Update about the upcoming ver. 1.1

Hello everyone! First things first: Thank you everyone for the feedback and your issues reports!

Since I’m studying, the time I have to polish all the inaccuracies has been really scarce. But I finally finished 99% of the retouches work. Also, I found some other small details that I’ve also been fixing on the fly.

Also, I’d like to apologize about not being able to respond to all messages because of the lack of time. I’ve been answering only those that are easy to respond for me… Thanks for the understanding!

Then we have all the weird crashes some people are experiencing in some random areas. I suggest you to download and check the files’ integrity, in case you haven’t done it yet, using the SFV file you’ll find HERE (scroll down a bit and you’ll find it). This will check 1.0 files integrity without the first small patch.

If all files are OK, my next suggestion is to ask nipkow and emoose about it (A huge thanks to both for all the work they are doing to improve even further the ultimate re4 experience!!). Open an issue HERE and they’ll probably ask you to send them a crash report dump/log file, so they can examine the exact reason of the crash. They are making the re4_tweaks dll file bigger and better!

Finally, I’ll have more time this summer (when the course’s 1st year is over) to do those extra/optional packs I mentioned in the past.

Here’s an ultra-condensed gallery of the fixes I’ve done. I’m pointing with a red arrow where the difference is. The people that sent me the images that show the visual inaccuracies will immediately identify what’s been improved ;D.




Armored Ashley was a mess… not only her face was still low poly, 2 armor bumpmaps were upside down and this generated a weird specular effect…

Of course, there are dozens of extra improvements of all kinds! This gallery is just a 10% (or less) of all of them.

I’ll be out of the city during 4 days (a brief vacations) so I’ll read you all when I’m back! In the meantime, I’ve sent the new donors an email asking for your name/nickname. I’ll update the credits for the 1.1 version!

Have a nice week!! Feliz Semana Santa!

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52 responses to “Update about the upcoming ver. 1.1”

  1. unknown says:

    Don’t worry, take your time! Thank you for everything!

  2. EPD Gaffney says:

    Looking great. Whenever it’s out I’ll be glad to grab it. Till then, don’t overwork yourself. Our first playthrough with the mod was lovely. Great experience seeing this classic revitalised in this way. Good luck with your studies.

  3. Ravi G says:

    Heroes we don’t deserve, appreciate your work always.

  4. Frank Nitty says:

    We appreciate all that you do, Albert and Cris and the rest of the crew. Looking forward to the next update

  5. Mark says:

    Cool. Imma play this again after 1.1 comes out

  6. MZA says:

    Thank you so much Albert, really can’t wait for 1.1 to play this masterpiece of a mod.

  7. Bill says:

    Hi ,thank you for all you guys done ,this is a amazing job .
    However I have a few problems about the patch ,after I finish my first round the games color become a litte bit weird something like supersaturation ,I have change the filter but it didn`t work .

  8. Cesar Cavalcante says:

    Guys, I don’t mean to be inconvenient, but someone is still having problems with the control. Does anyone have a solution, and could they let me know?

  9. Jimmy says:

    Thanks for the update Albert. We appreciate you.

  10. mofail says:

    Hello, hope Cris & team are well too!
    HEY! has anyone found the little green guy?
    DON’T TELL where he is I ain’t found him yet. I wonder if anyone found him yet that’s all

  11. william30428 says:

    Thank you for all your hard work, this make Ashley more good, and by the way, i want to ask if it is possible to let us have armor Ashley and mafia Leon costume appear in cutsence in the future?thanks and take care

    • EPD Gaffney says:

      I think armour Ashley is possible.

      The problem with mafia Leon is the scarf was never animated for those cutscenes. Far as I remember, the cutscenes on the PS2 were all pre-recorded video files of the default outfits, so there was no need to animate the scarf for those scenes on the PS2, and then it was never done in subsequent releases.

      There is already a mod that lets you have the mafia outfit in cutscenes, but it doesn’t look very good. However, it’s theoretically possible for an animator to fix it. I don’t know if the mod puts armour Ashley in the cutscenes as well.

  12. Gian says:

    The texture of Ada’s bolts is not showing, did you fix that?

    • EPD Gaffney says:

      In the inventory? That was fixed soon after release in re4_tweaks, and then included in that semi-minor patch for the HD Project. You can just update tweaks to fix it, though.

      • Algoflex says:

        Is it ideal to use BOTH tweaks and HD project files? Any downside of it?

        • EPD Gaffney says:

          HD Project includes tweaks. As far as I know, updating tweaks separately would just overwrite the old tweaks files included with HD Project. tweaks is being developed with the HD Project in mind, so any release should be fully compatible.

