Release Updates (I)

Hello everyone!

First things first: Thank you everyone for all the of support. I swear I’ve read all the messages! I simply don’t have the time to answer them all… There has been a looooot of technical and visual feedback messages to answer. I’m sorry if I missed some of them…

I’m planning to post an update that correct most of the issues soon. I’ll wait a few days, so I can collect and correct as many bugs as possible.

nipkow and emoose are doing God’s work answering and trying to fix some of these issues. Thank you guys!

These are the known issues so far:

  • English item descriptions while playing in Spanish (Fixed).
  • Wrong Ashley model during a cabin cutscene when she wears the Special 1 costume (fixed).
  • Anonymous letter (chapter 2-1) crashes the game when playing in French (fixed).
  • Leon’s eyes texture when he wears the tactical vest is missing (fixed).
  • Changes in the dll menu (when pressing F1 ingame) are not saved after closing the game. [Temporal solution: THE dinput8.ini FILE IS PROBABLY READ ONLY, CHANGE IT (right-click the file > Properties > uncheck the read only box). This should fix the problem in the meantime.]
  • Water distortion when playing at ultrawidescreen mode.
  • Some people have Invisible Items inside the inventory.
  • Random Crashes during the cutscene when Leon’s looking down the bridge.
  • Slowdown and heavy desync during chapter 2-1 first cutscene.

NexusMods links doesn’t work: I’ll upload them again when the upcoming fixes are ready, so they will be included. I’ll also update the Other Mega and Mediafire links for people that still haven’t downloaded the project, and there will be a smaller patch available for people that already downloaded it, too.

The game won’t open or there are some fatal crashes (I)

Follow these steps:

  1. Download this SFV file courtesy of emoose: MIRROR 1 | MIRROR 2 OUTDATED
  2. Install the QuickSFV tool here (CURRENT VERSION).
  3. Run QuickSFV and Open BIO4.SFV after downloading (and extracting if you downloaded the 18 .rar parts).
  4. BIO4.SFV must be in the same folder the BIO4 folder is, as in the picture below.
  5. If you don’t get the “All files OK” message, that means some file is corrupted and needs to be downloaded again.

The game won’t open or there are some fatal crashes (II)

Other causes:

  1. You are running a non-legal/non-official/cracked copy of the game.
  2. The version of the game is not 1.0.6 or 1.1.0.
  3. You didn’t follow the installation steps exactly as described in the DOWNLOAD page.
  4. If the file size of the BIO4 folder is not 37.4 GB (6804 files), something went wrong. OUTDATED

Please, comment your problems in the Technical issues page and in the Visual Inaccuracies page.

From now on, all reported issues that don’t include all required info will be ignored

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247 responses to “Release Updates (I)”

  1. Sean Hall says:

    Simply phenomenal work. I’ve always meant to ask, is there any plans to include the second view mode for the InfraRed Scope from the original Gamecube version?

    We’ve just plugged this massively on the latest Resident Evil Podcast episode!

  2. Frank Nitty says:

    The fidelity of the textures being used in the remaster mod are mind blowing. Good job Albert to you and the rest of the team. The upscaled FMV videos had me floored and the I was impressed that you were able to implement the modifications onto the in-game cut scenes as well. Sprinting in-game (holding the “B” button while moving) feels kind of disjointed. Also, when approaching items to pick up, it shows a “5” button icon instead of an “X” button icon when using my XBox One controller to play. Lastly, when pressing the “X” button while not near an item to pick up, it constantly brings up the map which gets annoying quick. Not sure if anyone else has experienced these issues that I mentioned.

  3. Myke says:

    Thank you! Your work is amazing!

  4. Mani says:

    Hey there again, sorry to be a pester, so I’ve tried everything outlined in this thread, ran the quicksfv and all of my files are “ok” and are 37.4 GB and 6804 files, however, it sadly still didn’t resolve my problem, help please? I’ll leave further information below:

    ive installed the latest HD project mod as instructed, however, upon Installing it, i was completely unable to access the game whatsoever, unlike the previous version of the HD project (release 3), i did not have such issue with it, as i also recall the installation procedure was also different by being installed through the command prompt (windows 10) but im unsure if thats relevant to the issue at hand, sorry, basically, whenever i try opening the game after installing the latest 1.0 release, it gives 2 correspondent error messages as follows; i will be leaving a link below showcasing the errors.

    Furthermore: no i did not have any previously installed mods that could potentially collide with the HD project, including release 3, ive also uninstalled/reinstalled the game and repeated the procedure, yet was met with the same result. My version of the game is: 1.0.10983.1 and not the steam version.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated mr Albert or cris – thanks

    • Dfactor says:

      #1 and #2 of “Other causes:” mentioned in the main thread already answer your questions.

      #1. You are running a non-legal/non-official/cracked copy of the game.
      There is no such thing as the “not the Steam version”, unless you’d be talking about the old SourceNext port. “R.G.Mehcanics” in your folder structure also indicates that it’s pirated.

      #2. The version of the game is not 1.0.6 or 1.1.0.
      There are two latest versions available via Steam and you are not running either of them.

      I’m guessing that even if old versions of re4hd allowed sketchy copies, that has now been changed and you’re likely not going to get any support here unless you actually own the game.

    • Jon says:

      I’m getting the exact same error messages! I even tried replicating the same folder path as if it was the steam version but no luck..

    • Carl says:

      Hi. I had similar issues. I simply bought the steam version and installed the mod as instructed. It worked fine for me after that

    • Peter says:

      “My version of the game is: 1.0.10983.1 and not the steam version.”

      From the WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW list on the download page:

      “- You need to have an installed copy of the resident evil 4 PC port, released on Steam.”

  5. James thg says:

    Hello! Thanks for this amazing job!
    I’m having the following problem:

    “Assertion failed!

    Program; …y\steamapps\commom\Resident Evil 4\Bin32\WINMM.dll
    Filie: E:\Porgrams\git_repos\re4_teaks\external\…\Petterns.h
    Line: 22

    Expression: countMatches

    For information on how your program can cause an assertion failure, see the Visual C++ documentation on asserts

    (Press Retry to debug the aplication – JIT must be enabled)”

    My windows 10 version is 21h1. Please, Help!

  6. James becker says:

    Mod melhor até agora l

  7. Elivelton Oliveira says:

    When I select the option to load the save the game crashes and closes by itself, I can’t load the save to play

  8. JcFerggy says:

    Apart from the invisible silencer in my inventory, the reload animation for the semi-automatic rifle seems to play at a lower framerate.

    I’ve been taking screenshots of a few other issue’s that I’ll upload later. Two sets of armors appeared invisible, almost ice sculpture like. A gap in the a wall in Ashley’s section. A ground vertex that was invisible next to water.

    Also could the Silencer be added to the merchants inventory once obtained? I don’t know how the game handles the structure of items for giving and selling items, but if a custom event trigger could be added to the dev room to somehow add it to the inventory in a similar manner the punisher 9mm that would be the ideal solution. Even just giving it a selling price would be better than nothing instead of having to discard it for inventory space.

    • BalakehB says:

      Pretty sure the Semi Automatic reload framerate was never made in 60fps, it was only made in 30fps and was hardcoded this way, same as the Bow reload animation.

    • carlos says:

      how do you equip the silencer, i can’t find it in my inventory, or is the a secret way to combine it with your handgun?

      • albert says:

        Just combine it with the FIRST handgun.
        There’s an issue: some people can’t see some inventory items for some reason. You can’t see it, but it’s there
        We’ll release a patch that fixes it soon

  9. Bryan Tardio says:

    Hola, mi version de juego es la UHD pero pirateada , hice todos los pasos correctamente y cuando quiero abrir el juego dice Program:…iden Evil 4 Ultimate HG Edition/Bin32/DINPUT8.dll File: D:/Programs/git_repos/r4_tweaks/external/…/Patterns.h Line: 22 Expression: countMatches y luego dice algo de visual C++

    • Agustin P. says:

      Deberías leer bien antes de publicar este tipo de comentarios, en las publicaciones claramente dice que no funciona en la versión pirata. Si quieres jugarlo compra el juego y ya, ni que fuera tan caro. Y encima hasta ayer estaba en oferta en steam muy barato.

