Progress Summary

We are working through the game in the following order:

– Environmental Textures
– Mercenaries, Separate Ways
– Items and Weapons
– Enemies, NPCs, Playable Characters
– And anything not covered above

The charts below capture our progress — we will keep this updated as areas are completed. Some rooms are more complex than others, so giving an exact time estimate is difficult, but at least you can see what we’re working on and what we’ve completed. Thanks!

Right now, we are also remastering Separate Ways prerendered cutscenes (not included in the tables). Its status is around 60%.

Note: “In Progress” means essentially 50-90% complete.

Last update: October, 10th, 2021



Room Texture Status 3D edits Status Light/Effect/etc… Status Final revisions
r100 :: First village area Complete Complete Complete Complete
r101 :: The main village Complete Complete Complete Complete
r102 :: The underground area Complete Complete Complete Complete
r103 :: The farm Complete Complete Complete Complete
r104 :: The area you wake up in with Luis Complete Complete Complete Complete
r105 :: The chief’s house Complete Complete Complete Complete
r106 :: The road to the old house (running from the first boulder) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r107 :: The area after using the two hexagon pieces Complete Complete Complete Complete
r108 :: The graveyard Complete Complete Complete Complete
r109 :: El Gigante area Complete Complete Complete Complete
r10A :: The swamp Complete Complete Complete Complete
r10B :: Del Lago area Complete Complete Complete Complete
r10C :: Area past Del Lago (night time) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r10D :: Merchant place in the lake Complete Complete Complete Complete
r10E :: Merchant place in El Gigante area Complete Complete Complete Complete
r10F :: The lifts (near the end of the village) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r111 :: The Main Village (night time) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r112 :: The underground area (night time) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r113 :: The farm (night time) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r117 :: The church Complete Complete Complete Complete
r118 :: The graveyard (night time) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r119 :: El Gig area (night time) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r11A :: The swamp (night time) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r11B :: Del Lago area (night time) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r11C :: Cabin area (Luis and Leon defend the cabin) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r11D :: Split road (Bella sisters) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r11E :: Split road (El Gigante) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r11F :: Torture barn (Mendez boss fight) Complete Complete Complete Complete

Room Texture Status 3D edits Status Light/Effect/etc… Status Final revisions
r200 :: Village to castle road Complete Complete Complete Complete
r201 :: Main castle entrance (Salazar’s introduction) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r202 :: Castle catapult road Complete Complete Complete Complete
r203 :: Castle front door (Luis forgets the drug) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r204 :: Ceremonial chamber (Ashley gets trapped) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r205 :: Novistador sewers Complete Complete Complete Complete
r206 :: Luis’ death area Complete Complete Complete Complete
r207 :: Platinum and Gold sword room Complete Complete Complete Complete
r208 :: Water room (Ashley uses the cranks) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r209 :: Red Zealot runs to machine gun area Complete Complete Complete Complete
r20A :: Outdoor area (Free Broken Butterfly) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r20B :: Garden maze Complete Complete Complete Complete
r20C :: Dining room (shoot the bottle in the painting) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r20D :: Ashley area 1 (crawl under tables) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r20E :: Ashley area 2 (knights and picture puzzle) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r20F :: Blue columns room Complete Complete Complete Complete
r210 :: Dragon room entrance (before lava room) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r211 :: Grail offering room Complete Complete Complete Complete
r212 :: Queens grail room Complete Complete Complete Complete
r213 :: Novistadores hive (Ashley carried away by them) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r214 :: Rotating bridge outside clock tower Complete Complete Complete Complete
r215 :: Salazar sends Leon down the pit Complete Complete Complete Complete
r216 = Kings grail room Complete Complete Complete Complete
r217 :: Clock tower (inside) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r218 :: Hallway before the pit Complete Complete Complete Complete
r219 :: Transport cart Complete Complete Complete Complete
r21A :: Underground mines Complete Complete Complete Complete
r21B :: Mines (mine cart ride) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r21D :: Novistador cave Complete Complete Complete Complete
r220 :: Save point after Verdugo Complete Complete Complete Complete
r221 :: Verdugo area Complete Complete Complete Complete
r222 :: Lava / Dragon room Complete Complete Complete Complete
r223 :: Mines (Dynamite in the rock) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r224 :: Furnace (two El Gigantes) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r225 :: Outdoor area (offering to the lion) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r226 :: Giant Salazar statue room Complete Complete Complete Complete
r227 :: Tower of death (Leon impales Salazar’s hand) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r228 :: Salazar boss room Complete Complete Complete Complete
r229 :: The pit (before the Verdugo room) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r22A :: Final area (Ada waits for Leon) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r22C :: Target practice area Complete Complete Complete Complete

Room Texture Status 3D edits Status Light/Effect/ etc… Status Final revisions
r300 :: First island area Complete Complete Complete Complete
r301 :: Second area, overlooking r300 Complete Complete Complete Complete
r303 :: Creepy area with the oven man Complete Complete Complete Complete
r304 :: Where you see Ashley on the TV Complete Complete Complete Complete
r305 :: Enemies with dynamite / arrows behind lifting door Complete Complete Complete Complete
r306 :: Central room (between the lab, cold room, and trash room) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r307 :: Lab (meet the first Regenerator) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r308 :: Cold room (infrared scope & Regenerator) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r309 :: Second lab (meet the first Iron Maiden) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r30a :: Communication area (final room in Assigment Ada) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r30b :: Trash room (where Leon and Ashley jump down) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r30c :: Room where Ashley is held Complete Complete Complete Complete
r30d :: Area before the truck (many locked doors, two Regenerators) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r30e :: Room after Ashley’s cell Complete Complete Complete Complete
r30f :: Truck room #1 Complete Complete Complete Complete
r310 :: Area you land in after jumping into the trash Complete Complete Complete Complete
r311 :: Wrecking ball room Complete Complete Complete Complete
r312 :: Small merchant room Complete Complete Complete Complete
r315 :: Room after the truck crash Complete Complete Complete Complete
r316 :: Room where Saddler steals Ashley Complete Complete Complete Complete
r317 :: Leon vs. Krauser knife battle Complete Complete Complete Complete
r318 :: Laser room Complete Complete Complete Complete
r31a :: The cave before “It” (U3) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r31b :: “It” room Complete Complete Complete Complete
r31c :: Krauser area Complete Complete Complete Complete
r31d :: Area w/ soldiers camping (after “It” and before Krauser) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r320 :: Large battle area (after Krauser) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r321 :: “MIIIIIIIIKE!!!!” Complete Complete Complete Complete
r325 :: Room where Leon trys to kill Ada Complete Complete Complete Complete
r326 :: Jail cells, Regenerator, strange moving bag Complete Complete Complete Complete
r327 :: Final large Ganado fight Complete Complete Complete Complete
r329 :: Escape from Saddler with Ada’s help Complete Complete Complete Complete
r330 :: Laser operation room Complete Complete Complete Complete
r331 :: Room before the final Saddler battle Complete Complete Complete Complete
r332 :: Saddler battle area Complete Complete Complete Complete
r333 :: Last area in the game Complete Complete Complete Complete

Room Texture Status 3D edits Status Light/Effect/etc… Status Final revisions
r500 :: The main village Complete Complete Complete Complete
r501 :: The underground area Complete Complete Complete Complete
r502 :: The graveyard Complete Complete Complete Complete
r503 :: The church (daytime) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r504 :: The main village (Chapter 2) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r505 :: The farm past the main village Complete Complete Complete Complete
r506 :: The chief’s house Complete Complete Complete Complete
r507 :: The road to the old house Complete Complete Complete Complete
r508 :: The lifts (near the end of the village) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r509 :: Cabin area (Señorita!) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r50A :: Long road with cabins and El Gigante Complete Complete Complete Complete
r50B :: Torture barn (Bella Sister) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r50C :: Luis’ death area Complete Complete Complete Complete
r50D :: Outdoor area before maze Complete Complete Complete Complete
r50E :: Garden maze Complete Complete Complete Complete
r50F :: Dining room Complete Complete Complete Complete
r510 :: Blue columns room Complete Complete Complete Complete
r512 :: Truck room (1st half) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r513 :: Battleship area Complete Complete Complete Complete
r514 :: Truck room (2nd half) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r515 :: Room after the truck crash Complete Complete Complete Complete
r516 :: Room where Saddler steals Ashley Complete Complete Complete Complete
r517 :: Leon vs. Krauser knife battle Complete Complete Complete Complete
r518 :: Large battle area (After Mike destroys everything) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r519 :: Ancient ruins and Crashed Chopper area Complete Complete Complete Complete
r51a :: Room where Leon trys to kill Ada Complete Complete Complete Complete
r51b :: Jail cells, Regenerator, strange moving bag Complete Complete Complete Complete
r51c :: Ada vs. Krauser Complete Complete Complete Complete
r51d :: Ada vs. Saddler Complete Complete Complete Complete
r51e :: “Use this… AGAIN!” Complete Complete Complete Complete


Room Texture Status 3D edits Status Light/Effect/etc… Status Final revisions
r400 :: The Mercenaries (1st stage) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r402 :: The Mercenaries (2nd stage) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r403 :: The Mercenaries (3rd stage) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r404 :: The Mercenaries (4th stage) Complete Complete Complete Complete
r405 :: Assignment Ada Complete Complete Complete Complete
r406 :: Assignment Ada Complete Complete Complete Complete
r40a :: Assignment Ada Complete Complete Complete Complete
r40b :: Assignment Ada Complete Complete Complete Complete
r40c :: Assignment Ada Complete Complete Complete Complete
r40d :: Assignment Ada Complete Complete Complete Complete
r40e :: Assignment Ada Complete Complete Complete Complete
r40f :: Assignment Ada Complete Complete Complete Complete
r410 :: Assignment Ada Complete Complete Complete Complete
r411 :: Assignment Ada Complete Complete Complete Complete


  Texture Status 3D edits Status Light/Effect/etc… Status Final revisions
Ingame weapons Complete Complete Not applicable Complete
Inventory items Complete Complete Not applicable 90%
Examine items Complete Complete Not applicable 90%
Typewriter menu Complete Not applicable Not applicable Complete
Main menus Complete Not applicable Not applicable Complete
End of Chapter Images Complete Not applicable Not applicable Complete
Files Background Images Complete Not applicable Not applicable Complete
Leon Complete Complete Complete 90%
Ashley Complete Complete Complete 90%
Ada Complete Complete Complete Complete
Luis Complete Complete Complete Complete
Enemies Complete Complete Complete Complete
Sound bugs Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Complete
Cutscenes Complete Complete Complete Complete


  Texture Status 3D edits Status Light / Effect / etc… Status Files / Chapter end Images Characters Enemies Final revisions
Chapter 1-1 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
Chapter 1-2 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
Chapter 1-3 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
Chapter 2-1 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
Chapter 2-2 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
Chapter 2-3 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
Chapter 3-1 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
Chapter 3-2 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
Chapter 3-3 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
Chapter 3-4 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
Chapter 4-1 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
Chapter 4-2 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
Chapter 4-3 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
Chapter 4-4 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
Chapter 5-1 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
Chapter 5-2 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
Chapter 5-3 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
Chapter 5-4 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
The Final Chapter Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
SW Chapter 1 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
SW Chapter 2 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
SW Chapter 3 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
SW Chapter 4 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete
SW Chapter 5 Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete

817 responses to “Progress Summary”

  1. Lukas says:

    Especially looking forward to the target practice area. You should add some filter to the wood cutouts so they don’t just look like flat surfaces with textures, I mean like a slight wood surface texture or something. :^)


      • Kristofer Stoll says:

        I couldn’t agree more. People that say graphics don’t matter haven’t had the opportunity to play a game that has been re-done like this one is. Sure great graphics don’t make a Bad Game Good. But they make a Great Game Better…

        • Kristofer Stoll says:

          Looks like it’s time for me to donate another $20 to this amazing project! Good job guys!

          • albert says:

            Thank you Kristofer for your support! 😀
            We hope you enjoy the July 13th release 😉

          • Kristofer Stoll says:

            No, no…. thank You for the amazing work you 2 have put into this project. Considering that you guys are doing this on your own dime to benefit us gamers it is for me a no brainer to donate my “dimes”. More people should be following suit.

  2. Daniel Mahon says:

    Looking awesome, love the detail, great work guys!

  3. Zhi Yuan Tian says:

    You really did a good job!We really enjoy it!

  4. Josh says:

    You guys rock!! I can’t wait for it all to be complete! It looks beautiful 😀

  5. Dean says:

    This is freaking insane. Capcom should pay you guys. Good luck to finishing guys. I’m excited for when its complete, so i can play it on professional looking like a brand new game.

  6. AnInternetUser,Okay? says:

    Just wanted to say,
    A: This is absolutely phenomenal work so far, the detail is incredible, though as others have commented, certain textures do look a bit to clean, and from a holistic point of view arn’t any different from the old ones except less complicated and simpler. Then again I’m looking at the very first points at the moment so maybe I’m talking rubbish.
    B:This website has probably made me appreciate RE4 more than playing it ever did, taking the time to see all the influences and minute details the artist put in, and reading the summary, realising how much S*#! was actually crammed into the thing, thank you so much 🙂

    • Cris says:

      Thank you! Sounds like you downloaded and are playing through the Village section? If anything specific jumps out at you feel free to let us know! 🙂 And of course, we hope you enjoy it!!

      • AnInternetUser,Okay? says:

        Erm, I’m actually just judging from screenshots and videos (I meant to say posts not points :P) and I was guessing you’d probably updated the ones shown in those.
        I’d like to point out that the paintings in the castle were most likely intended to be blurry and hard to make out to add to their creepiness, sort of like really old and weathered oil paintings, in particular the painting of Salazar (which has his eyes obscured in the original) looks more like concept art than a valuable painting.
        Again, thanks for reading and good luck with the project! I actually might be a bit annoyed if you don’t get some recognition from capcom.

        • albert says:

          Hi! Thank you for feedback. I perfectly understand your point of view 🙂

          After all these months of work and texture analysis… IMO, all blurriness (painting or not, it’s the same) it’s just a side effect of using low-res textures due to the hardware limitations in 2005 and a side effect of combining multiple original paintings into one single picture to avoid copyright issues.

          This makes people’s imagination needs to work extra. Some people interpret that blurrines as creepy atmosphere, some people just see a bunch of blurred pixels.

          About Salazar painting. It’s a painting of uninfected Salazar (when he was “normal”) and the eyes are that dark because of the lower resolution of the texture (That painting original texture is just 128 x 128 pixles). The eyes got mixed in just… 2 pixels height?? XD

          We are trying to capture all that creepiness in our recreations even in HD 😉 and we really hope you enjoy our “final product”! And all reviews, comments and feedback are welcomed!

  7. Lukas says:

    That is what the shooting range targets look like in the HUD right?
    I think the targets should be made to look like that, it makes more sense and it looks much better than screenshots from the game. I also think Capcom would have done that if they had the time. :^)

    And since the HUD shows it like that, that’s also probably the most “canon” look of the targets.

  8. Lukas says:

    I’ve noticed that on the second to last picture, the seat of that chair is probably plastic and the spot on it spilled paint. 🙂

  9. dakamurra says:

    hi guys , as i always say , this project is amazing ! i am very fun of the game and ofcourse of you work in this ,and i cant wait to see it finish.
    the textures look incredible!
    capcom left some minors effects missig in the game, i want to askyou if you guys:

    1_¿can restore the missing textures, or make a new one, from the pool of water, from the scenario where leon escape from the giant salazar estatue? where you have to activate threee plataforms to cross?, because looks transparent,like its missing the reflection and wave effect. I know you are already fixing all the game with new details and effects never seen before in this game! XD.

    2_(not so important really),¿can you replace the low polygons characters for the high poly ones, for the cutscenes? is it possible? or gonna left the game untoched in the matter of character models? to stay true to how capcom make th egame?

    3_can you animate leon hair, when he uses the bulletproof jacket? is completly stiff, i remember this, in gamecube version, working fine, but in ps2 they didnt translate in the port ,so the animation from the hair was missing.

    4_are you gonna ad more specular effects ,on metal materials or shiny objects from the enviroment? or only the important ones? or more visible?.

    • albert says:

      Hi Dakamurra! And thanks for your comments 🙂

      1. I’m working on that ugly pool. I managed to give that water a more natural look. The problem with this water effect in this room and other places of the game is due to hardcoded problems and we can’t fix that properly. We can just hide partialy those issues using some “tricks”.

      2. I don’t know if we can replace character models without messing the animations and making other side effects to pop up here and there. So, we are not going to touch character/enemies models (to avoid unstable graphic and animation issues) unless we learn about a 100% safe and effective way of doing that of course!

      3. Is this hapening in this port too? Or is just an issue of the PS2 port?
      The old PC port was based on PS2 assets but this new PC port is base on XBOX/PS3 port (which was based on Wii/GC ports)

      4. Yes, just on a few items here and there 😉 We are decdiding which ones on the fly.

      • dakamurra says:

        great elbert!
        am looking forward to this,with huge hype!!
        thanks for the answers!

        • dakamurra says:

          and yeah about the question 3
          i can confirm this, it happen in this too simple his hair doesnt move,
          is easy to fix?

          • albert says:

            hmmm… I don’t have the answer now. It would be really helpful if someone asks in the resident evil modding forums and found out a way of fixing that.
            We have no knowledge about this kind of things (animation import export or swap) and trying to lear about that would be really time consuming.
            Since this is an animation issue it’s theorically out of the scope of this project but no doubt a fix would be included at the end if it can be easily solved 😉

  10. dakamurra says:

    CORRECTED _hi guys , as i always say , this project is amazing ! i am very fan of the game and of course of your work ,in this ,and i cant wait to see it finish.

    thankyou for your time!

  11. ben says:

    Amazing work guys! Keep it up!

  12. Edizz says:

    Jesus Christ… I’m gonna make a Paypal account only for donating to you guys. Your job IS F*CKING AMAZING!!!!

    Capcom can shove the UHD version up theirs. This recreation is the final Resident Evil 4 masterpiece.

    I’ll proudly beat the game for the 20th time only because of this mod.

  13. Daniel says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you wanted any assistance on the textures. I wouldn’t mind working on some in my spare time. This is my FAVORITE childhood game, and its cool to see a revival like this, and I cant wait until its completed. Please let me know, thanks!

    • Cris says:

      Thank you very much for the offer! We’re not looking to expand beyond our current set-up, though. Thanks again for the encouragement!

  14. Aldo says:

    I cant wait to see it finish.

  15. dakamurra says:

    maybe you can ad the pregres summary of the
    objects and
    so we can see if there is progres on that to0

  16. sed says:

    hi guys

    first of all: sorry for my bad english…

    I am very pleased to see this project
    (im very glad cause of your perfect project)

    you guys are very respectable..

