resident evil 4 HD project 1.1


HD project 1.1 FULL INSTALL –> HERE

HD project 1.0 to 1.1 patch –>HERE (Only if you installed the HD project 1.0 previously and you haven’t installed any other people mods) It’s 10,6 GB. Sorry! A single texture edit entails an entire room texture pack has to be replaced


  • Hundreds of graphical edits based on people’s feedback. (textures, stage and character models, items, weapons, UI)
  • Dozens of other graphical edits spot on the fly.
  • Remastered “press any button” “how to play” “options” and “controls” UI text in the title screen for all languages.
  • Titles screen UI font replaced to match the original font.
  • Remastered “How to play”, “Controls” and Xbox control settings UI textures for all languages.
  • Some corrections on Spanish subtitles.
  • Inclusion of latest re4_tweaks ( by nipkow and emoose.
    • English Subtitles during all cutscenes.
    • Check all the latest re4_tweaks features HERE.

List of updated files HERE.

UPDATE: RE4_tweaks released: HERE

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153 responses to “resident evil 4 HD project 1.1”

  1. Ericksen says:

    Thank you for all the hard work!

  2. Nelson says:

    Muchas gracias Albert!!!
    Ya quiero probarlo cuando tenga tiempo 馃榾

  3. Blowing Zaza says:

    Will you add the TMP silencer to that secret area?

  4. Si tengo el 1.1 que hiciste para testers, necesito bajar el 1.1 full o el 1.0 a 1.1?

  5. MZA says:

    My friend Albert,
    Thanks for the amazing mod here, you guys really outdone yourselves with this work.
    My game doesn’t ask for any patch for the exe as the instructions said, is there any thing I can do to fix that ? And thanks again 馃槝

    • albert says:

      Thank you!! As always, a pleasure ;D

      Did you instal the HD project 1.0 previously?
      The 1.1 pack doesn’t include the bio4.exe file (for legal reasons, of course XD)
      So, if you already patched it, there’s no need to be patched again, and the re4_tweaks dll file knows if it’s patched or not.

  6. Gregs2k2 says:

    Fantastic job Albert and Cris. I can’t wait to download and try this mod. Years of work, blood, sweat and tears comes to fruition. All the best in your future endeavours!

  7. Starlight Anya says:

    Thank you so much!! Can I install the bonus optional packages in RE4 HD Project v1.1 without any problems?

  8. Marius Johnsen says:

    Awesome news, congratulations on the release. Does this version include the epilepsy accessibility features from the 2018 version?

    • albert says:

      Next on the list!
      I was waiting to complete this release before doing it.
      Thanks for the message! 馃檪

    • albert says:

      Hello! I’ve just uploaded an “Anti-photosensitive epilepsy” lights and effects pack in the BONUS page.
      I hope I haven’t missed anything important, otherwise, let me know it!

      • Marius Johnsen says:

        Albert I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for this. You’ve elevated one of my favorite games of all time and you’ve managed to make it so much more playable for me as well. You are amazing.

  9. DjalmaVMJ says:

    First of all: thank you so much for the amazing and incredible work you two have done. But I have a question to make: when you speak about “subtitles” you mean official subttiles on game? I mean, I’ve never seen a Brazilian-portuguese subtitle for Resident Evil 4 othen than the one made by GamesVicio long time ago. Also, many thanks from Brazil, guys. I’ve followed you guys since 2016, and 2022 we finnaly have the ultimate version for our greatest and beloved game鉂わ笍

  10. mssq says:

    Great work as usual!

    Something that I noticed is that SideAlignHUD seems to be broken with UltraWideAspectSupport. It’s outside the window on the right side with resolution 3840×1600.

    • nipkow says:

      That requires restarting the game to work properly.
      I haven’t found a way to update that one on-the-fly yet, sadly.

  11. Juduea says:

    Is there going to be a fix for the frame time errors in the future?

  12. Hans Gruber says:

    If i’ve got the 1.1 you made for testers, which download do I need?

  13. Pax-Christi says:

    I wish this was compatible on Linux somehow, I’d love to play RE4 with all of these improvements. You’ve done stunning work!.