          I know I updated tweaks many times back when HD Project 1.0 was released, to test for the tweaks developers, and never once was there a problem. Not sure what they’ve been doing since but probably nothing that would break HD Project.

        • Taitas says:

          No even they are meant to work together.

  13. Isaac says:

    I don’t know if this is what you are referring to with number 5, but the option to choose what outfits Leon and Ashley wear separately in the menu would be fantastic.

  14. Arthur says:

    When will version 1.1 be released?

  15. SQUIIZY says:

    do you fix the static hair on leon w/ vest? it’s so annoying to see that noone hasn’t fixed it yet.

    • albert says:

      nipkow and emoose have fixed it recently in their latest re4_tweaks dll file. So, yes, it will be included in the 1.1 version 🙂

  16. Frank Nitty says:

    How a/b you donate to their project to give them a reason to consider your demands.

    • albert says:

      95% of them can’t be done, anyway XD

      • Mark says:

        The mod is already complete without all these unnecessary demands. You know the purpose of this mod is to make anything HD and the bugfixes are just icing to the cake. This is a free project and i dont really get the extra demands that are not really the purpose of this mod. They already gave us the silencer and the other secret. They have done too much and then you add all these uninteresting things?

  17. Manie says:

    Im pausing my re4 marathon tiil this gets released, because yeah, during my recent playthrouths; this mod has some obvious flaws and inaccuracies… so i thank you for not giving up on it and your admirable dedication to this project since it’s release, not to mention taking the time to review our reports/feedbacks while dealing with your own IRL shit, respect.

    • albert says:

      Which inaccuracies did you find?

      • Manie says:

        Oh hey man! Didn’t know you replied with a question until i had the time to check again, i apologize for the delayed response.

        Ok so there’s a handful of inaccuracies actually, and you’re probably aware of most of them but then again, maybe not so here’s my take and what I’ve noticed from my experience over the past 2 months thus far:

        First and foremost, the blank items within the inventory, they’re specific, we’ve got the handgun silencer appearing as blank, ada’s bow-gun arrows blank, (same applies for krauser’s bow in the mercenaries). And sometimes (not always) the plaga samples in assignment ada, This error in particular really made me think I’ve had more space than i really did so it really was a mindfuck lol. But i got used to it xD (i know this might’ve been addressed/fixed in a previous patch, not entirely sure, but i did not install it, if its relevant to the topic at hand, seeing as i wanted to wait for this 1).

        2nd: this is actually a major one in my experience because i found it really inconvenient and annoying… when I’ve beaten separate ways, right between saddlers fight and the special rocket sequence and proceeding to the ending as normal, the game just won’t allow me to save my progress to classify it as a “cleared round” after i click on “yes” when the “save? > Yes > no” pops up, at least not without trying several times (usually twice), i had to unnecessarily redo the fight with saddler and obtain the rocket rocket several times in order to have it saved. Not sure why this even happens so this one’s rather odd.

        3rd: Ashley’s special 1 costume appears glitched asf during the cabin cutscene, she appears almost naked? Her pants is gone, and it appears to be mixed up with her other top outfit from the canonical “normal” except it’s a glitched up black and not orange? Idk man the whole cutscene just rendered a very peculiar visual/ effect, Her hair also appears to be darker, so is her skin, her eyes, literally all of her figure was just messed up ? so im unsure what Luis was pointing out when he said “ballistics” because there’s literally nothing there ? but being the crazy-minded person that i am, MAYBE that’s what Ashley would’ve looked like if she mutated and joined the los illuminados… where saddler actually succeeds in his plan in a parallel universe O: MAYBE that’s what you guys intended for as an additional easter egg and then make up an excuse for it that its an “unplanned error” D: jk lol

        Additionally, i actually did not notice any of the flaws pointed out in your most recent post (this one) regarding “special 2”, primarily because I’ve never played a round with special 2 since the release of 1.0, mainly because it makes the game easier imo and i never like things easy, im an excellent player and i usually take no damage at all, so i like things as challenging as possible :p not to mention Ashley’s annoying armor noises as she follows you around -_- but im aware there’s a fix coming for that particular nuisance in the upcoming 1.1 patch so thanks man! If you hadn’t pointed it out the armored Ashley problems i most likely wouldn’t have known about them any time soon lol

        Furthermore visual inaccuracies… there’s certain areas that just make the visuald look very uneven and not implemented correctly with all due respect, first being the area prior the del lago fight, right after the scenic route beyond the church, where you get chased by a Boulder and then get jumped by a group of idiotic ganados, remember that trail that leads you to the gate in order to reach the lake? Here it is, the concrete is very visually uneven that if 1 of the snakes you encounter in that area manages to get there, it completely disappears right underneath it, rendering it unable to be visually seen or shot. (Kinda a portion of leons shoes too actually). What im saying is, the concrete is higher than it should be m8 :p

        also beyond there, where you get an optional cutscene, the water visualization effects aren’t exactly any better either and could use some overall improvements, but i believe you’ve already addressed that as well if i recall correctly.