    • David says:

      Minha versão do jogo é original e deu o mesmo problema. Solucionei esse problema deletando o arquivo “winmm.ini”. Não sei pra quê serve este arquivo, mas o jogo roda normal sem ele. Você pode restaurar o arquivo novamente depois de executar o jogo pela primeira vez, que o jogo rodará normal mesmo com ele.

  10. Jacob says:

    I need help with Leon’s eyes it’s in black with some sort of several images in it. I would highly appreciate for the reply

  11. Highlander says:

    Reinstalled twice and still crash after the Opening Cut-scene
    Bought the game on steam and clean install.
    Win 11 GTX 1070TV Intel CPU
    Game EXE Patched Manually 4GB

  12. Reven says:

    I’m partway into chapter 2, got Ashley with me at this point, and I thought I’d give my thought so far on the project. This mod makes RE4 look as good as I remember it in my head. It looks like how I remember it when I think back to the days of playing it on the Gamecube and Wii. This is a major compliment, and I could never, EVER play RE4 without this mod ever again. Fantastic job you did on this, and major congrats on the 1.0 release. It was definitely worth the wait, no question.

  13. John says:

    I just bought the game recently and was at the castle section of the game when I heard that an HD remaster had been done. My lord! This mod has turned what was already a sublime experience into a polished gem of a game. Well fucking done lads.

  14. Snake says:

    I’ve been following the team work since the beginning and i’m so glad to see this glorious day. I know the game is currently remastered officially by Capcom, and it’s a relief to see this absolutely killing version out in time to enjoy the fans. Great work, awesome achievement <3

  15. Sergio Ferrari says:

    I still find it hard to believe what I see on screen…. You have done a job that is unbelievable.

  16. MZA says:

    Damn guys ? I really can’t wait for the patch fix to come, I wanna play it SO BAD !!!!
    the job that has been done here is phenomenal.

  17. VEGETAHuelva says:

    Thank you very much for the great work you have done and you are still doing it, you are very big, you still cannot download the project and I want to play it together with another one which I think they are adjusting to make it compatible, I hope both can work together . I still have a couple of games left before I replay RE4 again.
    thank you

  18. superbegita says:

    Hi Albert ! I was wondering i have the. Official Steam HD version and have the version 1.01…… if i remember there is a mislanding between that and it s in reality the 1.1.0 version who have been patched no ?

    So far i have notice except the problems you have saw and note in your technical issues…an another one in the chqpter 2-1

    With the special cosutome number 2 and Aschley (so the armor).

    The even trigger flr the Bellas’s sister was a bit stuck for the second one , the sound continue and the screen just freeze and show you…the part of the wood who is going to be broke by the second sister but never happen except if you try to go out with B button kr something like that , weird.

    Of course not the key, i have find the second sister on the opposite wall and was continue to run against the wall..

    After shooting at her she take good note and it’s was ok after that.

    And of course the famous chapter 2-1 crash for the french subtitles version for Anonymous letter.

    Dont mind to play in english (i do as well for my re4 on Aethersx2 on my Android phone).

    I will try to take some screenshot or other videos for showing you.

    But except thqt it’s wonderful ^^

    Of course i have checked the src files and all was ok the 6804 well 6812 if you count the dummy exe and help’one (easily 3/4 so)

    Downloaded the torrent one

    On Windows 11 , i9 9900K, 32go 4133Mhz CAS19 , RTX 3090 in 4k everything. Maxxed out since it’s very easy flr the 3090.

    • albert says:

      Wow! That’s quite a sophisticated and original bug! haha
      I’ll try to reproduce it on my side XD

      On the mean time, and just in case, could you verify the integrity of your files with the SFV file I shared here?

      • Superbegita says:

        Hi ! yes i have done it and i can confirm all was ok. My F1 serve me to take screenshots with Geforce Experience but sadly it open to the custom menu ….

        Only thing i don’t know how to end it (the famous menu who stop me to resume the game itself)

        I have made only one screenshot with the already know invisible silencer for the handgun.

        But no worries i planned to do since the beginning another new game (i have made an entirely new game just for the final release here , it would have been very sad to just continue to the point i was just after the Verdugo sequence just ).

        • Superbegita says:

          Ok i have look and i have the chinese simplified available so i thinki i have the 1.1.0 revision i assume.

          I will put some other spicture for showing.

          There i have just disable the DOF and the grain film for clarity purpose. (i hate them in particular in some game si think the film grain who DESTROY the picture quality in Rise of the tomb raider..but without game is much clean and nice….At least the snow rendering by itself).

          • Gamer says:

            The grain effect in RE4 is also used for other effects which turn off with it. So probably best to keep on until maybe the option is updated to simply be the grain.

          • superbegita says:

            Yes i just notice it haha , by example in the church when you activate the lights , it s weird without bloom or flare..

            I can confirm the. Bug for the first cinematic of Aschley in her Special 1 costume. Not in the second one.

            But i have not suceed to reproduce the bug i have with the second Bella’s Sister.

            I am going to make 3 playthrought as new game for the sake of the différents costume and help for seek bugs witch maybe some have specific ones.

            Not for criticism ofncourse but really for trying to help and in same time well RE discover the new look of the game’

            I am really speechless specially for the night time for the render and bloom of fire’s effects and well contrast on an LG C1 OLED just WOW !

            But yes for the church i have notice the light effect isnnot the same than with the grain film on.

            Really think that it s due to what you say for the film grain.

            I will reactivate it. I have turn off the only read for the .ini file (otherwise).

      • ve the legit Steam version of the HD Ultimate. Just Steam says:

        Ah yes ! and just for knowing when you say the version of the build of the game…we agree it’s not just the exe itself isn’t it ? because even uploading the Steam version exe of the game (not ingame i will see it it indicate the build in the title screen menu i think i remember..)) give me version 1.0.0
        I have also in Beta on Steam the 1.0.2 so iguess my version is at least the 1.0.6 or better 1.10

        I will try another uploader because the screenshot take 12 Mb by itself (Noelshack accept until 4 Mb)

      • Superbegita says:

        Hi Albert ! As i have said i am going to do 3 playthrought and each with the different costume for for the sake of the remaster of course hehe and the potential seeking of bugs for trying to helping out the most i can.

        Just a question ..the “film grain” as an option….Witch effects it delete if it’s off ?
        I have saw that the bloom and light effect special who is cast for the church puzzle is well….not really here.

        I think that as someone said that the game use it as for some effects, is it true ? it will explain but sadly the grain add well the picture ‘s quality is much less cleaner than without but that’s was expected.

        • albert says:

          the film grain is used in a very few effects. when leon has the nightmare you’ll notice the images of Leon’s guts and the parasite looks much cleaner without that effect. And it’s used in some places as dust particles.
          About the lens flare effect not appearing. This game has a slight problem with that effect: if you minimize the game and you come back later, there’s a chance that effect gets bugged, and it doesn’t appear anymore. This problem is there in the vanilla game as well
          Solution: Restarting the game…
          I’ll ask my coder colleagues to take a look at it, since it’s a really annoying bug

          • Superbegita says:

            Ah thanks you ! Indeed i remember to have ade an Alt+Tab and go on my browser yes ! Ok so it s for that i see.

            And yes i have notice therticle effect in by example the area from the entrance locked with the Illinados key.

            The one who have a typewriter for save, table juste before go downstairs in the secret passage for the church.

            The light show early the. Dust/particle effect.

            So ok so need in reality to have the film grain..i was wondering too.

            I will continue i have just restart an all new game there. I am just before the Del Lago.

            In some games it the film grain gave some bad clarity in general i think to games as Rise of the Tomb Raider

            Remember to desactivate it ingame and it just made the game MUCH better and clean.

