Technical issues


Are you experiencing crashes or other technical issues? Let us know!

Make sure you already installed version 1.1 of the project, which already fixes lost of reported issues:

We need the following information:

  • What are your system specifications?
  • When does the crash or visual bug take place?
  • In which language are you playing the game?
  • Did you install other mods?
  • What is the total file size and number of files inside the BIO4 folder?
  • What is the total file size and number of files inside the Bin32 folder?
  • Was the issue there before installing the HD project? (We can’t do anything if you already experienced the issue with the original game.)
  • A screenshot or video of the issue (if possible).


If you happen to experience some crash at some point of the game, please, take the time to check the files’ integrity using the BIO4.sfv file included in the download folder and QuickSFV tool


¿Estás experimentando bloqueos u otros problemas técnicos? ¡Háznoslo saber!

Asegúrate de haber instalado la versión 1.1 del proyecto, que ya soluciona muchísimos de los problemas reportados:

Necesitamos la siguiente información:

  • ¿Cuáles son las especificaciones de tu PC?
  • ¿Cuándo ocurre el bloqueo o el error visual?
  • ¿En qué idioma estás jugando el juego?
  • ¿Has instalado algún otro mod?
  • ¿Cuál es el tamaño total de archivos y la cantidad de archivos dentro de la carpeta BIO4?
  • ¿Cuál es el tamaño total de archivos y el número de archivos dentro de la carpeta Bin32?
  • ¿Estaba el problema antes de instalar el proyecto HD? (No podemos hacer nada si ya experimentabas el problema con el juego original).
  • Una captura de pantalla o un video del problema (si es posible).


Si experimentas crasheos u otros problemas en puntos concretos del juego, por favor, tómate unos minutos para comprobar la integridad de los archivos mediante el archivo BIO4.sfv incluido en la carpeta de descargra directa y con la herramienta QuickSFV

1,488 responses to “Technical issues”

  1. steven says:

    AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS
    16.0 GB RAM
    3060 rtx 6 GIG RAM
    On start up when it asks for the 4 gig patch update crashes before i can do anything.
    NO other mods
    BIO4 37.4 GB
    BIN32 12.7 MB
    NO issues before install

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the report!
      I’ll ask a colleague. In the meantime, could you try patching the game using the 4Gpatch tool manually? You can find it here:
      Also, which version of the game is? 1.0.6? 1.1.0? or a previous one
      And, is it an original or “cracked” version of the game?

      • Andre Luiz Espindola says:

        ola, eu estou com problema na inicialização, depois que faço o procedimento de colar as pastas eu clico em jogar, aparece a a janela que vai iniciar e nao inicia, nem aparece a tela do jogo, se eu removo o dll que eu colo na pasta bin 32 ele inicia, mas fecha quando vai começar a cutcine inicial
        meu pc tem a seguinte configuração
        ryzen 5 5600g 16gb memoria, 240gb ssd, windows 10 64bit
        jogo esta em ingles
        nao tem nenhum outro mod
        a pasta bio 4 tem 37,4 gb 6804 arquivos na pasta bin32 12,7 mb 6 arquivos
        jogo original inicia normalmente
        versao do jogo esta 1.1.0

        video do erro

      • Jeremy says:

        Dear Creator of the RE4 HD Project, First of all i would like to say amazing work on enhancing the game! This is seriously a work of art and the team deserves all the praise they get.

        Second of all i would like to ap0logise for contacting you this way since i cannot find how to post on the technical issues forum, it only gives me the option to reply to other people but not make my own thread.

        In chapter 3-1, whenever i go through the door in the castle which leads to the room with the fountains and the stairs which fall down after you activated the switches downstairs with Ashley and Leon standing on the pressure plates (dont know how to describe it better)
        The screen gets all black-ish and blurs out a lot of things making it unplayable, I can send you a picture over email if that helps but i cant find anyone else in this thread talking about it.

        Thank you in advance and thank you again for improving the RE community!

      • ROBERTO MEIER says:

        gracias por el excelente trabajo pero solo una acotacion!debes indicar que el juego base que necesitas es el UHD RE4…NO SABES CUANTO TIEMPO PERDI BUSCANDO EN STEAM LAVERSION “NORMAL” PENSANDO QUE CON LA UHD NO FUNCIONARIA….como no la puede encontrar pense que ya no estaba disponible en steam y que no podria juagar esta maravilla…..

      • wayne says:

        Same issue here original steam version. Tried the exe patch in-game and manual. Game crashes once you try to go into the game. I installed base game and update. No luck unfortunately seems buggy very frustrating 😕

      • Juan says:

        hola, necesito ayuda estoy entrando los archivos pero me sale que hay archivos corruptos, tengo la última versión descargada por utorrent, el problema comienza desde el 44000617.pack.yz2.lfs ya casi en lo último de la instalación. cabe decir que tengo el juego pirata pero quería probar porque casi estoy al comprar el juego en steam

        • Juan says:

          lo solucione, si les sale esto reinstalen el hd proyect nuevamente y no dejen que se les interrumpa la instalacion por algun corte de luz o algo asi, igual tengo un problema que es el error OxcOOOO142 al iniciar el juego, la felicidad del desgraciado dura poco jajajaja

    • albert says:

      Hello again!
      Please, create an issue here:

      nipkow and his colleague emoose are the creators of the dll that causes the problem you have. So it surely will help if other similar issues happen to other people 🙂
      Also, provides them the info I’ve asked you in my previous response.