        Then there’s some ghost objects/walls throughout the entire game? Like the visuals are there and looking fine, but when leon stands too close to them his hands/arms go right through them, sometimes leon can even completely go straight through them as if they’re not there at all. And i actually recall being shot by a jj right through the wall (?) Which never happened in previous installments. And I’ve actually noticed 70% of the inaccuracies you’ve showcased in your gallery, so there’s no need to point them out since they’re already fixed :p from what i can tell you seem to be more aware of some inaccuracies than I’ve noticed myself.

        -thanks a lot for everything man, and sorry if this is longer than it should’ve been ✌

        • albert says:


          1. Invisible items: this was already fixed in the provisional patch I posted some time ago ;D
          2. I have to investigate about this. I noticed this myself yesterday while doing a complete run on Separate Ways in search of bugs, and I couldn’t save the game at the end either. Not sure if this is a problem already present in the original game or if it’s caused by the mod or the dll file.
          3. Ashley bug, like “1”, a known issue already fixed.
          About the rest of them. I guess the snake issue it’s just a collision map issue. The ground collision can be adjusted to perfectly match the ground 3D model.
          Leon arms and hand clipping through walls etc. is a common issue in this game. Modern games make the player to bend their arms when they get closer to certain 3D models, but this game doesn’t. Do, the only solution would be to completely recompose the collision data and make all the walkable area smaller and this would completely change and/or break the experience of the game.

          “Sometimes Leon can even completely go straight through them as if they’re not there at all. And I actually recall being shot by a JJ right through the wall”
          Could you share some screenshots of the exact points these things happen? It would be really helpful!

  18. Manie says:

    Additionally: of course none of those flaws overshadow how remarkable the world looks and all the evident effort put in it, in comparison they’re somewhat insignificant.

  19. MZA says:

    Boss Albert,

    When will the patch be released ?

  20. mofail says:

    There seems to be new small issues every day since the launch, looking forward to the finished patch.

  21. MZA says:

    This update seems to be never coming ?

  22. Hello, I hope is not late to fix this, but the final readable file ingame texture does not match with the file image of the president graham face https://www.mildot.es/pistola-we-tokarev-tt-33-gbb-6mm.html

  23. VEGETA_Huelva says:

    Thanks for this mod, I’m downloading it now and I’m going to try it, I’m sure it will look great, I hope I’m lucky and it doesn’t give me problems.
    I love this game, thanks again.

  24. Jim says:

    Albert how delayed is the update?

  25. Bobby says:

    I don’t think it’s delayed as he never gave a release date.

  26. R_EM_DETEN says:

    I’ve heard about people having small issues with the mod, so i’ll play it when 1.1 comes out
    Till then, i wanted to say i’ve stumbled upon HD project completely by accident when replaying RE4 again and this mod is what i wanted for YEARS. You guys are the heroes we don’t deserve, thank you so much 🙂

  27. Dante says:

    When will the patch come ?? It’s been 3 months.

  28. mofail says:

    unbelievable lol

  29. MZA says:

    I thought he was getting the names for the credit, what the hell happened here ?

  30. Jim says:

    Did one or both people working on this die I say this because no updates on here or twitter.

  31. zma1013 says:

    The Special 2 costumes don’t show up in alot of cutscenes, just reverts to the original.

    • Sergio Ferrari says:

      The special costumes 2 (the gangster Leon and Ashley in armour) were introduced in the Playstation 2 version, they did not exist in the original GameCube version. Unfortunately, on the Playstation 2, the cutscene, which on the GameCube was made with the game engine, was converted to video. For this reason, these costumes do not appear in the cutscenes of any existing version nor in the Wii version which is the best (not counting this HD version, of course, which is the definitive version 🙂 ). For this reason, inserting them into cutscenes with the game engine is extremely difficult.

  32. Zeroxdz says:

    Hello, first of all I want to thank and congratulate you for the excellent work you have done, the remastering is really incredible, I would like you to make this remastering compatible with the IGstudios MOD in Spanish, if possible, since many Spanish-speaking players like I would like to be able to install the “HD project” and the “MOD in Spanish”, so we can enjoy both versions in the same game. Thank you.

    PS: I apologize if you don’t understand me, I don’t speak English.