Visual Inaccuracies


Have you encountered any visual inaccuracies or shortcomings? Let us know!

Make sure you already installed version 1.1 of the project, which already fixes lost of reported issues:

Here is what we need:

  • Please send us a screenshot or video that clearly shows the issue (for example, incorrect texture mapping, the wrong texture, a blurry texture, flickering 3D models, etc.)
  • Explain why you think a change is needed.


¿Has encontrado alguna inexactitud gráfica o defectos visuales? ¡Háznoslo saber!

Asegúrate de haber instalado la versión 1.1 del proyecto, que ya soluciona muchísimos de los problemas reportados:

Esto es lo que necesitamos:

  • Envíanos una captura de pantalla o un video que muestre claramente el problema (por ejemplo, mapeo de textura incorrecto, textura incorrecta, textura borrosa, modelos 3D parpadeantes, etc.)
  • Explica por qué crees que es necesario un cambio.

924 responses to “Visual Inaccuracies”

  1. PHNF says:

    Working but suitcase bugs

  2. DiegoE says:

    I started a new game and my characters models were bugging out, any idea on how I can fix this?

    (below I left a link to my steam post showing the bug)

  3. DiegoE says:

    https: //

  4. DiegoE says:

    I started a new game and Leons model would glitch out during some cutscenes along with some other ganados, any idea on how I can fix this?

    (Link to my steam post showing the issue:

    • albert says:

      The mod is not properly installed. all the textures I’m seeing are the old ones.
      Did you delete the BIO4 folder before pasting the new BIO4 folder? ….

  5. Jazz says:

    hi – not exactly an inaccuracy – but are you able to make an option enabling the button icons to change from xbox to playstation please?
    your mod works fine but it’d be nice to have the playstation buttons showing. i am using a ps4 controller with steam.

    a mod exists out there but when trying it with your mod the game wouldnt start:

    many thanks

    • albert says:

      Oh, about other mods, ask the creators to adapt their mods to the HD project
      There are a lot of mods not compatible. We can’t fix them all…
      Read the beginning of the download page 😉

      • Nick Swenson says:

        The above controller icons mod by a user named DarkSamus but seems to claim it was made by Chris and Albert from the RE4HD Project. Is this accurate?

        (I would very much like the Gamecube-style icons to work but haven’t tried it yet as I’m still downloading RE4HD.)

        • Nick Swenson says:

          Sorry, to clarify, it was *posted by DarkSamus, doesn’t seem to be made by them but I’m not sure.

        • DarkSamus says:

          This is my PS button mod you’re discussing.
          I am planning to have it updated for this project once all the bugs have been found and fixed.

          The mod was created by me and released to be compatible with the last Albert/Chris release

          A new version is required for the final release.

  6. WrathFul says:

    Estaba jugando con el Traje 2 y encontré este bug de ashley en las cinemáticas: también noté que el silenciador que se obtiene en la zona secreta es invisible en el inventario, pero sí se puede usar:

    • albert says:

      Ya tengo apuntado lo del traje de Ashley. Es un pequeño desliz… un archivo erróneo…
      lo del silenciador y otros objetos (seguramente en los mercenarios a Krauser también le pase algo así) le pasa solo a algunas personas… un misterio, pero lo aclararemos…
      pronto sacaremos un parche que arregle esos errores


  7. Cry_Wolf says:

    Tengo 2 problemas, el primero el menu se me ve asi y el segundo es cuando quiero cargar una partida se me crashea el juego.


  8. Eonian says:
    Found out these, the first issue isn’t a visual inaccuracy but the second one is, hope it helps and i’m in love with the game as it is with the mod. Thank you SO much for the beautiful work you guys did with this.

  9. Eonian says:
    New link with the audio on the video.
    Btw i was wondering, would it be possible to fix the mouse movement on the Del Lago bossfight? It feels so sketchy using the mouse on it, i loved what you did with the mouse movement so i was wondering if that could happen.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the report!
      yeah, it seems some people have the disappearing models in the inventory issue for some reason.

      Could you report it here too? (create a new issue thread)
      He’ll help you with the re4tweaks problem.

      Oh! In the meantime, try manual editing the dinput8.ini file inside Bin32 folder and see if the game loads

      ; Additional FOV value. 20 seems good for most cases.
      FOVAdditional = 0.000000

      thanks again!

  10. LadyPAAAN says:

    Acabo de empezar a jugar con el mod ahora mismo que le tenia ganas ya. Vengo eso si a decir que las descripciones de los objetos cuando seleccionas examinar parecen estar en ingles incluso teniendo el juego en castellano. De momento solo he examinado la munición de pistola y esta ultima. Os dejo un par de capturas:

    • albert says:

      Cierto, es un fallo.
      En unos días/semanas, cuando hayamos recopilado más fallos (que seguro alguno más caerá) sacaremos un mini parche que lo solucione todo ;D

  11. Roman says:

    Set brightness to MAX(50) is still needed? It was mentioned in previous release

  12. Alig200 says:

    Ashley’s model seems to bug out during the cutscene right before the Cabin survival sequence, when they run into the cabin and when Luis throws the plank of wood. This happens when using the Special 1 Costume set.

    Here are two screenshots of exactly what happens during this scene:

  13. sinmax says:

    hand immersed in shotgun
    severe desync in the cutscene where Leon is bonded to Luis. forgot to make a video.

  14. mofail says:

    Found a few visual issues? though very minor brief issues really.
    1 The wheel barrow ganado walk around with carrying hay has a terrible butterfly effect texture. It looks reflected 4 ways & would be better as a seamless texture. The birds nest too looks very ugly & simplistic in the same way. The textures are ok just not seamless. Look at the comparison in the 1st pic of your other hay textures then looks at the wheel barrow images. Hay looks great in the 1st image. Small nit picks honestly….

    2 Where you meet the merchant for the 1st time in the bridges area. Collecting the emblem from the far right side, run up the cliffside then jumping down to the platform from the top & look left/down there is a weird graphical glitch with light rays..?…
    Just before looking down & left…
    Light rays or a glitch..?..

    3 Where you meet the merchant for the second time when going to the church area. Drop down the ladder into the small cave area & running along the walls on the right side is a clipping that happens. Cave wall disappears & you can see the merchant through the wall.
    Just before the wall clipping on the right side..
    Just after on the right a section of wall just disappears..

    When you all start this section of this project i wish good luck. Will donate again when a patch comes out. Thanks again all of you.

  15. sinmax says:

    shotgun problem
    chandelier problem
    why did you delete the previous post?

  16. Premium Ghoul says:

    It all looks really good so far, excellent work! I just got to the lake and was wondering if the reflections were supposed to look like this?

    Also, in regards to the post above, why is max brightness the best option for this mod? Were the new textures and lightning made with that in mind?

  17. sinmax says:

    and again removed .. completely idiots. fuck you with your shit project.

    • albert says:

      Nothing was removed. It was pending of approval, like most of the comments.
      But thanks for letting us know the kind of character you have.

      • sinmax says:

        I have a normal personality. if I see a warning that a post is waiting for moderator review and then it disappears, then it’s logical to assume that it’s just being deleted. sorry for being rude.
        By the way, I know that in the original re4 there are also problems with the shotgun, but for some reason it looks worse on you because of this. couldn’t this be fixed? from the new: I came across such a roof at the beginning of the castle –

        • sinmax says:

          ps: totally forgot. easter egg in the village is cool, but why did you leave 5000 pts and stones there? such amateur performance does not go to the benefit of the game. and the muffler was not selected at all in my inventory. You can’t sell it, just threw it away. So it goes)

    • mofail says:

      So little patience.. EVERYone waited Years for this mighty work to be released ya know…

      raised a couple details too…

    • WrathFul says:

      Jesus man, chill the fuck out, what’s your problem? They already mentioned what happened.

      • blackmesa says:

        Unbelievable just how ungrateful humans can be about FREE HOBBYIST CONTENT.
        And I bet he doesn’t even care about what kind of person he is, grow up.

  18. Leandro Pereira says:

    the silencer does not appear in the briefcase did I do something wrong?

  19. Gonzo says:

    Albert, estoy en la parte del pantano con el monstruo, todo ese escenario tiene la vegetacion de forma muy extraña, como con baja resolucion. He seguido los pasos que dijiste en la instalacion con lo cual no deberia de ser por mi culpa, te pongo una imagen aqui

    • Gonzo says:

      Albert, estoy en la parte del pantano con el monstruo, todo ese escenario tiene la vegetacion de forma muy extraña, como con baja resolucion. He seguido los pasos que dijiste en la instalacion con lo cual no deberia de ser por mi culpa, te pongo una imagen aqui

      • albert says:

        Hola Gonzo!!
        No no, es así XD
        Compara con la original y ya no te parecerá tan mal haha
        Limitaciones de la época… la hierba realista no es nada fácil de hacer sin sobrecargar el juego…

        • Gonzo says:

          Ah vale, es una lastima porque todos los assets que has hecho me parecen totalmente increibles pero la hierba de momento es el unico asset que me he encontrado que no me ha gustado, pero entiendo que sino se puede hacer nada mejor pues que le vamos a hacer. Gracias por tomarte tiempo en contestar por aqui. Un abrazo y enhorabuena por el mod!

  20. Gonzo says:

    He intentado editar el mensaje anterior pero no puedo, aqui pongo otra captura mas de cerca para que veas lo que digo. Disculpa el doble post

  21. Total says:

    I’ve noticed some item chests that open at double speed. Some open at the correct speed, but some are still double speed. Are there plans to correct those that still open at double speed?

  22. 006 says:

    If Leon gets the silencer, it won’t show in the briefcase, but it can be equipped, the original game didn’t have this problem, I don’t know if it counts as your scope of work

  23. Hans Gruber says:

    Parece que las imágenes de la sección “como se juega” están en baja resolucion? lo digo por que parece que fueran tomadas sin usar el mod

    • albert says:

      Esas imágenes están en un formato que no permite reescalarlas. Espero que nipkow y emoose encuentren cómo saltarse la restricción.
      Pensaba que nadie entraba a ver eso XDD


  24. Más cosas:
    Error ortográfico en el documento “DOS RUTAS” en la palabra “pequeña”

    Los bebederos para animales de la granja (donde ves los primeros medallones azules) están vacios cuando es de noche, cosa con poco sentido pues está lloviendo

    • albert says:

      Gracias! siempre se escapan cosas XD
      Apuntado queda.
      Entre unos y otros estáis encontrando muchas cosas!
      Va a quedar la mar de perfecto tras la repasada final 😉

  25. Eonian says:

    Hi there! Just found another texture bug with the verdugos on a cutscene, it’s the first time that i’ve seen them in this playthrough so i’m not sure if it is the only part where they get bugged like that. But anyways, here’s the vid:
    I’d suggest lowering your PC volume before seeing the video cus my mic kinda sucks so it makes the game really loud when i’m recording.

  26. Donald Trompeta says:

    The objects in the room you wake up after the del lago fight are glowing

  27. Kojimbo says:

    Missing eye-texture if i use tactical vest.

  28. Roman says:

    Is it normal to clip have blueish color? Thank you!

  29. Gonzo says:

    Otro problema que he encontrado, hay clipping con la mano cuando sujetas la escopeta y cuando recargas tambien, la mano atraviesa y es visualmente bastante molesto

    Ojala se pueda arreglar

  30. Night Waker says:

    Hello Albert) After long play at 60 fps I found that animation of opening treasure chest is broken (the area in the castle where catapults) But! The animation of this chest in chapter 4-1 where you getting ornament (shooting “fire dragons” and get two chests) is normal at 60 fps. I know that you will probably say that I should play at 30 fps, but I want to ask you) Is it possible to change the animation, especially if you have correct one? Or re-render them at 60 fps. That would be perfect). Because now I can say that game is not fully remastered))).

    • albert says:

      The chest’s animation is randomly optimized to 60fps… Some rooms have the right animation speed, some others doesn’t…
      nipkow and emoose manage to fix the “falling items at double speed” issue, so I hope/guess it’s a matter of time their .dll also fixes these other problems 🙂

  31. Augustwolves says:

    Sooo Eight years of waiting is over 🙂 Thank you for this amazing work!! Little feedback on visual inaccuracies i see on my 8 hours playthroug so far.
    ***Chapter 1-1***
    – Right from the door to church secret passage in village they missing collision’s in livestock trough (English not my native i hope i correct names this thing)
    – Are inside Chimmey’s in village rooftops correct look like this (check two chimmey), maybe camera bug and i don’t need to see this black texture)
    ***Chapter 1-2***
    – Forget to capture but First cutscene where Leon and Luis waiting execution, i think it’s littel audio desync
    ***Chapter 1-3***
    – Different missing collisions around area where you encounter Chainsaw Salvador. Can’t remember, but i think there more (need to doublecheck all trees), but i forget make more screens 🙁 (little house along the path behind salvador)
    ***Chapter 2-1***
    Strange blackbox-shadow (or invisible polygons) above entrance in cave with round insignia (waterfall area)
    ***Chapter 2-2***
    Night farm (when you revisit this area with Ashley) flickering polygons/textures on wooden bar (i mark issue on screen)
    ***Chapter 3-1***
    Strange grey box of whatever is 🙂 inside the hoods of Salazar bodyguard in cutscene
    It’s normal texture of part of the wall?) Look like something ground floor texture XD (don’t know why this reminded me). This is Area (Room above prison door area after two vases) i hope you understand my english)
    No collision with candellar (Bad screen but leon going inside this) Final Area of chapter before Ashley get catch in the moving wall trap, don’t remember but i think it’s left of vendor (i hope i’m correct 🙂

    It’s all for now 🙂 Hello from Russia

  32. Donald Trompeta says:

    Some more things
    1) Missing water in the pools at night, barn area (where you find the first medallions)
    2) transparency in roof
    3)inverted salazar motto in door
    4) z fighting in the dog maze
    5) “how to play” file images using low res textures

    Imgur link with images of the bugs in order

    • albert says:

      Thanks again!
      All but the “How to” can be fixed
      The “how to” and a very few textures can’t be increased in size because it would look zoomed-in ingame.
      maybe nipkow and emoose find out a way of remove this limitation ;D

  33. abi008 says:

    Water was flickering in this section, not sure if it was due 60hz or someting else as I went past this area to test it.

  34. hand says:


  35. Marcos says:

    Hey man, first of all, flawless work! So i’ve been playing The Mercenaries and the arrows and bows doesn’t show up in the inventory screen:

  36. Hugo says:

    Thank you Albert for you fantastic work. I found this glitch, where Leon looks like possed by a demon during the calls:

  37. Jay says:

    Water reflections near the bottom of the screen in the bridge section of 1-3 and break horribly during the del lago fight if you get knocked into the water

  38. Jay says:

    Water reflections near the bottom of the screen in the bridge section of 1-3 and break horribly during the del lago fight if you get knocked into the water

    using an ultrawide with an fov tweak of 20

  39. AJ says:

    Hey there! Absolutely loving this so far, just wanted to note a small bug that might not even be linked to the mod itself. The chandelier you jump across to do the light puzzle bugs out when Saddler first reveals himself in the Church. It’s very jittery anytime it appears in the cutscene. It acts normally prior to the cutscene.

    Youtube video:

    You can see the chandelier jittering at the start of the linked video and also 0:50 until the end of the video.

  40. SelenitaDelSur says:

    Solo me pasa en las cinemáticas pero hay como un ghosting o duplicidad de texturas, normalmente con los fondos pero en este caso con los personajes también. Es un bug conocido o tengo yo algo mal configurado? Mi resolución es 2560×1440 y he probado a activar/desactivar algunas opciones de la pantalla del menú F1.

    • albert says:

      Es la profundidad de campo (DoF) de Gamecube. En HD no se ve muy bien, pero hay gente a quien le gusta
      Puedes desactivar este efecto en el menú del dll (pulsa F1 en la partida) 4 desactivando el “EnableGCBlur”

      • SelenitaDelSur says:

        Efectivamente, supongo que en versiones no “HD” queda de otra manera. Muchas gracias, por lo demás todo fantástico!

