Quick Update & a Couple of Clarifications

Hello everyone!

Since it’s been a while since the last post, I wanted to keep you updated about the 1.1 patch: It’s complete, but I’m waiting nipkow and emoose to fix a couple of issues we’ve found in their latest re4_tweaks version. The programming part is always tricky, and when something is fixed or improved, a side effect may show up eventually… but we are on it!

Also, I’ll take the opportunity to remind you and/or clarify a few things. It may be useful info for you:

  • If you can’t open the game after installing the HD project:
    • For some reason, the re4_tweaks version included in the HD project 1.0 pack won’t work in certain computers. You can download the latest and more stable version HERE. This should fix the problem.
    • The HD project won’t work on most pirated copies of the game.

  • Some items are invisible in the inventory, Ashley clothes are broken during the cabin cutscene, etc…
    • Most graphic problems have already been fixed. You can download an almost finished version of the HD project 1.1 version HERE, although it requires manual installation, it’s easy to do it. It includes a fix for most visual and some technical issues the HD project 1.0 has, and it also includes a better version of the re4_tweaks that also fixes the problem described in the previous point. The final 1.1 version will include an automated installer.

  • You have a problem with the files’ extraction:
    • You only have to extract “part 1” (all parts must be located in the same folder). The program will automatically extract the content of all the parts.
    • If you get an error while extracting the files, try using WinRAR instead.
    • The password is re4hdproject (a lot of people are asking for that, specially in YT, and the password is next to the download links…).

  • You have random crashes here and there and/or weird issues:

Follow these steps (Only for the original HD project 1.0 with no other mods or changes):

  1. Download this SFV file courtesy of emooseMIRROR 1 | MIRROR 2
  2. Install the QuickSFV tool here (CURRENT VERSION).
  3. Run QuickSFV and Open BIO4.SFV after downloading (and extracting if you downloaded the 18 .rar parts).
  4. BIO4.SFV must be in the same folder the BIO4 folder is, as in the picture below.
  5. If you don’t get the “All files OK” message, that means some file is corrupted and needs to be downloaded again.

  • Anything described before solved your issue:
    • nipkow and emoose are in charge of the gorgeous work behind the re4_tweaks. Maybe they can help you if you are experiencing some random/weird crashes or issues. They’ll ask you if you checked the files’ integrity, so make sure you tried everything described above before asking them. You can report your issue HERE.

Thanks for the patience! I’ll share with you a polished HD project 1.1 version soon!

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