            Specially in dark areas, i notice the film grain is showed much more. On Leon skin by ex

            I think to the area just after the initial capture for Luis and Leon by “the Big Cheese” wkth the fog and wind.

  19. Adrian Hall says:

    Hi, I’m just curious what exactly is this sfv solution? It looks like you are unpacking some specific assets.

    I’m not having any issues (yet, I just made sure that the game launches and haven’t actually played it), but I like to have an understanding of this sort of thing.

  20. KS says:

    (On Simpifiled Chinese=ZH-CN)Crashes happen on checking items or doors.Puzzle’s discrition text lost also happens.

  21. Cong WANG says:

    language : Chinese v1.10

    the game crashes when leon investigates the gate of 3-1 (chapter end)
    “ashley in on the other side , i’d better find another route”

    but for english version, the game works fine here.

  22. SH37! says:

    Hi, I really love your work and happy with it, but could you please add playstation controller layout because I tried one but the game won’t work!

  23. WisemJK says:

    Holaaa Albert!! Genial, seria bueno que corrigieras eso pero viendo los capitulos del Regenerador hay como un sistema de animación que se mueve, dijiste que lo ibas a quitar pero no lo recomiendo, detalles asi que hayas eliminado sugiero que lo añadas en esta actualización, por cierto te queria comentar que en otro video un tipo publico una receta para el Spray XD, nose si la tomaste en cuenta.
    –Arklay Green Herbs (11 g)

    -Mentha spicata (8 g) -Aloe Vera (16 g)

    -Bioxtron (22 g)

    -Medical Cannabis (2 g)

    -Amoxicilina (4g)

    -iodine (32 ml)

    -Alcohol 100% (24 ml)

    -Hyaluronic acid (16 ml) -Clavulanic acid (7 ml)

    -Maltosa (3 ml)

    -Sodium chloride 1.2% (6 ml)

    -Anti-rabies composition (4 ml)

    Saludos Albert 😀

    • albert says:

      A qué sistema de animación te refieres? Me he perdido XD
      Y si, la receta está incluida en el juego 🙂

      • WisemJK says:

        En el minuto 10:01:02, en el que dices si lo cancelas o lo dejas, yo diria que lo dejes pero eso! Pequeños detalles.

      • WisemJK says:

        En el minuto 10:01:02 del capitulo 5-1, en donde dices si cancelas la animación o la dejas, yo diria que le dejes pero eso! Pequeños detalles… XD

  24. WisemJK says:

    Y… Sera compatible con Ray Tracing este mod? Por curiosidad jeje

    • albert says:

      Ui! Eso se me escapa. Este juego tiene un motor gráfico muy viejo… del 2004 o antes… no sé si es posible que un programador de primera categoría y sin tener el código fuente del juego pudiera hacer tal cosa…

  25. Empower1 says:

    I hope it will work on non-steeam version 1.1.0 because I can’t buy it on steam

  26. Deathrac3r77 says:

    So far I love this project, but aim at the point where mike come in with the helicopter and when i try to go through the exit door on the other side (the 3 miniguns area) the game crashes. its happened to me 4 times in a row now. my file size is correct everything says its good, even QuickSFV says all files are ok. my game version is from steam and it is 1.1.0 ive never had mods for this game and it is a clean and fresh install

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the info!
      Could you try to pass that area without the dinput8.dll inside the Bin32 folder??
      But you can’t enter the inventory if that file is not there (it would crash the game). So, it would be easier for you to clean the area and save the game just before entering the 3 miniguns zone before doing the test.
      This way we can check if the dll is the responsible or not

      • Deathrac3r77 says:

        I can try, ive been attempting to do a pro-no save run since the install of this project but ig ill have to save to see if that is indeed the problem

        • Deathrac3r77 says:

          i jus beat the game, i saved at chapter ends and when it came to that point the game never crashed so i never had to test it without the dinput8.dll i wonder if the crash might be related somehow to if you never save on that run through? im not sure…

          • DD says:

            I have the same problem. Consistently crashes there. Although, it did that without the HD Project too.

  27. JcFerggy says:

    I found the bowfin bolts are also appearing as invisible in the inventory suitcase.

  28. Shane S says:

    What amazing work! I haven’t even opened the game yet and I am super excited, my co host and I are even planning to stream this on saturday and I am so Excited!!

    I know it isnt much, but I also felt that it was my responsibility to give a little something back, so I did the right thing and donated. I can’t thank and appreciate you all enough for all of your hard work and I cant wait to share this with everyone!

  29. Mani says:

    I do not intend on spamming… but i really am having trouble.. 🙂 i now see that im not the only 1 who is having this issue ao that’s good to know, and thus far i have not been assisted or given any helpful feedback regarding the matter,

    Hey there again, sorry to be a pester, so I’ve tried everything outlined in this thread, ran the quicksfv and all of my files are “ok” and are 37.4 GB and 6804 files, however, it sadly still didn’t resolve my problem, help please? I’ll leave further information below:

    ive installed the latest HD project mod as instructed, however, upon Installing it, i was completely unable to access the game whatsoever, unlike the previous version of the HD project (release 3), i did not have such issue with it, as i also recall the installation procedure was also different by being installed through the command prompt (windows 10) but im unsure if thats relevant to the issue at hand, sorry, basically, whenever i try opening the game after installing the latest 1.0 release, it gives 2 correspondent error messages as follows; i will be leaving a link below showcasing the errors.

    Furthermore: no i did not have any previously installed mods that could potentially collide with the HD project, including release 3, ive also uninstalled/reinstalled the game and repeated the procedure, yet was met with the same result. My version of the game is: 1.0.10983.1 and not the steam version.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated mr Albert or cris – thanks

    • albert says:

      We are working on this problem.
      In the meantime, could you send us your bio4.exe and the bio4.exe.bak you’ll find in the Bio32 folder of the game?
      Thanks for the report!!

    • Michael Lillard says:

      I’m no programming expert but if the dialog boxes are for both the re4.exe and a Visual C++ error perhaps try to update Visual C++ with both the x86 and x64 versions and see if that helps.

    • Leno says:

      Mani. how did you manage to solve this problem?

  30. Deathrac3r77 says:

    *If This Posts Twice Im Sorry* in the chapter where mike comes in with the helicopter when i try to go through the exit door the game crashes. this has happened to me 4 times in a row. game is version 1.1.0 on steam. clean and fresh install, never had any mods and SFV says all files are ok everything says its fine any advice?

    • Deathrac3r77 says:

      Ignore This Post My Original Wasnt Showing Up For Me So I Thought There Was A Error. The Original Was Posted On Feb. 4 10:56am

  31. Mani says:

    Woah guys my apologies, i just realized that the imgur link in my previous post is no longer valid so I’ve made an alternative, sorry

    • albert says:

      No problems, thanks for the report!!

      • Mani says:

        Hey albert, please disregard my last complaint and the rest of my reports regarding the mod, i was able to make it all work out ^_^ sir, thank you very kindly, you guys are absolute legends!!!

      • Manie says:

        Hey Albert, kindly disregard my last message and the rest of my previous reports, seeing as I’ve managed to make it all work out, the mod works perfectly for me now, i may come back in the near future if i happen to stumble across some of the reports I’ve read on here regarding some slight minor issues/glitches with the mod, but thus far its practically flawless, and dude ty guys for implementing that f1 prompt, absolutely fantastic, you guys are absolute legends, ty all for your hard work, dedication, and everything, so much gratitude ❤

        However, now that i think of it ? I’ve only had 1 problem, (FYI this particular problem has nothing to do with the HD project mod itself whatsoever), I’ve simply always had this problem while playing RE4 on PC, its that i almost always have trouble syncing the games audio to my tv instead of my laptop speakers… do you or anyone happen to know how to fix it? Thats just the worst thing about it on PC, Thanks.

