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We’re two guys who love Resident Evil 4 and want to help create the definitive graphical experience for the game. 🙂 Cris is from the midwest in the US, while Albert lives in Spain. Albert’s experience goes all the way back to the 2007 PC release of the game, for which he created one of the most complete and well-received texture packs, while this is Cris’ first effort.

During the time this project’s been on development, a lot of people helped us: Among them, “Son of Persia”, “nipkow” and “emoose” are the main coders that made possible a lot of the improvements included in this project.

It’s definitely NOT because we have an abundance of free time. Rather, it’s because we absolutely love Resident Evil 4 and feel that we should have the best visual experience of the game as possible.

With the release of the Ultimate HD version, we have confirmation that while some textures have been upgraded, the majority haven’t. It seems safe to say that an official 100% across-the-board HD revamp of the game isn’t coming anytime soon, so now is the time to do this.

Restoring the visuals using the original real world sources. In preparation for the original game, Capcom gathered texture assets by photographing a variety of real-world locations, primarily throughout Spain and Wales. For this project, Albert has gone to these same locations to gather higher resolution assets. The result is a visual experience that is as true to the original game as possible, presented in resolutions up to 16 times that of the original game.

Correcting texture mapping and 3D modeling issues. Texture mapping and 3D modeling errors that weren’t noticeable in the original game being played on a CRT television become more apparent when playing in HD resolutions. Examples include objects floating above the surface they should rest on, improperly placed shadow layers, seams appearing where textures are supposed to flow continuously. We are correct these issues throughout the game.

Enhancing flat objects to true 3D models. Due to limitations of the original hardware, objects like lamps, candle-holders, doors, decorative emblems, etc. were originally created as flat objects. In many instances we are able to revise these objects to be true 3D models, observable from any angle.

Remaining committed to the original visuals. Our intent throughout the project is to remain true to the original visuals and artistic intent. The best kind of feedback we receive is when people say that the game looks like what they *imagined* it to look like when they first played it 10 years ago. While we are not perfect, we continually refer back to the original texture assets to ensure we do not deviate in a significant manner.

Improving lighting, visual effects, collision inaccuracies and prerendered cutscenes. Thanks to Son of Persia and the tools he developed, we’ve been able to edit all this kind of stuff and raise this project to a new level of perfectionism. Also, Separate Ways prerendered videos and the very few videos in the main campaign have been remastered using all kind of methods: from automate AI upscaling to complete re-creation.

The HD project is compatible with the Steam PC port of Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4 HD project (ver. 1.0) release date is 2.2.2022

The most likely scene is future patches that fix small details (based on people’s feedback) will be released.

Of course! The point of this project is for everyone to enjoy as good-looking a version of the game as possible (while still holding true to the original artistic intent and direction of the creators of the game).

Essentially to support this ongoing work and to offset the costs of the hardware / software / hosting / texture library subscriptions purchased for this project.

Definitely! Please comment on any post to give us feedback on our progress. In some cases it will help shape the end product!

No worries. Capcom is aware of the project and has allowed the project thread to be pinned on the Steam discussion forum for the game.

This is explained in detail (and with images) here. 🙂

What to Expect in the Final Release (3)

We essentially took each texture, scaling it up to 8-16 times the original resolution (in most cases) and redrawing / remaking from there. Additionally, there are many instances where Albert has been able to find the original source materials used, which allows us to faithfully replicate the original intent at a much higher resolution.

Also, we finally got the needed tools to edit 3D models, lighting, visual effects, collision maps and much more!!

Just about every texture, including those for Separate Ways, Mercenaries and Assignment Ada. Also, we are improving the 3D models, lighting, effects, etc.

That is currently not in scope for the project. But we have faith in our coder colleagues. Maybe they can fix certain aspects of the audio in the future.

Technology Questions (1)

The greatest increase in hardware requirements would likely be increased VRAM due to the larger textures. We’ve seen VRAM usage of up to ~1500MB. A graphics card with 2GB of VRAM should be sufficient.

Questions about the Project Team (2)

While we are not looking to add additional folks to the team, we certainly appreciate it when people follow the project updates and provide feedback. It’s definitely helpful to us!

Albert: In my case, it’s a side hobby. I work as layout designer for a scientific magazines publisher. I usually work with Adobe software (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator).
UPDATE: I no longer work as a layout designer, and I started a 2-year 3D animation and interactive applications course on September 2021.

Cris: This is a hobby for me as well. I work as a project manager for a bank. I’ve learned to use these tools on my own over the years. 🙂

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  1. Janno Sinclair BuzzBazz says:

    Thank you.
    Even on a meager student pay, I will donate to you when I have the money.
    I think I remember Albert from when he just had started his texture mod for the original PC port…
    It’s good to see how talented you have become from then (back then it was probably the nicest thing I had seen as the PC version was crap :/ ), and I hope to what you guys can cook up for us. After that I hope that Capcom employs you as team leaders to do this sort for work for other games them may have in the pipeline…
    The work done so far is just terrible… It’s like even with the RE4 UHDE they could have used their own preview models for everything and save time on trying to retexture those at least 😛

    I have one question regarding something though… I hope that you can answer 🙂
    I do not remember what happened to the old project where the .avi files where to be rendered useless in the first PC port. I remember someone talking about replacing the .avi files with the files from the GC version as that used the game to make the cutscenes, but all the subsequent versions did not.
    This made a lot of hard work of modders go to waste as the game would waste time on .avi files that where crappy as hell then, and even worse now :/
    Will you guys include that fix in your texture pack as it kind of makes so that what you do get’s the screen time it is entitled to?
    I really hope so, as all you do will make sure that we will get the Ultimate RE4 we can 😉

    ps: I don’t know how hard this will be as I just don’t know (I tried to delve into the RE4 files to find stuff.), is there some ambient shadings that are present on the GC version that are not on the PC version? I have the distinct feeling that the CG version had just that ambiance that none of the other versions have been able to achieve. It felt like it was there to kind of “hide” the rough edges that the textures generated.
    Will this also be on the update list to make it more prominent as it kind of isn’t there at all on any PC version… Like the smog in general type thing :/ (sorry for the bad wording… trying to find the correct one, but it’s kind of hard as I can’t find it on the net :/)
    pps: I have been trying to find the files, or a mention of the files in the game where I can get Krauser’s Knife. The highest render in the game that I can extract? is there a way to get this, or is the file just to small and the best thing we have is the picture that is used as background in Krauser’s notes?
    I need it as I need to get it to someone that I’m working with to make a replica of his knife.
    Everyone that have made one have made some mistakes along the road and so far I can not find a single person that has been able to make a perfect copy of his blade :/ It’s such a shame too as it’s sooo cool 😛

    Best of luck… a friend from way back 😛
    Janno Sinclair BuzzBazz

    • albert says:

      Hello Janno,
      First of all, thank you for you support and your kind words! 🙂

      I’m not sure if I understand that .avi issue you are talking about, but this new PC port renders the cutscenes in real time just like GC/WII 😀 with the exception of Separate Ways (Ada’s Campaign) and 2 short Leon’s campaign videos which were prerendered low-res videos in the GC/Wii versions, too. So, there’s no way on getting better quality from those for now…

      We are not planing edit any ambient effect. Only if we find some obvious texture… but this new PC port is almost 1:1 with the GC/Wii version with regard to effects. When it was released a month or 2 ago it was plenty of graphical bugs but after a few official patches almost all graphical issues where fixed. All minor differences now are (presumably) due to the low-res/colour scheme of the hardware and the fact that this port was made from the XBOX360 version, not the GC/Wii version.

      And finally… the highest resolution Krauser’s knife texture can be found inside 0d317o1o.pack.yz2.lfs file inside Imagepack folder. You can find the needed tools to decompress those lfs files and then unpack the yz2 file in http://residentevilmodding.boards.net/

      Thank you again and we hope you enjoy this retexturing journey with our weekly updates 🙂

      • Nicholas Gough says:

        Hello I just wanna start by saying thank you so much for your hard work. I love the mod and think it’s incredible.

        I am wondering if other mods work with it? Like example Hedrilz weapon mods. I may have spelled his name wrong I’m sorry for that.

        • albert says:

          Hello! Not sure, it all depends on what files do the mod replaces. If it replaces a file called, 07000000.pack, then it’s not compatible and you’d need to ask the creator to adapt it tho the HD project. Otherwise, it’s probably compatible

  2. Alex says:

    Thank you for your amazing work! Can’t wait for next release. You guys rock! 🙂

  3. Belttway says:

    Ola, sou do brasil, eu sou um moder de resident evil 4, há um ano e meio, venho trabalhando com as texturas de resident evil 4, para a versão normal do game, sempre procurei, como você procura, deixar as texturas fiéis as do game original, mas há pouco tempo saiu a versão steam, e todo meu trabalho foi jogado fora, era um trabalho secreto, pois não gosto de cobrança, e eu não sei portar as minha texturas para a versão steam, pois são outros arquivos, e deixo o legado em suas mãos, pois independente de data, só peço para você que lançais sua versão para a versão steam também, pois se lançares só para Wii seu trabalho foi em vão, deixais que outras pessoas desfrutem do seu trabalho, que seu trabalho seja um tapa na cara da Capcom ! Por Favor, concedei meu desejo, Muita força para você !

    • re4hdcris says:

      Thank you for your comment! Based on the Google translation of your comment, my understanding is that you would like us to release this texture work for the Wii version of the game as well. Is that correct? Please let me know and I will respond right away.

      • Belttway says:

        Bom, na verdade é ao contrario, do que você entendeu rsrs, eu achei que seu trabalho seria só para a versão Wii, * eu peço para você, que faça, para a versão steam também * vai ter para a versão steam ?. ( google tradutor falhou ) Obrigado 🙂

        • re4hdcris says:

          Oh now I understand. 🙂 We are actually developing this primarily for the Steam version of the game. That is the version we are basing this work on. 🙂 thank you again for your support!

          • Belttway says:

            Isso é de mais, é um sonho realizado !. Conte comigo se precisar de algo, apoio moral, divulgação, oque precisar, pretendo divulgar seu trabalho, mas se quiser privacidade é só avisar ! Muito obrigado ! 🙂

  4. Merch says:

    Hello, I just got a quick question.
    In those comparison screenshots does the Original refer to the textures from the original release (GC/Wii) textures or the original textures from the HD texture option in the Steam release?

    • crisdecuba says:

      Hi Merch! All the screenshots compare the textures from the original release. There are a few reasons for this. One is that our intent is to be faithful to the look, feel, and tone of the original game (the HD textures in the Ultimate HD version are not always faithful to the originals). Also, many of the HD textures in the Ultimate HD version are simply the original release textures resized and with a filter added (this is especially true the further you get into the game). Thanks for your interest in the project!!

  5. Cory says:

    I was just wondering, if perhaps you could add to this page exactly *how* you manage to do this; as in, what programs you use etc 🙂 I’m actually quite interested to know!