    • nipkow says:

      Should work with linux if you set up the dll overrides correctly.
      dinput8.dll should be set to “native, builtin”

      • Pax-Christi says:

        Would I do that through Lutris?. Honestly, I’d donate for a native Linux version of the HD Project just for convenience’ sake.

  14. Slinky says:

    It finally happened 馃檪

    Thank you for the years of dedication!

  15. Luigi says:

    Thank You so Much Albert for the hard work.

  16. Sean Hall says:

    Simply sensational work again Albert thank you!

    Did you ever have a luck with the second view mode on the infra-red scope from the Gamecube version?

  17. Ravi Gupta says:

    Thank you Albert, Cris, and whole team for all your hard work and dedication, so happy to have donated to you guys, and so happy for your achievements in this project and in history of videogames!

  18. Wyatt Grossman says:

    Hey, Albert. I noticed a small visual glitch when reloading the standard shotgun; (The shotgun you can find in the village). When Leon moves to load the second shell in the animation, a lone shell appears hovering near the trigger of the gun for a fraction of second. I don’t think that was there before I installed this mod (This was present in the 1.0 release version too.)

  19. Sheva says:

    I installed version 1.1 over the version for testers and the game no longer starts. I deleted all of them and installed the 1.1 version directly for a clean installation, but it still does not start.

    • Sheva says:

      Changing from Turkish keyboard to English keyboard solved my problem. Those who use different language keyboards can try.

  20. mofail says:

    Fantastic new additions, graphics & those re4 tweaks are amazing! Love that my volume slider idea is in there lol
    All that’s left now is to experience this game with other music easier than ever! Congrats on all your work re4 team.

    Been trying to donate lately but it keeps failing mid way anyone else having issues? i’ll try again.

  21. linkthehylian says:

    I installed 1.1 and it looks like some of the in-game text appears to be way too big. I’ve provided screenshots below.

    • albert says:

      How did you install it?
      Can you check if “HDProject.ini” is inside \Resident Evil 4\Bin32\re4_tweaks\setting_overrides\ folder?

      If not, something went wrong during the installation

      • linkthehylian says:

        Ah, it looks like I was indeed missing the “HDProject.ini”. I dropped it into the “settings_overrides” folder and that fixed it!

        Thank you so much! Fantastic work, btw!

  22. Ryan says:

    Please give us an option to keep Leon’s jacket in the game! This would be the perfect version of RE4!

    • albert says:

      It’s already there. In the new F1 menu, in “Misc” –> “Override Costumes”
      But doesn’t make it perfect at all. Cutscenes were not coded to be compatible with the jacket XD

  23. why_bm says:

    Thank you very much for your hard work!
    The bio4 folder of ver 1.1 contains 6802 files. The bio4 folder of ver 1.0 contains 6804 files. Is this correct? What has changed?

  24. Vivek says:

    Whenever Del Lago is pulling the boat, there is no way to use the harpoon through the keyboard, but there is no problem when playing with the controller. What is the solution?

  25. Mani says:

    Wow, i really wasn’t expecting to see the 1.1 release, i was randomly checking in for updates so this was a rather pleasant surprise, thank you! I guess it’s been long enough since 1.0 where it makes sense, but wow… i wasn’t anticipating a large 10GB download… but i didn’t wait that long to not get it now so whatever :p plus it’s gotta be worth it, you guys never cease to amaze me with each update.

    However, I’d like to ask a few questions if you will, considering how large it is, one would assume that all of the previous patches from a few posts ago are all included within this bundle? Because i have not installed any of them as i paused everything RE4 until 1.1 gets released which it has, not even the “emergency” patch, my 1.0 is base with all its flaws, so i was wondering whether I’d need to go back and download them or not, if so, do you think they’re an absolute necessity or just optional?

    2nd question, would you be open to receive further feedback regarding any errors/glitches with this version after I’m done exploring it? Or are you completely done with this project? Just asking out of respect so i wouldn’t bother you, im not saying that i will find any problems with it considering how hard you’ve worked on it so sorry if im jumping the gun, but you never know right?