    • ZetsuMT says:

      Man, it seems that you are playing with a pirated copy (r.g mechanics thingy) of the game. AFAIK this patch only works with Legit copy from steam. I suggest you to go get one since it’s on sale now.

  32. Mani says:

    Alright thanks Albert, how do i send you these files if you don’t mind me asking? Like, in what method? Is there a way to contact you directly that im missing? Thanks.

  33. Wiibu says:

    I don’t know if you noticed this by any chance; according to Rivatuner Statistic Server, on first cutscene of chapter 1-2, there is a sudden freeze for some reason as it was like the asset has not been done loading yet. It occurs right after the cutscene audio starts to play then game froze for a half second, and then the actual cutscene animation starts playing. It only works properly on the movie browser when you play the cutscene *twice or more*, as the assets are already preloaded. They will be unloaded after you exit the movie browser. To reproduce it, either go to the movie browser and play the cutscene again or load the save. I do not know what cause this issue but hopefully this information is useful enough.


  34. jubiladoatope says:

    Antes que nada,todo se ve genial y corre bien PERO tengo una pequeña molestia.
    Stuttering, el juego corre perfecto y de repente me mete un bajon de frames que te cagas,de hecho suele pasarme en las cutscenes y me las jode porque se desincroniza el audio con lo que esta pasando.
    Mi equipo es el siguiente
    >Windows 10
    >Gtx 1080ti
    >32gb ram ddr4
    >i7 7700k
    Juego a 4k y a 60 fps.
    Nota adicional:No parece que tenga trigger este bajon de frames fuerte/stuttering, es completamente aleatorio, mirando a una pared,peleando contra una horda de zombies, da lo mismo.

    • albert says:

      Gracias por el reporte!
      Parece bastante aleatorio el que la gente tenga estos problemas o no, pero intentaremos optimizarlo!

  35. Nemma says:

    If anyone has the game crash on startup with or WITHOUT the mod, and is using an AMD card, MAKE SURE YOUR DRIVERS ARE UP TO DATE!!! Apparently some update broke RE4 UHD completely on AMD cards a few months back, and the most recent one restored it. Has nothing to do with the HD mod itself, but I spent 2 hours struggling to get the game running before I found out the cause, so I’m posting this in case it helps someone else.

    And since I’m here, CONGRATULATIONS on the incredible work guys! I only got to the castle so far, but my mind is being blown every step of the way. It already feels like there’s no going back, your version is the only RE4 that matters moving forward. Thank you for breathing a new life into this masterpiece!

  36. Albert otro bug rarisimo pero este no le des prioridad porque yo diria que es algo raro y problema de mis cascos bluetooth.
    Los auriculares tienen unos sensores que detectan si los tienes puestos o no , a parte de unas funciones tactiles,pues bien si me quito los cascos y me los vuelvo a poner Leon se pone a disparar como un loco y a girar la camara sin control hacia el suelo

  37. Arad says:

    albert bro ive found an bug in leons eyes : when u first wear the vest the eyes turn info black and in that cute alien eyes u can see some numbers or alphante lol

    • albert says:

      yes haha
      I know I’ve already fixed it. we’ll include the corrected eyes in the patch we’ll publish as soon as possible

  38. GK says:

    Yo note la desincronización en de la escena al inicio del capítulo 2-1 pero pensé que era mi tostadora XD.
    Muchisimas gracias por este proyecto, es hermoso 🙂

  39. Bill Banks says:

    How do you guys encode 1920×1080 sfd movie file? I used to use SEGA DreamCast Movie Creator v1.02 but it cannot support movie resolution larger than 1024×1024. I want to replace audio track with your 1920×1080 high res movie but don’t know which tool to use.

    • albert says:

      ffmpeg-2021-10-28-git-e84c83ef98-full_build to encode from 1920×1080 mp4 to mpeg

      bat file:
      ffmpeg -i “video.mp4” -an -c:v mpeg1video -b:v 50M -maxrate 80M “video.mpeg”

      CryTools-win-x64 to mux the new mpeg with adx audio

      bat file:
      sfdmux.exe audio.adx video.mpeg video.sfd

      this is how I did it. Not sure all games are compatible with the resulting sfd files I generated

      • Bill Banks says:

        The method is working perfect, but there is only one small problem: after replaced the audio, for example, opening_pal.sfd, the opening movie will not longer has subtitle (Simplified Chinese). I compared the two sfd files in Hex reader (HxD), it turns out after 1810 offset, the sfd video file you published has subtitle file location or subtile texture filename something, but the sfd video file I made it lost this information. So what tool do you guy extract the video stream that can keep the subtitle information?
        I just use
        ffmpeg.exe -i opening_pal.sfd -map 0:v:0 -c:v copy opening_pal.mpg
        ffmpeg.exe -i opening_pal.sfd -an -c:v copy opening_pal.mpg
        It seems ffmpeg re-create timestamp index, I first use
        ffmpeg.exe -i opening_pal.sfd -an -c:v copy opening_pal.m1v
        It just copy the whole thing, but the time index is wrong only 14 seconds when I play it using media player. And when I use sfdmux.exe to combine the video and audio, it goes in an infinite loop complaining “unknown sync 0000xxxxx”.
        How do you guys keep the subtitle information when using a high-res video?

        • albert says:

          Believe it or not, I copy-pasted the lost info from the original movie sfd file
          This is the only movie in the entire game which subtitles data is stored in the movie file. Separate Ways subtitles are stored separately inside .evd files

          I simply hex-copied the first block of data of the original “opening_pal.sfd” file from position 00 to position 2FFF and pasted it at the beginning of the new HD sfd file.
          In other words, the new HD movie starts at hex position 3000, and the previous data comes from the original file.

          I still can’t believe it worked XD

          • Bill Banks says:

            0~2FFF offset for subtitle information works! Thank you so much! The day before yesterday I was reading sfdmux source code trying to figure out mpeg and sfd format, but first several lines of hex does not show the correct header which confused me a lot. You’re so amazing that can read through all these binary/hex and figured out so many stories hiding behind these machine code and keep doing it for almost 8 years and finally finish this huge project! Sincerely appreciate the efforts you made for the re4 fans/modding community!

  40. Franco Carovano says:

    Hola Albert! excelente trabajo. Muchas gracias! Tengo 2 consultas:
    1- En una futura actualización harás las cinematicas de Ada a 60 fps mediante IA?
    2-Existe alguna posibilidad de un parche que permita agregarle mas contraste o corrección gamma al juego para darle mas “calidad” a la imagen?

    • albert says:

      lo de las cinemáticas lo veo complicado, ya que el formato de video que este juego usa es muy antiguo. No sé si soporta los 60 fps, pero lo investigaré.
      Para lo otro, lo mejor es usar Reshade y añadirle un filtro de imagen que esté al gusto de cada uno, porque aquí ya entramos en terreno de gustos personales. De reshade no sé mucho, pero me consta que no es muy complicado

  41. AlexEris says:

    Small typing error in target practice room. See twitter pic 🙂

  42. vess says:

    dear albert,thanks for your hard work!
    from last year i heard about your good project and try some eariler vision from your web site and it makes me surprised.from then on,i am afraid i will die before you release version 1.0 on 02,feb 2022.
    today i played a whole day and it tasted amazing,it looks like i came back to the time many years before when i first time play re4 on NGC.
    many thanks to you and wish god bless you!

  43. Jim says:

    Re4 remake leaks seems to show re4 is going to be improving characters and making game longer it sounds better than the characterization of the characters in re2 remake minus kendo Marvin and i think re3 and the gameplay and length as well. what happened to those games the acting was better but things with some of the characters was off. like annette birkin Leon maybe Ada. but I think Clare came out ok. don’t know how I feel about the chief his story got shortened and changed a big bit in spots.I don’t know how I feel about the reporter in this version and last issue sherry birkin I think there’s issues with this version of sherry. I think re3 faired better characterization wise but it still has huge maybe huger problems. one of the main ones which effects two to a lesser extent it feels short in 2 your barely in the city. Re4 remake sounds like what I wanted out of re2 and re3 remakes but didn’t get they were so close too. 🙁

  44. Tito says:

    Fantastic job! The textures look great.
    Just wanted to warn people about the “cutscene when Leon’s looking down the bridge”. In my obsession to look in every box and corner of games, I immediately ran into this bug, but the game didn’t just crash. It locked up the screen and I couldn’t alt-tab out to close the game. I could ctrl-alt-del, but had to sign out of my computer from there to get the game to force-close. Could be just be a fluke or something related to my setup, but I’m running an all AMD rig with up to date drivers and got the download through torrent.