    • crisdecuba says:

      Hi Cory! Thanks for asking! Basically the main program we use is Photoshop. There are some other programs involved in unpacking and repacking the textures, and information on how this works can be found at the Resident Evil Modding Forum. Here’s a link directly to the general forum for this version of the game: http://residentevilmodding.boards.net/board/61/general-modding-chat Hope that helps, and thanks for the support!

  6. Josh Ochs says:

    Hey. I just wanted to remind you that I attempted to make a donation, but PayPal says there is apparently a problem with the seller’s email address.

    • Cris says:

      Hi Josh. Thank you very much for wanting to support the project! I’ll be sending you an email directly to see if we can figure out what the issue is. From what I see, I don’t see any issues with the account.

  7. Hola,he hecho una nueva textura de los guantes de Leon S. Kennedy en True HD Pero esta modificacion es para Resident Evil 4 (2005) si ustedes gustan yo puedo ayudarles con sus texturas en HD porque yo tengo 14 años y tengo mucho tiempo libre pero mi computador no soporta el Re4UHD yo puedo mandarles una foto de los guantes solo respondan este mensaje

    Translate this with google if you don’t talk spanish

    thanks for pay attention to this message

    Sorry for my bad english

  8. The mod is alredy in the forum an you may find it here:http://residentevilmodding.boards.net/thread/2038/resident-evil-4-gloves-hd

    thanks for pay attention to this message

    sorry for my bad english

  9. Kay says:

    what is the texture address for the treasure chest inside the room in the external wall location where you find the hour glass (seperate ways)..example r50e for chest inside the garden maze…Thank you so very much..more power

  10. Nathan says:

    Is it currently possible to use these textures with the Wii version in Dolphin, or will that come with a release later down the road? So far I only see “.pack” files in the download. (Great work, btw. I fixed some of the textures from the Dolphin forum pack and know how time consuming these can be)

    • Cris says:

      Hi there! Thanks for the interest in the project. We are currently focused on the UHD version of the game and we haven’t made any decisions about porting to the Dolphin version. Thanks again!

      • Nathan says:

        Gotcha. I hope you eventually make it available for Dolphin, considering that it’s potentially the best looking version to play (resolutions up to or above 4x native, plenty of AA options, easy anisotropic filtering and custom texture swapping, Wii remote controls, etc.).

      • Shalok Shalom says:

        Hi there 😀

        Any News about a potential Dolphin port ?

  11. Jay Prabhupada says:

    Thanks for the awesome job, i’ll try to donate as soon as i got the money.

  12. Joseph DeGarmo says:

    Are the new textures being rendered in 4K? I play this game in 4K mode on my 1080p monitor via Nvidia DSR supersampling anti-aliasing on my GTX 970 and want the best-looking textures possible in this game.

    • Cris says:

      Hi Joseph! Thanks for the question. The resolution for each individual texture varies based on the size of the 3D object that it’s applied to (for example, the textures for the notes Leon finds are lower resolution than the textures for large rock walls). Some of our textures are 8K because they are mapped onto huge 3D objects (for example, large walls, huge doors, etc.), for medium-sized objects and ground textures they’re generally 4K or 2K, and even smaller objects are less. Does that help clarify?

  13. Stas says:

    Hi guys. Sure that you have already heard it 100 times, but I’ll say it again – you fellows that makes this project !!! I downloaded your demo and saw how worked texture. You need to Capcom))
    I would like to know whether it is possible to download the rest of the texture that you have developed (up missions in the castle). Or if payment tell how much it costs.

    • albert says:

      Hello Stas!
      We surely will release some other Demos in the future but a complete texture package will be available (for free) when the whole project is completed 😉

  14. jota says:

    este mod é para a versão de 2005?

    • albert says:

      Hello jota!
      As the FAQ says this mod is for Ultimate HD edition. This “UHD” is a new port for PC released in 2014 based on the GC/Wii/PS3/Xbox assets. The old PC port released on 2007 was based on PS2 lower quality models/textures/effects.

  15. jamie says:

    When do you expect to be finished? 🙂

  16. Kyle says:

    Your work is incredible. I’m going to be following this closely until it’s completed. I can’t wait to download the definitive remastering of one of my favorite games ever! Thank you both so much for your amazing dedication to a beloved classic. I’ll be donating once I get paid again and may do so more in the future as your work progresses. Any idea of an estimated time for completion? Say 80-90% finished?

  17. Attesz says:

    some +more items? silencer or something, you can do it?

  18. lancealmekian says:

    I have a question that’s been unanswered since RE4 UHD was released. I’ve played the 2007 pc version and installed lots of great-looking weapon reskins in the ogg and xfile folders. But RE4 UHD doesn’t have those folders, nor does it seem to have the same file extensions that the first RE4 pc had. I was wondering if there’s a way to use .ogg and .tga files I’ve installed in my original RE4 game so that I can play the UHD version with them. Thanks.

  19. Kris says:

    You guys are amazing,
    I’m really looking forward to the final release.

    Resident Evil 4 was the best game for the wii, the controls worked really well.
    I remember keeping the rocket launchers because, I might need them later. only to use one of them against the prince and after that finishing the game.

    I’ll give a small donation

  20. DreamyWolf says:

    Hello. I’m wondering about the system requirements in order to run the game with these textures. I would be grateful if you could provide me with some information about it.

  21. DreamyWolf says:

    Cris, thank you for your answer and I wish you two good luck with the progress.

  22. b6lph6gor6 says:


    Amazing work. I have never seen a fanmade HD-reconstruction this true to detail for any game. Ever.

    I have a question that is not covered in this FAQ. In most of the screenshots, signs and text embedded in the textures are translated to spanish. Kudos for this extra effort. But will all these textures ultimately be available in english as well, or is this purely for the sake of immersion, since the game takes place somewhere in spain? I would love to be able to read them in all their true HD glory.

    Thanks a ton for your efforts!

    • albert says:

      Thank you for your comments… and question!
      Yes, we are rewriting (not translating) most of the text because the game is based in Spain but it isn’t possible to switch between languages for those textures.
      Anyway, the original warning/control panel texts were mostly nonsenses barely readable and they had a purely “dressing” purpose.

  23. Kamil says:

    Can I just say that I love you guys for doing this!! I was hoping for a true HD version of the game and was disappointed with the ultimate hd version that came out. To see you guys working on one of my favorite games ever and making it into a true hd experience, I just love it. I am defiantly going to donate to yall as soon as I can and I encourage everyone to do so too. I only hope that you’ll be able to finish this project without running into any issues.

  24. Anosh says:

    i was wondering if you remake some other games, like Mafia 1, Max Payne 1 and 2 or Silent hill!
    will you?

  25. Vladislav says:

    GUYS ! HELLO! I am also very much love and I want to RE4 You will be asked to do a bit of polygonal models ! I would like to see the castle in all its glory the Salazar 🙂 I am very happy that you make beautiful pytetes my favorite game 🙂 I hope you will not miss and do it for us 🙂

  26. Angela Fonseca says:

    Hey guys just wanted to say thank you for doing this! I just donated $10 for now and I will donate another $10 when it’s done. I hope you guys realize how many of us RE4 fans feel the work you’re doing is amazing! I can’t wait to play this game again once your mod is complete. I have purchased the Ultimate HD version and I am waiting to play it through until your Texture Mods is complete! Gods Speed guys!

    • Cris says:

      Thank you very much!! We’ve definitely felt the encouragement of the RE community, and we’re thankful for every bit of positive feedback and constructive criticism. 🙂

  27. Kevin says:

    Hey guys these new textures look absolutely gorgeous, great work. I was wondering if there will be any way to convert the textures to work with Dolphin emulator on the Wii version of the game. I really love that version because of the Wii controls. Thanks for everything you guys are doing!

    • Cris says:

      Hi Kevin! Thanks for the compliments! While time-consuming, a person could theoretically go through and replace all the individual textures on the Wii version. Right now this is not something we have discussed or are focused on, though. If you’d like more information about how texture replacement works through the Dolphin Emulator, this might be a good place to start / ask: https://forums.dolphin-emu.org/Forum-hd-texture-projects Thanks again!

  28. Mark says:

    Hello, I am impressed with the work you. It seems that you have the original project files! haha

    I am entering the game development area and would like to know which of creating textures procedure that you use, it would help me a lot.

    Thank you.

    • albert says:

      Hello Mark!

      Hehe we don’t have those project files but we are finding some of the real life places they took the pictures from and some texture stock sites they used 😛

      The “only” thing we are doing here is Photoshop, Photoshop and more Photoshop… (and some 3D edits) So, we are mostly overwriting dds low resolution texture pictures with our recreations. I’m afraid we can’t give any major advice to videogame developers

  29. Martin Sp. says:


    That´s what Capcom should call Ultimate HD. I am really impressed by your work!
    This Project was the only reason I brought Resident Evil 4 again an I didn´t regret it. The village is really astonishing and it was a pain to see the castle afterwards. Even with Albert´s “old” texture patch the 2007 RE4 looks better, than the new UHD one.
    What I like most, isn´t only the high resolution but the quality you try to get the closest match to the original textures. Thats more than anyone can desire! Must be a lot of hard work. Very interresting to see from what locations or object you are gathering all the new textures. Please keep on sharing these discoverys with us.

    Thank you very much or “Dankeschön” as we say in german! I hope my small donation helps.

    • albert says:

      Thank you very much for your words! 🙂
      texture patch 2.0… good old times XD
      Indeed it’s a lot of work but we are enjoying doing it!
      No doubt there will be more “Look familiar” tweets 🙂

  30. phil p says:

    and congratulations for your work, sorry for my english, but google translation, I made a small gift but I would do one because you deserve it by the quality of your work, the village is amazing, it is more detailing the recent games, you are vraiments artists.

                                           Again thank you and good luck.

    • albert says:

      Thank you! We hope you enjoyed the village experience 🙂 We still need to improve lots of 3D elements of that portion of the game!

  31. Jason says:

    please answer me.I downloaded Ashley HD with format PACK.Now I cant Open This File.Please guide me.Thank you

  32. Paula says:

    Hi, i am very good making textures for game, i can help u!

    • Cris says:

      Hi Paula! Thanks for the offer. 🙂 While we are not looking to add folks to the team, we certainly appreciate it when folks follow the project updates and provide feedback. It’s definitely helpful to us. Thanks again!

  33. Mones says:

    When you put pictures to compare the textures, do you compare it with the HD remake textures made by capcom or with the original ones?

  34. RoDeLoPo says:

    Hey guys,

    First off, I want to say what an amazing job you two have accomplished so far. It’s really incredible to see how much work and care is put into each texture. The difference is night and day.

    I would also like to ask one thing: will you retexture Leon? It would be really awesome if you did, It would make everything look better, since we are constantly looking at Leon’s back.

    Anyway, congratulations on the amazing work. It truly is amazing.

