By The Numbers

The stats below should answer some of the “behind the scenes” questions you might have about the project. We will update this every once in a while.

Last updated: March 3, 2021

135 responses to “By The Numbers”

  1. Will Matthews says:

    Donated a month ago or so, but I wish I could afford to donate again; this game is such a classic, and the work you two are doing is so amazing. Keep it up, fellas!

    • Cris says:

      Thank you very much!! We appreciate your generosity and support!!!

      • Ayush says:

        Sir, i am having trouble with fps and slow motion game play.
        My pc specs are more than enough but still it lags i have changed settings to lowest except for resolution still no luck.plz help me via email.
        Thank You

    • d0x360 says:

      Considering it has been 6 years since you donated and the project hasn’t been updated since 2018 do you still wish you could donate more?

      • CiTRiC says:

        You *do* know the project in 2015 had nowhere near as much of a scope and edits as it does now and that the only major things left are Separate Ways and The Mercenaries, right?

  2. Julian Brunton says:

    I wish I wasn’t really low on cash so I could donate to you guys. Resident Evil 4 is a contender for my favorite I’ve played in all the 17 years I’ve been on this planet.

  3. Steven says:

    Maybe start a Patreon page.

    Plenty of people have made useless ones already (and they make thousands of dollars a month). I’m pretty sure people would be willing to donate to your cause, your work is pretty good and you have plenty of evidence to support that you are not a scam. I have a good feeling about it.

  4. Devon says:

    I have a question. The numbers you are going by, Is this just for the main story line? What I mean is I am wondering if you are going to create: Separate Ways, Ada’s Assignment (or whatever it is called), and Mercenaries?

    • albert says:

      Hello Devon!
      Yes, we will take care of all game modes. After all, most minigames use just recycled textures and models.
      Thank you for your comments!

  5. Rather not says:

    You guy’s should start a gofundme and post it around youtube and facebook, there are alot of people that would love to make this happen but just dont know about it. Good luck

  6. Empryze says:

    Just sent you guys some $$. Thanks for all your hard work and selflessness!

  7. Graccio says:

    I’l do a second donation 😀
    greetings from Italy and good work.

  8. Guilherme Bressan says:

    I wish I could donate more than $5, but that’s all for now (just moved, so yeah, kinda short on cash). Great job, keep up the good work, and I hope you guys can finish this project! Best remaster project I’ve ever seen! (along with, maybe, Xenoblade Chronicles, but that one went unfinished). Cheers!

  9. Varnall says:

    Just donated a poor single USD, because i’m broke as fuck, but i really wanted to show support for such a nice and hard work, keep up guys, I (and not only) really appreciate that such fans could make a classic game get better and better !!
    Expect me as soon as my bank account is “refreshed”

  10. Bruce says:

    Hey guys. Time for another page update? 🙂

  11. Zombie says:

    Sent another small donation, every bit is helpfull 😉
    Keep up the amazing work guys.

    If you notice this another 2 years then you might break even (A) xD

  12. Daniel Mahon says:

    This is looking awesome, great work!!!

  13. MP says:

    First time I’ve ever clicked a donate button in my life. I know it’s not much but I hope it at least raises some spirits ?

    The fact that you’re doing this much for a game that’s not even yours, and for free, is just amazing. I’ve already played this game 20+ times too but this makes me want to play it again just to look at the upgraded environment. How long does it take to remake a single asset? Making things look worn and dirty is a hard task in high resolution but you guys have conquered that perfectly, truly awesome job! Totally agree with getting Patreon account by the way, at least so that more people can know about this.

    • albert says:

      Thank you for your words and donation! Yes it’s always a help!
      It’s hard to calculate the exact time a room needs to be completed. It could be one week or 2 months. It depends of a great number of factors!
      Unfortunatelly we can’t start any funding campaign because we don’t own copyright of this game.

  14. Julian Brunton says:

    Maybe you guys should start a Patreon

  15. V I D A L says:

    It’s a shame you guys are losing money as of now. You guys deserve a profit out of this.
    I donated at the start of the project and will donate again upon completion. Even though this is a labor of love, I hope you guys get a little something anyway.