  45. CiTRiC says:

    Muchas gracias por este proyecto Albert.
    Una vez te dije que uno de los Verdugos en la túnica roja que lleva a Ashley no tenía cabeza y parece que en el mod sigue igual (véelo en velocidad baja, 3:44:18):
    Al final nunca supe si eso era algo que no se podía arreglar o si se te olvidó jaja.
    ¡Mucho éxito en tus estudios y con tu trabajo! 🙂

    • albert says:

      Ahh ya. bueno, no tiene cabeza porque está en las sombras, pero ese triángulo es el efecto de resplandor de las velas que tiene atrás. eso lo arreglaré, sí

      • CiTRiC says:

        ¿Estás seguro Albert? No sé a qué te refieres con que “está en las sombras”, ya sé que dentro de la túnica no se ve el cuerpo del verdugo en sí, pero en este pareciera que le falta TODA la cabeza comparado con el de túnica negra. Intenté demostrar lo que quiero decir:
        Si no se puede arreglar pues ni modo, pero recuerdo que la última vez coincidiste con que le faltaba la cabeza y ahora me dices otra cosa jaja.

  46. Cory says:

    Hey Albert, first of all I wanted to say congrats to you and Cris, you two carried this on your back since I applied to college, and I’ve been following since Day 1. This is amazing, and now I’m playing through with my girlfriend for her first time (this will be like my ~45th time going through but first on professional), so its been lots of fun!

    I just wanted to ask, I went to the ‘secret’ area just now — is there a way to code in the ‘bonus thing’ (keeping it spoiler free) to work with more than just the one thing? I’m only asking because I saw some beta videos and I believe it was useable on multiple weapons (and I had to sell something since it didnt work with it :/ )
    Similarly, is there any way to add-in Ada’s shotgun that was obtainable Out of Bounds into the game? I think that would be awesome. Either in a custom side area where it originally was located (in farm) or as an item drop in your own bonus area?

    • albert says:

      the secret thing is only compatible with the Leon’s first gun
      unfortunatelly the code to make it compatible with other weapons is not there anymore.
      It’s a good excuse to keep Leon’s fisrt gun till the end of the game 😛
      Ada’s shotgut: when Leon’s takes it, it will become a regular shotgun… so… it wouldn’t have any use anyway :/
      Thank you for the support! :DD

      • Cory says:

        Darn, that sucks about the silencer! I gotta admit running Pro with the 9mm Pistol is proving difficult, but its interesting. Does ada’s shotgun just default to the normal shotgun model? I imagine theres no actual animation for Leon pumping it since it was only finalized later (for Ada).

        It seems like several people have mentioned already, but I just wanted to mention there is desync issues with some cutscenes (most notably so far Intro & Luis’ intro — although I’m playing at 1440p so I’m aware that could be part of it). I also wanted to mention that everything seems to be 60fps with the exception of scoped-weapon reload animations. Both rifle and semi-auto rifle look extremely choppy when reloading.

        • PriscFalzirolli says:

          If I’m not mistaken, those animations are hardcoded 30 fps.

          I don’t know if someone with experience in these things would be able to fix it like they recently did with FFVII, but I hope so.

  47. SWG says:

    Has anyone noticed soulgem model and texture applied as Velvet Blue gem? 😀

  48. Manie says:

    god i hope im not passing anybody off on here because i just realized I’ve sent some duplicate responses… ? so sorry if i bothered anyone, it wasn’t my intention, the reason i did that was because my comments didn’t appear in the latest posts so i preassumed that they didn’t go through for some reason but after scrolling up… they’re actually there, so i sincerely apologize for spamming unintentionally, the website is a bit confusing to me since i never really engage in any conversations on here, (first time). Nevertheless, feel free to delete any unnecessary/duplicate comments ive posted to whomever moderates these comments, big love ✌?

  49. BlueWindGTR says:

    Hello, I am using Traditional Chinese to play, some time I check object no show up woerd, and some time just crash to table.

  50. Phantron says:

    Hello albert, you made a little fault in your post:

    Also, I got a question. I’m german and I was always disappointed by the german translation, the subtitles in particular, so I started working on fixing it back in August-September 2018 and was done with the majority of it. However since the text files are mostly stored in the huge archive format files of the game, I cant be bothered to upload them like that for everyone. What I’m asking is if you would like to include it in the project for a later version! I would also be willing to donate to it anyway, too 🙂

    • albert says:

      Oh, thanks! It’s fixed 🙂

      About the corrections… that would be a major update that would affect almost ALL the files: stage files, cutscene files, inventory, menus, etc… since the texts are all scattered…

      That should be a good idea as a separate patch, so no German players don’t need to download it all again
      And it would be to be done after all the technical/graphical issues are completely gone

      Regards and thanks for the support!

      • Phantron says:

        Im wondering if you have the unpacked files all permenantly lying in all kinds of dolers in one “copy” of the HD project, so I could just send you the text data files?

        Or would I need to download the latest HD version, and then pack them all in, and reupload the changed files (would be huge amount of work) ?

  51. Arad says:

    yo bro ive found desync cutscene when we first fight with krauser : in the last QTE scene when u die and restart the scene its begin the scene when leon and krauser falling down .there will be desync with sound and scene just like chpater 1-2 very first cutscene.

  52. Katze says:

    Ey Albert!

    Jugando desde el PC todo correcto, pero jugando desde la app de steam link para la nvidia shield (android) el juego va ralentizado a más no poder. No sé si será algo que podáis tocar.

    Saludos y felicidades por el currazo!

    • albert says:

      pues no sé si será posible hacer algo al respecto.
      Lo comentaré a mis colegas coders

      • Katze says:

        Gracias tío!

        Por si os sirve de algo hipruebas poníendolo a 30 fps y la velocidad vuelve a ser la normal, eso sí el sonido desaparece.

  53. Algoflex says:

    I noticed a missing detail. At the beginning of the game. In a cabin, there is a woman killed with a pitchfork stabbed into the wall. In the original version, the woman is bleeding from various parts of her body (her hands, her face, etc.), these details are not present and you only see blood coming down from under her feet.

  54. MZFKDL says:

    The game gives an error and crashes after the cutscene when Leon and Ashley meet Sera at the castle where he lost the serum, while in the cutscene Leon disappears

  55. Zzsark says:

    I want this to run on 60fps as promised, but after the cutscene of Leon looking down at the bridge the game just completely went down on fps, just as the original fps error I always had.

    Will this get fixed as well?

  56. Demakingaz says:

    Crashes 3-1 after Louis cutscene

  57. Shigetora says:

    Thank you for rejuvenating my childhood game! Everything is working great except that the silencer in the inventory is invisible. Although it shows on the gun model when examined.

  58. squanch says:

    Thank you for all your hard work. Every 6 months or so over the past several years I’d remember this project, come back to the updates page, and check in on it. I can’t believe it’s finally done. The installation was super easy and I can get to at least the first village with no detectable issues. Hoping it stays that way!

    And the game, of course, looks phenomenal. It’s crazy seeing what you guys have accomplished here. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am EXTREMELY excited to revisit RE4 this whole weekend!!!

