Life itself Update

Hello everyone! I’s been a while since the last post and I thought It was about time to do some brief update about what’s going on backstage.

Firstly, thank you for all the support received during the last months after the release, for all the feedback and for all the comments. I really read them all, and I feel really lucky this project is reaching so many people and also that people take the time to write and send us a message. This is something that it’s not that usual nowadays, and it also makes me feel even more lucky. THANKS!!

TEC. ISSUES: I know some people have certain technical issues. Nipkow and his colleagues are doing their best to get re4_tweaks work as good as possible for as many people as possible! By the time I’m writing this, version 1.9 has been released

Remember you can comment any problems you have in his github issues page. If you are experiencing crashes, you should create a folder named “CrashDumps” inside the Bin32 folder. When the game crashes, re4_tweaks will generate a zip file inside that folder. Please attach that file when you post in his page. It contains all the info nipkow and his friends need to find out what’s going on!!

HD PROJECT: I want to do another patch during the summer. Right now, I’m working and studying at the same time. So I have absolute ZERO free time and TONS of coffee in my veins! I’m aware I have to update a lot of things in the page…

PERSONAL STUFF: I’m really happy because I’m finally and for the first time in my life working in the videogame industry.
Thank you, Joel, for having faith in me, and thank you, Stephen, for the opportunity in Nightdive Studios 😀
BTW, if someone is interested in my boring Instagram… I should post more frequently XD

Some random school stuff

REMAKE: Well, it seems Capcom did it really well, judging by the things I’ve read! I haven’t seen anything other than the demo (I don’t want to spoil the experience), but I can’t wait to play it!

As I always say, I’m not afraid the remake will replace the original. They are 2 different experiences, although it’s true this time the original RE4 and RE4make are closer to each other than the RE2make/RE3make were with their original counterparts…

It could be similar to what happened to the original RE and his 2002 REmake. But I’ll have to wait and beat the entire RE4make first to reach a conclusion.

And that’s all for now!! Let’s back to work…

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59 responses to “Life itself Update”

  1. Alex_eris says:

    We love you albert! Hang in there! Also, plz make sure all your zip file bin parts are in both upload sections mediafire/megaupload

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      Do you mean that zipped part 17 that is only in the Mediafire link?
      I don’t know what happened with that part, but the bin file link didn’t work, and even I deleted the bin file and re-uploaded it, it never worked again!! So I had no chance but to upload it compressed as zip (so the file name is different). Once it’s unzipped, the part 17 bin file is exactly the same as the Mega bin file.

      But now I’m seeing the bin file link works again! haha
      I’ve just removed the part 17 zip file. It’s no longer necessary 😛

  2. Ricardo says:

    Muchas felicidades por lograr ser un desarrollador, eres alguien muy ingenioso y talentoso. Saludos

  3. TheMarkusBoy says:

    Es normal que no tengas tiempo entre el curro y los estudios, ¡lo primero es lo primero!
    Tú tómate el tiempo que necesites para ese parche, los fans de vuestro trabajo y del re4 original seguiremos al pie del cañón!

  4. Great work on the project. ♥️♥️♥️

  5. Frank Nitty says:

    Good to hear from you Albert. Glad to see that things are working out for you on your journey in the gaming industry. Wishing the best for you on your future endeavors for many years to come. And lastly, regardless of the turn out of the RE4 Remake, your remastered mod project will always have its place in history.

    • albert says:

      Thank you, Frank!
      This project was done just for fun, but if it served as inspiration for other people, projects or even official remasters… all the better!
      (Well, it will actually serve as inspiration for a few remasters, because I’ll be in charge partially of some of them haha)

      • Frank Nitty says:

        You’re very welcome, my friend.
        Ironic how I caught wind of your ‘hobbyist’ project for the first time after it was publicized on gaming journalism sites (i.e., EuroGamer, IGN, Gamespot, etc.) back in 2014, but due to RE4 having a special place in my heart, I decided to stick along for the ride, and I’m glad I did. The progression, growth, dramatic improvements made and pace of your project while being self-contained to just 2x people (you and Cris) not only struck a chord w/ me, but your dedication to see it through resonated w/ me as well. The fact that you guys were able pinpoint the exact source/sites of the textures used for character models, platforms, objects, and items in the game and capture them in an effort to enhance the game 10-fold all while traveling and frolicking throughout Europe cannot be ignored. And at times when the original source material was inaccessible/unavailable, you guys would recreate it from scratch which was why I had so much admiration for the painstaking effort you guys took to cultivate this project and the ingenuity behind your improvisation was impeccable to say the least. I always looked forward to every status update I would receive in your mailers through my subscription to your blog, and they really brought me a sense of joy, and it was a pleasure while it lasted. If you ever do decide to chronicle any future projects of yours during your journey in the gaming industry through a blog format similar to the RE4HD Project, consider me game 🙂 .
        Salute and much respect to you guys for all that you’ve done to contribute to the RE4 legacy and you deserve all the praise and accolades that come your way.



