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  1. Kyle says:

    Every time I check back in here my mind gets blown all over again. I cannot wait for your full release. The sheer quality of your work is astounding. The 3D editing on top of the already impressive re-texturing is just bananas. The way you’re finding the objects and art pieces that the assets were modeled after puts this work on another level.

  2. Stef says:

    This is a milestone in modding. Keep up the great work!

  3. BRASIL says:

    hello I was wondering when you guys release the final version of pach it will add to the 10 gb resident evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition . type 10gb 20gb + resident of pach = 30gb , or it will subistui the testuras and stay are the 20gb or augo thereabouts ?

    • Cris says:

      Hi there! We haven’t worked that out yet, sorry. We also don’t know the final size of the mod at this point, though somewhere in the 15GB range sounds about right (since the village was about 4GB). We’ll see. Thanks for the question!

  4. Cris Without H says:

    I really admire your work, but sometimes I’m worried that some of the textures you guys make just look way too clean. I mean, Ganados in the game seem to live in filth, so it made sense that everything looked filthy. I understand that staying faithful to the original look is sometimes different, but still, you guys are being more faithful to the original look than Capcom. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Cris says:

      Hi there and thanks for the feedback! It would be great to provide this kind of feedback more specifically on any of the individual posts / comparison shots so we can review and revise if needed. In general, please know we are striving to remain faithful to the original throughout, so your specific feedback would be welcome! Thanks again!

  5. Esgal says:

    Hi, just wanted to say that you render super work. continue so dear greetings from Germany

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      A big THANKS! to all people suporting and/or commenting and/or enjoying our project 🙂

      • Luciano de Oliveira says:

        Albert, since it’s supposed to be “original”, in the beta version “trial edition” there were originally 3 types of mufflers, the camera when the sight was slightly different, Luis Sera had a little mustache, will you do these things?

        • Luciano de Oliveira says:

          You can see this here, its the same thing the japanese and on the others versions, even more talks have the ganados

        • albert says:

          Hhehe no no, “Original” means the retail/final version, not the betas.
          A beta version is an unfinished product, a promotional product and we won’t base our work on anything that appears there.

          The ganados voices in the trial/beta version are just random grunts, they don’t say anything (I know that because I’m from Spain)

  6. Aria Mehr says:

    Hi.I wanted to know that when will the project be completed? 1 year or even more than that! I hate Capcom’s RE4 bullshit ports.Thanks for your great work

  7. Ignacio molina says:

    Hola amigo, por lo que pude leer tu eres de españa jaja entonces me entiendes.
    Mi problema es que nose como descargar todos los archivos hd que subes, porfavor podrias ayudarme !!!
    y una cosa mas, gracias por tu trabajo eres super impresionante y admirable por tu trabajo.

    • albert says:

      Hola Ignacio! Y gracias por el cumplido!
      Por si hay dudas… En las actualizaciones que vamos subiendo cada semana solo mostramos imágenes y videos. No ofrecemos ninguna descarga. De momento solo ofrecemos un enlace de una demo en la sección “Village Download” Y dentro de unos 3 meses o algo más ofreceremos la sección del Castillo al completo! No tendrá pérdida, lo anunciaremos a bombo y platillos 😛

      Esta versión del Pueblo (Village Download) no incluye un montón de arreglos 3D que sí estarán en la versión final, ya que por aquel entonces aun no sabíamos como hacer esos arreglos. Así que la versión final será mejor 😉

  8. lucas says:

    Hola, es impresionante lo que están haciendo, sigan asi 😀

  9. Dimitris says:

    Hello guys and happy new year!

    Since you seem to be reading this comment section, I will post here instead of directly emailing you.

    Well, I finally decided to replay the game on PC, and I am still in the village section, where I noticed something.

    The building which opens with the insignia key has two windows on the inside that are nowhere to be seen on the outside. I thought you might like to know. I am adding some steam links with screenshots.

    I wish you the best!

  10. Jeff Hook says:

    Are you all doing the whole game because i love Assignment Ada, The Mercenaries, and Separate Ways and would really like to get a true full HD remake of this game and I know i would really not like the main game to look really good and have the rest not fit in with it

  11. Mahmood says:

    When The Full Release Of This Projcet?Its Amazing.Im Waiting For It…

  12. Olá Cris e Albert Tudo bem com vocês!!? gostaria de parabenizá-los pelo grande trabalho que vocês estão fazendo com resident evil 4, acompanho o trabalho desde 2014 quando vocês começaram, e espero muito ansioso pelo final, já joguei as 2 versões que vocês disponibilizaram para download Village e Castle e está fantástica, surreal, mas uma vez parabéns e aguardando ansioso pelo final do projeto, 1000 vezes like.

  13. Dan S says:

    Hello, loving the Castle update, almost going too fast! I’ll be on the Island in no time…except, well attempting to leave the “Bug room” (the 2nd encounter where there is a hive and Ashley gets swiped away, not the dungeons) crashes the game! As soon as I hit X to OPEN, it fully exits the game. I imagine the castle update possibly is causing this?

    • albert says:

      Hello Dan!
      Did you try the 4GB patch? It works for all crashing issues caused by the big size of our textures
      Let us know if this tool solved the issue for you aswell! ?

      • Dan S says:

        I honestly thought I did….perhaps only for the Village release though. I guess it would make sense that there is a separate patch. I will give it a try and report back!

        • Dan S says:

          Unless I installed the patch wrong, it did not appear to help! Maybe I should try loading the default textures next? Maybe it’s just that room or something.

          • albert says:

            Ok! Let’s try soemthing else.
            Can you confirm me the game crashes when you enter the door just after lowering the bridge?
            If that’s the case, could you check the following files are in the right folders?
            r214.udas (with no lfs extension) BIO4\st2 folder
            44000214.pack (with no lfs extension) BIO4\ImagePackHD folder

          • Dan S says:

            Using search, both files seem to be in their proper folders.
            And, yes I can confirm the crash happens only after lowering the bridge and entering the door.

            Haven’t tried entering with the textures off yet, maybe I’ll give that a shot just to see what happens.

          • albert says:

            Perfect, Now could you try the following?
            Move r214.udas.lfs (the one inside the backup folder) to BIO4\st2 folder
            Move 44000214.pack.lfs (the one inside the backup folder) to BIO4\ImagePackHD folder
            This will revert to the original files for the crashing room

            Also, could you tell us the file size for both files r214.udas and 44000214.pack (with no lfs extension)? Just in case they got somehow corrupted…

            Thank you again!

          • Dan S says:

            Reverting manually within the game did let me in to the room. Saving, then going back to the main menu to go back to the HD textures didn’t change the crashing.

            File sizes:
            r214.udas 5,989KB
            44000214.pack 0Bytes

            There also seems to be more than one 44000214 (3 in total, 2 at 0 bytes, 1 at 256MB) different folders though.

          • albert says:

            44000214.pack inside BIO4\ImagePackHD folder should be the 256 MB file

            Could you try again after making sure the biggest 44000214.pack file is inside BIO4\ImagePackHD folder?

            There shouldn’t ba any 0KB files. So, maybe something went wrong during installation process…

          • Dan S says:

            When I tried overwriting with the noncorrupt file, I think it was just the backup file. I’m not sure if the uncorrupt HD file made it in to any of the folders.

            It’s not a big deal as the area is small and you go through it quickly. When I entered the actual clocktower, the HD textures loaded up fine, most likely due to none of the files having 0 bytes to them.

            Perhaps if you can email me the 44000214.pack, I can place it in and playtest to double check that it does work correctly, before I progress further.

          • albert says:

            The 256 MB file is our project HD pack for that room. So, this file inside ImagePackHD folder should solve the issue 🙂
            So, do you need the original file for backup purposes?

          • Dan S says:

            No, I don’t need a backup file, just the HD one please. Unless I misread the file info, the only one I had that was uncorrupted was the original file.

            On a sidenote, no additional issues playing further in to the game.

          • albert says:

            Hello again Dan! You said in a previous message:
            “There also seems to be more than one 44000214 (3 in total, 2 at 0 bytes, 1 at 256MB) different folders though.”
            That 256MB file is our project HD textures .pack file for that room and you should place it inside BIO4\ImagePackHD folder
            So, you already have the right HD file.
            If it still crashes, try to extract it again from the Castle Release rar file. It should be OK! 🙂

  14. Denis says:

    Hello, I installed both Village and Castle releases, and i was playing through the village part normally and beautifully until I got to the door with the eye scanner right before the entrance to the Castle, as soon as i try to open the door after the short cutscene, the game crashes.
    I tried installing the 4GB Patch but i get the error 0xc0000142 when trying to start the game.

    • Denis says:

      There’s no files on the RE4HDTEXCASTLE folder except for the other folders after installing through the batch file.

      • Ian says:

        I get that same error when I tried installing that patch. More than a couple people have, yet they haven’t given any sort of fix for it in almost a year. Kind of silly of them to be working on the mod so much while ignoring glaring game breaking bugs they’ve created with their mod.

        • Cris says:

          Hi Ian. Not sure if you saw my reply on your other comment: “We have noticed that the 4GB patch makes pirated versions of the game crash. Are you using a genuine copy of the game?”

          For everyone: Is there anyone who has a genuine copy of the game, it works normally, but after you apply the 4GB patch it stops working / crashes?

          • Mog says:

            Hey there, yes im using genuine copy, even after applying the 4GB patch, the game still crashes.

            1: When climbing up the ladder which leads you out of the tunnel after you get the fish in Chapter 1.
            2: When using Big Cheese’s Fake eye to scan the retina gate, once open the door the game crash instantly.
            Already verify integrity using Steam, reinstalled everything yet still the same. The only way to pass through without crash is to change the textures back to original in options.

            You guys have done an amazing work here. I really love and appreciate this mod but i think there are something wrong with it because the game doesn’t crash when using original textures. =/

          • albert says:

            Are you absolutelly sure you are applying the 4GBpatch to the bio4.exe file inside bin32 folder?
            Can you see a bio4.exe.backup inside there? And has the bio4.exe file a different “last modified date”?
            The issues you descrive are the typical of have not applied the patch.
            There’s been no people having these crashing issues after applying the 4GB patch as far as we know… that’s strange :/

            The problem with this game is it doesn’t allow to load too many huge texture. some kind of memory limitation. The 4GBpatch breaks that limitation. That’s why there are no crashes using the original texture mode.

  15. hama says:

    hello i have unorginal CD what can i do how can i install it ????

  16. Seth says:

    This texture pack is the reason why I decided to play the game again. Thanks a lot for all your hard work! However I came across a crash I haven’t seen reported yet. The game crashes upon entering the door after Ashley is flown away by the Novistador. I uninstalled the mod, and I wasn’t encountering the crash. I reinstalled all 3 downloads (village, castle 1 and 2), and there was an error report I must not of noticed before. 4400214.pack appears to be corrupted and doesn’t install right. I re-downloaded part 2, but the same thing occurs. I also checked if it may have been the 7 zip program itself, but I get a similar error with extraction program.

    Any help with this would be appreciated! 🙂

    • albert says:

      Hi Seth!
      Thanks for your message 🙂
      About that issue, Did you try extracting manually that file from the rar files? (4400214.pack)

      • Seth says:

        Thanks for the prompt reply! Unfortunately extracting that file by itself causes the same problem. The file extracts, but the size is 0 KB. =/

        • albert says:

          Ok! Let’s try another thing:

          Place both Castle rar files inside a random no admin privileges/protected folder, in the desktop for example:
          (make sure they both have the original names. They both are the same, only “part1” “part2” is different)

          Open re4hdproject-castle-release-20170401.part1.rar using Winrar
          Extract HDTexturepacks\44000214.pack file

          Let’s see if this works!

          BTW, this file is splitted between part 1 and part 2. If this method above doesn’t work either, try downloading part 1, too (just in case the problem is in the first part).

          • Seth says:

            Using winrar appears to have solved it. Weird, this has never been a problem with other file compression programs. Anyways thanks for the help, you guys are awesome!

          • albert says:

            It also helped us to know this issue (it’s not the first time) is solved by simply using winrar.
            We’ll take this info into consideration for future releases!

  17. Joe XYS says:

    Hey guys, excuse me for leaving both a reply and filling a contact form, for I am not sure which way is better.

    I wish to share my steam screenshots of RE4UHD with RE4HD Project and my tweaked Reshade effects. Thank you for your persistent efforts in this project, Albert and Cris. The project is a joy to play with, and I believe my Reshade presets can make your efforts more apparent and easier to appreciate in the game. The point is to share the joy to play this classic in the best looking way yet with everyone here. I left some words on each of my posted screenshot, so I hope everything will be self-explaining when you can spare a minute to look at them. Here’s the link:

    Again. Your project has made my life a little happier, and I am eager to see the finished project asap.

  18. Qiu says:

    Could you please tell me when some of the reworked villages will be available for download?

    • albert says:

      Hello! We haven’t decided about future releases yet. We are focussed on making progress as fast as possible. Any potential release will be announced at the same time we decide to generate a new downloadable pack.
      Thank you for your patience and for following us!

  19. James Machuga says:

    albert please if you could try your hardest updated the charater and enemy models both in game and cutscenes etc.

    • albert says:

      We’ll save the characters for the last thing I guess. We’ll update all textures and polish small 3D inaccuracies here and there probably

  20. AlienKnuckle says:

    Hey guys. I accidentally use the contact form, sorry about that. I have a quick question, can I use these textures with Dolphin??


    • Cris says:

      Hello! The textures would need to be exported from the pack files, renamed and resaved (and some would need to be re-edited) in order for them to be used on the dolphin version. Perhaps something that someone can undertake once the project is complete.

      • AlienKnuckle says:

        I am working with GIMP and Inkscape myself and I’ll be glad to help to bring this awesome project to Dolphin. my e-mail address is valid so contact me.


        • Cris says:

          Thanks for the offer to assist, however this would make more sense to undertake after the project is complete since all the textures would be final at that point. And once it’s released, anyone can extract the files and do the work needed, so you’ll certainly be able to take a crack at it. Thanks!!