      • P says:

        Not OP but had the same issue, just opened a Github issue
        The manual patcher did work for me, thanks!

      • Wayne says:

        Got it to install I wasn’t doing it correctly. So, my next issue is ghosting seems like the game’s images have a really bad ghosting issue, you can see the image separating all around the edges any fix for this?

        • albert says:

          If it’s during cutscenes, that’s the Gamcube Depth of Field. It looks some outdated in HD resolutions.
          You can disable it by pressing F1 ingame and uncheck the “EnableGCBlur” box or by manually editing the dinput8.ini file inside the Bin32 folder of the game (EnableGCBlur = False) 😉

    • ThePain says:

      No funciona la descarga por Nexus Mods porque tiene los rar contraseña

    • Bryan Tardio says:

      Hola, mi version de juego es la UHD pero pirateada , hice todos los pasos correctamente y cuando quiero abrir el juego dice
      Program:…iden Evil 4 Ultimate HG Edition/Bin32/DINPUT8.dll
      File: D:/Programs/git_repos/r4_tweaks/external/…/Patterns.h
      Line: 22
      Expression: countMatches y luego dice algo de visual C++

    • Nikobu02Gamer says:

      Hello! First of all, congratulations for finishing this great mod!
      I own the “UHD Edition” on Steam, and I can prove it, unfortunately I have a problem – checking the version of the bio4.exe shows the version as, while the supported versions are 1.0.6 & 1.1.0, how do I update to a version from the 2 above ? Because I followed the installation instructions carefully, and on both attempts game refuses to launch, it tries to load, and then suddenly goes back to an unlaunched state on Steam. I already deleted the entire RE4 folder and verified the integrify of files twice.

      • albert says:

        The correct version number is in the PRESS ANY KEY screen (bottom right corner)
        The .exe info provided when you right-click the bio4.exe file is not correct XD

        Could you try running the game without the dinput8.dll inside the bin32 folder and check the game version? (I hope it runs without the .dll file)
        If it’s not 1.0.6 or 1.1.0, could you send us your bio4.exe (and bio4.exe.backup)

        • Nikobu02Gamer says:

          I tried, and unfortunately the game still refuses to start. How can I send the exe files ?

        • Nikobu02Gamer says:

          I tried to run the game with the dll removed both without patching the exe and with patching, and the game still refuses to launch unfortunately.

          • Z says:

            im having the same problem how do you fix this with the game not starting

          • Nikobu02Gamer says:

            I have no idea at all, albert told me to send bio4.exe and the backup bio4.exe to him so he can take a look if the problem persists, but he hasn’t responded since I said the problem persists. I’m waiting for details as how to send the exes for inspection.

        • Nikobu02Gamer says:

          Hope everything’s ok, just wanted to reply in case you’ve forgotten about me albert, a whole day has already passed, and I can’t wait to go in the game reexpeiencing it again with this amazing mod! Unfortunately the problem still persists, I tried running the game without the dinput dll both without manually patching the exe and with patching, but the problem persists.

        • Nikobu02Gamer says:

          Also, how can I send the exes for an inspection to you, because the site doesn’t support file sharing or attaching.

        • Nikobu02Gamer says:

          Of course, no problem.
          I uploaded the exes to Mediafire :

        • Nikobu02Gamer says:

          Good Evening, how’s it going ? Did you check the exes ? Sorry for constantly spamming but I’m so excited to play the game with your amazing mod, and I can’t wait!

        • Nikobu02Gamer says:

          Alrighty, thanks for the response!

        • Nikobu02Gamer says:

          Hello there! Sorry for spamming yet again, but you’ll reply back if there’s a solution regarding my problem, right ? I am aware it takes time and I have the patience to wait, no problem at all, but it’ll be hard to know if there’s a fix/solution if I don’t get replied to or notified in any way. Thanks, and sorry for commenting again albert. Cheers!

        • Nikobu02Gamer says:

          Good Evening, is everything ok ? Any solutions ? 3-4 days passed since we spoke the last time.

        • Nikobu02Gamer says:

          I’m on the verge of completely giving up on the game – I got 47 hours on Steam, and all those crashes I’ve been experiencing are not related to the mod at all, I looked around Steam Discussions etc., and most people mention refresh rate problems etc., tried all solutions possible, uninstalled the game, verified the files or completely reinstall the vanilla, but the game refuses to start. I don’t know what to do.

          • albert says:

            Oh, so all the crashes you have are there even without the HD project?? I’m sorry.
            It’s really hard to figure out why this game has so many problems in certain computers. It’s a complete mystery. I have no idea what the hell did the porting team with this game and why it is so bad optimized.
            The only thing I can suggest is to update your GPU drivers.
            Or install the game in another HDD (if you have 2).
            I’m really sorry you had bad luck. I’m pretty sure the game would work in another machine… 🙁

        • Nikobu02Gamer says:

          I contacted Capcom Support, and one of the solutions they proposed worked for me, I’m yet to test it with the HD Project, but I am 99.9% sure it’ll work! Find out how to fix the game’s startup crash / not starting here :

    • MS Cárdenas says:

