Smaller HUD Mod

EDIT: I’VE FIXED THE PRL 412 HUD. It wasn’t ported to the new size. Please, download it again if you already did it. Sorry!! 😛

Hello! A small update about something several people has asked during the progression of the mod: A smaller HUD.

It’s been quite intricate since I needed to edit UWF files, and no one has created a tool to easily edit them. These files are used mostly to contain the attributes of the UI elements. So I had to manually hexedit the position and size for every one of the HUD elements: frames, life bar, characters’ names, numbers, bullet icons Ashley icons, etc… X(((

But that’s it. Now you can play with a smaller classic HUD or a slightly redesigned and simplified one (also smaller)

After doing all the tests I went back to the original and now I understand people that say this game’s HUD is massive XDD

You can download it here: BONUS content page!

Oh! About the RE4make trailer: It looks gorgeous. I hope the changes they are doing in the story and the tone of the game are similar to what they did in previous REmakes. (RE3 removed content is not included in this opinion XD).

The original RE4 game is 10/10 as a game, but the plot itself has a lot of space for improvement. I’m seeing clearly Village was not just a great title but also a needed movement before a remake of RE4. In any case… I expected a Code Veronica Remake first!

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