  35. Norrum says:

    Guys, I’m just sharing this project with the majority of people as I can. I just absolutely love what you’re doing! Please don’t stop this, Resident Evil 4 is my first favorite game of all times and I dreamed with something like this (an actual FULL HD texture remake :DD).

    I would donate with no doubt not being because I’m only 16 and I don’t have a credit card. BUT MAN, I’LL SHARE IT EVERYWHERE WITH EVERYONE. I’m so anxious!

    I just hope you get real appreciation and recognition from all kind of communities for doing this, starting from Capcom developers, passing through modders, and of course from the loyal Resident Evil fans. Take mines for sure!

    Greetings from Argentina!

    • albert says:

      Gracias Norrum!
      All kinds of support are really welcomed! And helping to spread our project is one of the ways you can support us.
      Ponemos todo de nuestra parte para que luzca lo mejor posible! 🙂
      Many thanks and greetings from Barcelona!

  36. Hi Guys.
    I Have A Nice Idea.No better graphics engine Resident Evil 5 play on game Resident Evil 4?
    May be costly but worth it.Please Reply.Thanks

  37. Halkem says:

    Hello albert!
    Is this mod going to be ported to the old RE4 for PC?
    My computer just lags with the ultimate HD, it’s just sad. D:

    • albert says:

      Hello Halkem!
      I’m sure someone in the Resident Evil Modding community will port all textures to that version of the game.
      Maybe I’ll do it by myself if some mental energy remains in me after finishing this project XD

  38. Damon says:

    This is my favorite game ever. I haven’t really played it since putting 40 hours in on the xbox 360 remake.

    I’m seriously looking forward to this and will be donating to support your fantastic work next time I get paid.

    You nailed the art style while removing muddy textures, it’s as close to perfect re4 as I’m ever gonna get 🙂

  39. Ocirne says:

    Will you re-texture the weapon and items too?

  40. Iman says:

    Hi, I recently install the village mod; Looks OK with Leon campaign. But when play separate way as Ada (chapter 1+2), textures still garbage. why is that?

    • albert says:

      That’s because the textures and models for Separate Ways are stored in different files. We’ll include them in future/final releases 😉

      • Iman says:

        Thanks for the answer, Albert.
        and one question… there is a film grain in the game. is there a way too remove it? looks like a file named 07000000.pack cause the problem.

        • albert says:

          Yes, it’s possible to remove it but the same texture is used in several effects all over the game. So, deleting that texture would generate side effects. We’ll try to improve that texture while keeping the other effects as unchanged as possible. 😉

  41. stevens says:

    How your 3D edits will work with old textures? If I switch to SD textures in game options will it be “old geometry with old textures”, “new geometry with old textures” or maybe game will just break?..

    • albert says:

      Good question!
      When using the SD textures the game will load the 3D edits anyway. We’ll include some edited SD packs so these 3D edits will match with the old textures. Both options SD and HD will be perfectly playable with no graphical side effects 😉

  42. Russel Johnson says:

    Wow this is amazing. I remember playing RE4 on the GameCube in 2005. That was 9 years ago I believe. Maybe I’ll check out the UHD edition. Are these mods compatible with the “Remaster”?

  43. Nu says:

    It’s too bad you’re not going to deal with the audio..I think you should do something about the gun sounds because the crap gunfire sounds more terrible than ever after applying your mod. It’s just incompatible with such high quality textures all around

    • albert says:

      Thank you for your comment!
      I know what you mean but modding sounds is not in the scope of our project.
      Are gun sounds really that bad? 😛

      Anyway, the modding community for this game is quite big and I’m sure someone can/will/already improve/change those sounds. Take a look here just in case!

  44. Naywyn says:

    Just a quick question.
    Will this mod also remove the film grain or do we have to remove it manually?

    • albert says:

      Film grain is part of the game and it’s a matter of taste. I like the grain. But it can be removed.
      As I mentioned somewhere else, If you remove the grain texture you’ll make some other effects to disappear aswell.
      But it’s possible to edit individual stage effect files (EFF files inside UDAS files) and deactivate the film grain effect one by one by searching the “01 04 72 00” hex string and replace it to “00 00 00 00”
      Maybe I’ll do a quick mod at the end of this project that will remove the noise effect 🙂

  45. Adam Gregory Boruff says:

    Hey, just wanted to tell you guys that there is a problem with the castle download. I was extracting the file into the Resident Evil 4 Folder and it read there was Corrupted data in the files(RE4HDTEXCASTLE\HDTexturePacks\44000214.pack. I was wondering if there was a way to fix it. Please help if you can, thanks.

    • Adam Gregory Boruff says:

      I figured my way around it. For some reason I was able to extract the file on its own. So I downloaded the other files separate and it ended up working out. Not to worry. hopefully this will be helpful to anyone having the same problem.

      • Adam Gregory Boruff says:

        One last thing I did noticed was that there aren’t any gradient files. I’m not sure if these files are needed or not.

        • albert says:

          Hello Adam!
          It’s interesting what you found out about 44000214.pack. There was a person who had issues in that room for unknown reasons and maybe this was the main reason.
          And it’s even more interesting only 2 persons had this issue so far!
          Thank you for all the info! It will be useful 🙂

          About the gradient files: It was a small slip-up. You must manually extract the gradient files and place them inside BIO4\gradients folder. This way you’ll be able to test our custom gradient files if you want. I suggest you to try our new “gradient 1”. (You can switch gradients in configuration>video settings)
          So no, they aren’t needed, they are just an extra 😉


          • Vinicius Dias says:

            My game crash everytime I exit the clock tower.
            When I remove this file and uses the original, the game works.

            So, there is something wrong with 44000214.pack, at least for some PC’s. Please, take a look at that.

            BTW, awesome mod, at first I didn’t believe it has so difference, until I had this problem and used the original file to work arround. Man, my eyes started do bleed with that “Capcom’s ULTIMATE HD texures” lol

          • Vinicius Dias says:

            I forgot to say:
            The game only crash when I’m exiting the clock tower by door.

            This file has the textures from inside the castle part right after Ashley is kidnapped by the novistadors. When I exit from the dancehall to this map, the game didn’t crash. I saved the game and stopped playing. Today, I load the game from the typewriter and nothing happened too. Just after I enter the clock tower (that uses another texture pack) and exit the game crashed. So I came here and saw your other comment about extracting with winrar. I endeed use winrar and I extracted again but the same problem occur, so I used the original file just to get pass this part.

            But there is another typewriter outside the clock tower, right? So I saved the game and reset, this time using your 44000214.pack file. The game loaded normally with all the HD textures working well. But then I tested entering the clock tower and exit again and… BAM, the game crashed.

            Well, I hope this information help you. Unfortunately I forgot to try returning to the dancing hall and come back just to make sure that there is something with saving and loading the game at that part or if its something to doo with the clock tower itself…

            Hope that help you figure out what could possibly be causing this crash.

          • albert says:

            Thank you for letting us know! Just a pair of questions:

            Did you applied the 4GB patch?
            Are you playing in Easy, Normal or Professional mode?

          • Vinicius Dias says:

            Playing the normal.

            No patch, because I’m using cracked version. I get an error when try to open.

            I’ve completed the game and no more crash happened.

            I’m just playing separate ways and the game just crashed right after the cutscene where Ada saves Leon from Mendez (Chapter 3). I tried twice and same happened.

          • Vinicius Dias says:

            ABOUT SEPARATE WAYS: Never mind. It’s working fine. It just crashed the first time.

    • RWG says:

      I too am having issues with this file, and trying to manually download it isn’t working.

      I’m hoping someone has a solution.

      • albert says:

        Try using Winrar to uncompress all the files instead of 7zip or other software. This solved the 44000214.pack file issue for other people 🙂

  46. Joseph says:

    Hey, you guys. I made a first encounter video comparing the textures of the original, uhd and your project, which can be viewed in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFmS-GlnTU93HGwFp7kh50BRPkeQUsgfj

    The castle comparison will come in a couple of days or so. Any critiques and advice are welcome. Also, I wasn’t sure where else to post this

    • albert says:

      Hello Joseph and thank you for the comparison videos!
      Unfortunatelly your comparisons is about our “worst” looking area hehe. This first stage will be heavily improved in the final version. In fact, the entire Village section of the game will be significantly upgraded.
      Also, people will think Leon’s textures and new animation are also part of our project. So, it would be nice if you specify the following in your videos:

      – Leon’s textures and animations aren’t part of the project.
      – Village area is “work in porgress” and it will be improved in the final version.

      On the other hand, the Castle area is much closer to the final product than any of the Village rooms. So, any possible comparison video you do about that section of the game … will be really welcomed!
      Maybe it would be a good idea not including other mods (Leon textures) in the same video to avoid any possible confusions.

      Thank you again!

      • Joseph says:

        Oh no! Is there a specific village area that would be best to showcase your work? I made sure to credit everyone in the description regarding the various mods I used, but maybe I should put it up top. I don’t know how many people read descriptions any more.
        For the castle area I also have other modder’s work in the video and it took a lot of time to render and upload the files, so I will certainly take that advice for any new comparison videos I make.

        • Joseph says:

          Hey, Albert and Cris. The first batch of castle comparisons is live and available via the link in my first post. Any other critiques and advice are welcome

          • albert says:

            Thanks! They are good comparison videos! 🙂
            About the village, any other areas but the first one would be a good choice. I’d try to avoid cutscenes because character textures aren’t done yet. Unless you want to highlight some other character’s skins mods, of course!
            Greetings and thank you again!

      • Joseph says:

        Hello again Albert and Cris! I have uploaded a new set of village and castle comparison videos (available via the same link in my first post). I hope the new village video is actually a good area to show. I sent an email to show you the area (for the village) that I was going to do, but I never got a reply, so I’m guessing maybe it was Cris that read it. I may end up doing more, but I’m done for now. Thanks for all your hard work! The updates are looking very good!

        • albert says:

          Great videos! And sorry for not answering your previous message! It probably got “mislayed”… Too many things in my head XD
          Thank you again for taking the time to do all these comparison videos! They all are good area choices 🙂

          • Joseph says:

            Not a problem, I know you’re busy. Thanks for replying to as many comments as you guys do and for the dedication to the project!

  47. Adam Gregory Boruff says:

    Awesome job with the castle release, havings loads of fun. I was wondering if you guys can fix the sound issues in the game with the 1.0.6 patch on steam, every encounter with an enemy the game sound freaks out and sounds awful. Message me back when you can:).

  48. ale_br_1999 says:

    tem como fazer uma adaptação para o re4 da versão antiga aquela que os comandos e só no teclado?

  49. anonymous says:

    I have read your FAQ and thought about it. There are some broken things in the game that need to be fixed. I am talking about the options which are available only in the input.ini file of the game. For example: the colors of the laser aim can be changed only through edit of the file . Another option is changing from mouse aim to only keyboard aim. If you can add these options through the game itself it would add a lot to its remake. Also another bug I noticed is that if the keys are changed to only keyboard the game doesn’t recognize any input of movement in the Del Lago boss battle. Every-time reaching this level a change in the .ini file settings is needed to be set back to the mouse aim. Would be very appreciated if you could fix the issues I mentioned.

