Village Download

Note: The Village release contains HD-enhanced environmental textures for the entire Village section (until Leon and Ashley reach the castle).


Download Link

  • This release is outdated. Please, download the latest release here (which contains not only the Village but all the game remastered stages and more)

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  2. Yoon says:


  3. Leon says:

    I hope this ones works better than HD ones that comes with the new steam version cause they cause me lag.. I almost got no problems with 1080p+60fps but textures just kill me (The ones from steam)

  4. elruez says:

    Hi there,

    awesome work!! I’m really thrilled about that, becaouse re4 is my favourite game of all time and didn’t receive the visual upgrade, it truly deserves. When will you release a new version, so we can get our hands on all those great new textures you have worked on since the demo release?


    • albert says:

      Thank you elruez!
      We haven’t decide it yet. I guess will think seriously about it when all the village area is polished. For now weare working hard to make as much progress as we can.
      Sure one of my favourite games too (no need to say it haha)

  5. Como desccargo las texturas

    • Cris says:

      Hola Lucas! Por favor, siga las instrucciones de esta página para instalar el demo:

      Si tiene alguna dificultad al instalar el demo, por favor díganos específicamente cuál es el problema y podemos tratar de ayudar. Gracias!

      • Luiz Duarte says:

        Please, the .bat doesn’t find the textures and the tutorial fo windows 10 has not worked

        • albert says:

          Just a question are you using the REUHD 2014 PC port, not Ubisoft 2007 port of the game, right?
          Could you send us screenshots showing where did you place all the installation files? Does it match with the screenshots in our installation instructions?

  6. Andre Menezes says:

    hey there, Can I play all the game with this new Textures ? or it is done for a few parts of the game? thank you for the good job. It is Amazing

    • albert says:

      Hi Andre,
      This demo is just a sample for the first 2 stages of the game.
      The final release will cover the entire game 🙂

      Thank you for your interest and we hope you enjoy the demo!

  7. Andre Menezes says:

    Great work !!! When is the final version planned for release ? you are doing a excellent job

  8. xianchao says:

    That’s really raelly awesome!

  9. Alexandr says:

    Please add a second release

  10. Alvare says:

    I’m downloading right now. 1% and 5 hours left. Lol xD

  11. Jay says:

    It’s really slow, and 1 big file, if it fails somehow all that progress is gone, try uploading to MEGA or Zippyshare in parts.

  12. Derrick Son says:

    As i sound designer, i really hope if i can join on this project!!!
    Can not wait untill see final release the entire game 🙂

  13. Ty says:

    when I try to download I get an ‘Insufficient permissions” error after the MEGA download finishes

  14. Super Meat Boy says:

    Are you planning to update texture packs afterwards? As with all big modding projects there are some bugs for sure.

    I’d recommend you to contact some video game websites. I’m sure some sites are happy to write an article of your work.

  15. Alexandr says:

    It was necessary, to squeeze archive 7zip then in a place of 4GB there will be 2GB.
    Thanks we wait for the final version.

  16. david says:

    I really hope this can be made to work on Dolphin somehow!!!!

    • albert says:

      It’s possible, but there is no automate way of doing it. Someone should dump all textures with dolphin and then those textures must be replaced one by one with the new textures.

  17. Aidil Riski says:

    Guys, is it only me or the second link can’t be downloaded from downloader *I am using orbit downloader* and can’t be opened here… It’s working when downloading with chrome but you know chrome is bad at downloading…. would you fix this?

    • albert says:

      Hello Aidil!
      Sorry for the delayed answer.
      Is there a possibility you could try some other download manager? (jdownloader was my option the last years, for example, but it’s been a long time since the last time I used it)

  18. MJ says:

    nice work, hope you can finish the rest of this program.

  19. PVRIS says:

    Hola, funciona para la version Ultimate HD?

  20. terminator says:

    Uoooh!! albert wesker pensaba esperarme a que lo tuvierais completado pero creo que ire bajando el parche este porque no veas la pinta que tiene!!.

    • albert says:

      Jaja gracias Terminator!
      Pues sí, porque te puede salir barba XD
      Calculo que tardaremos otro año en terminarlo del todo 😉

      • terminator says:

        No te preocupes, mejor poco a poco y buena letra, os esta quedando demiedo! aver si el finde me da tiempo a bajarlo y te comento, aunque solo hay que ver las imagenes para flipar!

  21. Alexandr says:

    Really to make too most and with the game Resident Evil HD Remaster?

  22. Frank Nitty says:

    Thanks for your contribution of keeping this game alive. GOAT

  23. unnamed says:

    Can i run on My notebook? coz, i thought this mod is for re4 only not to Ultimate HD, and may not require more specs. and once, i want to know system require to run this mod smoothly.