      Hola descargué el proyecto inicia bien no tengo tarjeta gráfica consiguere una ok tengo la versión uhd 1.0.1 creo que así se llama porque la otra 1.0.6 parece estable lo instalé ok mi sistema es Windows 10 x64 ,10 GB RAM tarjeta gráfica N/A ok descargué los DLL faltantes hasta allí bien me marcaba el error de DirectX 0xc000007b ya lo solucione tengo el neto framework ya actualice a su última versión también c++ y esos creo también ya están vale parche el exe ok 4gb patch inicia el juego bien todo perfecto pero se queda la pantalla en negro al iniciar una nueva partida ese es mi problema probaré con la tarjeta gráfica nueva ya que la que tenía se descompuso así que creo que eso ya lo sé pero cuando la tenía la otra igual no jalaba se quedaba en cargando la nueva partida y se queda en negro espero me puedan ayudar

    • Joshua says:

      Same issue. Steam version of re4 fresh install. Runs before mod installation. After installation crashes immediately. Tried the manual install of the 4gbpatch, did not work. Did work perfectly for the previous version of the mod.

    • Aaron says:

      Hola estoy experimentando ciertas bajadas de frames en lugares especificos sobre todo donde hay muchas areas abiertas, ejemplo la iglesia y miro hacia el lago, u cuando salimos del pueblo en el area de la entrada del castillo todos lugares donde hay mucho espacio abierto si volteo la camara el juego vuelve a los 60fps estables pero si volteo a las zonas amplias se baja no se si sera mi pc o tendria que poder arreglarse con alguna configuracion aqui mis especificaciones:
      amd athlon x4 640
      gtx 1050ti 2gb
      16gb de ram ddr3
      si podrian hacerme saber si es mi pc o si hay alguna manera de resolverlo lo agradeceria mucho!

  2. AlexEris says:

    My screen turns green now while playing. Why?

  3. mofail says:

    Ok so i used the official steam latest re4 game installation, in uk & we get version

    When the question comes up about the 4gb patch i can’t move my mouse pointer at all.
    Had to task manager out of that screen because “alt tab” wouldn’t take me off that screen/question..

    Then I installed the 4gb manually & it skipped that question & seems to be working…for now…
    I will send updates after further testing.
    Thanks again re4 team.

    • mofail says:

      ok so when checking properties on bio4.exe from steam it reads in details version
      But when running game the title screen reads version 1.1.0 ??????????
      Either way so far it’s running after installation hiccup.
      I use window 10 64bit
      nvidea 1080ti
      i7 8700k cpu
      I running re4 tweaks with reshade & no probs so far. It all looks fantastically dreamy to me.

      • mofail says:

        The previous download from a few years ago came with options to remove flickering lights & grain filter. Is it no longer available? The installation didn’t ask me any questions like last time..?..

        • albert says:

          You are right. No options. All the extra stuff will come as extra and optional packs.
          Ada RE2 outfit when Leo’n wears RPD uniform is now the default option. You can download the SPY costume in the “bonus” tap of the page if you prefer the original Ada costume Special 1.

          No-flickering lights patch is still pending, but it shouldn’t take too long…

    • Hellview_LN says:

      get a VPN, and use the US version, is this possible? express is what i use. thats wierd uk only has Vr of the client…

  4. julian says:

    Hola hice todos los pasos de tu video tutorial y apenas inicio la historia como nueva partida o mercenarios se me cierra el juego solo, lo tengo de steam y estas son mis specs
    32gb ram 3200
    3060 ti
    ryzen 5600x

  5. AlexEris says:
    Screen turns green after i follow steps. Plz help. Msi 65 stealth 2070 card. I9 i think. Is normal before i follow steps.
    I even self patch the 4gigs to see if that would fix it and changed my nvidia settings back to balanced. Plz help

    • albert says:

      Glad to hear they fixed your issue on Github. I was scratching my head trying to figure out what could generate the problem…

      • AlexEris says:

        i love you ALBERT. te amo. I too am finishing up a life project myself of twelve books of poetry since 2011 totaling over 1000 rhyming poems mostly from dreams i had. I know you hear it a lot, but you definitely are an extreme inspiration and a great example of patience and faith. God bless.
        Now if I want to play Matrix Evil 4 or Gameboy color version of Resident evil 4, i can just use this glitch. but honestly, I’ve waited 8 YEARS just to collect golden eggs repeatedly in the chicken farm… BUT IN HD. thank you again. 🙂 ALBERT and CRIS.

  6. EPD Gaffney says:

    Congratulations on the release! Unfortunately, I have an error to report.

    Some of the files seem to have the wrong password, I think? I unpacked hdproject1.0.part01.rar with no problems, but when I tried to unpack hdproject1.0.part02.rar, 7zip reported an error for this file:
    It said it had the wrong password for just that file, but the rest of the files were fine. It unpacks a 0kb file with the same name (00000010.pack.lfs), whilst in the rar 00000010.pack.lfs has a size of 54 849 672.

    There were a couple password errors on other files but I didn’t make a note of them all yet. I jsut remember they were video files. I tried hdproject1.0.part02.rar with the same results, and will try the others again shortly.

    • mofail says:

      Winrar links works luckily

    • KR1 says:

      Yup, I failed to extract the directories using 7-zip too.
      WinRAR works.

    • zen says:

      I may be wrong, but it sounds like you’re unpacking the rars one at a time. Typically rars with parts need all parts to properly extract and you only ever need to extract through the first part. If you downloaded all parts and extracted, all portions should properly extract and merge into one folder/file and usually only have 1 password to enter. Extracting them individually creates that error you’ve been seeing.
      1) Get all parts
      2) Extract part 1
      3) Done

      • EPD Gaffney says:

        … oh.

