Smaller HUD Mod

EDIT: I’VE FIXED THE PRL 412 HUD. It wasn’t ported to the new size. Please, download it again if you already did it. Sorry!! 馃槢

Hello! A small update about something several people has asked during the progression of the mod: A smaller HUD.

It’s been quite intricate since I needed to edit UWF files, and no one has created a tool to easily edit them. These files are used mostly to contain the attributes of the UI elements. So I had to manually hexedit the position and size for every one of the HUD elements: frames, life bar, characters’ names, numbers, bullet icons Ashley icons, etc… X(((

But that’s it. Now you can play with a smaller classic HUD or a slightly redesigned and simplified one (also smaller)

After doing all the tests I went back to the original and now I understand people that say this game’s HUD is massive XDD

You can download it here: BONUS content page!

Oh! About the RE4make trailer: It looks gorgeous. I hope the changes they are doing in the story and the tone of the game are similar to what they did in previous REmakes. (RE3 removed content is not included in this opinion XD).

The original RE4 game is 10/10 as a game, but the plot itself has a lot of space for improvement. I’m seeing clearly Village was not just a great title but also a needed movement before a remake of RE4. In any case… I expected a Code Veronica Remake first!

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60 responses to “Smaller HUD Mod”

  1. Gunaraj says:

    Gracias por esta actualizaci贸n.
    Cuando escuche que el RE4 Remake tendr铆a cambios en su historia para darle algo “fresco” a los jugadores nuevos y cl谩sicos, sent铆 escalofr铆os.
    Los cambios que hicieron en RE2 con respecto a la campa帽a B fue horrible, lo que le hicieron a RE3 y al pobre de Nemesis es imperdonable, as铆 no me siento muy optimista con dichos “cambios”.
    Ya Capcom arruin贸 una vez esta saga, logro enmendarlo con RE7, luego volvi贸 a consolidar la saga con RE2 Remake, y otra vez lo arruin贸 con RE3 Remake y un RE8 medio RE4 con dracula, hombres lobo, brujas etc. Solo falt贸 blancanieves, buen juego pero no me termin贸 de cuajar esos elementos en esta saga.
    Pienso que van a meter la pata con este RE4, lo presiento, espero estar muy equivocado.

    • mofail says:

      Fingers crossed, it’d be nice if they cared this time.

    • Lewis says:

      Concuerdo, igual el 2 rmk no qued贸 tan bueno como el original. Muchas fallas de gui贸n y falta de contenido.

      • Gunaraj says:

        No, el Remake del 2 no est谩 a la altura del original, y a pesar de sus fallas de gui贸n y falta de contenido quedo muy bien a un nivel en que sus pros son m谩s que los contra, a diferencia del 3 Remake.

    • Cobraregala says:

      Honestly, RE 2 & 3 remakes must receive a director’s cut more than RE 8 which will transform them in the RE 1 Remake style which only improve, add, preserve, sell at a reasonable price and doesn’t have dlcs. And separate RE resistance from RE 3 remake. And then, maybe, they can make RE 4 remake in the RE 1 Remake style.

    • Alvin says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I feel like they’re gonna screw this remake up as well.
      It’s because they have disrespected this title multiple times now with bad ports.
      VR was also a huge insult and also in favor of heavy censorship.
      And yes, Village was incredibly disappointing.

      • Gunaraj says:

        Unfortunately I don’t expect anything great from this RE4 Remake, maybe keeping expectations low is favorable as if they mess it up I won’t be surprised.
        And you’re right about the RE4 ports, that crap was disrespectful to the game and an example that Capcom doesn’t care about their games or the fans, they only care about making money.
        And RE8 is a very good game but as a Resident Evil it sucks.

      • Shannon says:

        As easy as it is to blame Capcom for such changes to RE4 VR, that stuff was a result of Facebook’s meddling & corporate sanitation. There’s a reason we haven’t seen these changes in any of the dozen other ports.

        I’m just glad they’re ripping off those VR mechanics directly for Village, and likely RE4 Remake as well, since we’ll never see RE4 Classic VR leave Oculus.

  2. Lieutenant says:

    those features will make the game much more fun

  3. davidedby says:

    Hope we get PS4 buttons next!

  4. Alex_Eris (UnMetalAlex) says:

    I love you and am extremely thankful for your work. Im praying exrra hard u get 1.1 out safely and soon so u can relax a bit and ride on the RE4 hypetrain now. And bask in the honor u humbly deserve. I thank God for you and for this.

