainly RE4) come true<3

    I've been trying to follow and support since 2016, and to see this day, years later, is a gamer's dream come true.

    I'm gonna play through on Twitch and hopefully share your work with many people who come and check out the game again,
    And the COLOR FILTER 4 looks amazing, a little darkeness to make the game even more eerie on a new re-visit 🙂

    Cheers guys!

  74. Vinícius says:

    Opa o meu fecha o jogo após a primeira cutcene
    Alguma solução?

  75. Ricardo says:

    Albert, lo probé y la verdad es que es aun mas impresionante que en los videos xd, sobre todo el menú que se abre con f1, todo el cuidado al detalle es espectacular. Me encantó que agregaras sensibilidad al mando, felicidades, este es el primero de muchos proyectos tuyos que seguiré.

  76. Alvin says:

    I’ve seen the secret dev room today with the colored torches. Very cool and rewarding to go through. I just didn’t get all the Spanish words at all.. so I’m gonna screenshot it and translate later. I think one of the rooms had quotes/voicelines of the enemy’s, am I correct? xD

  77. MasterReset says:

    Amazing work as always!

  78. Charal says:

    Congratulation guys, or should I say bien hecho señores !

    Downloaded first thing out of bed this morning.
    Many thanks for the dedication, quality of work and impeccable progress tracking during all those years.
    Plus, announcement post was right on time as promised, and written the way I think was the best to announce it to all that followed your work for so long.

    You put shame on Capcom work for the original HD remaster with class.

    I hope you will take some rest to appreciate what you have done, that you can put in your « achievement of a lifetime » box if you ask me.

    Have to go now, some Spanish guy is yelling at me to look on my back, and is calling me stupid …..

  79. Marlon says:

    Amazing guys, your work is amazing. Thanks for everything!
    A hug from a fan from Brazil…

  80. Crozh says:

    ¿Les parece posible tener un lanzamiento en Steam, como un DLC para RE4? Puede que sea mucho pedir, pero no creo que sea imposible hablarlo con Capcom para que lo saquen en Steam oficialmente.
    Igualmente, si no es posible o no quieren hacerlo está perfecto, ya hicieron suficiente con semejante trabajo!

    • albert says:

      Capcom ya nos conoce de hace años pero no ha habido un interés en hacerlo “oficial”, pero al menos no han permitido hacer el proyecto 😉

  81. razofieldz says:

    Congratulations on the long-awaited completion of your work, 66 times the passage will already be on the real beautiful graphics in the game.
    It seems to me that 30 FPS of automatic sniper rifle reloading looks somehow not very smooth, as if 30 FPS is really visible instead of 60, maybe it seems to me?

    • albert says:

      Thank you!!

      Yes, that’s an issue this game and even PS4 port have, I really hope it can be fixed somehow with more code work…
      There are several animations that run at 30fps when playing at 60fps…

  82. Georgi says:

    Congratulations to you both! What an accomplishment! Can’t wait to play!

  83. Glioburd says:

    Congrats guys! Thanks a lot for your amazing work. The next time I’ll launch the game, it will be with HD project installed 😀

  84. Max Storm says:

    So Albert, congratulations, and also what’s next dude? are you going to move onto a new hd project or just….what?

  85. Armenteros says:

    Albert y todo el equipo.
    Solo puedo daros las gracias por este trabajo que habéis hecho. Es brutal. Voy a disfrutarlo como si fuese un reestreno de Resident Evil 4.
    Espero que en el futuro tenga su reconocimiento, porque lo merece y mucho.

  86. Peter007 says:

    Felicidades a ti Albert y a todo el equipo detrás de este proyecto consumado.
    He seguido este proyecto desde un poco antes de que saliera la versión anterior a esta y ha sido un gran viaje.
    Ya lo he descargado por medio de torrent y estaré de Seeder por un tiempo para contribuir con la distribución del parche.
    Saludos desde México!

  87. Marcus Albertsson says:

    At long last the dayhas finally come!
    Huge Congratulations to you and Chris for all your hard work!
    Truly remarkable achievement!

  88. SwaYzY says:

    Congrats guys and thanks a lot !
    I played a little, just before arriving in the village and it’s very pretty !