        I don’t actually remember what I did, but the rars weren’t even on the same drive as where I was trying to extract them, so I’ll try extracting part 1 where they all are right now and I’ll post back what happens.

    • Danny says:

      same issue

      • mofail says:

        Copy paste the password from download page.
        Extract from the mediafire links it takes about hour for everything. When you have all files, you only need to extract the first winrar. It takes a while to extract everything though..just let it run.

        • albert says:

          As mofail said
          Get all parts in the same folder and ONLY extract part 1.
          Use Winrar
          That’s it 😉

          I’ve added it to the instructions

    • EPD Gaffney says:

      So, reporting back, what zen said worked. Get all 18 rar files in one place and extract part 1 right there, then move them if you need to. I used 7zip and didn’t have a problem. Played some Mercenaries and the beginning of the main game. It’s absolutely gorgeous, loaded with no problems, and played extremely smoothly. Can’t wait to find the time for a full playthrough.

      • Andres says:

        i have the same problem, ! E:\Descargas\rehd\hdproject1.0.part02.rar: Checksum error in BIO4\ImagePackHD\00000010.pack.lfs. The file is corrupt
        ! E:\Descargas\rehd\hdproject1.0.part03.rar: Checksum error in BIO4\ImagePackHD\00000010.pack.lfs. The file is corrupt

        i need hlep

  7. Jam says:


    your mod files are quarantined at Nexus mods.

  8. Jay says:

    Game crashes instantly on startup. Still crashes even after deleting all files and reinstalling base game. Plz Help, nothing I look up helps.

    • AlexEris says:

      Do this 4gig patch manually as stated above and should be ok. They fixed my greenscreen issue quickly on github

  9. Jason says:

    The game will literally not start after I followed the instructions.

  10. Chris says:

    The game freezes for me whenever I try to load into anything, be it a New Game, Mercenaries mode, or anything else. It gets stuck at the screen with the “Loading” text on it. I have tried using nipkow’s 4GB patcher, which did its job correctly, and using the standalone version. Still get stuck at the loading screen. If I restore the old BIO4 folder, the game works just fine.

    Intel i7 7700K
    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080
    16GB DDR4 2133MHz RAM

    Game is being played off of a 2TB 7200RPM HDD, but my OS drive is an SSD. Dual monitor setup, main monitor (which I play on) is at 4K, secondary monitor is 1080p.

    • cyris says:

      Same here. The first cutscene is fine upon new game, but anything else crashes

    • Chris says:


      It seems that after downloading the torrent file and transferring the BIO4 folder into my RE4 in stall folder, some files were not copied over correctly. The game is working fine now and no longer hangs on the load screen, sorry for the false alarm.

      Thank you so much for your hard work, the pack looks fantastic!

      • albert says:

        Yeah, sometimes it’s really hard to know when it’s a real problem or a simple slip up or simply… computers do weird things sometimes for unknown reasons XD

      • Adam says:

        Hey, Chris. I run into this exact same problem rigth now. Could you please elaborate how you handled this issue for me, please?

  11. Diego Córdova says:

    Intel Core i7
    12.0 GB RAM
    960 gtx 2 GIG RAM
    When I do the 4gb patch and the new .exe is created a try to run it and the error: “this application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000142” pops up.

  12. davidedby says:

    Wesker’s silencer in Mercenaries doesn’t have an inventory icon, but it appears fine in-game and in the “examine” screen.

    • albert says:

      Oh, that’s strange… which Language are you playing the game?

      • cyris says:

        This also happens to me. Wesker’s silencer does not have an icon but you can inspect it and it will show it
        Krauser’s bow & arrows also does not have an icon, same situaiton as the wesker’s silencer

        . My language is set to English.

      • EPD Gaffney says:

        Just checked and it’s the same thing for me. You can see the E on some blank highlighted squares to indicate some invisible object is equipped, but there’s no icon for the silencer there.

  13. Teco338201 says:

    Galera eu faço tudo certo,só que o jogo nao abre no final !

  14. WabbitNugget says:

    GPU: GTX 1050 (3GB)
    CPU: i5-9300H
    RAM: 16GB
    OS: Windows 10
    Tengo un problema de relentizamiento junto con desincronización de audio en algunas cinemáticas del juego (solo las de tiempo real). Un ejemplo que se me ocurre es la cinemática en la que Saddler dice su monólogo mientras un Iluminado le inyecta la Plaga a Leon, justo cuando la cinematica enfoca a Saddler, los FPS del juego reducen a 18 y asi sigue hasta que la escena termine (justo cuando se da el QTE de esa cinemática es cuando los FPS vuelven a ser estables). Estoy con la teoria de que quiza se deba a mi no tan potente hardware pero lo que me parece curioso es que el resto del juego puedo disfrutarlo a 60fps estables (sin bajones), solo en las cinematicas (algunas) es donde ocurre esto. Otro error que quiero reportar es que las descripciones de los objetos siguen en inglés (por mas que tenga el juego en Español). Aparte del HD Project, no tengo otros mods instalados. El peso de mi carpeta “Bin32” es de 21.4mb y la de “BIO4” es de 37.4gb. Antes de instalar el mod no tenia ningún incoveniente con el juego (siempre lo jugué con los gráficos al máximo). ¿Podría caber la posibilidad de que el mod necesite más optimización? ¡Saludos y felicidades por el estreno!