    P.S : Your work is very appreciated.

  50. […] learn more about the finer details of the project take a peek at the FAQ the two fine gentlemen put together for […]

  51. Cris Without H says:

    One question: any chance for a similar project, but with Dead Rising? Plenty of textures could use an improvement.

  52. Quijote3000 says:

    Excellent job. I am eagerly waiting for the final release to finally play RE4


  53. Stefan says:

    Thanks for the hard work.. I played this game a few days ago on PS2 and i love how it looks with that HD-Textures.. I cant believe that you dont get million job offers from capcom and co.

  54. AF says:

    Hello, will you be updating the UI? It’s truly disgusting and at least making it smaller would be an improvement or be able to hide it/choose a different one.

    • Cris says:

      Hi there! Our aim is to revise the UI to as higher resolution, but not to notably alter its original look, sorry. Making is smaller or giving other UI themes is outside the scope of the project. Thanks for asking!

  55. Nicolas Oliveira says:

    later you can port to the original version of PC ?

    • albert says:

      I’m sure someone will port the textures but it’s a really time consuming work.
      And I think 3D models, light and effects can’t be ported. The file structure and formats are different.

  56. Kris Vasq says:

    Hi guys, you made it “ultimate” not crapcom.
    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  57. Martin says:

    Hi, awesome work. I got a random question. I find the film grain in some levels too much and I played through the game with a mod that completely removes it. Are there any plans to remove it in the final release or is it something you guys want to keep in? I was thinking of using the mod in combination but replacing the file that contains it(7000000.pack) would probably cause compatibility issues with all the changes you’ve made.


    • albert says:

      We are touching up the film grain effect room by room. So, it will be less blurry/big in our final release.

      And yes, we’ll include a 07000000.pack that will be 100% needed for our project because it will include most ingame item textures. If you replace our 07000000 file, the game will crash. And yes, we’d like to keep the grain effect. Although it’s possible to generate custom room udas files with that film grain effect deactivated. When we release the final version of the project we also can share a “no-film-grain pack” including a replacement for all the room udas files. But maybe it won’t be necessary for some people because the new grain effect will look better and it won’t be so annoying 🙂

  58. Derrick says:

    Good morning? I just installed Villages and Castle textur pac. well, but after installing the game again and reinstalling the villages and castles, it doesn’t effeting at all in the game. Why?
    Please, reply me and help asap
    i.m using windows 10
    thank you 🙂

    • albert says:

      Just a few questions:
      – Do you have the 2007 or 2014 version of the game?
      – Are you playing the game using the HD or Original textures option? It must be set to HD
      – Did you follow the instructions for Windows 10 users?

      • Derrick says:

        Hello, thanks for reply 🙂

        – Do you have the 2007 or 2014 version of the game?
        I have purchased 2014 version on steam~
        – Are you playing the game using the HD or Original textures option? It must be set to HD
        Yes, it has set to HD~
        – Did you follow the instructions for Windows 10 users?
        No, i have not. 🙂 i will try and let you know….thanks

        • albert says:

          Those instructions are not for all Win10 users. I also have Windows 10 and I don’t need to follow those steps.
          I hope it works for you!

          • Derrick says:

            Hi again, i have tried, but i still need guid~I have trpe like below

            C:\WINDOWS\system32>: cd c:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\resident evil 4
            and than keep this comes up like below
            What shouldi do?
            Please help….thanks

          • albert says:

            The win10 users instructions reads:
            Once there, type: cd c:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\resident evil 4\ (or whatever the path is to the folder with the .bat file)

            Did you confirm the path for the game in your computer is exactly “c:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\resident evil 4\” ?
            Could it be “c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\resident evil 4\” or something else?

  59. Derrick says:

    I made it ….thanks my friend 🙂

  60. I Ethereal says:

    Uh, I just wanted to know if I can install these patches onto the original version of RE4, the old one, not the HD Remastered version because I didn’t consider downloading the ”HD Remastered” as it doesn’t live up to its name. I would be happy to know if I can and if not then I think I’ll be downloading the “HD Remastered” version. Anyway, thank you for your hard work on this project, I want to try it out ASAP!

    • I Ethereal says:

      From downloading, I meant purchasing LOL xD

    • albert says:

      Oh I’m sorry, that’s impossible, The file structure is completely different.
      Anyway, this HD version of the game is much better than the previous one, even with the unmodded low quality textures, because it has realtime cutscenes, higher polygon enemies, characters and stages, better light and effects, etc… The old port was based on the PS2 port of the game. This HD versions is based on the X360 port of the game (which was based on the Wii version)

      No matter what we do with the old PC port, it won’t look as good as the new one because there are a lot of edits than can’t be ported to that version of the game simply because some effects and types of light doesn’t exist in that old port.

  61. Goffry says:

    What version is this? This mod?Version Original or HD Ultimate HD Edition?

  62. Kevin Alasco says:

    I am really excited about this. However, I have a question. “Did you cooperate with other developer, designer, etc. from Capcom?” The reason because there’s upcoming Biohazard Resident Evil 2 remake for all platforms and I might think that developer, designer, etc. of Capcom are going to remake all Resident Evil Franchise for all platforms (PCs, xbox, PS4, etc.). It might take several years. As a result, the developer doesn’t need to work on Resident Evil 4 because it is nearly done by all of you and I’m glad and very happy that you remastered it.

    • Cris says:

      Hello! So far this project has not been developed with Capcom. They know about the project, but nothing beyond that at this point. Thank you very much for your encouragement!

  63. Konstantinos says:

    Does it mean if I install the Castle realse packege without installing the other packeges i have nevertheless all improved what the other Packeges have?

    • Cris says:

      Hello! If you install the Castle Release, you will have only the improved Castle section. If you install the Village release, you will have only the improved Village section. If you install both (first Village and then Castle) then you will have both. The best thing would be to wait until July 13 where we will be doing ONE new release that contains the Village, Castle, Island, Separate Ways, Assignment Ada, Mercenaries, and more, all in one. I hope that helps!

  64. Josh Ochs says:

    That’s amazing how you guys were able bring back that opening sequence from the GC version, but is there any possible way to make the game play video files when idle at the main menu? If so, I’d love to see a remake of the intro/trailer that plays in the PS2 version of the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfkz2y2vpu4

  65. Matthew says:

    Hello! I tried to install the new release, but the game crashes on startup when I try to launch it via Steam. I patched the exe and moved all the files to the main directory but it still won’t launch. Any help would be appreciated!

  66. Matheus says:

    The system cannout find the patch specified…

    • Cris says:

      Could you provide more details? Where are you seeing this? Did you follow the instructions step by step?

      • Matheus says:

        Yes. I extracted the mod to the game’s root folder, there is a folder with the mods assets, and the .bat file. When I open the .bat file to install the mod, i press yes for the two first prompts and no to the last and then a bunch of messages saying “The system cannot find the patch specified” appear, and nothing is installed. My game is the UHD version, but isn’t Steam version. I tried moving the files manually, but there were some bugs, and I also tried to change the game’s directory to the desktop, but nothing.

      • Kun says:

        I also had this problem and verifying game files through Steam did the trick for me.

        • Matheus says:

          I managed to install the mod, but it crashes after the initial cutscenes… Then I tried installing the 4gb patch tool, now i get the 0xc0000142 error…

          • Kun says:

            You’re probably using a pirated version. Take a moment to read albert/Cris’s comments on this page.

  67. Matheus says:

    Yes. I extracted the mod to the game’s root folder, there is a folder with the mods assets, and the .bat file. When I open the .bat file to install the mod, i press yes for the two first prompts and no to the last and then a bunch of messages saying “The system cannot find the patch specified” appear, and nothing is installed. My game is the UHD version, but isn’t Steam version. I tried moving the files manually, but there were some bugs, and I also tried to change the game’s directory to the desktop, but nothing.

  68. NorseMoon says:

    I’m getting a crash on start as well.

    I downloaded all parts and ran the .bat file and it appeared to install everything correctly.

    It’s not really clear in the instructions what to do with the copy files (ZO 1-7), or rather where to store them.

    I’m pretty sure that is what the conflict is in my case.

    • Cris says:

      Quick question – did you apply the 4GB patch mentioned in the instructions page?

      Also, if the multi-part archive is giving you trouble, it might be good to simply download via the Torrent option (since it’s a single ZIP archive).

      But if you’d still like to work with the multi-part zip file, the way you do it is to put all the zip files (.Zip, .Z01, .Z02, etc…) in the same folder, then use ZIP to extract from the .zip file. I hope that helps!

      • NorseMoon says:

        Actually got it working finally.

        In my case, the culprit was the 4GB patch that was causing crashes.

        I own the Steam version, so I didn’t expect that to be the case.

        Thanks for the response and help.

  69. […] its creators have gone to remarkable lengths to make it happen. The project lead, Albert, actually visited the locations where Capcom originally sourced the game’s textures (primarily Spain and Wales) to gather new […]

  70. […] You can download the latest version of the mod, and follow the project, from their official website. […]

  71. […] You can download the latest version of the mod, and follow the project, from their official website. […]

  72. Rio Hendrian says:

    Hi, is this game need steam and i need to buy resident evil 4 first on steam to play this game ?
    Because i don’t have the game on my steam but i still want play it.

    • albert says:

      You need the Steam or DVD version of Resident Evil 4 UHD released on 2014. It needs to be original or it will crash after applying the 4GB patch 😉

  73. Aaron Scanlon says:

    Hey have you had any issues with stuttering or out of sync audio during cutscenes? Also I don’t understand exactly how the 60fps affects the game with the HD mod. It’s brilliant by the way, looks great!

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      The sync audio issues are pretty much random depending on the machine you are playing the game :/ Here on my PC (It’s not a great machine) I have no slowdowns/sync audio problems with the pack.
      But we’d love to hear as many feedback as possible regarding technical issues caused by our pack (I hope there isn’t too much XD)

      The problems mentioned about the 60fps were there since the game was released. It’s not related to our project pack, it’s just a personal recommendation. But I know some people prefer to play at 60fps even those small bugs and some double-speed QTE.

      • Aaron Scanlon says:

        I take it you had no issues with stuttering either, can’t seem to remember having this issue before. I could be wrong, thought it best to ask someone who’s spent a considerable amount time working on the game lol.

  74. Chris says:

    Hi! I really like the work you guys have done here. The “purist” in me wants to use the original textures though, but I REALLY like the way your custom color gradient looks I also like how you have fine-tuned it to only affect the areas of the game where the colors are wrong. My question is, is it possible for me to just get the gradient/color correction files to install? Thanks so much for your time and work!