        • sean says:

          Just out of curiosity, would there be any major benefits to a dolphin version?? I mean, I use dolphin and I know that it works better with a gamecube controller but it doesn’t have all the features like separate ways (not that thats a big deal lol) but would this mod actually convert accurately for dolphin? seems like certain things Cris and Albert have done would be too much and require an even more powerful computer for dolphin to be smooth, like the higher polygon weapon models, 3D models, lighting, water, and possible future changes to the characters. etc.??????

          • albert says:

            I’m almost sure only the textures can be ported to Dolphin which means 50% (or more) of our work can’t be included via GC/Wii emulation.

  21. james says:

    is there a way to mod this version to use wii remote controls?

  22. james says:

    how long until the project is complete not rushing just wanting to have an estimate next year the year after that etc.

  23. Spartak says:

    hello albert.
    say please. these textures for the 2007 ubisoft or 2014 uehd?

  24. Jacob Rosa says:

    Im just curious as to how far is the entire project close to completion, is it a possibility we could see a full release by december?

    • albert says:

      Hello! Impossible to determinate a date right now. We are just focussed on making progress as fast as our free time allows us.
      Thank you for your patience!

    • albert says:

      Thank you… Yep, we are all ok. The fires are at the other side of the country. A workmate is from Galicia and she’s having a bad time bacause of that. Some of her family was really near the fire.
      About Catalonia. I have no idea what’s going to happen but fortunatelly we are not among the October 1st 900 hundreds injured people. Although I’m quite worried about this conflict of course… :/

  25. Mauro says:

    Señores Albert y Chris,se pasaron de rosca con todo su trabajo 😀 jaja los felicito desde Argentina increíble esfuerzo,dedicación y desarrollo. Ya instale el realease de la Aldea y del Castillo,sin problemas, aunque no puedo jugarlos con el parche de 4GB , me tira el error “La aplicación no se pudo iniciar correctamente (0xc0000142)” instale el juego de 0,después el release de la Aldea,después del castillo,y aun así no funciona,inclusive sin ningún release instalado,me tiraba el mismo error. Probé abriendo el parche como administrador y me pasaba lo mismo. Después quisiera saber si existen links de descarga del modo Mercenarios, las armas, y Separate Ways? ya que no los veo en las publicaciones.
    Les deseo lo mejor, miles de gracias de parte mía y de todos los que les marco una etapa este juego. en cuanto me sea posible voy a Donar para este gran proyecto. Éxitos!

  26. Dan Velasquez says:

    Hey guys!

    Love the work you’re doing. I’ve been following for a year now and finally got a PC this summer to play games. I specifically bought RE4 again (6th version I own) to play utilizing your HD version. I installed it according to your directions, but when I go to options, the HD option is present, but greyed out. I am unable to select it. Is there a possible reason this is happening? I also noticed that when I unzipped castle-part 2 it stated that there is a Data error:RE4HDTEXTCASTLE\HDTexturePacks\44000214.pack. Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks again!!!

    • Dan Velasquez says:

      I figured out the HD option being greyed out. It was already turned on from the Main Menu’s Options screen. I was looking at it from the in-game menu.

    • albert says:

      You should use Winrar to unpack the Castle Release. You are probably using some other software like 7zip. Am I right?
      This is something we found out after we released the pack…
      Half of that file is in the fisrt part of the Release and the other half is in the second part and it seems other software can’t read properly what Winrar did with that specific file.

  27. james says:

    i hope the full game comes out in 2018

  28. jim says:

    haven’t seen an update in while what’s the latest?

    • albert says:

      Hello! I’ll try to post something this weekend. But we haven’t stopped working a single day 😉 Well…. only during Christmas and New Year’s Eve XD

  29. jim says:

    can you update the progress chart.

  30. Jake says:

    Hey do you guys have a twitter account or anything we could follow?
    RE4 is my favorite game of all time and I absolutely love the work and effort you are putting in.

  31. m4nu88 says:

    el pack de la isla lo publicareis prontico ¿? la verdad es una trabajo buenisimo que estais haciendo asi deberia ser las remasterizaciones y no los port para la siguientes consolas

    • albert says:

      No queremos hacer spoiler de lo que vendrá hehe 😉
      Esperamos poder anunciar algo pronto, pero no queremos pillarnos los dedos con las fechas, así que lo haremos cuando sepamos seguro que podemos cumplir con dicha fecha.

  32. Olaf Blunk says:

    This Project is state of the art, the new graphics are a masterpiece.

    Thats being said, looking to the future, what do you think about giving the game a 4k HDR output?

    It would be a perfect match!

  33. Leo wong says:

    Game crush in 1-2 .When I touched the sign on the door of the village chair’s house. game disappeared.
    sys:win10 64X pro
    version:steam re4HD v1.1.0
    i’ve used village and castle and 4GB patch

    • albert says:

      Did this issue happen before installing our texture patch?
      Are you using official or pirated version of the game?
      We are aware some pirated versions crash when using the 4GB patch. Anyway, it’s the first time I hear about this issue O.o The game usualy crashes when entering a new room but not in the middle of an area.

      Also, we use the latest version 1.0.6 (there’s no 1.1.0 for Steam)

      • Leo wong says:

        Pretty sure V1.1.0
        game update Official Chinese language version in March 2018. i think the version 1.1 is only the language update?
        game goes will if i delete the texture patch.
        i used the official.
        i tried in pirated.crash too.
        i will download the re4 UHD V1.0.6 and try again.
        thanks for reply

        • albert says:

          Oh! I had no idea bout this Chinese language update.
          Could you chenck if BIO4\st1\r105.udas.lfs is one of the updated files in this latest update? (you should check its “last modify date”)

          Did you install our texture patch before or after installing the Chinese language update?

          • Leo wong says:

            i checked the file r105. yes , it’s updated. the size of the v1.1.0 its 3205kb. and the v1.0.6 its 3277kb more or less.
            i install texture after update.

          • albert says:

            That explains the problem… it seems the Chinese update changes some of the stX\ udas files. And we are editing ALL those udas files according to the 1.0.6 latest (until now) update.

            It would be great if you could compile a rar file or something that include the entire st1,2,3,4,5 folders and send them to us.
            This way we should be able to create an alternative version for all Chinese users who are using the 1.1.0 version of the game 🙂

            It seems I can’t get this update from my country…

          • Leo wong says:

            of couse i can send it . Really appreciate. how to sent to you?
            by email? or any otherways?
            PS:i can’t login in google cause its abandon in china

          • albert says:

            Hummm… Maybe MEGA or Dropbox or any other file hosting service you think it works worlwide…
            Don’t mention it! 🙂

          • albert says:

            Thanks! I’ll ask you to test the new udas filea please.

            1- Reinstall the latest 1.1.0 update
            2- Install again our Village and Castle packs (in this order)
            3- Use Winrar to uncompress our packs (we noticed some problems unpacking the Castle pack when using other software like 7-zip)
            4- Replace the files inside BIO4\St1\ and BIO4\St2\ folders with the following files:


            I hope the new files fix the problem! I think the problem was the MDT files inside the udas files. They contain info about the displayed texts
            Let us know about it and we’ll make alternate udas files for Chinese users for future releases if we really find ot what the problem was 🙂

          • Leo wong says:

            i’ll follow that and share the new files to other v1.1.0 plays to test.
            really really thank you.
            i’ll reply after test. 😀

          • Leo wong says:

            it’s weird that some subtitle in CG was error. i mean the translate was not correct after install texture. especially in the castle.

          • albert says:

            That’s because the Castle pack included some edited EVD files, but the Village pack have no EVD edits at all.
            Luis death cutscene has wrong subtitles, too, am I right?

      • Leo wong says:

        game goes well in 1.0.6 but there are lot of crash in 1.1.0(chinese language updata)

      • Leo wong says:

        after 2 days test. i think most of crash are fixed.
        but there is a crash in 3-2.
        after the dogs garden. enter the room where meet ada.
        the CG when ada say”put you hand up where i can see them”
        yep,game disappeared.
        this is only crash in those days.

        • albert says:

          Thanks for the info! I’ll check the files for that room when I’m home and I’ll send you a respone as soon as possible.
          I’m glad the new files fixed most problems! This confirms the MDT files theory and makes really easy to generate 1.1.0 compatible files 🙂

          By the way, what’s changed in this new 1.1.0 patch?
          Are only the subtitles and messages on screen in Chinese? Are the main menus/subscreens/etc also in Chinese? Or they are still in English?

          • Leo wong says:

            i see it’s only the subtitle.messages and sub in CG changed in chinese. but the main menus.subscreens are english.
            i remember that the subtitles in 1.0.6 can’t be open.and it’s not display in CG right? i mean the Real Time Rendering CG.
            i found the crash always happend in the RTR CG with Subtitle.
            now i found two crash.the ada’s room.and the end of 3-4.the CG ashley meet leon.crash when she talking. crash with subtitles appear. hmmmmm.

          • albert says:

            Yep, that’s because we also edited some of the castle EVD files (the cutscene files) wich probably contains MDT files aswell.
            This makes me ask you also for the entire BIO4\Evd\ folder
            Could you send it to us aswell when you have the time?

            Many thanks for doing all this testing work! Thanks to you a lot of people will be able to enjoy our work also in the 1.1.0 version of the game 🙂

          • Leo wong says:


            here .the evd folders. now you got the st1-st5 and evd folders.
            you can send me email when you need any other folders.
            i found the way to login google.kkkkkk

  34. jim says:

    is the project done if not why haven’t you updated in a while?

  35. Y.Z. says:

    To Albert and Cris,

    You’ve said before that you didn’t know what you’d do next after completing the RE4 HD Project, right? I was wondering whether you’d be remotely interested in tackling Devil May Cry 1 – the earliest ‘rendition’, so to speak, of Resident Evil 4; directed by Hideki Kamiya, and when the Spain and Wales textures were initially taken for – seeing as it’s been recently rereleased on the PC via the PS4/XBO/PC version of DMC HD Collection (which features DMC1-3).

    The only downside would be that… well,

    1. Because DMC HDC – and thus, DMC1 – has only NOW been released for the PC, and because DMC3 is the most popular of the DMC series (I personally hate it, but I digress), DMC1 hasn’t been throughly examined in terms of what can be done with the [ported] engine, and what changes [beyond texture swaps/edits] are possible.
    2. DMC HDC itself… isn’t really a great port; for DMC1 in specific, certain graphical effects are missing, the sequenced (aka “MIDI”) music is broken (missing [PS2 sound hardware] reverb, improper looping, missing and/or borked samples/instruments) – so, a kinda similar deal with the UHD version of RE4, except kinda worse. The only thing that was changed from the initial PS3/360 version of HDC is that DMC1 FINALLY has proper subtitles for ALL of its dialogue, and I’ve been hearing other issues with HDC as well (game crashes, etc.) If I recall correctly, though, DMC1’s issues were MOSTLY fixed in the Japanese versions of the initial PS3/360 port – can’t vouch for any Japanese versions of the recent PS4/XBO/PC rerelease.

    But it’d be REALLY interesting to see how you two would approach and remaster DMC1, since not only do you have most of the textures used for that game readily available, but also because of DMC1’s history as the initial RE4. I hope you at least think about it once you’ve both taken your well-deserved break.

    In any case, thanks for all your hard work.

    • albert says:

      I don’t know about Cris, but in my case… I never played any of the DMC games myself haha
      I’ve just seen pictures and videos. So, I wouldn’t have have a personal interest in remastering these games other than the remastering job entertainment in itself and the “it’s-the-same-re4-texture” factor.

      This is not a “NO” or “YES”. With the proper tools and a motivated team that knows very well this game it would be an interesting project. I’m sure of this. But I only could contribute in the texture part and maybe some modeling work.

  36. Leo Wong says:

    there’s a question i want to know.
    i saw you have done the weapons and other item models textures on the suitcase sub-screen for long time.
    does this part will include in next release?
    to arrange items and weapons. is part of the play with fun in RE4.

    • albert says:

      We haven’t decided yet what exactly the next release pack will include hehe
      So… maybe 🙂

      • Denis says:

        Albert i have the german version of it is that version we dont have mercenaries or assignment ada does that mean i cant download it ? would be cool if you could reply
        And good work your doing guys

        • albert says:

          Hello! I guess it won’t be a problem.
          I’m not sure about the differences of the versions but they are probably just in the exe file. Maybe you should try to get a bio4.exe from a non-german version, place it inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Resident Evil 4\Bin32\ folder and see if you can get the extra features by just replacing that file. (create a backup of your original bio4.exe file first)

          Maybe it’s not that simple but who knows…

          And thank you! 🙂

  37. Kevin says:

    Is this game (resident Evil 4 hd) for playstatsion too? or only for PC?

  38. Pedro Henrique says:

    Hello! I Love resident evil 4

  39. Hamza Itani says:

    Are there any way to donate without going through paypal? Paypal website is blocked here.

  40. Anonymous says:

    So… that RE2 Remake shown at Sony’s E3 press conference a few hours ago. Thoughts?

  41. Luigi A Montoya says:

    Good morning! I’m a big fan of what you did! it’s just beautiful! really, congratulations to you.

    I would like to know, once your mod is installed, if I want to use a model viewer to export *sceneries* maps of the game, I will see your models and textures? or the old models and textures? the one of the original game?

    • albert says:

      Hello! And thanks for reaching us out and for your kind words 🙂

      Do you mean some kind of 3D model ripper software? In that case, any external software will capture our new models and textures because the old ones are not there anymore.

  42. Swapnil jain says:

    Hii guys you are doing fantastic and historic work fir RE4, i m you fan ,
    My question is why are texture is unbreakable….i mean to say suppose i am fire a rocket to a
    Wall or a door ….it is unbreakable why this is a hd project…a real world project ….

    i have one suggestion for this project,

    Plz make a breakable things (texture) …if player dont want find door key … Player should buy a rocket launcher by money and break door and skip a one step or like move on one step….

    This feature makes game more more more realistic…

    And if u want you added the feature as complementary

    And the last sorry for bad english…and i m waiting for your reply guys☺️ keep it

  43. Mohmmed HD says:

    It’s Friday 13 July 2018 “Final” release date Hoping nothing stop it 😉

    • Cris says:

      🙂 This is not the final release. There are still enemies, NPCs, playable characters, further weapon and item improvements, and final refinements to complete.

  44. KayJay says:

    Game crashes on 60FPS mode in a new save file as soon as I come closer to the house. Doesn’t crash with 30 FPS.
    I tried some of my savestates in 60 FPS and I didn’t get any crash so far.
    It’s only in the starting line before you reach the house.