    The problem is that it lacks subtitles (I play in French).
    I don’t have subtitles :
    – The cutscene just before you start playing
    – Talking to the two policemen in the car
    – The cutscene in the villager’s house

    On the other hand, I have the subtitles during the conversation with Hunnigan.
    Do I need to enable a setting?

    • albert says:

      Take a look at the Options menu of the game and check it the subtitle options is activated.
      I hope this is the problem! ;P

  89. RonVQ says:

    Se ve muy bueno el mod será compatible con el mod en español de ig studios?

  90. Bon says:

    Thank you so much for all your work.

  91. Mariano says:

    Hay alguna manera de modificar HUB de la vida y las balas de la beta Americana es mas limpia

  92. Graham says:

    Awesome work!

    One question though…

    I found your little fun-room that you added with the silencer…but the silencer doesn’t have an image in the inventory even when you have it. You can equip it to your pistol but there’s no image of it in the attache case.

    Are we gonna’ need a version 1.1? 😛

  93. Hello, Stranger says:

    Well done, it must be so satisfying to finally to able to release it after so many years of work.
    I look forward to playing it soon.

  94. Ademilson says:

    My Resident Evil 4 with the HD project mod closes by itself when I load a save.

  95. Ademilson says:

    My Resident Evil 4 with the HD project mod closes by itself when I load a save.

  96. Goober says:

    Phenomenal work, everything looks fantastic. Unfortunately there does seem to be a hitching/stuttering issue that doesn’t have an obvious cause. Going from the beginning to El Gigante (first visit, when you can unlock the Punisher) the hitching was always present to some degree at 3840×2160/60fps.

    It might be a Large Address Aware issue (windows 10? AVs?) My executable is patched but never actually hit 2000MB while my VRAM didn’t exceed 1800MB. I’m running a 3900X, 2080TI, and 32GB RAM so the resources are there. Hitching happens most frequently in the Village and AA levels don’t seem to influence the frequency. Though I have turned it off in the chance it does in future areas.

    I’ll keep playing regardless, just wanted to add some information if it helps at all.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the report!
      This game behavior is sometimes weird… a mid-profile PC can run it smoothly, while a high-profile one may have some issues…

      Try deactivating temporary the antivirus or check if some task is being performed in the background… just wild ideas…

      I guess you already used RivaTuner or something like this to calculate this data, right?

      You could report all this same data in these forums, just in case they know a simple solution:

  97. Antonio De Stark says:

    Just an issue with downloads which you may be aware of. On Nexus Mods, there is no download link due to the following: Hidden at 02 Feb 2022, 11:17AM by Pickysaurus for the following reason:
    This mod cannot be downloaded in the current state. Please remove the passwords on the RAR archives and upload them again.

    “Placeholders, password-protected, or otherwise wholly non-functioning files are prohibited.”

    I wanted to make you aware in case you weren’t apprise of this development.

    • albert says:

      yes, I’m aware of that… I’ll wait until I fix a few issues so Nexus mods will have an updated version
      otherwise it would be a problem because the 18 part from the 3 sites wouldn’t be combinable…

  98. BigChieff93 says:

    Thanks so much for this awesome content!

    I did the steps to install manually, and for Step 11, I did not get the pop-up message about the .EXE file not being patched. Is this normal? If not, what can I do? I have never played re4 so I’m not sure if the game has the texture packs initiated or not!


  99. Valeri M. says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’ve been following for about 2 years and bought you a beer or two 😉
    I’m starting a new campaign and it throws me right back to my childhood in a way nothing else could….
    …maaaaaybe I had a fucked up childhood

    Question; is there a way to disable the HUD or at least making it invisible or moving it out of the way?
    Can you please add an option? I’ll oblige you with a beer 😉

    • albert says:

      Thank you!!

      Open the dinput8.ini file inside Bin32 folder and search for EnableDebugMenu = False
      change to “True”
      and inside the game, press ctrl + F3 and select Toogle HUD 😉

  100. Deusbag says:

    I just checked the secret room you teased what feels like an age ago and the contents blew me away! I am so proud of you guys congratulations

  101. mario says:

    Buenas noches, gracias albert por tu trabajo y a tu equipo por este remaster de este gran juego.
    descubrí como hacer que el mod de ig studios que pasa las voces en español funcione con este remaster y es solo copiar y remplazar la carpeta snd de ig estudios a la del remaster hasta hora me ha funcionado bien.