    • albert says:

      Gracias por toda la info!

      Lo de la optimización puede que nuestros colegas nipkow y emoose puedan hacer algo para que esto no ocurra o al menos no con tanta frecuencia.

      Lo de los textos. Pues sí… un fallo mío al corregir unas faltas de ortografía no sé que debí hacer al reempaquetar los textos…

      ¡Pues ya tenemos algo para revisar! Esperaré un poco más por si alguien encuentra más fallos y sacaré un mini parche que corrija esto y lo que venga 😉

      • WabbitNugget says:

        ¡Hola de nuevo Albert! ¡Ha pasado mucho tiempo! Solo queria escribirte para informarte de que dichos problemas de relentizamiento previamente mencionados ya no ocurren mas con la version mas actual del HD Project (v1.1 mientras escribo esto). Aparte del excelente trabajo de optimizacion del mod, me atrevo a decir que otro de los factores que habia influido en dicho problema se debió a que le habia bajado la velocidad del CPU a mi PC en aquel entonces, no recuerdo exactamente el porqué, pero lo hice xD (creo que estaba testeando una que otra cosa con el rendimiento de mi PC y luego me olvide por completo de regresar mi CPU a la velocidad normal). Pero nada, problema resuelto. ¡Es hora de disfrutar el mod de una vez por todas jajaja! ¡Saludos!

    • Pantaleão says:

      I’m having the same unsync cutscenes issue. In my case, I don’t think its because of my pc specifications.

      i5 9400F
      RTX 2060 Super
      2x 8gb DDR4 2666MHz
      HDD 1Tb
      SSD 128Gb

  15. Eugene says:

    Games opens up to the main menu but when I start a new game or try to load a save I get “The Memory Could Not Be Read” error. Game was working fine before.

  16. Yang says:

    In seperate way,game crashes every time when Ada picking up the first shotgun at 1-1 scene,there is no problem picking up ammo or coin. No other mods,Chinese.
    AMD ryzen 5800x
    rtx 3080
    32GB DDR4 3200Mhz

    • albert says:

      Do you mean when she sees the shotgun and she says: “I’ll leave this to Leon”? You can’t take the shotgun.

      I’ve just tried in both traditional and simplified Chinese and it all works fine. You can read the message and the shotgun remains there.

      • Yang says:

        Well,everytime I check the shotgun there is no message ,and the game just crashed,I’ll try ignoring that part.

        • albert says:

          It’s really strange hummm… Could you check the file size and number of files of the BIO4 folder?
          Also, could you check if this also happens in other languages?

          • Yang says:

            It seems like checking things in Seperate ways will cause this issue,not just the shotgun message.And I tried running in english and french,everything is fine. But it‘s strange that the Leon part in chinese does not have this problem.I reinstallded
            the game,the original seperate ways does not have this problem either.The BIO4 folder has 6804 files and it’s 37.4GB

          • albert says:

            Thanks for testing it! I’ll compare the texts files (original/modded version)

  17. Mr.TGB says:

    First off, HUGE Congrats on the launch of the HD Project.

    Second, I tried installing part 02 and entered the same password and it claims it is the wrong password. Part 01 works just fine. I don’t know if I’m supposed to install everything but I’m currently struggling to get part02 installed. I entered re4hdproject as the password. I have all other files downloaded.

    • albert says:

      Thanks!! 🙂
      It’s something I didn’t specify in the instructions (it’s already there):
      IMPORTANT: Get all parts in the same folder and ONLY extract part 1. Use Winrar

      This will automatically extract all 18 parts ;D

      • Mr.TGB says:

        AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core Processor

        16GB Ram

        No other Mods

        Bin32: 63.6 MB 355 Files, 20 Folders
        BIO4:37.4 GB 6,804 Files, 62 Folders

        Game crashes after few minutes of play/after Hunnigan dialogue in Chapter 3-1
        /Exiting to main menu and a few laggy moments.

        Looks phenomenal though despite the few lag spikes.

  18. Danny says:

    Hey! i downloaded all from mega but getting all the time wrong password hmm please help

    • albert says:

      Get all 18 parts in the same folder and ONLY extract part 1. Use Winrar
      make sure you don’t take an extra space at the end of the password (if you copy-paste the password)

  19. Gustavo says:


    I downloaded and installed everything but now the game doesn’t show any images. It shows my desktop froze but the game sounds in the background and i can play it, just not seeing anything i do. Already patched the exe, any other ideas?