      • Vyuken says:

        desactivando el blur y los otro optiones no se salva cuando ciero y abro el juego. sabes como reglar lo? perdon my espanol no es el mejor.

  41. postal says:

    Finished the village chapter, only noticed two issues that don’t seem to have been reported.

    1. A cluster of trees along the path to the ‘Del Lago’ boss lake appear to be some awkwardly rotating sprites. The area before this (first gigante area) also had one of these but I had to really look to find it since it was up high on the clifftops. These ones however are in a pretty prominent spot, so it’s a bit goofy once you notice the trees following you as you run past. Would probably be good to replace them.

    2. During the cutscene in the church where you meet Sadler, the chandelier you jumped from previously appears to be rapidly jittering back and forth. The fact nobody else seems to have reported it though makes me wonder if it wasn’t some weird one-off. I didn’t get this on video and obviously a screenshot doesn’t help much, but it’s the one here: did this both times it came into frame during the cutscene.

    Otherwise, fantastic work here. I’ll be sure to report any other issues I catch as I continue my playthrough.

  42. Jay says:

    novistador light puzzle room
    gunshots cause screen to darken

  43. Luks says:

    Hola Albert! te comento, tuve una desincronizacion del audio con la cinematica donde Leon y Luis hablan luego de ser capturados la primera vez. Solo me paso con esa cinematica, el resto ha ido muy bien por ahora. Luego lo unico es el silenciador para la 9mm que agregaron ustedes supongo, muy buena esa area!, que no aparece en el maletin, osea esta y la puedo usar pero no aparece la textura o modelo en el maletin.

  44. Shane says:

    i didnt know where to ask this

    this pretains to the fov feature. i was wondering if there could be 2 different fov sliders, one with ashley and one without, i feel the fov setting i like gets put too far back when ashley joins the party so i have to turn it down, would be nice to have a seperate fov setting for her

  45. Davi says:

    Hey theere, Albert! The water bugs on ultrawide resolutions. This happens everytime this water texture is present in scene (mine is running on 2560×1080).

    This around it will look blurry and duplicated. Besides this, I haven’t found any other bugs. Congrats on this amazing mod, you’ve made a great job!

  46. Jay says:

    Cabin standoff lusis red 9 has no muzzle flash

  47. D says:

    I don’t know if this was intentional or just only my eyes, but the middle ‘square’ of Leon’s jacket looks a bit different in color to the rest of it.

  48. Rapadoso40 says:

    Hola Albert muchas gracias por el mod texturas es una pasada se ve genial.

    Tengo una pregunta: Hace poco ha salido un mod con el doblaje de todos los dialogos doblados en Español Latino. Mi consulta es si puedo activar ese mod en esta version HD Project.

    Muchas gracias por tu tiempo. Saludos.

  49. Rrex says:

    Hello I found an error, the silenced appears the 3d model but in the inventory it is invisible, here is the image:

    Please correct me because it gets in the way of item management because I don’t know where the silencer is

  50. REBoi says:

    Hi, some of the visual inaccuracies I found are these:
    – Ashley’s clothes started acting strange during the first cabin cutscene (as some have showed up here)
    – The silencer is invisible in the case (I’ve seen that is an issue with RE4 Tweaks, and that there is a thread on github)
    – Tha chandelier during the first Saddler cutscene keeps to flicker (this problem was also in the 2018 release). Here’s the link of a videoclip with this bug:

  51. Hi Albert, hope you are doing well.
    First, congratulations on this project is awesome!

    I’ve found a little weird texture effect during the Del Lafo segment.
    When Leon is walking in the bridge, peaces of Rock texture show underneath the Green water.
    The texture of the truck are low resolution:

  52. Roman says:

    This section just after merchant first appearance. You can clearly see a line between two sky textures Thank you.

  53. Caio Mancini says:
    Lighting not working as it should for me… it’s bleeding thru walls

    Made a video on the “new thing”, so you can clearly see whats going on

    Thank you for your hard work!!!!

    • albert says:

      which version of the game are you playing?
      It was supposed to be fixed (or almost) in one of the official patches released when the game was published on 2014
      you can check it in the “press any button” screen (bottom, right corner)

    • Hunk says:

      Do you use reshade or any other custom dll? I have the same halos glowing though the walls only with reshade installed. Happens on older 4.7 version, can’t check with the latest 5.0 coz apparently there is another bug that prevent you from opening reshade overlay menu.

  54. Liana-the-Lioness says:

    Luis Sera wants his moustache back. Please give us cool optional Luis Sera moustache DLC pack

  55. Olya says:

    Hi! In the cutscenes of the game, where there should be a blur, the picture is doubled. It didn’t seem to be noticed in the game itself.

    • albert says:

      Hello! this is how the Depht of Field looked on the gamecube, but at HD resolutions doesn’t look that good
      you can deactivate it in the dll menu (press F1) and uncheck EnableGCBlur

      • Vyuken says:

        when i try this and other options, it doesnt save. it says a restart is required but the options dont save after i exit the game.

        do you know how i can fix this?

        • albert says:

          Make sure the ini file inside the Bin32 folder is not “read only” ;D
          The released patch already fixed this, but you can manually remove the “read-only” property of the file by right-clicking the ini file –> Properties –> Uncheck “read only”

  56. Fer says:

    Hi, first of all i want to thank you for such a beautifull job, it looks amazing honestly and now my problem, when you pick up some objets the hd tectures wont load or something but when you go to the inventory and select Examine they load correctly, here is an example of what i mean
    as far as i noticed, this happens with ammo boxes, grenades, money boxes, herbs and i havent finished the game yet but even some treasures like spinels specifically, also in some cinemas the sorroundings look a little blur and sometimes the audio is desync

    • albert says:

      It’s like files inside ImagePack and ImagePackHD folders got mixed somehow
      Did you move something between these 2 folders? maybe accidentally?

      ImagePackHD folder should be 24,2 GB

      and the entire BIO4 folder should be 37,4 GB (6804 files)
      could you check that?

      • Fer says:

        Nope, i did it exactly as in the video, also a just checked the sizes of the folders you mentioned, and they have the exact size you said, should i do it again by reinstalling the game and adding the folders again?

        • albert says:

          This is really really strange haha
          the low-res textures I’m seeing should be inside the 07000000.pack.lfs file inside ImagePack folder, while the HI-res version of the same file is inside ImagePackHD folder
          Could you check the file size of the 07000000.pack.lfs file inside BIO4\ImagePackHD folder?

  57. Olya says:

    I asked a question about the doubling of the picture in the cutscenes, for some reason it is not sent to the branch. But I found the same question from another user, you recommended him to disable EnableGCBlur. I did it, but nothing has changed. This is unpleasant to the eye, I would like to be able to completely disable the blur in this case.
    Please give an answer! Thanks!

    • Olya says:

      Okay, I solved the problem by disabling Motion Blur in the game itself. Maybe it will help someone too.

    • albert says:

      Hello! probably the dinput8.ini inside Bin32 folder is “read only” and the changes are not saved.
      Right-click that file > Properties and unckeck the read only box.
      Then you should be able to change that
      If not, simply open the dinput8.ini file, search for EnableGCBlur = and set to “False” 😉

  58. Smith says:

    Transparent armor decorations

  59. Alvin says:

    Hey Cris and Albert.
    I wanna thank you both for this project. Loved every moment of this journey. Loved checking out this website endlessly. As you may know, I had it bookmarked for years. Currently I’ve just completed my playthrough of the main story. It’s been a great experience, full of getting immersed checking out every single environment, lighting effects, characters, items and just all in all, owning the enemies. 🙂
    Overall, I haven’t noticed any flaws whatsoever, but the few times I saw oddness were these three occasions:

    The two horses spewing flames in the castle, that are disabled by a switch near the first Garrador encounter their flames look kind of weird. It doesn’t seem clear if the particles are coming from the nose or mouth and the color and texture of it looks like it’s sprinkling a nebulas-colored confetti instead of fire.

    Near the cable car after U3, the panel has a pitch black geometry without texture.

    The church area of the village, when jumping across the wooden scaffolding, during daytime, the water has an apparent uv seam near the El Gigante area.

    P.S. I find it kind of difficult to express this, but thank you for including my name in the credits! I’m in awe by you guys and find it hilarious at the same time to see my name pop up. 😀

    I’m most likely gonna play a few times more after this run. But first, I’ll check out Assignment Ada, Separate Ways and Mercenaries. Cheers!

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the feedback as always
      Haha, yeah XD it feels strange to see your name there right?
      OMG 100 messages more to approve. I’m going to die hahah

  60. Sergio Ferrari says:

    I noticed a missing detail. At the beginning of the game. In a cabin, there is a woman killed with a pitchfork stabbed into the wall. In the original version, the woman is bleeding from various parts of her body (her hands, her face, etc.), these details are not present and you only see blood coming down from under her feet.

    The U3 creature in the original game, have a shiny and slimy texture all over is body and also on the tongue.

    • albert says:

      yes, it’s on purpose. the original blood was floating in the air and it look really weird. Now it’s “printed” on the woman textures 😉

      About U3, that’s probably because the original bumpmap was so low-res it looked more slimy, but the effect is still there but more detailed

      • Sergio Ferrari says:

        Thanks for the reply!

      • Sergio Ferrari says:

        Okay, I don’t want to bug you, but the pool of blood that forms underneath the woman moves as if there are at least two drops of blood falling from different places. Would it be tricky to add the blood dripping from her hands as well, so it would look more like the original?
        Thanks again.

  61. rhema says:

    Is the slow motion issue was not fix in this mod ? i have slow motion issue when i use 60fps setting. Is this issue can be fix ? I know this game will run smoothly in 30fps, but how to enjoy this game smoothly in 60fps ?

  62. EPD Gaffney says:

    Some of the typewriter keys are backwards now:

    I thought I remembered this coming up years ago and being fixed but I could be mistaken.

    • EPD Gaffney says:

      Oh, you know what, this was in Separate Ways. I should check the main game to make sure it’s a problem for all of them. I’ll do that in a bit.

      • EPD Gaffney says:

        I checked a few typewriters in the main game and in Separate Ways, and so far, only one has the problem with the backwards keys. In chapter 5 of Separate Ways, here is the location on the map:

        and here is a shot of Ada near the typewriter:

        Hope that helps you locate the one with this problem.

      • EPD Gaffney says:

        I’ve been trying to post pictures of where this typewriter is, because it seems to be the only one affected, but my posts don’t seem to be going through, maybe because they have links in them? It’s a Separate Ways chapter 5 typewriter. So far I haven’t found any others with backwards keys in the main game or Separate Ways.

  63. Riasat Salmin Sami says:

    While reporting for the 32:9 water bug, I also noticed that the water is lacking all the dirt and impurities like the vanilla game. I think the water looks too clean. Maybe adding some layers of dirt texture will solve that issue?

    Or does that affect the water in other areas too?

  64. Vermilli0_fury says:

    lighting not working as intended, pretty much everyhing that casts light can be seen through walls (and even through leon)

    Using version 1.0.6

  65. Donald Trompeta says:

    este candelabro, en el balcón donde salazar hace su primera aparicion, no tiene colisión

  66. En la habitacion previa a la colmena, hay varios cuadros en posiciones incorrectas, de cabeza, de lado, etc. y si no es mucho trabajo, podrias cambiar uno de los cuadros de la habitacion del castillo donde esta la minigun? es raro que haya una pintura de la aldea ya en su estado decaido

    fotos de los cuadros mal colocados y del cuadro de la aldea

  67. Schuma6 says:

    Firstly, its my honour to report issues to you guys who created a fantastic mod with great textures, instead of CAPCOM!
    Visual issues:
    Choice items in most puzzles are invisible, eg. on the door of village head home and the rotation puzzle of the twin alphabit looking like M S V behine the church where we rescue Ashley.

    AUSUS Laptop G733QS, Windows 10
    AMD 5900, 32G RAM
    RTX 3080, 16G RAM

    Thanks again for your contribution!

  68. Gonzo says:

    Albert hay una cosa que siempre me molesta mucho cuando rejuego este juego y es la sombra que proyecta Leon que es una mancha negra sin forma. Eso no puede arreglarse de ninguna manera? Incluso me haria feliz poder quitarla aunque no haya sombra, es que de verdad es terrible cuando lo ves mas alejado con la camara.

    Esto es una observacion mia personal lo mismo no coincides, tengo ocd y hay cosas que a veces me lo activan y esta es una de ellas por eso queria comentartelo por si se podria hacer algo al respecto

    Un abrazo!

    • albert says:

      Es verdad que cuando se ve es horrible XD por desgracia no puede arreglarse eso… desactivarse si, pero debería ser habitación por habitación…
      Y eso que ya las suavice mucho! en el original era aún más terrible!
      Ojalá encontremos una manera de optimizarlo… pero lo veo complicado

      A malas, cuando tenga tiempo, podría hacer un parche para quitar la sombra de Leon o dejarla en la mínima expresión… pero necesitaría tiempo…

      • Gonzo says:

        Quizas como opcion para activar/desactivar dentro del programa este que has metido donde se puede modificar el fov, dof etc estaria guay la verdad. Pero vamos sin prisas y si quieres claro

        Estoy ahora por las alcantarillas con los bichos invisibles, seguire dandole y si encuentro algo mas lo pondre por aqui. Mil gracias por tu paciencia, estoy disfrutando un monton del juego con estos graficos

  69. Kodi says:

    In 32:9 resolution, the button prompts are behind the text elements. You cannot see which button to press since the text is in the way.

    Version 1.10

    • albert says:

      The ultrawidescreen is only tested in 21:9
      I guess this is too much…

      • Kodi says:

        I’ve found the GitHub for re4_tweaks. I’ll see if I can make a PR to re4_tweaks that will add support. Me glancing at the code, I think it would be a fairly simple fix. Thanks for all the hard work! Hopefully I can follow through on this very small piece.

    • EPD Gaffney says:

      Whoa…that is one wide screen you have there…

      • Kodi says:

        Yeah lol, it’s the Samsung 49-inch Odyssey G9. It’s a beast of a thing. I’ll try to fix this myself since I’m probably one of the few that has that kind of hardware. We’ll see what the next couple days brings.

  70. RGP says:

    Creo que se les pasó por alto remasterizar la pantalla del menú de marcadores, francamente me parece que no queda muy bien en comparación con las texturas de mayor resolución de las demás pantallas.

    • albert says:

      esas texturas aun no las podemos modificar por el formato extraño que tienen. Pero espero poder hacerlo pronto con la ayuda de mis colegras programadores 😉

  71. Qamook says:

    Cover of this books is not remastered. Sorry or image quality, but its screenshot of compressed video.

  72. Wilhelm Keitel says:

    Un par de cosas que noté

    el fondo de la imagen del archivo de la galeria de tiro usa una version vieja de la misma, cuando aun no habias reemplazado las granadas

    algunos papeles en las tiendas del buhonero se repiten mucho, podria haber mas variedad? como detalle adicional, el de la butterfly y rpg tiene texto que hace referencia al propio juego, al raro en si, xD, me ofrezco para hacer un parrafo que lo reemplace, si no te molesta, eso si, la imagen del rpg abajo con los textos en ruso está 10/10 y no deberias quitarla

    • albert says:

      Madre mía que observador con lo de la granada hahah
      Me lo apunto 😉
      sobre lo otro… hacer más variedad dentro de una misma sala daría un poco de trabajo, aunque puede variar de una sala a otra, eso sí.
      Tú mismo! Si el texto mola y me convence, pues al juego que va 😛


  73. mofail says:

    Another night sky seam, this one is at the 2nd gigantes fight.

    Default (without reshade) re4

    With reshade activated the seam is more obvious.. seam is still there without reshade but less obvious.

    Might be the same issue with every room with a sky maybe.