    • albert says:

      Hehe we are having a great time doing all this. Maybe someday…
      Right now all people support is the motivation we need to keep going 😀
      Thank you again Thiago!!!

  16. Rafael Muriali says:

    This is so outstanding. It’s perfect. You guys should be hired by Capcom, you just showed them how to do a really good work. Man, looking at those textures you could redo exactly the same thing makes it look like magic.
    Thank you so much for your work, this will definitely be the definitive version of the game.

    Ps. If you guys want a beta tester, I could test things for you ;).
    Thanks again

  17. Firon says:

    Just donated to you guys. Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to play this game again with your wonderful work. 🙂

  18. I donated 4$, which I got from my friend for making him a photoshop picture. It´s not much, but I hope this somehow helps 🙂

  19. Rob says:

    Hey guys great job! Was looking at all the art work since the project started, it looks truly amazing! Couple things though! First of I see that you said you can’t start a patreon because you don’t own the copyright of the title. However, Team Four Star from Youtube has a Patreaon and they earn money thru it just fine as it’s just a donation same as doing it through here, but you would get much more publicity through that site! I highly recommend looking into it because TFS goes through TONS of material and have one and have never gotten in trouble for the fact that their just donations. Also, I was wondering, once this entire thing is done, will you be releasing a single download for the entire finished product, or do you plan to just leave them in parts? And, will character models be fixed up along with items after the entire game is finished, or before? Thanks for your hard work, and I cant wait to see the finished project guys!

    • Cris says:

      Hello! Thanks for the additional information re: Patreon – I’m sure we’ll re-evaluate that option. When the project is complete, we’ll do a final release of everything (in RAR archives split up over multiple files). We’ll likely address the character models at the same time as the character textures (as long as the game remains stable with the model updates). Thanks again for the encouragement!

  20. Francis says:

    Hey guys you should really open a patreon, that way you could get a monthly boost to help your individual economy.
    You guys really deserve it for all the passion and man hours you’ve put into this project.
    Much love guys.

  21. kisamee says:

    donate 20$

  22. Alvare says:

    It saddens me you’re still haven’t broke even yet. I’m not done donating that’s for sure.

    • albert says:

      It’s understandable given the nature of the project. Even so, a lot of people support us in one way or other 🙂
      Thank you again Alv for your continuous support!! :DD
      BTW I also can edit collision maps aswell 😛 I’ll show it in a future update hehe

      • Alvare says:

        True true, and you’re very welcome. I just expected more from people as I know this series has a large fan base.

        Collisions you say? That means you are able to add collision to the beams resting against the wall. (The part after Leon and Luis break free after being held hostage.)
        There also seem to be two game mechanic exploitable bugs in which you can pick up a large portion of items. Never tried it myself but I saw it on Youtube. xD

        • therealest says:

          They’ll probably make more money when it comes out officially. It will be so popular people will not help but to donate. I say this because when it’s done, I can easily see IGN, Gamespot, etc. making articles about it. And I don’t know if you noticed, but gamers LOVE stuff like this. Albert, that traffic alone will gain you guys a few thousand at the least. But again, this will probably happen when it’s ALL done, lol. I don’t think an unfinished version will generate much buzz, such as how it stands right now. But yeah, I can easily see IGN and Gamespot having a field day with this project when it’s done.

        • albert says:

          Yep, that kind of collision 🙂
          Oh could you share a video link of that bug? I’m curious!

  23. metroidguy says:

    I know you guys are probably busy with the main thing but sub topics like this are interesting to follow as well, maybe if you guys had some spare time you could update it? 😛

  24. Graccio says:

    Donation 😀 maybe next year is the right one
    happy Holidays

  25. Mr.T says:

    Just donated! Keep up the hard work guys!
    Greetings from Sweden.

  26. Ecimir says:

    Being myself developer I left a lot of unfinished projects because I always thought I can do better. I appreciate your work but I will donate when everything is donea and released.

  27. Shine says:

    HALLO,I am Chinese,we CHinese RE fans love your work very much ,thank you and may the false be with you! (๑╹◡╹)ノ”””

  28. Devin says:

    Just donated it isn’t much but it was all I could spare. I just wanted to show my appreciation for all the hard work you guys do.

  29. Sean says:

    Just donated. Really impressive work and I admire your dedication.

  30. Mariano says:

    Please start a Patreon and I promise to subscribe to the 1 dollar tier, I love this proyect. And I would love to see it finished.

  31. sunxnes says:

    Please update this section and the progress section!

  32. RO538UD says:

    You can count on my donation on day one of your release !
    For now I’ll make sure to share it in my social media !
    Keep up the Work, you’re doing great !

    • albert says:

      Thanks a lot for the support! 😀
      We hope you can finally enjoy this release for now and the final version of the project as soon as possible!

  33. Julian says:

    So. I haven’t downloaded this yet, I’m still a bit iffy of remakes due to reasons (does anyone else remember those terrible Capcom remakes made by fans?) But I will be donating shortly, just gonna suck it up and download all you have so far and play it for a sec before downloading.

    As someone who recently bested the game on the PS2 I’m looking forward to this.

  34. Hamilton says:

    Parabéns o trabalho ficou de excelente qualidade! Com certeza, fruto de muito trabalho e dedicação!

    Infelizmente não tenho um PC, só um xbox one S. Gostaria muito de ter o prazer de joga ou melhor admirar, a verdadeira obra prima que ficou este ótimo jogo!


  35. Leandro says:

    You guys spent more hour working into the textures than a lot of we spent playing it! The improvements are amazing, CAPCOM of course will not bring to us such a wonderful experience cause is almost like we a have a new game here.

    Resident Evil 4 is a classic and has a place into our hearts, forever, doesn’t matter your point of view, the music, the gameplay, the scenarios, the enemies etc, we love all of it.

    Thank you so much for the effort and I hope both of you had success and great opportunities to share your talent not only with the passionate community, but professionally as well.

  36. V I D A L says:

    Oh wow! So glad to see that donations finally covered your expanses. Last time a checked (maybe a year ago?) you guys had spend more money than donations received.

  37. Emilie Daily says:

    Been following the project for a long time, checking this website almost daily so I don’t miss out on any updates. Decided to finally perform my first donation now as I’m doing well economically.
    Hope it helps~


    • albert says:

      Thanks a lot for your generosity 🙂
      It means a lot for us. You can be sure we’ll keep doing our best until this project is finished
      Have a great day Emilie!

  38. Tian says:

    Thank you guys for so lots of work and time on re4 skin,i would like to donate but i donnt know how to do cross border,do you have wetchart or QQ international so i can donate you online, my chinese friends and i are looking forward to the next release。in addition, maybe you could use Stayr’s origonal RE4 character skin(Leon Ashley Kruser Hunk and so on ) ,that’s the highest definition skin I have ever seen。That would be amazing if you import to RE4 HD。

  39. Cata Bridge says:

    Being following this subject for a long time, I’m so gald to see that u guys have covered the cost by donations!

    Hail u and to all the donators( me also, hehe)!

    Plus, it seem that this project will be completed within this year? Cant wait 🙂

    • albert says:

      Thank you and everyone for all the support during all this time! ;D
      I don’t think this year (2018) it will be completed. I’d say we’ll need one year more to completely polish everything. But this is just a wild estimation. Maybe things go faster, I really don’t know… as I always say, we never take into consideration the time to avoid the psychological pressure 🙂

  40. mr.T says:

    Did my yearly donation, cant wait for final release!
    You guys are amazing! Keep up the good work, dont stress.

    Best regards from Sweden

  41. Graccio says:

    “Donation as usual I see” 😀
    Best wishes for the New Year to you.

  42. DarkSamus says:

    Could you guys update this page please?

  43. Jasper says:

    Wow, just wow! Such incredible work bringing this “old” game (and one of my all time favorites!) into the modern age, i can’t express my gratitude enough for your work. This is an incredible project and i’m really excited to play it once its finished!

    You guys are amazing! <3

    Kind regards,

  44. Abdul Ahad says:

    Instead of delaying and leeching money off donations, release the effing thing already. Never thought there would be anything slower than Internet Explorer.

    • Cris says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I totally understand the desire to have the final work released and the frustration over having to wait so long. Please understand that while the work is not yet finished, you *can* download the large majority of it already via our last release. And each day work continues to create the best possible HD experience for Resident Evil 4. Thank you for your passion for the game and for our work.

      • Spoony says:

        Actually impressed with how undeservedly civil that reply was. Anyway, wish you guys the best of luck with the rest of the project and a happy valentines day!

    • Joseph says:

      What a massive loser you are Abdul. Some gratitude is what Albert & Cris deserve. Why don’t you try doing your own project. What a horrendous person.

  45. Zelric says:

    I’m so anxious for you guys to finish this. I’ve been following a few years and have not played past the first 1/3rd of the game for the sake of experiencing all of this effort through to the end. Keep it up, team!

    • albert says:

      Thank you for the patience and for following us during all this time!!
      I hope we can share the final pack as soon as possible. We won’t rush because we want the best results. So, we are grateful for all people that is supporting us during this long journey 🙂

  46. Jonathan Licá Costa says:

    Estou ansioso pra ver o resultado final.

  47. Aaron says:

    I just donated $20. Hope more people donate.

  48. Bruce SG says:

    Fantastic job, guys! Appreciate all the hard work put in for one of the best (and fun) games of all time.

    Btw, I donated. Can’t wait for the final release to do my Pro playthrough. Hopefully it is made available, before Capcom remakes this.

  49. Bruce SG says:

    Donated! Appreciate the painstaking amount of work put into this.
    Can’t wait for the final release. Hopefully it comes to us before Capcom remakes RE4!

  50. Cxarax says:

    Albert already have an account on Patreon. Through PayPal it’s very dreary at times to donate. Not everyone has bank cards, and not hunting is busy with these bureaucratic conventions))

  51. Gabriel says:

    Been following since the beginning and been meaning to make donations. You are doing amazing work. I’ll make sure to make more donations.

  52. Andres Cano Aguilera says:

    I have donated you, guys. Don’t let the rumored remake slow you down. You are all doing a great job. Keep at it!

  53. Amihosein says:

    Dear Albert and Cris,
    My name is Amirhosein and I live in Iran, due to economical sanctions we have the lowest currency value in the world, and we can’t send money from our country to others, that said, I can not donate any money to your extraordinary project, but I wish I could, I believe that art is the only thing that makes us connected in these trying times, no matter where we live and who we are, and what you are doing is so amazing that I can’t believe it’s really happening, so, keep up the good work and let’s hope that someday, people like you make the world a better place than it is now.
    Love, Amirhosein

  54. DarkSamus says:

    Would love to see an update to this one the final chapter is completed

  55. Graccio says:

    Merry Christmas Albert and Cris, finally out of the “tunnel” 🙂
    There is a gift from Santa early this year.

  56. DarkSamus says:

    Still waiting for an update to this…

  57. DarkSamus says:

    I am still waiting for an update to this…

  58. Hugo Stiglitz says:

    Idk if my PC can run it (dogshit CPU) but I’m still gonna donate a few times before final release. Kinda bothers me that you guys haven’t made profit off this. I really hope all the RE fans will do what I’m gonna do and donate a good amount for the final release because you guys really deserve it. I honestly have more faith and respect for this project than I do for the supposed RE 4 Remake crapcom is doing. I just know they will reboot it, NOT remake it. I don’t want a reboot like RE2 and RE3. RE4 is still a masterpiece therefore all I want to see is better graphics and that’s what this project is doing. Thank you guys for your work

  59. Selafio says:

    I donated last week. It wasn’t much but I hope I can do it again at the end of the month. This is my favorite game of all times, I’ve spent around 5000 hours of total gameplay (And I can’t even do speedruns xD), and I plan to spend even more, it simply is a timeless piece of art. This game brings me so many good memories from my high school era. Guys the work you do here is amazing, I learned about it in Jacob Geller’s video and that’s how I got here. Thank you, and keep up the good work. Greetings from Chile 🙂

  60. sam says:

    Your work it’s amazing. In my opinion, you deserve a 200k€ budget to this project. I’ll contribute with something before playing this. Cheers!

  61. Vincent says:

    CONGRADULATIONS ALBERT & CHRIS!!! I have been with you guys since the begining! I am so proud of you two! It has been a very very long project but you finished it! Major acomplishment! This is one of the most important mods ever. Thank you for all your hard work. I cant wait to see what your next project is. As soon as I have some extra cash I plan on sending you the cost of the full game. Thank you all so much for all of your hard work and dedication! S+ Rank!

  62. Huzzy The Bear says:

    How did I first hear of this project today?? I can’t believe it! I hope my small donation still matters today, even after all those hours you guys have poured into it… I’m sorry I din’t know of it when it mattered the most!! You guys deserve every penny. Amazing job. Can’t wait to play the game again 🙂 Both alone and with my buddies!

    Wish you all the best!

  63. metroidguy says:

    Would love to see an update on this! Congrats on the release, I hope people have done their part and donated some for your 8 years of hard work. Magnificent team.

  64. Thanks says:

    Threw you $20 – This is like night:day – what an amazing accomplishment for a passion project.

    Thank you for all your hard work on this. You’ve elevated a classic to a level we could only dream of until now.

  65. sean8102 says:

    Congrats on release. It’s fantastic! You should be damn proud.

  66. Rob W says:

    Sent a classic $19.98, you guys did an awesome job and deserve all the support in the world. This definitely sets a high bar for the modding community moving forward.

  67. Emmanuel says:

    Es un trabajo hermoso el que hicieron, gracias a ustedes he podido jugar nuevamente esta súper joya.
    Espero que reciban muchas donaciones en agradecimiento a este trabajo.

  68. Jesse says:

    Just sent 5.00 usd. This is truly an awe-inspiring passion project, to see just how much time and love you two have put into your work is extraordinary. I only hope nothing but the best and brightest for both of you in your future endeavors, whatever those may be. Have a fantastic day to both of you, and a wonderful life.

  69. Crozh says:

    Will there be any updates?

  70. Alex "LoxuMan” Zuniga says:

    Made a small donation today. I wish I could donate more, but that’s all I can afford right now.

    Please if my name ever makes it on the donation credits, call me LoxuMan. PayPal wouldn’t let me change my name. lol

    Keep up the awesome work!

  71. Liqueur β says:

    I just played through the first chapter after finally downloading your remaster for this great game–amazing! It was really surprising how much more tense it was than I remembered it being, thanks to your updates. Also, for the first time ever I was actually able to watch the opening movie and other video clips with the audio and video synched, and not crashing halfway through 😀 Excellent and appreciated work!

  72. Will says:

    I always liked the Game Cube version the most because it had the original effects. You guys brought back many of them and more. Thanks.

  73. new player says:

    This is my first playthrough of the game and someone recommended your mod. I did play a couple hours with the original assets, but I do not regret at all having installed this mod. The quality is incredible, yet you kept the art style and spirit of the original assets intact. I often stop in awe at some particularly beautiful texture that looks great on my 4K screen. Thank you.

  74. Tiago L M says:

    I really love this game but unfortunately I don’t have a gaming PC, although my laptop is pretty decent it’s not a gaming one, how do you guys think it would run on my Acer 14 inches:
    intel i5 11th gen
    geforce mx350 2gb
    8 gb ram 3200 dual channel(4×4)

  75. Graccio says:

    Albert, wouldn’t it be time to make a definitive update of this data?

  76. Ahsan Rif'ah says:

    Hello Albert i do not know if you are going to even gonna see this or not but i just wanted to thank you and all the people behind you that helped make this masterpiece… i have been playing and loving RE4 since i was a little bitty boy and you man have just reignited that child in me with this project. When i have the money saved up i will go back and donate to you guys.

  77. thousandyoung says:

    You are a Legend now. Good Job.

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