  45. KayJay says:

    Game crashes before you reach the starting house in 60 FPS mode. It doesn’t crash in 30 FPS mode.
    I tried some of my savestates in 60 FPS mode and so far no crashes. Only the starting point gives a crash. 4GB Patch is installed. Hardware horsepower is not an issue (8700k & 1080 ti).

    • KayJay says:

      I found the crash trigger:
      For some reason, 60FPS mode + this HD mod + “Unofficial Flawless Widescreen FOV patch” causes the crash before the starting house position.

      • KayJay says:

        I want to add that this crash did not happen in the previous public build of the HD mod despite having the FOV patch active so there is something really strange going on.

        • KayJay says:

          Also, sadly this new build broke my “NoFilmGrain” Mod. Is there a recent nofilmgrain mod that is compatible with your latest HD mod build?

          Amazing project btw.
          Followed the project for years.

          • albert says:

            That’s right. One of the files we included in the pack includes the grain texture. But it also include a lot more of extra textures.
            It would be needed the person who created that mod (or someone else) edit the grain textures again inside our new 07000000.pack file

        • albert says:

          Hello again!
          I can imagine what causes that: The very first area is the area with the bigger ammount of polygons of the entire game. We forced some models to appear sooner on screen to avoid “pop-in” models at the distance
          And maybe the FOV patch forces even more to load more polygons at the same time which leads to a “complete-gliobal-saturation” of polygons and the game crashes…

          Could you try something?
          Make a backup of the file …\Resident Evil 4\BIO4\St1\r100.udas and then overwrite the file with this new one:


          • KayJay says:

            The fov mod doesn’t give a crash with that file anymore.
            What did it actually change? Did it reduce the polycount in the starting area again?

          • albert says:

            Hehe that’s what I thought then.
            No, I edited the BLK file inside r100.udas. This file loads and “unloads” the 5 dat files inside St1\ depending on the position of Leon. I reverted that file to the original.

            This makes the game to load only the models that are closer to you but the models at the distance are still not rendered on screen until you reach a certain point of the stage. So, you’ll probably notice now some trees poping up at the distance. This was like this in the original because the Gamecube can’t handle so many polygons at the same time, and this is the reason I edited that file: To avoid pop-up trees at the distance

  46. Smurfman256 says:

    I’m getting a hard crash every time I try to open the gates to head to the village encounter (new game).

    60FPS mode (have not tested in 30FPS mode).

    Figured it might be a loading issue, so I moved the game over to my SSD; same problem.

  47. Ricardo says:


    Thanks guys!!!!

    Just a quick question: when are you going to update the progress Summary?

    I really love it!

    • Cris says:

      That always seems to fall to the bottom of the list, I’m sorry. We are currently focused on the patch that will address some of the issues identified. Once that is released, we’ll update the progress page. Thank you for your patience!

  48. Ricardo says:

    Another question…

    I’m running out of space on my main hard drive, I was wondering if after installed, I can remove the entire folder RE4HDPROJECT-RELEASE3 or just the one inside marked as backup?


  49. Ricardo says:

    There is a folder with 970MB Called EPIL, is this the Epilepsy Files?

    So Can I delete them if I will not use them after install?

  50. Mr. Maik says:

    Hello Chris & Albert,
    I finally play Resident Evil 4 with your mod non stop- and it looks fantastic! It’s the same feeling like 13 years ago with my PS 2- just with outstanding textures! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing retro feeling! You did a better remaster than a studio ever did! Be proud of yourselves.
    I’m now just before fighting “It” and I can say I did not have any bug, even I’m downsampling & playing with 60 frames! Only thing I recognized, is that the game crashes when I go to the video menu to apply any changes. I can’t lower the framerate to 30, as this option is not active.. Maybe you know why.

    • albert says:

      Hello! And thanks 😀
      About the crash when entering the vide settings is strange. But you can only change from 30 to 60 fps when you are in the main menu. never while you are playing. The same wwith the textures quality

      We are glad you are enjoying it!!

  51. Bruno says:

    would it be possible for you to make the mod work in the pirated version of the game? it would be great if you did it

  52. Your team should be commended for the wonderful work! I came here to report, the game is wonderful, but there are some bugs going through the gates when you go through the gates, the game simply closes. We here in Brazil are very grateful for your work !!!

  53. West4it says:

    Hello guys! You did really awesome work! But a some issues what i found:
    Sometimes game crashes in next location (with 4gb Patch):
    First gate in the village; crauser boss fight (open gate); castle. a cannon shot; random crash with Ada’s gun (Blacktail) in leon campaign; (RANDOM) crash when use movie browser and watch any movie or skip (it is like a lottery);
    Can you do somethings with fps drop? video –
    and can you do somethings with qte ? Hard to explain…. For example. buttons by default X+C and LMB+RMB. You (player) wanna changes the buttons…. X+C on CTRL+ENTER (like 2007 game versions) or 1+2 or q+e and ect(doesn’t matter). BUT game always wiil show X+C oR LMB+RMB (or something another if you a pad player) + qte may not work 😐
    sorry, my english grammar really bad. i hope you can understand what i mean

    • Cris says:

      Hello! Thanks for describing your issues. Do these crashes happen every time, or just sometimes? Also, do you see these issues (crashing and frame drops) with the regular game (without our mod)? Re: changing the QTE event buttons you have to press, this is beyond the scope of our project, I’m sorry. 🙁

  54. Cris e Albert, queria perguntar um erro que estou tendo. Especificamente na parte da aldeia, quando começo um novo jogo, oi sempre que chego na parte da aldeia, seja num jogo contínuo, ou nos mercenários, na aldeia sempre trava, e o jogo fecha sozinho, mas isso especificamente com o personagem do Leon, peço a ajuda de vocês pra tentar entender o que está acontecendo. Desde já agradeço

  55. O que eu quis dizer, é que o jogo fecha sempre sozinho, quando chega na aldeia com o Leon. Por favor me ajudem

  56. Aleksei says:

    Hello dear developers,I did everything according to instrukcii and still I have a startup I get an error 0х0000142 game license,help in solving this problem.

    • Cris says:

      Are you using a genuine version of the game, or a pirated / repacked version? I ask because the 4GB patch causes non-genuine versions to crash.

  57. Vinícius says:

    Just wanted to congratulate you and thank you 2. Downloaded the mod yesterday and I’m finally playing something that deserves the HD title! Saw the details in various locations and it looks amazing, trully amazing! Very well done job. Will play the whole game, and let you know of any bugs I may find (in the porpuse of helping, of course). But then again, Thank you! And keep on!

  58. Phantron says:

    Hey albert (and chris),

    I sent you another email but you havent answered it yet. I know you have a rl and still to work on the next stuff for the mod, but please look forward to answer it asap 🙂 as long as your next (and last?) release isnt out Im working on getting the still remaining lowres stuff “fixed” with compilating them into a compatible pack 😉 You can take a look into the RE4 Steamhub where you can see that.
    Anyway, I have to tell you a problem about that for sure isnt just happening to me: Since the game needs to load the highres textures, some cutscenes are slightly delayed by around 1 second but the sound for them already started so they become out of sync. Do you have a workaround for fixing that in the last release? That’s the one thing that’s still ‘in the way’ Id say.

    Best regards

    • albert says:

      I’ve just answered you. We’ll take care of all the enemies’ textures anyway.
      That sync issues only happen to some computers so I guess it all depends on how fast or slow the machine loads the new textures I guess
      We are trying to optimize as many things as we can. We’ll try to minimize this issues in the final release as much as we can, too
      Thanks for your message and good luck with your texture remastering work! 😉

      • Phantron says:

        Well, my PC is pretty highend, and RE4 is not one of the newest games anymore, so Im not too sure it’s depending too much on the users end… I also like to ask if you will get the S2 costumes work in cutscenes too and if you will update graphical effects like blood effects, watersplashes, plagas gore effects, etc. 🙂

        • Cris says:

          It would mainly depend on the kind of storage used for the game. Loading textures from an SSD would go faster, for example, than loading from a HDD. Out of curiosity though, what kind of drive is your RE4 game stored on?

          • Phantron says:

            Oh, I have a regular HDD I think. But I thought it depends on the graphic card to load them? Which is a 1060-6GB 🙂

          • Cris says:

            The graphics card loads texture into memory from wherever the textures are stored. Generally speaking, loading things from an SSD will be a bit faster than loading things from an HDD.

  59. Phantron says:

    Hey another comment coming from me here! lol

    As I already said a lot of times, your work is extremely good and close to perfection. But now Im going through the castle 2nd half and gone by the lava room – which at first I thought I had a wrong texture laying on top of the liquid! As much as I respect your work, this texture doesnt look like resembling lava at all and far from the original one… do you think you could take a look on that again and might re-do it in some way? I dont want to be an asshole and -maybe- Im the only one with this, but even the original texture/effect looks better… so I hope you guys take this as a positive critique and tell me if youre going to take a 2nd look or if not since for you the level textures are done foor good?

    Best regards and have nice summer weeks 🙂

    • Phantron says:

      Another question I have now – I want to work on the german subtitles and text for the game and Im asking you guys if you know which files are containing them and if they are modifyable at all, are there tools to open them? There are a bunch of misstranslations sadly, a lot of ways the translators shortened the words and stuff! I will also share the german fix with the community when/if Im done with the work 🙂

      Thanks in advance again and I hope you can give me answers to these 2 things

  60. Gorgeous Freeman says:

    I tried editing the film grain file included in your release 3 of the build, and while I was able to remove the film grain without issue, the cutscene where you meet Ada after the Maze section in the castle crashes the game, same for Assignment Ada, this happens with and without the RE2 Ada outfit, no trainers, widescreens, etc were used either. Installing just textures alone and none of the extra stuff doesn’t fix it either. Unsure as to what causes it, hopefully in a future update an option to fully remove the film grain and possibly the very subtle motion blur itself can be removed during the install.

    I get the “Original Concept” idea, going for how things were originally or how they were meant to be, but even if these things are tied to other textures or whatever else it may be in the game, players love having the option to enable / disable things they just personally do not like.

    The work you guys have done is amazing, and I’m sure a lot of people don’t take the work you’ve done for granted. I’d just like to ask for an option to disable Film Grain and Motion Blur completely if it won’t cause the game to actually crash or break and if the player decides that’s what they’d prefer, rather than them trying to find more work arounds for the amazing work that’s already been done.

    Also side note, were there always 2 Novistador’s in the area leading up to the maze behind a locked door that you don’t get access to until a little after the maze? The area where the Broken Butterfly can be found later on with Ashley, I don’t remember those 2 being there on any difficulty.

    • albert says:

      Yes, it seems some .pack tools out there doesn’t unpack porperly our 07000000.pack file and they convert some of the .tga files into .bin files. I’m not sure if simply by changing their extension to .tga will fix the issue when you repack the file. Give it a try.

      The film grain effect is used in other areas (dust in the air, for example). Making that texture completely transparent would make some effects to disappear, too.
      The only “clean” way of removing the grain effect is by deactivationg it room by room, which means it’s needed to create 2 different room udas files for every room.
      It’s possible to do, so I don’t reject the idea of making a “no film grain patch” once the project is complete that include the alternative version of all the Stx\ udas files with deactivated grain and motion blur effect.

      About the Novistadors, they were there in the original Gamecube version (that’s the reason of the hole in the floor in that small room, the Novistadors escaped from the sewers through that hole) but for unknown reasons they were removed in later ports of the game.

      Thanks for the comments and I hope the bin–>tga trick works!

      • Phantron says:

        I think the Novistadors were removed because that whole area was supposed to be a completely enemy-free one 🙂
        Can you give an answer to my new comment too please? Thanks in advance!

      • Gorgeous Freeman says:

        I can confirm renaming the .bin extension to .tga worked. The Film Grain texture I used was also the same .dds extension just to be safe. I did have a .tga version of it, but I never tried it, unsure if it would work or not, but just for consistency I used to same file type.

        Thank you again for your suggestion, and I hope the adjusted rooms don’t become too much of a headache for you guys. It may be fairly simple to do for each room, and if it is that’s good, but, there’s a LOT of rooms in this game… Will gladly show support if the optional No Motion Blur & No Film Grain thing is given actual consideration! ♥

  61. yasmin silvano says:

    hello I have a problem but I do not know if it is the game, I am in the part of the statue of the salaza and when the time comes of the fast times I tighten the command more leon dies of the same geito as if I had not even tightened the command.
    and at the moment of the commands the buttons are changed I do not know what to do I can not get out of this part help me, I loved your work and I would like to finish I do not know what to do.
    can you help me?

    • albert says:

      Try playing that area at 30fps instead of 60fps and try it again 😉
      (You only can change that setting in the main menu of the game – OPTIONS – VIDEO SETTINGS

      • leandro says:

        no hay alguna forma de jugarlo a 60 fps ? quiero disfrutar ese momento cuando le clavas el cuchillo a salazar 🙁

        • albert says:

          Tienes que ser más rápido, En el video del capítulo 4-4 estoy jugando a 60fps y no tengo problemas para superar esa zona. Pero es cierto que noto que ese QTE es más exigente a la hora de tener que pulsar rápidamente.
          Me temo que entrenar la velocidad es lo único que puedes hacer para superar esa parte a 60fps…

  62. WD133 says:

    Do you have an official discord server?

  63. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    Can you make the outfit of assigment ada, and the outfit of the mercenaries of Ada to use in the history mode of Ada?? Please, included this too :/

    • albert says:

      Sorry but we are remastering the game, we won’t change anything that is in the original. If it was possible to add the option we would do that, but it’s impossible to add extra options.
      You should ask these kind of edits in the Resident Evil Modding Comunity 🙂

      • Luciano de Oliveira says:

        Is it possible to make Leon’s shirt crinkle as it appears on the cover of the game? And the jacket does not look like leather, the blank details of the jacket are animal hair, will you represent it in the remaster ??
        Good job guys!

  64. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    And here what i’m talking about of the jackethttps please look ://

    • albert says:

      Could you please stop sending the 3 same images?
      I’ve already deleted like 20 times the same message you are posting one time and another. You already posted them on September 25, 2018 at 7:56 pm
      The message is approved and everybody can see the pictures.