  74. dave says:

    first congratulations for this masterpiece, you showed capcom how to make a remaster
    I’ve been following this project for a long time and now it’s real
    I haven’t had much time to play yet but I think I’ve found a problem with the filter

    when i select one of the filters the game turns blue and it affects the hud too
    I would like to know if it really is a bug or if the patch does not support filters intentionally or if there is an option in the tweaks that causes this

    note: I put steam to restore files and followed the steps in the automatic installation instructions
    all settings are default and the game is at max settings


    • albert says:

      Oh, that’s a psychedelic custom filter I’ve created XD
      I’ll add extra custom filters in the BONUS section of the page when I have the time 😉

      • dave says:

        cool, it’s really a psychedelic filter, I was already suspicious of leon herbs ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

        how you can add filters i have some suggestions:
        you could add a vintage sepia filter or another warm color which is very good in village dusk and castle candles lighting, one totally black and white and another ‘matrix’ similar to that the re 5 and the movie uses but not so green

        if it’s possible to add extra slots in the filter section of course

  75. Claudio says:

    Hola buenas, quería consultar una cosita de la ultima actualización del re4hd Project, pasa que en la gran mayoría de las cinemáticas el fondo de la escena se ve borrosa, al igual que al momento de acerca o alejar la mira del francotirador, eso es normal? se puede desactivar?

    • albert says:

      Es el efecto de profundidad de campo (DoF) de la versión de gamecube. En HD no se ve tan bien como en la consola original.
      Se puede desactivar en el menú del .dll (pulsar F1 en el juego) I desactivar el “EnableGCBlur”

  76. Jay says:

    So, this might be part of the ongoing ultrawide issues with the mod or maybe it’s broken reflections either way this showed up during the Salazar robot section

  77. Marcos says:

    Model seam in the tunnel (Chapter 1-1)

    Is just me or the yellow part of the hud is kinda misaligned?

    Great work so far!

  78. Nik says:

    Small thing: font in “Help & Options” screen is of low/standard resolution.
    Are there any plans to fix controller deadzones/sensitivity and 30 FPS animations if it ever becomes possible?

  79. Jay says:

    5-1 floor seam on the rocks Infront of the laser gate mirror puzzle

  80. Jay says:

    5-1 missing pillar
    laser gate mirror puzzle entrance
    also, might be a part of the ultrawide issues but when using a Sniper, the bottom portion of the screen gets distorted

  81. mofail says:

    Struggling in the castle so can only report on areas i made it to lol. Game seems harder than i remember lol
    This is another small detail & i’m unsure if it’s worthy of a change…
    When Leon & ashley meet luis at the castle there is a black hole (it looks like that) on the left when you look down there..
    Before you look left & down

    The horses heads are blowing steam instead of fire (that’s what it looks like)

  82. ViperAcidZX says:

    I’m seeing some missing models for Krauser’s bow and arrows and Wesker’s silencer in The Mercenaries mode when looking in their inventories.

    • Krauser’s inventory:
    • Wesker’s inventory:

  83. Alex says:

    Inverted Texture on the island Stage next to the chalkboard and suitcase

  84. Roman says:

    Found another texture seam issue. BTW Castle is looking incredible just unbelievable. Those paintings, ornaments, just wow..Thank you!

  85. Riasat Salmin Sami says:

    The bloom on the green light near the bridge on final Saddler boss battle is too bright. Here’s an example:

    Doesn’t seem like it was intended to look this way, this might be an isolated problem on my system. The bloom also tames down if I go very close to the light source which then looks fine.

    The idea of having bloom in these light source is great though. So the bloom shouldn’t be removed, just readjusted.

    My system specs:
    GPU- 980 Ti
    CPU- i7 6700k
    RAM- 16 gb [2400 Mhz]

    Playing on Windows 10 with updated drivers.

  86. Sona says:

    When Leon is running (if this matters, after he lost the jacket and before the vest), the lower holster on his right leg flickers when running based on the lighting. Also, in the loading door between the area you first fight the blind wolverine enemy and the giant room with shield enemies, crossbow enemies, and scythe enemies (the ones with 3 levers), the door is SLIGHTLY less high resolution than the surrounding environment.

  87. Sona says:

    In the room where the red deer skull cultist runs away from you and can possibly mount a turret if you don’t kill him in time, the giant rug on the floor is slightly lower rest than the rest of the environment.

  88. Sona says:

    In the selecting menu, the keyboard icons seem to be slightly blurry (page up, page down for example)

  89. Sona says:

    Clarification to the previous one about paintings, MANY paintings are either upside down or tilted to forcibly fit in either a portrait or landscape. Possibly needs a full rework in the room. (Room is the 4 way place where you go in directions to get the grails.

  90. sinmax says:

    shadow from part of the columns
    pipe lighting and texture mapping (?)

  91. sinmax says:

    Of course, I want to kiss this guy, but ..

  92. carlos says:

    en la campaña de ada ( separate ways ) los arpones no se pueden ver en la maleta, aparece el numero de arpones y el espacio ocupado pero no aparece el arpon

  93. anon1 says:

    This isn’t an issue introduced with your mod but I’m wondering why you didn’t fix the laser on Ada’s shotgun? It always bothered me how unlike any other weapon it has a gap between the weapon and where the laser starts.

  94. NeloAngelo says:

    Subtitles such as reading road signs in Chinese version disappear

  95. theenglihshman says:

    In 3-1, the dragon head statues blocking the entrance to the Water Hall were breathing water instead of fire. It also caused a big framerate dip (Intel Core i7-9750H CPU, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650, 16 GB RAM) where there had been zero framerate issues before.

    • albert says:

      the framerate issue is just in that part??

      • theenglishman says:

        Yep! Along with the 2-1 desync which is a known issue, I think there was a framerate dip just before the audio desynced.

        • albert says:

          Thanks for the report!
          It seems the frame drops are pretty random depending on the machine… all but the 1-2 chapter, of course 🙂
          We’ll do all we can, of course!

      • theenglishman says:

        Just thought I’d show the problem with the horses in 3-1. I don’t know if it’s the wrong element, or if the effects aren’t loading properly, but something’s off.

        • albert says:

          Thank you!
          we’ll fix it

          • theenglishman says:

            I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so and Cris so much for the amazing experience that has been playing this mod. I have played RE4 on and off since shortly after it launched on the GameCube, and the unbelievable amount of detail you’ve put into every last bit of this is incredible.

            Whatever your future projects are, I wish you nothing but the best.

  96. Hamza Aliko says:

    I think the Ammo Boxes are too Bright. The edges are white it looks awful.
    I hope u can fix it.

  97. sinmax says:

    door gap castle
    door gap 2 (on the other side of the tunnel with crows)
    hands at the fountain statue

  98. biohazardfan says:

    simplified Chinese steam version 1.1.0
    some subtitles disappear, such as cemetery puzzle in separate ways

  99. Albert, viste mi post sobre las pinturas mal colocadas? aqui abajo te dejo el link de imgur de nuevo por si acaso

    y la primera imagen es de una pintura que si bien no esta mal colocada, se me hace raro que sea una pintura del pueblo en su estado ya decrepito jajaja

    • albert says:

      Oh wow! como se me ha pasado todo esto!!
      la primera… bueno, es que la original era eso, un pantallazo de esa parte del pueblo haha
      Al fin y al cabo, una zona rústica ya tiene un aspecto un poco decrépito. Lo raro es que a alguien le interesara hacer una foto o pintura de ese sitio tan feo! XD

  100. Vicente says:

    Hola, me he encontrado con un pilar que es invisible de una estructura que se encuentra al comenzar el capítulo 5-1, proyecta sombra y no se puede atravesar, pero no se ve. Ignora lo blanco que se ve en la parte de abajo de la imagen XD.
    Felicito a todo el equipo que trabajó en este mod, les ha quedado increíble.

  101. Donald Trompeta says:

    Viste esto? en el balcón donde salazar aparece por primera vez

    • albert says:

      The tremor is like this in the original, too.
      It’s intentional, in case someone notices it they will be afraid to get close to that (at least the first time XD)

      I can’t see the issue in the second one, hummm :/

      • sinmax says:

        you are right. I didn’t notice this with the Ashley knights and misunderstood.
        in the second case, the platform passes through the textures. alas, I am now convinced that this is in the original. if it were possible to move or even remove the red columns, but this is not so important.
        And about the sewer
        don’t you think that the water flow is too light and is knocked out of the environment?

        • albert says:

          Ohh! I see haha it was so obvious I didn’t notice it! hummm I’ll see if I find a workaround

          About the water, well, I guess it’s a matter of taste. Since the stage is so uniform, some overexposed elements give some life to the overall image. If you start looking at every single object of the game, you’ll notice it’s full of visual incoherence, but this is what happen with an outdated graphic engine… and effects are the most difficult to calibrate things because they don’t care the lights around them. If I make them darker, then it will look like dark water when I’m in front of it…
          It’s almost a miracle we’ve been able to do sooo many changes XD
          Thanks again!

    • albert says:

      What’s the issue?

      • Roman says:

        With her eyes 😉

        • mofail says:

          It’s funny because when she wears her glasses there’s no lens distortion there, when she takes them off her eyes are really that massive ! It’s freaky because her real eyes should typically be a little smaller lol people always look different when they take off glasses but please consider making her eyes a tad smaller lol? pretty please?

  102. Eonian says:

    Hi there! Found a problem that appears to happen only when you’re fighting the 2 giants, maybe it happens all the time but i only noticed specifically in that part. As you see in the following video, Leon’s hand is clipping through the sniper as i sprint.
    PS: I would recommend lowering your PC volume to watch the video.

    • Eonian says:

      I was checking and it only happens in the double giants arena. At first i thought that it could be because of the striker glitch, but it isn’t. Seems that it might be a scenario bug idk.

  103. abi008 says:

    5-3 Chapter End
    Yes, I deleted BIO4 folder.

  104. Diegoeo99 says:

    Hola Albert, felicidades por el lanzamiento! Tantos años de revisar esta página diario y aún no me creo que lo estoy jugando, es más impresionante que en video! , aunque voy a extrañar venir a ver los progresos jaja

    Encontré un par de errorcillos nuevos:
    Parece que la retícula roja del Sniper gris no esta bien alineada en la linea derecha, esta más arriba:
    Encontré otra máquina de escribir en campaña de Leon, con el qwerty al revés, (en la zona previa al puente para la torre del reloj): , Creo haber visto otra así, pero revisando nunca la encontré.
    En la primera zona del castillo, dónde están las catapultas, en el piso de abajo (dónde esta originalmente el cañon) justo antes de subir las escaleras: , hay una textura rara saliendo del techo, solo se puede ver de un lado, si vas de “sentido contrario”, aquí está:
    En la zona donde se llevan a Ashley los novistadors, la cosa gigante del techo se veía extraña, toda blanca con apenas manchas cafés (olvidé tomar captura), revisando tu último gameplay no lucía así, por lo que regresé y ahora estaba normal: , fuí varías veces, pero no conseguí replicar el error, (un bug?).
    Yo también noté: desync en la escena con Luis, silenciador invisible, el error de “pequeãa” en el texto de las dos rutas, y descripciones de las armas en inglés.
    Una pregunta, será posible restaurar el interactuar el fondo del pueblo, en el menú (acercar y alejar y cambiar el lado de giro?) justo como se hacía en Gamecube?, recuerdo hacerlo todo el tiempo, lol.
    Fuera de estas tonterías, todo es perfecto!

    • albert says:

      Muchas gracias por las imágenes! Fácil de arreglar todo
      Qué raro lo de la colmena de novistadors… no me consta ese error XD

      En serio se podía hacer eso en la gamecube?? como es posible?? No sería un mod que alguien hizo?

      • peps says:

        Es cuando terminas el juego por primera vez que cambia el menu y va girando, con los botones de la camara lo podias mover. Se podía hacer en todas las versiones no solo en el cubo pero ahora como re4_tweaks no tiene botones en el teclado para mover la camara no se puede

      • Diegoeo99 says:

        Sí, recuerdo que era con el stick, es curioso que poca gente lo sabia, incluso buscando en internet hay poca o nula referencia a este detallito.

  105. Diegoeo99 says:

    Hola Albert, felicidades por el lanzamiento! Tantos años de revisar esta página diario y aún no me creo que lo estoy jugando, es más impresionante que en video! , aunque voy a extrañar venir a ver los progresos jaja
    Encontré un par de errorcillos nuevos:
    -Retícula roja del Sniper gris no esta bien alineada en la linea derecha:
    -Encontré otra máquina de escribir en campaña de Leon, con el qwerty al revés, (en la zona previa al puente para la torre del reloj): , Creo haber visto otra?.
    -En el castillo, dónde están las catapultas, en el piso de abajo (dónde esta originalmente el cañón) justo antes de subir las escaleras, hay una textura rara saliendo del techo, solo se puede ver de un lado, si vas de “sentido contrario”: , aquí está:
    -En la zona donde se llevan a Ashley los novistadors, la cosa gigante del techo se veía extraña, toda blanca con apenas manchas cafés (olvidé tomar captura), revisando tu último gameplay no lucía así, por lo que regresé y ahora estaba normal: , fuí varías veces, pero no conseguí replicar el error, (un bug?).
    -También noté: desync en la escena con Luis, silenciador invisible, el error de “pequeãa” en el texto de las dos rutas, y descripciones de las armas en inglés.
    Una pregunta, será posible restaurar el interactuar con el fondo del pueblo en el menú (acercar, alejar y ¿cambiar el lado de giro?) justo como se hacía en Gamecube?, recuerdo hacerlo todo el tiempo, lol.
    Fuera de estas tonterías, todo es perfecto!

  106. Nkoss says:

    Buenas noches (desde este lado del charco)

    Quizás no puedo subir foto de dicho bug porque no se puede mostrar. Solo decir que juego en 60Fps y que no tengo problemas de rendimiento.
    Encontré dos cinemáticas donde el audio va en desincronización con el juego:

    La primera es la de Luis y Leon atados a espaldas, luego del final del capítulo 1-1.
    La segunda es cuando Leon y Ashley son perseguidos por una horda de ganados, donde luego, comienzan a bajar el puente al entrar al castillo de Salazar.

    Si encuentro alguna otra Cinemática lo haré saber… Hay una tercera que es cuando Leon y Ashley conocen a Sadler en la iglesia, momento después de rescatarla, pero no la menciono porque la desincronización es demasiada leve y se puede pasar por alto.

    Muchas gracias por el excelente trabajo Albert y Chris

  107. Donald Trompeta says:

    Los ojos de hunnigan tienen algo muy raro en la llamada final, donde sale sin sus gafas, hasta da miedo

    • albert says:

      Ahhh haha ya ya… este modelo en particular era imposible de editar sin destruir las animaciones. Así que edité hexadecimalmente algunos vértices del párpado y las texturas
      En el original aún era peor…
      Bueno… a Leon le parecen unos ojazos encantadores XD

  108. Hans Gruber says:

    2 flipped – upside down textures on the iron maiden room

    I dont know if it was intentional, but its this why some objects on top of the radio tower are obscured?

    lastly, and i dont know if its intentional as well, but, the numbers showing the ammo each gun and ammo box have in the attache case dont have a black square background anymore.

    • albert says:

      The obscured objects are just… a 2D plane with a factory texture haha (check the original if you can, and you’ll see how horribly pixelated it looked)

      About the numbers, yes, it’s intentional. Those black squares were quite visually invasive…

  109. Damian says:

    en la primera cueva ahi un error

  110. EPD Gaffney says:

    Did you want these doors to have English or Spanish writing on them?

    This is the area with the very last merchant in the game, right before the Saddler fight.

    • albert says:

      well, there are several remaining English texts here and there.
      I’ll think about it haha
      that text doesn’t make sense because it’s typical of a boxcar door… hummm

    • EPD Gaffney says:

      It’s up to you. At this point I’m so overwhelmed by how great this whole project is that it’s hard for me to get hung up on little details like this. But if it’s for boxcar doors, can you just erase that text for this door?

  111. shi says:

    Dear brothers, these are some scenes where Chinese subtitles are not displayed or make mistakes. Sometimes this situation will lead to the game jumping out. At present, it seems that this is not a specific few scenes, but appears randomly.

    Thanks again!!!

  112. EPD Gaffney says:

    Anyone with the invisible silencer and bow gun bolts, you may want to test the latest dll here:

    It fixed it for me and one other person. Two other people reported it did not help. The more people test, I imagine the more likely it is they can narrow down the problem.

