Version 1.1 for Testers

Hello everyone!

As I’ve been mentioning here and there, I’m really busy these days because of the final projects of the 3D Animation course I’m doing.

Because of that, I thought it would be a good idea to prepare a beta version of the resident evil 4 HD project 1.1 for those who want to give it a try in the meantime. Humm… maybe this should be called 1.0.9 after all… XD

This testing will help the project (in case I messed something up during the process… I’m doing too many things at the same time these last days). Thanks!!

Click on the image to see it full size.
Click on the image to see it full size.

This is one of the hundreds of edits I’ve been doing. Some are minor adjustments like the ones in the picture, others are more apparent visual glitches, and then we have some major issues (most of them solved thanks to nipkow and emoose coding knowledge, as usual. Thank you guys and keep doing your magic to get the best possible experience for this game!)

The credits are the only part not updated yet, so, if you are a donor and you haven’t received an email from us, contact us and let me know your name (or nickname) if you’d like to be mentioned in the game’s credits, and also the email address you used for the donation (for checking purposes). You are not late yet! The list will be updated in the final 1.1 version ;D



If you are not used to install things manually, it’s better for you to wait until we have the time to prepare a decent autoinstallation pack.

When this moment arrives, I’ll also update the main download links to the 1.1 version. So, people who haven’t downloaded this mod (or simply want a clean installation pack) will get the latest build by just downloading the main links.

Of course, there will be a final 1.1 patch for people that already has the 1.0 version installed!



MEGA: DOWNLOAD LINK | PASSWORD* (both download and extract): re4hdproject


  • You need the “resident evil 4 HD project 1.0” to be installed first.
  • Then, simply extract the contents of this new .rar files**.
  • Copy-paste-replace both “BIO4” and “Bin32” folders inside your “Resident Evil 4” folder.
  • Don’t worry if you already installed the previous mini patch I released, it won’t be a problem.
  • It includes nipkow latest re4_tweaks build.

* The reason of the password is sometimes in the past some mod content has been removed of these sites because of a supposed copyright infringement. I thought a password protection would prevent the sites to check the contents of the compressed files. No more problems since I started password-protecting my files.

** Only extract part 1, this will automatically extract everything. Use WinRAR if you have any problems with 7-ZIP.

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34 responses to “Version 1.1 for Testers”

  1. MZA says:

    Thank God 馃槉馃檹
    Finally 馃榾
    Much love and respect for you guys 馃檪 you guys rock.

  2. Jim says:

    What鈥檚 the difference between the two images I can鈥檛 tell.

    • Frank Nitty says:

      In the ‘before’ pic, the books are merging into the shelf they’re sitting on which is noticeably flawed, but on the ‘after’ pic, the books are sitting upright on the shelf w/o any noticeable cosmetic/visual flaws.

      • albert says:

        Yep!, every book is modeled separately, so no more mirrored books either
        Also, the big bottles texture and mapping are adjusted and the bottle cap UVs of the red bottles is corrected
        As you can see, a single corner contains multiple details to fix! X((

        • Jim says:

          Wouldn鈥檛 have know the difference if it wasn鈥檛 pointed out wow talk about a subtle difference.

  3. Hello, I noticed something, not a bug per se, something that you forgot to address, luis bottlecap figure still has a laser attached to his red9, since his ingame red9 doesnt have a laser, could you remove it from the bottlecap model?

    • albert says:

      Oh, I checked it and the ingame model has the laser device. You can’t see the red line, of course, because it would be annoying, but the model always had the laser, just like Leon’s weapon

      • Since his gun doesnt emit a laser, (ilogical since it has a grip activated laser) could you remove the laser sight model from his red9? ingame-cutscene and bottlecap

  4. Frank Nitty says:

    Looking forward to the final v1.1 update. Thanks you guys for all that you do.

  5. Radiant says:

    Hello albert, what is the minimum donation amount needed for the donor to have his name included in the credits? Will new donations be eligible to have their name included in the credits?

  6. Alex G says:

    Looks amazing!! Just installed 馃檪 There鈥檚 still a small texture glitch at the beginning of 5-1 as soon as you go down the first rock, turn around and look behind you. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  7. NEGAARMAX says:

    el archvivo “ss_cmmn” del idioma espa帽ol viene corrupto, no solo NO tiene terminaci贸n aunque lo renombre a .dat el archivo viene incompleto (en cuanto al contenido)

    • albert says:

      No no, cuidado! Hay 2 archivos!
      Son 2 archivos diferentes XD
      Pasa lo mismo con ss_item, hay 2, uno con extensi贸n, el otro sin 馃槈

      • NEGAARMAX says:

        Oh vale, vale entiendo mi error, es que si se me hizo raro que estuviera sin terminaci贸n y con pocos archivos, peor si hay varios as铆 XD

  8. Cobraregala says:

    Hello RE 4 HD project team
    First of all, I want to congratulate you all for all the effort put in this mod. I can’t believe that it is finished and Capcom didn’t lawsuit you for this mod(like take-two interactive and rockstar games lawsuit some modders for wanting to create red dead redemption 1 on pc.)