    • albert says:

      Hello! Every room has corrected colours, area by area, so you’d need to download the entire pack and simply use the Original Textures option 🙂 All the other corrections will be there and you’ll see the original Gamecube textures!
      Thank you for your message!

      • Chris says:

        Thank you so much for the info! Downloading now!

      • Chris says:

        I just started the game again with the mod using gradient 1 (the GameCube/Wii gradient) and it’s like I’m seeing the game again for the very first time! I just had to say thank you one more time!

  75. Emanuel says:

    hi guys.
    I was playing the game perfectly when i realize that i can’t rotate objects in the inventory. I tried with all the keys but only i can move the objects without rotate hims.

    for other part, congrats for made this version, its fucking awesome the work that you guys puted on this version.


  76. Erosion says:

    As with the last few posts. I’m also getting the ‘The system cannot find the path specified.’ error.

    This happens when I run the batch file (can also only do it when I run as admin because it’s denied access when run regularly).

    I’m using the Steam version I’ve tried reinstalling RE4, Verifying game cache and reinstalling the mod. None of them worked.

  77. amin says:

    HI.Nice job.I have question.Will this mod work on the cracked version?

    • Cris says:

      Do you mean cracked as in pirated? If so, probably not because you need to apply the 4GB patch in order to avoid crashes, but the 4GB patch will cause pirated versions of the bio4.exe file to crash. Thanks.

  78. david wilson says:

    hi, this mod looks great.

    i have unzipped, patched and installed but when i go to launch the game nothing happens…. i try again and it tells me steam needs to be open to run the game? any help

  79. Yaver says:

    I’ve been waiting for this mod for 2-3 years now, holding off on a professional run because I wanted to go through using this mod.
    Amazing work guys, you absolutely killed it. Excellent work on a lot of stuff.
    Thank you for all your effort.

  80. john says:

    Pls need help ASAP im a RE 4 fan but i got some issues running the game id already extracted the file but im kina stuck to part 6 of the instruction after i answer the 3 question i cant see the app to run the game i looked also in my steam games but its not there and im pretty sure i did the instruction well please help thanks and more power 🙂

    • john says:

      and some folders are missing when i extracted the file such as the bin32 soundtrack bio4 i only got the re4hdproject and the script thats it

  81. FullFaced says:

    I saw the youtube videos.I want to say first of all THANK YOU for this masterpiece effects.I just downloaded the Mod and i have a fundamental question.Is the game included also in the file-mod,or i have to get it with another way?????

  82. Andrey says:

    Hi, I really liked the project and I’ve been with it for some time, but I could never try it because the notebook I have couldn’t support such a resolution, could you tell me what specification would be required to run the game with the RE4HD Project mods without any lag ?

    • albert says:

      The PC requirements are the same the original unmodded version, but it will need more VRAM. We think 1GB whould be enough but we’ll now for sure when the project is 100% finished.
      Thanks for asking!

  83. Bruno says:

    Hi, the game is locked every time you enter a loading screen.

  84. killerbee256 says:

    Is there anyway to improve the resolution of the cut scenes in separate ways? I have the feeling that it might beyond the modding team, but if you guys have a way to re render them it would be greatly help the game. I get the feeling they were cropped from the SD 4:3 ps2 version.

    • albert says:

      Unfortunatelly, there is no way of improving those videos. No version of the game has the files to re-render the cutscenes.
      The videos are taken directly from the Wii disc. They are 1:1 the same exact video files.

  85. Luan Alves says:

    Hi, I’m Brazilian and first I wanted to thank you for all the effort and dedication you had in this wonderful project. You guys are awesome! I and many other players here in Brazil are also very grateful and we admire you for the fantastic work that you both did. I wanted to confirm if it really is not possible to install a translation mod after installing HD Project. Because here they did a mod that translates all the game, menus and subtitles to our language, but when I try to install this mod, it shows an error saying that it does not find the necessary files for the installation. It’s because of the modified HD Project files, right?

    • Cris says:

      Thank you for the encouragement and support! I’m not sure what the answer is – what files does the translation mod edit / replace?

      • Luan Alves says:

        I would not know to tell you which files the mod edit / replace, I can only say that it replaces the Spanish language of the game with Portuguese. But I have good news, 2 days ago they released an update that is compatible with HD Project, now works, problem solved. I wanted to take one last doubt. My video card is not powerful, it is the GT 710 2GB. After installing the HD Project, some cutscenes of the game will have the audio out of sync, the audio will come first and then the dialogue will be delayed. Is this some mod problem or is it lag because of my video card?

  86. Higor Santos de Lima says:

    Is there any possibility of leaving for xbox one and ps4?

  87. Timo says:

    Hey Guys 🙂

    Thanks for your great work! If I installed prev. releases and now install the latest one, do I have to delete the old hd mod files?

    • albert says:

      It’s not necessary, but you can delete the backup folder after installing it because it will backup the previous releases files.
      If you experiment some issues after doing it this way I suggest you to delete the entire Resident Evil 4 folder, reinstall the game and install the July, 13th pack again 😉

  88. Colonel Mustard says:

    While playing on 60 FPS I’ve experienced bugged QTE, they’re much, much faster than regular 30 FPS, making the game a lot harder. Are you guys planning to fix that? because of the buggy QTE I turned my game to 30 FPS…

    • albert says:

      Yes… that¡’s a well known issues with this game and the 60fps. This is one of the reasons I suggest to play it at 30fps. I don’t think we can’t do anything about it… :/

  89. geone says:

    ta muito lindo

  90. Aicchi says:

    This project is very awesome. It will be so cool if Capcom would re-release the remastered version of PS4 with this credited to these awesome dedicated creators doing this project. I would buy it with all of my heart.

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      It would be really awesome if they do it using a new engine with new lighting and effects 🙂 BUt I don’t think it’s in their plans right now

  91. Keith says:

    Hey there! Would it be possible for me to use the submenu fonts for digital art? Thanks

  92. mfShogun says:

    I keep trying to install this mod I have the legit steam version of RE4 and I downloaded the latest release patch, the patch for that release and the 4gb .exe patch and yet when i play the game in 1080p or 1440p with the highest settings and hd selected the textures are still the same it isnt the hd project mod textures.

    I tried doing this quite a few times already I compare it to the pictures here in areas like Leon’d jacket zipper, the seems of his pants and jacket, the police officers clothes. the detail on dead crows on the ground etc it all isn’t the mod textures even though I used the installers and they ran fine and moved all the files.

    I really want to install this mod but I have followed every instruction a thousand times plus youtube videos and nothing can I please get some help on how to make it work for me? my steam name is mfShogun

    • albert says:

      I’m sorry you are having problems installing the pack.
      So, you can’t see any differences, not even in the stage textures, right?
      The only suggestion I have is to carefully follow all the steps again and take a look at the troubleshoot page https://www.re4hd.com/?page_id=6132
      And make sure you have permissions to edit the program files folders, and take a look at the Windows 10 users instructions if you are using this OS. (It’s not always necessary when using Win10, but it’s been proved some people need to follow these alternative steps https://www.re4hd.com/?page_id=4750

      Also, keep in mind all the updates we are showing since July 13th onwards are not included in the pack (characters, enemies, final weapon edits, etcs…) and they will be included only the final pack.

      • mfShogun says:

        Thanks for the response

        and I think the stage textures are working but models are not like Leon and some of the Ganados and things like the shotgun look really bad.

        I used the zip files not the torrent and I tried everything multiple times.

        I am going to try using the torrent but the bat file runs fine and moves everything I don’t understand why it isn’t working properly.

        • albert says:

          Oh then if you see the remastered stage textures that means you did it right. As I mentioned, the characters, enemies and remastered weapon textures are not included in the latest pack we released on July, 13th.
          This pack only includes mostly stage improvements. The rest will be released when we finish everything else 😉

          • mfShogun says:

            OH MY GOD

            Yeah I just realized and that makes sense after reading your reply I thought that the screenshots posted in the front page was the latest release and I was judging off of those and sure enough everything is working as it should with the stuff for july and earlier.

            Anyways now that is cleared up let me say thank you for putting so much effort into this RE4 is my favorite game of all time and I have so many memories of playing this game and this mod just gives me more excitement to play it all over again dozens of more times.

            The latest stuff you have shown is fantastic and I am really looking forward to the final release.

            Thank you for all you do you guys are great much love friends.

  93. Ky says:

    Hey when is HD leon download dropping? So eager to experience more of your work in action ?

  94. Sam says:

    Just wanna say that you guys are awesome! When I began the game with your latest iteration I noticed the improvements and found them impressive, but when I got to the castle I was blown away. Just all of the little background details that were too low res to be properly appreciated before. In every room I found myself looking at the paintings which had originally been too blurry to recognise.

  95. Ryan says:

    this mod run on a 1050 ti without lag ?

  96. Old Liquid says:

    1) I once noticed that GC version have some effects like per-object blur in the opening car cutscene, but never see this in both PC port attempts. Can this be restored?
    2) Mouse support. Can be something done about that? What is done by Capcom is terrible.

    3) I’m right that it can be placed over Resident Evil 4 HD edition on Steam?

    • albert says:

      Yes, the Depth of Field and some blur effects on the water, around the fires and in the skies are all the same and they are completely missing/broken in the HD ports of this game. There is no way of fixing that… “Fortunately” they didn’t look that good at HD resolutions but it’s a shame it can’t be restored.

      About the mouse support this is something out of the scope of the project and it’s also beyond our knowledge, too. I always use a gamepad for all games, but I admire people who is able to play games like this with mouse+keyboard! I guess it’s a matter of getting used to it.

      And yes, this project is for 2014 RE4 Steam or disc edition (but only the 2014 disc edition, not 2007 PC port)


  97. San says:

    I used this mod for a few days now, including the 4GB patch, and for a while, all was well. Now I have come to a point where I am stuck. After the fight with Mendez and getting the fake eye, the game crashes when I try to leave the area through the door. Have tried everything I could think of, nothing works. I do not know whether it is caused by the mod or not, so I thought I would try it without – only that there seems no way of de-installing the mod. There is no bio4 backup file, even though the program claims it created one – it didn’t. Nothing to be found anywhere.
    Since I also cannot find the save files for the game, I don’t really want to end up having to completely re-install, so…any help with uninstalling and putting the game back to its ‘original state’ without the backup file?

    • albert says:

      It sounds a specil situation and I’m afraid I don’t have a clear answer for you…
      But if you need to completely unistall the game and reinstall it, the savegames won’t be lost 🙂
      They are stored in a different folder. So you can delete the entire Resident Evil 4, reinstall it again and the savegames will still be there.

