Village Release

What this release contains:

  • Enhanced environmental textures for the entire Village section

What you should know before downloading:

  • The total file size is approximately 4GB, available for download via Google Drive
  • This download does not contain recent 3D modeling / lighting enhancements for the Village section
  • The installation is handled via a batch file that moves the original files into a backup folder and the new files into place
  • Please ensure you’ve applied the 4GB patch tool which will alleviate random crashes you may have experienced (more info available here)

Installation instructions:

Fast Version:

  • Generally speaking, the way the automated installation works is that you extract the files from the RAR file into the base folder for the game, and then you run the “install-hd-texture-packs.bat” file
  • Once the script is done running, you’re ready to play the game

Step by Step Version:

  1. Download the RAR file: Village Release (Google Drive, 4GB download)
  2. Extract the files from the RAR file into the base folder for the game – for typical Steam installations, the path is: “C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Resident Evil 4”
  3. This is what the folder should look like after you’ve extracted the files:
    After Unpacking
  4. Run the “install-hd-texture-packs.bat” file — the script will take a minute or so to complete and you’ll know the script has completed when you see a prompt to “Press any key to continue…”
    Batch File Completion
    (Windows 10 users: you may need to run the “install-hd-texture-packs.bat” file from the command line in order for it to work — more information can be found here).
  5. Launch the game and ensure the HD Textures option is selected in the options menu. Enjoy!


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