    Nevertheless, much much gratitude man! Thanks to you, and to everyone who’ve participated/contributed to this release and its improvements.

    -Thank you

    • albert says:

      Yeah, sorry the patch is huge haha
      The 1.0 to 1.1 patch is for people that have the base 1.0 or any later patches.

      About feedback, yeah, I’m still open to receive it. nipkow and emoose are still working on making the dll file even more awesome, so, in the meantime, it’s not a problem to fix these small issues people find here and there.

  26. Cobraregala says:

    Stop deleting my comments comrade

    • Mark says:

      If you keep commenting about the same demanding shit that is almost impossible to achieve then your comment deserves to be deleted.

  27. Cobraregala says:

    Stop deleting my comments. You should be an re fanexample

  28. Mi juego se crashea al intentar abrir el primer archivo de instrucciones (jugando en espa帽ol)

    • albert says:

      Hola! te refieres al que te da Hunnigan al entrar al pueblo? O alg煤n otro?
      Yo acabo de abrir las instrucciones 1, 2 y 3 en castellano con mando y con teclado y no he tenido problemas
      Has hecho la comprobaci贸n de archivos con el Quicksfv?

      • Ernesto Le贸n says:

        Nota 1: Cuando intento abrir Quicksfv no sucede nada
        Nota 2: Ahora si puedo abrir el archivo de instrucciones (el 1 fue el unico que intente abrir y me dio crash en su momento, sucedio en la cueva donde hay un buhonero previo a la pelea contra krauser, donde encuentras el ojo de gato azul, por si acaso)
        Nota 3: Esas anotaciones en letras rojas no deberian cambiar segun el idioma?

  29. Arth says:

    Hi, is there any way to start the Professional mode without beating the game first?

  30. Luigi says:

    Hi, when I encounter the merchant in the tunnels in chapter 1-3 for the first time the text “DUMMY” appears during his introduction. I assume this was left in on accident?

    • albert says:

      Yep, that’s a mistake. One subtitle file is missing. I’ve already corrected it and I’ll ask nipkow to include this missing file in the next re4_tweaks release

  31. Vivek says:

    Whenever the Del Lago is towing the boat, the harpoon can’t be used via the keyboard but via the controller. What is the solution?

  32. The mabster says:

    Is there a way to configure the buttons so that it’s like I’m playing the ps2 version?
    R1 to aim , Square to run etc

  33. Mani says:

    My 1st problem with the new release is the fact that you can’t move the camera left or right while moving forward or sprinting despite “mouseturning” being turned off, leon turns left and right with the mouse, the camera only moves when you’re standing still, it’s almost as if “mouseturning” is still turned on even though it’s not, unless im missing something within the f1 tweaks.

    Other than that, everything is fantastic thus far, i hadn’t been able to play much since I’ve been busy, I’ve barely beaten chapter 1 and i wasn’t expecting to complain about something this early 馃槄

    • Mark says:

      Just press ALT.

      • Mark says:

        Edit: If you cant, maybe your keyboard doesnt support multiple inputs at once (since you are pressing W, Shift, And Alt at the same time and sometimes some keyboards have restrictions on how many buttons you can press)

  34. Humanist says:

    I had version 1.0 installed, but I deleted everything, even the game from Steam, and installed a completely clean version from scratch. Then I downloaded the full mod 1.1 and installed it. Did it several times. The game just won’t launch. Nothing happens

    • albert says:

      Hello! Could you try setting your keyboard layout to English and try launching the game again?

      • Mani says:

        Was that in response to my problem or the other person 馃 ? (I apologize if it wasn’t directed towards me) but if so then my keyboards’ layout is already in English :p so not sure if im the only 1 having this issue and how common it is, or what’s causing it if its not supposed to occur, plus i think it’s worth mentioning that i did not deal with such problem in the previous 1.0, regardless its not really a problem that i can’t cope with, I’ll manage, just wanted to deliver on my promised feedback, honestly i find 1.1 to be superior by far, im in love! The f1 tweaks are truly something exceptional and remarkable, you can pick any color for the laser, keep the jacket, etc! You guys made everything i wanted possible 馃槏

        • albert says:

          Oh, no no, it was to Humanist’s problem haha
          Did you try what Mark said? Pressing Alt?