    This task was Capcom. But you do have

    So shame on Capcom

    And congratulations to you

    A question?
    When do you think this project will be completed?

    I hope this summer

    I had a few ideas, but I do not know it is possible for you or not…

    I wish be possible!!!
    normal map or something like that for characters (this need a hard hack or maybe just a simple trick!)
    making a luancher for add some new selectable character for main campaign and other campaigns
    like claire , chris , jill or ada… instead leon
    (and maybe some new costume for characters and highpoly model and some options for game like hud or hudless…!!!)
    adding new weapons
    new high quality sfx & music (musics must be similar but new and better)
    increase enemy in stages..
    adding new stages to…!!!
    making a compatible enb or sweetfx


    kinda i did something like i told with re4 2007 and i had more idea but I could not…
    and i dont have a high speed internet connection so maybe i cant download your Beautiful project
    (i even cant see it in youtube cause of a stupid Censorship by some idiot in my country…!)

    However, thank you very much for your hard work…

    and again,
    shame on capcom…!!!!

    • Cris says:

      Hello and thank you for the encouragement! Making new characters selectable, adding new weapons, new music, new sound effects, increasing enemies, adding new stages, etc. are beyond the scope of our project. Normal mapping where it makes sense to do so, however, is something that we are implementing as we go through. Hope that helps clarify! Thank you!

  17. VampirE says:

    You’re work is really good!
    I really like this game, and you are making it very nice!!
    I just want to thank you,and I’m REALLY waiting for it…

  18. Reza says:

    I’ve got a question:
    Is this patch for free or we must buy it?
    and when you put it (when it finish)?
    thank you :*

  19. Zombie says:

    Must… not…. play…. before… completely…. done….
    Please…. Hurry 😛

    but don’t let it cut into your personal life or overwork you.

  20. Reza says:

    Excuse me, I’ve got another question!
    How many GBs is this patch?
    I ask it because my internet speed is really low and it hard for me to download this patch from steam!
    Thank you…

    • Cris says:

      Hi Reza! We’re not certain yet, but since the Village environmental textures ended up being about 4GB, I would *estimate* that the final thing will be in the 15-20 GB range. I could be wrong, but that’s my best estimate at the moment. 🙂

  21. Angela Fonseca says:

    Awesome work guys! I can’t wait to play this game all the way through (for the first time!) with this mod installed! I am waiting with baited breath for you to finish! I have already donated $20 and when the project is finished (or really close to being finished) I will donate another $20! I only paid $20 to buy the gaem from STEAM and I am willing to give you guys double that for your amazing work! I can’t wait… gods speed!

  22. Angela Fonseca says:

    Awesome work guys! I can’t wait to play this game all the way through (for the first time!) with this mod installed! I am waiting with baited breath for you to finish! I have already donated $20 and when the project is finished (or really close to being finished) I will donate another $20! I only paid $20 to buy the game from STEAM and I am willing to give you guys double that for your amazing work! I can’t wait… gods speed!

  23. Diabolus says:

    Keep it up you guys. I love what you’ve been doing. All the work and effort and time you’re putting in. RE4 is one of my most favorite games. Got me through my teens. Least 100 playthroughs back then. I believe in you guys.

  24. Jackson says:

    Looks great! When you completely finish the castle, will you release the textures like you did in the village area?

    • albert says:

      Hello Jackson and thanks!
      We have not made any decisions yet regarding a future demo release. Our main priority is continuing to make progress toward a complete re-master of the game 🙂

      • Fredrik Andresen says:

        Been admiring your work for about a year or so, and I really loved the Village Download 🙂 But please release the castle area as another download, I think I speak for everyone when I say that we would be ECSTATIC to finally get it !

  25. Alok says:

    Hi !

    Thank you very much for making such great enhancement. Capcom released UHD but it was not any good so I bought it on sale 😛 But you guys deserves the full game price. Thanks again !

  26. Dylan says:

    I am extremely happy that this exists, going to play some today with what is available , I sincerely hope that this project keeps going until completely finished ;-;

  27. Sam says:

    Good work,don’t give up!

  28. DarkSamus says:

    Ahhh, I only just found this.
    Gives great inside info on how you guys are progressing, well done

    • Ashley Barnett says:

      Thanks for helping me find this DS. Been looking for it for ages lol. Keep up great work Albert and Cris.

  29. KlivE says:

    Muy buenas,

    Tan sólo quería decir que estáis haciendo un trabajo ESPECTACULAR.
    También daros las gracias por invertir vuestro valioso tiempo en adaptar, como debió hacerse desde un principio en la versión HD, este juegazo a resoluciones en alta definición. Pero lo mejor es que además estáis arreglando algunos fallos visuales y mejorando ostensiblemente las texturas. Un trabajo inmejorable que le pasa la mano por la cara a Capcom, a quienes debería caérseles de vergüenza por mostrar tal dejadez a la hora de hacer estas remasterizaciones. Soy Capcom y os contrato a la de YA para que os encargárais de los remaster.

    Ánimo y gracias de nuevo, lo espero con impaciencia -aunque todavía falta bastante, por lo que parece, para la versión final-


    • albert says:

      Gracias KlivE!
      A ver si la espera vale la pena! Al ser solo dos y en nuestro tiempo libre no podemos acelerar más, pero no perdemos el ritmo en ningún momento; seguimos con la misma marcha que el primer día 🙂

  30. jon30rockaholic says:

    This project is simply amazing! Keep up the good work! I’m downloading the Village Textures right now. I can’t wait to test it out.

    • albert says:

      Thank you Jon!
      Keep in mind this is not final version. We want to revise extra 3D elements all over the Village section of the game 🙂

      • jon30rockaholic says:

        Do you plan on releasing a final Village preview with the 3D edits before all of the areas are finished?

        • Cris says:

          We haven’t made any decisions yet re: future releases, sorry. Thanks for the words of support and I hope you enjoyed the Village section as you played through it!

  31. Matt says:

    This looks so amazing, and progress is going by so fast! I love you guys for immortalizing this game. I wasn’t going to buy this game for the third time, but you guys changed my mind 😀

  32. Douglas Murita says:

    Adoro resident evil, estou achando o seu trabalho fasinante, continue assim, é por pessoas como voces que o mundo precisa ! 🙂

  33. Ramon Redfield says:

    Excellent work, I hope play this game soon, it’s looks awesome, we here in brazil are waiting so much 🙂

  34. Matdiez says:

    Do these mods can be installed in RE4 HD Ultimate Edition of Steam?

  35. Richard says:

    Gracias por tan buen proyecto esperado por muchos fans 🙂

  36. CH小洪 says:


  37. hongCH says:

    NiHao, i am chinese player and my english is not good .
    I can only use the translator and you said。
    I have downloaded the village hd material,And play with customs clearance,
    First of all, I really appreciate your hard work,
    However, these hd material in some places can cover the characters,
    In before the final fight with the village chief, for example, there is a run past the road, where the road was completely obscures the lion shoes.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment even if English is not your first language.

      Yes, I know what you mean. That’s something we can’t control. The shadow of the player is rendered too high in some climbs. So, it covers partially Leon’s feet. That’s the problem you are talking about, right?

      Could you please post a link to an image showing the issue? 🙂

  38. Lorenzo Valeri says:

    if u need a tester just ask!

  39. ED2P says:

    cant wait till capcom decides to pay you for making this to give re4 more love

  40. XceL says:

    Shame on Capcom is all I can think of when looking at these stunning pictures. Well done!

  41. Sir Alexander says:

    Thank you very much, it’s amazing what people can accomplish with their efforts, and further for do the work that other people do not want to do.
    I hope that one day your work be rewarded.

  42. Olliver says:

    Are you guys going to redo the textures of the enemies and characters after completing this environment HD mod?

  43. Michael says:

    Wow this looks unbelievable! Do you guys have a social media website like facebook or twitter that gives us updates? I have to say everything looks flawless..I think making a small change to the health system would be really refreshing. but if not.. you guys rock will download the project and the final release 😉

    • Cris says:

      Hi Michael! There are various ways to stay connected:

      Twitter: @re4hdproject
      Subscribe for Email Updates: Enter your email address in the “Subscribe via Email” section on the right side of this page

      Hope that helps! And of course, this site is the easiest place to see the comparison shots we post in a simple slideshow gallery format. Thanks!

  44. James says:

    Fantastic Project, I’ve downloaded the village section and am very impressed with your progress!
    I haven’t finished the play through yet but I’ve noticed a couple of things you might like to fix at some point.

    Upon leaving Chief Mendez’s house (as you encounter the the chainsaw dude) if you look up at the sky box you can see it has a pretty weird ‘bowl’ shape, it disappears as you head towards the village.

    The wooden wall between the door to the merchants and the swamp in the El Gigante arena has a few gaps in it and you can see the edge of the map through it. If you go through the door to the swamp and look back at the wall you can see the same thing on that side. This only occurs during the day time. Just thought it was a little immersion breaking. Not even sure if that’s a fixable problem.

    Its runs great on my machine (mostly) but I experienced pretty severe slowdown at the lake after the fight with the giant salamander
    I guess that was due to the rain and enhanced lightning effects. Also, don’t you think Capcom made the lake water (all the water in general) waaaaay too clear in the UHD version? You can pretty much see to the bottom… it loses a bit of its creepiness.

    Anyway, keep on keeping on, its awesome work, can’t wait till its finished.

    • albert says:

      Thank you James for the comments and feedback!
      We definitely will take a look at those graphical bugs. They can probably be fixed 😉
      We didn’t know how to improve the 3D models by the time we released the Village demo. So, you can expect the final release will fix lots of modeling issues still present in this demo (and you probably will spot during your playtime). Don’t hesitate posting screenshots showing us what you think is improvable 🙂
      I experienced that slowdown after Leon wakes up –just before you exit the cabin– even with regular textures but it’s just for a second (it’s like the game is loading something for a moment). But then the game runs fine again. Is the slowdown you experienced worse than this?
      And the water in UHD is somewhat screwed up but it’s something we can’t directly fix. We can just conceal it. Here’s an example:
      Anyway it doesn’t look terrible and it’s way better than the PS2 and the 2007 PC ports, fortunately!

      • James says:

        Hi Albert,
        Your water solution is genius! Looks much much better.
        Yeah, I did experience the slowdown pretty bad for a while but that’s probably just because of the slightly older hardware I’m using. core i5 – 2410m, 4gb ram and amd radeon video card. Cleared up once I got back to the El Gigante area!
        I’ll post some screenshots if I find anything else

  45. Marty says:

    I can’t believe how much progress you guys have made! You’re doing wonderful work, and I think I speak for us all when I say thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  46. Cesar says:

    Amazingly done! Capcom should hire you as a permanent employee. Keep up the good work!

  47. That1gamer says:

    Can’t wait for this project to be completed. I’m holding off playing res4 until this is out!

  48. Tommy says:

    I can’t wait until you’re all done. Excellent work so far and keep it up!

  49. Hector says:

    Will you make an hd version of the characters/weapons or you are just focusing on the scenario? btw you guys have done some seriously nice work so far

  50. Alejandro says:

    As many of us, I’m following your project since long time ago.

    I’m also waiting patiently for you to have this completed, in order to enjoy a REAL true HD experience for RE4.

    Muchas gracias, de verdad.

    Un abrazo.

    • albert says:

      It seems everything is right. Thanks!

      A few silly questions just in case…
      Did you try runing the bat file as administrator?
      Are you administrator of your computer or, has your user account administrator privileges?

      I’ll ask Cris about that since he wrote the bat file 🙂 Let’s see if he can provide better answer!

  51. M says:

    Hi, so I noticed above, that you have listed playable characters below “items and weapons,” as part of the project. I’m wondering if that means a fully updated Leon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    Keep up the phenomenal work!

    • albert says:

      Thank you! And yes! 🙂 We’ll make a complete Leon retexture work (probably, the last thing we’ll do). We can’t clarify right now if there are going to be 3D edits for enemies or characters. Anyway, it’s not critical.

  52. Mike says:

    From Belgium here ;
    amazing job, i mean, really amazing. I did, like, 20/30 runs on this game on Game Cube.
    Now i just bought the game on Steam, with your work in it. This is just astonishing.

    I want to thank you, and hope you will have the bravery to do that until the end of the game.
    It’s a lot of work, i can’t even imagine the full amout of hours.
    But you need to know that you work is deeply appreciate in some part of the world.

    Cheers to you !

    • albert says:

      Thanks a lot for your words. Yours and those from all people supporting us!
      Yes! They are a lot of hours … but we enjoy doing it! 🙂

  53. metroidguy says:

    Hi albert and chris I’m just dropping a comment to say I’ve been watching your work since 2007 resident evil 4 and I’ve got to say you guys are doing an excellent job! I seriously don’t understand how you two can be so devoted to a game like this! I wish you the best guys!

  54. Theo says:

    Stopped playing on the wii years ago after 40min, started again on pc when I saw this. It is gorgeous (in comparison). Though now finishing the village, wondering if I wait for an update before playing the castle part for the first time.

    • Cris says:

      Hi Theo! Thanks for the compliments. We haven’t made any decisions yet re: future releases, though, and there’s still more work to do on the Castle section. Take a look at the Progress page for more info about where things stand. Thanks again!

  55. Tristan says:

    Hi guys, been reading your progress for a long time now and I’m extremely impressed not just with the quality of your work, but also with how well it sticks with the original art style of the textures themselves. Reminds me of Oblivion’s Qarl Texture Pack.

    I was wondering though, I know you won’t be working on them for some time, but in the original RE4 port a mod was made that took the high-poly inventory “examine” models and textures of the weapons/items and replaced the in-game models with them. Do you guys have similar plans for those? The in-game weapons look awful and I think a retexture of the existing models wouldn’t exactly do them justice.

    It might be actually be easier to replace them with the “examine” equivalent than try to fix the UV mapping issues and low-poly weirdness of the in-game models.

    • Cris says:

      Thank you! If it’s possible to do that, and it doesn’t affect stability, then we will. 🙂

      • Tristan says:

        Thanks for replying Cris, I was thinking since either you or Albert said in one of the blog posts that you’re already hitting/close to hitting the polygon limit on each level that you might not actually be able to do it. Whatever works for you guys is fine with me.

        • albert says:

          It’s something hard to explain. In “brief”:
          Every room is split into several model files. For unknown reasons, some rooms are divided into hundreds of small and simple pieces and some other rooms are split into very few big and complex 3D files (it ranges from less than 10 to more than 200 *.bin files)
          The limit mentioned is in the poly count per 3D file, not in the room itself.
          So, a room with hundreds of 3D files can benefit from much more detailed 3D models (if we want and need it). But the bigger 3D files will probably reach that polygon count limit if we add too much detail on the models.
          So, I don’t think this affects all weapons related stuff at all 🙂

          • Tristan says:

            Well honestly I wasn’t expecting that, excellent news! Personally when I’ve had to unify a bunch of assets into a single 3D object it’s always for performance reasons and/or to bake lighting and shadows. I won’t pretend to understand how Capcom does things but either of those may be a possible explanation…?

            That said, considering the inconsistencies in all of their 3D games (especially the uv mapping, god, thank you so much for fixing all of them in this one at least) maybe it’s just an odd little look into how the game was built.

            Anyway, thank you again for replying, and good luck with the rest of the project!

          • albert says:

            Don’t mention it!
            That’s what I thought (performance reasons). In general, the more narrow the room is the bigger the 3D files are.
            But it’s not always like this… The way the rooms are structured seems somewhat random sometimes :/ For example, the operating and the subzero rooms. Both are small places. The first is split in just 4 big pieces and 10 extra small model files, the second one is split into 80 pieces!

  56. Matheus says:

    If Capcom was any smart, they’d make this semi-official like Square Enix did to Deus Ex: Revision.

  57. […] terms of progress, the project is about 50 per cent complete — you can see an area-by-area breakdown here. There aren’t any new downloads since we last checked in, but the Village retexture is still […]

  58. Joe says:

    Thank you so much for working on this. As a lover of Resident Evil (and this game in particular), I can’t wait to see the finished product. I am waiting to play this again on PC for the first time just for you guys. Keep up the good work!

  59. Andre says:

    Please torrent link

  60. Oblivion2500 says:

    Will you guys be able to edit the lighting/post-process/shader fx after you complete the textures for everything in-game? or is that not possible due to game engine limitations?

  61. ModdinGame says:

    Some textures are specular and you read them reverse . Is a mistake? It will be corrected?
    Congratulations anyway for the good work ! You are great!

  62. ED says:

    hello, I’m from Brazil, passing just to say to you not to give up the project and that your work is amazing, no words to describe the commitment and dedication of you, I’m in love with resident evil and the fourth is one of my favorites, once again congratulations, very beautiful design, you are incredible !!! (sorry for the mistakes, I’m using google translator)

  63. V says:

    I donated. Keep up the great work!

  64. joe says:

    so next year this will be done must be i been followin this sense last year

  65. Josh says:

    Hey! Big fan of your work. You’re doing an amazing job. I’ve been watching your progress for a little over a year. I’m just wondering, do you have any idea when you’ll be finished? Maybe just a close guess? Thanks for all your hard work! Is there any way I can support aside from donations?

    • albert says:

      Thank you Josh!
      We don’t know for sure when it will be finished. If we do estimations at this point about a finish date (even is it’s just an estimation) that would imply some psychological pressure to us. I hope you understand we rather not to do any 😉
      All comments, thoughts… any kind of feedback about our work is a GREAT support for us!

  66. Matheus says:

    This is the best restoration mod I’ve ever seen. Seriously guys, nice work! Your updates never cease to blow my mind.

  67. Jian Shen says:

    Awesome work!
    Is there a plan to cover the Ada mode and the mercenary mode?

  68. HEKTOR says:

    Thank you. I don’t know what I say … Just thanks.

  69. Karl says:

    I, like I am sure many others do, watch the progress of this mod avidly. I have not replayed this game in years and I do not intend to until your work is completed. I will echo what many others have said and simply say ‘thank you’. The work, time and effort you are putting into this is incredible and I cannot wait to see and play the final iteration when it is completed!

  70. Dave says:

    Great job with this mod guys. Watching the updates for this mod over the past year have sort of inspired me to keep working on my side project. Keep doing what you love.

  71. Devon says:

    Thank you so much for this! I was extremely disappointed when I saw that they were not doing a full remake of the RE 4 game like they were RE for the PS4. I very much so look forward to playing this but, I still hope that some day they will make a fully remade re4 for either the current or future consoles. This is by far my favorite Resident Evil and I will wait as long as I need to!

  72. Novros says:

    Is there any chance that sprite effects like fire, muzzle flashes, bullet hits etc. will be updated as well? Also there is no need to say this is best mod in the universe.

    • Cris says:

      Thanks! I think that’s one thing we haven’t made a decision on, to be honest. We’ll keep that in mind as something to evaluate as the project nears its completion.