  20. Gustavo says:

    ¿Cuáles son las especificaciones de tu PC?
    – Ryzen 5 5600x, gtx 1660, 16gb ram ddr4 3200mhz , 1 tb HDD y 240 SSD
    ¿Cuándo ocurre el bloqueo o el error visual?
    – cuando intento jugar cualquier cosa, ya sea crear una partida nueva, cargar una antigua, mercenarios, separate ways, etc
    ¿En qué idioma estás jugando el juego?
    ¿Has instalado algún otro mod?
    -nop, de hecho reinstale todo de nuevo 2 veces por si acaso, incluyendo que tambien instale manualmente el 4GB por si fuera eso el causante pero al parecer no
    ¿Cuál es el tamaño total de archivos y la cantidad de archivos dentro de la carpeta BIO4?
    -8370 archivos y pesa 39,7 gb
    ¿Cuál es el tamaño total de archivos y el número de archivos dentro de la carpeta Bin32?
    – 6 archivos y pesan 30,1mb
    ¿Estaba el problema antes de instalar el proyecto HD? (No podemos hacer nada si ya experimentabas el problema con el juego original).
    -nop, de hecho cuando instale por primera vez el juego y me dio este problema, probe instalando el juego base y funciona sin problema
    Una captura de pantalla o un video del problema (si es posible).
    adjunto link donde se puede ver el problema en si

    Gracias por tu arduo trabajo y por hacer que esta joya reluzca despues de tantos años

    • Gustavo says:

      no se si les aparesca el link que adjunte en el apartado website, pero lo dejare aca por si acaso, ya que solo se puede ver el error que quiero mostrar y no me importa en realidad que sea “publico”

      • albert says:

        Lo siento, no veo ningún link… 🙁

        debería haber 6804 archivos y pesar 37,4 GB
        Creo que no has borrado la carpeta BIO4 antes de pegar la carpeta nueva?? XD

        Seguro ese es el fallo 😉

        • Gustavo says:

          jaja si era eso xd me confie pensando que era solo copiar y pegar los archivos del mod, incluso me habia visto el video xddddd pero bueno, ahora si empezare a disfrutar tu obra, muchas gracias por tu respuesta

  21. Seth Parsley says:

    AMD Ryzen 5 5600x
    16 GB RAM
    Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

    I have followed all instructions, installed the 4gig patch, but game immediately crashes when trying to launch.

    • albert says:

      I’ve added a new step in the instructions. Maybe this fixes the problem:

      11- Run the game. You’ll get a message that will warn you about the EXE file not being patched with the 4GBpatch. Click on “YES” to patch the EXE and restart the game.
      12- If the game crashes in this step, patch the game’s bio4.exe file yourself using the 4GBpatch tool:

  22. mofail says:

    Can’t be sure but so many having issues here, are you all starting fresh games or using old saves?
    Try backing up then deleting your old saves start fresh? see if it helps?

    Saves are in this location for me:
    :\Steam Downloads\userdata\141388077\21690\remote\savedata.bin

    may help…?…

    • albert says:

      I’m noticing a lot of people are overwriting the BIO4 folder instead of deleting it first…

      • rprkjj says:

        So we’re supposed to delete the BIO4 folder next to bin32 before installing the mod??

        • dnej says:

          Seriously.. That information is not in the installation instructions! How are we supposed to know that

          • albert says:

            Beware, you are responding a 1-year-old comment.
            That’s not necessary in the latest version anymore.
            It was a necessary step in the 1.0 version of the HD project and it was in the old instructions, but a lot of people read it only partially…

  23. Gabriel says:

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
    32 GB of Ram
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7300HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.50 GHz
    No Other mods
    Playing the English Language of the game.
    Crashes right after the first cutscene. After Leon says “Six Years have passed…” with the text included.
    The game just closes and always happens after the cutscene. Tried with and without the 4GB patch and still crashed.
    Bin32: 21.4MB
    BIO4: 39.7GB
    I also tested the game in it’s vanilla version and no crash happened. Only after I put in the HD Project mod.

  24. Agustín says:

    Ryzen 3600
    16gb ram
    GTX 960 2gb
    Windows 10
    No other mods, brand new download from steam.

    Had a couple of issues, when launching the game in fullscreen I couldn’t click on the prompt to apply the 4gb patch, instead the mouse would just interact with the game’s main menu in the background. When trying to switch to windowed mode OR alt-tabing while I’m fullscreen the game would freeze and I had to kill the task manually.
    Solved by it changing to windowed mode from the game’s .ini and haven’t had any other problems. I didn’t test the game without the patch but I don’t remember that happening on previous installations.

    • Agustín says:

      Just remembered another thing, the cutscene where Leon and Luis are handcuffed together and escape (the one with a QTE) had some audio desync, the voices would come out like a full second earlier.

      • albert says:

        Yes, it seems that particular cutscene is giving desync issues to a lot of people. we’ll try to optimize it as much as possible!
        Even in the vanilla version some people suffered from that problem…

        • Mentok says:

          I was just about to report the same issue. The unmodified Steam Version is running totally normal and also the 2018 Version of the Ultimate HD Project patch does not have this desync bug on my system.

          The framerate is dropping to about 40 fps on my system when Saddler appears on screen, which causes visual slowmo and the audio desync if I’m not mistaken.
          I tried a few things, like disabling Gsync, forcing driver Vsync, disabling it completely and trying out a few different resolutions with and without Vsync and turning off the 60fps timing fixes, because they are a new addition. But it’s always the same drop to roughly the 40 fps. Even dropping to 1080p or 1440p without AA.

          The game was working totally fine in 5120×2880 DSR before the first Saddler and Luis Sera cutscene and does not slow down in actual gameplay or the first few cutscenes. I report back if it’s happening in other instances.

          This is an incredibly awesome Remaster. Thank you so much for your hard work!