  59. shaun says:

    its saying i need a password when i try to import the files from winrar

  60. yabix says:

    Thank you for this amazing work. Can’t belive how great this is now looking.
    This game works flawlessly with 30FPS but not with 60Fps. The Sound
    is postponed on 60 Fps. not lip syncing

    But this is no problem you have to keep this only in mind

  61. Xinnda says:

    Hello, I have a problem with the thermal sight which is necessary to kill some enemies in chapter 5-1, but at the moment I point it the game crashes.

    • rewire says:

      I am also having this issue. I cannot get past the thermal scope part, as you have to use it to unlock the door, and the game crashes when you first use it.

  62. Hola Albert,
    He posteado 3 videos de youtube de RE4 WII version en Dolphin para que puedas ver claramente la diferencia en los shaders del agua que en post atrás comenté, es evidente que por allí hay un tema. Espero esta vez con imágenes me deje entender mejor:
    Mil gracias!!!

    • albert says:

      Ahh ya veo, que es más visible el efecto del agua, no? como más brillante
      El efecto del agua en este juego está roto e intenté arreglarlo como pude editando las texturas del agua. Intentaré que se aproxime más al efecto original. A ver si hay suerte
      gracias pro los links!

  63. John says:

    Hi, first thank you for the project, simply amazing. I have an issue with the water, the water and the objects near of it are distorter, iam playing in ultra wide monitor, when i switch to 1920x1080p (full hd) the problem disappears, but in full hd the level of details its nothing compares to ultra wide, in ultra wide is simply phenomenal, looks like an actual game.

  64. Sharpie says:

    Hey there, I’m currently having some troubles with the mod.

    I have the Steam version, did a full re-install to make sure I didn’t have any mods.
    The only other thing I have installed is DXVK which I needed so the game could even boot. It would white screen otherwise:

    That being said, where I currently stand I can look at the main menus and navigate around, however any attempt to load a save or start a new game results in a crash. QuickSFV has already been used to check things out.

    • emoose says:

      Did you try HD project without DXVK? The re4_tweaks that it uses should include a fix for non-60Hz monitors already, so DXVK might not be needed anymore, but if you still have white screen issues maybe consider posting on re4_tweaks github, fixing monitor issues like that is one of the main focuses:

  65. Adam DDB says:

    I made a video to help contextualize and emphasize how incredible a release this mod is. Hoping to use the relatively small megaphone I have to get the word out about Cris and Albert’s work. Thank you guys!

    Please check it out if you’d like!

  66. Tester says:

    SFV integrity checked and OK. But game crashes after opening cutscene.

  67. Alex says:

    Thanks for continuing to work on this! I had a couple of crashes early on, but they’re not happening anymore.
    I have reason to believe that the crashes were somehow related to configuring re4 tweaks with the F1 menu. My two crashes were at the “looking down at the car in the ravine” cutscene, and after the Hunnigan call right before the village. Both times I had been messing with the configurator, but I can’t recall exactly which settings I may have changed.
    In any case, now that I’m no longer messing with those settings, I haven’t had any more crashes for a good long while.

  68. arroisi says:

    Hi all, stupid question. How to update the game to 1.0.6 or 1.1.0? just checked my version of RE4 was ver 1.0.

    Here’s the screenshot :

    Fyi, my version of the game is a legit steam version. And already tried to force update using this tutorial but the version still 1.0

    • re4hdcris says:

      Hi! My understanding is that you open Steam and click “Library” at the top of the window, then right-click the game in your library that you want to change the update settings of, then select “Properties” from the drop-down menu, then select the “Updates” tab, where you can choose to either update automatically, or give you the option to update when you launch the game. This is different than the video you shared. I hope it helps – it’s just how I’ve always done it.

      • arroisix says:

        Unfortunately, those options still don’t work. The update prompt never showed up, so the game won’t open.

    • albert says:

      Oh, the game version is in the “press any button” screen, bottom right corner. Strange enough, the .exe properties option hasn’t the right version…
      And you can’t update from 1.0.6 to 1.1.0 it depends on the region of the world you are. But the HD project is compatible with both

  69. Trevor says:

    Can we delete the downloaded folder with Bin32 and BIO4 after these files have been successfully copied into the Steam RE4 folder?

    The game is running great! Got to play for three hours today, so cool to see this version and play RE4 again. I’ve been taking lots of screenshots. Very well done, I donated some American bucks to you this evening. Thanks for your work!

  70. Manie says:

    Heya, its me again 🙂 thus far, the mod is incredibly amazing, no issues whatsoever, (im in the castle rn), however, the only thing thats somewhat classified as a “glitch” imo would be weskers handgun silencer appearing blank in the inventory, and dude don’t even get me started on how amazing that area is ? the 1 where you find the silencer in!! Incredible job guys!!! Tysm!!! Thus far I’ve experienced non of the reported issues ive seen on here besides that. And its very minor. However, there’s yet another problem with the silencer aside from being blank that i think is worth reporting, i couldn’t help but notice that it cannot be sold to the merchant, feels like a waste discarding it but i also know that leon isn’t supposed to have it anyway so i guess it makes sense to an extent :p

    • albert says:

      The invisible silencer is a bug some people have and we are already working on that 😉
      And no, you can’t sell it, just discard it. The sell option of this item is not in the game’s code unfortunately

      • Manie says:

        Haha yeah i figured man! but i was thinking MAYBE you could create a code for it ? because you guys certainly don’t lack the skills/talents to do so, however, this is just a small and an unimportant suggestion that you’re obviously free to dismiss, it really isn’t anything that would affect the overall experience, because i already feel rude asking you to do more than the incredible job you’ve already done in general, so i hope i don’t come off as unintentionally offensive by any means, sorry if i am and thanks albert ✌?

  71. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the mod, it’s gorgeous ! 😀

    I wanted to know, is there a patch somewhere to download for the Anonymous Letter crashing the game in French ? I mean, not that it’s a huge issue, but I’d like to know ^^

  72. Jim says:

    Just curious is 60fps the limit or can it get to higher fps?

  73. Joel says:

    Silencer appears in my inventory just fine, though it doesn’t appear if I go to try and sell it to the Merchant. I do have a question though: With the Silencer equipped, the Handgun description specifies it as having a 5X chance for a Critical. I know the Handgun’s “Custom” upgrade has that effect, but does just having the Silencer equipped also cause that even if the Handgun is not fully upgraded, or is that description just a carryover from Wesker’s Merc mode since his Handgun is fully upgraded by default in that mode?

  74. Arad says:

    albert bro i know u are so busy right now but i have queistion : can i backup re4 with this mod and then restore it ? is it possible?

  75. Tri says:

    Hi Albert, could you please tell me which files in Em & ImageHD folders (.udas, .lfs, .pack) that stand for these weapons: shotgun, broken butterfly, killer 7, semi-auto rifles. I’m searching around but know luck. Thanks in advanced.

  76. Shigetora says:

    Any ETA for the patch ? Having the missing Silencer in the inventory bug.

  77. Lhoid says:

    Thanks for your hardwork!
    In my case, the only item that appeared invisible in my inventory was the silencer. I don’t know if it’ll reapppear again after restarting, but that’s the only issue I’ve got so far.

  78. WisemJK says:

    Por cierto me encanto es detalle del Easter Egg, me pregunto si habran mas aunque seria cool que añadas otros, que se yo, ovni xdd, saludos.

  79. DarkLink1308 says:

    Thank you for all your dedication! I have two questions, the first is: does the mod come with the custom filters? (gamecube tv, cold, warm, yellowish/reddish)? And the second question is: In the installation of the 2018 version you could optionally remove the lightning and flickering light effects (photosensitive epilepsy friendly) If you want. Does the current version (1.0) come with lightning and flickering light effects turn on or off?

    • albert says:

      yes, it comes with custom filters (not the same as the castle release, but I want to update extra packs in the Bonus section when all technical issues are solved
      Same with the photosensitive epilepsy pack. I have it on mind 😉

      • DarkLink1308 says:

        That’s great! Could you ask one more questions? I tested the filters here but I don’t know exactly what filter 1 and 4 do, I noticed a small difference but I don’t know which one. Could you tell me what filters 1 and 4 do?