  113. Michael says:

    I noticed two framed paintings that are either sideways or upside down in 4-1 in the room outside of the Merchant’s room. Not sure if the paintings are meant to be this way but figured I’d point it out just in case.

  114. Michael says:

    I also noticed the chandelier bugging out in the cutscene at the end of 2-1 in the Church. Thought maybe it was just on my end but noticed it on another person’s stream of the game.

    On a somewhat related note, although it may just be my PC, in addition to the chandelier bugging out like in the above video I also had serious slowdown for this particular cutscene in the church and the audio was out of sync by a second or two. The only other areas I ran into slowdown were 4-2 in the cavern with all the Novistador’s flying while you’re trying to activate the two lights and a small portion of 5-3 in the boiler room.

  115. Oñosapien says:

    The suppressor inventory model doesn’t seem to render.

    Is it possible to fix the aspect ratio of this reticle?

    This is an amazing project! I can’t wrap my head around how breathtaking yet seamless the textures are.

  116. mofail says:

    Hello re4 team, hope you’re well. Again I only have small details/questions as i struggle through the castle..sorry if others already spotted this stuff & reported.
    I have found some more butterfly textures & warped/stretched textures though only a few. If these detail aren’t worthy of this projects time i’ll totally understand because i may just keep spotting more & more. I don’t want to waste the teams time on small details unless your sure it’s ok for me to continue with these types of reports?

    Right soo the 1st garrador fight, i realise the original is this way too but can you reconsider the brightness of the switch next to him?
    Other switches don’t glow the same way i’ll show a comparison
    bright switch
    Regular switch
    Even in shadow they are clear to see.

    This is the area just before the sewer section there are walls that seem to have a butterfly texture that mess up the upper central wall design?

    End of the sewers at the giant blade jumping area, didn’t these walls used to have a transparant running water effect on them? The area is just at the sewers end.

    Okay i get to the rooms with multiple paintings & that large gattlig gun only a cultist can use use. This painting is slightly in the wrong position in it’s frame, look at bottom left of painting?

    Further in castle i solve the hangman painting puzzle, Salazar speech then all cultists attack. They’re weapons give off light that pass through doors. I know about weapons clipping through doors but can the light be stopped from shining through?
    Enemy approaching door on other side with fire bows weapon.
    Then clipping through..

    At the outdoor section oposite the water fountain if you look down you see another large black hole..
    Look down…

    The castle garden labrynth has a weird hole in the sky?
    Look up…

    The labrynth statues have a much lighter colour head than body & stands out a lot. Can the head colour match the body better please?

    After labrynth near the merchant is a treasure in wardrobe? It has a butterfly texture on it’s back?

    In the next area where there’s a side room with a couple of sneaky novistidors lurking, there are more walls with butterfly textures here..

    In the rocket launcher room on the bridge the carpet texture is slightly stretched..

    End of rocket launcher room section running up the final corridor where there’s a merchant & typewriter. Just before luis dies. i noticed a weird effect on the feet of candle stands in that corroidor?

    Just before the lava room? This floor area has a very large circular texture that is a butterfly effect.

    At the door to the lava room ther’s a number 17 at the top of the door? Is that in the original too? It looks very out of place..? they get mail?

    Those little blue carriages that leon & ashley ride? The right side of the carriage has a slightly stretched texture compared to the left side..

    Once i cleared the chimera puzzle & the wall drops you see a carpet.
    Where Ashley stands the carpet/rug is slightly stretched texture, I hope people recognise this area?

    In the next area with the very large billowing curtains there’s a painting positioned wronly on the left of Leon…

    The furniture in this section don’t seem to match from the top centre to the rest below, also looks like butterfly effect…

    • albert says:

      wow, that’s a lot of stuff ahahha
      yeah, some are already reported
      I’ll do what I can 😉

      • mofail says:

        I’ll post any more tomorrow sorry for so many though.
        Some of these butterfly textures may take more time to adjust so I’ll keep dropping suggestions though completely understand if you folks don’t have time for too many of these type of small issues.
        Game is kicking my ass hard after all these years. I used to be good at this…

        • albert says:

          Hah no problem, I guess I won’t change all the butterfly issues because most of them world requite to generate double size textures and even bigger file sizes, but some of them definitely are easy to fix

  117. Chris says:

    Hi guys, I have a very minor issue to report. The Rifle in the inventory screen is slightly misaligned. The first image is without the HD Project, you can see that the left side of the Rifle is aligned with the Shotgun. The second image is with the HD Project, the Rifle is slightly misaligned (though this is perhaps because of the corrected stock?). With the HD Project, if you put the Rifle at the bottom of the case, the bottom of the Rifle disappears below the case:

    If this is a result of having a correct image of the Rifle, then feel free to disregard this post! Thanks again for all your hard work!

  118. Marcos says:

    Butterfly effect (Increase the brightness) (Chapter 1-2):

  119. Alexander says:

    Maybe I’m exaggerating, but there is a somewhat strange texture in the castle (map included). Is this graffiti or a very elaborate depression in the wall?

    Location (2nd floor of the hall, right after the staircase):

  120. Hello Albert! I would like to report some bugs that are happening to me in game 2 so far.
    1- Delay in characters’ speech in cutscenes
    2- Ada’s arrows do not appear in the inventory

    These are the bugs that are happening to me so far, and thanks for this excellent work re4 is beautiful and with fov it was perfect.

  121. Phantron says:

    Hello, in the curch cutscene with Saddler, the chandelier is shaking extremely:

    I didnt capture it, this ifs a full walkthrough with the mod from another person 🙂

  122. Banz99 says:

    The map viewer menu in Italian has a typo in it. “Explotata” should be “Esplorata”.

  123. Wiibu says:

    Ada Classic RE2 outfit
    Completely black decapitated head texture bug
    Somehow only happens to this outfit, other outfits aren’t affected by this issue

    • albert says:

      thank you!
      that’s some kind of engine.
      about the road, I guess you mena the lines are not always continuous, righ? the firts one is easy to fix. not sure about the other 2…

      • sinmax says:

        right. I don’t know what you can do and what you can’t, I’m just noticing above which seem strange to me. this engine seemed strange to me, not because it was shaking, but because the garbage texture was sticking out of the pipe (or whatever it is).

  124. Alexander says:

    Treasures from crows aren’t highlighted in the fountain. Is it like that in the original, too?
    Location (Chapter 3-2, just before the Garden):

  125. Banz99 says:

    In Italian the map menu has a typo in it. “Explotata” should be “Esplorata”.

  126. 7amze 3liko says:

    Dear Albert and Chris
    I loved ur project but there is only one issue
    the Handgun ammo box edges are too bright
    the Shotgun shells box edges are bright unlike the Examine view

  127. Sturmman says:

    The audio on the church cutscene, when you see saddler for the first time is desynced, I cant remember if it happened in game, I only noticed it when looking at the scene trough the cutscene viewer, and apparently it became slightly less desynced by watching it again, could other cutscenes appear desynced only when looking them via the viewer? please check (also, as others, I get the twitching chandelier bug, but only when seeing the cutscene when playing the chapter, not when the cutscene is playing in the viewer)

  128. Alexander says:

    Chapter 4-1.

    I hope at this point I’m not imagining things, but it’s like weapons don’t have shadows on them in the corridor right before the hall with curtains and broken windows.

    2) For comparison from another area:

    • albert says:

      Haha thanks!
      the lighting in this game is a mess and really hard to manage. It’s probably an inaccuracy. Let’s see if I can do something about that

  129. Phantron says:

    Heya, just dropping my remaining little issues with Leon’s campaign that likely didnt get reported

    The figurines seem to be a little too lowpoly, at least this one sticks out harder with its hands:

    In the first toom after the Ashley bulldozer driving section on the island where the merchant is, this desk door clips into the wall after opening it, not sure it this can get actually fixed:

    aaand thats it from me with the main campaign!

  130. Nemma says:

    Two small issues I noticed 🙂

    Leon’s belt buckles and spare ammo clips are pitch black (though the clips reflect light occasionally):

    In the castle room before the King and Queen section (the end of the second trolley ride) the two giant armors are translucent:

    The armors look kinda cool this way honestly, but I don’t think it’s intentional 😀

    • albert says:

      Oh, yes, the statues are glass already in the original. 100% intentional (and in the gamecube version, too. Some people played the PS2 version, and they are normal statues in that port)

  131. peps says:

    Hola albert hay una inexactitud en separate ways cuando ada va a tocar la campana, el mapa de la iglesia es de noche porque es un copy-paste de la campaña de leon y me preguntaba si sería mucho trabajo cambiar la iluminacion de ese mapa para que en separate ways sea de día?

    Sería muy bueno ver esa parte del pueblo de día y es medio bizarro que cuando tocass la campana se hace de día de inmediato

  132. curryking3 says:

    the overlay or transparency effect here is misaligned, not sure if that is accurate to gamecube or just a misalignment, affects the transparency outline the terrain but also of the character model if the camera puts the character in front of the glowing ceiling effects of this area

  133. Scott says:

    Hi! Albert
    I’d like to report some visual issues.

    1. In the final cutscenes, when Leon adn Ashley escaping the island with jet ski, both of them will shake weirly compare to the original cutscenes. Please find the video below. Is there any way that can be fixed it?

    2. In 2-1 chruch cutscenes(only in movie browser will have desync situation), where Saddler, Leon, Ashley talk to each other, thier speech get delayed, and this only happens in the movie browser, but in the game cutscenes, it is functioning normally.
    But the chandelier is shaking during the game cutscenes, chandelier in movie browser cutscenes, is totally fine

    • albert says:

      The first one… it’s really strange. Does it always happen? First time I see it.
      The second one is a known issue. We’ll try to fix it!

      • Scott says:

        Yes, it always happens. I tried to disable vsync, and this cutscenes will get back to normal. But there will be other glitch in the game, so I turned it back the vsync on again. Hoping you can find the solution, it will be much appreciated.

  134. sinmax says:

    knife in hand krauser
    black triangle in the corner
    corners of a torn lattice (why lighter?)

  135. Truz says:

    I think I’ve found a UV mistake on one of the trophies earned from the shooting gallery. It’s on the bottom and back of his right pants leg.
    I didn’t check to see if it was there on the actual enemy model, but I felt it was worth mentioning. Also, thanks for finishing this crazy project! It’s been a great time.

  136. irritablerodent says:

    Sorry if already reported. This texture seam on the water on the scaffold section after the church.

    • albert says:

      Not reported yet, but I think it’s hard to fix. The effects in this game have some limitations and inaccuracies. Some of them are really silly and irritating XD

      • irritablerodent says:

        No worries. Thanks for all your hard work, enjoying the heck out of the HD mod while poking Leon’s nose into all the corners and soaking in all the pixels.

  137. ERA says:

    please can you put a patch for the playstation buttons?

  138. sinmax says:

    extra yellow squares (I think) door to krauser
    door gap krauser location
    the canopy is not clear what it is holding on to. after the helicopter episode
    model overlay
    ashley eyelashes (and maybe a little Leon)

    passed. this is my first playthrough of the hd version. before that I only played on ps2 and wii. can you return the start screen from these versions here? there it was possible to increase the panorama of the village or turn it to the left / right.

  139. Marcos says:

    Chapter – 2-1 (Can you make those bullets rotate 45 degrees to make it look more cirular?)

    Chapter 2-1 (Add cloth pyshics is possible?)

    Chapter 2-1 (If i remember correctly, those RGB lights had a bloom effect – its missing)

    Chapter 2-3 (Skybox border)

    Chapter 3-1 (Missing bloom/Wrong color?)

    Chapter 3-1 (The water in this room flicks)

    Sorry if somethings are wrong. I don play the game since 2016.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the report!
      The flare lens effect of some lights sometimes get deactivated when you minimize the game to another program and then you come back to the game.
      It’s an issue that the game always had… let’s see if we can fix it.
      I’ll take a look at the other stuff!

  140. Adrian Hall says:

    Hi! I played through the full game and Separate ways yesterday. I took screenshots of anything I thought looked wrong, even if I didn’t think it was related to RE4HD. I uploaded commented screenshots to my steam photo gallery.
    I did also see some texture seams that I diddn’t get photos of, I’m doing another runs o I’ll try to grab those as well.
    There is one other thing that bugs me, and I think its in the original game too. The Shotgun Shell box says “Sabot Slugs”, but the shotguns in the game never fire slugs. They always fire shot. A slug is basically one huge bullet that is fired from a shotgun shell (so it has huge stopping power, but doesn’t spread). Leon always fire’s shot, which is a whole bunch of tiny pellets that can spread out. Why do tiny pellets knock people over? No idea, but I’m glad they do!
    I don’t really expect you to change the original texture, but FYI it doesn’t make sense unless everybody in RE4 has really poor firearms safety (strong ammunition in a mislabeled box is no bueno). I guess the fact that they leave ammo lying around every which where suggests that may be the case.

    P.S. No crashes or other technical issues @ 4K60, Ryzen 3900X, Radeon 6800XT. I did experience desyncing during the first cutscene with Leon and Luis, and the cutscene where Ada blows up the room so that Leon and Ashley can escape from Sadler. I think you already know about those.

    Thanks so much for this great experience!

    • albert says:

      Oh thanks for all these screenshots and report!
      I’m sure I can fix most of them 🙂

      • Adrian Hall says:

        I just finished a second run through, took more screens. I haven’t commented and uploaded them yet, but I wanted to mention right away that a whole bunch of the paintings in the castle are upside down or sideways.

        • Adrian Hall says:

          Ok, got them uploaded tonight (in the same gallery linked above).
          I want to stress that I am fully aware how nitpicky these things are. These screenshots are just meant as a simple “hey I noticed this”, nothing more. Would that all 1.0 game releases only had bugs like “the mapping of the texture on the end of this bit of wood is kind of weird”.

        • albert says:

          Haha yes, I know. I really have no idea what the hell happened to that room XD
          It’s really easy to fix:)

  141. Hobbs says:

    I noticed lighting issues on r201:S: Castle Entrance Hall down on the Bells where the bell has lighting without a light source
    and Ashley is very bright, standing in the shadows

    • albert says:

      The bell is receiving the light of the upper floor.
      Unfortunately, there’s no way I can make the light from up there doesn’t reach the bell, because the bell is a dynamic model, unlike the stage models which are static models and I have total control of which lights reach every model. But dynamic models like that bell, a door, a breakable object etc, are another story…
      This game is really hard to mod and has lots of limitations.
      Something similar happens with Ashley. Since her textures have lighter colors compared to Leon’s it looks like she’s brighter, but changing the light values for her would make she looks too dark in other positions in the same stage. It’s hard to get the perfect balance

  142. Cruz says:

    There’s this weird distortion, that I saw only on the side room of the church, after saving Ashley. Open the picture on a new tab to see better. I tried tweaking with the mod menu and the filters but nothing happend.

  143. aojiaoda says:

    hi! Albert,thank you for amazing work.
    I found some problems,but my English is not good.I hope you can understand it.

    1-1 Detonator,the instructions upside down。
    5-1 After Ashley was taken away, There is a gap in the door。
    5-1 bottle cap looks weird.I think it’s Texture mapping mistake。
    5-1 The same problem happened to can lids,maybe it’s Texture mapping mistake?
    《SeparateWays》,Unnatural shadows。

  144. Nik says:

    3-1, canon section, near the Gold Bangle chest – slight clipping

    3-2, red robe dude on a turret section – this painting appears to be off center or is missing something on the left side

    4-1, queen and king merchant room – painting is upside down and misplaced? Unless the change was intended

  145. Jay says:

    3rd playthrough fantastic work btw seriously give yourself a pat on the back for the amazing work

    spotted a weird light bloom issue

    5-1 on the bridge/catwalk with the merchant light from the top-level bleeds down

  146. Ariadna says:

    meu jogo instalei deu tudo certo porem na hora de jogar o jogo esta lento , parece estar em camera lenta, ate pra mirar

  147. Ariadna says:

    Lo instalé y todo salió bien pero al jugar va lento parece que va a cámara lenta hasta para apuntar

  148. PensivePen says:

    Congratulations on the release! It’s been amazing following your work for all of these years and finally seeing it come to fruition. Two things I’ve noticed as I have been playing.