        • albert says:

          Hehe thanks again Frank! It’s been a pleasure to do this journey with game’s fans like you, and what’s even more exciting, make you all enjoy and share this long experience with us!! This is priceless :DDD

  6. Yetii says:

    The Remake is garbage. Give the game a different name and stop tryna tug on my nostalgia balls. Anywho it made me come back to RE4 where I discovered this. You’ve been working on this for so long I’d hate for this garbage remake, that’s trying to make money off peoples’ pasts with nostalgia boners and the new ones with graphics, mess it up. I hope this becomes more popular when the game does release honestly. You deserve it.

    • Alvin says:

      Well said. I love the original and nothing will top it. The characters aren’t the same.
      The remake simply isn’t enough to surpass this, especially not with this Re4HD project applied.

  7. Vykhodzev says:

    So happy for you! I knew that huge mod project could open the doors for you to work in video games.

  8. cikame says:

    My friend is telling me Capcom patched RE4 (2005) on Steam and some people are complaining that it crashes now, wonder what that’s about.

    • albert says:

      The patch forces Steam to verify the game’s files integrity. So it basically overwrites all HD project files. So you need to:
      – Completely delete the Resident Evil 4 folder.
      – Verify files’ integrity in Steam, so it downloads the original files again.
      – Reinstall HD project
      It won’t affect savegames or achievements

      • cikame says:

        Ahh i see, i wasn’t currently playing it so i didn’t know, i guess the people in the Steam forums having issues are using the mod or just RE4 tweaks, i was worried Capcom had messed something up :P.

  9. Luigi LM says:

    Best wishes Albert, we are very happy to hear about your new employment, and we look forward to hearing about new updates on RE4HD 😉

  10. Shane says:

    Awesome news Albert! I finally got around to playing through the game with the HD mod in preparation for the remake. Truly astonishing work.

    So, so, happy to hear that you got a job in the industry! Nightdive is the perfect fit for you!

    Thank you and Cris for all the work over the years. Unquestionably one of the greatest mods ever.

  11. Jaim uriel Diojtar says:

    la verdad Albert muy bien hecho, un groso que lo hayas lgorado, encima sumale esto el mod de voces en español latino es mucho mejor encima, te mereces todo lo bueno que te pase! mucha suerte con tus proyectos y que bueno que esto dio la posibilidad que trabajes en la industria de los videojuegos

  12. NEGAARMAX says:

    Muchas felicidades por estar en la industria, mereces eso y más.

    Esperare pacientemente ese update de verano, no te agobies con ello, esperamos 8 años para tener el HDP 1.0 podemos esperar un poco más para tener ese parche, estas estudiando y trabajando el cuerpo ni puede con tanta cafeina jeje.

    Nuevamente felicidades y mucho exito en todos tus proyectos.

  13. Renato says:

    Yoooo you at Nightdive Studios? Congratulations man.
    Also, I finally donated through PayPal. Good job 👍

    • Gamer says:

      Nightdive is logical since they`re experts at remasters. I wonder what games they might be upgrading now then. It has been a while since I used to watch them on Twitch, I know they`re active on Discord though…

  14. Cobra says:

    Good job, my dear comrade

  15. Mirak says:

    Me alegro un montonazo!

  16. ShadowOne333 says:

    Congratulations on the position at Nightdrive Studios, Albert!
    Really glad things are going well for you! I’ll also look forward to whatever update you have in store for RE4HD.

    Also, I wasn’t even aware re4_tweaks got an update, thanks for the heads up!
    Hopefully that update resolves the crash I’ve been getting when playing for longer than 20 mins with RE4 HD, as anything past that time frame will make the game prone to a crash when opening a door to the next area.

    I did try bringing this up to the re4_tweaks developers with quite a few crash logs, but I didn’t get any reply about those reports at all:

  17. JmTrad says:

    I look foward to see your impressions of the remake. Good luck with life!

  18. RE4F says:

    Im really happy that Albert found a good job in a video game industry.