  80. Mike says:

    I’ve had so much fun replaying the main game and Separate Ways thanks to your beautiful HD work!
    I’m really impressed by your dedication and skills!

    Thank you so much!

  81. Seabass says:

    Do you have a guess as to when the update might release? I’m redownloading RE4 as I’m writing this, but was wondering if I should wait until the update is out so I can just get all of it in one installation.

  82. Hola Albert,
    Saludos cordiales.
    Primero que nada felicitarte a vos y a tus colegas por esta obra de arte que ustedes han hecho realidad para todos nosotros!!!.
    Después indicarte sobre un problema en la cinemática del final del RE4 cuando están León y Ashley en la moto de agua.
    El problema es que se ve en imagen como si los personajes dieran saltitos o la imagen hiciera chocar a los mismos.
    Si tu puedes acceder a las escenas de la campaña con León y vas a la ultima donde Ashley y León hablan mientras escapan de la Isla, veras estos detalles.
    Una vez mas, agradecerte a vos y a tu equipo por esta obra de arte que han logrado darnos.
    Quienes amamos RE4 sabemos que ustedes también lo hacen y por eso se tomaron el tiempo y dedicación de traernos esta obra a nosotros!!!
    Muchas gracias
    Saludos cordiales
    ATTE: Jhonattan Cornachia.

  83. Kyle says:

    All that is missing is a new ICON image. That’d be the icing on the cake.

  84. Phantron says:

    Hello, I have technical questions regarding the PC Steam version and this project:

    are these effects from here onwards intact?

    is thix fixed with the project?

    Thanks for looking and answering in advance 🙂

    • Phantron says:

      I’m 99% certain that the vast majority of flies is missing in the HD port!
      can they be put back in?

  85. qudabin says:

    Hello, Albert. There is a question about QTE. By default, there are two groups of key combinations in the game, in which a and D are the keys of the keyboard and the left and right keys of the mouse. I would like to ask whether this group of mouse buttons can also be changed into a combination of keyboard. It is very inconvenient to press the mouse buttons in the game.

  86. qudabin says:

    Allow me to suggest that you can improve the mouse QTE. First of all: set the two groups of keys to full keyboard operation and customize them in F1 menu. Second: I hope customization can support the keys on the keypad. Thank you!

  87. Serial Humanist says:

    Hello Albert and Chris! I wanted to ask if it is possible to somehow create support for GeForce Experience in the game? To make the Ansel and Freestyle systems work, there are many cool filters and shaders.

  88. YoLun says:

    hi, I was using Traditional Chinese to play HD Project
    checking object or message are no show up woerd
    or just crash the game
    making T-Chinese version unable to beat the game

  89. Manie says:

    Hey Albert, question: do you by any chance happen to know how to fix the issue of audio sync when the video setting is set to a different resolution than 1080p? Its a real bummer ? if it’s not set on 1080p, the audio just won’t sync with my TV’s speakers, and just to clarify something: this particular issue has absolutely NOTHING to do with the HD project mod, I’ve always had this problem even prior to installing it. Im sure of it, i was just wondering maybe you could direct me to editing some sort of file in the game files to fix this? Since you guys are literal gods when it comes to fixing things, I would greatly appreciate it, thanks

  90. wasabi_sapik says:

    Hi Albert, the game in French always crashes with the anonymous letter. I ran quicksfv and it says all files are correct. I see it’s marked fixed but for me it’s not. How to do ? Thank you

  91. liquidzr9 says:

    Do I need to download 1.01 if I already have 1.0? Will the new patch be applied if you have 1.0?

  92. Cadillac says:

    Buenas! estoy con muchas ganas de jugarlo! ya lo descargue pero me pide contraseña para descomprimir, me la podrias pasar o decirme donde la veo?

  93. Max says:

    Hi Albert, the 2-1 can’t keep playing when i use the chinese language (simplified/traditional). If i check the handle to close the water flow, the game will broken. Same 2-1, the starting room. If i check the letter on the bed then i check the bed, it will 100% broken the game.
    And im your big fan. I already used your mod to finish the game twice before. I believe this will be the third. Really appreciate your work. Hope you can be happy every day?

  94. Rava says:

    missing arrow icon when you playing with ada here is a screenshot

    Besides this kudos for awesome work

  95. MZA says:

    Waiting is killing me ? come on Albert ?

  96. Leo says:

    Hi Albert. First of all, thank you and the rest of the team for this amazing project. I’ve been folowing it for years and believe me when I say it was worth the wait. To be honest, you should be paid by CAPCOM at this point by how good it turned out.

    I just wanted to help with the patch by saying that the silencer is no longer invisible in the inventory, but I have two questions that I can’t get any concrete answer.

    1) Does the silencer actually change any stats to the Handgun. I tried a playthough with and without this patch. Everytime I equip it, it says that it has a X5 crit chance added, but I don’t notice it, when playing.

    2) Does the X5 crit chance stack with the exclusive upgrade? I also tried it with and without the patch and everytime I do it, the description doesn’t change. I only notice the usual X5. I ask this because everywhere I see that aparently it should stack to X10. Just wanted to know if the silencer is just an asthetic change or it actually has use ingame.

    Thanks for everything and wish you the best to all of you. Greetings from Argentina 😀

  97. Sergey says:

    Problem 1: game crashes stability in the first location. It`s very simple to reproduce this: you can use my save-game and load “Slot 02”. Leave save-room and go on right (to wolf). Save slot is not broken, works fine on original game (save file included). Or start new game (from New Round), go to first save-room, save game, load game, go on right -> crash.
    If i start a new game (without save-load), i succeeded complete Pueblo location, but next quest gates will crash the game.
    I play with “special 2” costume (maybe it affected).

    Problem 2: crash at new game with “New round” save. Load “New round” save (can use attached), choose Normal costume, in trader choose Cancel and game will crash. However, if you choose “special 2” costume, game will continue.

    Problem 3: visual bug with “Chicago Typewriter”. In inventory screen the tommy-gun has yellow background (screen included).

    I have the Steam version, did a full re-install to make sure I didn’t have any mods.
    Language: french or english.
    System: intel 8700k, 16GB, GTX970, 2560×1440
    “HDProject1.0.1patch” does not help for me.
    Mod base downloaded from torrent (unpacked version).
    Tried 4GBTool and built-in patcher from the last your patch (without 4gb-patch game crashes on load save-game).
    Tried use lower resolution.
    dinput8.dll is not responsible. Checked. Original game works fine with this tweaker.
    Both executables are included (exe patched wtih new built-in patcher).
    HD project version 2018 works fine.


  98. Diego Siqueira says:

    I been following this mod pretty much since the beggining on 2014.
    I loved every single update and couldn’t be happier to finally be able to play it!

    Had no issues so far aside in a small part of the game it developed astigmatism lol

    This is a common water reflection bug/issue (from what I know and seen on other games), but I’m sure this will be fixed in the next patch or in a eventual 1.2, so I don’t mind of it 🙂

    I wonder what will be your next project, maybe tackle Doom 3? It needs similar work.

    • albert says:

      That’s probably because of the ultrawidescreen format.
      It seems some effects are not fully compatible with this effect. You’ll probably see the same bug in the lake and some other water areas (not all the water effects, just a few of them)
      We’ll try to figure out a way of fixing this!

      Thank you for following us during soooo much time! It seems it’s been 100 years when we started haha

      • Diego Siqueira says:

        It really looks like it was hundreds of years ago but now that it is “over” it seems like it was just yesterday that I was showing some friends this good retexture project for the RE4. Who could know that this would become much more than just a retexture for the game 😀

        Going to replay it another 20 times with your patch lol
        This is by far the game I finished more times than any other and I really appreciate the work done on it.

        Thanks Albert!