  5. Curryking3 says:

    Hey Albert can we get a playstation buttons mod and a hudless mod also? Those would be fantastic as well, cheers and appreciate all the hard work!

    • albert says:

      You can get rid of the HUD if you enable the debug mode and select the Toggle HUD option. But it’s tempting to use the other features haha
      I’m taking note of the PS buttons mod. It seems it’s quite popular!

      • Max Jenson says:

        That would be awesome, too. The final bit of polish to round off the finished product. There are button mods already, but they could absolutely use the upgrade from yourselves.
        Be even more popular to have the original PS2 scheme, as well as the textures, since it kept the same controls as the PS1 RE trilogy, for the most part.
        For instance… Square = Action/shoot, X = Run. Circle = Status/Inventory 馃檪

  6. Kamelia says:

    I really want to see those features.

  7. Frank says:

    When will the 1.1 version be released in a full standalone install?


    • albert says:

      I’m waiting nipkow has the time to help me with the installer. Hopefully he and emoose will also have some extra new feature in their dll file I can include in the pack. I know they were working on the English subs 馃榾
      Thanks for the patience!!

      • mav says:

        You think it’d be to complicated for one to manually translate the subtitles into another language? I’d be willing to do that for my own language (which isn’t supported in the original) but I don’t know if I have the technical knowledge to edit game files myself. Thanks!

  8. I’m very excited to get the photosensitive accessibility features for the 1.1 version 馃榾 This optional smaller hud is awesome and its one I’m definitely going to use. The original one is unnecessarily big for todays high resolution monitors.

  9. Frank Nitty says:

    I never was really bothered by the size of the HUD, but I can understand other people’s sentiment. Looking forward to v1.1 final update. Kudos

  10. Valeri says:

    Hello, just wanted to say I really appreciate your work <3
    My crappy PC won't be running RE4make anytime soon, but who needs it when I've got your amazing project 馃檪
    I've been wondering, too, if there's a way to make a no-HUD mod? I know you can toggle it off in debug, but you have to do it again after every loading screen.. very irritating. Is there a solution that leaves it toggled off, or toggles off automatically?

  11. MZA says:

    Dear Albert the problem with the invisible water is not fixed, is there a way to fix it ?

    • albert says:

      I answered to your previous comment:

      Hello! Do you mean room 107? (traps, dynamite guys and the pool with fishes) I鈥檝e just checked it and it鈥檚 all right鈥
      There鈥檚 supposed to be just a puddle in the center of the room, not water in the entire room (I鈥檓 mentioning this just in case)

      Can you confirm we are talking about the same place?

      • MZA says:

        Yes it’s that place but there isn’t water at all in it.

        • Jim says:

          Why don’t you take a pic or screenshot of the issue so Albert know exactly where the no water shot is?

  12. Dominik says:

    Something strange happened when I downloaded the “Smaller HUD mod”. Re4 updated in Steam and now the game is acting like the HD Project still exists, but without the HD textures…I can still toggle f1 from the mod but the textures are completely gone. If somebody has a solution, please help me out.

  13. mofail says:

    Great new feature, thanks. Can i ask about audio options? Is there any chance of extra audio options like volume slider for music & fx?

    • albert says:

      That would be great, but unfortunately there’s no way we can add extra features using the game’s UI.

      Maybe it’s something that can be achieved via the .dll file (F1 menu). So, asking nipkow and emoose would be the best option to know if it’s something we can forget about or not:
      I’d say there is still room for extra surprises from them, but I don’t know where’s exactly the red line of what can be done and what not!

  14. Lewis says:

    Hola, 驴Podr铆an arreglar el error de continuidad en las escenas donde Le贸n usa el cuchillo, lo saca de su vaina pero en las dem谩s tomas sigue ah铆 en su vaina?
    Es un error que la verdad “rompe a la vista” ante tanto trabajo para hacerlo precioso.
    Desde ya gracias.

  15. Matt H says:

    What did you think was going to happen? The same 6 or so tweet long message on atleast 4 different occasions across multiple different platforms, your requests were pushy and annoying. Stop bothering the HD project people.

  16. V I D A L says:

    That is pretty cool. I dig it.

  17. Cobraregala says:

    Do not delete this again pls.