  73. hso says:

    First, Thank u for remastering this masterpiece
    Second, Do you gonna remake the characters at the end?
    and will u add some special effects?

    • albert says:

      Don’t mention it! 🙂
      Yes, we will re-create all game textures, not just the stages.
      We are adding some specular/bump-mapping effects here and there and we can improve the textures used in some effects like blood, smoke, fire… but we can’t do anything else about that

  74. Aidan says:

    I’m really excited for this mod, RE4 is my favorite game and this will really spice it up. Do you think you’ll add more designs for the enemies? It’s no issue, but I’m always thrown off when seeing the same character model like five times in one cutscene, such as when Mike pushes the tower of water over and the first time you’re introduced to El Gigante.

    • albert says:

      Hello Aidan!
      I know what you mean but unfortunately we have no control over this…
      Anyway, adding new stuff designed by us would be out of the scope of this project. We are “simply” remastering the game 😉
      Thanks for asking!

  75. theowest says:

    You should create a Patreon for this. I’m sure people will be happy to donate.

  76. Orei says:

    Hi.. just want to ask. is this re4 support mouse and custom key binding like steam version?

    • albert says:

      Our project is a patch that improves the textures and some 3D models for RE4 Steam version. The rest of the game files, savegames, preferences, etc remains exactly the same 😉

  77. Flávio says:

    I received an e-mail notification with the subject “Treacherous road (rooms 30f and 315)”, but I can’t find it here on the website. What happened?

    • Cris says:

      That was my fault. I hit “publish” on Albert’s post accidentally before it was ready. I switched it back to draft mode, but the email to subscribers was still triggered. Sorry for the confusion!

  78. Tommy says:

    I see you’re almost done with the 2nd section. Thanks for the hard work thus far! 🙂

  79. Mr. Slenderman says:

    You guys are doing a really impressive job, I just can’t believe how brave can you be to embrace such a huge project only by you two.

    I really REALLY appreciate your hard work, it’s a real shame I can’t donate, but at least I can express all my thanks for your real hard work, you have my full respect

    keep rocking guys!

  80. Danilo Marchioro says:

    I’m really thankful and happy with your work guys! Capcom sure could learn a thing or two from you both!

    I’m guessing The Castle might be ready and done soon this year and Island for next year which is pretty much okay! For a standalone mod and remaking the textures from such a huge game from scratch a 3 year timeline is good!

    So far about 60% of the game is ready but that’s just a rough statistic since time and work required for each area is different and that’s very far from two years ago too.

    Great work Cris and Albert! (No estoy del todo seguro si son sus nombres reales o los eligieron como identidades pero da mucha risa como se parecen tanto a Chris y Albert)

  81. leon scott kennedy says:

    Olá. Gostaria de saber se a cena vai substituir? Gostaria de quando Leon para atender mafia em cutscenes, também, eu estava no terno da máfia. E em todas as cenas Leon sem revestimento

  82. Jared Drezden says:

    Well all I can say is: if Capcom doesn’t appreciate this, it’s only because you’re making them look really really… really bad! Those that know me will tell you that it’s very hard to get me excited about anything much (especially in this mind-numbing age of entertainment overkill where the old adage “less is more” has long since drowned in a vast ocean of never-ending, perpetually updating quantity-over-quality), but I have to say your work is just bloody awesome (bloody being the operative word – there really is nothing like hi-def blood is there?). As you may have guessed, I have a huge passion for all things Resident Evil (apart from the utterly dire films), so to see my 2nd favourite game of all time – topped only by REmake – being dredged up from the depths of low resolution is something akin to heaven. Such is my passion for Resident Evil 4, I even wrote a novelization and submitted it to Capcom. But they “don’t accept anything unsolicited” tragically, and no doubt they were none too pleased with the creative licencing I applied to certain sections – not to fundamentally alter the dynamics or direction of the story, but simply to enrich the “tapestry” and make it a little more realistic for book format (readers simply wouldn’t buy Leon carrying a large black bass in his attach case)! And that’s exactly what you guys are doing here – visually. You’re enriching the tapestry and making this insane roller coaster of a game more believable than ever before…

    …and I thank you 🙂 Just don’t let Capcom bore you with its legal mumbo-jumbo. The best works have ALWAYS been unsolicited.

    • rilmo says:

      This novelisation available anywhere? 😛

      • Jared Drezden says:

        I really wish it was! But due to Capcom’s unwillingness to return the printed drafts I sent to its various HQs and a malicious young would-be girlfriend who permanently “borrowed” the last one I had, coupled with my inexcusable failure to transfer it to my old USB drive before losing a fight to an old ex (PC that is), I currently have no paper or digital copies. Quite a story huh? But it’s all true: I really am that unlucky. However, I once gave a slightly earlier draft of the village section to my mother, so if she manages to fish it out of her garage-turned-garbage receptacle, I’d be happy to let you have a look! 🙂

    • albert says:

      Hello Jared! That sounds quite interesting. No doubt a novelization of these games is always a good idea. We can find several books already commercialized. I personally loved all the S D Perry books, for example and I found all of them pretty good and interesting. (I read the Spanish official translation). Maybe you should get in contact with a publishing group (Some publishing group that has already worked with Capcom licences in the past), not Capcom directly.
      And thank you for your words! Even now it’s an unsolicited work, it would be great if someday it becomes solicited 😛 Anyway, we’ll keep working hard!

      • Jared Drezden says:

        Hey there Albert! Thanks for taking the time to respond. Not sure how you and Cris manage to reply to so many comments given the colossal world of low-res textures you’re refining and redefining. You obviously have a far greater talent for “plate-spinning” than myself!
        Yes I have read one or two of her books, but I found them a little, shall we say, restricted and lifeless. Granted the series’ lowest ranking and most prolific antagonists are clinically dead, but that’s no excuse! Anyway, since she never tackled their successors, the Ganados, I thought I’d give it a shot.
        You’re absolutely right, that’s exactly what I should have done. I guess at the time (2007/08) I was a little naive and figured I’d have to request their permission directly given the copyrighted material I had used. But as I told rilmo, I don’t even have it now. I considered moving on to the Majinis at one point, but the passion just isn’t there when it comes to RE5 (and 6 is just a joke… practically killed the franchise), so I decided to develop my own horror story.
        Yes I’m sure your work will become solicited. If Capcom had any sense they’d make your patch an official version, put you on the company payroll and rake in an absolute mint. What I really meant to say was, all the best works have been unsolicited to begin with. That’s why they’re so good: because their creators were able to think outside the box and transcend those dreaded corporate trappings that stunt true creativity; whereas people like Perry who are contracted from day one are confined to a tighter set of parameters with considerably less scope for independent thought.
        Anyway sorry for the essay! In a way I hope you’re not snapped up by Capcom, because they’ll try to suck the life and soul out of you like they have their biggest franchise. Even Mikami gave up in the end; although ironically his last masterpiece was the departure from traditional survival horror that eventually led to an all-out action horror-fest – but it was a beautifully measured departure. He can’t help it that Capcom took it too far after that. I guess we’ll just have to defect to The Evil Within to get our kicks – at least until you’ve finished remastering the last great game in the RE catalogue.

        P.S. After this could you do something about Minecraft? The term “less is more” should NOT apply to pixels.

        • albert says:

          Ohh! Sorry to hear you lost the original…

          I completely agree but I hope we won’t need to sell our souls to Capcom XD
          About future projects… we have no idea what will come next! We are 100% focused on this project right now 🙂

          Yes! It’s a really stressful project and we don’t have much time left to respond all messages and questions as quickly as we’d like haha.

          I wish you luck with your future horror stories and projects!!

          • Jared Drezden says:

            Yes it’s a shame indeed. But such is life. We can but live and learn!
            Haha oh it’s okay, that post script was just my attempt at humour! My doctor says regular slammings of Minecraft and other excruciating items of pop culture help me to deal with the cold, harsh fact that they exist! Its success baffles me, but tragically the mindless mob will always be here to keep our shores a-frothing with Bieber-grade backwash 🙂
            Thank you my friend. If you were to send a quick gmail to jarezden84 with a rough estimate of how much more funding you’re likely to need to finish the project, I’d be happy to donate as much of the total as I can. This would purely be a token of my respect for what you’ve achieved, and also for the kind of person you clearly are. All I ask is that you let me help in any way I can if ever one of those spinning plates tries to muscle in on your free time!

          • Jared Drezden says:

            A simple “Thanks but no thanks” would have sufficed.

            Good luck with the rest of your project.

          • albert says:

            Sorry Jared, but I’ve been moving to a new home these days and I’m extremely stressed. I asked Cris about your comment because I didn’t understand the first part of your message (he didn’t undertand either) then, I completely fogot about that…

            We appreciate the offer of support of course! In terms of funding, the best info we have would be on the “By the Numbers” page ( ), where you can get a sense of the total costs and total donations received so far. That said, it’s really a matter of time, rather than money. Thanks again!

            The reason of a non answered comment is always due to lack of time. We must deal with our regular lives, work, families, friends, the project, keeping updated the web, social network, etc… Sometimes some messages are skipped by mistake.

  83. Ayman says:

    can you please reply to this .
    so i really love your work i’ve been watching your work and loving it for a long time and i really find it amazing there is one question im going to ask you can you please remake the leon model im talking about the textures of his suit hand etc. if not its fine i understand how hard it is for you to redo every single detail anyways good luck i really love your work and im waiting for the full release . Thank you for reading ;D

    • albert says:

      Of course! We’ll redo everything. Characters, enemies, items, menus, etc… will come after all stage textures are finished 😉

      • Ayman says:

        thank you so much 😀 good luck and one last question sorry for asking alot do you really think this project could be done this fall ? or is it taking more time because i am so hyped <3

        • albert says:

          No problem!
          We can’t say anything for sure but I don’t think the project will be ready this fall. There’s still a lot of work to do.
          Thank you for following us and for your patience!

  84. Phil says:

    thnx immenselly for this guys

    this somehow gives me back faith in humanity ;);)

  85. Ayman says:

    hello its me back again and with another question xD i am so sorry but i am so curious so my question is
    does this mod recommends anything new for your pc ? for example more ram or anything

  86. Matt Schofield says:

    If you guys have some spare times can you Remake Or HD Leon and other weapons aswell? that would be great

  87. Julian says:

    You guys haven’t updated the “Progress Summary” in a while. Is everything alright?

    • therealest says:

      yes I was wondering about that too. I have this page saved in my favs and check it once every other day wondering when they will update it, lol. I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THEY GET TO THE WEAPONS, ITEMS, AND CHARACTERS!!! 🙂

    • Cris says:

      Sorry for the delay in updating the page! I’m posting an update tonight and will update this page along with it. This past month has been a bit hectic due to work travel and hosting family members that were visiting, but that has now passed. 🙂

  88. therealest says:

    Hey guys, I have a burning question for Cris and Albert! Just one, I won’t ask any more. 🙂
    Do you guys find that the work gets easier as you progress towards the end of the game (maybe capcom got lazier towards the end so it’s easier to remodel and reuse certain textures), does it get harder, or does the difficulty basically stay the same? Oh and btw, I love the work you guys are doing, it’s really amazing to see.

    • albert says:

      Thank you! Heheh that’s a good question!
      I’m seeing the texture/model quality is quite random. Some areas are really well detailed and other areas look rushed. But it’s all mixed: village, castle and island have both kind of rooms.
      But no, it’s not easier. As we get more experience, we turn more pickier and self-demanding! So, our project demmands always (more or less) the same level of exigence because one thing compensates the other 🙂

  89. Bonk says:

    I really hope Capcom uses your work for RE4 on PS4/XBO. It would be pathetic not to do so. Their HD textures from the PC version were not consistent at all.

  90. Stelle says:

    I think that was the third time I donated or so. Not really sure, I lost count actually. Everytime I visit this site I’m impressed anew by the quality and dedication and amount of detail that’s going into this project.

    You’re not going insane I hope, are you? Keep it up, man.

    • albert says:

      Hahah thank you! 🙂
      No, not yet 😛
      And thank your for your patience! This project is taking its time to be completed but we are enjoy it!

  91. Nizar3003 says:

    RE4 Project HD is best project 🙂

  92. Adriano Abreu says:

    I’m from Brazil and accompany the project for a long time, I am always impressed by the work and dedication of you. My sincere congratulations and I hope they get the conclusion of this wonderful project. Sorry for my English badly, I had to use an online translator.
    A hug.

  93. Vasiliy says:

    What the release data ? 2017-2018 ?

  94. jonRock says:

    I’m still following the project. It is looking absolutely fantastic! I’m really looking forward to the final release. Keep up the good work! I will gladly donate once this project is finished.

  95. Anotherfan says:

    when will Castle be released? or is it going to be with both island part? great work btw

    • Cris says:

      Hi there! We haven’t made any decisions on a Castle release because there’s still a fair amount of work left to complete on it. Thanks for the support!

  96. JQP says:

    Hi, my vote is for a Castle release, or a Castle+Village release. I’ve never played RE4, and I have it sitting on my hard drive, waiting for you guys to finish! I look at your screen shots, and I can’t bring myself to play the game without your mod. I figure it’ll take way too long for you guys to finish the island too, so Castle + Village will be enough.

  97. Julian says:

    Could we maybe get a update to the progress list?

    • Alvare says:

      Could they maybe have more time to do the actual work instead of updating the site’s list?

    • Cris says:

      Hi Julian! I’ll be updating the page next week. This week I am visiting family and won’t be able to update it until I get back. And in general this has been a busy period for me, so my free time has been going mainly into the texture work and replying to comments, and not toward updating this page and the By the Numbers page. That said, things should even out when I get home next week, and I will ensure both pages are updated. Thanks for your patience!

  98. Hama says:

    Can play this game on desktop Ram 2???

  99. Devon says:

    I have been keeping an eye on this web site for quite some time now. I love the work you guys are doing and I am getting so excited to see the progress page as it gets closer and closer to the end! I can’t wait for this to be released! Thank you for all of your hard work, I look forward to seeing the completed game!!!

  100. Markus says:

    Hi there. I’ve Found your Website and was Looping some Videos on YouTube. Your work is amazing! My question is: Which Version of the Game do i Need? I have the original Version, Not the HD Version. Am i able to Take your Texture packs and installiert them?
    Greetings Markus

  101. Bruce says:

    It’s officially August. Time for a progress summary update guys?

  102. Frannz says:

    It’s almost done!!!!
    Been following this since the beginning!

  103. animaniac says:

    Why make these huge parts instead of an updated pack? It’s years in the making, at least post smaller parts!

    • albert says:

      It’s just a matter of time. We can focus on making progress on our project this way instead of preparing and attending too much feedback of constant downloadable updates.
      Believe me, I’m the first who want to share all our work, but this project is very time consuming and our free time is quite reduced.
      Thank you for your patience!

      • therealest says:

        Hey Albert. I concur. Don’t waste your time preparing bits and pieces for people to download, that will just make the project take twice as long. Let them/us wait. Keep doing what you guys are doing; it’s the fastest, smartest way to go about making a project of this scope.

      • animaniac says:

        These parts are YEARS away, surely you can spare some time every few months!

        • Mr. Slenderman says:

          chill out kiddo,It’ll be double the awesome to play the game FULLY revised, experiencing the whole game with every new texture from the beginning to the end, rather than playing a bit, wait for an update, play another bit and so on, trust me, your mind will blow

  104. mofailed says:

    Incredible ! I heard about this through invision but its not there i was directed here. Amazing work am trying to download atm….

  105. Zombie says:

    aaaah, it’s getting closer and closer.

    Question, sometimes there is stuff where there is no real life example.
    After so many edits, are in in the mind set of the game?
    Like, you don’t have to think a lot about the recreations?

    • Cris says:

      I think re-creations, for the most part, have become decently straightforward but still time consuming of course. I think the most mentally difficult re-creation for me was the wallpaper in Mendez’ house in the Village actually. 🙂

  106. baketfut says:

    Man could u put a little more enemies everywhere they are? Aspecially in big battles like 1st village encounter and some of castle\island fights? So it will be realy great, cause for most peoples re4 on hard is a simple walking)).

  107. Ganado 37 says:

    This is awesome, everything looks so nice, can’t wait to be able to play it.

    Saludos y “morir es vivir”.

  108. Peter says:

    Last time I visited this site was around March 2014.. wow.
    You are almost done, keep up the good work. I really can’t wait for the 1.0 Release.
    Make it happen!

  109. Majora says:

    I know the new release of RE4 might sort of put you at odds with your project, and I’m not entirely sure if it’ll render your project useless in your mind, but in the rest of the fans’ minds…your project is legendary and the perfect version. Please finish one day! No matter how long it takes!

    • albert says:

      No problem. The new port for PS4/XBO is graphically identical to the PC port we are remastering. No improved textures nor 3D models nor lighting system were included in this new version.
      So, our work continues! 😉

  110. Roman says:

    Just awesome progress! I have a question. Can you do something with this ugly background texture?

  111. Sandy says:

    No matter what people say and no matter how many more remasters capcom does out of this marvelous game your mod will literally make this game a next gen

  112. Nightwalker says:

    Albert did you remember a hair mod for Leon and Ada that is available to the oldest port of the PC game?
    That mod make the Leon hair far more better. Any chance of this be included on the pack when all hard work with scenario was done?

    I’m already finished this game a lot of times with your MOD to the old one and hope you guys will bring to the HD version to, this way I can make the same thing again and kill all the miss feeling that I have right now.

    Just want to say thank you and hope this awesome project be finished soon or later.

    • albert says:

      Hehe the old times…
      Don’t worry! We’ll take care of character textures when we finsih the stage ones. But they will be much better that the ones I did for the old port 🙂
      Thank you for your comment and for your patience!!

  113. JQP says:

    Anyone want to start a pool on when these guys will finish? Never, 2 years, 3? I mean, it’s gorgeous and all, but only two rooms completed in 2 months? Gonna need a walker and depends by the time it’s done.

    But don’t let me discourage you guys…keep at it!

    • Nightwalker says:

      I won’t complain about it. I mean, years and years and Capcom give to us a garbage HD version that is just a crap that stole our money to their pockets. This people are doing a work that is a lot better than the developers and for fuck dam free!

      Be patience is the key here. I’m very grateful for all that they have done and, you known, people can donate 10 thousand dollars to make them work quickly lol. It’s a really hard work, hours and more hours to improve just a single texture, done just for love per RE and the community (perhaps xD).

      We all want to play this thing with the MOD of this guys but like you say, don’t discourage, keep going and 1 year or 2 will be fine \o/.

    • therealest says:

      You’ll need a walker and depends in two-three years? The last of my concerns would be this remake if I were you, but don’t let me discourage you from complaining about a free mod for a video game you want to play but refuse to make yourself. Cris and Albert are doing an amazing job that literally no one else is doing, of course it’s going to take a while, but 2 years and some change is far from “never.”