    The bell at the church pops-in at a fairly noticeable distance at night (not sure if the same thing happens at day). Dunno if this is something that can be fixed but figured it was worth bringing to your attention.

    This second thing is more of an artistic interpretation, but I can’t help but feel as if the cracked wallpaper in this first interior house looks very intense in your mod in comparison with the original. I feel like the deeper and more obvious cracks draw more attention to the obvious repetitiveness of the texture. I think it stands out especially since it is the first room in the game.

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      yes, it can be fixed 🙂
      The second one… well, in the original the textures were blurry, so I guess it’s a matter of interpretation as you say
      In my case, I see more repetitive the original XD mostly because the lack of fine detail make more obvious the light-dark-light-dark… big areas of the paper

  149. Riasat Salmin Sami says:
    ^ This area where Leon fights the lake monster looks a bit too unsaturated. Especially his skin colors.

    The new colors does match the gamecube version more, but Leon’s skin has more color and tone in the gamecube as well:

    A very slight adjustment in the pink hue for Leon’s skin should be enough imo. Currently his skin looks too dead.

    • Riasat Salmin Sami says:

      My system specs:
      GPU- 980 Ti
      CPU- i7 6700k
      RAM- 16 gb [2400 Mhz]

      Playing on Windows 10 with updated drivers.

  150. MaxPowerGD says:

    El juego se me crashea en el episodio 5-4 cuando abro la puerta despues de utilizar los dos interruptores.
    Minuto: 22:32

    No se si será un problema de la descarga de mis archivos, o que onda. Elimine bio4 antes de instalar el mod como decían las instrucciones y puse el patch que me pedia al iniciar el juego.

    • albert says:

      Puedes probar a parchear el archivo bio4.exe original con el programa 4GBpatch?
      Es decir, en la carpeta Bin32 ahora tienes el archivo bio4.exe, que ya está parcheado, y además deberías ver el archivo bio4.exe.bak, que es el original
      Elimina el bio4.exe y renombra bio4.exe.bak a bio4.exe
      Entonces abre el porgrama 4GBpatch que te has descargado en el link que te he pasado y dile que parchee bio4.exe

      A ver si ahora el juego no “peta” al pasar de esa puerta
      Ya me dices! gracias!

  151. postal says:

    Finished my playthrough, here’s the remaining quirks I’ve noticed that I *think* weren’t reported already:

    This one’s a bit weird, not sure how much of it is even your territory or not, but the text on the back-ground image of the letter from Ada doesn’t appear to match the displaying menu text that well at all. Curiously enough, the menu text being displayed seems to actually be wrong here, as later in the game it’s stated that radiation, not medication, is what removes the plagas.

    Another odd one, but in the cut-scene where Leon and Ashley jump down the hole into the garbage dump, the crane you were controlling previously appears to be twitching back and forth rapidly when it very slightly comes into frame during the cutscene. No screenshots/videos sadly, but this is pretty minor quirk anyways.

    In the final area and during the cutscene from the Sadler boss, flames and lights appear to be randomly flickering with the glow/lens flare effects (as in, switching between the effects being present/missing). I was able to screenshot this for the merchant fires at least, but it was also doing this on the spotlights in the cutscene for the Saddler boss. Was still happening on my 2nd attempt at the boss, so I’m guessing it’s consistent.

    Lastly, not a particularly helpful report, but my game did crash during the Island helicopter-support segment when I tried to enter the door which causes a loading trigger just after the part where you have to get past the three machine gun turrets, and just before the area where the helicopter crashes. When I reloaded my save, it didn’t happen that second time. Hard to say what caused it, but I was really taking my sweet time when I went through it the first time and crashed, as I was exploring everywhere and killing everything, versus the second time where I was rushing through without fighting and avoided crashing, so maybe that’s related. No idea if this is even tied to your mod or not, though.

    That’s everything I’ve noticed from my playthrough. Absolutely amazing work with this, I really enjoyed experiencing this game with a fresh coat of paint put on it!

    • postal says:

      Realized after posting this that the crash issue should be reported elsewhere lol – It’s reposted now in the technical issues section.

  152. Phantron says:

    Heya, my visual errors in Seperate Ways, I feel are as followed:

    that fire graphic should definitely not be laying down flat, but going upwards 😀
    this is at the crashed bulldozer from Ashley/Leon. I’m not sure if that little fire graphic has the same issue in the main game as I didn’t turn around in the room after the dozer crash.

    this next and last one is more a logical idea from me, and not a graphical error per se:

    some joists that hold the glass parts should be broken and partially gone after Ada jumped through the window, as I doubt she would be able to fit through one of the parts 🙂
    you could just take out the lower half of the joists in the middle up to the center. I dont think this is the exact same room model as Leon’s right? it should be a different one!

    • albert says:

      Haha thanks for the feedback. you are right about the window XDD
      Yep, All Separate Ways rooms are also “Separate Rooms” files 😛

      • Phantron says:

        Hello I have 2 further issues with Seperate Ways:

        – the crossbow bolts are invisible in the inventory and in the screen when you can sell them to the merchant (this is likely already reported from other people)
        – in the cutscene where Ada shoots Saddler and the explosive barrels to block his way for following Leon and Ashley, Ada’s eyelashes have the same transparency issue as Ashley in other scenes (ending cutscene mostly). as this is a remade pre-rendered video, maybe you could fix the eyelashes just by the magic of video editing? 😀

  153. Truz says:

    Hello again, back already with something which I’m sure is just an oversight in the base game.
    Right after talking to Luis for the first time in the castle, there’s a short archway with a crossbowman on top. To the left there seems to be a missing tri in the level geometry, showing the sky behind.
    Also found the secret room you guys made this time through. Very cool and fun find! I liked the room with all the photos scattered around especially.

  154. Chris says:

    Hi, me again, here with another minor issue. It seems that the top of Ashley’s eyelashes are not completely transparent when in-game? You can see it here:

    I do think this issue is pretty minor as you can really only see it from this angle, but figured I’d let you guys know anyway. Take care!

  155. sinmax says:

    is there any cheat to disable ganados in mercenaries? terribly annoying..
    started on pro and bingo
    the shotgun was not the only victim of improvements xd

  156. Gonzo says:

    Albert otra cosa que estaria bien que pudieras añadir es la posibilidad de elegir los iconos del mando con el que estas jugando. Estoy con el dualsense y tengo los iconos de xbox. Estaria super bien que arreglaras eso la verdad 😀

  157. James L says:

    Hi Albert,
    I apologise that I am unable to provide screenshots as I saved over the areas where I should have done so and can’t go back without playing the whole game through again! I hope my explanations are enough.

    1. As the cutscene where Leon looks down at the two cars in the river initiates there seems to be some sort of awkward camera movement that cuts into his head. It’s hard to explain but it only happens in game, not in the movie browser

    2. Now I must be only person who this affects as its very obviously a problem but in the cutscene where Mike’s helicopter is shot down, a very exaggerated bloom effect around Mike’s helicopter is apparent as it falls out of the sky and hits the ground.

    3. As you enter the room where the first reginerator is found, there is a computer case near the main door which has an English texture on it that is backwards.

    4. The first inverted comma (example: this one—-> “Ganados” <—not this one) in all texts, documents and conversations is backwards!

    5. In Ashley's first holding cell on the island, if you look out the window and downwards you can see that no ground exists. More fog could do the trick here?

    There were a few more issues (such as the invisible silencer) but I can see others have brought them to your attention already! Cutscene audio de-sync I must say was consistently a problem, especially in chapter 1

    I will play through again on Professional and see if i can find more WITH SCREENSHOTS this time.
    Thanks for a brilliant remaster.

    • albert says:

      Thank you for all the feedback! It’s perfectly understandable 😉
      About the desyncs, if you disable the EnableGCBlur may alleviate it a bit

      • Alexander says:

        Albert, about words written backwards. I don’t have a screenshot either, but…

        The area with doors to the freezer and to the waste disposal (with two Regeneradors). There is an interactable fuel tank (near the door to the freezer) that has two same textures on opposite sides: the one is perfectly fine, another one is mirrored.

        I don’t know if it’s intended, maybe it’s safety measures.

      • James L says:

        Thanks, Ill try that!

  158. irving says:

    Oye creo q esto no deberia estar aqui xd, pera ya que veo q tiene la pantalla de inicio de gamecube y el sonido del radio otra cosa que estaria cool seria que se pudiera matar al buhonero con el lanzaminas y el lanzacohetes y desintegrarlo tambien hacerlo volar con la escopeta y otras formas de muerte que hay para el buhonero en la version de gc

  159. Astolfo Duran says:

    The verdugo in this cutscene is missing his head (bug from the original relase) can you fix it?

  160. Alexander says:

    Chapter 5-1, the lab with Iron Maiden.

    Two monitors have misaligned images (especially in comparison with the same images on other displays in the same lab).

    1.1) For comparison:
    2.1) For comparison:

    Location on the map:

  161. Albert, tengo una duda con los textos, y a la vez queria reportar algo espero que puedas ayudar.
    Algunas escenas de separate ways en las que se ven cinematicas que aparecen en el modo historia principal, a 1)pesar de tener los mismos díalogos, tienen subtitulos distintos
    2)podrias cambiarle el nombre al item “llave del ascensor” a “llave del teleferico” ? pues es lo que es, adjunto fotos de la 1 y 2

    Ahora, sabes en que archivo puedo encontrar los nombres, descripciones de objetos, y subtitulos del juego, y como puedo editarlos? he notado que la traduccion del juego no es de la mejor en muchos casos y me gustaria mejorarla

    • albert says:

      Efectivamente, no sé qué es peor, si el “resultas molesto a nuestros ojos” o “si nos tocas las narices” XD

      Pues los textos están esparcidos por toooodos los archivos del juego: archivos de cinemáticas, archivos de habitaciones, archivos de inventario, y un largo etcétera.
      Solo para hacer la lista correcta necesitaría unas horas…

      Ui sí, esto del ascensor… que horror XD
      Eso no es problema 😉

  162. Alexander says:

    Don’t think it’s worth mentioning, especially if it’s not easy to fix, but there is a weird circular visual effect near the light source when turning a camera.

    It’s at the top of the control tower in Chapter 5-1.

  163. Alexander says:

    That small red portion of the bottom sidelight looks weird. It’s like it doesn’t belong in there and would be better without it.

  164. Marcos says:

    Chapter 3-1 (Tiled texture, can you add more collums or texture variation?)
    Chapter 3-1 (Strecthed texture and wrong side)
    Chapter 3-1 (The text Dicrocoelium is not warped, i think)
    Chapter 3-1 (The hanged women portraits are wrong?)
    Chapter 3-1 (Can you add some 3D details in those walls?)
    Chapter 3-1 (Those bushes are kinda tiled, like little boxes. Can you do something about it?)

    • Nik says:

      “The hanged women” paintings aren’t wrong, but I think the rope position on them should be edited to match the original more because the top of the painting feels like it has a lot of empty space that leads to the feeling of something being wrong with it

  165. 006 says:

    I think this little problem is not difficult for you guys, when you enter the backpack interface, Leon’s jacket will penetrate, the same is true for shotguns and riot guns, this is the most perfect Resident Evil 4 in my opinion, so I hope you can fix it It makes it even better 🙂

    • EPD Gaffney says:

      I was just about to post screenshots of this. I don’t remember this in other versions of the game but I haven’t played since I found out about this HD project, and that was 5-7 years ago, so, maybe I’m wrong.

      • dreadfield says:

        they are trying to fix it its a hard thing very encoded it was broken on later ports even the ps2 wont have that problem with jacket collision

  166. 006 says:

    I think this little problem is not difficult for you guys, when you enter the backpack interface, Leon’s jacket will penetrate, the same is true for shotguns and riot guns, this is the most perfect Resident Evil 4 in my opinion, so I hope you can fix it It makes it even better 🙂

  167. JRG says:

    I am not sure, but it looks like the texture of the microphone isn’t facing the right way in the last regenarator room in island, near the end.

  168. Michael says:

    Not so much a visual issue as it is a version difference but in 5-2 after Ashley crashes the bulldozer and you go into the Merchant room the gamecube and wii version has no music whereas other editions, including this mod, have the serenity theme playing. Not sure if the goal is to stay faithful to the gamecube version in this regard or not but figured that I would mention it.

  169. Roman says:

    This column to the left from the stairs have some glowing effect. Room with Saddler cutscene

  170. Nik says:

    5-1, section with ganados trying to crush Leon with a big rock – if you turn around and look up you can see this seam

    5-1, on the way to radio tower, right before the lab with a spikey Regenerator that carries a key card – this corner has some transparency issues with the door

    5-2, truck section – mirrored sign texture

    Separate Ways, 2, El Gigante section – someone has already reported this, but wanted to add that the texture issue is present on destroyed shacks as well

  171. JRG says:

    The texture of the microphone in the last regenerator room is flipped (at least the text looks wrong)

  172. Astolfo Duran says:

    Hey Albert, did you see the headless verdugo bug I posted above?

  173. kawaws66 says:

    Two Issues I found new:(Sorry but I forgot to save the screenshots this time)
    (I wonder someone may had already reported this)At the end of 2-2,the cutscenes before cabin battle,Ashley’s clothes of chest part become black(kinda looks like missing texture) when choosing the special costume 1
    When playing this game through the SteamLink on my cellphone(Xiaomi 12), at the latter part of 3-2, before entering garden and the locked room with Broken Butterfly, became extremely bright when I tried to turn around.(But there is nothing problem here when playing on my PC)

  174. sinmax says:

    sunroof opens too fast. (Leon doesn’t have one)
    strange glow of the door from the future location with the merchant
    roof outside and roof inside
    air walking
    canister (not a big deal, but if you can remove it, then why not)
    glow without a source
    wreckage without textures

  175. Dillon says:

    Hey, so idk if this is an issue with the engine or not but if you look closely, People’s eyelashes are not dark as they should be. They are “skin” color. Weird. Now that I’ve noticed it I can’t un-see it.

  176. Paul says:

    Hello and thank you for your amazing work!

    I have an issue which occurs only when playing the game on my TV using a steam link. The picture appears fine on the computer monitor. However it is a very strange issue. From the time I start the game as Leon, the picture is very washed out. However once I cross into the village the picture changes and everything becomes very dark, too dark to see the objects inside the buildings. I took a video of my screen as it occurs. The odd thing is that the change, whether the picture is overly light or overly dark, remains when I view the inventory or even go back to the main menu of the game. Only when the game is restarted does the menu look normal again, and only until I start a new game. Lastly, the cutscenes and calls with Hunnigan look completely normal. And everything looks normal on the computer screen, even at the same time my TV output is washed out or dark. I am not using any other mods, I have the current version of the game, and I have the brightness turned all the way up in the menu. No color filters, either. I have not experienced this issue with any other game on the steam link or otherwise.

    Any ideas? I understand it may be difficult to replicate the problem if you do not have a steam link, or even if you do! At the very least, I hope it is helpful that I have reported this issue. I am excited to experience this game again after many years and cannot begin to imagine the amount of work you put in to this mod!

    • Paul says:

      I was able to resolve this issue. I needed to opt out of the steam client beta through the steam central options menu on my pc. I read some posts on reddit of other people experiencing the same issue with this game recently and that was the recommended fix.

      Thank you

  177. Demid_OFF says:

    1) Silencer not showing
    2) I using controller

  178. BRyanAM/ says:

    In the radio comunications leons arms gets off hud in 21:9 mode.

    • albert says:

      XD well yes, this game wasn’t designed for this resolution. There’s no way it can look perfect at 21:9, but it’s interesting to see how the radio call system works 😛

  179. aojiaoda says:

    hi! Albert,Thanks again you for amazing work.
    I found some problems for《Assignment Ada》,my English is not good.I I still hope you can understand it.
    enclose map。

    《Assignment Ada》,On the cabinet The image blurred.
    《Assignment Ada》,wire netting ,translucent;
    《Assignment Ada》,A rock,not high definition.(Leon Chapter had that problem too.)
    《Assignment Ada》,A shadow in a strange place。
    《Assignment Ada》,all the hoses(Water pipe) seemed to not high definition。(Leon Chapter had that problem too.)