          Nipkow and emoose are doing a great work. I’m as exited as everyone else with their achievements 馃榾

          • Mani says:

            Oh sorry 馃槄 my bad, yes i have, didn’t seem to fix the problem, i also happen to have my left ALT key as the toggle for sprinting (which is the default if im not mistaken)

            -Thanks and sorry again haha!

      • Humanist says:

        Yep, it helps for me! Thanks! 馃榾

  35. Timo says:

    Simple question, if the menu shows 1.1.0 the patch installed correctly, right? :)?

    • albert says:

      Hello! That’s the version of the game itself, not the HD project. (it’s a coincidence they are the same number :P)
      HD project is compatible with both 1.0.6 and 1.1.0 versions of the game 馃檪

      So, if you are seeing that 1.1.0 number, that’s not a proof the HD project was correctly installed. The proof is everything looks sharp and detailed and you access the re4_tweakks menu by pressing F1

  36. Paulo Souza says:

    Hello, thank you so MUCH for the mod, I’ve been playing with 1.0 and it is simply amazing!
    But when extracting (with 7-zip) 1.0 to 1.1 I’m getting an error with “ending.sfd” = error with data, wrong password?” and its just with this file, any ideia why?

    • albert says:

      Hello! Could you try Winrar just in case? If the problem is still there, maybe one of the downloaded parts is corrupted 驴?驴

      • Paulo Souza says:

        Hi, I’ll try WinRAR to be sure, but no other files gave me an error. I’m playing right now with 1.1 patch and all is working perfectly, so I don’t think any file is corrupted. I think “ending.sfd” is the final cutscene, perhaps?

        • albert says:

          That’s correct, that’s the ending movie with all the credits. So, make sure to have the file before ending the game, or it will probably crash 馃槢

  37. Drpills says:

    thank you for the time you devoted to this project it’s beautiful and I didn’t encounter any problems great work

  38. Tama says:

    Thank you for all the hard work!!
    Just one question, does the smaller hud mod work with ver 1.1 ?

  39. Johnny says:

    fantasic work on this mod is there a way to install the original game colour filiters instead of the custom gradient files like we had the option to choose back in realease 3 ?

  40. Mark says:

    RE2 Ada outfit on separate ways and equipping the chicago typewriter crashes the game. Also ADA RE2’s inventory model while being equipped with separate ways exclusive weapons (like the Ada shotgun, bowgun and chicacgo typewriter) is glitched out.
    BTW is it all possible to nerf the PRL to its original PS2 function? The Wii PRL is stupidly overpowered that it is not as fun to use as it was on PS2. Although i should be asking the people who made the re4 tweaks about this LOL

    • albert says:

      Haha yes, I think someone else already asked them about restoring the PRL original behavior in the re4_tweaks GitHub page. I’m not sure if it’s even possible, but I guess nipkow and emoose are still focussing on glitches and improving the playability (in terms of controller, keyboard functionality). So, I guess they’ll leave this kind of petitions for later. I also think some weapons are ridiculously overpowered…

      About RE2 Ada outfit having issues with certain weapons. Well I think that’s normal because Ada’s different customs are in fact different players in terms of game code, Specially Separate Ways’s Ada, which was coded for the PS2 port. I’m seeing Shotgun has no hand for RE2 Ada in the inventory and the texture for the hands is wrong ingame … I’m not sure if the code for the SW exclusive weapons can be somehow inserted into RE2 and Spy Ada’s models. We’d need to investigate a bit about it!

  41. Vivek says:

    Whenever the Del Lago is pulling the boat, there is no way to use the harpoon through the mouse [right click not work properly for aim], but there is no problem when playing with the controller. What is the solution?

  42. Steven says:

    Thanks for all your hard work Albert & Chris!

    Your Mediafire account is “out of bandwidth” though so you’re only really able to download this from Mega. Just so you know.