      • Luciano de Oliveira says:

        I’m really sorry, I apologize, but for me it does not appear that it was postadp, so I end up posting again, I’m sorry, I should change my cell phone, or improve my internet, it’s not the first time this happens, sorry

  65. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    I don’t know if it allready be corrected but, In the letter of Ada leaves for Leon before giant Salazar, it is written “agult” instead of “adult”, i’m only speaking if you have not noticed, can’t wait by your remaster, its will be great!

  66. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    Will you give some kind of sparkle or reflection on the stone that Ada has behind her neck on the black ribbon she wears around her neck? Because she was always opaque.

  67. Renegado_ftw says:

    **(Please, in case of span, just consider this message!)

    Hello, Team HD Project

    Through the Brazilian content creators (Youtube), I had access to your great work.
    However, since the game was not developed in the Brazilian Portuguese language, I would like to know if you can “teach”, “show”, “describe” or “list” the files pertinent to the language of the game, be likely to so that I make adaptations to the translations, because unfortunately they have writing errors.

    Besides, I have another pertinent question;
    Can the text font used in the game be changed?

    As for example:

    – the character’s name next to the life bar
    – the merchant’s weapons list, the “Examine”, “Combine”, “Discard” options of the weapons case
    – the font of the machine’s “Save” (Savepoint )and its interface; among others!

    Because, as I’ve noticed in some mods on the internet, they can edit every interface (HUD) of the game, so I would like to adjust the font of the text, something nice, that does not escape the essence of the vanilla.

    In addition, if possible, to share the tools (software) to perform the export / import of the game files; amongst them:


    Since already
    Thank you!

    PS: Sorry for the horrible English
    I am Brazilian and I am not fluent in the language englished

    • albert says:

      You should ask in the Resident evil community forums. There is some people that can answer your questions and all the needed tools.

      Unfortunatelly we don’t have the time to answer or help other people. Otherwise the project would be delayed… They are really a loooot of things to explain, some of them are complicated, and it would take us hours or days to fully explain everything… I hope you understand.

  68. Ezequiel says:

    They are doing a very good job on this game, I’m waiting for the final version but I wanted to know if they have any plans to do something with the lighting of the game because as you can see the game has a cloudy weather and is very gray

    • albert says:

      Hi! The game was designed this way. The original colours and lighting are cloudy, like the GC and Wii versions. The vanilla version of the HD versions have a broken effect that make some areas brighter and warmer, but this is a side effect of a bad porting process.

  69. Sebastian says:

    Hi Albert! Hi Cris!

    I just realized that this comment is prolly gonna be huge so I’ll divide it in separate segments and name them accordingly. Those are gonna be:

    1. INTRODUCTION: praising your work and the impact it had in my life.
    2. EXPERIENCE: my impressions playing the game with your mod.
    3. IDEAS: proposing features that could improve the mod.
    4. RAMBLING: miscellaneous talking with mostly a positive and conclusive tone.

    I am a huge fan of this project… like really huge. Each time someone asks me what I’m up to or what things I’m actually actively looking forward to I always mention your project; it has become a really important motive in my life to be updated on your latest progress.

    I even comment about it with people that aren’t into gaming of any sort or kind, because, even though they might not care about videogames as a medium; the misleading business practice of calling something an ”ultimate remaster” doing nothing more or the beauty of a community so in love with a product that is willing to do it for real and for free, maybe just seeing what a fine piece of work you two are doing and how beautiful the results are would move them in some way (and, just to tip it, it always does).

    Though Resident Evil 4 is my favorite game of all games I ever played and I really would love to play the game on the far superior experience that you’re building on top of it, I cannot avoid but feel a little bit of melancholia of this great chunk of my list of big interests coming to an end. And if it wasn’t because I’m an unemployed 19 y/o I would already given you the little money I had (though don’t mistake this statement as me feeling obligated to do so nor an expression of frustration by any means; it’s just my way of telling you that I would love to be able to help you because, in my eyes, you deserve it).

    As I played through Resident Evil 4 for the (who knows how many)th time I realized that you two did accomplish your goal. I did not notice anything new or different with my perception of the game and its environment, and just when I stopped to smell the roses that I experienced what this mod really adds to the game.

    It wasn’t that I could better appreciate things like rocks, bricks or particles; those things are to trivial and I always mostly ignore them. It wasn’t that I didn’t see any more visual bugs; I didn’t even realize a lot of the ones you posted (and WOW there were lots of them), though there were some blatant ones that I really did appreciate not encountering again, such as water reflections or lighting issues.

    That was: I could totally believe that was a real place. You added pieces of the plot through papers and letters scattered all over the world, and just that little detail made it all so much more special. The impeccability with which you interpreted the context of the scenario is plain right outstanding.

    3D Models: I know you’re just in the middle of remastering the player and NPC textures, but I didn’t see any comment of you that you’re willing of modifying their models, and I would really like you to consider it. One example of a right place where I think the mod would really benefit of applying 3D modifications is at Leon’s jacket and its spiky lines (there is an actual mod, or call it skin, that does a splendid job at this).

    HUD: Is it just me or the giant circular status indicator at the bottom right pulls you right out of the immersion? I really think that, just like previous Resident Evil games, Resident Evil 4 would be substantially improved by reserving this data to the inventory screen; giving the game a completely clean window to its reality, making you count your bullets and pay attention to Leon’s stance. This, of course, would be a kinda different experience, so I really think it should be optional, and though I’m not sure if this is even possible, I think that if there’s someone capable of achieving this it has got to be one of you. 🙂

    I feel really uncertain as to whether Capcom will do something about this mod (the most logical thing being to make it an official update for the game). This project puts them in a really weird situation: they’ve already sold their last port of Resident Evil 4 under the title of ”ULTIMATE HD”, so updating the game with this mod would just show how scummy it was. They will definitely not pay you and sell it as a new and different remaster because… how are they gonna call it? ”ACTUAL HD FOR REAL NOW”?

    This is only interesting to me because I remember you saying that Capcom is actually aware of the project and gave you their approval to continue it, and I’m not willing to simply believe that they don’t acknowledge the implications of a mod like this coming out for free after what they’ve done. One thing is clear: I know that YOU don’t care about it and the only thing that’s important is finishing it and letting people have it, and that’s why I admire you so much.

    You made me really happy with this project. I felt curious and engaged in its development, and it was my first experience enjoying an actual ”blog”. At least as personal as Albert’s little journal entries can be interpreted to be anyways.

    If any of you wants to respond, I would suggest to focus on my propositions. But of course, you can answer whatever topic I discussed and I would be pleased. 🙂

    Keep it going, guys. After this one, I’ll be looking after your next projects. Congratulations for the awesome work that you’ve done.

    Lovingly, Sebastian.

    • albert says:

      Hello Sebastian!
      I promise I’ve read the entire post and doing it made me really emotional. I’m sure Cris thinks the same! Thanks a lot for taking the time to write all your thoughts and what you feel about this project. Your text makes so obvious you really noticed all the efforts behind our work and this feels great!

      About Capcom, you are right, we are not worried about they using our project or not. It would be great if they use it and they do it using a new engine with new lighting and effects. This would be my dream coming true.

      And finally, about your suggestion, Yes, I also want to add more polygons to Leon’s jacket, I’ll do it soon and I hope there are no technical limitations! And about the HUD, I’m not sure it’s possible to port it to the inventory screen. Anyway we don’t want to change the game experience. I really think the HUD should be smaller in the HD versions of this game (like the film grain, it was designed for SD resolutions) but it’s really tricky to edit the countless layers of visual data the HUD has. So, Maybe it’s a better idea to create an optional mod (after finishing the project) that makes the entire thing more minimalistic.

      Thank you again for your message!

  70. EXQRAY says:

    I have a problem here, I already installed 4GB patch tool, and RE4HDProject Release 20180713 patch and of course main RE4HDProject Release 3 estimated 19GB, I already do step by step with the instructions, but still not changed in my game, just like the original game, is there something wrong, what should I do ?


    • albert says:

      That’s strange, The pack size is way more than 20 GB. Where did you downloaded from?
      Anyway, could you check, for example, inside the Resident Evil 4\BIO4\ImagepackHD\ folder, is there a file called 44000100.pack file? and is there another 44000100.pack.lfs?
      Also, did you set the texture quality to HD in the VIDEO CONFIGURATION settings of the game?

  71. Cila says:

    Hi, guys, nice work, I noticed something, the first shotgun I think in the village continues with the old graphics and the polygons too in one of your update post I saw her photo in the improved version so I do not know why this is happening in my game. I have only the mod of you installed and only the relase 3 can you help me?

    • albert says:

      We don’t know what could happen. Did you carefully follow the installation instructions?
      Are you using the 2014 version of the game? (It doesn’t work in the old 2007 Ubisoft port)
      Did you activated the HD texture quality option in the Video Adjustments screen?

      Also, I’m not sure I understood your message completelly. What do you mean by “the first shotgun” and “her photo”?

  72. Patrick says:

    Hi, i encountered some problems that i wish to address and maybe get a solution from you guys. Once i installed the mod and tried to speedrun the game, the autosplitter for some reason stopped splitting at 1-2 after you collect both emblems, combine them and go through the door (that’s when the split should move to the next one, but it doesn’t for whatever reason) and when i copied the files from the BIO4Backup folder some textures were missing (ganado in the front at the cabin ending cutscene, and right side of the double doors in the cutscene where Mendez attacks you – when the cutscene ends and the actual fight begins the doors are all fine) and i got some framedrops for example in the waterhall it’s sometimes dropping to like 30-45FPS which causes slow-motion. Is there anything i can do about it instead of reinstalling the game through steam? (file integrity check did nothing, only clean reinstall helped)

    • albert says:


      “and when i copied the files from the BIO4Backup folder some textures were missing”
      By doing this you’ve removed some textures the game needs after installing our pack and this is the reason the game can’t fing the ganadows and some cutscene textures

      “the autosplitter for some reason stopped splitting at 1-2 after you collect both emblems”
      Sorry… I don’t know what’s the autosplitter, what exactly do you mean?

      • Patrick says:

        Thank for the reply. The autosplitter is a script that splits your timer after passing certain points in the game such as doors with loading screens or the “chapter end” screens when you speedrun the game.

        • albert says:

          Oh that’s really strange. The only files changed in our releases are textures, 3D models, lights and effects. Any of these changes should affect that, but who knows… I’m sorry I don’t have a clear answer for you… 🙁

  73. Rubén says:

    Wolaaa. No se si a alguien más le pasa…
    Tengo el juego descargado de Steam. Le he puesto todo el texture-pack y parches y no ha mejorado la calidad de las texturas. No entiendo porqué no se aplican a pesar de que parece que todo se instala correctamente. Por favor, podríais echarme un cable? Me gustaría poder disfrutar de nuevo de este juego con esta calidad.

  74. Patrick says:

    Hey, is there a quick way to uninstall this mod without having to uninstall the whole game? Last time i did that, some textures were missing like the right side of the door in the Mendez cutscene, or one ganado in the final Cabin cutscene, plus i had some weird framedrops. And i’d love to sometimes have this mod on.

    • albert says:

      Since you already moved some files from the backup folder to the game’s folder, you should do the same with the rest of files of the backup folder.
      Although the modded files will remain there. So, if you have disc space issues I suggest you to simple delete the entire Resident Evil 4 folder (the savegames won’t be lost, they are somewhere else) and reinstall the game.

  75. Jacob says:

    I Don’t want to annoy anyone, i simply want a straight forward answer. Is the Full release of the mod out? Like is everything done?

    • albert says:

      No, not yet. The current release contains almost all stage improvements. But it lacks the characters and enemies re-creations, weapon, item and effects new textures, 2D background images (for files, chapter end images, etc…)

      I’ll post videos of every chapter while I remaster all these remaining things like you saw in the last video 🙂

  76. ArielCab says:

    Hola,he visto que hablas español pero solo respondes comentarios en Ingles,me niego a escribir en ingles,ya,
    Llege al castilo y para mi sopresa los Iluminados no tiene nada de sonido,ni voces,ni gemidos,porque? alguna solucion?

    • albert says:

      Hello! digo… Hola! XD
      En la última línea de esta tabla está la solución:
      1. Extract manually the entire “snd” folder from the downloaded pack. (It’s inside the BIO4\ folder)
      2. copy/cut the extracted “snd” folder. place it inside C:\Program Files (x86)\…\Resident Evil 4\BIO4\
      3. Overwrite the files if asked.
      1. Extrae manualmente la carpeta “snd” del pack descargado (Está dentro de BIO4\)
      2. Copia o corta la carpeta “snd” extraída. Colócala dentro de C:\Program Files (x86)\…\Resident Evil 4\BIO4\ (o donde sea que tengas la carpeta \Resident Evil 4\BIO4\)
      3. Sobreescribe si te pregunta.

      “solo respondes comentarios en inglés”
      No, respondo en el idioma en que me preguntan… si es que sé escribir en él haha

      • ArielCab says:

        Muy amable de su parte,problema solucionado,solo tenia que ir al apartado ese a ver si se encontraba el problema,nose leer mucho ingles por lo qe no sabia que Troubleshoot era donde estaba las soluciones

      • ArielCab says:

        Tengo otra consulta si no es molestia, puedo quitar el efecto grano de pelicula? eh quitado el Motion blor,pero el grano de pelicula no,como se quita? o no se puede

        • albert says:

          No se puede a menos que uses este trainer:

          tiene la opción “no grain effect”
          El hecho de que no se pueda activar o desactivar es porque es un efecto que está en cada una de las habitaciones del juego, como efecto independiente. No es algo que pueda activarse o desactivarse de modo global.
          El trainer este imagino que “busca” ese efecto y lo desactiva sobre la marcha.