    Hello RE 4 HD project team
    First of all, I want to congratulate you all for all the effort put in this mod. I can鈥檛 believe that it is finished and Capcom didn鈥檛 lawsuit you for this mod(like take-two interactive and rockstar games lawsuit some modders for wanting to create red dead redemption 1 on pc.)

    I have only some requests to ask: please include these features that will make RE 4 with this mod the most complete package:

    1.put the mod on nexus vortex and moddb and make it compatible with other mods, or at least make it compatible with the popular ones including weapon sound replacer, Jacket Leon, ultimate trainer mode, leon x model mode, gamma mode and change and turn off the laser weapon color etc.

    2.include english subtitles to all campaigns(and maybe romanian subtitles, but at least the english subtitles) since i know some people who can鈥檛 hear and really want to know what’s going on in the story like my grandpa.

    3.include the japanese exclusive features, like the amateur mode for those who want to speedrun the game and just want to see the story(i鈥檓 not going to mention ashley fixed-camera because it鈥檚 already in the mod)

    4.include the hidden sewer cutscene with Novisdador introduction scene as an eastern egg( include it in the easter egg area that you created and set off the scene when you take the silencer pistol and when you think someone will attack you and you turn your back to fight the enemy, instead it will be writen somethink on the wall like “did you thought you’ll be attacked in my arena of peace” or somethink similar which will be a reference to the evil within dlc on hardest dificulty when you try to open the lights it will write on the wall “did you think the lights will turn off”. A little trolling in a horror game is appreciated and funny 馃檪 )

    5.include tutorials on youtube for example like using the trainer for different stuff like changing the over the shoulder camera of Ashley into the fixed camera angle and to combine costumes or to download the game without any problems.

    6.fixing any other problems that the game and mod have like bugs and lags.

    7.include the motion controls from wii. and i’m not refering only to be compatible with the wii controller, although that it should be implemented too. i was refering that there are in the last 5 years some special mouse(and keyboard i think) that can use motion controls. so please include that too.

    If ALL of the things that i said above are included, then this mode is absolutely the most complete package. Good luck on your future works and i hope we can hear each other any time soon. Good day, comrades.

  18. Arthur says:

    An appeal to Nipkow and Emoose. Please change QTE in RE5, if specifically, instead of F and V assign to on mouse buttons (if possible).
    P.S. Sorry for the off topic comment.

  19. Mark says:

    I dunno if you read my previous comment but im gonna post it anyways since this is just a little thing, Saddler’s “Money Aura Drop” seems so small (same size as the normal enemies) here. It is supposed to be large (signifying that it came from a boss and not a regular enemies or small bosses, like Salazar or the U3.

    • albert says:

      Ohh, yes I did on purpose because for some unknown reason the treasure appears before the cutscene starts, but in previous versions of the games it appeared when the cutscene ends. This makes the aura visible during a couple of camera angles and it even covers the entire screen during a specific camera angle X(
      I hope we can find a better way of fixing this at some point.

      And 10:41:09 is the specific moment the aura covers the entire screen…

      • Mark says:

        Ohh i see, but to be honest it is not that bad. But i guess you are right but somehow the it feels off that the money glow of the final boss, the main antagonist of the game who killed one of your friends, is shared among the regular ganado but thanks anyways for the reply

  20. Hola, descargu茅 el MOD y me di cuenta que el nuevo HUD est谩 teniendo problemas con el PRL 412, la barra de HP de Leon no aparece con el arma equipada. Debajo de las im谩genes:

  21. Hans Gruber says:

    Hola Albert! Te pas茅 una duda/error en un tweet, no se si lo viste!
    y tambien queria reportar que las granadas de mano que est谩n de decorado en el ambiente utilizan la textura con el texto viejo

    • albert says:

      Ah, pues no! A veces se me cuelan algunos
      lo del Z-fight no hay problema (y los que deben quedar aun por descubrir XD)
      Lo del buhonero lo veo bastante imposible… incluso para los programadores.
      Me pregunto por qu茅 debieron cambiar esas animaciones. Yo ni me acordaba que en la versi贸n NTSC de gamecube pasaba eso!
      Tambi茅n revisar茅 las granadas

  22. Charlemagne says:

    Any plans to make a native Linux version of this mod, somehow?.

  23. WabbitNugget says:

    隆Hola Albert! Una pregunta, 驴Ser谩 posible recrear el dise帽o inicial del HUD que se veia en las primeras im谩genes de la versi贸n “casi” final de RE4? (Referencia: 隆Saludos!