  114. Adriano Abreu says:

    Personnel involved in the project.
    Do not bother with some comments, the work they are doing is wonderful and I believe that most people here know it is not easy and hope for you guys able to finish take the time it takes.
    Congratulations again and good luck.

  115. Adriano Abreu says:

    Absolutely fantastic are doing much more than I imagined, each more eager to test this day wonder you guys are creating.

  116. Mark says:

    You guys are doing an amazing job – please take you’re time when it’s done it’s done no rush. JQP this is what discourages them continuing this mod because people like you are too impatient. It has happened in the emulation world and basically the developers don’t continue because of lack of support.

  117. Andrew Beard says:

    Absolutely INCREDIBLE work guys, I have never seen any player-made overhaul as extensive and impressive as this. The lengths you have gone to retain the feel of the game while also upgrading graphical fidelity is truly astounding. Please never give up on this, Resident Evil 4 is my favorite game of all time and I would love to see this project to completion. Follow this closely, will donate when I can.

  118. Denis says:

    I’m so anxious to play this!

  119. Raț Florin says:

    Amazing work guys, I can’t support you at the moment because my financial status is not the best right now but as soon as I get back on my feet, my first donation will be to you. I’ve been watching you progress almost from the start and you’re always doing really great. I’m sure your final work will go down in history for such a love and commitment to a game. I’m ashamed to say this but I never got to play Resident Evil 4, I own it played a few minutes back in the day and forgot about it so my first playthrough will probably be on your version, can’t wait. Wish you all the luck and patience!

  120. Apple Jew$ says:

    Just wanted to say I greatly appreciate what you’re doing. RE4 is one of my favorite games and I’d be extremely happy to complete it a couple more times with your textures. This project looks awesome, thank you very much for all the work you’re putting in. I’ll be sure to donate once I have some money again. Much love!

  121. Johnny says:


  122. user says:

    It is possible to make the laser of the weapons more transparent? (like the laser tweak to the original Resident Evil 4 for pc)

    sorry my english

  123. Adriano Abreu says:

    Hello guys.
    First of all I want to wish good luck to Cris in his personal life and that everything is solved in the best possible way, after all this is just a Robby and nothing more important than our life itself. And force for Albert that will continue the project until the return of Cris, we are waiting for news.

  124. I know you guys are not done nor even touching it at this time but for the ammunition boxes are you guys going to dirty them up a bit to make them look like they belong or keep them so clean its canny?

    • albert says:

      I guess we’ll keep them the way they are. We don’t want to do any design changes unless there is a clear reason to do it. Anyway, we probably use some cardboard/paper texture as base for the new textures and this would make the new texture slightly more worn-out/realistic 😉

  125. fifazalata says:

    is there a chance for you guys to update this Progress Summary Page
    Last update: 10/3/2016
    thanks for your amazing work

  126. Siderson says:

    I just would like to thank you for the amazing job you’ve done so far with the re-texturing for me one of the best games ever made ;):D and because of that I’m sending you a small Christmas present as last year ;).
    Enjoy holidays and all the best in the New Year

  127. Adam Boruff says:

    Are you guys going to add the silencer for the handgun to the game?

  128. Jordan Cereal says:

    Hey, i’ve been following you since day 1 of the project and you’ve done amazingly so far. How likely is it that the project will be done at the end of the year? Maybe a christmas gift :O

    • albert says:

      Thank you!! That would be great but … believe it or not we simply don’t have idea about it XD
      We simply try to do it our best as fast as possible 😉

  129. joe smith says:

    will this be done this year

    • Alvare says:

      The environment? Probably, yes. Items, weapons and characters? I’m not sure they will.
      Characters are the most difficult. And items the most time consuming, as they need to be copy pasted all over the game but with different sizes.

  130. Ricardo says:

    Hope you can finish this year! Such amazing job you are doing!!!

  131. Roman says:

    Albert, can you please release GC Colour fix? I suppose it’s just several files that need to be replaced.

  132. John says:

    Thank you for all these.
    Love you guys ❤

  133. Alfred says:

    Love the work!

    Is there an ETA on when this will finish completely? I am holding on my first RE4 playthrough until this is finished 🙂

    • albert says:

      HI Alfred!
      We still don’t have a date in mind. We are just trying to make things as fast and good as our time allows.
      Thank you for your patience!

  134. Heikki Aalto says:

    Thanks for working on making this game better looking. 🙂 I bought the game years ago but i still have not played it because textures on it look so bad. =(

  135. ReadyRed says:

    Thank you guys for your hardwork. Im just curious will the island project gonna take a long time to finish? 1 year or 2 year maybe? Or below 1 year?

    • albert says:

      Don’t mention it!
      And we are not sure yet about future releases. In fact we didn’t know about the castle release until 2 months ago or so… 😛

  136. Hi guys, a been think here and why you guys don’t created a project on Kickstarter? with money you can Hire some people to help you or something like that.

    • albert says:

      Hello Isamel!
      We can’t do that because of copyright reasons. Anyway, we are doing this during our limited free time and to hire people and to take on responsibility of the team would require a full-time dedication.

  137. Dante says:

    This work is amazing.

    What about characters and enemies? All of this environment will little frustrate concerning quality of living beings.

  138. Tom Fagerlund says:


    I have followed your work since it began, and it looks amazing! Best work I have ever seen.

    I have two question and that if it is going to be possible to implement SSAO or HBAO at a later stage in the development?

  139. I hope this is finished early 2018 would be nice to try it.
    Will this just patch over the PC version of resident evil 4?

    But I would like to say thank you for making a real remaster of resident evil 4.
    What will your next project be? Another resident evil game?

    Also will we need high end graphics cards?

    • albert says:

      Yes, this will be only for 2014 PC port
      Hehe we have no idea what we’ll do after this. So, I’m afraid I don’t have an answer right now 😛
      Only more VRAM is needed to run our project. We’ll be more specific when all project is finished and we can do proper testing.

  140. Mr.Curious says:

    Mr.Curious here.. Wondering if you guys will be releasing the Castle stage when it is complete or waiting until the island is ready too? If so, do you have an approximate date for Castle release?

    Great work.. I shot you guys 10 bones today.. Keep it up !

  141. Den says:

    Big fan of all your work that has been done. You both are very talented and sacrifice your freetime for us so we can experience the game once again at it’s fullest potential with polished grafics. I can’t thank you both enough. Btw. Can you guys update the progress summary?! Thanks.

  142. Jordan Cereal says:

    Hey, I’m curious if it’s possible to add DSR into the game? And what about 144 Hz monitors is it possible to unlock more fps? Looking forward to the castle release. Keep it up.

    • Frannz says:

      You can enable DSR on Nvidia panel and force that resolution on the game.
      About more fps, I think its impossible, since the game framerate is in sync with characters movements and triggers.
      When Capcom ported the game to new consoles and PC, enabling 60fps, the game was a mess on launch because of that, and some things still happens double the speed.
      So, I think that a higher FPS would add a lot of issues.

  143. Keilor Josué Castillo Gutiérrez says:

    Hi guys, they do an awesome job, but they can post other download options like Mega or Dropbox… Please… 🙂 I’m so excited to play with this textures.

  144. RitongaA1991 says:

    has not updated texture
    I want to see Castle’ve Done

  145. Matt says:

    Have you guys ever thought about setting up a Patreon? That would surely boost donations a lot 🙂

  146. Are you making it to the RE4 UHD version or to the normal version? If it is for the RE4 version UHD I would like to port this mod to the version of RE4 2007 old, I am modder of RE4 NORMAL AND RE4 UHD and other Resident evil, Ah yes you are to be congratulated for the work..

  147. Kris says:


    The update was just posted that said you guys are working on the last 3 rooms, but a lot of rooms are still on in progress. What is being done to those other rooms?

    I can’t wait for the finished project, I’ve been waiting in anticipation soooo long.
    You guys are the best.


    • Cris says:

      Hi there! Here is our general approach for each room:

      Pass #1: Albert
      Pass #2: Cris
      Pass #3: Albert / Cris (final minor refinements)

      On the progress page, any room listed as “in progress” is still in either pass #1, 2, or 3. Once pass #3 is completed, it changes to “final.”

      Does that help clarify?

  148. AdrianoAp says:

    I do not even have words for your work, I always surprise myself with the quality that is getting … a lot of anxiety for sure, I have not even tried it yet, I’d rather wait for the final product, it’ll be fantastic.

  149. Frannz says:

    Just a sugestion, would be nice to make a new table of progress, divided by “models, textures and characters”…
    So we have a a more organized notion of what has been completed

  150. Mikey says:

    You guys are awesome- this all looks fantastic and I can’t think of a game that better deserves such a professional and well-done makeover. Good on you, mates!

    In the meantime, I notice there’s not really a section on the progress table for NPCs/enemies/playable characters nor one for items/weapons. Is any progress done on those yet or is that not until the environments are 100% done? No rush of course, just curious- if there’s any sample new enemy textures, I’d love a glimpse! 🙂

    • Cris says:

      Hello! Thanks for the kind words and for following the project! You’re right — we’re focused exclusively on the environmental textures for the time being. Once that’s complete, we’ll move on to the characters, NPCs, enemies, items, weapons, etc. At that time we’ll update the progress page to include tables for that information. Thanks again!

  151. Olá Cris e Albert Tudo bem com vocês!!? gostaria de parabenizá-los pelo grande trabalho que vocês estão fazendo com resident evil 4, acompanho o trabalho desde 2014 quando vocês começaram, e espero muito ansioso pelo final, já joguei as 2 versões que vocês disponibilizaram para download Village e Castle e está fantástica, surreal, mas uma vez parabéns e aguardando ansioso pelo final do projeto, 1000 vezes like.

  152. kisamee says:

    Hi guys you do an awesome job this is one of my favorite games i played couple of times already beside lights effects which is seen Can you improve others effect for example like fire and smoke

    • albert says:

      Hello! And thanks!
      Yes, we can improve some effects if needed, such as some dull fires. About the smoke. I never notice anything wrong with smoke in this game so we probably won’t touch that effect.

      • kisamee says:

        thank for the quick answer the smoke was just for Example of effect
        Who came to my mind at that moment as you told I also never notice anything wrong with smoke soon i will donate soon definitely
        I apologize if there are written mistakes In what I wrote My English language is weak, my native language is Bulgarian

  153. z says:

    been following this project for 2 years i’m forcing myself to wait until its completed until i try it, absolutely love the devotion and dedication to this project and thanks for all the effort you guys are putting in to make it possible, looking forward to playing.

  154. Zora says:

    Watching the project since 2014. Keep updating the community! 🙂

  155. Markus says:

    Have you ever considered to ask Capcom for a free steam dlc support?!

  156. Anton says:

    Just finished reading an article about this project:
    Guys, you rock! It’s just an incredible work! Someday I hope to play the finished game. Good luck!

  157. Chris says:

    RE4 is still one of my favorite games of all time. My friend and I would speed run it. I can’t wait to replay this classic. You’re doing a great job so far! Keep it up! Are you planing on having a massive compiled download in the end or will we still need to install it section by section?

  158. Garza says:

    Absolutely amazing work you guys have done with this. I can’t wait for a full release… someday…!

  159. Karl says:

    Your work continues to amaze, it truly is looking like a full blown HD upgrade! If I may ask though, is there scope in the engine and your work to apply dynamic shadows? At times this appears to be there and at others not. As I don’t know much about the engine, I guess you’re the people to ask!

    Thanks and keep up your fantastic work, I know many eager fans are truly very thankful to you guys for doing this.

    • albert says:

      Thanks! 🙂
      Unfortunately, dynamic shadows are only possible when there are very few characters on screen (during cutscenes, for example). If there are more than 4 or 5 models projecting shadows at the same time the game will crash…

  160. ReadyRed says:

    Are you gonna sell it to capcom if they willingly to buy it?

    • Matteo says:

      I do not think that will happen
      If possible, Chris and Albert may ask to create a free DLC for steam.

  161. bio says:

    Will the update to the village come in the form of a small additional “patch” to the previously released village download, or will we have to re-download the entire thing as a single package?

    • albert says:

      Hi! We still don’t know about future releases but it needs to be a big pack because a single texture edit force us to share the entire room texture pack.

  162. jjj0309 says:

    Thank you for making such a wonderful work! Someday I will play it in true HD. Someday, someday…

  163. Den says:

    How’s progress going besides the reworks which look gorgeous btw? Can you two already talk about an est. release date at least for the main part of the game? Greetings.

    • Cris says:

      Hi Den! A post is coming soon that will mark the completion of the Village reworks. From there we’ll share a bit more specifically about what’s next. Unfortunately we don’t have an estimated release date for any subsequent releases yet, though, I’m sorry. 🙁

  164. mofail says:

    This project has been a massive inspiration to me, looking forward to the completed works !

  165. Joshua says:

    I can’t wait to replay RE4 with this improvement!!!!!!!

  166. Jericho Ren says:

    This is really an amazing work! It will take you all efforts to work just on just project! I can’t wait playing the whole again with your hd version!

  167. Dan Ray Williams says:

    Can’t wait and best part… since it’s taking ages to do … I might actually have a new computer by the time it releases… one that can actually run 60 with all the texture improvements.

    My current PC is what kids today call a “Potato” ? … Eh, I’m 34 you kids and your lingo confuse me easily.

  168. John says:

    So, Sega let their fans create a Sonic game that’s actually good.

    Why won’t Capcom wake up and back this project? It’s very narrow minded on their part. Perhaps they are letting pride get in the way of what fans actually want.

  169. Julian says:

    Will you be updating the Progress Summary page at all soon?

  170. Alex says:

    Why dont you update progress bar? 🙁

  171. Max says:

    hi cris i’m curious what do you do? did albert did all of this by himself or a you doing something

    • Cris says:

      Hi Max! Thanks for the curiosity. The work outlined on this page is a combination of efforts, but everything after the Castle is all Albert (for now :)). Any updates I post are of my work, and what Albert posts is his work. As you can tell I’ve been out of commission for several months due to life transitions (job loss and then waiting for the kids to start pre-school so I could have more time). But I’ll be sharing an update in about 1-2 weeks or so. Thanks again!

  172. JMGamerBR says:

    Ow, this is incredible, I can not wait to play with the textures of the island and the castle
    PS: Please if you could, upload the textures to the torrent, because they are big files, especially for those who have 3MB internet like me, I got it after trying several times, because my internet is legend all the time.
    PS 2: Sorry if you have any writing errors, it’s because I’m Brazilian

    • Cris says:

      Thanks for letting us know and for your patience! When the final release is made available, we will work to ensure as many options as possible are available for downloading. Thank you again!

  173. Max says:

    Hi Cris i just wanted to say that do you need at least more people to help on this project like reduce time?
    Also thk you for replying

    • Cris says:

      For the time being we are comfortable with the team as it’s functioning now, especially as things have settled down on my end and I have more time now. Thanks for asking!

  174. Max says:

    OK, one last question.
    Are you and Albert the only one working on this?
    Also once this project is finished, i will download all the mods and play this beautifully crafted fully textured game.
    P.S: i never played this game in my entire life and only know the plot and gameplay

    • albert says:

      There’s a third person who’s helping us a lot generating a lot of tools that make some processes 1000% faster. I’ve mentioned him in older posts: Son of Persia from the RE Modding forums.
      His contribution is priceless. He’s also helping us with some other optimization processes. We’ll do detailed posts about all this stuff when the time arrives 🙂

      Oh, And I think some mods out there won’t be fully compatible with our project and they will need to be adjusted to work properly. Otherwise they will probably make the game to crash or generate undesired side effects.

  175. Oliver says:

    Can’t you just focus on finishing one gamemode? It has been half a year since the castle release and you do almost nothing in the island part the last part of the main game according to the form.Honestly it’s a little dispointing . Not mean to jugde just it’s hard for me to understand why you working on other gamemodes without finishing the main game .Your project is slow so at least be reasonable.

    • albert says:

      Everything is for a reason and trying to explain it would be boring and irrelevant and it’s mostly related to our own personal circumstances.
      We do what we can, how we can and when we can and I’m sorry if it’s not enough but that’s the best we can do…
      I hope you understand it and thanks for your patience.

      • Oliver says:

        Sorry if i made you uncomfortable.My english is bad so i don’t have many words to choose… I just think the main gamemode is “main”for a reason.You are doing a great job,that’s undoubtable.Ijust hope you consider of the priority of your work that’s all just an advice not compaining.

        • albert says:

          Don’t worry.
          It’s “main” in terms of the order it should be played but there’s no rules out there about the order a game should be remastered. We are trying to do it in the most efficient and confortable way for us. I don’t think there’s need to be that strict about what should be remastered first.

        • Alex says:

          Agreed with Oliver, I hope gamemode is main priority 😉 can’t wait for the release)

  176. G3ck0 says:

    Why does the mod for the village not include lighting etc? How do I get those improvements for the village?

    • Cris says:

      Thanks for the question! That’s because the Village download was released quite some time before we had the ability to make those kinds of improvements. You won’t be able to download the revised version until a future release (TBD). Thanks again!

  177. Joshua says:

    Keep doing the work guys!!! The work you make is really amazing, what you’ve done is incredible!!!! LOVE U GUYS! GOOD WORK!

  178. kisamee says:

    hi i like the arrangement you made now gives much more detailed information about all individual
    elements of game that are improving or completed I see missing some tabs like Enemies, Playable Characters , audio do you add them in future

    • Cris says:

      Thanks! And once work begins on those components of the game, they’ll be added. (One note: audio is currently not part of the scope of the project.)

  179. Anas Khalil says:

    The Castle is not complete yet? ^_^

  180. Aldo says:

    Impresionantes los avances, que gran trabajo continúan haciendo. Saludos.

  181. Max says:

    HI, it me again
    I know that you been working on this project for so long and i just wanted know out of curiosity and because i’m the type of guy who likes game designs and features
    How do you manage to enhance texture around the environment and add effects to it. What software you use? is it Maya

    • John Johnson says:

      I’m not the creator but that’s weird question. It’s Photoshop and they use photos as a base… Then utils to extract and pack the textures back in..

  182. roscoe says:

    This is an incredible effort. Well done.

  183. Joseph Dell says:

    You guys are doing great work and it is amazing but I have been waiting for this pack since 2013. pls just work on the main game and release the pack, your progress is so slow

  184. Leon Vendetta says:

    Mmmmmm’ dying for new update uuuuuuuuuuuuuugh.. please give me something guys pleazzzzz…….ZZZZzzzzzzz…go’s to sleep..
    .Woke up …googled…….. 🙁
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh please ..when the new update is coming OniiCHaaaaan….?go’s to sleep…….:)

  185. Leon Vendetta says:

    Saw u guyz working on DMC3SE PC after this ………………………………………
    …in my dream…..
    may be it will come true……………………….. 🙂 :p

  186. Chavoaltra says:

    do you work in post process after ??? ambient occlusion , bloom, tone mape or another effects ??