          De hecho sería tan sencillo como buscar en un editor hexadecimal la cadena “01 04 72 00” y reemplazarla por “00 00 00 00” en cada uno de los archivos udas que hay en las carpetas stX.
          Lleva un rato pero eliminas definitivamente el efecto

  77. ArielCab says:

    Nose como cojones hiciste,tu tienes un futuro en los videojuegos,al menos deberias haber trabajado con el remake del RE2, has echo todas las notas/papeles del juego en una resolucion increible,puedes leerlos sin siquiera coger papel/nota,incluso la tabla de posiciones donde juntas las estampillas parlantes,espero tengas suerte con esto,alguien importante lo vea y tengas un futuro con lo que veo que te gusta mucho hacer,videojuegos,en este caso remasterizaste el juego completo de RE4 UHD,la version de Steam no es tan HD como prometio,tu lo has remasterizado de verdad tio,no hay jugo mas que sacarle,suerte chaval

    • albert says:

      Muchas gracias!
      La verdad es que ha sido toda una experiencia este proyecto (aun le falta unpoco jeje) Y si nos sale algo bueno de ello, a parte del buen rato que pasamos, pues bienvenido será!

  78. vladislav novikov says:

    Hello! Is this mod planned to be released as a full-fledged game on the console of a new or old generation? Thanks in advance for the answer!

    • albert says:

      We’ll simply release the files needed to make the 2014 UHD version for PC looks better. Otherwise Capcom wouldn’t allow our project to be released
      There’s no way of porting this work to the consoles right now

  79. Danrley Cabral says:

    Hello friends. How are you? Well, I have noticed that you have no more published news about the project on the site. Has the project stopped?

  80. Fred says:

    Hi, I have a worry when I pass some loading doors (green)
    The game crash without reason without giving me error code
    He only sends me back to steam
    And I have to go back to my last save and redo all the enemies
    But you did a great job
    Greeting from France, sorry for my english it’s not great (thanks google translate) ^^

  81. Jay says:

    The Steam Must Be running problem I have no idea how to bypass. I own the game but no matter the type of fix I try, nothing works. From opening from the shortcut, exe, running as admin, etc. Nothing works. The game just either doesn’t run, or I get that message.

    • albert says:

      Is this a general problem of your game or is it related to our project files? We’d need more info in order to help you.
      If you have this issue even before you didn’t install our project pack then I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do about it…

  82. huang xuyang says:

    I am a small white computer, please tell me how to correctly install the 4gb patch, is it installed in the game installation directory or c disk, I can not find the c disk path you said.

    • Cris says:

      Hello – thank you for reaching out. Without knowing your game installation directory it’s difficult to advise, I’m sorry. 🙁

  83. Connor Ring says:

    I am having an issue where part of the bottom of the screen is cut off when playing at 3440×1440 resolution.

    • Lance M says:

      download flawless widescreen. I had the X35 but decided to go with 4k 144 hz hdr 1000 acer pg27uq

  84. Anon says:

    I really appreciate your perfect HD mod, i would like to recommend using high compression on the download archive as its really huge.
    i downloaded the HD pack release 3 included with RE4 HD repack and the archive was ~10.4GB !!!
    that was game files plus HD pack 3 !!!
    The latest 7Z can compress the pack very good with the big dictionaries and word sizes, it will take some time to compress (may be hours) but it will make it a lot easier for a lot of people with limited bandwidth and/or slow internet

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks and Good Luck

  85. WhiteGold says:

    Hi, please consider a 2019 release as I expect so much progress has been made since the last release of July 2018.

    I’ve never played RE4 but I’ve bought it just to play with your mod and I’m eagerly waiting to do so. Very excited to experience the game for the very first time with your awsum looking mod. Best wishes for the future completion!

  86. Caue says:

    Wanted to know if this MOD works on PC Gamepass RE4?

    • albert says:

      Sorry I don’t know what “PC Gamepass” is

      • Lance M says:

        its gamepass where u play unlimted games through Microsoft windows store like on xbox game pass. he is playing it on game pass for pc. It works great on my steam version but not sure about on there.

  87. Kayman says:

    I’ve downloaded the mod with the 7/13 patch and the 4gb patch. Everything is working well but every time I try to open the inventory the game crash, how can I solve this?

    • albert says:

      Did you install any additional mod, or are you using some trainer?

      • Kayman says:

        I’m using a trainer “Resident Evil 4 Ultimate Item Modifier v1.3”.

        • albert says:

          Oh, then that’s the reason.
          If you are adding some item/weapon that Leon can’t use in the normal game, the game will crash.

          I removed some unused items of the inventory file (I only preserved the silencer and the knife) in order to obtain extra space to include higher polygon models. Leon’s inventory file size has a limitation. If I surpase that limitation the game will crash.

          But it would be possible to create a patch that include all models again (low-poly versions of them). Try not to use/load items or weapons that Leon can’t use in the normal game. I’ll make a patch for people that use this trainer when the final release is released.


  88. Cristian Rivera says:

    Hola Albert, con tu mod tengo una pequeña cantidad de bugs en el juego, como por ejemplo, en la parte de Mike, el helicóptero o no te ayuda, o te ayuda cuando ya avanzaste y ya no lo necesitas, lo cual hace que toda esa parte sea más difícil, especialmente la última donde hay enemigos con ametralladoras a los lados, ahí el helicóptero no te ayuda, sé que es un bug porque probé otra versión del juego y ahí el helicóptero sí te ayuda. Por si acaso, sí tengo instalado el parche de 4 GB junto con el parche del mod, y como última cosa, hay una habitación donde aparecen los bichos de las alcantarillas, y se supone que no deberían aparecer ahí.

    • albert says:

      Hola Cristian, nuestro mod no afecta al comportamiento de los enemigos, compañeros, etc, únicamente cambia los archivos de texturas, modelos 3D, luces y efectos. Hasta ahora no he recibido ningún otro comentario acerca de este problema. A mi no me ocurre. Es muy extraño… Tienes algún otro mod instalado o juegas usando algún trainer? Qué versión del juego estás usando? es la 1.0.6 de Steam?

      Lo de los Novistadors es a propósito. Estos enemigos ya estaban en la versión de Gamecube. Y por algún motivo, en los ports siguientes del juego estos enemigos ya no estaban. Los he recuperado 🙂 (De hecho, en esa sala hay un agujero en el suelo, que es de donde vienen. Este agujero no tiene sentido si no aparecen esos enemigos ahí)

      • Cristian Rivera says:

        Oh, vale, ya veo. Ah, y por cierto, no uso ningún otro mod, solo el tuyo, y uso la versión original de Steam, es extraño que tenga pequeños errores, y como dato adicional, el juego lo tengo solo a 30 FPS.

  89. A.J. says:

    Cannot get the main torrent download to work, have tested my PC, network etc and everything is in good order here. Please help.


  90. xia tian says:

    We wish you make Ultra HD texture for DARK SOULS – the most best game in the world!

  91. hi i want to congratulate you on the project when this complete work comes out resident 4 hd i would love to play on ps4 consoles for god’s sake make it happen i really want to play this version on ps4 i don’t have pc in the final version will have audio in brazilian portuguese answer me please Capcom could take these works as an example and make a complete remake of resident 4

  92. Lance M says:

    Love this Resident Evil 4 Makeover Edition. Still my favorite game ever. I decided to donate $1 a month to the cause on paypal. Cant Wait til this is Finished. Works and Looks great on my Asus 4k monitor PG27U. Stay safe in Spain bud.

  93. Youffie says:

    Hey there. I was just wondering if this guy who made a resident evil 4 RE1 mod is not using asset from your game ? The HD puzzle with symbols looks strangely similar to yours.

  94. John says:


  95. Ron C says:

    Hello Albert , I’ve been following the project from afar and I’m so hyped everytime there’s an update. Hopefully you can answer this question for me if / when you have the time. I wanted to ask how you figured out the patterns / textures for the enemies ( mainly Saddler ) given the original textures aren’t high quality? For instance, the floral decorations on Saddler’s robes, was that something of your own design or how did you recreate it? Was there real life inspiration to remake the textures? Do you have access to the original files with the HD look? Hopefully it’s okay I ask, this would help me out bunches! Thanks so much for all your hard work. 😀

    • albert says:

      Thank you for your message!
      It’s all re-created from scratch. I tried to get inspiration by looking at similar patterns and then I redone it from scratch using as base the low-resolution texture and using my instinct in order to figure out what’s in the original texture XD
      Sometimes I’ve been able to locate the original HD textures for small details, but 95% (or more) of the characters and enemies textures has been completely remade.
      So I drew that pattern and after hours of photoshop work and countless layers I got the final result 🙂

  96. Felipe Barzana says:

    Hi, i have two questions.
    ¿How i can find the folder xfiles, or put mods there?, becuase i cant see the folder xfiles from the older res 4, archivs pak is onli i can see end i need put some mods of gun,but, one for one end ¿do you know were is de pak whats cotain all archives of guns?, i wont onli the guns in hd, all see them end they are perfect, i try modifi the archives pak with all programs for this bat i cant, minimum translate the guns hd, please explain to mi i need this game.

  97. Felipe Barzana says:

    Hola tengo dos preguntas
    ¿Cómo puedo encontrar la carpeta xfiles, o poner mods allí?, Porque no puedo ver la carpeta xfiles de los res 4 más antiguos, los archivs pak es solo lo que puedo ver, solo lo que necesito es poner algunos mods de armas, pero, uno para uno, ¿Sabes dónde está el paquete? ¿Cuál es el contenido de todos los archivos pak de armas? están bien las armas en HD, y son perfectas. Intenté modificar el paquete de archivos pak con todos los programas pero No puedo, como minimo reemplazar las armas en HD, explícame que necesito este juego.

    • albert says:

      Hola Felipe, la carpeta xfile que comentas es de la versión de 2007 del juego.
      Este proyecto es para la versión de 2014. Los archivos de ambas versiones son completamente distintos e incompatibles, como si se tratara de dos juegos distintos.

  98. Felipe Barzana says:

    Y usted sabe como puedo pasar las armas hd del hd project al resident evil hd normal, solo las arma y sus modificaciónes lo demas que quede intacto, porque descargue el pache y tengo las carprtas y todo para hacerlo, pero no se como reemplazarlas, porque si lo hago directamente me va a remplazar todo y yo solo quiero las armas.

  99. Manoel Ribeiro says:

    I had an issue here. I use 2 monitors, without the script of instalattion the game was running always full screen in the main monitor. After the installation the game is trying to split the image of the game between the monitors, what means one monitor has 50% of the image of the game, but the other one doesnt even show the other 50%.

    I am solving that for now disabling the 2nd monitor on nvidia control panel when I want to play the game. Is there some configuration to force the game to run full screen in ONE monitor, without disabling the another one?

    • albert says:

      That’s really strange. Our pack just include textures, models and some light and effects edits. But nothing about game behavior. There’s no way the new files affect how the game is displayed on the screen… So, I really don’t know what to say, I ‘m sorry… 🙁

  100. Just found it. The problem occurs when I launch my RE4 from steam, click task bar, steam -> resident evil 4, then monitors are splitted.

    When I start from the shortcut created by installation the problem doesnt occurs.

    Just came back, in case of someone else have the same problem

  101. Ron C says:

    Hi Albert, just have two questions. Sorry if they have been asked before! :

    Is this mod going to be compatible with Raz0rs UHD trainer and the enemy hex editor tools? And other UHD tools to edit models / cutscenes / etc.

    Besides donations, is there anything else you need help with for the project at this point? Or would you just prefer more donations? I would love to help but all I can do is draw / paint XD

    • albert says:

      I always use that trainer for testing purposes. So, yes, it’s not a problem 😉
      What’s that enemy hex editor tool?
      Anyway, the only thing I’ve changed about enemies is texture and models. I don’t think there’s going to be any problem if you edit enemies and characters.
      And thanks for the support! hehe
      Right now all I’m doing is photoshop, 3d edits and use the re4uhd tools.
      The donations are ok, so we can pay the software, texture libraries, etc ^_^

      • Ron C says:

        The enemy tool i use allows me to replace enemies with other enemies. It doesnt work for every single enemy type but for example in my game I replaced the chickens in the village center with Saddler, so now in every new game I start, I have 2 Saddler’s running around. It also allows me to change the health and behaviors of enemies as well. If its okay to post pictures I can show you if you want!

        Awesome, I’m glad the UHD modding tools will still work! And I’m glad the donations help, I’ll totally be sending more 😉

        I can’t wait for the next chapter update! You have me hyped <3

  102. Matthew A says:

    Hi, I’ve been following the project for a while now and I’m really impressed with your progress.

    I was just wondering whether the next release would cover the main game only or would be packaged with separate ways/ the mercenaries/ assignment ada?

    As someone who isn’t who isn’t the biggest fan of separate ways I would be glad for the lesser waiting/ saved hard drive space from multiple, separate releases, though if that isn’t the way you guys want to do things I can hardly complain given the incredible effort you’ve put in to the project.

    Apologies if this has been asked before.

  103. Re4life says:

    Subject :i think there are some important textures
    here …

    Albert,chris could you check that “RE4:incubate”
    For those textures you are searching for
    Mercenaries and maybe credits in the game end
    It seems that there is a book that came with this
    movie (A movie which is essentially a different
    camera angle modded -by develloppers/Capcom- re4
    gameplay) and the book which comes with this movie
    contains pictures that might be useful to you,I’ve seen
    that krauser explosion, they say game
    Ending/credits pictures and many other important
    Material exists for your current work is in it.

    I haven’t found the book yet,but I’m sure
    there is other than the movie which was uploaded on
    YouTube somewhere on internet and maybe even on
    Sale for it’s physical copy …

    I appreciate your project and it is my pleasure
    to help out .i’ve been following you for one year now
    but (only because i didn’t know about you in the past!)
    my love for re4 is eternal like your love to it guys!!!
    As one writer said: **the measure of impact done
    by a man in life is how visible and seen this impact
    or difference IS in real life**.

    and from what I see you’ve done a great impact
    on our beloved re4 ,I can’t even count how much times
    I played it and I’m still saving the best for last
    Keep up…re4life.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for taking the time to send us this message!
      It’s been a pleasure to remaster this masterpiece of a game!
      Yes, I have that book in my shelf, that’s why I knew how is the entire Krauser result screen image 😉
      A scanned image don’t have enough quality unless it’s a big poster…

  104. Re4life says:

    And Cris thanks for killing Mia in re8 I hope winters as Leon said:”leaves before everyone gets pissed off”
    Though you didn’t have to kill her the redfield lineage/legacy is better off without a man who’s face has never seen the light…wait a minute YOU are not cHris redfield you are Cris with no h you must be the fake one from re7 HOW DARE YOU COME TO A HOLY PLACE LIKE THIS?FAKE PEOPLE ARE EVRYWHERE
    ALBERT MIGHT END UP BEING WSEKER how could you stab me in my back all these years(1 year actually) my dream was to talk to Real Chris how many push ups did he do so that he’s jacked.
    This world is so cruel especially when capcom didn’t buy your project damn it…

  105. Logan M. says:

    Hi, after watching some part of a playthrough with your mod, I wanted to install it myself and go through it!
    However, I’m running into a problem where for some reason I can’t download the torrent file on the site? I can open the file in a new tab to download, but it doesn’t work when I just click on it. Plus the other 8 links to download it aren’t there. When I download it from a new tab, it’s only 46 kb and when I attempt to open it, it says the file is in an unknown format or damaged.