    • albert says:

      In general, people using this mod will just need extra HDD space and the usage of VRAM will be greater
      Other than that there are no really extra noticeable impact in the performance 🙂
      All feedback is welcome so feel free to test it and using our Feedback tab on the top of this page in order to send us a report of your experience 😉

  24. inshouder says:

    the texture patch r101 was different to the video?

  25. inshouder says:

    the walls of the room.

    • albert says:

      There are different videos showing our progress of that room. So, it’s probably you saw a video with no final textures.
      Thjere will be further differences in the final release 🙂

  26. Taylor89 says:

    Hey there,OMG This was great.I can’t wait for this man,PLS Make it faster

  27. Patrick says:

    Very nice work, I appreciate what you guys are doing immensely, keep up the good work!

  28. paremanx says:

    I ask for help
    Can you make me download the file with several sections such as 1 part to 10 parts
    when I download with one download. 4gb file size it until I can not download up to 4GB of computer networks because I can reach 200kbps so please make file into several parts
    I liked

    • Cris says:

      Hi Paremanx. Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately we don’t have other download options available for the Village release, I’m sorry. We will, however, explore other options when the time comes to release the entire project so we can help people who can’t download a significantly large file. Thank you for letting us know!

  29. Daniel says:

    Link 1, from mega, is down! 🙁

  30. ROdNEY says:

    This should be “greenlight” project. Capcom should pay you and release this officially as official patch for everyone. This is so incredibly better looking than vanila version. Great work!

  31. guy says:

    Hey, guys, awesome work, keep it up! Could you make comparison video, splitscreen with original and HD textures?

  32. aryan says:

    Hey i like your work but i want something new in game, new moves of leon,some guns,some new zombies.
    can you do that?

  33. HS says:

    Hi hope you will get the chance to read this. Stellar work, I really feel the game has been transformed with your efforts. I hoped to extract the textures from this pack and convert them as a texture pack for use in the Wii version on Dolphin, however I am currently stuck as i don’t know how to get the data out of the .pack files . Any help ?

    Thank you.

  34. Kane says:

    Wow, the texture work really is coming out together. Your effort truly is awe-inspiring! Once you are done with the castle’s textures, is there any chance you will put them in download, just like with the Village ones?
    Once again, excellent work my friend!

  35. Plague says:

    So happy to see that this is in the works! 😀 Great work so far, cant wait to see the full completion! Resident Evil 4 was so good back in the day and it would be awesome to replay it at the fullest of HD! Great work!

  36. rhiezkyrach says:

    it’s amazing! it’s make me can’t stop playing Re4,thanks for your hard work !

  37. Nephiller says:

    “I write in french, it’s more simple for me”
    Salut à vous équipe Resident Evil 4 HD project,
    Je voulais vous remercier pour le mod de texture HD du village, la différence est flagrante & juste splendide,
    Les images que j’ai pu voir de la suite met l’eau à la bouche tellement que le résultat est juste grandiose 🙂
    Malheureusement, je rencontre des crash avec Resident Evil 4 depuis que j’ai installé le mod HD,
    Les crashs se passent aux mêmes endroits.
    Pensez vous pouvoir m’aider à résoudre ses crash ?
    En vous remerciant d’avance & bonne continuation 🙂

    • albert says:

      Thank you for your words Nephiller!

      About those crashes you are experiencing…
      Did you try this 4GB Patch Tool?

      We hope this is enough for you. Most people whose game suffered of those crashes get the solution of this problem after patching the game exe file with this tool 🙂

      Please, let us know if this worked for you.

      • Nephiller says:

        Encore merci 😀 !!
        Ce patch m’a été très utile, encore un grand merci à vous 🙂
        Bonne chance à vous 😉

  38. Taufiq says:

    Hi… I’m from indonesia… Glad with your job!

  39. José Fernando says:

    Muchas gracias! Las texturas estan perfectas.

  40. Nick Farro says:

    I don’t install Resident Evil 4 on my PC yet, but I really want to play RE4. Can you please send me the link to download Resident Evil 4 for PC via email which is compatible with your HD patch? And please show me the instructions too on how to install RE4 for PC. Please! I’m dying to play RE4 on my PC. Btw I’m using Windows 8.1. Your help would be greatly appreciated. I’ll wait for your respond!

    • Kyle says:

      You must have the steam version of RE4. Meaning you must purchase it. Once you own it you just download the file using the link on this page and install it to the directory that RE4 is in. Pretty simple =D

    • Cris says:

      Kyle’s reply is right. You need to purchase Resident Evil 4 from Steam. Once you’ve done that, you can download the Village section (which is the only portion that has been released so far) and follow the instructions on the download page to install.

      And Kyle, thanks for the kind words!!

  41. Emule1 says:

    Can I use this HD patch for the Resident Evil 4 HD Edition? Thank u!