  187. Cleric says:

    Well, I’m not gonna complain about you guys overhauling the extras because that is awesome, but man, I wish you would stay laser focused on finishing the main game. I can’t wait! So excited to play RE4 with these visuals. Keep up the good work, boys.

    • albert says:

      Because of our workflow and a lot of other technical and human reasons the remaster process in a more logical order would make the entire project completion even slower.
      We are doing our best! 😉
      Thank you!!

  188. Samir says:

    Hi! i would like to know if you’re willing to remaster the characters and maybe add skins from the other games!

  189. Ben says:

    Love your work, looks really professional like actual remake.
    I have a question, why dont you release updates more often, like once in a month release everything that was made in that month so people get something new and updated.
    Any reason you haven’t even updated the village file with lightning improvements?
    Basically why do you hold off the updates? If its data that costs money, you can upload to RE4 Nexus or GDrive or Torrent.

    Thanks, hope you answer.


    • albert says:

      Hello Ben!
      And thank you for your message!
      About the releases. It’s all about time. It requires some time to prepare a release (small or big packs, it doesn’t matter) but the “worst” part would be to take care of all possible installation questions and issues, and all kind of feedback. Since our free time is very limited, we are mainly focussed on making progress and posting comparison pictures and videos (this is quite an easy and quick job in comparison).
      Thank you too for your patience and for following us!

  190. Max says:

    Hi, just curious, do you guys updates textures using the original Gamecube texture and not the uhd texture if so why?

    • albert says:

      Most textures in UHD are just upscaled and filtered versions of the Gamecube textures. But the few stage textures that were re-created for the UHD version are not faithful to the originals and they even have serious mapping issues because they re-created them without taking into consideration the 3D model they were applied on. For example, the window in the Village tower (first big battle against villagers) or the blue door with the optical lock.

  191. Max says:

    what does Texture, 3-D edit, and light/effect status mean?

    • albert says:

      Every room remaster work is divided in those 3 steps:
      – HD Textures
      – Improved 3D models
      – Improved light and effects
      “Complete” means it received 3 revisions (my fisrt pass, Cris’ revision and a final touch-up revision).
      “In progress” means it only received the first revision.
      “Pending” means it’s still untouched.

  192. Max says:

    2 Question
    1: Is the Castle Update not fully complete yet or am i seeing something?
    2:Do you have to recreate new model such as a new lamp on the recently released blog post on Ada chapter 4 part 1 post?

  193. Gospodinus says:

    Hi guys!
    I’ve been watching your work for a long time and with great trepidation I watch the release of another portion of your work. But recently I started to get the impression that:
    A) Location The village was always 100% complete
    B) Location The castle was always finished up to ~ 90%
    C) Location The island was always just started (~ 5-10%)

    And recently you have started to “Mercenaries” and “Different ways”, which did not affect the main part of the game in the best way. Hence the question: How soon will you finish most of the game locations? Just this inconsistency does not puzzle a lot.

  194. shalnark says:

    I think you guys should do something that Capcom didn’t do which is making a new shadering that could change the overall look of the game and make it feel like a true modern HD game .
    Please .. take that in consideration if you can 🙂

    Look for those shader resources :
    hope its possible to implement them in the game .

    • albert says:

      I’m afraid it’s impossible unless the entire game engine is redone from scratch. Only Capcom, an outsourced company or really skilled coders or whatever is needed to do this could get these kind of changes…
      We are just editing the game files but not how the game manages them.
      Thank you anyway for the interest and for following us!

    • Vic says:

      Reshade, SweetFX or ENB series could help a little.

  195. Jacob Rosa says:

    is it possible that the mod can be fully released by january? in all honesty please? 🙂

  196. jjj0309 says:

    Any plan to open a Patreon donation? You know, many people will donate for faster progression include me. Always thank you for your effort, have a nice Holiday and happy upcoming new year!

  197. Gamesoccer66 says:

    Hi @albert i have a problem with this mod/patch on my Windows10 it crashes if i playing chapter 3 for 15min can u guys make a fix for game crashes? That would he awesome!

    • albert says:

      Hello! Which room are you having problems with? It’s always the same room?

      There are 2 known issues:

      – Crashes after the room the Novistadors kidnap Ashley. Solution: Use winrar to unpack the rar files. Other software like 7zip is having problems uncompressing a file (44000214.pack).
      – Recurrent crashes in random rooms: Did you try using 4GB patch tool? It solves most crash issues related with our project files but ther’s the possibility it won’t work for people who is using a “pirated” version of the game.


      • Gamesoccer66 says:

        the first time the crash showed was where i was in the second fight with the big troll after the figthing scene with luis.

        And Yes i did used the 4GB tool like u recommend it.
        And no im using the fully Legal Steam Uncut Version of it

        • albert says:

          Are the crashes always in theh room? If this is the case, could you check please the following files and their filesize? :


          But if the crashes happen randomly I’m afraid I don’t have an answer right now… :/
          Also, Are you using additional mods?
          Are you playing easy mode?
          So, was your version previously the German censored version and now it’s uncut? How did you managed to make it uncut?
          Did you make it uncut BEFORE or AFTER installing our patch?

          Thanks! Let’s see if we can find the root of the problem!

          • Gamesoccer66 says:

            Im playing on Normal difficulty and i dont know it was all normal from the beginning but like i said it always crashed if i go to the room with the troll :=/
            And yes i have the german uncut version of the game :=)

          • albert says:

            Oh then could you check if you have the following files and their file size? :

            Resident Evil 4\BIO4\ImagePackHD\4400010f.pack
            Resident Evil 4\BIO4\St1\r10f.udas

            And, is Resident Evil 4\BIO4\St1\r10f.udas.lfs also there?

  198. Douglas Lopes says:

    After the complete this mod ,do you have plans woks in another projects ??

    • albert says:

      There’s only one sure thing after this project: Vacations XD
      I wouldn’t mind remastering Code Veronica if there is a PC port some day 🙂 Other that this, I have no idea…

      Thanks for following us!

      • Douglas Lopes says:

        haha and resident evil 5 and 6 ??

        i like much re5 =). I use enb and reshade for remove green filter and have good results but textures dont beatiful equals you is making in re4

  199. Gamesoccer66 says:

    I’ve checked everything is there :=/

    • albert says:

      Please, could you be more specific with your answers? Otherwise I can’t help

      What’s the file size for:

      Resident Evil 4\BIO4\ImagePackHD\4400010f.pack
      Resident Evil 4\BIO4\St1\r10f.udas

      And, is Resident Evil 4\BIO4\St1\r10f.udas.lfs also there?

      If both r10f.udas and r10f.udas.lfs are inside St1\ folder, please, remove r10f.udas.lfs and try again

      • Gamesoccer66 says:

        the 4400010f.pack is in the imagepackHD folder
        but i cant find r10f.udas in the St1 folder what now xD

        • albert says:

          Ehem… You told me before you had all the files XD

          Then that must be the problem. For some unknown reason the r10f.udas file is missing. It was included in our village pack. You can extract it manually from the downloaded Village pack rar file and place it inside …\Resident Evil 4\BIO4\St1\ folder.

          If the game find both files r10f.udas.lfs and r10f.udas it will load always the lfs file (the original). So, make sure to remove r10f.udas.lfs if it’s still there inside Resident Evil 4\BIO4\St1\

          You still haven’t told me the file size… but I guess the problem is that missing file.

          Please, try to respond everything the first time so I don’t need to ask the same thing multiple times. It’s quite frustrating :((


  200. Kanas6950 says:

    You said this in April 16, 2015
    “I don’t know if we can replace character models without messing the animations and making other side effects to pop up here and there. So, we are not going to touch character/enemies models (to avoid unstable graphic and animation issues) unless we learn about a 100% safe and effective way of doing that of course!”
    And now, have you learned a safe way to edit the models, or you haven’t tried yet? 🙂

    • albert says:

      Hello! We haven’t done a “full test” but I edited a cutscene character model (to fix a model issue) and it all worked flawlessly. So I guess we can do all the edits we want to the character/enemies models. Anyway, we’ll probably just do some minor corrections/improvements here and there. The character/enemies models don’t look as bad as the stage models after all.

  201. ramonsalazarshenchmen says:

    That’s excellent work! I’m hoping to see HD cutscenes too, Matrixcn’s HD cutscenes are fine but too old to play a remastered resident evil 4 game.

  202. Tilo says:

    The lastest update looks great. Hows progress going, the “Progress Summary” seems to be outdated?!

    • albert says:

      Hello, and thanks!
      No, the Progress Table is up to date. “In Progress” means I revised all the textures and 3D models but Cris still has to do the second revision. And right now I’m doing all light/effect revision for all Island section areas which won’t take me too much time 🙂

  203. LeonVendetta says:

    Happy New Year to u guys?????
    Awesome progress work. I just want to know when we’ll get full village release with all lightning edits??????

    • albert says:

      Happy New Year to you too!
      We still don’t know about future releases but we’ll announce it as soon as we make a decision about it!
      Thanks for the patience as usual!

  204. Frannz says:

    Amazing work!
    Do you guys plan on adding those shadows made on Ada’s campaign into Leon’s campaign?

  205. Chavolatra says:

    you work in re 5 or re 6 after complete this mod ?

  206. mlam says:

    Any idea when the island module going to release? Saw a couple of videos of you testing the map, the texture looking really great after the retexture. Is the progress here not updated or the island module still have lots need to be finished?

  207. Ricardo says:

    Amazing work!!!

    By the time spend on this project, considering only two people working on this, and the quality of it, you, both of you, deserve to get paid for this OUTSTANDING WORK!!!!

    For the final release, you should consider to sell the upgrade by 10-20USD, none of us will say not and I think we all love this game, and you are bringing us the possibility to play it with the most impressive quality ever!

    I do not know about Copyright, but you should think about it.


    • Ben says:

      It’s illegal to sell this and if Capcom found out they did it would get shutdown, it has to be free. Donations are definitely enough.

      • Henrique says:

        Then contact capcom and arrange it to be officially sold as DLC on steam, capcom gets their cut and these guys make a nice and well earned lil profit on their hard work.

  208. Nameless says:

    Hi Albert/Cris, any chance we can get an update to the progress summary? Thanks!

  209. Sun says:

    That’s really a great job. Capcom should pay you for this.
    I mean, RE4 is really a masterpiece , but the official version of HD is so disappointing. If I didn’t found your RE4 HD PROJECT, I won’t buy that shit. Thanks for doing this, you save the game.

  210. NETTLE says:

    High poly Characters in planing???

  211. LeonVendetta says:

    M so much hungry for a 2018 release! :O

  212. Mehrab says:

    this list is updated ?

  213. Rui says:

    Oh guys i cant wait for the castle release… This project is one, if not THE BEST project ive seen.
    So… Do you have a prespective for the release date??
    Thanks and good luck!

  214. Anas Khalil says:

    Hey Guys
    Can i please have the name of the music used here ^_^

  215. Gunther says:

    Capcom should just go ahead and hire you guys for all future “remasters”.

    This is amazing work. Can’t wait to play it fully.

  216. tristan says:

    you guys are amazing…. doing justice to a game that reinvented a whole genre… keep up the good work….. although might i suggest that adding an optional features for player preference like motion blur and etc…. thanks guys…. really amazing job! :D!!

  217. Dummy says:

    Honestly Im disappointed:
    Im waiting 3 years for this mod and it seems never to be released.

    It looks really great. Capcom should give you an award and a job offer.

  218. Douglas Lopes says:

    can have make reflections in guns ?

  219. fernando says:

    Hello everyone, First of all, I want to praise the incredibly fucking remastering work that you are doing, secondly thank you very much for what you are doing with my favorite game !!
    third and last is a question, I am very anxious for the last part of the island, do you have a date scheduled for launching it?

    • albert says:

      Hello and thanks you for your message!
      Not yet, we are preparing it and we’ll announce it as soon as we are sure about an exact date 😀

      • Alien says:

        I’m honestly hoping that the next release will include not not only “The Island” remaster but also a “Separate Ways” and “Mercenaries” release!

  220. Kakaroto says:

    Do you can fix incompatibility of re4 hd with old re4 enb ?

  221. Anas Khalil says:

    New Post? ^_^

  222. Douglas Lopes says:

    Do you have Translate for Portuguese from Brazilian ?
    i dont know english good =(

  223. Jander Aguiar says:

    Se eu tivesse dinheiro man eu daria um boa grana pra você completar de vez esse jogo man residente evil 4 é vida..

  224. Oliveraz says:

    Magnific work, congratulations.

  225. kisamee says:

    hy could you gives some information about next release pack what will include or when will be out

  226. Abdul Ahad says:

    Hey guys first of all stupendous work. I cannot appreciate and thank you guys enough for literally recreating one my all time favorite games in true PROPER HD. I have just one very small and silly request. It seems updating character models wont be a hassle as u guys discussed so will there be character remodeling? It seems a bit odd while playing, realistic textures and then you have those old gen low poly enemies, gets distracting :p Anyways if its not too much to ask, please PLEASE update Ada’s character model as perfectly as you can. I don’t care much about the rest, please make her STUNNING 😀
    In the end thanks again guys for this superlative effort. God Bless and peace 🙂

    • albert says:

      Thank you for your message.
      We’ll put a lot of love when we remaster all characters and enemies textures 🙂
      I also want to improve Ada’s model a little, specially her hands… and I’ll try to improve the dress physics somehow…

      • Alan says:

        Estuve viendo el modelo original de Ada y me sorprende lo bien que se ve, los hombros son unas de las cosas que podrían tener mas polygonos para ser menos cuadrados. ¿Planean re-hacer la topologia para que sea mas cómodo hacer UVs nuevos o van a dejarla igual? (Ademas de los detalles extra de la mano por supuesto)

        • albert says:

          Aun no sabemos hasta qué punto retocaremos los modelos. Seguramente lo iremos viendo sobre la marcha.
          No creo que los editemos demasiadas cosas de los modelos 3D, solo los “puntos flojos” donde sea muy evidente que podrían mejorarse, y esperamos no encontrarnos con ninguna limitación técnica que nos lo impida.

  227. Abdul Ahad says:

    Also there are a couple of issues. Firstly patching the exe with the 4gb tool does not make it start. It gives the 0xc0000147 something error. So I play with the original exe. However I face the same issue another guy mentioned. The game crashes when you use Chief Mendez’s eye on the door towards the castle. Why is that happening. The download size of your releases is exact same as shown on the image you provided so no files are missing and no it never crashed before when playing on original textures.

    • albert says:

      The 4GB patch makes the exe to crash when you apply it on an “unofficial” version of the game. At least this has been like this so far.
      All people having problems with the 4GB patch were using a pirated version of the game. Can you confirm this is also your case?

      Ocassional crashes are a normal thing when you don’t use the 4GB patch becasue of the huge ammount of memory the game needs when using the new textures.

      • Abdul Ahad says:

        yes mine is a pirated version. Can u guys release the 4GB tool for that too please 😀 Also regarding crashes one the original exe, it crashes on almost every new green prompt door (the one which loads a new room) however it only happens once. It just gets frustrating when u have to redo the entire room and then the next crashes. Unless theres a typewriter nearby but those are few and far between.

  228. Rache says:

    This is so awesome, this game looks million times better than original!! Great work you guys! I just got on the island and you can see immediately the difference, it just looks so ugly now, but I still want to play 😀

  229. Артем says:

    release in 2018 or later ?

  230. Kchypark says:

    where is the island release?

  231. José Cascante says:

    Hey guys! Great work, anxiously waiting for Friday’s release. Is the progress summary up to date?

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      And yes, it’s up to date… more or less.
      The “In progress” is somehow an ambiguous tag. It means from 20% to 90% completed.

      I guess we’ll add new tables when we have done a certain ammount of items/characters/enemies/weapons textures and models 🙂

  232. Max says:

    Hey Albert, if you read this, make sure to refine the textures on every character models including their ears. The ears looks terrible.

  233. URMarty says:

    Error Bad Getaway ?

  234. Matheus says:

    Did you guys delete my post?? wtf

  235. theo says:

    Might sound insane but thinking about the good things in life are reasons for living.

    What you’re doing keeps me going in life. I look forward to the finished product!
    Thank you.

  236. David says:

    Hey i only have one minor issue and it’s the area beneath Ashley first abduction in the castle area, the place with the invisible insects, it won’t let met load that area 🙁 . Can you tell me why the game crashes there? 🙁

    • Cris says:

      A few quick questions to try to solve the issue:
      1. Did you apply the 4GB patch?
      2. Does the crash happen every time?
      3. Does it happen if you switch to SD (non-HD) textures?
      Thank you!

  237. Strajder says:

    Hey Albert has the all textures improvements from castle and island section are completed, asking because I see in the progress summary tab that some areas are still labelled as work in progress for a long time?

    • Cris says:

      “In Progress” means that Albert has done his revisions, but I (Cris) have not yet gone in and revised / refined further. So an “In Progress” room is likely 80-90% complete. Hope that helps!

  238. Strajder says:

    Hey Albert has the all textures improvements from castle and island section are completed, asking because I see in the progress summary tab that some areas are still labelled as work in progress for a long time??

    • albert says:

      That’s bacause Cris still have to revise the Island textures. Anyway, the “In progress” label is a little imprecisse. It means 20% to 99% completed. So, some of the “in progress” areas are probably almost finished
      Thanks for asking!

  239. Adrian says:

    I am absolutely blown away by the sheer quality of these mods. You have successfully breathed new life into a lifetime favorite video game. Thank you so gosh dang much!

  240. Sameer Ali says:

    Hey guys, I’m just a student and not that rich to be able to donate you guys but still I wanna say A HUGE THANK YOU for the work you guys have done. Seriously, Amazing job, Just amazing. Words would always fall short in order to properly appreciate your work. Again Thank you so much for bringing this awesome game (Which is and always be my all time favorite game ever) back to life once again for us. Thank you !

  241. Luke says:

    Simply awesome. I only wish the actual version of RE4 would incorporate your work.
    Scrolling down through the progress summary, it really looks like you guys are nearing completion… Is it reasonable to think that you might be completely finished by this time next year?

  242. nNands says:

    Great job, guys. Best of all for the development team, Brazil send a hug.