  43. Alfeos says:

    Hello! Thanks for your great work! Glad to play this game for the first time with your mod.
    I already downloaded version 1.0 just before 1.1 was released. So, I downloaded the patch from 1.0 to 1.1. Can I install it directly on a clean version 1.0 without any patches released before July 2022? Because there are no links to these patches now.

    • albert says:

      Yes, patch 1.0 to 1.1 includes ALL updates since basic 1.0 was released, so there’s no need to install the other smaller patches 馃檪

  44. Rare says:

    Hola. Tengo un problema. Cuando intento abrir el launcher para instalar todo me pone que no encuentra la carpeta “Bio4” con este mensaje en especifico “Failed to move files! Is the BIO4 folder missing?. The setup cannot continue”. No se que clase de problema seria este ya que el juego lo tengo original y solo instale el mod de Randomizer. No puedo instalar todo el HD Project por este error. Alguna solucion?

  45. Peter Kranz says:

    Hello Albert! I know it’s a gigantic nitpick but you forgot to include in the worldmodel of the “our mission” file to include Patrick (from infinite darkness) next to the president staff (he can be seen correctly on the texture itself when you are reading the file)

    hope you dont mind this !

  46. RPDBoy says:

    Hello, I was previously able to play the 1.0 version of the game no problem. I did a clean install of the game for the full 1.1 install but now the game starts on a black screen and immediately closes. I’ve installed both the torrent version and the Mega version but nothing has worked and now I am not able to play at all unless I vanilla the game. Any suggestions as I’ve been putting this on the backlog to play through as I was waiting for this version of the project.

  47. daidai says:

    Thanks for your great work!

    I think you have changed the following settings in dinput8.ini of re4_tweaks.
    DisableFilmGrain = false
    AllowMafiaLeonCutscenes = false

    I think it’s better to write these settings in HDProject.ini and override them. Am I wrong?

    Also, DisableBrokenFilter03 in dinput8.ini was changed, but it was written in HDProject.ini.
    Therefore, I think that no change is necessary.

    • albert says:

      DisableFilmGrain = false
      AllowMafiaLeonCutscenes = false
      These are based on my personal preferences, and it’s not critical if people download a newer version of re4_tweaks and these settings are changed, but it’s better to not include them in HDProject.ini because people wouldn’t be able to change these 2 settings using the F1 menu.
      DisableBrokenFilter03 and the other settings in the HDproject.ini are really needed for the HDproject, otherwise some effects would be missing or the game would simply crash

      I see you are really watchful hehe

  48. Qamook says:

    Do its finally properly work with ultrawide, i waiting since february when you announce ultrawide support and then it was unplayable on premiere and many months after until i lost interest in playing with broken water effects in re4 HD. Is it fix now?

    • nipkow says:

      Broken water effects is hardly “unplayable”, but yeah, it is fixed now.

      • Qamook says:

        For me is, and is used more often than you think, not only at water. I remember that for 3 hours that i manage to play every 15 minut i watch some artefacts and broken reflection.

    • albert says:


      • Qamook says:

        To the lake boss level was annoying, when i have arrived to the lake, corruption on screen simple overwhelmed me. And that supposed to be supported aspect ratio, meantime on standard 16:9 screen there was no issue. I wait, month, two and nothing, so i ask after half year is it fix and playable.

  49. dkamm65 says:

    Thanks for all the work you do!

    Just out of curiosity, what was the texture that required an entire room to be updated, and what room was it?

    • albert says:

      Oh! Lots of rooms. When I updated a single texture, the entire 100-200MB pack for the entire area of the game that includes that texture had to be replaced

  50. Mani says:

    For some reason, the game feels a lot more heavier and laggier than the previous 1.0, 60 fps just isn’t as smooth as before, that and the mouse problem i mentioned earlier, i also noticed some flaws with the English subtitles like the 2nd time you meet the merchant in the cave, it just says “DUMMY”… i feel insulted by the game wtf D: i also wish it wae possible to translate what the villager were saying in the subtitles, despite fully knowing what they’re saying, im OCD like that lol

    What other issues are you guys noticing? I haven’t been able to play much ;-;

    • albert says:

      Haha the “DUMMY” thing has been fixed in the latest re4_tweaks update.