    • albert says:

      Por desgracia no es posible, ya que no puedo hacer que la barra de vida (m谩rgenes marrones) vaya creciendo a medida que tomas hierbas amarillas. Solo la barra verde se mueve

  24. Diego says:

    Hola Albert, espero con muchas ansias cuando acabes este proyecto, empieces con el RE4make HD project XDDDDDDDDDDD

  25. Manie says:

    Hey man, just a few more flaws I’ve managed to pinpoint regarding the 1.0 release, aside from the 1’s I’ve previously mentioned on a different post, however im unsure if you recall at this point so if you’d like another list please lmk, besides… i couldn’t help but notice that the comments are no longer available on the previous posts so i can’t tell whether they’re deleted or not.

    But regardless, Since we got that out of the way, lets proceed, the 2 new flaws I’ve discovered is that for some reason, whenever you reach to the big gate at the farm right before the cabin fight, where you need to boost Ashley on top so she can unlock it, or to be precise, when the prompt “piggyback” appears… leons’ weapons tend to completely disappear during that animation, regardless of what weapon you’ve equipped, which didn’t happen in the vanilla game so it’s gotta be a relatively insignificant error within the mod itself, but as a personal opinion, it doesn’t really bother me regardless, i just thought i should bring it up to you in-case it’s relevant to the upcoming 1.1. And as a sidenote: from what I’ve observed, this doesn’t happen when you do “piggyback” in the castle, to access the room with the broken butterfly in it, only the one in the village.

    2nd flaw, is actually somewhat major, but it doesn’t happen very frequently thankfully; for some reason when the game operates at 60 fps, the enemies (regular ganados) have the potential to go on an endless loop where they just keep reaching for their weapon tied to their backside and they just keep endlessly doing it, rendering them very vulnerable, unable to fight or attack you at all, this often happens at chapter 1-2 particularly with the dynamite ganado.

    Hope you find this useful to your upcoming masterpiece, if not, then i apologize. And yeah man, i couldn’t agree more regarding the remake. And no, i think I’ll just pause everything resident evil 4 until 1.1 is released, so i won’t be installing this, just like i didn’t install any of the previous patches since the 1.0 release, and i hope i won’t have to and that they’ll all be included in 1.1.

    -Good day and thank you sir.

    • albert says:

      I’ve just checked it and the weapon also disappears in the vanilla version, at least in this PC port. Not sure if this can be fixed, I don’t think so…
      About the other problem, maybe nipkow and emoose find a way of fixing all the 60fps issues someday!

  26. Diegoeo99 says:

    Hola Allbet! Gracias por el HUD nuevo, justo lo que siempre quise xd, volver al normal ahora s铆 que resulta a煤n m谩s enorme de lo que ya lo sent铆a lol.
    Un par de comentarios (ya con la 煤ltima versi贸n) , en el Simplified hud, la zona de la barra de Ashley vacia es de un color m谩s oscuro que la de Leon, que es transparente (mejor en mi opini贸n al ser 鈥渟implified鈥), 驴pueden ser ambas transparentes para m谩s coherencia?
    Al usar la PRL 412, pude notar que los segmentos de la 鈥渃arga鈥 de la parte inferior est谩n m谩s separados y m谩s abajo, lo que me ocasiona TOC xd. Tambi茅n not茅 que ahora solo son visibles si cargas el arma y que son de un color m谩s azul (es intencional?), de cualquier modo pareciera que al parpadear brillan menos (el azul parece m谩s oscuro que el verde cuando parpadean de tono claro). Al comparar con el 鈥渘ormal hud backup鈥 not茅: que la zona oscura de la barra de Ashley vacia no rellena del todo y que en la PRL 412 los segmentos claros no parecen del todo alineados con los oscuros, tambi茅n al disparar el arma cargada se ve una l铆nea rara que gira del lado derecho. Como la 煤nica manera que s茅 para regresar al HUD original es reinstalar todo ser铆a bueno parcharlo.
    Te dejo una comparaci贸n a escala de todo esto 煤ltimo para explicarme mejor.

  27. Hola Albert! not茅 un par de peque帽os errores ortogr谩ficos en el texto que te hice del lanzacohetes, aunque no se si te parezca que valga la pena implementarlo (es mas que nada mi OCD que no me deja salir el tema de la cabeza jeje)