    Sorry if this has been asked before or if something else is going on.
    I just really wanna give this mod a go, because it looks amazing!

  106. Fabricio Rocha says:

    Estou tendo problemas com o jogo fechando as vezes quando passo por alguma porta ou passo por uma escada de Loading. Baixei p Patch, mas não resolveu. Observação: Meu notebook atende todos os requisitos para rodar o jogo e o mod. Possuo um Sansung Odyssey com 16 GB RAM. Processador Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz 2.81 GHz
    e placa de vídeo Nvidia 1050 de 4GB

  107. n/a says:

    The torrent link does not work. There’s no seeders or anything.

  108. This is just a titanic work! Thank you so much for this! I appeal from all Russian-speaking fans of the game. is it worth counting on adding subtitles in Russian?

  109. Gingerbreadman says:

    Played this game as a kid on the GameCube and loved it, cant wait to finally play it again on the PC and this mod will only make it better, thanks!

  110. albert says:

    Thank you!

    1. It’s possible to replace some other language with all the English assets and text and also replace that language cutscene subtitles with the English ones. Another possibility would be to force the game to load subtitles during cutscenes, but I’d need the support of some coder (There were 2 persons ready to help, but it seems they are busy right now)
    2. Amateur difficulty: No.
    Ashley fixed-camera: Yes. There’s no way I can create new options in the game’s menu. It can be done by replacing 2 files. So it will probably be a separate mini-patch for those who want to play that section with the Japanese camera angles. And people will have to replace the files manually.
    3. No, but you can use trainers to freely select your costumes at will (Search for Raz0r’s Ultimate trainer). Anyway, Leon’s jacket is not optimized for the cutscenes he’s not wearing it. So, there will be clipping issues and sometimes some parts of the jacket will disappear.
    4. Using the Trainer.
    5. Do you mean the Novistadors’ one? No. That cutscene was replaced to that sound. It’s just beta content and it was removed on purpose. That cutscene was later reused similarly when the Verdugo is approaching you. Using the same kind of introduction for 2 completely different enemies is not a good idea. It would make Verdugos’ appearance less menacing IMO

    Thanks again for the questions and suggestions!!

  111. Chandler Kilroy says:

    Hello, I’ve been following this project for awhile now and so I finally decided to install the available build. I followed all the instructions and the pack was installed correctly however it led to performance issues even if I turned off the HD textures. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it vanilla and it ran perfectly smooth so something is causing my game overall to run badly in the pack. I’m not sure how to fix this issue.
    My specs are Ryzen 5 3600x + 1070ti and 32 gb of RAM

  112. HawkX says:

    Any idea when this is going to get released? I’ve bought the game back in… 20014 or 2015 when I saw this project and have been waiting for it to be done until I played the game…

    But now with the official remaster-VR version of the game being announced… I’m scared you will get a C&D letter before the final version is out… which would be terrible after all these years!

    Either way, grats on such a massive mod/achievement! Can’t wait to play it!! 🙂

  113. DjalmaVMJ says:

    Hey, guys. First off I’d like to thank you for all the greatest things you’ve done regarding our precious ans beloved Resident Evil 4. I’ve been followed you guys since 2017 in which I found out that there is a RE HD.

    Anyways, only now I’ve been able to get a good laptop to play it on and I got some questions:

    1 – What do I need to do to play Resident Evil 4 HD Project on my laptop?

    2 – Do I need to purchase the game on Steam in order to play on HD mood of yours?

    3 – If I do buy it still in 2021 will I need to do anything else after the game launches on data 2.2.2022?

    4 – I hope you are all good.

    • achraf says:

      hey, i just read ur comment and i have similar questions but i believe u DO have to buy the re4 steam version. i tried installing hd project on a cracked version and unsurprisingly, it didnt work, as for tbe system requirements im not sure tbh and even i left a comment regarding that i hope they answer. and yes if u buy the game u won’t need anything else for the final release. hope that helps

  114. achraf says:

    Hey guys i hope ur doing well first off, thank u so much for everything that u’ve done for the game and re4 community words can’t describe how much i love this game and project. i know ur really busy finishing up the project and what not and i feel kinda stupid for asking this but i wouldn’t have if i found an answer on the faq section. i was wondering what are the recommended system requirements for this project and can my pc (more specifically graphics card) run the game without issues, my specs are:
    CPU: intel core i7 11th
    GPU: nvidia geforce mx350 2gb
    RAM: 12gb
    again sorry for wasting ur time but i swear i couldn’t find a proper answer anywhere else and thx for the masterpiece u guys created.

  115. Roberto Manfinfla says:

    The game closes when I sometimes open the doors. Any solution?

  116. Line says:

    Hi ! Your work is amazing ! But you’re missing two major things that should be fixed =
    1) Ejected shell models should be 2x times smaller (pistol, shotgun, smg). It is easy to tweak their model sizes 🙂
    2) Those ejected shells models should have per object motion blur applied. This could be implemented by simple shader added to textures on that shells
    3) The sounds of gun shots ! Their volume should be 1.8 times louder and with added reverberation effect 🙂 You can take gun shots sounds from Escape from Tarkov game – their volume and amplitude is the most realistic ! 🙂
    If you will need some additional info – I can help you with my gun collection 🙂
    P.S. – also I forgot to mention one error in your gun models – shell ejecting port on all guns should be pushed deeper in models. Like extrude the ejecting port polygon by minus 2.

  117. Thiago Moreno says:

    Hello, it seems that the link is broken.. everytime I try to download it says that the file doesn’t exists.

  118. sParker says:

    I’M getting 404 error …

  119. Eduardo says:

    Seems that the link is broken. Me and several people are getting error 404 when clicking the link and “error, there is no file to be downloaded” if you try “saving the link as…”.

  120. Eduardo says:

    Seems that the link is broken. Me and several people are getting error file no found when clicking the link and “error, there is no file to be downloaded” if you try “saving the link as…”.

  121. Jay says:

    Hand Gun Ammo and Green Herbs are invisible after installing HD Project. Was working fine when I first installed it but I went to get on today and my game kept crashing after trying to load my save, so I wiped all RE4 files besides the files in documents and reinstalled re4 from steam then installed re4_tweaks and HD Project and now my Handgun Ammo and Green Herbs are Invisible but I can still see the ammo count. Have wiped, redownloaded everything and reinstalled everything 3 times with no luck.

  122. Eduard Springer says:

    Hey albert, how about a weapon switcher
    I know some guys who did it for devil may cry

  123. Gonzo says:

    Albert a que hora esta disponible el mod mañana? He cogido el dia libre del trabajo nada mas que para ponerme a jugarlo jaja, estoy muy emocionado

  124. Daniel A says:

    Hello. Congratulations on the official release of your amazing mod! Thank you for your years of hard work and dedication to one of the greatest games of all time. After playing with the mod throughout the years as you guys progressed and with the full release just now, I can confidently this is THE definitive way to play RE4 faithfully. I hope for an official collaboration with Capcom, but either way, you guys are legends 😀

    With that said, I have a few complaints after playing the PC version with your finished mod:
    1. The cutscenes while playing at 60fps don’t have lip-synced audio.
    2. The aiming while pointing a gun with a laser is STILL, after all these years of the PC version, sluggish, unresponsive, and seems to have added acceleration to it. I know this isn’t you guys’ department or fault, but is there anything you or I can do about this? Maybe a mod I don’t know about? I just want the third-person aiming to be as smooth as the scope aiming is. An RE4 PC version that has the same responsive aiming as RE5 PC would be absolutely perfect.

    Thank you for reading!

  125. Aaron Taylor says:

    Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve downloaded the mod and so far it’s working great. I’ve been following this project since it started and I’m truly amazed at the amount of work that you guys have put into it. I will second that the audio during the cut scenes is de-sync’d by about a quarter second. For reference, here are my system specs:

    Windows 10
    Asus X470 mITX
    Ryzen 2700x
    Sapphire RX590 Nitro
    32GB DDR4 2933

    Thanks again for the truly amazing work.

  126. Will the accessibility features from the 2018 hd mod release version return as a future optional patch?

  127. Thomas Kings says:

    I downloaded the new big mod (37GB) via torrent.
    When I download a lot of loose files I rather want to have a md5 or sha256 hashfile to check each the integrity of each file.
    can you provide one to download? Thanks!

  128. Ryan Powell says:

    Hey Albert, I just sent an email but just in case you don’t receive it, I’ll leave a comment here. So after installing the new release, I had the 2018 version, I continued my playthrough at chapter 5-3. When I get to the door of Krauser’s fight and go through it, the game crashes. I reloaded it twice and it still crashed at the same spot. Do I need to reinstall the game and reinstall the mod? I basically downloaded the new release and replaced the 2018 files since they were basically the same, etc. Maybe this was wrong to do? Thanks in advance!

    • albert says:

      Could you check the size of the BIO4 folder and number of files inside?
      It should be 37,4 GB 6804 files
      If not, you probably didn’t delete the BIO4 folder before pasting the new one ¿?
      Just an idea…

  129. Nick says:

    Loving the mod so far, couple of things:
    1. Could not aim harpoons using a mouse. Every time I’d try to hold aim, Leon just picks up and then instantly sets down a harpoon. Had to switch to a controller to complete the boss

    2. I found a red door in the left path of 2-3 that leads to an underground area with the silencer, which disappeared as soon as I picked it up. Not familiar with this area but I know the silencer is a cut item so that was strange.

  130. shi says:

    When playing the chapter of Castle sewer cell and investigating the body, jump out of the game. The version is 1.1 simplified Chinese

  131. shi says:

    First of all, this is my first message. Your HD production is really great! Thank you again for your hard work! There are two small problems, which should be the problem of Chinese subtitle display in 1.1 simplified Chinese version. First, the cars of the first two policemen were hit down the mountain. When Lyon went to investigate, the Chinese subtitles were not displayed. There was another chapter 2-3. When entering the cable car control room and clicking to view the cable car console, the Chinese subtitles below were not displayed. At first, these two small problems led me to think that the game was stuck. I didn’t understand that it was just a subtitle display problem until I tried and clicked the game to continue. Although it was a small problem, it was also fed back to you. Thank you! Since I haven’t experienced the whole HD project yet, I can only give so much feedback for the time being. Thank you!

  132. Mani says:

    Hello there, ive installed the latest HD project mod as instructed, however, upon Installing it, i was completely unable to access the game whatsoever, unlike the previous version of the HD project (release 3), i did not have such issue with it, as i also recall the installation procedure was also different by being installed through the command prompt (windows 10) but im unsure if thats relevant to the issue at hand, sorry, basically, whenever i try opening the game after installing the latest 1.0 release, it gives 2 correspondent error messages as follows; i will be leaving a link below showcasing the errors.

    Furthermore: no i did not have any previously installed mods that could potentially collide with the HD project, including release 3, ive also uninstalled/reinstalled the game and repeated the procedure, yet was met with the same result.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated mr Albert or cris – thanks

  133. Ketska says:

    Hello, I downloaded your mod lastnight and it could be something I did on my end but I haven’t noticed any differences yet and when I go near any water textures the water gets super blurry and almost like it doubles up on my screen but it’s only on the water areas such as Del Lago or the water under the bridge to the first Giant fight.

  134. Nacho says:

    I encountered a bug on level 2-3 when I get to the secret area to get the silencer it doesn’t appear in my inventory, it also causes the inventory to bug out to where you cant exit out of it. Reproduced the bug a total of 6 times and can confirm it always happens. As soon as I go to reorganize my inventory after getting the silencer it bugs out not allowing me to leave the organizing screen. Sometimes it takes a bit for the inventory to get bugged but its always after getting the silencer. I also notice I don’t have the silencer in my inventory after picking it up, I don’t know if it’s because I have a different pistol than the one its for or what.

  135. Evan R. says:

    Tiny issue – the installer by “nipkow” got blocked by my antivirus software saying it had a trojan inside called “Phonzy”. You may want to upload new versions of that just in case they got infected somehow.

  136. Dzambolat Gatsolaev says:


    First of all, forgive my English. It may be a bit incorrect.

    Right now I’m busy adapting the Russian translation to your remastered. Due to the fact that many chapter covers are now in HD, I will have to re-localize them into Russian. So could you please share the source images from all the chapters and modes? It would make my job a lot easier. I want to make it as good as possible, so that Russian players can fully enjoy your work.

    • albert says:

      Hello! Right now I’m collapsed responding messages and correcting stuff, but I’ll try to compile the files as soon as I can
      Thanks for the understanding!

  137. Ketska says:

    Hello, I downloaded your mod lastnight and it could be something I did on my end but I haven’t noticed any differences yet and when I go near any water textures the water gets super blurry and almost like it doubles up on my screen but it’s only on the water areas such as Del Lago or the water under the bridge to the first Giant fight.

  138. Unreal says:

    Buenas, hay alguna forma de arreglar que la imagen se vea “doble” ? se corrige con el re4_tweaks, dentro del debug menu, en dof/blur menu, modificando el contrast-level. Pero al rato se vuelve a quedar como antes de modificarlo, no se guarda.


  139. Hermes says:

    A parte de felicitar por la excelente labor en este maravilloso mod queria ofrecer una idea para mejorar el control. Creo que al igual que se ha hecho con juegos como Metroid Prime para Gamecube y Wii en el cual el control es igual que RE4 y se ha podido implementar a través de Prime Hack el movimiento lateral tanto con las teclas A y D así como en gamepad usando el stick izquierdo y el derecho para hacer la rotación mejorando la experiencia de juego exponencialmente creo que se podría implementar también en vuestro mod. La verdad es que seria un puntazo que nadie se espera y podria da una nueva dimensión muy interesante de probar. Espero no haber molestado con mi comentario. Gracias por vuestro trabajo. Un saludo.