      About extra subtitles, the other languages don’t have subtitles for the enemies lines and right now we can’t add extra subtitles if they didn’t exist previously.

      And finally, about the game feeling heavier. The only possibility is re4_tweaks added a new feature since 1.0 was release that makes the game slower in your computer 驴?

      A good idea is to ask nipkow which option in the F1 menu you can disable. nipkow, are you here? XD
      If not, ask it here:

      • nipkow says:

        Can’t really think of any new feature that would make the game heavier.
        In fact, emoose added some stuff to improve performance (EnableFastMath). You can try disabling that and seeing if something changes, but I don’t think it will :/

        • albert says:

          Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, maybe some computers having issues with those new options for some reason… but I really have no idea about that stuff…
          Thanks nipkow for the info!

  51. MZA says:

    Dear boss Albert,
    Can you provide me with the bio.exe unpatched because I deleted it by mistake and don’t want to download the whole thing again.
    Thanks again my friend.

  52. Douglas Ammirati says:

    I want to thank you with all of my heart for this amazing project! Time to replay this masterpiece for the millionth time!

    Couple questions though:
    1) Is it somehow possible the use the D-pad for weapons shortcuts? That would be a godsend!
    2) Can we have the professional difficulty available from the start?

    Again, thank you so so much for all the time and effort!

  53. Peter Kranz says:

    Hello1 Albert! did you see my post about the “our mission” file? sorry if it’s it’s a small detail, but that’s my favorite file of the whole game

    • albert says:

      Oh! yes I forgot to answer XD
      No problem, I’ve saved the image in my “things to fix” folder
      So, if there are further patches, the texture will be updated for sure ;D
      I’m wondering how can the president be updated in the texture but not Patrick!

  54. Arth says:

    What’s the difference between 1.0.6 and 1.1.0? I have the Steam version and it says 1.0.6 on the main menu.

    • albert says:

      1.1.0 includes Chinese traditional and simplified texts/subtitles. Just that 馃槈

      • Arth says:

        I see, still, why is Steam downloading 1.0.6 if the newest version is 1.1.0?

        • albert says:

          It seems they didn’t activate that update in certain countries/regions. I never received this update, for example, and I always get 1.0.6 when installing the game. The reason? unknown XD

  55. mofail says:

    Will we see another video on your youtube channel Albert?

    • albert says:

      I’ve been thinking about it lately. Since I’m doing other stuff not related to RE at all, I guess I haven’t found the time to do a new video
      I still have some RE4 stuff to show after all!

  56. Trevor says:

    Awesome, thank you!

    However I do not understand how to install if you already have 1.0 installed. After downloading the 6 rar files where do I extract them to? You mention to Cut or Copy the Bin32 and BIO4 folders, I have not got to that point.

    I read over the readme file and I’m afraid I don’t understand how to proceed.

    • XP says:

      The installer will overwrite the necessary files. You do not cut and paste the files; you use the installer.

    • XP says:

      Forget what I said earlier. I assumed you downloaded the “full install”.
      1. Extract the content from what you’ve downloaded to anywhere is possible.
      2. Copy/cut the “Bin32” and “BIO4” from the content of what you’ve extracted to where your game is installed.

    • albert says:

      Extract the files wherever you want, and simply move the extracted Bin32 and BIO4 folders inside Resident Evil 4 folder and replace the files when prompted.
      You also can extract the files inside Resident Evil 4 folder directly and replace the files when prompted.
      I hope this is more clear! 馃槈

      • Trevor says:

        Hehe, it worked. Thanks again to you and the team! Time for a Professional playthrough!

        This mod has made RE4 eternal and we can run it back for years to come. Imo, I am not sure how the RE4 remake will go. Capcom has me lost after the RE3 remake and Village; I’ll probably never play through those again and they were full price games!

        The RE2 remake and RE HD (2015) are both very good and will stand beside your RE4 in my Steam library forever.

  57. Zezo says:

    Great work albert and cris!
    One thing I noticed is that having the gcblur option enabled leads to worse image quality / loss of details. Not sure if having it disabled by default would be better?