  243. Demitri87 says:

    Hola Albert Primero te doy las gracias y a Cris por este gran trabajo lo sigo por años y la espera a sido gratificante… queria comentar que el efecto visual fantasma en algunas partes del pueblo en mi opinion no deberia ser quitado o almenos deberia ser una opcion ya que le da un toque especial al juego que los mas puristas sabemos apreciar ya que yo e jugado la vercion de gamecube desde q la compre alla en el 2006 unas mil veces y ese efecto siempre a estado alli por alguna razon y a mi me encanta espero lo hagas opcinal mas no lo retires desde ya muchas gracias y espero escuches mi sugerencia

    • albert says:

      Hola! gracias por tu mensaje y comentarios!
      En el parche que vamos a publicar en breve daremos la opción de quitar ese efecto o no 🙂

  244. Matheus Sousa says:

    Vocês são demais , vocês realmente são fãs de re4 , queria muito que a Capcom podesse manter contato com vocês e os chamassem para fazer um remasterizado de todo o jogo , com nova ambientação , novos inimigos , novas armas , vocês tem talento para tal projeto , parabéns mesmo

    • Hamilton says:

      É verdade Matheus, acredito que séria um reconhecimento a altura da qualidade do trabalho.
      Fico na torcida, para as palavras do colega Matheus se realizem!

  245. joao says:

    my name is joao pedro I would like to contribute to make yoke to help you I am a 3d medelador I know meche in maya

    • Cris says:

      Hi Joao! Thank you for your offer and for sharing your portfolio with us — I can see that this is a skill you’ve really developed! Right now we are not looking to add additional folks to the team, though, I’m sorry. Of course, we certainly appreciate it when people follow our project updates and provide feedback, so if you ever have any feedback on our 3D modeling work, please don’t hesitate to let us know – it would be helpful! Thanks again!

  246. Guilherme Elias says:

    I discovered your project a few days ago and you are doing a great job, I will always be watching the progress of the project and would like to make two requests, please put a language option in Brazilian Portuguese and improve the texture and design of the characters.

    • albert says:

      The project isn’t complete yet. We are working on the weapons, items, characters and enemies (and some other stuff)
      About the language. It’s not possible to add additional language options. The only way is to replace one language with another one. So, we’ll leave that to the modding community because we can’t delete one language in benefit of another language.

  247. Felipe eduardo says:

    I wonder if we have to download the game again as you upgrade?

    • albert says:

      Sorry! I don’t understand your question. You can write in Spanish too (If it’s better for you) 🙂

      • Felipe de Freitas Fernandes says:

        Albert, I think this guy has downloaded and installed the big last release, now he wants to know if he’ll need to redownload the pack when updated or if the future updates will come in small patches (its like “will I need to download a big or a small amount of bytes in the next updates?”).
        Hope I helped 🙂

        I am a big fan from Brazil, your project is a true work of art in all possible ways!
        Please keep this work going till the end, I will buy a new copy of the game on steam just to play with your REAL remaked textures when it’s all ready!

        Sorry for the bad english, I am trying to learn this language alone and I’m not very good on writing yet.

  248. Joao Manuel Simoes says:

    This mod is compatible with 60FPS on game??

  249. Holly says:


    Antes todo felicidades por el trabajo de este mod. Uno de los mejores si no el mejor en su campo sin duda.

    Tenia una duda. Y era la de saber si este último parche que se puede descargar (Relase 3, que es el único que veo) contiene todo el trabajo que habéis hecho hasta ahora o si por el contrario, solo contiene un parte de el. Si fuese esto último, ¿me podríais indicar donde descargar el parche que contenga todo?

    Muchas gracias.

    • albert says:

      Hola! Y gracias por el mensaje 🙂

      Efectivamente, el “Release 3” contiene TODO lo que hemos hecho hasta principios de julio de 2018. Solo necesitas Descargar este pack, el pequeño parche que publicamos una semana después que solucionaba un par de problemas, y el 4GB Patch.

      A partir de aquí seguiremos ofreciendo actualizaciones “informativas” a base de imágenes comparativas y vídeos como de costumbre hasta que publiquemos la versión definitiva del proyecto 🙂

  250. D'Shanz says:

    Been following this project for years! Amazing to see how far you’ve come, and even added more than the original scope. I’ve been holding off trying out any previous versions because I really doubt I’ll ever replay this game more than once, so I definitely want to get the maximum effect but I’m getting pretty tempted to finally give it a run through with this latest version. My question is that in the release notes you say something to the effect of “all texture edits to date” for every area, and your progress summary here shows many areas in the island as “in progress,” so does that mean that those areas will have some partial texture replacements? Or do you only include areas marked as complete in your releases, and those areas that are in progress are omitted?

    • albert says:

      And thanks for following us during so many time!

      The release contains everything we’ve done so far, completed or not. The “In progress” tag means ALL the textures and models have been revised just by me (Albert) and Cris still have to make his revision. Sometimes he improves a lot of things, some other times the edits are minor 🙂

  251. Diego says:

    This is awesome!

  252. Shalnark says:

    Can you guys possibly do what that person did with GTA SA and possibly port the shader tool to RE4
    he literally just changed the game dramatically with a simple shading tool without replacing textures

  253. lOVE ans appreciate all the works thats been done. How often do these charts/progress summaries get updated?

  254. English
    Hello! Your team can work in add more blood in the game? when you kill an enemy or be killer o Hurts by an enemy, and you can also make the village of the bigining whit more house and things(on the background)… i mean much ganados and no houses form that people? well, anyway thanks for your work(sorry for my bad english).
    Hola! Su equipo de trabajo podria trabajar en agregar mas sangre al juego base? seria cuando eliminas algun enemigo o ser asesinado o herido por los mismos, y podrian hacer que hallan mas casas en el pueblo del inicio del juego(que se vean de lejos muchas), es por que existen muchos ganados en el juego y hay muy pocas casas y queda raro…. bueno sin mucho mas muchas gracias por su trabajo, los apoyo haciendo publicidad y enseñando su trabajo a la gente que adora el juego, lastima que no tengo recursos monetarios para donar. igual muchas gracias por mejorar uno de mis juegos favoritos de mi infancia.

  255. Diego says:

    Man, this is awesome! I’m waiting a long time for this! The work is great!

  256. baket says:

    Will u make a patch for duo & quad core processors ?

  257. Gamesoccer66 says:

    Hello, (Help)
    i found a new problem from the HD Project.
    After beating the mayor of the village u need to go back again where the big door is but after entering this door the game closes itself. I did tested this 4 or 5 times always on the same place with this mod.

    I downloaded this mod from the torrent link of yours.

  258. quijote3000 says:

    Ánimo. Ya queda poco. Me muero de ganas de ver el juego acabado.

  259. Oi, gostaria de baixar as atualizações realizadas se possivel. E se der para baixar, onde baixa?

  260. Paolo says:

    Every now and then i check out this page just to see how’s the progress and I have to give an HUGE thanks to all the people that are still working on this great project and keep the site up to date. Thank you very much guys, RE4 is a great game and deserves a new look 🙂

  261. Re4hdfan says:

    Hey, do you have any idea when the full version is going to be released? Thanks.

  262. Rob says:

    Great work! Thanks for improving a great game 🙂

  263. jjj0309 says:

    Almost there, almost there! Keep up the good work!

  264. Master Chen says:

    Hello and good dawn/morning/noon/day/dusk/night to you, developers.
    I essentially have only one question and would like to to hear your answer/commentary on this:

    What is your stance/opinion in general on the new/fresh modern-day model and texture upscale/upres/recreation techniques such as ESRGAN (AI trained HD/UHD re-texturing with a goal to recreate original image with as high of native resolution as possible) being all the rage and hottest stuff in the worldwide PC modding scene/commune right now? Have you seen those preliminary works for Final Fantasy VIII’s and Final Fantasy IX’s ESRGAN-based AI trained HD textures, or how about the INSANE work that people did on first BIOHAZARD REmake’s HD RE master just a couple weeks ago? Did you dwell into researching this matter already? Do you think this is the actual future? And if you did, do you have any thoughts or plans for trying to utilize such AI techniques in one way or another in either this particular project or maybe some future upcoming projects after you fully finish this one?

    • albert says:

      Indeed the new AI upscale techniques are almost like magic. It’s really useful in certain textures while not that good in other pictures. It all depends on the original source material. But I’m sure this AI technology will be even further improved in a near future. And I’m sure it would make wonders in certain remaster projects which original textures have already quite decent quality (I’m thinking about RE5, RE6…)

      • Master Chen says:

        Well, there’s currently primarily three different software packages/apps/methods that are being largely used in the modding commune: Waifu, ESRGAN, and Gigapixel.

        Waifu’s really not suited for full-3D content or highly realistic 2D texture assets (which is what BIOHAZARD usually has), as it was made for full-2D onemoo games (old J-RPGs, Visual Novels/Bishoujo Simulators, etc) to begin with. ESRGAN works very well with both 3D and 2D alike, but requires lengthy and properly set (thousands upon thousands of highly quality images that don’t repeat) training to be successful. Gigapixel is a professional AI software that was developed for the purpose of enhancing and “restoring” actual real-life photos, majorly very old and/or damaged ones, but it’s a paid program and it requires skill to use properly (it’s kind of like “Photoshop of AI imaging/training”) so it’s the absolute last measure/resort for all intents and purposes. All currently-in-development top tier upscale mods are usually done with ESRGAN at the least and Gigapixel at the most, though. BIOHAZARD REmake HD remaster’s “REupscale” modding project (, for example) is done strictly only with extensive Gigapixel training (the project had a 1.0 release already, but it’s NOT fully done yet, still WIP), though it’s dev said they have plans to mix Gigapixel content with ESRGAN in the near future to produce even better results for the upcoming updates. What makes these modern age AI techniques is so important and outstanding, in my personal opinion, is the fact that they fully preserve the ORIGINAL content (as it’s literally old textures/models that get recreated with higher res, 1-to-1, no new “features” or details that weren’t there before) while ALSO being absolutely modding-friendly due to never clashing with fan-made content and never producing “yellow flags” of inflicting (a term of Bethesda’s games) placement/broken scripts/etc. For example, there is currently a “New Vision” AI-enhanced total overhaul mod being developed for original Deus Ex and it FULLY works with any and all existing fan mods right from the get-go due to this AI enhancement not conflicting with any third party-made side content at all. Amazing.

        • albert says:

          Thank you for all the info!
          The ESRGAN method is too complicated for me right now. I hope some intuitive program includes it in a way everybody can train the algorythms (or whatever is trained XD)
          I’m using the Gigapixel method. But… why are you saying it’s needed some skill? It’s basically drag and drop and select the ammount of noise you want to reduce. Other than that there are no more options. Or Am I missing something important about Gigapixel?
          That REmaster project is great. I can’t wait to see the final result with the AI upscaling possibilities applied to the max!

          • Master Chen says:

            Here is one of the prime examples what proper/high quality ESRGAN training can achieve: Sure, ESRGAN is not easiest AI enhancing software package out there, but one way or another it seems like industry at large is going to move to it (considering that such game devs as Beamdog, makers of Enhanced PC editions of Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, and etc., are already preparing to move to ESRGAN usage in the near future, with many others following suit shortly after) soon. Or at the very least to Gigapixel.

            As for why “requires skill”…well, what I’ve meant by this is that Gigapixel is VERY picky when it comes down to building up image sets for training, usually requiring 8K+ resolution material that’s absolutely raw/uncompressed, to produce any decent end results, and since you usually need at least several dozen thousands of such quality pictures/photos to train it well, finding such batches on the internet (unless you’re producing absolute majority of them on your own by photographing professionally, of course) becomes a downright Gumshoe-tier search which requires “professional online detective skills” kind of arduous work. Simply typing “photo of a tree, 8K and higher res” in Google/DuckDuckGo usually doesn’t immediately lead to 100% desirable result, that’s where extensive web searching skills come into play. And not all people might be good enough at it. Gigapixel is brutal, in this particular meaning.

            Also, were you trying the free trial version of Gigapixel, or paid full one? Either way, it seems that you’re already trying to use it for creation of some assets of this modding project, and that’s good. I wish you the best.

  265. Brandon Ruggles says:

    Albert, Cris!

    Amazing! I can’t believe you guys are almost done! Your names will live on in the Resident Evil fandom for eternity!

  266. Danrley Cabral says:

    Hello friends. Thank you so much for the great work. Do you have any estimates of when the next update will come out?

  267. domiiiiiii says:

    Hello! it been years since i followed your work! it perfect! now i have been experiencing a problem when i open door that will be bring up loading screen, the game crashess in certain times 🙁 i already searched in google but none of them worked. thank u so much for ur hard work.

    • albert says:

      Did you applied the 4GBpatch to the bio4.exe file?
      Does it happen always in the same room? Or is it a random problem?
      Thank you for following us!!

  268. Juan says:

    Ya casi un mes del ultimo video que mostraron.
    Su trabajo es EXCELENTE pero va… Un año (o mas) esperando un parche mientras podrian subir un adelanto en beta y sin brindar soporte..
    Me piro de aqui, suerte y nos vemos en 2020 quizás cuando se les ocurra liberar un update xD.

    • albert says:

      Hola Juan.
      – El último pack fue en julio.
      – Hay un manual de instrucciones detallado y una página para solucionar los problemas más comunes. El 90% de las respuestas a problemas que tiene la gente es debido a que no han leído correctamente las instrucciones.
      – No tenemos un equipo de “soporte técnico”. Somos 2 tíos haciendo lo que pueden.
      – Solo recordar que este proyecto es un hobby que hacemos en horas libres (últimamente solo yo puedo dedicarme a él) y que tenemos que atender a nuestro trabajo, familia y amigos.
      – No pedimos nada a cambio. Y tampoco pedimos que la gente esté enganchada a lo que hacemos constantemente. A quien le interese que nos siga, a quien no, pues no.
      – Pido un poco de comprensión respecto a lo que tardamos en publicar actualizaciones.
      – Resulta bastante evidente que mucha gente no es consciente del trabajo que hay detrás de la preparación de actualizaciones, packs, y, por supuesto, el proyecto en sí, siendo solo 2 personas.
      – La ironía mejor guardársela para problemas de verdad.

  269. tim says:

    Hi Albert,

    I was wondering if you ever thought about adding in/creating new animations for the enemies.
    For instance, when Leon kicks multiple enemies, they all fly in the same way which really takes you out of the experience. The physics also is slightly off.

    When shooting enemies in the leg, there is simply no variation, they all grab their legs in the exact same way. Annd I mean just slight variations, the amount of frames could be the same, but perhaps enemies might grab it with one hand rather than two. Bob their heads down to the same level even.

    I know this isn’t the core reason why you guys made this mod, but I was wondering if you were interested in slightly tweaking gameplay.

    The reason I ask this is because your mod is incredible and really makes RE4 timeless, but I simply feel the repetitive animations, sightly odd physics make it feel really old.

    Nevertheless. Would this be even possible with the files is the question I’m also asking.


    • albert says:

      Unfortunatelly, we still can’t do this kind of edits yet. I was able to port the lost physics for Ada’s dress from the old PC port (lucky us it had the same format!) and that’s it.
      Anyway, this is more related to coding than just editing files (I guess) so, even we could edit animations we’d probably couldn’t do this selective edits…

  270. abdul says:

    holy………. guys, you are almost there, i can’t wait to enjoy your incredible work.
    best wishes from the middle east.

  271. Yoji says:

    Ma dudes, I just found this and I feel blessed! That’s awesome! Great work.
    Could I join in doing this?

  272. Ivory_Soul says:

    I’ve been following this site for years and I can’t believe you guys are almost done! Hopefully, by Xmas, we can have this game fully remastered since Capcom refuses to do it properly. Keep up the great work guys, man it’s exciting!

    • albert says:

      Thanks a lot!
      I’d really like to release it during Xmas it would be a good present for everyone! Let’s see if we have the time to do it haha

  273. Piratprince says:

    I want to thank you for this great work. I can not wait to play the final release. In the next month i will surely donate some money for this amazing artistic work 🙂 Have a nice day

    • albert says:

      Thanks a lot for the support ^_^
      I hope I can — at least– upload the next video soon. It’s almost done!
      (I’m having a lot of personat matters to attend to the last days)

  274. Not important says:

    Thank you for all your hard work on updating the visuals of Resident Evil 4!!!!!

  275. gabriel says:

    voces pretende trazer textura hd para o re4 de xbox 360 se tiver eu agradeço muito mais se nao tiver faz pelomenos umas texturas simples por favor mas se nao tiver jeito de fazer obrigado assim mesmo vcs sao foda ?

  276. KingArtur says:

    Please, update Progress Summary

  277. Arlyn Anderson says:

    This is an amazing project. I recently have try out the RE4 UHD… But not a legit version tbh, still… Making UHD even better with is like million sparks of a fireworks. I would like to try them out, but maybe my PC will catch on fire if I try because I barely can run UHD in my pc with low res setting of 800×600, and fixed 30 fps, with all effects off, but Capcom’s HD texture on, and windowed allow me to have a decent fps. Still you two, keep up your amazing for everyone else’s satisfaction. Cheers from the eastern part of the world!!

    • albert says:

      Thank you for your message!
      I hope you can enjoy our project someday. Remember it’s only compatible for genuine version of the game because the 4GB patch makes the pirated versions .exe file useless.

  278. Dennis says:

    I’m waiting for the final result.
    So far, very good work that was worth a little money.
    Keep it up.
    Greetings from Germany.

  279. From_a_fan says:

    This is so sick! You guys are really passionate about this game! mad RESPECT! Capcom should hire you guys.

  280. Wayne Golden says:

    I’ve been following your progress with this mod since I bought RE4 a couple of years ago. I have never installed or played the game as I want to experience the game for the very first time with your awsum improvements. I can’t wait for the final version of your mod so I can play this game. Best wishes with everything.

  281. Pepito says:

    Keep up the good work ! Now that Black Mesa Xen is on the verge of final release too, i’m really looking forward expecting a release of this awesome mod through the current year. Cheers !

  282. Adam Gregory Boruff says:

    Just saw your new about and oh my god, amazing. I can’t wait for the new release, you guys are doing a great job, thank you.

  283. Jhonathan says:

    Amo vocês, espero q vcs sejam bem pagos muito bem pagos porque o que vocês fizeram é um nível extremamente difícil estão de parabéns

  284. ShenlongBonito says:

    OMG, So much progress! nice work mates!

  285. ArturKing says:

    please, update progress sumary

  286. Medeiros says:

    Guys, the work you are doing is nothing short of incredible. Resident Evil 4 is an absolute masterpiece and it was always my favorite game since i played it the first time, in my childhood. I know there is still work to do but it seems that the project is not so far from being concluded. The polishment here is just unbelievable and it is just so nice to see that RE4 is being treated with the care it deserves! But well, i just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I REALLY love this game and i am very happy that a project like this it’s in your hands and going that well. Keep up with the good work, ‘cuz you guys are nailing it! Cheers to the project!