    • albert says:

      El problema es que yo arregle algunos bugs de sonido que ahora se desarreglarán XD
      En principio tenemos que ponernos en contacto para que los 2 mods sean compatibles
      DE la misma manera las cinemáticas de Separate Ways se ven mal en la versión doblada.
      Esperemos que pronto podamos hacerlo

  102. Wesley says:

    Hi Albert and hi Cris,

    First of all, I’d like to thank you guys so much for your passion towards this project, I have been following it since 2016, and at least once a week I’d check the website to see how were you guys progressing. It’s beyond amazing how the project turned out, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING looks gorgeous, from wall textures on villagers houses to Leon’s leather jacket to weapon models and the world lighting and et cetera.

    I have been playing for two hours (Clean install from Steam version and following the steps provided on the “read me” file) and I haven’t found a single bug or flaw. I was so astonished that I felt it would be unfair to download the project without making a donation, hope you guys appreciate it! And I also wish you guys the best of luck on your future projects!

    Cheers! 🙂

  103. Inimitable says:

    You guys are amazing! Thank you for all your hard work!

  104. TOMLEE says:

    There has to be a way you can get this to be a mod you can get on steam similar to something like RealRTCW.

  105. Omar Bros says:

    Previous release was awesome.
    Looking forward to playing after the sizable download.

  106. german says:

    Hi Albert,

    First of all thanks for this wonderful upgrade you did to this game, but I’m having issues after the intro the game just crash I already used the 4GB Patch Tool, but still I have the same issue.

  107. cl0ck says:

    The game crashes after the intro is there anything that can be done? 4GBpatch tool applied.

  108. cl0ck says:

    The game just crash after the intro even with 4GB patch tool is there anything that can be done to fix this?

  109. aaaaaaarrrrrr says:

    if u want to play this mod with cracked version (I know its not legal but when live in a country that has so much prohibition and ur money worse less than shite and connot even use credit card u have to use cracked version of games or die without playing ur favorite games) u must download fitgirl repack and just do this:
    looooooooooooooooove u guys for ur HD project mod and ur hard work . its really amazing.
    sorry for my english

  110. aaaaaaarrrrrr says:

    if u want to play this mod with cracked version (I know its not legal but when live in a country that has so much prohibition and ur money worse less than shite and connot even use credit card u have to use cracked version of games or die without playing ur favorite games) u must download fitgirl repack and just do this: instal fitgirl repack of game then copy content of Bin32 Folder of HD project to Bin32 Folder of the game and delete BIO4 folder of game and copy BIO4 of HD project folder and then just lunch the game from ur desktop shortcut or Bin32 folder of the game and game will lunch without problem and dont worry about 4gb patch because it was patched before looooooooooooooooove u guys for ur HD project mod and ur hard work . its really amazing. sorry for my english

  111. Sergio says:

    I noticed a missing detail. At the beginning of the game. In a cabin, there is a woman killed with a pitchfork stabbed into the wall. In the original version, the woman is bleeding from various parts of her body (her hands, her face, etc.), these details are not present and you only see blood coming down from under her feet.
    Other than that your work is astonishing…

  112. Atul says:

    For the community i will seed the torrent files from now i have good upload speeds it will help you gùys….I wish the Classic Rifle reloading make more smooth it still not look 60fps while reloading other guns looks fine.

  113. Valeri M. says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! So many years of hard work, so much effort…
    Truly one of the most impressive fanmade projects in history!
    Got me starting another campaign, so nostalgic… and experiencing it in the best way possible is so amazing!~
    Been following it for about 2 years now and I can’t imagine how you’re feeling right now

    Small question; Could you add a feature to disable/move the HUD?
    I wanna have the full cinematic experience without the HP and ammo getting in the way 🙂
    I’ll even throw a beer or two your way as a token of my appreciation 😉

    • albert says:


      You can activate a debug menu
      check dinput8.ini inside Bin32 and search for EnableDebugMenu = and set it to “True”
      Then press ctl + F3 while playing and select the TOOGLE HUD option ;D

  114. Hola Albert, realmente fantástico trabajo. Me gustaría reportarte un par de bugs que por allí he encontrado:
    1.- En el basement cuando te encuentras con los bichos, luego de mover la palanca del agua, las texturas de ese lugar quedan “estáticas” y no tienen ese movimiento tan realista que se tiene en otras partes acuáticas.
    2.-En la secuencia de video donde se mueven las 2 torres de Salazar (la pregrabada) y asumo reconstruida por IA el contador no subía de los 5-7fps por lo que se veía super entrecortada y rompía con la experiencia.
    3.-El filtro 4 está demasiado oscuro así se ponga el brillo en 100.
    4.-El juego se ve muy desaturado, eso lo corregí utilizando Sweet FX aumentando el color en un 40%.