  180. Gunaraj says:

    Hola Albert!

    Felicitaciones por el gran trabajo hecho.
    No sé si esto ya lo reportaron pero en Separate Ways los Arpones no se ven:

  181. Buenas noches, me gustaría informar que el silenciador de mi pistola no tiene textura dentro de mi estuche, es posible equiparlo y jugar normalmente, simplemente no tiene textura dentro del estuche, lo que lo hace invisible.

  182. Albert, has visto el bug de uno de los guardaespaldas de Salazar en el que uno aparece sin cabeza en la cutscene en la que se los ve escoltando a ashley? en la escena que ocurre antes de la torre del reloj

  183. Phantom Pain says:

    Hello. I continued playing the game and I ran into errors.

    Game version: 1.1.0. Steam.
    Game language: French.
    System: Windows 8.1, Intel® Core™ i5-3470, GTX 1060 3gb
    I don’t have any other mods. Mod file size – 37.4

    – “Other Ways” story. Inventory does not show crossbow ammo. They are invisible.

    – The plot of the Mercenaries. Inventory does not show Krauser’s weapons. Ammo for this weapon is also invisible.

  184. Heero says:

    I have a question. While playing (I play in English), I noticed that signs on walls were in Spanish instead of English like they usually are. For example, where you first meet Regenerators, the signs on the walls say “Quirófano” instead of “Operating Room”. Is this intentional?

    • albert says:

      Yes, since the game takes place in Spain. It’s normal you can find some English texts here and there, specially if you import machinery or whatever, but huge signals like this are always in Spanish here in Spain unless an English family makes a Hospital just for English people XD.
      After all, most signals are “atrezzo” and they are not important. Most of them were even unrecognizable in the original.

  185. EPD Gaffney says:

    These books have backwards textures in Spanish, whilst the Check prompt tells you they’re written in English. Not sure if fixing it would break something, though, as I do think these textures are used elsewhere.

  186. Eduardo Morales says:

    Aqui tengo algunos screenshots de unos errores y tambien otros screenshots chidos que me gustaba de tu mod.

  187. Deimos says:

    In the French version, there is a translation error in the main menu of the game.

    It is written “comment joeur”, the correct translation is “comment jouer”.

    I don’t know, if this bug has already been said but since it has not been fixed in the patch, I prefer to announce it 🙂

  188. Nik says:

    With patch 1.0.1 installed:

    – on the inventory screen, Leon’s right eye flickers at the end of his breathing animation, happens with RPD costume as well

    – lighting flicker/bug at the start of 2-2 when shooting the cart with explosive barrels; video is a bit long because I was trying to find a pattern but it seems to happen at random

    – Ada’s laser casts shadow on Mendez, seems to be an issue from 360 release

    – 1-3, “swampy” area between El Gigante arena and the lake – texture seam in the water below the first bridge

    – 1-3, El Gigante arena – is it possible to extend ground texture behind this door? I think sudden transition from ground to fog looks a bit jarring to the eye when you approach it

  189. Teniendo en cuenta que tengo el parche 1.0.1

    Vi que arreglaste el bug de desincronización de la escena con Luis, genial! pero el bug sigue presente en la escena en la que ves a Saddler por primera vez en la iglesia, o al menos ocurre al ver la escena en el visor de secuencias, podrias echarle un ojo? pues esta escena es una de mis favoritas, curiosamente, parece que esta un poco menos desincronizada mientras mas la ves, luego revisar, y gracias de antemano Albert!

    • albert says:

      Cierto, desde el visor de secuencias suele haber más problemas, ya que tiene que cargar tooodos los datos desde cero, mientras que en una partida normal ya tiene los datos del escenario cargados.
      Y al parecer eso solo afecta a algunas cinemáticas (según parece el orden de cargado de los archivos varía de una cinemática a otra, de ahí que a veces haya desincronización y a veces no)
      En mi caso, con este parche ya no hay desincronización ni siquiera en esta cinemática, así que imagino que ya depende del PC de cada uno, pero como bien dices, si cargas la escena, la cancelas, y la vuelves a cargar, al tener ya muchos datos “en caché” ya se sincroniza bien

      • Mmmmh, tengo una gtx 1060 ti, en ningún momento el juego se me baja de los 60 fps, con tu mod y todo en ultra, me parece raro que aun asi haya ese tipo de errores, no hay nada que se pueda hacer con los colegas de programación? y gracias por la respuesta

  190. Donald Trompeta says:

    Hola Albert (estoy usando el nuevo parche) He notado que los “carteles” que inspecciona ada en separate ways no concuerdan con lo que pone la textura, podrias editar el texto para que si concuerde, como en la campaña de leon?

  191. Riasat Salmin Sami says:

    Will it be possible to add a shadow cast on Leon on this area:

    Most of the environment shadows cast on Leon now thanks to this beautiful mod. So having that final boss area casting shadow would be nice too, if its possible.

    Looks beautiful either way.

  192. Marcos says:

    Chapter 4-1:
    (The frame is a bit strange.)
    (Repeated pattern)
    (Too squashed, can you do something about that?)
    (Squashed again)
    (Did you drawed this Salazar frame? Can you add some filter to make it look like a picture?)
    (Change the color of the Spinel from blue to purple(?)?)
    (Can you add 3D details?)
    (Glass (normal map) Knights? I kinda like it, but i think its wrong.)
    (Upside down picture?)
    (Butterfly effect)
    (You can see the other room on the right side of the door)
    (Butterfly effect)
    (Can you bake shadows for the fence?)

    • dreadfield says:

      (Can you bake shadows for the fence?)

      it would be so cool if he can bake more shadows
      so many places needs them even if they are small things

  193. Chris says:

    Some small ones, both at the beginning of Chapter 2-4. A misaligned texture causes some pillars to be “disconnected” in the overpass on your way to the castle gate key (just after the cutscene with Luis where he doesn’t have the drugs for Leon and Ashley). The second one is just after you meet Salazar, in the same room, the textures on one of the pillars is misaligned:

  194. aojiaoda says:

    hello Albert!I’m here again。
    I found some problems again ,in the role of Ashley Graham.
    in the 3-4,Ashley Graham fought in armour and Explore alone. but then I was noticing,her face does not seem to have eyelashes.and double eyelid It looks strange。
    I made some comparison pictures inphotoshop,I tried makeup for her,Eyeliner and Mascara,please there must be something she can do?If there’s anything you can do for her, please do it.
    My English is not good.I am so sorry. Pardon me.

  195. aojiaoda says:

    and Ashley Graham Explore alone. slate look like Perspective error。

  196. Marcos says:
    Can you increase the height of the traps?
    Butterfly effect on the textures and bad placement on the wood platforms
    Alpha problems? It is suppsed to look like that?
    Butterfly effect
    Shadow/Color bending on Sadler?

    Albert, i remember reading somewere you were planning add english subtitles. Its still on the table?

    • albert says:

      Yep, That’s the idea. Try to force the game to load subtitles when playing in English… I hope it’s possible. If not, I can create a patch that replaces another language subs with English subs and change the rest of texts assets to match the original English option.

      About the butterfly textures. That’s almost unavoidable in most of these cases. The texture is half of the “thing” and it’s mirrored in order to use smaller textures. This method is used all over the game in countless cases… changing this would force me to edit hundreds and hundreds of 3D mapping objects and would significantly increase the project’s size

      The traps are slightly hidden on purpose ;D

      I can’t see what’s the problem with Saddler and the wood platforms


      • Marcos says:

        The wood platform is not connected and is overlapping the building. The Sadler Shadow is not a smooth gradient, it have only 3 levels of grey.

  197. dreadfield says:

    i was looking this room and i saw that ceiling is concrete and not glass so to much the lighting from al over the flor maybe you can ad some windows on the ceiling
    what do you think?
    best regards

    • dreadfield says:

      i know capcom left this room like that, but maybe you can improve it, just ading windows

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the suggestion!
      The fact is the light falls diagonal and that’s why it reaches the entire room. Also, not the shadow matches the window number of bars if I’m not mistaken.
      I’ll check it!

  198. K.W. says:

    Found a Small texture glitch when playing Ada separate ways on the 1.0 version of the mod.
    Complete new save file first playthough
    Its on Chapter 3 i believe. when you fight the el Gigante, when he breaks the first gate, the texture on the broken gate stump is missing and all white. the same happened to the houses stumps once they are destroyed. however i was lazy and didnt to pictures of those, but you can see on the right side of the image.

    I did leave the stage and come back before killing the gigante, if that helps in any way.

  199. Hola Albert, una pequeña acotacion, en la señal con las calaveras colgantes, en el pantano (de noche) Leon no puede examinarlo (cuando en los escenarios de noche leon puede examinar todos los objetos que vio durante el dia) se que esta señal la añadiste en el mod, asi que puede habersete escapado, saludos!

    PD: Te parece logico que el carro lleno de muertos en la granja, en la noche no tenga los muertos? jajaja

    • albert says:

      Haha Ya, el problema es que si añado un texto… tendría que hacerlo en todos los idiomas (por motivos técnicos) Y por desgracia no sé editar textos en chino tradicional, simplificado ni japonés XDD
      Lo de los cadáveres… pues ya se los habrán llevado para abonar el campo XDD (que de hecho los usan para eso…)

      • ah ya veo, por lo que entiendo, ¿en el caso de los objetos que leon puede examinar durante la noche (pero que tambien aparecen en el dia) usan una nueva cadena de texto en lugar de reutilizar la del dia?

        • albert says:

          Sí, las zonas de noche son zonas totalmente distintas a las del día (por lo que a datos del juego se refiere). Simplemente han hecho un “copiar-pegar” de los modelos 3D y las texturas. Podría ser que hubiera textos que en la traducción no coincidan

  200. aojiaoda says:

    hello Albert!I’m here again。
    I found that 3-1,Ashley Graham Explore alone,Ramon Salazar ‘s oil painting ,He is good but looklike Too dark,
    I used to learn paint in the school(a little),So then I did my drawing over once more. i want it to look like oil painting。If you need this, I will Finish painting。resolution 300。4213×5921,The painting you can be easily edited, added or deleted.
    if you need it,it’ll take me a couple of days.I will try my best to make it look like an oil painting。
    If you don’t need it,I won’t draw it all.
    I hope it’ll help you. Because I like re4hd project very much.My English is not good.I am so sorry. Pardon me.

    • albert says:

      Oh wow!, Not sure if I understood you correctly.
      Did you draw the right side of the image in the link?
      Because that’s already a huge improvement! And you want to do it even better?
      Did I miss something?

    • Diego Siqueira says:

      Althought some gimp/photoshop edits can fix that, your drawing is outstanding!
      I would vot to finish the drawing, it looks really good over the original.

    • dave says:

      Definitely the photo on the right is better. The portrait was painted before the infection and that makes more sense

  201. Diego Siqueira says:

    I know it’s expected to have some stuff showing at the sides on Ultrawide screens, even misaligned stuff… but is it possible to align those texts? It seems that it only happens at those instances:

  202. Marcos says:
    No colision on the boxes
    Can you make the laser gradient smoother?
    Can you add some 3d details on this stove?
    Are they raincoats or the cloaks that the Ganados wear in the castle? Can you change the color to black?
    Can you add specular effects to the bottles of wine?
    Bake shadows for the fences?
    Butterfly effect
    Can you add specular effect on the glasses?
    Ensligh text?
    Can you add an specular effect and remove the “baked” shine on the chair?
    Krauser grenades still look the M67 grenades. Can you change it to the normal grenades?
    Same gradient problem as above
    Bake shadows for fence
    Butterfly effect
    No colision on the stone (intentional?)
    Can you add more details on those pillars? Its kinda flat
    Butterfly effect
    This texture tiles too much on the room, can you make some variations or decrease the green part?
    Wood planks floating
    Can you add cloth physcs?
    Its just me or the Rocker Launcher shines too much?
    Same thing as above (Soaked in water?)
    Why, thank you!
    I dont know what, but there something wrong with Hunningan without glasses.

    Finish the main story. I cant play the game again without this mod. Phenomenal work, Albert.

  203. dave says:

    Can you add subtitles and audio in Brazilian Portuguese?
    I think it is possible to extract audio and subtitles from “silent fandub patch”, but you need to contact them first on facebook. Fansub’s patch is free too

    see the sample

    facebook silent fandub

    • DarkLink1308 says:

      Acredito que a dublagem deva funcionar normalmente porém a legendagem em PT-BR feita pela Tribo Gamer além de estar desatualizada funcionando 100% apenas em versões mais antigas do jogo, ela também modifica algumas texturas. Temos que pedir pra Tribo Gamer atualizar a tradução e fazer uma versão adaptada pro RE4 HD Project.

  204. Vulito says:

    Aqui dejo un clip de una armadura que se ve transparente pero trae sus normals

    • albert says:

      Las armaduras están bien. Son estatuas de cristal. Ya eran así en la Gamecube 😉

      • Vicente says:

        En la versión de ps2 las estatuas tienen textura de metal, tal vez podría ser un fallo de la versión original de gamecube que se conservó en los ports que salieron años más tarde pero que en ps2 se intentó corregir. Al menos esa es la impresión que me da a mí.

  205. aojiaoda says:

    hello Albert!I’m here again。
    Ramon Salazar ‘s oil painting Has been completed,The painting can be adapted to suit individual tastes. I hope it’ll help you.
    See you, have a nice day. See you, Libby.-Bye, have a nice day.

  206. Gonzo says:

    Albert tengo una pregunta. Hay modelados por ejemplo como el de Krauser donde si miras sus brazos se ven muy poligonales. Eso no hay forma de arreglarlo de alguna manera? Es una lastima porque el trabajo de texturas que has realizado es increible pero hay veces que la geometria perjudica un poco el aspecto visual

  207. aojiaoda says:

    hello Albert!I’m here again。

    upside down screen(5-4)

    The wall is a little black

    The wall lack of shadow

    Weird pictures on the closet

    glowing eyes misaligned

    The snake doesn’t seem clear enough

    door gap

    lack of shadow

    See you, have a nice day.

  208. Carlos says:

    The project really improves the visuals of the game! Many thanks for sharing this amazing piece of work. Would you be able to restore Ashley jiggle physics to 30 fps, even when playing in 60 fps mode? Jiggle is more noticeable when playing in 30 fps mode.

    Thank you.

  209. Diegoeo99 says:

    Hola! , acá un par de detallitos más que ví, (esto es con el parche) :
    La colisión de las cajas al inicio de la isla:
    Falta colisión en varios de estos bloques cuadrados en la zona antes y durante toda la pelea con Krauser:
    Colisión en esta caja antes de llegar a la pelea con Bitores:
    Parece que estos detalles son más notorios con el nuevo FOV jaja.
    Texturas invertidas al comienzo de la isla, cuando subes la escalera, hasta arriba:
    La textura de todos los huevos tiene unas pequeñas líneas negras, se nota más en el modelo de examinar:
    Textura con un espacio entre pared techo, ví que parpadeaba algo, luego noté que estaba viendo otra zona del mapa a través de este hoyo, es en las celdas de los novistadors:
    Gracias por tu trabajo!

  210. Riasat Salmin Sami says:

    A very small visual inaccuracy, but the shiny light ray effect on the ptas clips through the wooden box as you can se on the screenshot. This wasn’t present in the GC/wii port.

    Specs: 980 Ti, i7 6700k, win 10 64 bit

    Tested on a fresh game, no other mods installed.

  211. WrathFul says:

    Encontré este error en los verdugos de Salazar en el capítulo 4-1 mientras usaba el traje especial 1 (ya tengo instalado el primer parche del proyecto):

  212. Karrus says:


    I noticed the weapon skins don’t align very well. Like they got rotated possibly.

    I’m open to keeping the original textures, but I don’t know which file to replace.
    Win10 Pro
    AMD Ryzen 5 5600x
    RTX 3070

    Thank you.