    By the way please check this Reshade preset for RE4HD, it really makes Albert’s mod look even better visually:
    Resident Evil 4 Reshade – Enhanced Version (Preset):

    You all are welcome

  19. Gil says:

    Muchas felicidades ,te lo mereces demostraste gran habilidad con este gran proyecto

  20. slackshoe says:

    Congrats on the new job, I couldn’t think of a more perfect fit to be honest. I’m sure you’ll do some awesome work with Nightdive.

  21. GustavoS says:

    Helloooo, Albert! Thanks so much for the HD Project it is truly a masterpiece, it couldn’t be any better!
    Glad you are in gaming industry; Nightdive Studios, right? Good pick, and it will be intersting to see how Atari buying it will change your team’s work; hopefully for the better. CAREFUL with the Crunch!!!
    AS for the remake, I will noy buy it yet because it is too expensive in my country. I will have to wait at least for several months for a decent discount to buy it. So I watched a good chunk of the game, and while in terms of gameplay and ambience definitely enhances the original version with a fresh darker perspective, in terms of story, characters and voice acting it really disappoints. Luis Sera, Ada Wong, Ramon Salazar Jack Krauser and Albert Wesker (he appears in post-credit sequence talking to Ada) definitely became worse characters with worse voice acting. But I am not further spoiling the game for you.
    I conclude saying Resident Evil 4 is definitely better than 2 and 3 remakes but still does NOT reach the bar of quality the 2002 Resident Evil remake has. Resident Evil 4 still counts more as a “reimagination” than a remake that “overrides” the original version as Resident Evil 1 did.

    • Alvin says:

      Capcom shouldn’t have sold their souls to ESG and saying okay to censorship with that ‘adjusted for modern audiences’ stuff. They boarded a sinking ship.

    • diego says:

      thank you for spoiling the post credit scene

  22. dropl3t says:

    Hi Albert! Just wanted to give you a shoutout and say that I’m really glad that you’re working in the gaming industry, specially with Nightdive. I love what they do with older games and bringing them back to modern hardware, and I’m sure that, with you in there, the studio’s work will only increase in quality. Congratulations!

  23. Sami says:

    I’m really glad this HD Project exists.

    I’m not fond of remakes. They change way too many stuff that I don’t like. So having a remaster that stayed 100% faithful to the original game like this project was the best thing I could ever ask for.

    So thank you again, and everyone else who were involved in this project and worked for 8+ years to make it a reality.

  24. mofail says:

    Decided to skip the remake as it’s only on steam with forced DRM included lol No chance lmao

    Good luck re4 team!

  25. Frank Nitty says:

    Hey Albert,

    Digital Foundry just gave your RE4HD Project a shout out:

  26. SeguraMlk says:

    That’s awesome, Albert. Congratulations on your job as developer. You rock.
    “Where’s everyone going? Bingo?” Never gets old.

  27. Kevin Alasco says:

    Congratulation to you Albert
    I want to suggest to make the installer easier. I downloaded on DODI Repacks and it so much easier to download and install. It really works on me.

    I would like you to try this out. Once you get the “installer” from DODI torrent after downloading it, that’s where you can make MEGA, Mediafire and Mirror Torrent.

    • albert says:


      We don’t share the entire game, only the files needed to improve the game. Otherwise, we’d be breaking copyright laws and we’d have problems (that’s why I removed the link, sorry!)

  28. phil says:

    Thank you Albert for everything you have done for so many years for RE4 of course but also for modding in general.
    I wish you a lot of success and pleasure in your work because it is essential in life.
    just a question that we must have asked you several times, but are there regions like in re4 in Spain?

    Thank you again for your fantastic work.

    • albert says:

      Thank you!!
      There are probably some villages like that in north Spain, but they are mostly abandoned. And there are no villagers wearing like that. Maybe in 1940, but not in 2004…

  29. Kevin Alasco says:

    1. I find really annoying that everything are HD except for Movie browsers and Ada’s Report are not HD. While I’m playing the main and Separate Ways, I figured that if I collect all cutscenes in-game and put them all according to the exact Movie browsers per chapter and Ada’s Report sync with actual audio, maybe I can get Movie browser and Ada’s Report HD Project. I’ll make them in mp4 as you plan. Am I wrong?

    What do you think?

    2. I found this on youtube about RE4 Beta which is totally different even Ashley picture, weapon sound, Villagers Grunt and Spanish voice, etc.

    Maybe, you might able to find and extract them.