    • *Esto último es sin filtro alguno.

      • albert says:

        Gracias por el feedback!

        1- El punto numero 1 no me queda claro… ^_^”’

        2- eso es raro! de momento nadie más ha tenido problemas con las cinemáticas regrabadas en HD hum… el ending y las cinemáticas de separate ways están hechas exactamente en el mismo formato y resolución. En ese caso no tienes problemas?
        Ah, y no ea AI, en ese caso está recreado de cero ;P

        3- Seguramente haga más filtros opcionales para que se descargue la gente en el apartado Bonus. Las posibilidades son infinitas!

        4- Eso ya va a gustos. Originalmente, es así, pero por suerte con Sweet FX o Reshade se pueden calibrar estas cosas a gusto de cada uno 🙂


        • Sobre el punto 1 cuando vez la pequeña sección de agua que se cierra con la válvula, en ese punto al parecer los shaders de distorsión y de efectos no parecen funcionar bien más sí aparece la capa superior blanquecina. Las físicas al disparar en ese lugar tampoco parecen funcionar.
          Sobre el punto 2.- Sucedió esos saltos agresivos framerate en el video de la torre (RTX280SUPER + RYZEN 5 3600). El resto de videos van perfectos.
          Sobre el punto 3.- Maravilloso, mil gracias!. Ojalá se pueda poner un filtro de imagen similar a la versión de GCN o WII.
          Sobre el punto 4.- Me parece que con la versión “” y su parche los colores andaban perfectos.
          Está más que claro que soy re-fan de ustedes y su trabajo!

  115. Jordi says:

    Installed the mod and played for a couple of hours. Looks absolutely amazing. Truly excellent and impressive work, guys! I’ve replayed this game I don’t know how many times, but you managed to make it feel like an entirely fresh new experience. I’m noticing new details everywhere and I just love examining every item in the menu. This really feels like the definitive version of RE4 and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the game looks!

    I did notice one bug in the F1-menu: I disabled the Gamecube DOF and sniper blur and saved the settings. There was a message saying the game needs to be restarted for those changes to take effect, so I did, but after the reboot they automatically switched on again. I’ve tried several times, but those options keep re-enabling themselves.

    Game plays perfectly fine with those options turned on, but I figured I’d let you guys know.

    Again, awesome job! Back to high-def roundhousing those dastardly Ganados 😀

    • albert says:

      Thank you for the message, Jordi!
      dinput8.ini inside the Bin32 folder is probably “read only”, could you check it? (righ-click the file and uncheck the read-only)
      This should fix the problem!

  116. Mute says:

    I could cry right now :’) Thank you so much for your hard work, I have no words for you right now.

  117. Albert, congratulations on the release! I know that you are preparing a patch, will it be put on top, or will you re-upload everything in one package?)

  118. Tharon says:

    Hello and thank you for your amazing work.

    There are a couple of thing i’ve noticed that maybe are slipped away in the Italian language version.

    First, in the OPTION menu the text doesn’t seems to be remastered. It’s noticeable more jagged than all the other menu text.
    Second, the “Loading” text doesn’t seem to be remastered too. Again, it’s jagged and blurred, and seems to be the same of the old version.

    Unfortunately there is no apparent way to change language in the game, so i can’t test if the issue is only in the italian text.

    I made a couple of screenshot to document the issue :

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      These specific textures are packed in a kind of format that doesn’t allow higher resolution
      But I’ll ask or coder friends if they can surpass that limitation
      So, yes, it’s the same for all languages

  119. Steven says:


    Thank you so much for all your hard work!

    I was wondering whether to select “original” or “HD” textures in the settings menu in game. Or does it not make a difference?

    I know you recommend setting brightness to max. Do you have recommended AA settings?

    Thanks again!