  98. Nep says:

    Hello! I’ve used this mod many times and have been eagerly following its progress. However, the most recent version seems to have broken my game completely. Before installing it, I reinstalled the game to ensure everything was completely clean, I installed the recent patch, I’ve applied the 4GB patch and have tried running it with Flawless Widescreen both on and off.
    Every single time without fail, the game crashes to desktop as soon as I either load my game or start a new one. Do you have any idea what could be causing this? I was hyped to play the most recent release but it looks like it’s not having any of it 🙁

    • albert says:

      Hello! that’s really strange… do you reach the main menu and the typewriter screen?
      Can you load any other area of the game?
      Did you install any other mod/s after installing our pack?
      Could you check the following files are in your game directory?
      Resident Evil 4\BIO4\ImagepackHD\44000100.pack
      Resident Evil 4\BIO4\ST1\r100.udas
      Resident Evil 4\BIO4\ST1\r100_00.dat
      Resident Evil 4\BIO4\ST1\r100_01.dat
      Resident Evil 4\BIO4\ST1\r100_02.dat
      Resident Evil 4\BIO4\ST1\r100_03.dat
      Resident Evil 4\BIO4\ST1\r100_04.dat

  99. gump says:

    I don’t have a great net connection ,if i download the texture pack now will i just have to install a patch when the final version is released ?

    I’m thinking it might better to wait so i don’t have to download approx 20GB again.

    • albert says:

      Hello! You’ll have to download all again once the final pack is published because most of the files will be edited. So, they’ll need to be replaced all of them again. It’s your choice!
      It’s also a good thing to wait until everything is finished so you’ll see everything changed at the same time. Some people didn’t downloaded the latest pack because of that 🙂

  100. Solitude says:

    Is this version compatible with reloaded crack?

  101. Rafael says:

    Why are all download links broken? Can anyone help me?

    • Cris says:

      Thanks for asking. Right now the only way to download the release is via torrent, which is the first download option listed on the page. I will edit the page to remove the broken links. I hope this helps!

  102. Nicolás says:

    For the next pack, can you make the backup copy optional? during instalation my PC would have 4 times the same archives and my hard drive can’t take it.

    • albert says:

      You can delete the backup folder if you want. After all you can completelly restore all the original files from Steam or the disc.
      We’ll think about which option is the best for the final release. Thanks for the message!

  103. RyuuzakiL5 says:

    Hi, Albert.

    I don’t know if my last comment was sent to you. I would like to know if there is any uninstaller for your patch, but in a way that I can install your files again.

    Let me explain, I reinstalled my windows and now steam does not recognize RE4 as a installed game (although I have all the files here), if I select the same folder Steam will scan my files and will detect that HD Project files are not the original and will replace all your files with the original one. If that happens, not only I would have to wait Steam download everything, I’ll have to download your files again!!!

    What I need is a way to replace your files with the original files (the backup files) but in a way I could replace the original files with your HD project files without having to download it again. How can I do that? Do you have any batch files for that?

    • albert says:

      There’s a really simple trick:

      Rename the \Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Resident Evil 4 folder to something else, for example “RE4HD”
      Then reinstall the game via Steam
      Now delete the new “Resident Evil 4” folder
      And rename again the “RE4HD” to “Resident Evil 4” again

      In fact I have the game isntalled 3 times:

      Resident Evil 4 1.0.6 (the original files)
      Resident Evil 4 1.1.0 (the original files + chinese patch)
      Resident Evil 4 (our project files)

      I rename the folders at will when I need to check something in the original version 🙂
      There’s no problem! Steam simply search for the bio4.exe and the steam dll file. Unce it’s installed it doesn’t check it’s integrity again 🙂

      For now, this is the fastest way to reisntall the project without the need of redownload everything. There’s no uninstall or reinstall options for now…

      I hope it works for you too!! 🙂

  104. Weverton Coelho says:

    Hello. Congratulations on the project, it really is fantastic.
    One question: Does it only work with Steam’s Ultimate HD version or does it work with the 2007 DVD version?

  105. Navi says:

    Hey, I have downloaded this mod in the past back in september, But now I see the new update patch and I wanna download that and attach The Rising of Evil mod to it but, I do not see the mirror downloads and the torrent file is broken.

  106. Hoasd1 says:

    Will this project require the steam version of Resident Evil 4 or it will a be for any version?
    Anyway good work on this project i wish you and the other devs the luck 🙂

    • albert says:

      Hello! You need Resident Evil 4 UHD (2014 version) Steam or disc version. It’s not compatible with the first PC port released on 2007
      On Steam it’s labeled simply as resident evil 4 (the “UHD” was removed shortly after the release date)
      Thank you ;D

  107. Matt says:

    Help! Cannot extract the files from the TORRENT link. Every program I use says it can’t be found.

  108. Juan Navarro says:

    How i can uninstall the game?

  109. Martin S says:

    Hey, keep up the good work. I’m always checking progress.
    Question, it’s just a tiny rather unimportant thing, but any plans to update the button prompts to Xbox one buttons? I know they’re basically the same, but just wondering haha

  110. Brice Souchon says:

    Hello, great job but Resident Evil 4 steam edition don’t work for many people…
    Reason… Nvidia GTX serie 1000 and Windows 10 they’re not compatible.

    One of many examples:

    (Not start after click Play
    After Download, when click Play, a windows say it is launching and show “Stop” button. After 3 sec, the “Stop” button back to “Play” again.)

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Sorry I don’t speak English very well.

  111. Fahd Shahab says:

    This project is one of the best things I have ever seen.
    I check your website monthly and eagerly wait for the full release version of this mod. I wish words could express the praise I want to give to you. As of today you have done 80% of the game! keep it up and hopefully it finishes soon.

  112. Eddie Tupy says:

    @Brice Souchon
    i had that issue happen one time after install then i tried hitting play and it worked. i have a gtx 1070 and windows 10 april 2020 update

  113. João Vitor says:

    Oi. Por acaso, é possível instalar o mod na versão de Xbox 360?

  114. Mig M says:

    Long-time follower of this project here. Just saw news that R4 was greenlit for its own remake (a la RE2 and RE3). Still super excited for this project to have the OG experience in HD

  115. Mister M says:

    I downloaded it through torrent and when I extract it, it shows the file/archive are corrupted.

    C:\Users\****\Desktop\re4hdproject-release3-20180713-dl1\RE4HDPROJECT-RELEASE3\BIO4\ImagePackHD\4400031b.pack. The file is corrupt

    ! C:\Users\****\Desktop\re4hdproject-release3-20180713-dl1.zip: The archive is corrupt

  116. surya says:

    i didnt have re 4 in steam, can i still play it? please help

  117. arsham says:

    hi. what is the best hardware requirements for re 4 hd, for high resolution and fsp?

  118. Shiva says:

    Hi, want to ask if your mod includes English subtitle for Steam Edition or not?
    Thank you very much

    • albert says:

      We can’t include English subtitles. The only way English subs can be included is editing some other language and change all the other language files (ingame texts, menus and subsecreens textures, files, etc…) so everything is in English when the player chooses the modified language.
      I guess we can do a separate patch that replace some language with English once the project is finished

      • Shiva says:

        Thank you very much
        English is not my 1st language so i’m having a hard time to understand some dialogue.
        Anyway good luck with your project
        Looking forward to it

  119. Radu says:

    Hello.So Ada,Leon(Main characters),not the monsters are going to get a hd touch also ?
    Thank you.

  120. ivan says:

    the characters in hd still coming out this year?

  121. Gabriel says:


    what happend to the sprite of the mistery person hidden far away behind a column!? is it possible to give the sprite a re-touch? to know who he is?


  122. Kristian says:

    Hi there,

    I really like this project. Is there any way I can change the laser color of the game’s weapons, with this mod on? I’ve got some color deficiencies that make it really hard for me to see the red laser sight.


  123. Renan Rischiotto says:

    Where I can download an updated version? I can only see the 2018 release.

  124. Guilherme says:

    How can I uninstall the textures? I’m having drop frames 🙁
    My PC:
    RAM: 8GB
    Videocard: 930mx nvidia
    Processor: i7 core intel

    • albert says:

      The easiest and clean way is to reinstall the game. You won’t lose any progress/savegame at all, so it’s 100% safe.
      I suggest you to delete the BIO4 folder completely before reinstall the game so you’ll delete all the huge project files.

      You always can restore the files inside the backup folder as well, but it’s a manual process and the project files will remain there and use HDD space for no reason

  125. Mancini says:

    Hello, Albert!

    Is it possible to remove the film grain layer?

    I used to use a mod the did that, but it crashes the game when using it in conjunction with re4hd..
    Thank you for your hard work! Cheers from Brazil!!

  126. BenzoSt says:

    With this mod installed, will I still be able to earn Steam Achievements?

  127. Enclosure says:

    hello. My gun/ammo box is all gliched., cant see the guns icons and there’s text in japonês on the bottom of the case.

  128. Gonzalo says:

    Hola albert. Primer persona que te escribe en español en el sitio (i know english xD)
    Hay algunas cosas en la versión de gamecube que están cambiadas, o removidas.
    En el castillo, recuerdas la habitación con candado? No es la que tiene la broken butterfly. Bueno, después de terminar el chapter donde juegas con ashley, al ir a esa habitación, originalmente hay 2 novistators y pueden atacar a ashley también.
    Desde el primer port de ps2 en hasta la última versión capcom invirtió el sonido de dolor al atacar a cualquier ganado en el hombro por el sonido de dolor en la cara. Hay ocasiones en las que el sonido es el correcto, pero la mayoría de las veces está cambiado por el que no corresponde. Hay alguna manera de corregir eso tal como era originalmente? Yo creo que es un glitch o no sé.
    No sé si esto ya telo dije, peroen la versión japonesa de gc y algunos ports de la versión japonesa, en el chapter donde se juega con ashley, hay cámaras estáticas al estilo de los resident clásicos. Es posible lograr eso también?
    Sería espectacular si se pudiera agregar de forma opcional.
    Otra diferencia es el daño con el cuchillo que fue muy incrementado desde el primer port de ps2 en adelante. Creo que aumentaron casi el triple del daño del cuchillo. Imagínate matar a un regenerador con alrededor de más de 300 cuchillazos a 72 cuchillazos aprox. Soy algo obsesivo y súper perfeccionista. Como artista ilustrador entiendo la pasión que debes experimentar al terminar cada objetivo en el proyecto. Déjame decirte que tienes un talento increíble para esto y mereces un trabajo en alguna compañía de videojuegos famosa. Obviamente le doy crédito a todas las personas que están trabajando contigo en este proyecto.
    Qué fue lo que estudiaste y cómo lograste tanto conocimiento de luces y sombras, texturas, etc?

    • albert says:

      Hola Gonzalo!
      Ui! hay montones de gente que me escribe en español. No problemo haah
      -Lo de los Novistadors ya lo arreglé:
      -Lo de los ganados no me había dado cuenta! Ya no comprobaré…
      -Lo de las cámaras también puede cambiarse. Ya tengo un mini parche para quien quiera jugar con los ángulos de cámara japoneses. Solo hay que reemplazar 2 archivos
      -Por desgracia no puedo cambiar el daño que un arma genera a los enemigos. Está fuera de mis capacidades…

      Pues todo es bastante autodidacta, ya que estudié diseño y producción editorial, y es eso a lo que me dedico, a hacer revistas. Lo demás es por amor al arte haha

      Muchas gracias por el interés y por tu mensaje!