    • Kevin Alasco says:

      Texture Request:
      1. Make new muzzle flashes on weapon. You’ll see muzzle flashes when you fire a weapon.
      2. HD Bullet tracers
      3. New scope style as bonus
      4. Infrared scope color variation inspired from re4 remake as bonus
      5. Smaller UI and GUI for main menu on Mercenaries, SW & Assignment Ada
      6. Add room number on typewriter save/load

      Texture bugs:
      1. Otono Ashley costume (scarf) on Special 2 Leon (Mafia)

      Sound system (Someone on your team):
      Remaster all audio from main, SW, Mercenaries & Assignment Ada adding more realistic sound, bass, unused sound, raise footstep sound, restore, etc.

      HD Project:
      Please add it to all platforms not only in PC
      New extended trailers such as features, platform, news, etc.

  30. Jim says:

    Albert it nice to see someone not shower re 2 remake as the best remake ever you see it like I see it a what could have been. there are moments of greatness but they took too much of its heart out killing it for me which is a shame because the gameplay was a huge improvement and Marvin and kendo were improved not sure on the other characters though. but so much is missing that made the original great. 🙁

    • Sami says:

      To me, RE2 Remake was worse than RE Darkside Chronicles. Even that rail shooter arcade game had more accuracy to the original game.

      • Jim says:

        Woah a scathing review but you know your not exactly wrong that game went to far into reimagining ruining it I have to agree.

  31. Alexandr says:

    Albert, ¿qué cambios traerá el patch?

  32. Charles Britton says:

    Hi Albert,

    Congratulations on the new role and I hope it’s treating you well.

    Sorry I already posted this on the contact form, but I didn’t know how else to reach you.

    I’m Charles, a freelance writer from the UK who is also in the middle of a game design masters at university. I adore Resident Evil and was floored with your hard work on the RE4 HD Project when I played it last year. Congratulations on making the definitive way to play a classic!

    The independent video game book publisher Lost In Cult ( for examples of their work) are commissioning articles for their next magazine and have asked for pitches celebrating Resident Evil 4 surrounding the remake’s release. I pitched them an article in which I interview you about your experiences making RE4 HD Project: your texturing and modelling pipeline, the challenges of working together on different sides of the Atlantic, your fondest memories of and biggest challenges on the project, etc. They loved the idea and have given me 2250 words to tell your story.

    Would you be okay with being interviewed and featured in the magazine? We could schedule a Zoom call (I wouldn’t ask for more than an hour of your time) or if our schedules don’t align, I could send the questions via email. Either way, it would be great to get your and Cris’ perspectives on this. The deadline for the article is the end of April.

    Kind regards,
    Charles Britton

  33. Gamer says:

    “It could be similar to what happened to the original RE and his 2002 REmake”

    Nope, they deleted areas from the original and edited some of the main story threads.

    RE4 HD Project is still relevant…

  34. Alex Lupóz says:

    Hello! First, great project! I know it a long long years.
    In second, exists any upgrade you’re think about HD project?

  35. Jude says:

    Hello, your texture work is amazing, are there any plans of porting your pack to Dolphin?

  36. Kriss says:

    I’m happy you’re doing well! It’s still very cool that you could leverage this mod into a video game developer career. Well deserved. As far as I’m concerned, I would love if the HD Project was the version Capcom put out next time they decide to port RE4 to Playstation 5 or whatever. I’m not sure if that’s something they could even legally do lol, but I think it would be nice to have this huge facelift on consoles as well.

    I hope you’re enjoying the remake! I really like it, and they added a lot of cool new things and conveniences. But I do find it hard to not compare everything to the original in my head, and there is some stuff I miss or changes I’m not that into. I still had a great time however, it’s the most fun I have had with a Resident Evil since that original game. When you have some free time, I would love if you did a playthrough of it on the channel! I’m sure you would have a ton of interesting stuff to say about it after all.

  37. Pó de Arroz says:

    Hello, so happy to see you finally in the insdustry ( i dream to one day be able to say it to my self xd), im truly cheering for u to love your new work, at last, for the remake, my favorite game is re 2 original, obviously i loved the remake, but it wont ever just replace the original, so i think the same way for re 4, if the new era of players aint gonna play the original, huge loss of them to lose this gem ashahsahs

  38. anon says:

    the 2023 remake will never replace re4 because you guys have immortalized it, making the experience timeless since graphics are no longer a concern. you have perfected re4 in a way that your names shall be put next to shinji mikami in resident evil 4 history.