    • albert says:

      Original has the Original GC textures (adapted to the new models when needed)
      AA, use the one you like the most! 🙂 and if it doesn’t generate performance issues of course

  120. michel silva says:

    hi, first of all thanks for the incredible work, i’m having a problem when launching the game, it says Assertion Failed ! expression: countMatches. what should i do?

  121. Valvolarsa says:

    mod installed correctly, patched exe file with tool included in the mod, restart and… error! help please

  122. Highlander says:

    After intro, Crashes, Patched Manually and non Manually
    Win 11, 1070T, InteI

  123. BigChieff93 says:

    Okay thanks again, you guys RULE!!!

  124. Tri says:

    For those who hasn’t downloaded 1.o yet, I recommend to wait for more stable and fixed version which would be come out soon later. I am sticking with the previous release 3 version which works flawlessly with the p2 button layout and most of the popular mods. Here is a quick view of my version with Reshade, looks amazing imo:–reshade-NDPIBcJUGRbdiJDS

  125. NukaSoda76 says:

    A lot of the backgrounds are blurry in the trailer – almost painfully so. Is there a way to fix that?

    Also, is there any way to maybe inject some more colour into the game? Most scenes/locations look like a mixture of just grey & brown.

    • albert says:

      Hello! That’s the Depth of Field that was there in the GameCube/Wii versions
      You can deactivate it by pressing F1 ingame (access the .dll menu) and uncheck the “EnableGCBlur”
      And that’s it 🙂

  126. NukaSoda76 says:

    and I mean, more colour *without* using ReShade.

    • albert says:

      I’ll post some extra color gradients in the Bonus section of the page when I have the time. I’ll try to generate a more saturated color filter. Not sure if it’s possible, but I’ll try it.

  127. Martin Sp. says:

    OMG! So beautiful. When I first saw the main menu, I almost lost my mind. This is stunning!
    Really, a great piece of work.

    THANK you guys!!!!!

    I will play the game in the german language. As soon i have time to play, i’ll let you know if i find any bugs or so.

  128. Kalypto says:

    Hi Albert, congratulations to your huge success! I have never played the original RE4 and I must say the graphics really look great! The game is absolutely awesome like that. I can’t wait to play through it!

    I had to configure the game in-game as followed to make it playable for me: motion blur OFF and anti-aliasing OFF.
    The motion blur just doesn’t look good to me. But the more important thing is the anti-aliasing. When I had it enabled the game lagged supercrazy and went into SLOWMO often!

    Again, great job and thank you!

  129. Nordeck says:

    Honestly, I’m just speechless with your accomplishment and the amount of work (and care) put into this. Thank you very much, guys. Just marvelous. Running this mod with some SGSSAA added to it making the picture just perfect ( not too far though, don’t have much free time to give it a proper test run). One question though-is there any point in running fixes to FoV made by flawless widescreen? (used to use it to fix HUD positioning). Thank you.

  130. Nesy says:

    Hey, Albert! The game looks gorgeous! Do you think you could sometime in the future implement photo mode?
    Some locations look so amazing I wish I could take pictures without hud and changed camera angles! <3
    Anyway, best wishes!

  131. cj_iwakura says:

    Is it possible to update an existing build to the new one?

    • Tri says:

      I recommend to wait for the next version, I am using the release 3 now which is better when use with other mod and free of bugs

  132. ciuppy81 says:

    Thank you guys for this incredible project, i have played and is so beautiful, very nice to see! 🙂
    I just donated for you little contribution for this hard work 😀
    Sometimes i will return here for any news and future update 🙂

    Thanks for all, greetings from Italy!

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the support to you and all people I still haven’t had the time to answer!!
      There will be at least one patch for sure!

  133. Nordeck says:

    (Gave it short test, playing for 2 hours straight – works without any issue. Working my way out of village)
    Also, I’d like to make a donation to you, guys, but is there any other option to do it? Paypal’s conversion rates AND overall user experience isn’t great in my country. Yandex money or just a visa card may be, so I could make a direct transfer?
    Thank you.

  134. NinjaHayate says:

    How do you disable mouse play?

  135. Juanda says:

    HELP ! Im getting ghosting on all cutscene and also background become very blury and very low rest, i have try fisable.motion blur and gamecube dof, still its not fix the ghosting cutscene