      • Gonzalo says:

        Genial, respondiste inmediatamente. Algunas cosas que dejé sin resolver en algunos comentarios que puse en tus videos:
        En cuanto a esas animaciones perdidas de los zealots al darse vuelta, no pude encontrar un video mostrando cuando eso ocurre. Así que una vez que me compre un pc, haré yo mismo un video comparando esas diferencias, Pero me tomará algo de tiempo comprar uno. (Ese comentario lo escribí en el video de assignment ada)
        En cuanto a ese detalle de la patilla de ashley en el video del último chapter, se ve en el minuto 14:13. (ahí puse ese comentario con todo el detalle).
        Soy el tipo que tiene una foto de una rata súper fea para que se te haga más fácil encontrarlos y escribí en bastantes videos xD saludos

        • albert says:

          Ahh Mr. Wong haha
          Muy bien Aunque siendo un tema de animaciones no creo que pueda hacer gran cosa, pero será interesante ver qué es lo que se ha perdido.

          Ahh vale, ahora velo lo del pelo de Ashley. Veré a ver si puedo arreglarlo en el juego y si en las cinemáticas pasa algo parecido o no.


  129. blacknyanboy says:

    help me please in 2020 my game run normal but in 2021 my game just have a bug look https://youtu.be/slYFD0mqJyc

  130. Matt says:

    Dang after playing though RE8 I am chomping at the bit to play through this completed project again!!! Final release when? Lol!

  131. Gonzalo says:

    Ahora que volví a jugar re4, recordé algunos detalles que no mencioné o tal vez sí.
    Bueno, en la versión de gc como suelo decir, sólo en algunas puertas, donde dice open en color verde, al entrar, volver y entrar, etc, hay ocasiones en que no hay sonido de la puerta de abrir y cerrar. Este glitch es incluso mucho peor en los ports, ocurre mucho más seguido, al menos en la versión de ps2 y ps3, los únicos ports que he jugado.
    Así que hay alguna forma de que arregles esa falla, en caso de que ocurra en la versión que estás trabajando?

    Lo otro es una versión alternativa de decapitación de los zealots al salirles la plaga. En vez de perder su cabeza como siempre, a veces, en el gc pierden solamente la parte inferior de la mandíbula y la cabeza se echa para atrás como si abrieras un bolso lo más posible. Es bastante repugnante para algunos jugadores (en lo personal, yo lo encuentro genial)
    Esto último es de ocio. Es posible que puedas poner una opción para cambiarles las voces a todos los ganados por las de las versiones beta? Aquí hay un canal donde muestran bastante contenido de los betas que te podría interesar, incluso del re 3.5

    • albert says:

      Pues no me he percatado de ese fallo de sonido en esta versión. La versión que estoy modificando es la de PC que salió en 2014, (no confundir con la de 2007, que estaba basada en el port de PS2)
      En la versión PC antigua sí que pasaba, pero constantemente, se cortaba el sonido al abrir una puerta. Era horrible…

      Los zealots siguen teniendo este tipo de decapitación cuando les sale la plaga de la cabeza en esta versión. (No me he fijado si en otras versiones no ocurre, pero en la PC de 2014 sí, igual que en la GC/Wii)

      Ah sí, ya he visto este canal, que el chico tiene una beta la mar de interesante. No dispongo de los archivos de audio y además tampoco sé a qué sonido corresponde cada uno (es decir no sé cual habría que reemplazar por cual). Y me llevaría un montón de tiempo además XD

      • Gonzalo says:

        Ah ok, entonces está bien y lo último era ya sólo de ocio XD. Si quieres, puedo subir el primer beta, para que lo descargues, en caso de que tengas mucha curiosidad.
        Olvidé mencionar unas diferencias.
        1en la versión gc el dr mega salvador, tiene una diferencia en el sonido. Aquí hay un video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lqzmWRVjMGA
        El poder de fuego del rifle de 1 tiro es de 18.0 y fue buffeado en los ports a 30.0
        La mínima cantidad de balas en drops por enemigos para rifles y escopetas es de 3 y la máxima de 10. Hay algunas partes donde te dan 15 cartuchos de escopeta. Lo mismo ocurre con el resto de las armas.
        Los drops en csntidad de dinero también es diferente en algunos ganados.
        Creo que estoy obsesionado con la versión de gc y sorry por dar la lata por el tremendo texto. Tengo la versión de gc bajada también, la americana y japinesa, en caso de que las quieras.
        Si yo tuviera un computador y supiera de programación, te ayudaría con gusto.
        Y no es necesario que te tomes el tiempo de de aplicar todas esas diferencias, pues sólo las menciono por si acaso.
        Saludosy suerte con el proyecto

  132. Paul says:

    Love the work that has been done to this project.

    Big props because i know it takes a-lot of effort.

    But my question is, I haven’t played RE4 since the RE4 Ultimate Edition launched on P.C, and i wanna dive back into it because it’s one of my favorite games of all time.

    But my question is; should i be patience a little longer for this HD project to be completely finished or should i play anyways with the latest 2018 release?

    • albert says:

      Thank you for the message!
      hummm… At this point I’d suggest you to wait if you are not in a hurry, because the final version will probably be released by the end of this year. This way, the differences you will notice will be much more noticeable than if you try the 2018 version first ;P

  133. arlyn_JustaNoob says:

    I’m pretty sure I left my comment here a long time ago about how amazing the work you’ve put into this HD project and i’m just stunned on how amazing the progress that has been showcased via comparison images… and maybe someday I could play a proper, Steam version of RE4 UHD with your HD Project… Because currently at the moment, I can only play the *clear throat* non-steam/cracked RE4 UHD on my PC… I only recently found out about how to use a trainer with the non-steam RE4 UHD somehow… off-topic.

    One thing i would like to add, and it might sound like a request… can you guys like, when we have Leon with his RPD outfit, fix/change Ada’s Tactical Spy outfit from Assignment Ada to her RE2/Mercenaries Red Dress for the cutscenes? who knows if you would respond or take it up… but just want to throw it out because it always frustate the hell out of me when we finish Assignment Ada and we see the credits sequence of Ada in RE2 red dress and Leon in RPD outfit, when we try that for the main game… nope, just not even work.

    i think i’m done rambling. keep up the good work, guys. take care of yourselves there

    • albert says:

      Sorry for the ultra-late answer… I forgot it XD
      Yes, the latest 2018 release already had this RE2 outfit option when Leon wears his RPD uniform! And it worked perfectly fine and looking exactly like in Assignment Ada’s ending ;D

      • Arlyn_JustaNoob says:

        Really? oOo how did you manage to do that? I would very like to have that option somehow as a seperate mod or something. But maybe that’s not possible. In any case, thaf’s grear you guys able to fix that off.

  134. Nano says:

    Dear all,

    Thanks so much for the effort you putting in this amazing mod.
    I can’t find the direct link, please can you re upload the links, and thanks so much

    • albert says:

      Since there will be a new release by the end of this year, we prefer not re-uploading this 2018 outdated version via direct download again. So, only the torrent option remains available now (The DD links “died” a long time ago…)
      There will be more download options for the upcoming final release.
      Thanks for the patience!

      • Thank you for the message!
        hummm… At this point I’d suggest you to wait if you are not in a hurry, because the final version will probably be released by the end of this year. This way, the differences you will notice will be much more noticeable than if you try the 2018 version first ;P

  135. Gonzalo says:

    Hola albert. Sé que llevas mucho tiempo trabajando diro, junto con el equipo de personas que te dan una mano.
    Me encontré con un video súper interesante acerca del origen de los ganados, cuando Capcom tenía el juego en fase de desarrollo. Si tirnes tiempo, échale un vistazo. No te arrepentirás

    El otro video muestra algunas diferencias de la versión americana con la europea de gc, como un cambio de diálogo de Krauser y muchos saludos. Estaré al tanto de los nuevos updates tuyos

  136. Keats says:

    Hello! I’m so excited for the final build. Quick question though, will the gameplay be natively accessible to Ultra/Super Ultrawide Monitors (with compensated Field-of-View)?

    • albert says:

      I guess this will need a separate patch since there’s no way we can add extra options in the game other than replacing stuff.
      Maybe when my coder colleagues get into the matter they’ll do something about this. But I can’t promise anything because I have no idea about the real limitations of what can be done with this game code…

  137. Ty says:

    Please help I’m trying to use this mod. Everything works except for this.

    • albert says:

      But I’m seeing everything is lowres. So, the HD textures are not installed. Something went wrong. But I can’t say what exactly was :/

      • Ty says:

        I read that if you have another mod installed it does this. The only other mods I got is the one that changes XBOX 360 controls to PS3 controls and re4tweaks which fixes a lot of 60fps issues. Could one of this be causing problems cause the everything else isn’t low res just cutscenes for some reason. If it is the changing of controls would it be possible to implement it into the mod? Also when I try to install thru .bat I get “The system cannot find the file specified” on a lot of the files too.

  138. Roxanne says:

    Hi! First thank you for the excellent work you’ve done. I have a small question. Is it possible to change the camera FOV of RE4 just like RE2R? I heard that RE4 HD has real-time cut-scenes. Or is there any CT for me to do this? Because I really want to watch the CGs from different directions. 🙂

  139. CASEnotcase says:

    I have a problem with the ammo case, the game loads correctly, but when I open the inventory, the ammo case have no texture.
    please help :3

  140. Eduardo says:

    When I try downloading it it says error 404 page not found ,what is going on ?

  141. Zach says:

    Will it be possible to direct download the Final Release or will it only be a torrent? Heard about this and am very excited for the final release anyway!

  142. Random User says:

    why is there a trojan virus in the installer download?

  143. Ruso says:

    It gives me a Trojan virus warning of “Tiggre!rfn”. why?

  144. Adam says:

    I’m curious, do we have to reinstall the entire thing once a patch has been released? Or do we just need to install a patch zip and put in the BIO4 folder

  145. Dale says:

    I’m not able to use x360ce for my generic controller. Without x360ce my controller is working but movement is with left analog and aim is with right analog.
    But on Playstation2 and Original PC version it was Move/Aim with left analog.
    But on Ultimate HD Edition with generic controller – Move – left analog, Aim – Right Analog but that was solved using x360ce as the game recognized it as a xbox 360 controller and I could do Move/Aim with left analog because Xbox controller setting has that option.

    But with this mod installed I’m not able to use x360ce. If I replace dinput8.dll with x360ce’s one, the game crashes. If I use mod’s dinput8.dll and try to use x360ce, game runs but I cannot move with controller.
    I can only play this with Mouse/Keyboard. But I really wanna play this with my controller.

  146. LordCeno says:

    Amazing work. Any chance of an option for Playstation style button prompts?