  42. Valtiel says:

    You beautiful bastards. That is the most badass thing I ever seen for a mod. You’re the shit!
    You > Capcom
    I will be waiting for this. Thank you.

    You guys think I can run this mod with this rig: Geforce 1gb 525M-4bg ram-İ3 2.20ghz?

    I’ve read sys req in FAQs section but original ultimate edition sys req is higher than yours. I2m a little confused.

    • Cris says:

      Hi Valtiel! We don’t have confirmed system requirements yet. The only thing mentioned in the FAQ is that additional VRAM will likely be the biggest increase in hardware requirements. I think you *should* be able to play the game with the MOD on the system you describe, but I can’t say with certainty because I have not tested that particular configuration. Thanks for the compliments! 🙂

  43. MOHD BASRI says:

    Hi Albert and Cris,
    Good Job!.
    Wow…Amazing graphics … keep your efforts … I am looking forward for the full edition Resident Evil 4 HD.

  44. Ecimir says:

    After following install instructions (did everything right) when I run .bat file I get message: “The system cannot find the file specified”.

    • albert says:

      Hello Ecimir,
      Could you send us screenshots showing what’s exactly inside your “Resident Evil 4”, “BIO4” and “RE4HDTEX” folders?
      Let’s see if we can find a solution 🙂

    • Cris says:

      Hi Ecimir! Thank you for sharing the screenshots. One thing I notice from the screenshot is that the HDTexturePacks folder only has 20 files in it (it should have more than 50 files in it). Are you certain you extracted the entire contents of the RAR file? Would it be possible to check the RAR file to see how many files are in the HDTexturePacks folder? My think is that you may need to re-extract to the correct folder to try again. Please let me know.

  45. Santeri Pirttilä says:

    Is this download for texture pack, that will work with my copy of the game? or am I downloading a part of the game as a separate demo version?

  46. Joe says:

    This is great!

    Have you thought about creating a torrent download option?

    • albert says:

      Hello Joe!
      We probably won’t share it in any other way because this demo is quite “old” right now. But we’ll carefully decide which distribution methods to use when the final release comes out 🙂

  47. David says:

    That’s great! but I have a question. Can I install it in the Steam version of Resident Evil 4 ultimate HD edition?

  48. Leon S. Kennedy says:

    I can’t believe that you made this for free you’re the best!

  49. […] see an area-by-area breakdown here. There aren’t any new downloads since we last checked in, but the Village retexture is still there, if you want to grab […]

  50. spikes says:

    iam having trouble installing this it says access is denied

  51. baketfut says:

    Did u know that steam version of RE4 has podcast of format on textures files like this – 3330004.pack.yz2.lfs. ??? And ur HD texture pack files cannot just remove old files, u must rename all of it and then install, but it doesnt work, the game crashes on start. Did i need PS2 or Wii version of game or how could i do it for PC steam version?

    • Cris says:

      Hi there. Yes, this project is for the Steam version of the game. The batch file that comes with the download takes care of moving the existing files out to a backup folder and replaces them with the new files. Please follow the instructions on this page: After doing this if you encounter any issues, please reach out to us using the Contact Us form ( ) and we’d be happy to try to help. Thanks!

      • baketfut says:

        I think, when u finish with this game, would be better for all if u place it already playble, not like mod, to escape any probable issuses. So peoples could just download it and install like game, without problems?

  52. spikes says:

    hey i would like some help with this install tried b4 but it didnt work kept getting access denied or cannot find specified file

    • Cris says:

      Hey there. Please email us the following screenshots at and we’ll see what we can do to help:

      1. Screenshot of the folder you extracted the files to.
      2. Screenshot of the error message(s) you’re seeing.


  53. Jose Antonio says:


    PROCESADOR: I3 3210 3.2GHZ
    RAM: 4GB RAM


    • albert says:

      Muy buenas Jose Antonio,
      En principio nuestro parche no afecta la “ejecutabilidad” del juego. Los archivos que se sustituyen son solo texturas y modelos 3D que son cargados cuando inicias o cargas una partida, por lo que es extraño que no puedas ni siquiera arrancar el juego.
      ¿Me puedes confirmar que ni tan siquiera puedes ver el logo de Capcom ni la pantalla de inicio del juego? ¿O la pantalla en negro aparece cuando cargas una partida o inicias el juego?
      También sería interesante que comprobaras alguno de los archivos instalados con este parche. Por ejemplo, que en la carpeta “Resident Evil 4\BIO4\ImagePackHD” esté el archivo 44000100.pack y que ya no esté el 44000100.pack.lfs
      Gracias y ya nos dirás!