  213. EPD Gaffney says:

    Found some more English:

    In this case, it’s Salazar’s coat of arms and it’s used all over the game (or at least the castle section). I’m guessing you must be aware of this, but I found it weird because Salazar himself is Spanish, so you’d expect either Spanish or Latin on the coat of arms.

  214. PensivePen says:

    The giant Salazar statue disappears when picking up an item. Noticeable now thanks to the transparent pickup menu.

  215. Leandro says:

    Yo el problema es que teniendo una RTX 3060 Al grabar con Msi Afterbunner el juego pasa de 60 Fps a 25 maximo 32, y es raro porque eso con el parche del 2018 nunca pasaba y en ese momento tenia una RX 590

  216. Gabooz says:

    Haven’t played really just tried it so far, but at the arrival at the village, Leon can look with the binoculars, and when doing so there’s a compass on top of the screen but the problem is the indication it gives, mostly it indicates west (which is not a problem) but if you turn left it indicates the north (or if you look west and turn left you should go south), it was in the original game too.

  217. Joseph says:

    Some of the tree trunks seems to be floating in the opening cutscene:

    Your custom shadow still shows up when the gate disappears in chapter 4-1:

    Textures didn’t seem to load for this part in Separate Ways with the El Gigante fight. I haven’t checked the same area to see if it was only a one-time occurrence:

    There was also a texture loading issue with Ada in The Mercenaries that seems to have resolved itself by restarting the game, but her model was covered in what looked like icons for button prompts. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to snap a screenshot.

  218. Havok2oo3 says:

    ¡Buenas! No sé si ya lo habrán reportado, pero aquí voy con este post.
    Simplemente para avisar de que la posición del láser de la escopeta de Ada no es correcta, y creo que es necesario el cambio debido a que es algo notorio y queda algo indecente a la vista y espero que esté en su poder arreglarlo. De lo contrario, pueden ignorar este mensaje.


  219. Mysterio says:

    Ashley’s eyes seemed to be bugged a little. This is after just saving her and going down the ladder.

  220. Riasat Salmin Sami says:

    I think Hunnigan’s eye texture should be reverted back to the vanilla textures.

    Vanilla game:


    HD Project:

    As you can see, in the HD project there are serval issues that makes her eye look mutant:

    1. Her iris and pupil is too big:
    I think this is the biggest factor since that makes her look non human. It ever so slightly increased in diameter but that was enough to make th overall iris look very big. The iris texture needs to be reduced in size.

    2. The white part of her eye is too dark:
    This also makes her eyes look abnormal since it gives the impression of her eye socket being bigger than her eyeball.

    3. The color of iris:
    This doesn’t seem to match her Gamecube iris color. But the real problem is that her iris is too dark and contrasted.

    I hope this can be fixed since just tinkering with the texture and iris size should solve most of the problem. Rest of her face texture looks excellent, including the hair. So using the original texture just for the eye might bot be a bad idea too.

    • Genroa says:

      I agree.

    • Alvin says:

      Yeah, after comparing I agree as well. Hunnigan also needs the morph or model edit to lower her eyelids slightly. She’s eyeballing straight through the screen like Nicolas Cage’s ;”You don’t say?!”
      Then again, this was always an issue.

      • albert says:

        Yep. I wasn’t able to edit his face model. For some strange reason, radio models doesn’t work exactly like the other ingame and cutscene models, and the most I was able to do is hexedit a vertex position. Also, I agree the eye texture is not my best work XDD

  221. Genroa says:

    In the room with the big blue chest (map screenshot available at the link) in the castle, there is a texture gap.

  222. Dan D. says:

    hi i recently installed the mod and it seems as though all of the texture modifications didnt load in. some of the doors look incredible as well as the outside of some of the buildings but the rest still looks like it did in the
    OG. I’m not sure if I have done something wrong or if it bugged when I relaunched the game. I will note that when I installed everything, the game wouldn’t launch and I had to uninstall and reinstall the game. After that, it launched and the messages that were directed would show up, did and I am wondering if that may have been a part of the problem. If anyone has any advice that would be great. Another note, this is my first time using a mod on a game that I had to download from a third party so I am incredibly inexperienced when it comes to these type of things. Thank you in advance!

    • Genroa says:

      You probably didn’t follow the instructions properly and simply copied the folder into your game’s folder. The instructions explicitely state that you have to first delete the BIO4 folder before copying the new one. 🙂

  223. Karl-Martin says:

    My first playthrough of this mod and it is amazing. Thank you so much for the mind bending amount of work you guy’s have put into this.
    Sadly though I experienced this odd bug when playing through chapter 5-3. Not really sure how to describe it so I’ll add a link to my screen recording. From what I can gather it seems like a missing texture type thing on the starting handgun and its muzzle flash when shooting. My apologies if this has been reported before.

    • albert says:

      I’d say it’s a random issue. For some reason, the textures for the ingame weapon model (the “examine” and inventory models are different files) are not loaded properly. Both weapon texture and effect textures are stored in the same texture pack.

      Please, could you report this here?
      I’m pretty sure the dll file could be the reason of this very rare bug a very few people are experiencing (or maybe not…)

      Also, did it happen again when loading and playing the same area once more?

    • emoose says:

      Are you using the HD project 1.0.1 patch, or any kind of updated re4_tweaks DLL?
      There’s a page on re4_tweaks github tracking a similar issue, feel free to add any input there:

      • albert says:

        Thanks emoose!
        Yep, it seems a few people have this random issue… it’s like the game can’t load certain .pack files and it simply uses the typical “always-on-memory” alphanumeric texture… strange…

  224. DarkLink1308 says:

    Hi, I saw a user on twitter reporting a flaw in Leon’s jacket design. I believe you haven’t seen this message, could you investigate? Here is the link to message with images

  225. Marcos says:

    Separate Ways mode:
    Missaligned icons
    Box with no collision
    Can you add an ‘Jump over’ here?
    Can you add some 3D details on the handles?
    Can you add more details on this mesh?
    The cannons on the other ship kinda contrast (proposital?)
    Tiled texture on the platform
    Can you add 3D details where this texture is used?

    BTW, can you add an exit for the ship? Looks like the room its closed. Where’s the ship can get out? XD
    Butterfly effect

    Is just me or you couldn update some cutscenes, even if a real time version exist, like the videos after the end of a mission?

  226. Mark says:
    Isnt the pathway in chapter 2-2 after rescuing ashley supposed to be destroyed? I remember it being destroyed in all ports of the game. Cheers bro!

    • albert says:

      Yes, it is, why are you asking?

      • Mark says:

        Ohh because it is not in this hd project. The screenshot i took shows the path still intact even though the “investigate” says it is not.

        • albert says:

          Ahh! I see. There are missing planks in the image, but I’m seeing in the original there is not even a single one.
          Good eyes and memory.
          Thanks! ;D

          • Mark says:

            Glad i could help! I also noticed something in chapter 2-1 with the waterwheel. During the mini cutscene where you divert the flow of water, i noticed that there’s already water flowing going the waterwheel even though the water is still hasn’t reached it (BTW i have the gamecube and ps2 version of the game for comparison). Note that this is only during the cutscene. Its kind of a small thing but i remember the water flow working as it should in the GC/PS2 version. Again Nice Job with the mod i enjoyed this a whole lot more than the UHD version by capcom.

          • Mark says:

            Just gonna show you the picture. This is just an incredibly minor issue that i found that absolutely doesnt need to be fixed if you dont have enough time but i thought something that might need to notice

  227. Dave says:

    I don’t think my RE4 HD Project is working as intended. Whenever I move the files and patch the .exe file, the game doesn’t seem HD. I’ve seen others do it and it works and I’m doing the steps correctly. Putting all parts in one folder, extract part 1, replace bin32 and delete BIO4 and copy and paste and yet nothing. I just want it to look pretty 🙁

  228. william30428 says:

    maybe it is not a problem…or maybe i am a perfectionist…should visual inaccuracies….
    it is about Ada’s move when running with Handgun punisher in Mercenaties. should change too.

    Frist, thanks You guys help us change Ada’s move like PS2 version , on PS2 version CAPCOM change her running move to let her leg appear and fit her red dress (dress waving when jumping and running). On PS3 and orginal UHD PC version her move is like GAMECUBE version so her dress won’t waving when jumping and running, to me on PS3 it is like a strange iron sheets cover leg lol.

    i found out when equip Handgun punisher, her running move turn back like PS3 and her dress stick with her leg…but if you equip Blacktail her dress won’t stick with her leg…you can see the pic or try it your self and know what i mean. hope you guys can fix her Punisher move like Blacktial one, thank you (smile)

  229. Vita says:

    [translated by google translate]

    1. So, I’m making the game language only in English and reduce unnecessary files to reduce file size, is that possible? I’ve tried deleting some files and so far no problem. Deleted files details are in the [Deleted Files] folder.

    2. Are you going to make small patches, like you said in a previous post ( ) to remove motion sickness effects, such as blur effects (water, fire, room, explosions), when the player/enemy performs actions (kicks, hooks, punches, etc.) and other similar effects?. See the “Effects” Folder for some blurry examples.

    3. When opening the scope in the weapon mine thrower, the texture quality is low and, in stage 4 mercenaries the water movement and/or water texture feels unsightly and doesn’t fit in the right place, maybe it would be more suitable to use the water texture on stage 3 mercenaries, but in blue?. Look for it in the “Additional” folder.


    Maybe that’s all from me, thanks in advance ^^/

  230. Nick Swenson says:

    A series of visual inaccuracies reported on github. Will be updated as is necessary.

    • Sean says:

      ^^ THIS ^^ is some really good stuff!!! How did you notice all those tiny little details? lol

      I’d like to add that I dislike the way ammo boxes look on the inventory screen — the ammo boxes have a whitish tint around the edges (its not a big deal, however…) the original does not have a whitish tint around the edges of the ammo — I feel like the white edge on each box makes them look “flat” with no depth… is it possible to give the ammo a slight shadow on side of one edge? Like say only the top/left corner is white and the bottom/right corner is shaded? I think it would add a slight bit of visual depth to the ammo boxes within the inventory to reduce the white edges slightly (I hope you understand lol)

      Also, I really prefer the original butterfly with the brown handle… I remember discussing that back when you (Albert) first posted pictures of the new butterfly change… I remember it being brown on Gamecube and I do not remember why you changed it? but its a minor nitpick, not a big deal 😛

      There’s some other small stuff I’ve noticed but I’m sure you have your hands full as it is, so I
      I’ll wait to see patch 1.1 before I nitpick things too much, since I have not actually downloaded v1.0 at this time (just looking at pictures for now lol)

  231. Pasi says:

    The textures in the Mine Thrower’s scope appear inconsistent with the rest of the textures:

    The centre dot is not actually in the centre when compared to the four big lines next to it. Some of the scope image’s textures, mainly the “arrows” and lines, look really sharp while others, mainly the texts, are really blurry and low-res. I’m not sure if they are supposed to look “out of focus”, but the current textures don’t give that impression in my opinion. Instead, it looks like these textures were missed during the retexturing process. The “out of focus” blurred textures have jagged edges and are clearly low-res, standing out from the rest of the project. In the screenshot it doesn’t look that bad, but in-game the scope elements are constantly rotating and moving, which makes the blurry and jagged edges flaws more easily noticable.

    That’s it. Otherwise I’ve really loved the HD project. Besides some of the known issues that you’re already working on, this is the only flaw that I’ve encountered so far. Great job!

  232. Woch says:

    Can the flicker frequency of candle light be lower, or softer.
    It’s a little dazzling.

  233. Zachary says:

    Something red, possibly blood, comes from boarded windows that you knife.

  234. Zachary says:

    Possible issue with the water? Very blurry looking and strange.

  235. Wei says:

    My eyes might deceive me but it appears as if the stock on the red9 is crooked and not inline
    with the rest of the pistol



    And the bolt of the pistol is too big and lacks the hollow cavity that was
    textured in the original model

    Bolt side view:

    Bolt angled view:

    Could also just be me but I think the stock also looks a bit wide but it’s hard finding a good
    top down picture of one

  236. NEGAARMAX says:

    Hola Albert no se si te lo han reportado antes pero vi este error hace un momento que jugaba.
    Cuando tienes el inventario lleno e intentas agarrar un item en el area de Salazar una textura cambia rapidamente a la textura de numeros y letras
    grabe video para que vea el bug.
    Nota, si eh modificado algunas texturas, pero ninguna de ese mapa y los modelos menos :v

    • albert says:

      Esta sí que es buena. Sí, a mí también me pasa.
      No se si esto lo provoca el dll. Lo consultaré con los colegas.
      Gracias por hacérmelo saber!!

  237. Hey albert, este no es un problema visual sino aparentemente de audio, el cual ni siquiera se si es un problema, pero hay algunas ocasiones en las que leon al usar su comunicador, el sonido de “interferencia” no es el de siempre, un ejemplo se puede ver en este video (cosa que confirma que no soy solo yo)
    en el 18:13 , el otro momento donde ocurre es despues de la escena donde estas amarrado a Luis, y en algunos otros momentos de la historia

    • albert says:

      Si, es a propósito. Así era en la Gamecube.

      El sonido cuando es Leon quien llama es diferente que si es a él a quien le llaman.
      Lo cual es lógico. Si llamas tú, la radio no hará ningún ruido antes de que la toques XD

      Por algún error los dos sonidos eran el mismo en los archivos de audio en todos los ports del juego…

  238. Thiago Victor Braga Bezerra says:

    This comment is more a suggestion than a report, you guys know that water in the castles prison where we encounter the first novistators, i dont know if you guys are gonna agree with me, but i think that part should be darker, or at least the water that leon flushes out of that part should be darker and dirtier, i thik it looks too much clean for a place like that you know, hope ive helped 🙂

  239. Thomas says:

    There’s apparently a bug occurring to Ashley’s pop star costume.
    In the siege scene in 2-1, apparently Ashley’s default costume and the pop star costume overlap. I haven’t encountered this bug previously, and thought it was really weird

  240. Wilhelm Keitel says:

    Hello Albert, some times the “lens flare” effect of the truck near the castle doesnt work

    • albert says:

      The game has this issue with lens flare effects even in the vanilla version: The lens flare effect in unstable if you minimize the game (or Alt+Tab to go to another program) and then you go back to the game. The lens flare gets bugged. If you restart the game, it gets fixed.
      It’s an issue I’ve reported to my coder colleagues and we’ll try to fix 😉

  241. Hola Albert, recuerdas que te mencione que si podias cambiar la descripcion del papel que habla sobre el lanzacohetes? bueno, aqui ya escribi una descripcion, a ver que opinas, de ser necesario la puedo hacer más larga.

  242. Hans Gruber says:

    Hello Albert, since you removed the laser from Luis’s Red 9, could you do the same with his bottlecap figure?

  243. CAR15 says:

    A small gallery of bugs and other things i’ve noticed

    and another thing, while some of the pickable files are hi res enough to be read without even picking them up, and zooming on them with the sniper rifles, some are a tad bit too low res, could you improve them a bit? the only one that comes at the top of my head is the one that has pictures of ada jumping trough a window, and the file about the parasites found in the novistador cell

  244. Korexx says:

    Super small tiny inconsistency.

    I noticed in Separate Ways; Chapter 2 near the eye scanner door there is a Merchant with orange plaga eyes. Then in Chapter 3 courtyard, he has normal blue eyes.

  245. Astolfo Duran says:

    Podrias mejorar la textura de las cucarachas que hay en la carne podrida del cuarto donde esta un ganado en un horno?

  246. Wilhelm Keitel says:

    Could you replace the siluettes of these 3 guns for guns actually featured in the game? I can think of the Striker, first shotgun and semi auto rifle

  247. Vicente says:

    Hola, he notado que los ojos de ashley son de un color un poco más claro en la versión original de re4, es un detalle que podrían arreglar en el próximo parche. Saludos y gracias por el tremendo trabajo en el mod.