    From a Brazilian Fan 😉

    • albert says:

      Thanks for taking the tiome to send us this message! I’m really glad you are enjoying the look of the results. We can’t wait to finish this and finally share the ultimate version of the project with everyone! 😀

  287. A Penguin says:

    I am very impressed by the work you’ve been doing here so far and I am very anxious to see the final result. Do you have a very rough estimate (e.g. year and quarter) of when the next release could be done?
    Thank you! 🙂

    • albert says:

      Thank you! 🙂
      No estimated time yet… becauise we are doing this during our free time, so it’s really hard to calculate,
      Thanks for the patience!!

  288. Putera says:

    hi, im just going to ask for some personal things, because im so amaze for things that youre doing :
    how many person in your project?
    and are you going to sell it to Capcom?

    • albert says:

      We are just 2 and another person that helped us a lot doing the tools we are using.
      Capcom is aware of this project and we were in contact with them. So, if they want to use the project they will contact us, but I don’t think they’ll do because they’d need to check texture by texture we are using licensed or our own pictures.

      • ExcessiveGBH says:

        Capcom may never contact you about using this project but they may contact you about other opportunities. Capcom likes talented people with a passion.

  289. grimed says:

    Patiently waiting for the completion of this wonderful endeavor. Cheers to the team!

  290. KingArtur says:

    please, update progress summary, now

    • Sean says:

      no need to be rude, its very easy to figure out where hes at, and even if he updated the list whats it matter? the list shows as though chapter 1 was completed earlier this year, but they actually put more work into chapter 1 recently due to criticism of the lighting, just let them focus on the actual work the progress report doesnt matter

  291. Fred says:

    This project is fantastic and will never cease to amaze me. The quality of your work is Excellent! I can’t believe that it’s actually been years and I still get excited when watching a new video. We’re all looking forward to experiencing RE4 again when you’re satisfied with the end result. Take your time and take care.

  292. ArturKing says:

    how about progress summary on November 2019 ?

  293. Alex says:

    Please, update progress summary :0

  294. Ricardo says:

    Thanks for the update!

    We really appreciate all your effort and how the things are going.
    I’m following your amazing work during all this time!

  295. Redacted says:

    I just want to say MANY people are hopeful and excited for the completion of this and we are all very supportive of you three and the hard work during your free time given. Please don’t give up or abandon the project. We are watching /and waiting 😉

  296. poophead says:

    As soon as I see complete on every row and column, I’m playin!

  297. Arthur says:

    will there be a release on playstation 4?

  298. Ferraz says:

    I don’t even know what to say. This remaster mod is the best one I’ve seen. There are lots of old games that I wanted tô play with updated graphics, and you have done this miracle in the RE4. Guys, you are the best. A Devil May Cry 3 remastered by you guys would be a dream.

  299. Aaron says:

    Do you guys have an ETA on when it will be finished? Thanks for all the hard work.

  300. Andrey says:

    I calculated that from a purely mathematical point of view, one chapter = 1 month, and therefore 10 main chapters + 5 separate chapters remain. Total 15 chapters or 15 months or 1 year and 3 months. They should finish CHAPTERS by March 2021, but this is only in chapters, there are still character models and cut scenes. Another 2-3 months. Total, the approximate completion date is Resident Evil 4 HD Project = Summer 2021.

    P.S. Thx to Google translator 🙂

  301. JackNapier says:

    Guys. i am from Russia. And all i want say is, it’s amasing! You doing great job textures are freaking good, but… can you release maybe another revision with weapons, enemies and etc you made at this point? It’s just… last downloaded version of HD project was almost 2 years old, and i think many of the people want to play RE4 HD with current existing textures you made, just to make people little bit more exiting about your HD project. Anyway, great work, i can only imagine how much pain in the ass it must be, retextures whole game from scratch.

  302. amazing work, been watching for years. hope to see it complete one day, capcom should pay u haha

  303. Matt Michele says:

    This looks incredible! I’ve been watching Maximilian Dood’s play through with the HD Project and he can’t say enough good things about it! I’ve also checked out Albert’s channel and that is awesome too! I don’t even know if this will work but I’m about to buy the Steam edition and use Boot Camp on my Mac just so I can have Windows to download and play this!!! Keep up the great work!

    P.S. Just to echo an above comment, it would be freakin’ awesome to get a patch with Leon and weapons!!!

    • CiTRiC says:

      Albert Marin IS the creator of this mod though, he’s uploading the gameplay series as he’s finishing retexturing/remodeling each level!

      • Matt says:

        Wow! That’s so cool that he takes time to answer comments! Side note: would you happen to know why I can’t download the Torrent file? It just tells me “can not open file as archive”.

        • Markus says:

          Your OS probably tries to open the file with the wrong program.
          Save the torrent file to your computer, start your torrent program and then try to load the file from there.

  304. Genaro Lozano says:

    This is such a good project. You guys behind it are the best! I can’t wait till it’s done so I can replay the game for the 4th time. Love it to pieces

  305. mofail says:

    When this project is complete….will it still be a free to download? Or will this be some kind of paid dlc thing?

  306. Alex says:

    Thank you so much for doing this.
    If only someone did the same for Dark Souls 1.

  307. Ali232 says:

    when do you update this list?

    • Daniel says:

      Capcom will find a way to mess up the feel of RE4 in the remake. I’d rather play a retextured version of the original thing

  308. Hurry! says:

    Finish this before the remake comes out!

  309. Masoud says:


  310. Mario says:

    People really be telling you guys what to do and to hurry, smh. You guys are doing a fantastic job with the time and care you put into this project, don’t let the news of a remake halt or speed your efforts, keep doing what you’re doing, looking forward to the final revision!

  311. Pushparaj says:

    You guys are doing fantastic work that I’ve no word to describe how good it is. Don’t rush as people say that RE 4 Remake is on the way. Capcom just ruined the classic RE3. Remake visuals are better, but still classic things that RE Fans love are gone. So there’s always RE Fans who will keep playing RE 4. So you guy do what you planned to do. Wish you guys good luck 🙂

  312. Jorge Lucas says:

    Thank you so much for doing this ❤️ @Brazil

  313. homerun says:

    I don’t care about the remake, just take your time and don’t rush, you guys rock.

  314. Adrian says:

    I love your work and effort. Keep going. Stay safe snd healthy!

  315. There’s going to be a REmake of 4? Why? The original is perfect as it is. Well, except for the wonderful HD mod here, of course 🙂

  316. Andre says:

    Awesome!!! Many many thanks!!!

  317. Tony B says:

    Can’t believe how many immature people post here who have nothing to do with contributing to the project other than troll and spill toxic energy. Please do not rush guys and take your time!

  318. Mr. Slenderman says:

    Necesitan apurarse!!!!! a actualizar esta página 🙂

    Ya, en serio, todos aquí sabemos que en cuanto terminen el proyecto tendrán una ola de fans y medios abalanzandose a este mod y probando la experiencia orginal vitaminada. Tomen su tiempo, que aquí estaremos todos esperando!

    Animo, Albert y Cris, son los mejores!

    • albert says:

      Muchas gracias!
      Seguimos en ello sin descanso!
      Este capítulo tiene infinidad de variantes de ganados y estoy haciendo UN MONTÓN de mejoras en pequeños detalles 3D (o no tan pequeños), sombras y mejorando aún más ciertas texturas

  319. Scott Fernando says:

    It is mind blowing that 2 people are remaking this old yet gem of a game. Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to playing this remake. WELL DONE! Seriously out of words to comment further on this amazing job.

  320. homerun says:

    just continue this project until you get to the final phase, please, guys.
    i can’t stand playing the capcom release,cause it sucks as hell…lol

  321. Arturov says:

    please, update progress summary

  322. Jon says:

    Just wanted to say to the guys that are still going forward with this revamp on the game. Hat’s off to you, I’ve been keeping an eye on this since the project started! It’s been worth the wait I really look forward to playing this game again from scratch with all the amazing work you have done

  323. homerun says:

    very nice progress. i am looking forward to play the entire game using your lovely hd mod.
    thank you guys.

  324. Domovoi0ng says:

    I don’t know how Capcom will modify re4, but I’m sure there is a space for your upgrade, seeing as how people have not been completely happy with the remakes. I dread them reworking the camera and movement!
    I had previously joked about how Capcom should hire you guys…. Well!

    Have been following this project for several years and now that the end is in sight, I can hardly wait!!!!
    You guys are fantastic. I adore and admire you.
    Stay safe, best wishes.

    • albert says:

      Thanks a lot for your message and support! 😀
      If they finally remake RE4 the original will be a different experience just like the original RE2 and RE3 are compared to the remakes (I hope XD)

      I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

  325. Aurélien says:

    je dis bravo pour la version HD déja que je trouve que c’est le meilleur jeu RE4 et se que vous faite c’est vraiment mieux que de jouer a l’original je joue déjà avec votre version amélioré et c’est vraiment super et j’ai hâte de voir bientôt votre version final. et encore merci pour ça 😉

  326. Monroe says:

    There’s still a lot of final revisions to do but how much would you say approx. is finished % wise?

  327. DarkSamus says:

    Please remove 5-5 from the list, the chapter list in the game goes…
    Final Chapter

  328. John Mc Clain Montilla says:

    I love your effort how you do this, I wish you complete the whole game with new game texture but same vibe with the original. I know how frustrated you are when people don’t recognize your work and steal your work in their YouTube channel. I want to appreciate your work, I know their is a rumor about the remake of re 4 but I still love this version of yours 🙂

  329. Sean Wilkinson says:

    Wow, this is absolutely amazing, as are you 2 guys for putting all the time and effort in.
    Official remake on the way or not, this remaster will be remembered by true fans forever! As will the names Albert and Cris!
    I personally am more looking forward to this being completed than capcoms remake.
    Many thanks!

  330. hello, do you have any forecast or release date for the final version of your mod?

    I also want to know if you launching the mod in the final version will you charge for it? or will it continue to be free to download?

    I want to know the textures on things not applicable in the game, are they temporary or permanent?

  331. Vincent says:

    So I have donated a few times over the years. Even got the email for early release back when that first happened. Controls were awful but that had nothing to do with you guys and this awesome project.

    I was looking at the latest posts and wow it looks amazing. I decided that tonight I would download and play the game on steam since steam lets you use a PS4 controller and remap things. I notice however that the textures on the shutgun were still the old ones. I went back are read the notes and saw that the version available for download is the project as it was in June 2018. Any estimate to when the full version will be out?

    Any plans to release versions beyond June 2018 to people who have donated? It really ruins the immersion for me when almost everything looks beautiful but the character models and the some guns just look bad and out of place. I swear every few years I install and end up uninstalling because I don’t want a 80% experience.

    I want the 100% complete project so I can enjoy all your hard work. Not trying to make you guys feel bad. We all greatly appreciate all the hard work you have put it. I is a disgrace how Capcom release this game and had the balls to call it HD.

    I was a bit said to see that the character models in the new screens are not something we get in the current release. I was just wondering if you had an ETA when this will be done or at least when we will get an updated release. I have not bothered playing this game more then 10 minutes at a time since I played it 20+ times back on GameCube. I don’t want to sully the old feelings of perfection. Back then I was playing on an old tube TV and Flat screens were still kinda rare. Heck 480p with progressive scan on GameCube was like the best graphics at the time. But now even-though this looks amazing I am playing at 4k on a OLED and just the parts with old textures really stick out like a sore thumb.

    I just want my first experience back through the full game to be a complete one. So please any sort of ETA for any release even if it is not the final once would be appreciated. Thank you again for all your hard work.

    PS. I just found out CapCom plans to remake RE4. RE2 remake was okay but RE3 remake was a horrible slap in the face.
    So because of that when CapCom releases Resident Evil 4 Remake I plan to just take the money I was going to give them and donate again to you. But this time at the cost of the game. You guys are doing what I feel CapCom should have done with each Remake and just improved on the graphics and kept everything else exactly was it was originally except with options for modern controls and cameras.

    Thanks again you guys. You are doing the lords work!

    • albert says:

      Hello Vincent and thank you for your support!
      Yes, the current release is 2 years old. So, everything we’ve done since then is not released in any form.
      Since I’m doing this during my free time it’s really hard to make an exact approximation, but the final release will be on 2021.
      We’ll surely do something for the donors (in the form of earlier access or something else ;D)

      Let’s see if Capcom is really doing to make a RE4make! Code Veronica needs it more than re4 IMO…
      Thanks again!

  332. Frank says:

    could you add to the mod an hud toggle at the release?

  333. Ian WF says:

    any prediction of the final release date?
    so is it true that the CP2077 will launch first?
    (Just kidding)

  334. Eliel Santos says:

    Hola amigo como estas, entonces me gustaria saber si despues de terminar este proyecto tienes la intencion de trabajar en otros titulos, ya que hay muchos juegos que tambien necesitan todo el cuidado que estas teniendo con RE4 … como ejemplo tenemos a Devil May Cry HD Collection que es un gran juego, y que necesita muchas mejoras y RE6 que, a diferencia de RE5, ha envejecido bastante mal, ya que tiene muchas texturas y sombras horribles (incluso con gráficos en la parte superior) siendo solo los modelos bien trabajó.
    De todos modos, estas son solo sugerencias que estoy dando, ya que sería genial ver estos juegos con gráficos mejorados y tener este maravilloso tratamiento que está teniendo Re4, y lamento el texto grande y mi español, porque no hablo el idioma, pero gracias por el gran trabajo que estás haciendo con este increíble juego.
    Gracias por la atención.

  335. Jacob says:

    Yo when’s this dropping homies?

  336. Jaime Velasco says:

    Me alegra ver que este mod sigue avanzando.

    Yo todavía no he jugado al resident evil 4. Lo tengo, pero este mod me interesó tanto que todavía no lo he jugado. Esperando a jugar con la versión SúperHD

    • Joseph says:

      yo también, lo compré cuando estaba en oferta, pero aún no lo he jugado. Estoy esperando a que termine el mod para poder experimentarlo

  337. Chris says:

    “Last updated: July, 14th, 2020” could you update the Progress Summary for us please? 🙂

  338. Xeon says:

    My advice before you release the remaster is to find tweaks on the in-game engine and add more touches so it makes it more noticeable and realistic

  339. Fabricio says:

    O jogo está muito lindo, está perfeito. Eu só gostaria de relatar um problema que estou tendo, quando passo por algumas portas de loading o jogo simplesmente fecha sozinho sem dar nenhuma mensagem de erro. Não sei se pode ser o Windows que é o 10 ou o meu processador Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz 2.81 GHz

  340. Josh says:

    Wow… You guys look really close to done. I’ve been following for what seems like forever. I’ve gone through a long term relationship and breakup, 3 jobs, got a degree, and have seen a lot of things change, but like clockwork you keep hard at work for no pay. I really admire what you guys have done through the years. See you at the big one, hopefully soon!

    Ps. Small error but the text color for Ashley’s complete is yellow.

  341. Josh says:

    Oh and apparently my first comment was in Feb. 2015. Been following your work for 6 years. Wow… I hope you start work on something else that I can follow (if you want after a long break lol). It’s gonna feel weird to not see updates from you guys.

    Oh and sorry I kept coming down on you guys about specularity, detail vs obscurity, and gore/monster textures. I just wanted to make sure to give some honest feedback. I’m really looking forward to sitting back and admiring all the beautiful work you’ve done.

    • albert says:

      Hello! and thanks for following us during soooo many years!
      I’ve just remember you mentioned about Saddler textures being to overdetailed/contrasted, right? haha

      Well, the new texture is really faithfull to the original. If you reduce the HD one to the original texture size you can’t say which is the original.
      So, I guess the main problem here is a low resolution texture leaves a lot to people’s imagination, and this is quite subjective. I always thought Saddler’s mutated skin was not that gory, but a “regular mutated monster” skin with traces of the old skin, and some veins and blood residues here and there.
      After all, when you shot at him the bullets’ impact sounds and looks like you are shooting on a metallic surface, because He has a superhard skin, an exoskeleton.
      When you open the texture in photoshop you can see the exoskeleton structure.
      A wet flesh texture would feel like it’s a tender surface IMO
      Thanks for all the feedback!!

  342. Davi Costa says:

    AMAZING JOB. I Knew the project by the youtuber filipe ramos, since then i’ve been keeping up with the project. Any idea of when the final version will be released? Im truly excited to play it

  343. Victor Poulsen says:

    I love RE4 so much, thank you for all your hard work. Just seeing your dedication to the project makes me happy beyond words! All the best wishes, I can’t wait to see the day when this is done.

  344. Ion says:

    Aprecio infinito tanto a Albert como a Cris por su trabajazo y los increibles resultados. Dado que ya teneis todos los capitulos listos, espero un release cercano! 🙂
    Pregunta – Que version de RE4 necesito para jugar a HD Project? La original de 2007 o la version HD de 2014?

    Muchisimas gracias.

    • albert says:

      Gracias por el mensaje!
      Ahora faltan los modos extra, pero si, ya falta menos 😀
      Es para la HD de 2014 ;^)

      • Ion says:

        Gracias por la pronta respuesta, Albert.
        Mucho ánimo en la recta final del proyecto. Espero que muchos medios se hagan eco del lanzamiento.
        Si los rumores de un lanzamiento de un remake de RE4 á lá RE2 y RE3 recientes son ciertos, sería un detallazo que Capcom se pusiera en contacto con vosotros porque con la cantidad de assets remozados y la documentación que debéis tener del original tienen que ser increíbles.

  345. Richard says:

    Amazing job guys! Been following you guys now for two years and Im beyond impressed by the effort and talent that you guys put in! I was wondering if there is an ETA for the final release?

  346. Sugomi says:

    looks like the end is near and what next??

  347. Nick says:

    Thanks for all of the hard work on this mod! I was looking to replay RE4 before Village comes out, do you think the mod will be finished to play through before then? Sorry if somebody has already asked that question, haha.

  348. Crozh says:

    Harán otro de estos remasters o algo parecido después de que toda esta travesía termine?


  349. Everester says:

    Awesome Bro, Completed Mercenaries 🙂

    What is next ?

    Can you please update the Progress Summary 🙂 (====Last Update is December 12 :(====)
    When can we expect final release?
    What would be the size of the Final Release?
    What would be the Minimum System Requirements?

    Thanks for all your Hardwork 🙂

  350. Gonzo says:

    Albert se que no quieres que te metamos prisa y lo entiendo y respeto, pero si la campaña esta acabada seria ideal que lo sacaras ya para poder jugarlo, ahora mismo esta la cosa fatal de lanzamientos y poder jugar este juego con tu trabajo haria feliz a mucha gente en estos momentos. Yo creo que la mayoria queremos jugar la campaña principal a fin de cuentas. Ojala lo consideres tio

    Un abrazo y gracias por el enorme trabajo que has realizado

    • albert says:

      Hola Gonzo!
      Entiendo que me lo pidáis, pero los preparativos para un pack son bastante tediosos, sin contar el feedback y problemas y preguntas que conlleva.
      Algunos aspectos del juego son comunes a todas las campañas, con lo que también quedaría un pack un poco raro y cojo.
      Hacer un pack ahora me daría muchos dolores de cabeza, y muchos archivos a revisar y comprobaciones a realizar (cosas que para fututos packs tendría que volver a hacer de nuevo) y retrasaría bastante lo que queda por hacer. Por eso no sacamos más packs, porque frena en seco y entorpece el desarrollo del proyecto.
      Espero lo comprendas. Gracias por la paciencia!