    • albert says:

      Any blurring effect will make the textures to look blurrier. So, if you are a fan of the old-fashioned Gamecube filters like this one, then keep it enabled, if not, just deactivate it. In my case, I like the look of this filter even it looks dated and not HD resolutions friendly XD

      A lot of people are aware the DoF effect was missing. If we keep this deactivated by default, there’s a possibility they won’t find out the filter was restored ;D

  58. JmTrad says:

    RE4 Remaster > RE4 Remake
    Yes, I have no faith in Capcom.

  59. Humanist says:

    is it possible to turn off the HUD completely? Thank you for amazing job!

    • albert says:

      I’ve changed the download links in the “smaller and simplified HUD” mod in the BONUS page. Now the package includes a “NO-HUD” modded file 馃槈
      Let me know if it works ok!

  60. Vykhodzev says:

    Albert, it’s beautiful!
    I’m currently playing through the game with the 1.1 release, currently still in the village and find myself constantly stopping on my way to admire the intricate work you’ve put into this passion project.
    I also just found an easter egg room. Some really spooky and macabre stuff, love it! At first I thought the room was part of the vanilla game until I googled it and realized that it’s you who made it! Really freaked me out!

  61. JagBone says:

    Hey Cris and Albert! Is it possible to have a gallery section on this site? I would love to see all the before/after images from Chaper 1-1 to Final Chapter instead of having to dig through the past post. Like how you added a Bonus section, maybe a Gallery section? Keep up the great work!

    • albert says:

      Hello! Thanks for asking.
      We had some problems with the site and the galleries some time ago (In fact, we’ve deactivated them and only the latest post galleries can be downloaded now)
      Maybe a 4K video could be another option, this way I’d be able to compare not only static images but certain effects/lights in motion 驴?

  62. Vivek says:

    FPS drops during sniper rifle reload and Ashley armor costume not showing in cutscenes.
    Please fixed them

  63. MZA says:

    I’m currently half way through the castle and I have to say : Albert you have outdone yourself with this mod (I don’t know if we can call it a “mod” at this stage of professionalism, it’s a whole fucking game) everything seems gorgeous and beautiful and the amount of work done here is phenomenal, you guys should be hired by Capcom.
    Thank you guys.

  64. Ryan says:

    Would it be possible to add an option to switch characters in the campaign? Like opening the menu, and selecting Wesker, then Leon changes to Wesker.

  65. MZA2 says:

    Hey Albert

    What are the differences between re4 ports (PS2, Wii, Xbox, PS3, PC)?

  66. DarkWraith9 says:

    Any way to add PS4 control settings UI textures and Raw Input, and DirectInput support?

  67. Vivek says:

    albert Please upscale or update re4 separate ways cutscenes.

  68. Paul says:

    Buenas, me gustar铆a preguntar algo: las animaciones de los rifles de francotirador, no hay manera de hacerlas correr a 60fps? a veces desentona bastante que vayan m谩s lentas que todo el juego :/

    • albert says:

      Hola! nipkow y emoose est谩n trabajando en ello. Al parecer han encontrado d贸nde est谩 el problema, ahora falta ver como solucionarlo… XD

  69. maverick says:

    I just got a 9.2gb update on Steam. It doesn’t seem to break any compatibility, but does anyone knows what that’s about?

  70. Steven says:

    I haven’t even got into playing the modded game yet. I gotta say that the Mod Adjustment GUI (F1) is awesome. I am glad you included that and all its features. I’m sure to be leaving you another comment after my playthrough :). Thanks, Albert & Cris.

  71. Eggster says:

    Albert, you have done a truly incredible job with this. You have given us the definitive way to experience this landmark title–going above and beyond even Capcom themselves, no question about that. I couldn’t possibly ask for anything more, but I have to say… I miss Leon’s old expression on the inventory screen. D: The stern expression when tossing the egg up and down, the hi-poly head doesn’t quite convey the same feeling:

    I wish it were possible to live in a world where I could have the rest of your wonderful model enhancements (such as Leon having his equipment under his jacket), as well as the original low-poly head, but I know in my heart I should be satisfied with the extraordinary amount of work you’ve done for us already.