  99. Mrplaysafe says:

    Hi albert I love this works of your and I appreciate I’ve been following your project for almost 3 years. I just want to give my opinion about installing this current mod I keep reinstalling the hd project, I follow your instruction but unfortunately I cannot run this current hd project I don’t know why I did this for 6 time right now but RE 4 still not running I hope you address this issue because I saw also have same problem with me. my version of game is 1.1.0 .

  100. Dugom says:

    Using Patch 1.01 (not full patch).
    Saves were not found, they have changed folder (Bin32 one) !

    Was in:
    :\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Resident Evil 4\Bin32\3DMGAME\3DMGAME\storage

    And now it’s here:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Resident Evil 4\3DMGAME\3DMGAME\storage

    Just move them to the new folder to restore them.

    • Diego Siqueira says:

      3DMGAME is a group of piracy …

      The path for saves, on a properly purchased game, is:
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\\254700

      Even if you chose a different steam installation path, it still will be inside the userdata folder.

    • albert says:

      Sorry, I don’t understand it
      What are those 3DMGAME\3DMGAME\storage folders??

  101. Joe says:

    I started playing this game last night, and i think you guys did an incredible job! That being said for whatever reason when I went to continue today, the mouse no longer works. It won’t let me do anything with it at all. The only time i can use the mouse is when I bring up the tweeks menu (F1). Other then that, nothing. Keyboard keys work fine, but i can’t aim, shoot, etc. Any ideas?

  102. Diego Siqueira says:

    OMFG I just found a hidden area!
    Your old sly fox! There never was a single hint of that in all those years!


  103. Mark says:

    Uhmm just a minor issue, in the cutscene where you first meet sadler (in the church), the chandelier that you used to jump around to do the puzzle to raise the steel bar shakes extremely fast during the said cutscene. Also i know the issue with leon looking down the bridge in the beginning of the game is already addressed but i hope in the final patch it is fixed. I can also receive random crashes so saving is a must everytime you come across the typewriter ( I remember crashing in the pathway to the cabin fight and before the cutscene where ashley coughs up blood but after playing again it didnt crash, i think it occurs uys). But i must say, the much comfortable controls (with the mouse setting acting like it did in resident evil 5) the updated QTE button mash on 60 fps settings, and the beautiful remastered texture deserves much praise cheers!

  104. Mark says:

    Hello, there is a little issue about the cutscene where you first meet sadler in the church. The chandelier that you used previously to jump to reach the light puzzle shakes incredibly weird. Also sometimes, when playing certain cutscenes the game randomly crash so saving is a must since you really dont know when it will happen. I know the issue with the cutscene of leon looking down the bridge in the beginning has been addressed but i hope it is fixed in the final patch. Also just a little little bit, well im not even gonna say it as an issue but a nod, but in a few unskipable scenes (like when you use a lever) your character should not be able to move, but somehow if you have enabled the RE5 like mouse setting (you being able to run diagonally using a mouse) you can move around using these during these said mini cutscenes. Well this does not really need a fix but i thought its nice to have it mentioned here. But I must say, the comfortable controls (with the mouse acting the way it did in resident evil 5) the fix on QTE button mashing in 60 fps and the wonderful remastered texture deserves much praise. You really outdid the Capcom employees who remastered RE4 on PC.

  105. Chris Rodriguez says:


    I just beat the game and I am blown away by the work you did, it’s amazing! I have waited years for this project to be completed and I am so happy with what you were able to do! You breathed new life into one of my favorite games ever! I do have one question and I’m sorry if I missed the answer in a bother post. I just started separate ways and that initial cut scene was noticeably low quality. I thought for a moment that maybe something had gone wrong with my patch and the original HD version had reverted or something. I think this is just how the separate ways cut scenes are?

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!

  106. LeoViod says:

    So I have the steam version, followed the install instructions and whenever I start the game I am unable to move the mouse at all, and the cutscene for the start does not seem to load, any ideas?

  107. Waleed says:

    Hi Albert, there is a problem when quick turning while walking by pressing “Q” key. it doesn’t work. we first need to stop the player then press the “Q” to quick turn. can you make it work simultaneously? in the original, it works.

    • albert says:

      Hello, This could probably be related to the new keyboard/mouse options in the dll ¿? (just a guess)
      Try disabling them (F1 to open the dll menu) and see if the problem is fixed when you disable some of those keyboard/mouse options.

  108. Allan says:


  109. kaue Douglas says:

    hey, hope your guys doing great.
    I have a question about the filters 1 2 3 and 4, have they changed as well?

    i remember using the 2 bscause the blue atmosphere looked like insane and even scary, but confortable at the same time, now they look kinda weird, its not the same so i’d like to know if i could do something to make them look like before or not, thanks guys, much love for you and your work on that

  110. patxi says:

    Hola le he puesto el hd project al juego y al iniciarlo se me queda congelado en el primer aviso que sale, el juego es legal no pirata. que hago? gracias

  111. MAT says:

    First of all, thank you for your wonderful work.

    I bought Resident Evil 4 from Japan on Steam and introduced it immediately. I am surprised at the wonderful image.

    However, Japanese subtitles are not displayed in “Opening” and “Conversation scenes between characters”.

    There are no Japanese subtitles, such as the exchange between Leon and the police officer at the beginning, and the conversation with Lewis.

    As an exception, “Conversation with Hanigan” on the radio has Japanese subtitles.

    Also, in scenes other than conversation, Japanese display will appear without any problem.

    Since I played many times, I can understand the story without subtitles, but when I watched the video uploaded on Youtube, the subtitles appeared even in the conversation scene without problems, so there was an error in my installation method. Is it?

    re4 hd project exe

    I couldn’t download it, so I moved the files manually.

    Was it the wrong way to do it?

    If you have any idea how to display Japanese subtitles in the conversation scene, please let me know.

    Thank you very much.

  112. Stu says:

    Game doesn’t launch. I am at my wits end I have tried everything that’s been stated and nothing works. How do you get a legitimate version of the 1.0.6 or 1.1.0. update? Thanks

    • Chris B says:

      Purchase the game through Steam as it should be done. Unfortunately the mod will never work with any cracked game version. Purchasing through Steam, the game will auto-update to the version required (The current version of your game can be checked through the exe file itself, or inisde of steam).

      Also, this mod does not work with the old actual physical PC release, in case that is the version you are attempting to use.

      • Stu says:

        Hello thanks for the reply. I have the game through Steam. Its really weird that when I put the mod files where they belong and attempt to launch the game it just closes and said it can’t synchronize. I was gonna try the old physical PC release version too, unfortunately that’s not gonna work. I guess I’ll uninstall and reinstall the game that way and see if it might work.

        • Chris B says:

          Make sure when you’ve moved the files across and everything is sorted, that you start the game through STEAM and NOT by just clicking the exe in the folder. As it’s a steam game, Steam itself will not allow you to open the game directly via the exe. So once you’ve installed the mod, make sure to “Play” through the steam client.

          • Stu says:

            First off I just want to say Congratulations on the Project its a phenomenal masterpiece!!!! I just can’t stress how wonderful the game looks now! It’s never looked this good until now! This is the superior version for sure! So to start out I’m sure I know of the issues me and everybody else had about the game not launching. I wasn’t the only one I’ve seen other peoples post on the subject. So I reinstalled and it didn’t change anything. So I had been trying this on a Solid State Drive. I decided to try it out on a regular Hard Drive, sure enough it worked right off the bat. That’s the issue I’m sure is that this isn’t optimized for Solid State Drive installations. It has to be installed on regular Hard Drives.

  113. renshizhong says:

    The monitor I use is 3440x1440p. He does not support 1280×600 and hope that the author can repair it

  114. bleks says:

    Game closes after selecting character outfit, when starting game.

    • bleks says:

      Sorry for bothering you re4hd, when things is simple and clean I am starting to confuse things my self. My reason was: not moved bin folder files. Now I’m already playing this mod and thanks for Your hard work!

  115. asdsadada says:

    El problema que tengo es el siguiente: me sale introduce contraseña al momento de querer extraer el archivo winrar 🙁