  140. Michael says:

    Hello and congratulations on launching 1.0! I went to download the automated installer by “nipkow” and noticed both mirrors (MEGA and MediaFire) are no longer offering it for download. The MediaFire page lists a DMCA copyright claim by LeakID on 2022-02-07. I am using the Torrent and manual install for now and hope this issue gets resolved!

    Thanks and I am looking forward to new updates!

    Michael P

  141. Emiliano says:

    No sé cómo cambiar el juego a 60 FPS con el tweak

  142. ShXIII says:

    I’ve never posted on this site before but I have been following this mod since it was first announced. I just finished playing through the full game and Separate Ways expansion with this mod and it was an absolute delight to play through. I have not played this game since the GameCube days and this texture pack makes the game hold up EXTREMELY well. I posted a review of the game and linked your mod on Steam. I just wanted to thank you for your hard work and dedication and let you know I thoroughly enjoyed it without any issues at all.

    It was worth the wait.

  143. Jack says:

    Los arpones con ada no se ven, ademas una planta fuera de la iglesia sigue sin colision, ademas leon con el chaleco puesto no se le mueve el pelo y tambien en el cap 4-1 un puente al moverse lo hace muy trabado.

    • Jack says:

      Instale el parche nuevo pero sigue eso todo igual, o debo reinstalar el parche de 4gb?

      • Jack says:

        Tampoco logro ver el silenciador en el inventario

      • albert says:

        Ah, perdón, no había leído que ya habías instalado el parche.
        Pues es extraño, porque de momento todo el mundo está reportando que el problema de los objetos invisibles ya está solucionado.
        Asegúrate que los archivos de la carpeta Bin32 también los has copiado y pegado correctamente y con el juego cerrado (si está abierto no se deja sobreescribir)
        La fecha de codificación del archivo dinput8.dll dentro de \Resident Evil 4\Bin32\
        debería ser 9/2/2022, si no lo es, es que no es el archivo correcto

    • albert says:

      Hola! ayer saqué un parche que soluciona lo del inventario. Pero si no tienes problemas críticos, aconsejo esperar al parche definitivo 1.1
      El que publique ayer fue para gente que realmente tenía problemas graves, y es solo un parche parcial.

      Me apunto lo de la colisión de la planta

      Lo del pelo es un problema conocido que está incluso en la versión de Gamecube. Intentaremos solucionarlo también

      Lo del puente no lo he entendido. ¿Podrías pasarme un pantallazo on un link a cualquier video de youtube mostrando el lugar exacto?

  144. no tengo says:

    Hola buenas noches, he encontrado un detalle en la cinamaticas mas que todo cuando leon esta en el carro, es que las voces y la cinematicas no concuerdan las voces y mas cuando hablan no estan alineados espero haberme explicado. el parch de la ultima actualizacion 10.1 ya lo instale y tambien instale cuando inicio el juego el parch de 4 gb. espero puedan arreglarlo.

  145. jb says:

    buenos dias he descubierto un problema con los videos mas que todo iniciando el juego cuando leon esta en la camioneta cuando estan hablando y aparecen las letras no hay sincronizacion en la boca con lo que estan hablando solo pasa en los videos lo demas esta bien estoy jugando gracias por el mod.

  146. Ricardo says:

    Hola buen día tengo una pregunta, yo tengo dos laptops, ambas son equipos “gamer” pero una es mas potente que la otra, la mas potente es una Asus ROG Strix que tiene una tasa de refresco de pantalla de 120.11 Hz , la otra es una Acer Nitro 5 que tiene una tasa de refresco de 60 Hz.

    Irónicamente, la versión de Steam de RE 4 HD edition no la pude disfrutar nunca en mi laptop mas potente porque el juego directamente no me abre cuando lo ejecuto, cosa que en mi laptop Acer si lo hace; leyendo varios post antiguos en Steam sobre el tema, me di cuenta que al parecer el problema deriva de que el juego solamente abre inicialmente en equipos que tengan la tasa de refresco de pantalla colocada a 60 Hz, y que si la tasa de refresco es distinta a ese valor, el juego no correrá, y pienso que ese es el caso porque el juego me corre perfectamente en mi laptop Acer que tiene 60 hz y no en mi Asus que tiene 120 Hz, El problema con mi Asus es que no me deja elegir cambiar la tasa de refresco a 60 Hz, si no que solamente me da a elegir entre 120.11 y 48 Hz, entonces mi pregunta es….Con este parche, podré al fin jugar RE 4 en mi laptop mas potente de 120 Hz, o el parche no solventa este problema y me encontraré con la misma situación a pesar del parche?? agradecería una orientación al respecto!! 🙂

  147. Jack says:

    Estaría genial si pudieras hacer que cada traje especial aparezca en las cinematicas, sino queda muy raro que leon y ashley pasen a tener los trajes normales

  148. Nik says:

    Is there a post size limit?
    I think my latest post didn’t go through since I didn’t receive the “awaiting moderation” message
    For some reason my message in FAQ section also didn’t go through

  149. Joshua says:

    Merchant won’t sell any new weapons or tune any I have

  150. Sebastian says:

    Will you make an HD Project Mod for Resident Evil 5?

  151. Jack says:

    Tendrían que incluir la muerte mas visceral del buhonero que si no me equivoco esta en la versión de gamecube..

  152. nacho says:

    bro sirve en 1.0.0?

  153. Starplays11 says:

    Resident evil 5 HD Project? CONFIRMED?

  154. Adrian :3 says:

    are you working on the Resident Evil 5 HD Project?

  155. albert says:

    Hello! thanks for the message

    1.include english subtitles
    I’ll ask my coder colleagues to force the game to load subtitles when playing in English. So, it’s in the list

    2.include the japanese exclusive features, this being the amateur mode.
    I don’t think this is possible. It’s controlled by the exe file. You’d need to find someone that shares his Japanese bio4.exe file. Just by replacing the exe file you’ll get the Japanese version of the game.

    3. include the possibility to change the laser weapon color
    This is possible already in the original game. You have to edit the RGB values inside the C:\Users\*YourNameUser*\Documents\My Games\Capcom\RE4\config.ini

    4. include the cut sewer novistador introduction scene
    This cutscene was probably removed because the Verdugo is introduced exactly the same way. So it would make this second introduction lazy.
    And it makes more sense an invisible enemy is introduced using a sound effect instead.
    Anyway, the data of that cutscene is not anymore in this port, I think it only was in the first gamecube version

    5.include the Leon jacket costume and the possibility to combine all the costumes
    You already can do that using Raz0r’s trainer ;D

    • Jack says:

      Tenes un link directo al Raz0r’s trainer? No lo encuentro

    • Jack says:

      Consegui el trainer, pero no funcion..

      • mofail says:

        needs to be rledone by razor to match this hd project, let’s all hope when this project is 100% complete razor returns…

      • albert says:

        Creo que el trainer SOLO es compatible con la versión 1.0.6 del juego. Si tienes la versión 1.1.0, no es compatible…
        Intenta pedir a alguien que tenga la 1.0.6 que te pase su archivo bio4.exe. Solo con eso ya se debería solucionar. Los archivos exe son intercambiables, pero aquí no podemos ofrecerlos porque estaríamos infringiendo leyes.

        La versión 1.1.0 solo añade compatibilidad con chino simplificado y tradicional, no aporta absolutamente ningún otro cambio al juego, así que a la práctica 1.0.6 y 1.1.0 es lo mismo.

        El número de la versión que tienes aparece en la pantalla de “pulsar cualquier botón” abajo a la derecha.

  156. LoxuMan says:

    ¡Haz hecho un gran trabajo!
    Te envíe una pequeña donación.
    Si es que mi nombre llega a los créditos, mencióname como “LoxuMan”.


  157. Jack says:

    Podrias incorporar el chaleco tactico en la dificultad profesional? Asi como en la version ntsc de gamecube..

    • Jack says:

      Tambien agregar las muertes que tenia el buhonero en gamecube, que si no me equivoco son similares a las del ganado..

  158. ShariqTheChillDude says:

    Hello Albert!, Hope you’re doing good. im not writing this comment to address about anything related to your mod but just wanted to know that what do you think of Re4 Remake Trailer! Capcom just dropped? i thought it looked unbelievably good and wanted to know your opinion on it :). Have a good day!

    • albert says:

      It looks really good! I hope it gets focused on the horror factor more than the original, so we can choose between the more fun/action game experience the original has to offer and a more creepy/horror/RE:Village vibe game experience.

      As I said somewhere else, the original doesn’t have a great script, but as a game is 10/10, so I hope the remake keeps away of that almost comedy moments the original has and tries to address the plot to a more obscure and “realistic”/credible writing.

      Let’s cross the fingers!

  159. ShariqTheChillDude says:

    Yeah capcom said they are reimagining the story while keeping it true to the original in the press release. So, that the og fans can enjoy it while also keeping it fresh for newcomers. Which seems to be true as you can see few scenes in the trailer telling about the backstory original didn’t had which is really good imo. I believe they also seems to be focusing on beta content the game had because ashley’s new design and leon’s jacket are very similar to that. So yeah , i do hope it lives upto fan’s expectations. Fingers crossed 🙂

  160. monowavy says:

    What about a Playstation/other consoles button scheme hud mod for the the Bonus category?
    Thank you!

  161. Corper says:

    En la 1.1 algunos sonidos suenan saturados, como cuando los ganados te tiran fuego o los movimientos de la estatua de salazar..

  162. why_bm says:

    I am a player from China.
    In the past week, IP in China has been unable to access the website. What happened?

  163. Corper says:

    En assignment ada tendrías que poner los videos con las texturas hd en los informes de ada; se nota que los viejos no usan esas nuevas texturas y queda desfasado.

    • albert says:

      Al ser un refrito de escenas ya vistas, aparecer en más pequeño, y tener esos filtros de pantalla por encima, pues no lo vi muy crítico, sobre todo por el trabajo de montaje de video que conllevaba… Pero un colega se ha ofrecido a ello 🙂

  164. Alex says:

    Al seleccionar el lanza arpones en Assignment: Ada el juego se cierra automáticamente. También pasa lo mismo al final del modo historia de Leon, antes de guardar partida por ultima vez luego de los créditos finales.

  165. Corper says:

    Al seleccionar el lanza arpones en Assignment: Ada el juego se cierra automáticamente. También pasa lo mismo al final del modo historia de Leon, antes de guardar partida por ultima vez luego de los créditos finales.

    • albert says:

      También lo has posteado en GitHub, verdad? Como comentaba ahí, puede que sea por haberle puesto el traje de espía mientras intentabas usar el lanza arpones ¿?
      Las armas exclusivas de Separate Ways tienen problemas con los otros trajes de Ada.

      En cuanto al problema al terminar el juego, podrías crear la carpeta CrashDumps dentro de Resident Evil 4\Bin32\ ahí se genera el informe de errores cuando el juego “peta”
      Y súbelo a GitHub (si eres la misma persona que ha posteado ahí, si no, pues me lo pasas a mí por aquí.


      • Corper says:

        Hola albert, tendría que ver eso porque por una razon mia se me perdió la partida. Agrego que en esa partida tenia la convinacion del chaleco con Leon y la armadura con Ashley, por si sirve de algo.
        Ahora en separete ways encontré un muro invisible y no se como también se me bugueo el contador, aqui el video:

        • Corper says:

          Otra cosa que quería ver es esta vasija que tiene mucha reverb en el audio, se puede mejorar?

        • albert says:

          ¿Has hecho alguna cosa fuera de lo normal para llegar a este punto? ¿Saltarte algo atravesando muros o algo que no se pueda hacer jugando de forma normal?
          Yo acabo de probar jugando con el traje espía como en el video y cuando llego a este muro invisible, sale la torreta para atacarte, que es lo que debería pasar.

          Lo de que el juego petara al final… sí que es raro. Pudiera ser que alguna combinación de trajes de problema, pero no veo como eso podría afectar al final del juego.

          Veo que usas bastantes combinaciones de trajes y que, por así decirlo, fuerzas bastante los límites del juego. Así que estaría bien que crearas esa carpeta “CrashDumps” dentro de “Bin32” y así poder reportar a nipkow y emoose esos problemas para que puedan pulir aún más el re4_tweaks, tal como han hecho con las armas de Ada :DD
          ¡Sería de gran ayuda!


          • Corper says:

            Hola, en un 1er momento me salieron las torretas y las derribe a todas con la otra torreta del otro lado como es. Lo único supongo que lo pudo haber bugueado fue el guardado de partida con el debug menu.
            Con respecto al final del juego tengo que ver, porque perdí mi partida, aunque me podrias pasar una en esa parte? Por si las dudas yo tengo la version 1.1.0, y creo es ntsc mi version.
            No se si viste el tema de ese audio con mucha reverb tambien.

          • albert says:

            Ya veo… puede ser, porque el juego puede que no esté preparado para ser guardado en según qué puntos. Puede que la partida no pueda guardar según que detalles y genere algunos problemas… eso puede explicar ciertos comportamientos anómalos del juego como que no salgan las siguientes torretas.

            Te paso mi savegame. Son compatibles entre todas las versiones: 1.0.6, 1.1.0 y la japonesa. No hay versiones ntsc o pal en PC
            Creo que desde la versión del re4_tweaks se pueden compartir los savegames entre usuarios, pero aún no lo he probado nuca… Ya me dirás si funciona! 😉

            Ah sí, esa vasija al romperse siempre suena así, verdad? quiero decir que no es un problema de esa sala en concreto ¿?

  166. Corper says:

    Pongo en un comentario aparte porque no aparece “reply” abajo de tu comentario. Sisi, siempre suena así en cualquier lugar, no importa si es el modo historia de Leon o con Ada, no se si se pueda traer ese sonido desde gamecube, quizá ahí suene correctamente.

    • Corper says:

      Ahí termine el juego pero no hubo ningún crasheo, es la 2da vez que me pasa que crashea el juego, y al volver a jugar no pasa nada. Quedaría ver lo de la vasija, y también agregar que en las cinematicas se vea la armadura de ashley.