    I have only one request: please include these features that will make RE 4 with this mod the most complete package.

    1.put the mod on nexus vortex and moddb and make it compatible with other mods, or at least make it compatible with the popular ones including weapon sound replacer, Jacket Leon, ultimate trainer mode, leon x model mode, gamma mode and change and turn off the laser weapon color etc.

    2.include english subtitles to all campaigns(and maybe romanian subtitles, but at least the english subtitles) since i know some people who can’t hear

    3.include the japanese exclusive features, like the amateur mode for those who want to speedrun the game and just want to see the story(i’m not going to mention ashley fixed-camera because it’s already in the mod)

    4.include the hidden sewer cutscene with Novisdador introduction scene as an eastern egg( after all, an entire area has been including in this mod as an easter egg, so including that scene is going to be a piece of cake)

    5.include tutorials on youtube for example like using the trainer for different stuff like changing the over the shoulder camera of Ashley into the fixed camera angle and to combine costumes or for download the game without any problems.

    6.fixing any other problems that the game and mod have like bugs and lags.

    If ALL of the things that i said above are included, then this mode is absolutely the most complete package. Good luck on your future works and i hope we can hear each other any time soon. Good day, comrades.

  9. Sergio Ferrari says:

    You also managed to put the special costumes 2 in the cutscenes… You are outstanding!!! This is really the Ultimate version, not even CapCom could have done better, if there was any justice, they should hire you right away!!!

  10. Sergio Ferrari says:

    Ok… So… Four statue, right? Wich material do you prefer? Bronze, gold, Mithril?

  11. PurpleBatDragon says:

    Waiting patiently to experience this masterpiece for the first time! People might complain about the “beta test patches” but I know that it’s necessary when you don’t have a full Q&A team of your own. But what blows my mind is not only your attention to the most minute details, but that you actively listen and act on EVERY. SINGLE. SUGGESTION. Seriously, most perfectionist devs would’ve called it a day at this point, let alone triple-A studios. It’s honestly inspiring.

    Change of topic; I figured you guys would be the best to ask if I should play this mod or the original GameCube release for a blind first time playthrough, as I recently got an actual GameCube with RE4. Would you say that the “original experience” is more important, or is this in your professional opinion the definitive way to play? Artist’s bias accounted for of course, haha!

  12. leon says:

    Hello, the latest version of my Bluetooth handle can’t be controlled. The previous version can. I use a Windows handheld

  13. Marker says:

    Hey Albert, congrats on the release and the fixes so far. It’s not on the topic but I’m noticing more and more as I’m currently playing that the weapon models’ lighting don’t match the characters’. As they glow in darker areas like how they do in the ‘examine’ screen, they stick out and being somewhat distracting. I’m not sure if you even consider this as an issue but any chance if you could make them less shiny in the upcoming patches if possible?
    Good luck on th course and take care. I’m posting 2 photos of the ‘ weapon shining’ below:

  14. Mark says:

    Just an incredibly small inconsistency, does not really need urgent fixing, but when saddler is defeated and he drops the money, i remember the “money aura” being much much larger in the original. Here (or maybe perhaps since the UHD was released in 2014) the money aura used is for regular enemies (which means its small compared to bosses like Salazar).

  15. Tharon says:

    Hi Albert.
    Do you need an autoinstallation feature app ? I was making one after the release of your HD patch, but then i’ve dropped it because i feel no one was interested.
    But it was almost done, so i can resume and finish it in a brief time.

    The app is able to auto discover the Steam version of the game and eventually ask for the correct folder if the Steam version is not found, delete the uneeded files (so there is no need to manually delete all the game contents), check the hash of the installed files and then copy (or unpack) only the needed files.
    Since it’s not finished i can add anything else you need.

    Let me know via mail if you are interested.

  16. mofail says:

    Found the little green guy, awesome work.
    One thing i wondered about recently, would it be possible to add audio options to this game?
    Like bgm volume slider & fx volume slider? I mean there will be extra subtitle options right?

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