      • Gonzo says:

        Gracias por la respuesta Albert. Lo entiendo perfectamente no te preocupes. Es que últimamente ando algo deprimido y cabizbajo y la verdad es que rejugar Re4 con estos gráficos me genera mucha ilusión. Esta situación con el covid y tener que estar encerrado todo el santo día es dura

        Gracias por tu trabajo y por tomar el tiempo de contestarme. Un abrazo

  351. Shariq says:

    Hey! It’s Awesome watching a project that is now almost finished after all these years. Kudos to you :D.

    The thing i wanted to ask is that i watched the gameplay of gamecube version and it seems like when walking leon got physics to his hair while on the every other versions there is no physics to his hair and seems stuck on one place while he *walks*. And if its like that can u bring it back?. I’ll appreciate if you answer to my Question.


  352. Renan Rischiotto says:

    Hello! Where can I download an updated version? I need to download the June 2018?

    • albert says:

      There is no newer version yet. As soon as all the extra modes are ready we’ll release the final pack. Right now only the 2018 version is available. It can be considered a demo.
      Thanks for the patience!

  353. Hector de Miguel says:

    Hola! Este proyecto es una pasada. ¿Puedes describir qué estáis mejorando en cuanto a sonido, menús, armas? Gracias

    • albert says:

      Menús: todas las texturas y renders
      Armas: texturas y modelos
      Sonido: Algunos bugs aquí y allá acerca de sonidos que suenan cuando no deberían, muy poca cosa en cuanto a sonido, la verdad

  354. Pozoid says:

    How can we uninstall the mod in case we want to go back to the default game textures?

    • albert says:

      The easiest way is to delete the entire BIO4 folder and reinstall it again.
      You also can select the ORIGINAL textures option in the Options menu. The lighting and 3D models edits will remain, but the game will load the original textures.

      • Pozoid says:

        Somebody told me that only the bio4.exe file is modified by the mod patch. If that’s true, then can’t we just replace it with the original bio4.exe?

        • albert says:

          No, that’s not true. There are thousands of modified files.
          The bio4.exe file MUST be also patched using a tool called “4GB pacth” that will allow the game to load huge textures, but that’s a separate step not related to the HD project installation process

  355. Phanton892 says:

    Hello guys. Congratulation, for this amazing work! The project steel in progress? I’m so exited to have the final release of RE$ HD project.

  356. Phanton892 says:

    Hi, me again hehe. I have one more question. Are you going to apply physics to Ada’s dress?

  357. homerun says:

    i am so excited guys, just few chapters until you finalize your magnificent work..

  358. Matthew says:

    Hey Cris and Albert! Been following you guys for a little over a year now. Didn’t know about the RE4 project before then because I never had a PC. Built my first one last year. Anyways, I wanted to say how amazed I am by y’alls work and it was my privilege to donate to the completion of this long project. Can’t wait for the final release and I wish you guys health and safety until then! Thanks so much!

  359. Vincent says:

    Hey Cris and Albert! I have been following this project since it launched and I have donated a few times. Really proud of your work. I can’t wait until full release! One thing I would love fixed and I am sure a lot of other long time players would like fixed are the controls. Is it possible to have them set up like they are on Gamecube/Playstation/ Xbox?

    I have been holding off on playing the game until the HD project is complete but I did try it a few months ago and the controls on my xbox and ps4 controller were so messed up compared to the original layout. I tried to find fixes online but even though I could find some good attempts and fixing the controls they were not exactly the same as on consoles and the gameplay really suffered from it. M & Keyboard controls felt off as well. Not sure if this is something you could change or fix. Either way. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Keep it up!

    • Vincent says:

      One last thing I just thought of, If it is not possible to change the controls is it possible to port the textures for use on the Dolphin Emulator? N0t sure how hard that would be. If not I am sure someone else will try it once the HD project is full released.

      • randomdude says:

        I may be a little late to help but i had the same issue as you for the controls. The solution i used is pretty simple : i bought an off brand USB gamecube controller, set up the game controls on mouse and keyboard and then used Joy2Key to map the shitty pc controls on where they belong on the controller.
        Hope this helps !

  360. skymaster274 says:

    There has been an announcement that resident evil 4 will be released in VR ??

    Please tell me that we gonna be able to implement that texture mod into the vr version ???

    • Master Chen says:

      That Oсuсklulz garbage is SO BAD it’s downright MISERABLE. It uses old vanilla broken lighting/effects and original soapy low-res textures/models. It’s TRASH. Don’t fall for that Fеcesgооk’s scam.

  361. Sion says:

    Yo Devs , great work on the project , quick question .. is it possible to port this effect to the game
    The game will look spectacular with this insane effect and i hope its possible to do it

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      Unfortunately this game engine only support bumpmapping (you can see it clearly when you examine certain weapons/treasures) and that’s it. The detail of the bumpmap can be increased and also the configuration of its specularity but I will never look as realistic as in your picture…

  362. Master Chen says:

    ROTFWLMFAO, have you guys seen that Ocucklulz GARBAGE SHIT already!? It uses old soapy low-res textures AND has broken lighting/effects from the vanilla. In 2021! Fecesgook is a true plague on the humanity!

    • albert says:

      Yes, It’s quite disappointing. And I wouldn’t be surprised this is the rumored remake
      And that would be great because there would be extra chances Code Veronica will be the next to receive a Remake instead of bio4

      • Master Chen says:

        Original very first Japanese of Code Veronica (even before Kanzenban) was the only sole reason (initially) why I’ve bought my very first Dreamcast. It was, still is, and always will be one of my most beloved BIOHAZARD entries in the franchise. They really should never ever touch it anywhere even remotely near with their filthy nu-“modern day approach” hands.

        They’ve already ruined Last Escape, and they WILL ruin BIOHAZARD 4 (I have no doubts in that whatsoever), so I’ll never trust the nu-Crapcon onto doing REmakes ever again. Only Mikami’s REmake, and maybe also (with a very big stretch) Zero’s HD remaster could be deemed successful, but everything else was nothing else than just trash upon trash upon trash.

        B2R wasn’t extremely bad, but it was still NOT what I’ve personally expected or wanted, and once I saw that they’ve completely cut out crows and spiders (yet left cockroaches intact, which makes NO logical sense whatsoever in lieu of their LAME comments about “we removed crows and spiders because some people have phobias for them”, because there’s a lot of people that afraid of insects/cockroaches), that they’ve ruined Claire’s original costume design (no sleeved tanktop under the jacket/bare armpits and badly done knife holster) in alternate costumes, as well as not giving her *proper* Elza treatment, and that B scenarios for both characters were utterly butchered, I already made up my mind on never giving it anything more than just “7 out of 10” in my personal rating system.

        • albert says:

          Oh yeah, the remakes are completely different experiences. I really liked RE2make. But as you say, the B scenarios are a complete waste…
          About 3… well. It’s an entertaining game and if you don’t compare it with the original it’s really fun.
          After all, we always have the originals. Have you seen the HD Seamless Projects for the classic RE titles and the Classic Rebirth versions?
          My problem with Code Veronica is… there is no PC port that can be remastered!!! I’d love to improve the visuals for that game they’ve aged terribly bad…
          A remake for that game would be completely different but I’d never compare it with the original because I’m sure the experience would be completely different
          And about a remake of 4… it makes no sense. RE4 is a perfect game. They only need to make it run in a completely new graphic engine and slightly update some controls and that’s it. The original game per se it’s so perfectly balanced that it’s impossible they can do anything better than that…
          At least they did a good job with 7. Let’s see what we get with 8/Village…

          • Master Chen says:

            You PHYSICALLY absolutely CANNOT “not compare” that GARBAGE nu-Demake to the original Last Escape, because original Last Escape was an EXTREMELY good game sheer gameplay loop-wise, it had immense replayability value due to being largely open in it’s overall structure (it is still a classical BIOHAZARD in that it used tank controls, 2D backgrounds, and it had overarching plot-line, but the GAMEPLAY ITSELF was waaaaay more open than in BIOHAZARD 2, item/event randomization greatly increased replaying value, ability to take different routes/make decisions which affected content locations/scenes, all of which made Last Escape nearly “open world”-like experience, that’s while NOT mentioning several different endings, the multiple post-end bonus credit scenes, AND the legendary secret “Jill’s Diary” run), while the TRASH nu-Demake is barely ~40% off of the content that was offered by the original (that’s while NOT mentioning lack of puzzles, just the sheer amount of locations/story scenes/items/enemies/etc), it’s ridden to the brim with leftist and feminazi narrative/propaganda, it has zero-to-none replayability value whatsoever due to how utterly straightforward (outright wooden stick-like) and corridor-like it is, as well as being ineptly easy even at the most hardest difficulties due to how the game was built (with infinite frames in animations, mashable dodges, and etc., and that’s while the original Last Escape had dodge mechanics yet it was done much better than in this POS). And overall design (be that locations, enemies, or characters) is utterly FUGLY as well. As much as Last Escape has literal “anime” cut-scenes and character models, it had it’s own distinctive face that’s easily remembered. Nu-Demake has none of this. It’s extremely bland and forgettable in it’s presentation (and in case with Nemesis in particular – downright repulsive in it’s lameness).

            At the very least B2R had novelty going for it, because we didn’t have REmake treatment for longer than a decade, so it really felt “fresh” and “interesting enough”, and had decent replayability value both in the main game and extra modes. Nu-Demake has none of this. It’s main game is low-quality, extremely short and easy, fugly as all hell, and outright miserable. And “extra modes” are utter trash in it, in comparison with B2R. I don’t “love” B2R, but I definitely like it, since it did many things “right”, despite several glaring shortcomings. Nu-Demake, on the other hand, is ABSOLUTE GARBAGE, in my personal opinion, and I’ve 100%’ed it, so I have all the rights in the world to deem it the POS that it is.

          • vincent says:

            Maybe we could get something like the seamless project for code veronica since it is on the gamecube as well. Would love to play that with some better textures. Also wouldnt mind the original survivor game being updated. loved that game too.

  363. Sina says:

    Your work is beautiful, it is perfect, just like a dream. Please release it as soon as possible. I’m following your program for more than 3 years, and you know what? I’m still so excited about it.

    Last day I saw your youtube video and your progression. everything was awesome. but I recommend changing Ada Wong Shoulder size on background Images and in the 3D model if it is possible. you know it’s a bit large and wide! and some light effect on her back was not that good in mercenaries-mode, I know you can do it better.

    and I wanted to know that, is it possible to use individuals mods (like character models or guns) on your final work too? since it is based on the Ultimate HD version of the game (I assume).

  364. Vincent says:

    Found out about this back in 2016 i think. still was missing a lot, and forgot about it. But now that i been hearing about the ps5 gameplay, and this new oculus port, and noticed how shit it looked i remeber about the hd project. I’m going to try this out

  365. Master Chen says:

    LMAO’ing my effing ass off at Crapcon. They’re stating that RE4VR is actually made in/with Unreal Engine 4 now…yes, THAT FUGLY vanilla-soap garbage with broken lighting/effects is “Unreal Engine 4”, apparently. My facepalm is the size of the planet Jupiter right now.

    • I don’t really know how ALL games in first person haven’t figured something out about some specifics…
      who the hell puts the face 1 inch from a wall, or from your hand.
      when you look down or sideways, why don’t you see the rest of the body?
      the size of the body (hands and sometimes arms) are so big comparing to other things…
      I don’t know… I get that first person is good for aiming… but someone’s got to figure this out.

      • Master Chen says:

        Some first-person games actually use full body model at all the times (prime example – “Alone In The Dark” 2008, which plays in FPS mode for majority of the time, but actually utilized full-body interactions and physics to the greatest extent for majority of it’s gameplay loop, as you LITERALLY had to manually put all found/carried items in your clothes’ pockets and THEN manually take them out of the said pockets before you could equip or use them, it was…very bizarre, but extremely unique at the same time).

  366. lucasf says:

    Thank you very much for the hard work you have been doing with this project. I have been following this project for over 6 years and every day I come here in this website and press F5 to check if there is any update. I will be donating soon. Can you update the progress sumary? Any date for the final release? Thanks again and greetings from Brazil.

  367. Rafael says:

    I am so excited for the full version of this project. That’s so brilliant for all of us who are truly fans of RE4, even CAPCOM didn’t do it, your work is simply amazing and respectful, when the project gets done, i hope that you can look back and see that everything was worth it, and also see that your work is simply irreproachable. You deserve the best of this world.

  368. aXe says:

    Just wanted to thank everyone involved in this project. Talk about dedication! I did install it and play a couple of years ago but had to wipe my drive. Once its done I’m gonna do another playthrough. Can’t wait.

  369. homerun says:

    the anticipation is killing me guys, but i love this kind of feelings

  370. Lucifronz says:

    So close to being finished now, I can hardly believe it. I haven’t been here as long as everyone else, but I followed this project at least a year or two back and have been eagerly awaiting its completion. I’m just now getting in the mood to replay RE4 after so long, but unfortunately there’s still a fair amount to go still, so I guess I’ll just be patient and wait.

    Seriously, though, I’m so excited. I’ve seen the progress updates as they’ve come in and the changes are fantastic. Forget the remake, this HD mod is all I need.

  371. Sebastián González says:

    Since RE4 release i have been wanting to play the game but couldnt do it because of different reasons. Years later after i was finally able to afford to play it, i got to know about this mod and now here i am, luckly going to play this year after 6-7 years waiting for it. At this poing i dont even know if i will like the game but the waiting have been too long and know i just want to finish it even if i dont get to like it haha

  372. Legonay says:

    gran trabajo , gracias por el esfuerzo.
    ¿alguna forma de ponerlo en español o ingles? Me sale ingles con ruso y es molesto.
    Un saludo

    • albert says:

      De donde te lo has bajado?? desde luego nosotros no lo hemos traducido al ruso.
      Te habrás bajado una versión que ha sido parchedada a ruso para el público de Rusia. El juego por defecto no tiene ese idioma.

  373. Peter says:

    Any chance of doing another release before the final? From the looks of the progress summary, the entire main game is finished. Only Separate Ways and mercenaries left. Right now is a pretty good time because RE Village just released and its a little like RE4. Not nearly as good, though.

    • Donovan says:

      Village is actually better than RE4. Village has better pacing, combat, and characters

      • ValentDs says:

        i just finished village, and for me was pretty good, but not nearly as good as re4 on 2006. great ending for a RE for sure, but in re4 the combat for that game was nearly perfect (if you have re6 or village things like defense or dodge, the game will be too easy), shooting enemies even more satisfing, cheesy characters in re4 but in the good way and a nearly perfect pacing like original re2. village shines with some character development, a short part of the game really creepy and the last boss fight, but re4 is still a better balanced game. but with village trying to copy some mechanics of re4 and capcom constantly said “we try to tranform re4 better we can”, knowing re4 is the most beloved game of the saga (re1 is great and mikami already did his great job in re1make, re2make was pushed by fans and capcom finally decided to try after re7), i’m now more faithful to the actual re4make.
        like: changing some story (possibly to integrade to re9, leon knows a lot of parasite things after re4)
        maintain the most iconic moments and location of original re4, possibly using original re4 as reference (or even this project, because capcom allows it) and recreate those places with the re engine
        deleting some original re4 parts (like in the castle the arrow thing chasing the red guy, or other invasion missions) and add more 3.5 resident evil things, more creepy places in-between action scenes (like village did in house beneviento).
        village is like a tester to re4remake at this point (obviously not in first person), the re2remake only had as a big bad thing the butchered A B scenario, because capcom wanted a resident evil 1 thing, select your character, not a real simultaneous thing sadly

        • albert says:

          I still haven’t finished it (I’d say I’m in the 60-75%), but I’m enjoying it like a child. And there are sooo many re4 assets that could be reused for a re4make…
          But now I think the rumored re4make was simply that VR thing :/

          • ValentDs says:

            even with the bad/lazy things capcom pull off, i’m still faithful re4remake will be a thing, meanwhile the VR is just mostly cashgrab with the collaboration with facebook for their last VR headset (low graphics, but still can be a nice VR game, i don’t think at re7 level on psvr)
            the new assets in re village are too good to not be used in the future, and capcom know re4 is too much big for they to screw up in a remake they need more time and feedback on re8.
            in the end, i will probably still love more re4, but with more darker things, good gameplay and good pacing trought the levels, i can hope to a very good game

          • albert says:

            If they do as good as they’ve done with Village, I’d be more than happy. But over the shoulder system, not 1st person, of course XD

    • ValentDs says:

      ashley and some enemies (not specified, but i guess like 10 enemies) are in work right now, if you only want only the environment upscaled download the 2018 version or wait, i guess some months are the max schedule right now

  374. jjj0309 says:

    The end is nigh, people, THE END IS NIGH!
    Truly appreciate you guys for years of work. My absolute sincere salute for you guys!

  375. Jagger says:

    I’m here in 2021 and I started off playing resident evil 4 in 2010 on the Nintendo Wii. I was around 8 Years old and it was one of the first games I’ve ever finished! I still to this day have not went through a complete game and enjoyed it as much as this amazing art piece of a game. 11 years later I find myself wanting to play this again and starting off it was amazing how I could remember so much and brought back a lot of memories. I bought the HD remastered version on steam and when I was 8 I thought the graphics were amazing, however after playing all these new and modern titles, the graphics looked horrible, pixelated, and it just ruined the experience I was trying to get into, didn’t even want to play anymore. I recently found a YouTube Video about you guys and seen I was able to download this mod. OMG I was so amazed this is a real masterpiece. All because of your hard work I’m enjoying this game so much. Its truly amazing how someone could do this! Thank you all so much!!! -jagger

    • albert says:

      Thank you for your message Jagger!
      Yeah, this title didn’t age well graphically XD
      Keep in mind the pack you downloaded is a 2018 demo. The final version will probably be released by the end of this year ;D

  376. Vincent says:

    Would really love a modernized control scheme if possible. As good as this looks every time I try to play the 2018 demo the controls of the game just kill it for me. I have tried every fix or fan made fix and none of them can get the controls perfect. I am not just talking about the old controls being too old and tanky. There is something different about the PC controls when using a controller compared to the Gamecube controls. I think they switched the thumbsticks or something that makes it unbearable. Or maybe I am just used to the more modern controls of Resident Evil 4. So is a control fix possible or is it too far out of your expertise? Either way the project looks great and if the controls cant change I guess I will just have to deal with it 🙂 Keep up the great work.