      • albert says:

        muy bien!
        Lo miraré, aunque creo que en la gamecube el sonido es el mismo. (como comenté, la diferencia en el sonido seguramente se deba a cómo el juego procesa el sonido … :/

        Lo de la armadura no es posible si no se reemplazan las cinemáticas del traje normal o del special 1.

        El único modelo “ingame” que el juego utiliza para las cinemáticas es el cuerpo de Leon. Todos los demás personajes son modelos que se cargan en cada cinemática.

        Para el traje normal pues, el modelo de Ashley está tantas veces repetido como cinemáticas hay. Y lo mismo para el especial 1, pero no hay datos de cinemática para el especial 2, porque el juego vuelve a cargar las cinemáticas de traje normal
        El re4_tweaks puede forzar al juego a que mantenga el modelo mafia de Leon, pues en realidad es como las otras cinemáticas funcionan: simplemente mantienen el traje ingame.
        Pero en el caso de otros personajes no se puede porque el modelado y esqueleto de Ashley y otros personajes no son los mismos que en el contexto ingame.
        En otras palabras, aunque nosotros veamos al mismo personaje, el juego entiende que son archivos diferentes sin relación.

        Así que la única manera de poder meter a Ashley en armadura en las cinemáticas seria haciendo como he hecho con el nuevo traje de Ashley: reemplazando por completo uno de los otros dos trajes. Y para ver a Leon con el traje mafia a la vez, habría que forzarlo con el re4_tweaks.

        Un poco chapucero, en resumen XD

  167. hoodedshiba says:

    Hello, I wanted to ask a question about modding in RE4UHD, if possible. I’m trying to develop a mod and I need to extract the original HD textures from the Playing Manuals files in the English language of the RE4UHD to edit them and repack them edited into the game. I was successful in extracting almost all the textures from the Playing Manuals files in the English language, but I am always having trouble extracting the textures referring to the first and last pages of the Playing Manuals files in the English language. The textures I was successful in when extracted have the .tga format where I can edit in Photoshop. While the textures I didn’t succeed in were because the format of them extracted is .bin and I don’t know how to edit. For example, the file 3f0001d1.pack.lfs refers to the penultimate page in the English language of the Playing Manual 1. When extracted the file format is .tga. The file 3f0001e1.pack.lfs apparently refers to the last page in English of the Playing Manual 1. When extracted the file format is .bin. The same is true for its variations in other languages ​​(3f0001e0.pack.lfs, 3f0001e2.pack.lfs, 3f0001e3.pack.lfs, 3f0001e4.pack.lfs, 3f0001e5.pack.lfs). But the files 3f0001e6.pack and 3f0001e9.pack when extracted the file format is dds and I can also edit easily but the images are in Asian language. Can you tell me how I can extract textures from a .bin file?

  168. Sam says:

    Hi, how do I uninstall the hd project?

    • albert says:

      If you installed versión 1.1, during the installation process there was a step that allowed you to keep the original BIO4 folder in case you wanted to uninstall it in the future.
      If you have an older version, just remove the entire Resident Evil 4 folder and check game’s file integrity on Steam to reinstall the game again.
      IMO, this is the easiest way

  169. Matt says:

    Not sure if reported already, but saw this typo in the English subtitles for Separate ways. “Teir” should be “Their”

  170. silvers says:

    hey!! i was wondering if you guys plan on adding any custom weapon mods? like for example if you could add replace silver ghost model with MK23 Socom model?

  171. joe says:

    man this is a great mod thank you!

    I wanted to install john wick mod over leon normal but seems folders have been changed. But it seems that xfile and etc files have been changed. is there a tutorial or a guide on how to install player mods or weapon mods into the hd project?

    thank you

  172. Sckhar says:

    Im trying to download using the torrent but it has zero seeds and it wont start.
    Downloading from the other two mirrors isn’t an option to me as I think bpth sites are limiting my bandwidth heavily :/

  173. rodneuson says:

    Hello Albert! Before anything, congrats again on this project. The work you have accomplished with this is AMAZING to say the least. 😀

    But I am here to report an issue I faced with my GameCube-style controller for Switch.
    I installed the mod and few extras in the following order:
    1. HD mod.
    2. Smaller Original Design HUD mod.
    3. Simplified HUD compatibility patch for the GameCube controller mod.
    4. GameCube controller mod.

    When getting into the game, some things were out of place with the controls:
    1. When aiming (gun or knife), the main stick does not work. Instead, the C-stick needs to be used.
    2. The D-Pad doesn’t work.
    3. In the suitcase/status screen, the Y button behaves like the X button and the X button behaves like the A button.
    4. In the map screen, the C-stick does not work for zoom-in and zoom-out. Instead, you have to use both ZL and ZR buttons.
    5. Also in the map screen, the R button does not work for markers.
    6. When the game is supposed to show the A button prompt, it shows the prompt for the 0 keyboard key, and the A button does not work.

    I didn’t when too far to see if there’s something else, but I can check more later.

    The controller I am using is the wired version of the GameCube-style controller manufactured by PowerA (
    On Windows, it’s identified as Core (Plus) Wired Controller, and reWASD identifies it as a Switch Pro Controller.

    Maybe my problem is a very isolated case that is not really worth of a fix, but if you can do it, I would REALLY appreciate! 🙂

    Thank you for your time, and thank you again for building this amazing mod!

    • rodneuson says:

      One small detail I forgot to mention: when aiming (gun or knife), the A button doesn’t work.

    • albert says:

      Try to unplug and plug the pad again, even during the gameplay.
      It also happens to me sometimes. I have this one:
      When you see the “A” button instead of the “0” button, that means it’s fixed.
      I’m not sure it will work for your model, but I’d say it should :/

      Oh! About this:
      3. Simplified HUD compatibility patch for the GameCube controller mod
      It’s not needed if you use the Original design. Only if you use the Simplified design (the size of the HUD is not affected by other mods)

      And if you want to try the Simplified HUD at some point, “Simplified HUD compatibility patch for the GameCube controller mod.” should be the 4th step, not the 3rd.

      • rodneuson says:

        Update: I’ve tried again following your suggestion for the mod/patch sequence installation:
        1. HD mod.
        2. Smaller Original Design HUD mod.
        3. GameCube controller mod.

        Then, I used reWASD to emulate an Xbox 360 controller, and also to remap some of its buttons based on the Type II controller configuration on the game.

        On the game’s settings, I’ve changed the control scheme for Type II, and… voilà! Everything working great so far! 🙂

        Thanks once again!

  174. Virgil says:

    Hello! Before anything I just wanted to say how much of an incredible job ya’ll did with this project, the attention to detail on everything is just so incomprehensible. Probably the most passionate work I’ve ever seen done for anything, I had to donate something at least even though I’m a broke uni student, seriously incredible job. To keep it short and sweet, I’m working on a project for a botany course right now and I’m doing it on the plants that are found in the game. I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of any resources you know of/used to find the plant references you used to update the textures in the game? (Things like specific names of plants or locations you found them etc…) Forgive me if this information is already on the website, I looked around but couldn’t find it. If not, it’s all good. Thank you in advance, and once again, superb work. (I also tried to send this through the contact forum, but I kept getting database errors, sorry in advance if this is not the appropriate place to ask questions like these!)

    • albert says:

      Thank you for your message and your kind words!
      The plant textures Capcom used were taken from a texture library that uses random plant textures. We found that texture library and most plant textures are the same, but HD, of course, and there is no info about the species used.
      In fact, some of them are reused in RE5 and probably in other Capcom titles. They are not typical Spanish species at all.
      I’m sorry I can’t help with that!

  175. Richard Yam says:

    Hi. I ran the re4HDProject-setup and it says “is the BIO4 folder missing?” But it’s there. How do I solve this issue?

    • albert says:

      You have to specify the exact location of your Resident Evil 4 game’s folder during the installation process. I guess you didn’t change the by default path

  176. Joseph says:

    Hola, tengo un pequeño problema y necesito ayuda para saber si es asi o es cosa mia. Cuando hay una cinematica y apreto demasiadas veces “ESC” que sirve para saltarla la cinematica, el juego se me cierra. Pero cuando presiona “ESC” de forma normal no pasa, yo tengo que spamear la letra de saltar la cinematica debido a que estoy practicando speedrun y es mucho mas rapido…

  177. Cobraregala says:

    there is a problem with the mod

  178. Jacob T. says:

    your password is outdated it is not working now.

  179. Cobraregala says:

    when i select the bow, it just crashes

  180. Horst Wessel says:

    It’s almost perfect. Almost, it still has the chandelier glitch but apart from that it’s about as good as you could get it. Though I must confess that I personally don’t like the idea of replacing textures it’s still very well done and I must commend you for your efforts. I also like how you upscaled the cutscenes of separate ways and the one at the clocktower. Those were really bugging me.

  181. Lodivias says:

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your incredible work !

    The remake is just a few days away, so I wanted to play the original once more (not that I haven’t already completed the game so many times I cannot count), with the best settings possible.

    I know this game better than anything else, but it feels like I’m playing it for the first time thanks to your mind blowing work, it feels so, so good !

    Again, thank you very much for sharing your passion for RE4 and sharing it with us, you rule !!!

    • albert says:

      Thanks for taking the time to send this message!
      I’m glad you are enjoying this so much! This will be a RE4 month for sure hehe

  182. Levi says:


    I’ve tried downloading the game off of both mediafire and mega, and I can’t do it due to lack of space from you or Gig size? Is there any way you can address this please?

    • albert says:

      Sorry, I don’t understand what can I do about this ¿?

      • Levi says:

        When I go mediafire, select download, then select “Proceed with bulk download” it tells me this:

        Insufficient Bandwidth
        The user you are downloading from has run out of bandwidth or does not have a premium account.

        As a premium account holder, you can bulk download the files using your own bandwidth. However, you do not currently have enough bandwidth in your account to perform this action.

        • albert says:

          I have a Pro account.
          You can download them one by one (they are just 19). There’s no need to bulk download them
          And even you can download some files from Mediafire, some others from Mega, they are the same files.

          • Levi says:

            I just figured out I just needed the rar file, whoops

          • Levi says:

            Ok, I don’t understand. I downloaded every file individually off of mediafire, extracted the installer yet it tells me it wants some kind of disc?

            I’ve never done a mod like this

          • Levi says:

            Ok, I don’t understand. I downloaded every file individually off of mediafire, extracted the installer yet it tells me it wants some kind of disc?

            I’ve never done a mod like this

          • albert says:

            Oh yes, there was one part in Mediafire that needed to be unzipped before (part 17 if I recall correctly) I forgot to mention this

  183. Cobraregala says:

    Hello. I have a problem which i asked for a couple of times. when i select the bow on separate ways, it just crashes. What should i do?

  184. amon.akira says:

    the Italian subtitles are missing in the introduction.
    version 1.1.0

  185. Cobraregala says:

    hello. i don’t know why but there is a slight delay in english subtitles, and it also didn’t show all the words the characters say. thank you

  186. Arthur says:

    Amazing! Thank you!

  187. Cobraregala says:

    Hello. Why some stuff says is 90% complete?

  188. PsychoManiac189 says:

    can somebody please seed the torrent???

  189. NodZang says:

    Your Mediafire link is MISSING bin 9! Just letting you know.

  190. Hola, como estás? espero que bien. Tengo un problema al momento de descargar los archivos, me salta que los siguientes archivos están corruptos:
    Probé el juego así con los archivos corruptos y me crashea en determinadas partes del juego, me podrías pasar esos archivos así los pongo manualmente? Muchas gracias por tu tiempo, gran trabajo!

  191. Chef says:

    Hi, I’d like to ask if theres a fix for some missing textures? all the cutscene ones looked perfectly fine with the HD project perfectly placed in my games folder as per instructions, but as soon as i met with Luis in the house mob fight, the villagers, Leon and Baby eagle all looked…bad lol

    Do i just have to uninstall the game and just redownload it? do i gotta remove the hd project files entirely and do a complete instalation of everything again or what?

  192. Luis says:

    applying this mod to the official game there is a risk of ban by

  193. Cobraregala says:

    Hello. After this project, what’s next?

  194. rofii says:

    I experienced an error during the installation in the middle of the notification “an error occurred while trying to copy a file: the source file is corrupted.” in the ImagePackHD/440003111.pack.lfs section how to solve it

    • albert says:

      You should check the downloaded files’ integrity using the BIN&EXEfiles.sfv included in the download folder (inside the direct download mega or mediafire links)

  195. Revenge says:

    Do you by chance have the assets or the pictures of the paintings in RE4? I’m working on recreating RE4 in it’s entirety on Minecraft (with plans on making it playable) and I’ve been looking for pictures of the paintings. It would be a great help.

  196. Shariq The Chill Dude says:

    what do you think about re4r? did you enjoy it 😀

  197. Cobraregala says:

    hello. albert. i have a question

  198. jim says:

    is version 1.2 still coming?

  199. Cobraregala says:

    hello. just a couple of questions.
    when will the next update that fix any remaining bugs be launched?
    is re4_tweaks included in the re 4 hd project mod?
    will there be included the wii controllers and that motion control?
    and will amateur mod be included for the speedrunners?
    thank you

  200. Hans says:

    Thank you Albert and team for this wonderful project. I have been playing on Steam Deck OLED and this game looks beautiful and gives 6-7 hours of gameplay at a smooth 60fps.

    My only other comment is that steam deck users need to set their FPS limit to 60 or else cutscene will all be out of sync.

    It would also be amazing if proper 16:10 support could somehow be achieved. Otherwise I just stretch the screen that little bit and it looks fine

    Thanks again!

  201. Claude says:

    Hey would it be possible if i can use the hi poly weapon and character models without downloading the whole hdp mod?

    compatible with the original imagePack settings?
    i deleted the imagePackHD and im running out of space to use even that
    so i needed help in that regard

  202. Vitaly says:

    I have a MayFlash Dolphin Bar and Wiimote Controller, i’m waiting for full support in version 1.2, thank you!

  203. Cobraregala says:

    hello. just a couple of questions.
    when will the next update that fix any remaining bugs be launched?
    is re4_tweaks included in the re 4 hd project mod?
    will there be included the wii controllers and that motion control?
    and will amateur mod be included for the speedrunners?
    If you do all this, we will forever be in your debt

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