  147. DonRioMa says:

    Hola buenas, tengo una duda ¿Arreglaron los skips del carrito de minero y el del principio de la isla usando el dipman glitch? He intentado los dos y no funcionan de ninguna manera. No se si lo estoy haciendo mal o es que con estas texturas o hitboxes ya no se puede realizar. He podido hacer el skip de los dos gigantes sólo.
    Por último, quiero agradecerles muchísimo el currazo que se han pegado, me lo estoy pasando de puta madre y alucinando con las texturas. Cuando tenga dinero prometo donar algo porque madre mía, que trabajaso. Un gran saludo.

  148. Shinngo says:

    so here’s the thing, i know this would sounds so stupid, but i play on laptop with AMD A9, and Radeon R5, 4 GB DDR4 RAM, so my gameplay in HD graphics is well, you could say it’s not gonna work smoothly, and i play on original graphics setting with 30 fps, if i do patch the game with this patch, would the gameplay changes you made in this mod still taking effects? like the qte button changes and the mouse control. and how about the game itself? would the game be heavier to run overall? what’ll happening with the original graphic setting then if i were to patch my game with this? i know if i’m just upgrade my laptop the issue i have now will be nonexistent, but in the meantime, i would have to hang on wit this laptop until i got the new one, so if you would answer my question, that would be a great thing for me regardless the answer you guys will have, thank you again

  149. muhammed says:

    Hi there
    I installed the patch, but when I download the Turkish language patch, Leon and other skins turn white, I couldn’t find a solution. I would appreciate it if you could help.

  150. Paulo Lucas says:

    Is there any way to run HD PROJECT with x360ce? The dinput8dll file has conflicts with the x360ce dll, which makes it impossible to edit the control’s buttons.

  151. SchnozBott says:

    I’m a little unclear on what is intended by the text description of the DisableBrokenFilter03 setting in the re4tweaks menu/ini. It says it should be disabled if using the HD Project (which I am), but I’m not sure if that means I SHOULD check the box (set to true) to disable filter03, or if I should UNCHECK the setting to disable the disabling of filter03 (say if it were fixed by HD Project somehow). Should this be checked or unchecked (set to true or false in the ini)?

    • albert says:

      Uncheck 😉 (“False” if you manually edit the ini file)
      This broken filter is only annoying when playing the original version of the game.
      In the HD project the filter has been reused for other purposes, so it must remain Enabled.

  152. JJA says:

    Hey, since the game is on sale rn i was thinking about buying it but on the german steam site it says that its the low violence version. My question is, does your patch make the game uncut? Either way I just watched the trailer and wow. Thank u guys so much for doing this, the world needs more of you.

  153. Victor says:

    Olá, gostaria de saber se futuramente eu poderia desinstalar o mod e como desinstalar.

  154. Jack says:

    Hi, amazing work! Just wanted to ask, if there’s any possibility to change controlling the character with mouse like it is done in for example RE5 or RE2Remake ? Basically something like what this mod is trying to do. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wSPe4C9Iv0&ab_channel=KahMehKahZeh

  155. Eric says:


    Does this version correct the Xbox One Elite controller bug?
    The game was designed on pc with Xbox 360 controller support, but the newer Xbox Elite controllers are not supported with the proper layout, which makes the game unplayable (with a controller).

  156. Ryan says:

    The Mega Links is totally not worth it. It’s soooooooooooo slow!

  157. Ben Bullock says:

    Does this fix the QTE bug where if you’re running the game at 60 fps, the QTEs are all-but-impossible?

  158. Peida Qing says:

    First of all thank you for all you do. As I play, I often stop to admire the beautiful models and textures and compare them to the original.
    In addition I need to point out a problem, there seems to be an integrity problem with the files downloaded by torrenting.Please evaluate whether this problem needs to be fixed, or only provide downloads from the network disk.

    Finally, if there are players from China like me who want to support the author’s work, you can consider the following ways:
    1. Open the donation page, log in to your account, and prompt “donations to this recipient aren’t supported in this country”
    2. Press “f12” to open the browser console, search for “dialog”, find the item “class=ppvx_modal-backdrop___2-6-1” and delete it
    3. Go to Console, select p2pMemberFrame in the top drop-down bar.
    4. Enter document.querySelector(‘#react-transfer-container > div > div > form > div > button’).click();
    payment completed

  159. Faaheemah says:

    Hello, I’m having some trouble downloading the HD project, i tried both direct downloads, and i followed the instructions, but something is still not working. Also, when i unzip the files with 7zip, it seems like the files are password protected, but the folder still gets unzipped. I don’t know if that has some correlation with why the game is not starting when i download the mods are not. I am now trying the torrent ver.

  160. Shane Wilson says:

    Can this mod be installed to the game when it’s not in the default install location?
    I never install games on the C: drive. I have two SSD’s that I use for gaming and media that are different drive letters.

  161. kTeo says:

    will you guys still maintain the 1.0 version avaiable to download? A project i’m working on is currently using the 1.0 version (ported from the 2018 build) and i think it would be better to leave it at 1.0 for a while and wait for future updates to avoid redoing stuff many times.

    • albert says:

      1.0 was released on February 2022.
      the 2018 version was an unfinished version
      So, that 2018 was removed a long time ago…

      • kTeo says:

        It wasn’t, actually. Sure, it’s not avaiable to download by the main download tab but the torrent URL is still working if you go all the way back the archives. I was wondering if you would keep 1.0 uploaded as well

  162. Lucaz Andrade says:

    Hello, I’ve been translating games for a few years, I would like your permission to translate this game into my language, using part of your mod, (if it modifies any text or font) and I would also like to know what tool or method I can use it to get to the texts of the game, congratulations for the beautiful work and I’m grateful in advance…

  163. oscat says:

    After I install the mod, can I delete all the bin files?

  164. J.JonahJameson says:

    Forcing people to use a sketchy program to do something one could easily do manually in less than 2 minutes sorta sucks. I’m sure many like me would appreciate a version that isn’t forcing the “installer”. I had it installed perfectly with the previous method but I had to reformat my ssd. It was very simple with the instructions you gave. Anyways, thank you for all your hard work as always!

  165. MissLieliss says:

    Hello just wondering if there is a way to disable the mouse lock when turning? I still want to see Leon’s face lol thank you!

  166. Very_Heavenly says:

    This might be a stupid question, but will I be fine using the torrent download without a VPN? I don’t want my ISP seeing “Resident Evil 4” and immediately flagging it as copyright lmao. I doubt the process works that way, but I just wanted to make sure before I torrent anything.

    • albert says:

      I don’t think it’s needed. At least I never heard about using a VPN for the torrents. And no files from the HD project contain the “resident evil” words 😉

  167. Medeiros says:

    First of all, happy new year!!

    So, I have a suggestion. It’s related to the Bella Sisters’ secret area. I like it a lot. The music and atmosphere are excellent. But I believe there’s one thing that could make the area even more special: Mega Dr. Salvador (from The Mercenaries)!!

    I believe the rounded hall – with the giant plaga statue – would be a great arena to deal with him. It would be amazing to face this enemy in the main campaign. This place already has an eerie feeling, but I miss a powerful and unique foe to face there. I believe that Mega Dr. Salvador would fit perfectly as the area’s ultimate surprise. What do you think?

  168. Domo says:

    Love and blessings

  169. Max says:

    Will it be possible to use this for the GAMECUBE/DOLPHIN version one day?
    That would be incredible to try if it ever happens

  170. Taven says:

    Hey guys,
    When trying to extract the file into the RE4 folder I keep getting met with an error for a source file being corrupted. That being 44000406.pack.ifs

    This is my first time trying to mod any game so I may have made an error somewhere along the way but is there any workaround for this?

    • albert says:

      It’s an installer. So, you shouldn’t extract anything.
      If you downloaded the files from Mediafire, make sure you unzipped re4HDProject-Setup-17.zip first, before installing the mod
      Also, did you verify the downloaded files aren’t corrupted using BIO4.sfv file? (it’s in the same download links that contain all the 18 parts and the installer file). You’ll need to install QuickSFV

  171. Ilya says:

    will this mod work if I disable Hd texture in the game and select “original” one ?
    I have freezes on my 1050 with this mod so I hope this will help

    • Ilya says:

      And which settings is the best to this mod ?
      I mean if I use original texture with low quality shadow, will this work properly?

    • albert says:

      Yes, you can change the texture quality to original. The original textures have been adapted to all the changes and it’s fully compatible
      the shadow quality option is just for the realtime shadows that appear in certain cutscenes. It won’t have any impact during the normal gameplay
      You can deactivate the antialiasing as well and use 30fps option to increase the performance 😉

  172. Clandestineone says:

    Alas, I’m never going to have a computer powerful enough to play this. Is there ever going to be a way to play it on a PS4/5?

  173. Keikato says:

    Hi/ first of all thanks for your realy great work, stil can’t belivee that this mod is possible. Also im interested, can i install part of assets and fixes on ps3 version of game (if this is mod on HD version of game that based on ps3/xbox360 reliese)?

  174. Wyatt Chartrand says:

    What’s a surefire way to know that you’ve successfully installed the mod and it is running successfully in game?

  175. Anthony Escobar Pires Ferreira says:

    Hi, I’m trying to download part 6 and 8 through mediafire but the pages give me an error and I can’t complete the download. Is there any way to help?

    • albert says:

      Hello! They work fine from here.
      You can download the remaining parts in the MEGA link. They are the same files, and they can be combined with the files downloaded in Mediafire

  176. Nicolas says:

    Hello, the file size of the zip, Albert MARIN GARAU-Various Files-HDproject1.1-20230317-2b51.zip, is at 48.9 and counting. It is supposed to be only 32.4.

    Do you know what might be happening?

  177. lLittleJohnl says:

    Pessoal, agora com a saída do Remake, senti falta de alguns itens… Vocês saberiam dizer como eu começo nesse mudo de mods?

  178. Lara Esteban says:

    Hola que tal, disculpen la molestia y la pregunta, tal vez ya la han contestado antes, pero no vi la respuesta o mas bien no me quedo del todo claro.
    Este mod funciona con el la version UHD de Steam?

  179. Fren says:

    Thank you for all the work you put in! We just played through it and the game looks absolutely brand new, so many good memories all over again. Take care and good luck in your lives going forward! 😀

  180. name says:

    hi!, any plan to make the file size a bit smaller?

  181. Daniel says:

    hola como estan puedo hacerles una pregunta, esque es si su juego se puede jugar en una ps2 con una memory card de 8mbs y si se tiene los requisitos porque deseo mucho jugarlo en mi ps2 slim que puede leer juegos copia de ps2 y les deseo un buen exito, y espero su respuesta 🙂

  182. Zeku says:

    will there be an update that’s compatible with the beta 1.0.2 version of the game? that’s the Only way some of us can get the game to run, and i really Really do want to use this mod. the spaghetti coding of the steam port is so frustrating lol

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