  54. Álvaro says:

    ¿Sacaréis un “Castle Demo” igual que hicisteis con el pueblo? He comenzado mi enésima partida del juego y el trabajo que habéis hecho con él es sublime. Tanto, que llegar al castillo y ver esos amasijos pixelados no es plato de buen gusto. !Con lo bien que se veía en tele de tubo!
    Así que seguir con esas texturas tan bonitas sería genial 🙂

    • albert says:

      Hola Álvaro!
      Aun no hemos decidido que haremos en relación a futuras demos, en cuanto Cris termine la parte del castillo ya tomaremos una decisión y lo anunciaremos 🙂 Nuestra prieoridad ahora es avanzar tanto como podamos. Vamos sobre la marcha!
      Gracias por el apoyo 😉

  55. Willybrown says:

    You guys really are to be congratulated did a decent job of applause things that large producers do not, these textures were 1000 times better than the capcom, keep it up and you guys have career success gamer a hug from a friend in Brazil

    • Rodrigo Sampaio says:

      Também sou brasileiro amigo! Acabei de baixar o patch de texturas do vilarejo criado por estes caras e não há comparação. As texturas da Capcom são ridiculamentes porcas para um jogo dito “Ultimate HD”. Me surpreendi com com a qualidade do trabalho dos amigos gringos e não vejo a hora de re-jogar todo este game em real HD.
      Não entendo como uma grande empresa multinacional bilionária com centenas de funcionários nos entrega um game com texturas absolutamente porcas sendo vendido como HD, e apenas duas pessoas sem nenhum intuito de ganhar nada com isto consegue fazer este ‘milagre’. Vergonha destas empresas que acham que nosso dinheiro é lixo. Por estas e outras prefiro ser um gamer PC.

      • Adenilson says:

        Amigo vc instalou no Windows 10? Como vc fez eu não consigo instalar.

        • Cris says:

          I hope I understand your question. If I am mistaken, please let me know. If you are having trouble installing the Village Download on Windows 10, please follow the instructions on this page: in the “Windows 10 Users” section. I hope that helps!

          • Adenilson says:

            I can not find the way through the command prompt (cmd) to install-hd-texture-packs.bat in Windows 10! I would like someone help me doing the favor. I have used the tips of the site and still could not install.

  56. Rodrigo Sampaio says:

    Thank you my friends! His works are wonderful, humiliates the Capcom job garbage. The village graphics are amazing! I installed your patch early on, but when I arrived at the castle stage, where you not have worked yet, i felt a TREMENDOUS difference! the textures of Capcom for this call “ultimate HD” are ridiculous! please continue with this great genial work. I would love to observe every detail in really HD created by you. I’m brasilian, sorry my bad english. Cris and Albert, THANK YOU VERY MUCH and GO AHEAD! 🙂

    • albert says:

      Thank you Rodrigo!
      Don’t worry about your English! I have the same problem 😛

      We’ll do our best! 🙂

      • Rodrigo Sampaio says:

        Thank you again for the great work friend! and sorry again my poor English 🙂 What country are you from?
        When i stopped to play where the HD textures of the village finished, the rest of the graphics is a big crap from “HD edition” … shame Capcom …
        I wish we could conclude as soon as possible this project because the CAPCOM is a mercenary shit … You should be paid for this great job
        I wait anxiously for the next patch 🙂

        Once again, thank you partners… You are the best! 🙂

        • albert says:

          I’m from Spain 🙂
          And I’m glad Capcom didn’t invest too much effort when doing the touch-ups for this port because now we have the opportunity of remastering it by ourselves ;P

  57. Guitar Player says:

    Capcom, watch and learn.

  58. Alex says:

    So it’s SUPPOSED to re-texture everything up until the Castle level.. But instead it’s only re-textured up until the Village area where you find the first Chainsaw Ganado. Nothing else is re-textured. Not even the Graveyard area which is simply right after that part. The .bat didn’t say it encountered any errors so what’s the deal?

    • albert says:

      Hello Alex!
      Yes, the pack should include everything up until the first castle area. So, something went wrong…
      Is the pack you downloaded more than 4 GB?
      Could you try running the installator as administrator?

      • Alex says:

        Yeah it’s precisely 4.18GB.

        When I try running the installer as admin it says it cannot find any files specified. It goes through just fine if I do it without admin however. (Though despite it saying it’s backing up files I don’t see any files in the backup folder)

        • Alex says:

          My OS is Windows 8.1 BTW

          • Cris says:

            Hrmm… the only thing I can think of at the moment is to try running the installer from the command prompt. There are instructions on how to do this on this page: – scroll down to the section called Windows 10 Users (I know you’re on Windows 8.1, but I’m wondering if this might still work). Please try those exact instructions and let me know if that helps!

          • Alex says:

            Yes that worked! Resident Evil 4 is one of my all-time favorite games due to the beautiful atmosphere so this mod makes it even better! Thanks so much for all your hard work!

  59. David says:

    these textures is for Resident Evil 4 or Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD?

    • albert says:

      It’s for RE4 Ultimate HD.
      This demo is work-in-progress. The final version will include some extra texture improvements and lots of 3D adjustments.
      We hope you like them 🙂

  60. Arkonite says:

    Hi guys,

    Just a message to congratulate you for your awesome work and this great passion for this amazing game 🙂
    You’re the bosses, Capcom should hire you 😉

    Keep going, millions of player are grateful ^^

  61. SilentResident says:

    I am impressed with how a low-polygon game is turned into high-polygon masterpiece of art!

    The game has great story, nice mechanisms, but poor graphics. Thanks to your efforts, this diamond called “Resident Evil 4” is being polished and refined even further, which is truly impressive!

  62. Dan says:

    I am having a problem with section r11D (Bella Sisters) where textures aren’t mapping. Looks like underlying original developer code is displayed instead. This seems to hold true for the area elements but characters and enemies are being displayed properly. This is on the second play through (Pro).

    I didn’t see a mention of this anywhere on the site. Is this or anything like it a known issue? Is there any other info you want me to provide? Anything I can do to help test? It may be worth noting that I occasionally see hard reboot requiring crashes and have already installed the 4gb fix to help mitigate.

    I think it goes without saying that this is very impressive work considering it’s a hobby outside of your regular lives. Excellent job thus far guys.


    • albert says:

      Hello Dan, and thank you!

      I didn’t heard about that issue before.

      So, this didn’t happen before installing the new textures?
      And what about normal mode? It’s an issue exclussive to professional mode?
      Could you make sure file “4400011d.pack” is inside ImagePackHD folder?
      And which are your system specs?

      I heard about people having “all black textures” issues because of their integrated graphic card but it seems like a complete different problem.

      • Dan says:

        4400011d.pack is present.

        I only installed this after completing a Normal play through. I can play a Normal game and see if I see the same behavior. Do you expect the same behavior?

        I am running:
        Win7 Enterprise 64bit
        i5-2500k (not overclocked)
        R9 200
        16Gb 1333Mhz

        Would you like some screen shots of that area? If so how can I best deliver them to you?

        What is the last area the Village Download has textures for? This Bella Sisters area is the only one with issues thus far and I am all the way up to the first merchant in the castle.

        • Dan says:

          WAIT I LIED I am running 8.1 64bit Enterprise. Sorry. I think I just wrote that instinctively I just rebuilt this thing a week ago. Hardware is accurate.

          It may be worth noting that I am also running Catalyst Drivers v15.11.1. They are not updated as later versions cannot be changed to an RGB pixel format and my older TV doesn’t support YCbCr.

        • albert says:

          It shouldn’t make any difference playing normal or pro mode.

          Yes, that would be great.
          You can post some screenshots link right here just in case somebody else experiencing the same issue knows a fix for this problem 🙂

          Another thing I was thinking is… Did you try downloading again the Village pack? Maybe that file was corrupted at some point. Just in case. It’s really strange everything works fine with the exception of that area. An incompatibility issue should affect the entire game. Not just a single room. But that’s just a guess…

          The last room included in this pack in r200. The arrival to the castle is the last room. Next room (catapults room) should be the first one loading the regular textures 😉

          • Dan says:

            Here’s some screenshots:


            I am past that point so the Bella Sisters room was the only area that gave me trouble.

            I also downloaded a fresh copy to rule out file corruption. I installed using your batch script and checked again to no avail. That area is still not displaying properly. Anything else I can look at to help troubleshoot?

          • albert says:

            Thank you Dan,
            It seems yhe game is loading some cutscene texture pack instead of the room texture pack…
            Just a few more questions:
            Are you running the Steam version od the game or the disc version?
            Did you install any previous mods before this one?
            Which is the size of the following files?:

            And finally, if you are running the Steam version, did you try restoring all original files of the game, and then installing the Village pack again?

            Let’s see if we can find a fix!

  63. Dan says:

    This is the Steam version and yesterday I obliterated the current install and left the game to download again overnight. I had no other mods installed. I already zapped the old install so I couldn’t tell you what the file sizes are. But I suppose this is all trivial since the fresh install of the game seems to have fixed it. I am betting there was some sort of file corruption or something going on, but all is well at this time, so I suppose we’re all good here.

    Keep up the good work! I’ll be sure to keep testing by playing as you release more 😀

    • albert says:

      Glad to hear that! 🙂
      We’ll do our best! We don’t know when we’ll be ready for another demo release but I hope you enjoy our updates of the project in the meantime.

  64. suronia says:

    not include install-hd-texture-packs.bat..

    • Cris says:

      I’m sorry, could you clarify?

      • suronia says:

        I tried to download it again
        It was not included again

        • albert says:

          Hello suronia,
          It seems soemthing went wrong when downloading it or maybe your antivirius is blocking that .bat file when extracting the contents.
          Could you try exctacting the rar file while your antivirus is inactive?
          If this doesn’t work, try downloading it again. The bat file should be there 😉

  65. Razzee says:

    Can you please upload to another site?

    Mega has a download limit of 2GB.

    • Cris says:

      Thanks for reaching out. For future releases we will consider more / better options for downloading – sorry for the inconvenience. For the time being, I believe that Mega will let you download via your browser if you’re using Google Chrome. I hope that helps!

      • Razzee says:


        The limit is 1.5GB, not 2. I downloaded 1.5GB and need more 2.7. Have to wait 10h to download it. Absurd.

        • Danilo says:

          Maybe wait for the time limit to be over.

          Complaining about handicaps in free content is pointless anyways.

          • Razzee says:

            You don’t complain because it does not happen to you. Wait 10h to download a archive? I don’t have such free time.


            Probably a counter restriction, as you said. I tried both browser and MegaSync.

          • Cris says:

            Thanks for replying – this is good information. We will find better download options for any future releases!

        • Cris says:

          Hi again! I checked myself today and I don’t see the limit that you do. This is what I see and the steps I followed:


          Are these the same steps you followed? Perhaps there is a limit specifically for your country? Can anyone else confirm if they have encountered this issue?

          For future releases we will determine better download options to avoid this kind of issue.

          • SirJonSoda says:

            Yes, there must be a limit. I live in Brazil and it says my download can’t be processed because it will exceed the transfer limit for my IP. It says I used 0 (yes, zero) of my limit, and it made me “extrapolate the permitted limit”.

            Well, I have to wait for 7 hours (6:52 to go) for the transfer to start. That’s ridiculous, but your texture pack is ridiculously good, so I guess I’m stuck.

          • SirJonSoda says:

            Oh, and I had to install an extension on my browser to be able to wait. It said any file bigger than 1GB (or 2GB, I don’t remember) requires that.

          • Cris says:

            I’m sorry for all the difficulties. We will make sure we have better download options for any future releases. In the meantime, out of curiosity, what browser were you using?

          • SirJonSoda says:

            I use Firefox

          • Sergio says:

            I also live in Brasil. And I’m not getting to dowload. Apparently there is a traffic limit. 🙁
            You can upload on another site?

          • albert says:

            I’m not sure if João Paulo’s suggestion is the solution. I hope it is!

          • SirJonSoda says:

            Those links suggested by João Paulo triggered all possible virus alerts. Using a VPN addon worked for me. Currently using “Hide my IP VPN” for Firefox. It’s working like magic.

            I had to choose “Russia, Moscow #3” for decent speed.

          • Cris says:

            Thanks for the heads up! I’ll go ahead and edit out the links. And thanks also for the alternative suggestion of going with a VPN!

        • João Paulo says:

          Try the “MegaDownloader”: [Removed link because it triggered virus warnings]

  66. SirJonSoda says:

    I use Firefox

  67. Andre says:

    alguém tem o link torrent ?

    • Cris says:

      We don’t have a Torrent link, sorry. We will consider more options for distribution / download for any future releases. Thank you!

  68. Anonymous says:

    Yo, I’m mirin’ your work fams. What you are doing is gold, BUT I get a lot of crashes since I installed your village demo, Especially in the part before the Village Chief. Can I somehow uninstall it for now until you will be done with your project. I know it’s not that motivating to hear such comments, but again your work is solid and I with many others appreciate it a lot. Thnaks and expect a donation from me when it is done.

  69. Manuelo says:

    Wow, great love, i can see the passion for this game, and the hard work you are putting on this.

    Many thanks, and good luck.

  70. Anotherfan says:

    u guys should update the files to castle at least the small section of it, half of them are finished. btw great textures! i hope you’ll finish soon

  71. Ryan says:

    I canot download this because my MEGA account is not premium…. 🙁

    • Cris says:

      It seems Mega is more restrictive in certain countries (in particular we’ve heard this from folks in Brazil). We are looking into other options for downloading, and I hope to have something to share on that soon. Thank you for your patience!!

  72. Abdul Rahim says:

    Hi there,
    Trying this out for the first time,will post my impressions once it’s done.Would like to know that the MOD you have made available for download it’s only for THE VILLAGE stage or other stages too?

  73. JC says:

    Does this pack comes with Leon higher quality (hair)?

    Any plans for weapons texture on inventory and while character holding it?

    Good job btw!

    • albert says:

      No, we didn’t include Leon’s textures because he’s not complete yet. We want to make sure Leon’s textures are perfect, so we’ll include him in the final release.
      And yes! we will remake every texture, including menus, weapons, etc…

      Thank you! 🙂

  74. Abdul Rahim says:

    Hi Cris,
    I loved you work and anxiously waiting for the full release. Any estimated time on the full release. Also why dont you guys make 2nd release happen (for instance the castle area)?

    • Cris says:

      Thank you for the support! We don’t have a deadline or time estimate that we are working toward, sorry. We are simply trying to make progress each day. We haven’t made any decisions re: a 2nd release because there’s still a fair amount of work left to finalize the Castle. We’ll evaluate and make a decision at that point. Thank you!

  75. dante says:

    Please,Put Mediafire Link,thank you

  76. mofail says:

    Just donated & I hope it helps but mostly I just want to say thank you to Albert & Cris & really anyone else that has help this ongoing project. I wish all the success to you. Best wishes.

  77. IamtheSkill says:

    Before I ask, awesome work, I’m really happy that people like you
    I need another download link, in my country Mega’s speed is just ridiculous..35 kbps, please help!

  78. IamtheSkill says:

    35 kbps..Mega’s speed is just ridiculous in my country… mirror please?

  79. bakETUSHKA says:

    YO! Could u update this files of village textures to ur last version?

    • Cris says:

      Hello! We haven’t made any decisions re: further updates at this point – we are simply focusing on making progress toward completing the project (as you might expect, updated releases take time). Thank you!

  80. Daniel says:

    Why do you deleted my comments? I’m just asking for a better host to what’s the problem?

    • Cris says:

      Hi Daniel! We didn’t delete your comments – they were just tagged for us to approve before it would appear for everyone on the site (I think WordPress does that for people who are posting for the first time). We are exploring other download options and hope to have something to share on that soon. Thanks!

      • Daniel says:

        I’m so sorry man, didn’t know that..
        Congrats for the good work, hope we can enjoy it anytime soon..cheers

        • Daniel says:

          I forgot to ask, are you guys planning to release a new Leon model on the final release?

          • albert says:

            We haven’t tried editing ingame character’s model yet. So we have no answer for this right now. But If at the end we can edit them with no side effects we’ll try to fix some innacuracies of these models.
            And all character textures will be re-created, of course 😉

  81. Armando Gonzalez says:

    Podrias subirlo en mas enlaces para poder descargarlo?, a algunos no nos permite descargar mas de 1 GB en mega

    • Cris says:

      Hola! We are working on an alternative download source for the Village release. More to come soon! Sorry for replying in English, but writing in Spanish takes more concentration and I make mistakes… (my mom would be ashamed). 🙂

  82. Matheus Hilbert says:

    The megaupload make me wait 6h for every 1.5GB downloaded. Could you please upload the mod in other site that allow to download without limit? Or make a Torrent. Hope you answer.
    Obs: Your mod is incredible! Really good work! 😀

    • Cris says:

      Hello! We’ve just updated the download to be hosted on Google Drive instead of Mega. Please let us know if you encounter any issues with this new link. Thank you!

  83. Andre says:

    wow this is awesome just found this site awesome work luv this game its my fav aside from re5 the work you are doing is amazing capcom should be a shamed of themselves your work is amazing cant wait till the whole game is done

  84. pedro says:

    muito bom

  85. Andrew says:

    ¡Me encanta el trabajo que han hecho con las texturas del juego! Una pequeña pregunta, ¿cuándo liberarán otra demo como esta? ¿Esta es la única disponible hasta ahora?

    Muchas gracias de antemano.

    • albert says:

      Gracias Andrew!
      Aun no lo hemos decidido. Cuando terminemos las texturas del castillo completamente tomaremos alguna decisión. Mientras tanto, nos dedicamos exclusivamente a avanzar el trabajo tanto como nuestro tiempo libre nos permita.
      Hay que tener en cuenta que preparar una demo quita mucho tiempo y eso implica un retraso en el proyecto. Por eso de momento solo hemos publicado una, no es por falta de ganas! ;P

  86. Mauricio says:

    Hola, y gracias por crear este proyecto.
    Vengo siguiendelo desde hace mucho tiempo y solo espero el dia en que todo este completado para disfrutar del juego como se merece en estos tiempos.

    Y me da gusto que ya falta poco para eso.

    GRacias otra vez.

  87. gustha says:

    Amazing work!!!……

  88. José Ant. Mora says:

    Hola, excelente trabajo. Gracias por el gran esfuerzo que hacen para que podamos disfrutar de este memorable juego en Alta Definición.

    Estará disponible la descarga del castillo para este año???

  89. MikeOxbig says:

    WIll the game just stop working after i get passed the part where the texture mod ends? Also i just beat the game on PRO and Mercs/AA,SW and unlocked everything in the game. Will this mod mess with my saves at all?

    • albert says:

      Hello! No worries. Our project simply replace textures, 3D models, lighting and effects. The game doesn’t care if it loads hi-res or low-res stuff 😉

  90. Insane says:

    Hi team, what an amazing project !

    I launched my HD version of the game and I thought it was not as good as it could have been and so I looked on the net if something was done regarding this and I found your project.
    That’s terrible work you’re doing ! Beautiful ! I can’t wait to see the final version.

    I’m not even sure I will play until your work is finished now… x)

    Keep going on 😉

    • Alvare says:

      “That’s terrible work you’re doing ! Beautiful !”
      Lol that made my day.
      You either mean terribly great or terrific.

  91. Jeff says:

    Hi there! Got three small questions for you:
    Does this Village Demo contains all the other small improvements seen in your latest posts (lighting effects, enemies shadows, water, etc), does it cover all of the environments until you reach the castle area or just the Village itself and have you considered uploading it on a torrent file also – which would facilitate the lives of us, poor people with crappy/unstable internet connections?
    Thank you very very much =D

    • albert says:

      Hello Jeff.
      The Village release only contains textures and a very limited 3D improvements. All latest Village section improvements will be included in the final release.
      But it includes all areas up to Leon reaches the Castle 🙂
      About downloading methods… Right now this is the only way but we’ll consider additional or different options for future releases (Castle release is on the way!)

  92. José Ant. Mora says:

    Hola, saludo. Acabo de ver el trailer de lanzamiento del castillo.

    Dejen decir: Esta increíble, admiro su trabajo y en mi opinión esta es la mejor remasterización que se ha hecho de Resident Evil 4. Gracias por el arduo trabajo que han venido realizando a lo largo de estos últimos 2 años.

  93. Italo says:

    To Tentando Baixar faz Um Tempo Pésso Q Coloquem o servidor Do Utorrent

  94. alexabdadam says:

    Thanks Cris & Albert I try it from the first chapter to the end of chapter 2 and it’s looks fantastic and it didn’t crash for me even once

    • albert says:

      Great to read that! Remember to use the 4GB patch if the game crashes. The crashes are somewhat random and maybe you were lucky ;P
      I used the patch because of the new HD textures 2 years ago but after that there were no more crashes.

  95. Richard says:


    Amazing job!

    Would you update the Village texture pack with all the improvements you have done? or we should wait for final release?

    Thanks for all your effort!, you are the best!

    • albert says:

      Hello Richard! We probably will include them in the final release because we don’t want to spread too many WIP packs and it also requires time to prepare a release pack.
      Thanks to you for following us!


    como eu instalo essa textura no biohazard 4 1.0.0?

    • Cris says:

      Hello! I’m not sure I understand exactly, but if you’re asking how to install on version 1.0.0, the instructions should be the same as what you see here.

  97. raid says:

    cet bon

  98. Bernardo says:

    He intentalo instalarlo pero cuando pongo los archivos en la carpeta y uso el cmd (modo administrador, por lo mismo de que tengo windows 10, me da:

    El sistema no puede encontrar la ruta especificada.
    0 archivo(s) copiado(s).

    en todos los renglones que salen si alguien pudiera ayudarme a resolverlo o es por que el juego es pirata y no lo e descargado de steam

    • albert says:

      Pues no sabría decirte exactamente cual es el problema ya que desconozco como es la estructura de archivos y carpetas de una versión no descargada en Steam.

      También he de decir que no podemos “apoyar” la piratería de manera activa por motivos lógicos. Capcom es conocedor de nuestro proyecto y no tienen problema en que sigamos ya que en ningún caso ofrecemos el juego en su totalidad sino solamente unos archivos que reemplazan a otros, y por ese mismo motivo no podemos ayudarte de manera muy explícita más que dándote los siguientes consejos:

      Primero, ten en cuenta que hay dos versiones de RE4 para PC. La primera de ellas salió en 2007; la segunda, en 2014, y es la que estamos modificando. Lo que hacemos aquí no sirve para la versión de 2007.
      Intenta descomprimir los archivos rar descargados utilizando Winrar (no 7-zip u otros) y asegúrate de que se han descomprimido realmente y que no se han generado simplemente carpetas vacías.

      Y aquí hay instrucciones para usuarios de Windows 10 que tienen problemas:

      Asimismo, asegúrate de seguir al pie de la letra todos y cada uno de los pasos de instalación que indicamos:


  99. david says:

    hola gracias pero lo necesito en mega para descargar en algunos dias suerte!!

    • albert says:

      Hola David,
      Por ahora no podemos hacer nada al respecto pero para la versión final del juego procuraremos ofrecer varias opciones de descarga para que todo el mundo pueda acceder al contenido.
      Un saludo!

  100. ACB10 says:

    Não consigo instalar, está dando erro, não encontra os arquivos, versão Biohazard 4!

  101. agus says:

    I got an error after install the village use 4Gb patch tool

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