  248. Diegoeo99 says:

    Hola!, una par de detallitos más que noté (con el parche):
    El techo del cuarto con las placas de presión, (antes de el cuarto con picos en el techo) tiene múltiples veces una textura con efecto de mariposa que parece olvidaste (es muy borrosa):
    Logré replicar el bug de la colmena de los novistador que no te pude enseñar antes, parece ser totalmente aleatorio (solo lo he visto 2 veces en mis 10 partidas):
    Textura Invertida en el vino al que le disparas en la pintura
    Textura invertida en estas cajas en la zona de la isla (antes del ganado del horno):
    Colisión extraña dónde te tiran la primer roca:
    En la versión beta había un árbol después de los primeros cables explosivos, en la versión final fue removido pero la colisión siempre ha permanecido ahí, en la screenshot Leon rodea dicha zona justo frente a él:
    No recuerdo en que video ví esto, pero aquí se puede apreciar dicho árbol:
    (minuto 5:52)
    Será posible agregar sombra en Leon cuando pasas debajo de las escaleras que hay antes y después de la pelea con U3?:
    Será posible no oscurecer el resto del mapa fuera de la jaula mientras peleas con U3, para mantener coherencia?:
    Es posible cambiar el color/brillo en la Handcannon ligeramente?, (esto siempre me ha parecido así desde la ps2) ya que continuamente se ve fuera de lugar muy brillante, mucho más cuando estas en ángulo con reflejo:
    Una pregunta (seguro ya lo habías explicado). Porque ahora la broken butterfly es negra?, sé que había inconsistencias entre los diferentes modelos (negra o café), pero eso era cuanto al la empuñadura no? , ya que veo consistentemente que en todas las versiones el resto del arma es plateada (se ve mejor en mi opinión), y aquí ahora es un negro metálico.
    Espero ansioso el próximo parche!.

    • albert says:

      muchas gracias!
      muchos de estos ya están arreglados. Lo de la butterfly simplemente es que es de un metal oscuro. No todos los metales son del mismo tono de gris. En este caso es un gris oscuro y ya es así en el original

  249. aojiaoda says:

    Hello Albert, Long time no see.
    While playing the game, I found Part of the roof is black(on the edge) in 《separate ways》,but leon is in the village,it have Have color。
    I think it’s some small mistakes,Attach a comparison picture。
    See you, have a nice day.

  250. aojiaoda says:

    i found in Leon S. Kennedy vsJack Krauser。when Jack Krauser fell,The floor under him ,Not HD enough。
    Is there a way to make the floor more HD?(Krauser look like 4k,floor look like 720p)
    On HD monitors, it’s very noticeable

  251. aojiaoda says:

    hi,Albert,long time you see。
    I also found in 《seperate ways》,Part of the village has black roof edges,but in 1-1 ,they have color。The black area is on the edge of part of the roof of the village。
    I suspect this is a small bug。
    I also checked《the mercenaries》,they are not black,only appear in 《seperate ways》

    • albert says:

      thanks! that’s how the shadows react to the smoothing groups of the 3D model. Probably the models are not 100 identical regarding smoothing groups and some shadows are “harder” in some models.
      I’ve corrected a few things of these buildings and ported the corrections to Separate Ways, so I’ve probably already unified it 😉

  252. Jason83380 says:

    hi , i found a little texture bug in the island first fight where i can see through the floor. pretty sure you already know that but if not :
    congrats on the mod anyways :p

  253. Gus ken says:

    No sabria decirlo pero el agua como que esta bug del puente en el primer escenario

  254. Ediel Lins says:

    Hi, Albert!

    First of all, what an incredible job you and Chris did with the project. After all these years I can say that it was completely worth the wait. You guys are the utmost legends; and your work deserve no less than commends and praise.

    Leaving a feedback here. On Separate Ways, when Ada gets the cable car key on the cabin (after defeating one of the chainsaw’s ladies), if we inspect the key, we are going to notice that the word “Teleferico” it’s written on it. However, it is flipped horizontally on both sides. I assume this was an overlook and that the texture simply needs to be flipped.

    Here are some screenshots showing it:

    Hope this helps, and again, fantastic work!

  255. Matt says:

    Behind Leon before the chapter ends when Ada is taking him to the island, there is a bit of blurriness. Don’t know if that is on just my side, wasn’t able to get a SS of it but hopefully yall can take a look on your side. If it is on me, maybe let me know how to fix it. It isnt a big deal since its like a few seconds in frame but to just let yall know.

    • albert says:

      Do you mean the Blurriness in the background? This is the Depth of Field during cutscenes. It was in the original Gamecube/Wii versions, you can remove it using the re4_tweaks menu (press F1 ingame) or by editing the ini file inside the Bin32 folder

  256. dave says:

    suggestion: can you make the dead zombies not disappear?
    we have no memory restrictions like in dated consoles

  257. Astolfo Duran says:

    Could you replace the siluettes of these 3 guns for the ones you see in the final game?

    • albert says:

      Sorry, I don’t understand what do you mean

      • Astolfo Duran says:

        That sign leon is aiming at, shows the siluettes of 3 guns, a shotgun of some sort, an AWP rifle, and a tmp, could the siluettes of the awp and the shotgun be replaced by the starting shotgun and sniper rifle respectively?

  258. mofail says:

    Hi, not sure if already addressed, sorry if so.
    The wine bottle you have to shoot in the castle has it’s letters in reverse, could you flip the label correctly please? It’s where there’s a painting of a meal & wine bottle & you shoot the painting where the bottle is?
    Hope alls well, take care.

    • albert says:

      Yes, it’s fixed!
      Basically, it’s all done. It’s just I’m in the final weeks of the 3D animator degree. So I need all the time to get the best results for the final projects of the course

  259. mofail says:

    oh & please consider the dead body request above to ? It’d be great to have them not disappear after fighting. Exciting idea!

  260. MikeOxyNormus says:
    Here’s just a couple screenshots I took that showcase the issue I’m having. It’s a very weird (and sometimes distracting) problem. A lot of the cutscenes (gameplay unaffected) have this motion blur effect. I play at a 32:9 aspect ratio and while I haven’t swapped to different aspect ratios to see if the issue will persist, I sincerely doubt it has anything to do with aspect ratio I’m playing at because it’s very clear that the blur effect mentioned is persistent within the 16:9 aspect ratio that the HD Steam version supports to begin with.

  261. Rafael Hiago says:


    I’m experiencing a bug where I can’t see which button to press on actions, the game always says it’s “o” button. That goes for everything, picking up items, opening doors, quick time events (the worst part to have this bug), etc.

  262. Isenlyn says:

    First That’s an awesome mod ! Congrats and thank you.

    -I noticed some animations happening at double speed. This looks like a glitch from 30 to 60fps.
    I can name, the water in the first river, the jetski scene and the lava in the fire temple flowing too fast.
    Some treasure chests seems to open fast too
    And more noticeable, The armor crumbling way too fast when you dodge the swings, and I think it’s the same for the 6 you fight in chapter 4-1

    -I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not but the headshot buff of the silencer doesn’t work. If it’s possible to have it work, too bad, I was really hoping it would. ^^

    -There’s also a few upside down textures. Most of them are on reused and flipped assets, so I believe it’s not really possible to correct and it’s barely noticeable because those are often mainframes with upside down labels on buttons.
    Two are a bit more noticeable. There are 3 upside down paintings in the art gallery in 4-1. Just in the corridor leading to both grails.
    There is an upside down computer screen in the room where Leon and Ashley

    I also stumble on several staff names like Capcom and Mikami on a machine near the end of the game, is that some kind of easter egg ? ^^

    Sorry, I have no screenshot right now, but I’ll try to link some later.

  263. Gabriel says:

    Hi. I Want to fix this.

  264. Mindless says:

    I’m having a problem with the keyboard icons not showing up correctly on the screen, is there some way to fix this?
    Here’s the link:

  265. Mikkie says:

    Weird looking visual in the Castle segment, as if there is a big mirror floating outside.

  266. aojiaoda says:

    long time you see。
    I found after updating the latest installation package,,Part of the village has black roof edges,The black area is on the edge of part of the roof of the village。in leon 1-1.
    Also, this door of the castle is broken. Can they be repaired?

  267. mofail says:

    Some letters on these bottles are in reverse, it’s the room where the first regenerator attack is.

  268. mofail says:

    Playing through the game i noticed saddlers cutscenes he has ugly black hole around his neck again when cutscenes talking to leon. Is the light flickering in this game going to be switched off again?

  269. Riasat Salmin Sami says:

    The chimney is missing geometry and rendering nothing in this particular cutscene [right before leon meets luis in the cabin fight]. On the vanilla game, this chimney is rendered fully.

    This is only noticeable on wider aspect ratios since otherwise the camera doesn’t expand that wide to reveal the missing geometry. So this is probably why it went unnoticed. Testing this should be fairly simple, just set image scaling to “GPU” on your graphics driver and make a 32:9 aspect ratio custom resolution [for example: 3840×1080]

    • albert says:

      Hello! It’s a really special case where the light doesn’t reach certain vertical faces of certain models, such as the bookshelf (behind the door, you can see its vertical frame is also black) and the new modeled bricks of the chimney are also completely vertical.
      It would be nice to know if there are more ultrawide screen issues, so I can try to fix them all

  270. Dave K says:

    Small complaint , but the instrument panel in the police car at the very beginning is mirrored. I was zooming in on various textures to see how good the textures are (fantastic work, by the way), and this was glaringly obvious.

  271. KamuiUehara says:

    Followed the instructions in the guide and am met with this texture of Leon:

    Is there a possible issue with the automatic installer that was linked?

    • albert says:

      I’m seeing all Leon textures are the old low resolution textures, so it seems it wasn’t installed properly, but I can’t imagine what the problem could be :/

  272. Mav says:

    Hey Albert, how are you doing? Hope you’re doing well with your course project. Anyway, would you mind sharing you’re thoughts on the announced RE4 Remake? I personally thought it’s pretty cool that it seems to be basically a new game, even more so than the RE2 and 3 Remakes were to their original counterparts. I mean, I think all of the originals are still relevant, but RE4 still plays very much like a modern game, specially with the work you guys make, while most people will probably just play the RE2 and 3 Remakes, for instance. Anyway, thought? Are excited to see what they’ll do with it? After so many years your relation with this game must be very special. Hope you’re doing well and thanks again for sharing such a magnificent work with us all.

  273. aojiaoda says:

    long time you see。
    I found that in the ada story, the weeds in the village seem to have strange transparent edges,I marked it on the map,This problem also exists in leons level
    and,This one has strange deformation marks on the handle of this cabinet。This problem also exists in leons level too.
    and,The map border is broken here,maybe i think you need to check these map boundaries?

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the feedback and images!
      the transparency issue with the weeds can’t be fixed because this game has a lot of limitations with transparencies (for example, Ada and Ashley’s eyelashes and hair conflicts during cutscene)
      This is another case: there are lots of layers with transparent elements: shadows, the several plants, the fog… some of them are stage models, some others (even some plants) are treated as effects by the game, and there’s no way I can correct the transparency order between stage and effect transparencies. That’s why there’s still some transparencies issue in the game here and there

      Handle and map border corrected! (there were even bigger shadow issues in that same cliff if you move to the left of that image)

  274. aojiaoda says:

    It’s me again,have a nice weekend。
    in 4-1,Room for stone crusher,These sacks are so dark。
    and in the 4-3 ,in this small maze full of traps,These bones are not in HD。 (they are fuzzy compared to the skull),Their location is on the floor and next to the scepter,about four or five。
    and on the next map,before riding the long minecart,there is an ugly(deformation?) stone。
    I also noticed a small problem,in 1-1,In this room that cannot be opened, the windows appear to be transparent.But in mercenary mode, they are normal。

    I hope I didn’t give you any trouble,Because you know,My English is poor。

    • albert says:

      Thanks again!
      No problems at all 🙂

      Sacks: fixed
      Bones: fixed
      Wall UV deformation: fixed
      House windows: I’ll fix them tomorrow (good eyes!)

  275. aojiaoda says:

    Sorry, I seem to have sent three duplicates…

  276. Wolfgang18 says:

    Hola Albert que tal. El mod está increíble pero me pregunto por qué sucede este error de texto.
    Apenas iba avanzando hasta el primer encuentro con Luis cuando me di cuenta que cuando le doy a examinar a los objetos del inventario la descripción me sale en inglés. Sucede lo mismo con las descripciones de los objetos de compra, venta y trucado.

    • albert says:

      Hola! creo que lo has puesto en Twitter, verdad? XD
      Como decía, hay un parche aquí en la web que lo arregla, que lo publiqué hace unas semanas.
      La versión 1.1 que saldrá dentro de poco también lo tiene arreglado e incluirá algún que otro arreglo más (sutilezas), por si no te importa esperar 😉

      • Wolfgang says:

        Jajaja xD Bueno sí, es que me pareció la manera más directa pero creo que mejor dejo el comentario aquí. Por cierto noté un efecto medio raro de “twitching” en el candelabro negro de la iglesia donde rescatas a Ahsley por primera vez. Concretamente sucede durante la cinemática donde te encuentras a Saddler. No pude tomar una captura así que la saqué de youtube. Tal vez es un error del juego mismo pero lo dejo por si acaso.

        • albert says:

          Ahh si.. el infame candelabro tembloroso… Es un fallo de los 60fps! Tardé un montón en descubrirlo. Había gente que me lo decía y yo como siempre jugaba a 30fps, pues no sabía de qué me hablaban…
          A ver si mis colegas programadores pueden arreglarlo también algún día ;D

  277. aojiaoda says:

    It’s me again,have a nice weekend。
    Once again I found some small problems,
    first,leon’s black Mafia suit,There’s a gap at the corner in his mouth,and he hair(Hairline) look unnatural,There are two gaps(There are two holes in the hair)。could you please check it?
    in 1-2,This cabinet has weird dividers,The pattern on the clapboard seems to be wrong

    Butterfly patterns on stones in this area, about four or five stones。
    The pattern on this box is upside down
    In this room,The corner has a twist pattern,also,The wire on the right appears to be stretched
    a crooked window on the roof,it seems blurry。
    in 1-1,In the village,these pillows it seems blurry。But in the house where Leon woke up by the lake at night,Pillows looks high definition。
    At the same time, I found these kettles to look weird,They are placed on several tables in the village。
    The church in the distance doesn’t seem to be HD,walls look blurry(But I don’t think the problem is obvious)

    And then some little problems——
    In the clearing where the giant was first encountered,The chains on the fence gate are flying in the air
    On a rainy night, there is a scene of a floodgate and a cave,Rain creates strange ripples on leon’s white scarves。
    on this map,This wall is blurry,The location of this wall is on the sluice gate

    I really don’t know what to do without translation software,have a nice day.

    • aojiaoda says:

      oh,questions about leon’s black Mafia suit(these holes in the hair),I think the reason is that this costume is from ps2,
      Because the machine performance configuration is very poor(ps2),So when making character modeling,Game makers can only reduce the number of blocks in the game character modeling,
      This is to ensure the frame rate。
      I think that’s why Ashley’s armor, face looks ugly(you have fixed the problem)
      ——So, can you please check out the character modeling for the Lyon Mafia costume?

      • albert says:

        Oh yeah, it’s a PS2 model… The head is already HD, and I adjusted the hat a bit
        I’ve added a hair lock over his left ear, so it doesn’t “empty”

    • albert says:

      Thanks again!
      Don’t worry, it’s all clear enough with the image and description 😉
      I’ll try to do my best

      About the rain effect over white textures, that image distortion is normal. This is how the rain effect works. It’s not noticeable over most textures, but it’s a bit apparent over bright textures. Keep in mind the graphic/visual tricks used in this game to simulate water, fog, etc are quite old, some of them haven’t aged well…

  278. overklocked says:

    In ultrawide resolution (5120 x 1440, fullscreen doesn’t matter), the destination and typewriter icons on the map are affected by zooming: They’re only in their correct locations if you completely zoom in.

    Fix isn’t necessary if ultrawide users zoom in completely, but still would be good to fix I think. Thanks for this awesome mod!

    • nipkow says:

      Huh, never noticed this one.
      The way I changed the icon positions for ultrawide was really hacky, to be honest. Mostly because I don’t have an ultrawide monitor to test adjustments for myself. Sorry.
      I’ll try to take another look in the future.

  279. Vonmalvarius says: