New Ashley Costume!

And here goes “Otoño Ashley”, the beta/unused design found among the game’s files.


I’ve remastered its textures and adjusted the 3D model and skinning, so it looks perfectly fine and bugfree in all contexts: ingame and cutscenes.

You can download it in the bonus page.

It also contains small compatibility patches for all the other released Bonus Mods. Let me know if I forgot something!

Enjoy it ;D

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53 responses to “New Ashley Costume!”

  1. Cobtaregala says:


  2. G says:

    Lovely stuff! TYSM

  3. Maxou says:

    Wow so that’s where the remake outfit comes from originally, one unused costume from the original!

    Great job it looks fantastic, i definitely prefer this one.

  4. CyberRazerX says:

    Excelente trabajo! Siempre quise tener los trajes beta en el juego y mucho mejor teniendo el HD 😀
    Aunque… Hay alguna posibilidad de reemplazar el traje de fiesta en lugar del estándar? Siento que es el que más fuera de lugar queda y sinceramente tampoco quiero perder la posibilidad de pasar entre el uniforme “beta” y el final al voleo XD

    • albert says:

      Ya… pensé en cuál reemplazar, pero no me pareció que encajara mucho el traje beta con el traje RPD de Leon, por eso, al tratarse de una versión previa de Ashley, encajaba más con el traje normal de Leon, en plan: qué hubiera pasado si no se hubiera descartado ese traje. En cambio, si vas con Leon RPD, la sensación cambia.

      Por poderse hacer, se puede. Voy a esperar a ver si lo pide más gente o si alguien tiene una idea mejor o por si hay algún fallo antes de hacerlo ;D

    • albert says:

      Ya está subida la versión para reemplazar el traje Especial 1 en lugar del Normal 😉

    • CyberRazerX says:

      Muchísimas gracias! Ahora puedo jugar tranquilo sin que Ashley me trate de pervertido por salir volando debajo suyo mientras viste un pantalón XD

  5. Genaro Lozano says:

    Looks great! Very cozy looking outfit. I’m jealous

  6. Harpotos says:

    That looks amazing!!

  7. MZA says:

    Wow ! Just Wow !! So now I know where the Remake’s Ashley came from, waaaay better than the original one.
    Good job Albert, as always

  8. Vykhodzev says:

    Looks pretty! Simply awesome of you to basically restore cut content for us even after the final release of the HD Project.

  9. Luigi says:

    I must have told myself so many times by now, you are extraordinary.

  10. Mindless says:

    This is very nice! Can you guys do the same with Leon’s original jacket/ design? I don’t know if that’s possible

  11. Frank Nitty says:

    Oh sh!t, really nice render work, guys. Kudos for the extra bonus content.

  12. Arevadeci says:

    I am on my hands and knees please give us a way to swap characters in the campaign just like we can swap skins. So a way to play the campaign with Ada/Wesker/Krauser Etc.

  13. Ryan says:

    Would it be possible to make this replace her Special 1 Costume instead?

  14. Chris says:

    I never even knew this existed! This game and all of you are truly the gift that keeps on giving!

  15. Tri says:

    Amazing work, albert. Is there anyway we can get this for popstar Ashley?

  16. Lucas Santos says:

    Muito top vou baixar,voces não tem uma tradução que funcione 100% no hd project??

  17. NotoriousZane says:

    Albert, al estar con Ashley el juego baja a 45 fps de los 60 que va. Y eso lo pone muy lento, ¿es porque debo instalar la versión 1.1 del HD Project?

  18. NotoriousZane says:

    Albert, tengo problemas con este mod. El juego baja a 45 fps de los 60 que debería ir. Tengo el hd project pero es la versión 1,0 ¿Es necesario tener la nueva versión para que vaya bien?

    • CyberRazerX says:

      El modelo está “optimizado” para la versión 1.1, de hecho tanto en su post en la página de contenido bonus como en el archivo leeme aclara que está basado en dicha versión, además desde la 1.0 se corrigieron muchos errores pequeños así que de todos modos vale la pena actualizar (no es necesario descargar todos los archivos, hay un apartado para actualizar de la 1.0 a la 1.1 que pesa aproximadamente 10GB)

      • NotoriousZane says:

        Y ahora estoy teniendo problemas con los controles de los personajes, al avanzar y retroceder para que el ganado ataque y así yo poder acuchillarlo, me pasa que el personaje (ya sea Leon-Ada-Krauser-Hunk o Wesker) se quedan congelados y el enemigo me ataca.

      • NotoriousZane says:

        Esto no me sucedía ni con la versión original del juego, tampoco con la anterior versión del HD PROJECT 1,0. ¿Me podrían ayudar con este problema? porque es detestable jugar así

  19. Steven says:

    This costume is great! Very realistic for the type of environment Ashley is in.

    Thanks for this Albert! It looks fantastic, much better than the other costumes.

  20. Ryan says:

    Hey Albert, would it be possible to release a patch that allows you to install both Otono replacements for Normal and Special 1 at the same time? I tried doing it, but the Normal costume ended up looking weird. As of right now the only method I can think of is simply using the backup files to uninstall one costume to reinstall the other. (Though it does get tedious reinstalling the minimalistic hud patch every time because of this.) If it’s not possible then that’s fine. Having to reinstall mods when I want to swap costumes is not the worst thing in the world. And of course, thank you for your years of hard work.

  21. juancho matanzas says:

    Oye puedes hacer el pack de wallpapers ?

  22. Robin says:

    could you make Ada’s costumes for special 2?

  23. Pax-Christi says:

    I understand that you are likely unable to port this project natively for Linux users such as myself, but I do recall that this project once started life as a Dolphin texture pack. Is it possible for you to create a texture pack, without any of the 3D or lighting enhancements, for Dolphin users?.

    It is such a shame that I am unable to enjoy such high quality work, and I’d like to be able to play it using the Wii Edition of RE4 at the very least.

    • albert says:

      There are thousands of textures, and it would take a looot of time.
      Also, lots of textures were redone with certain 3D edits in mind, so, they’d need to be retouched/redone anyway… I’m afraid it’s not as simple as a texture porting process…

      • Pax-Christi says:

        Ah, that’s a shame then. I suppose there isn’t an option for someone like me. Perhaps one day.

    • nipkow says:

      RE4 works perfectly using Wine, though. Can you use that?

      • Pax-Christi says:

        I can play RE4 Ultimate HD Edition itself through Steam via Proton just fine, that isn’t an issue. But attempting to install the HD Project through Wine ends up corrupting the game. The menu text appears much larger and closer together, and upon attempting to load a save it freezes on loading and then crashes.

        • nipkow says:

          You gotta add the dll overrides for it to work.
          Please read the installation instructios here:

          • albert says:

            Yes, that’s also very important haha
            I’m not Linux/SteamDeck user, so I have no idea what happens when you don’t do the WINEDLLOVERRIDES=”dinput8=n,b” %command% step

        • albert says:

          Is re4_tweaks properly installed?
          That big text and the crashing issues you mention sound like:

          1- re4_tweaks is not properly installed. You can get the last version here:

          Place dinput8.dll, dinput8.ini and the re4_tweaks folder inside the Bin32 game’s folder

          2- The HDproject.ini file is missing. You can get the file here (last line in the post):

          Place HDproject.ini inside this folder
          \Resident Evil 4\Bin32\re4_tweaks\setting_overrides\

          Maybe these 2 things fix your problem!

          • Pax-Christi says:

            Hmm alright, I’ll give all of these a try!. It will take a while for me to redownload the HD Project, but I will keep you guys informed.

            Thank you!.

          • Pax-Christi says:

            Unfortunately, still no luck in getting the game to work with the HD Project pack. About the only thing that improved with all of your suggestions, is that it doesn’t crash after freezing during the Loading screen. Some of the text, like “Press Start”, is still comically oversized to the point of being mostly obscured.

            I’m at a loss 🙁