re4_tweaks fixes and update

Hello! nipkow has just released version of his wonderful re4_tweaks. You can download it HERE.

It will be useful if you are experiencing crashes because your keyboard is not Latin alphabet based, and it also improves the SideAlignHUD feature.

HD project 1.1 includes re4_tweaks version by default, but the installer will check if there is a newer version. So, if you haven’t installed HD project yet, there’s no need you do anything.

I’ll take the opportunity to suggest you to take the time to read this page: re4_tweaks DESCRIPTION. So, you’ll exactly know everything this project has to offer in case you don’t know it yet!!

I’m in contact with nipkow and emoose, both working on the re4_tweaks project, and I told them about various bugs this port has. I hope they can fix a few more of them eventually! 😀

IMPORTANT: If you download a new version, DON’T DELETE the old “re4_tweaks” folder inside Bin32, just overwrite it, because there’s a file called HDproject.ini inside “re4_tweaks\setting_overrides” folder that’s needed to run the HD project properly.

If you deleted it by accident, you can download it here again: MIRROR 1 | MIRROR 2

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