          My System:
          watercooled 8700K @5Ghz
          1080 Ti with driver 511.23
          16Gb Ram DDR4 3600Mhz
          Game installed on a SSD
          It’s Steam Version 1.1.0

    • albert says:

      patch the game’s bio4.exe file yourself using the 4GBpatch tool:
      This should solve the problem 😉

  25. Riasat Salmin Sami says:

    One particular scene in one of the cutscene gets locked to 32 FPS while playing in 60 FPS mode. This particular problem doesn’t seem to be on system specs since the fps gets locked to 32 even with lowest resolution [800×600] from the settings menu and GPU utilization doesn’t even max out.

    The fps lock occurs only when Saddler is talking before Leon gets injected with the plagas. Once he’s done talking, the FPS goes right back to 60.

    The real issue here is that, that momentarily fps lock causes the Audio to loose sync for rest of the cutscene [where Leon talks with Luis].

    Here’s screenshot of the particular scene:

    The lock is specifically 32 FPS, not even more or less, not even 30. So this is not related to double buffer vsync fps drop. But I tested with Vsync off to make sure it really wasn’t the case.

    These are my system specs:

    GPU- 980 Ti
    CPU- i7 6700k
    RAM- 16 gb [2400mhz]

    Tested resolutions for this bug:
    800×600, 1280×720, 1920×1080, 3840×2160

    • albert says:

      Thank you!!
      We’ll try to optimize that cutscene (and others).
      It seems it depends on the computer sometimes and/or the way the game load certain cutscenes
      We are working on that ;D

      Could you report the exact message here?:

      • Riasat Salmin Sami says:

        Of course. I’m doing a report there asap.

        Also it’s worth mentioning, the drop only occurs after installing the latest version of the HD mod.

        I tried the latest version of re4_tweaks with unmodded game, and with the previously released 2018 version of the texture mod and the fps stays intact on those.

        • albert says:

          Ahh good to know! I’ll check my files for sure and I’ll compare both versions

          Thanks again for letting us know and for the tests you’ve done. it’s really helpful!!

          • Riasat Salmin Sami says:


            I’ll check older versions of re4 tweak to see if that solves the 32 fps cap on that cutscene.

            By the way, I’m not receiving email notifications anymore despite having notifications enabled here.

  26. Jack says:

    What are your system specifications?
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9400F CPU @ 2.90GHz
    16.0 GB
    Nvida 1060 8gb

    When does the crash or visual bug take place?
    The game locks up at the start when you go to “check” the bridge after the cutscene in the house
    In which language are you playing the game?
    Did you install other mods?
    Nope everything is from the pack from this website
    What is the total file size and number of files inside the BIO4 folder?
    6804 files and 37.4GB
    What is the total file size and number of files inside the Bin32 folder?
    6811 files 37.5GB
    Was the issue there before installing the HD project? (We can’t do anything if you already experienced the issue with the original game.) Not that i know of i havent played the game in along while but im sure it didnt crash when i did it
    A screenshot or video of the issue (if possible).
    Wasnt able to take a screenshot due to no mouse and struggled to get task manager open

    • albert says:


      What is the total file size and number of files inside the Bin32 folder?
      6811 files 37.5GB

      Wow! it should be around 20 MB and just 7 files haha

      Maybe there is a duplicated BIO4 folder inside Bin32 folder?

    • albert says:

      Also, did you start a new game? which costume? which difficulty? which game version? 1.0.6 or 1.1.0?
      I’ll also try to reproduce the same issue here


  27. Alexander says:

    Win10 (64-bit)
    750 Ti
    8,0 GB RAM

    The game froze when I tried to ‘check’ the broken bridge after the ambush at the beginning of the game. I could Alt+Tab, but I couldn’t actually switch windows or do anything at all. Even the mouse cursor disappeared. Alt+F4 didn’t work, too. So, I had to restart a PC.

    During the second time, everything was fine. What’s interesting, during the first attempt there were no button prompts near actions (‘Check’, ‘Take’, etc.). After the restart of a PC, they appeared. I don’t know if this is connected to freezing.

    • albert says:

      Hello! could you check the BIO4 folder? How many files and what’s the size of the folder?

      • Alexander says:

        Yeah, sorry, totally forgot about that.

        BIO4: 6,804 files; 37,4 GB (40 241 926 498 bytes [size]/40 254 124 032 bytes [size on disk])
        Bin32: 7 files; 21,4 MB (22 498 912 bytes [size]/22 511 616 bytes [size on disk])

        English, no mods.

        Another thing: when the game froze, the sound was still on, but not from the cutscene with Leon looking down, but the ambient one.

        • Angel says:

          Exactly the same thing for me and I’m playing in French.

          Same place, same freeze with the ambiant sound still on in the background.

          I’ve had to navigate with the arrow keys et tab to the task manager to close the game =/

          i7 10700k 5Ghz
          RTX 3080 FE
          16Gb RAM
          Game on SSD
          Win 10 64Bits

          No mods
          Bin32 size : 22 498 914 bytes
          BIO4 size : 40 241 926 498 bytes

        • albert says:

          Interesting… No problems on my side. Could you report it here just in case it’s a problem related to the dll in some way? :

          Also, did you start a new game? which costume? which difficulty? which game version? 1.0.6 or 1.1.0?
          I’ll also try to reproduce the same issue here

  28. Adam says:

    Hey Guys, Congrats on the release.
    i installed the game followed the instructions , game crashed immediatly at black screen so i manually patched the file as per instructions but still crashes when trying to launch the game
    Get a black screen then back to Desktop

    • albert says:

      Hello! could you send us more details?
      As much as you can, as we ask in the top of this page

      • Adam says:

        Hey sorry i thought i pasted –
        What are your system specifications?
        Ryzen7 – 16gb ram – rtx 2070 -more than enough

        When does the crash or visual bug take place?boot from steam – screen goes black like launching then crashes

        In which language are you playing the game? English

        Did you install other mods? No other mods

        What is the total file size and number of files inside the BIO4 folder?
        6,804 Files, 62 Folders – 37.4GB
        What is the total file size and number of files inside the Bin32 folder?
        7 Files, 0 Folders – 21.4mb
        Was the issue there before installing the HD project? (We can’t do anything if you already experienced the issue with the original game.)
        No issue
        A screenshot or video of the issue (if possible).
        No screenshot as just blank

  29. Hamza Aliko says:

    Hallo Chris and Albert I really appreciate you for this priceless work. But there is one Probleme.
    I am using CRACKED version of the game and I think the dll file isnt working and the game crashes Everytime ?

  30. Riasat Salmin Sami says:

    Water rendering is bugged with 21:9 and 32:9 aspect ratios.

    Here is comparison video with the 1.0 build of Hd project mod and without mod:

    In both cases, the FOV fix using RE4 Tweak mod has been applied.

  31. Dav says:

    CPU : I5-4440 3.10Ghz
    GPU : Gtx 750 Ti
    RAM : 10 GB
    Crashes right after the first cutscene, sometimes it just freezes
    i’m playing the game in english
    No other mods
    BIO4 : 39.7 GB BIN32 : 21.4 MB
    No issue before installing the mod

  32. Panda says:

    Phenomenal work, I have come across two small issues tho I think one was mentioned already (a cutscene with Leon and Louis loses audio sync).

    My issue is with I think the GameCubedof tweak option, it seems to produce I kind of double vision halo around models, you can even see the effect in the release trailer so not sure if it’s faithful to the og game but it came across like a bug to me.

    Also it may be worth mentioning in your install instructions Albert what your recommended options are in-game like you did on YouTube., my motion blur was on by default for instance and turning it off really allows your work to shine. That said I did try raising the brightness to max as you suggested but didn’t like the look, that said if it’s your intended look having that in the instructions would be good also.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the feedback!
      Yeah, the DoF looked quite good at standard definition, but it really looks outdated at HD resolution. That’s why you can disable it using the dll option (F1)

      Yeah… it’s all a matter of taste, the motion blur is terrible IMO XD

      About the brightness, the MAX value is how the game should look. Lower values make illuminated areas around a light source (a light bulb for example), to look gray instead of white… and it doesn’t fix any overexposed lights. It’s just a post-processing darkener filter… :/

  33. Buenas. quiero reportar los siguientes bugs / errores

    * En el menu principal, en las opciones, en la seccion “como jugar” los pantallazos de esa seccion siguen estando en la calidad original? pareciera
    * Los objetos del inventario (no de la seccion tesoros) tienen sus descripciones en inglés. a pesar de jugar en español
    * En los archivos de tutoriales, hay algunos textos estilo escritos a mano, en rojo, en ingles, podrian ser estos traducidos dependiendo del idioma que se juegue?
    *La cinematica donde Leon y Luis estan amarrados tiene el audio desfasado

  34. Roope says:

    OS: Win 10 Pro GPU: RTX 3080 CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x Ram: 32gb
    Game version is 1.1.0 language is English. Clean installation(steam) hence no other mods.
    Congratulations on my behalf for the amazing job!
    But I have a problem with the 1.0 version. I have used the 3rd version which you published in like 2018. Worked like a charm. Ofcourse I tried playing it vanilla and it worked, so no issues before. But now after trying to install the mod twice it still won’t launch. I didn’t butcher installing the mod because it was so simple. I am trying to launch it via steam. Steam just says “running” for like 2 seconds. It doesn’t even ‘crash’ like it launched the game and then crashed. It just won’t launch even after installing the 4gb patch manually. I tried to launch the game with bio4.exe from Bin32 folder. It doesn’t launch because error popped up. Roughly translated to English it says as follows: “Executing the code can not be continued because file MSVCP130.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program might repair this problem”. Happened on both tries, before and after manual 4gb install.
    Bin32 file (after 4gb tool): 21,5Mb 7 files
    BIO4 file: 37,4Gb 6804 files 62 folders
    I downloaded the mod via torrent(mirror 2). So perhaps it has missing files?

  35. Kurosaki says:

    First of all, Thankyou so much for this great mod, seriously looks insane. It’s amazing. The hardwork really shows. But unfortunately I have a small issue, was hoping you could help me 🙂

    System Specifications:
    GTX 1650 4GB GDDR5
    16GB RAM (2×8)
    Windows 10
    15 9300H

    The crash takes place only sometimes but always at the same location. It is at the first level, when Leon goes back to look at the collapsed bridge. Sometimes cutscene triggers, other times it crashes to desktop.

    No I did not install any mods

    Total size 37.4GB , total files 42 ( inside BIO4 folder)
    Total size 21.4MB, total files 5 ( inside Bin32 folder excluding the readme files)
    No it happened after I installed the mod. And yes I have applied the 4GB patcher when it asked me at launch.

    • albert says:

      Thank your for the message and report!!
      it seems some people have that issue

      Could you report it here just in case it’s a problem related to the dll in some way? :

      Also, did you start a new game? which costume? which difficulty? which game version? 1.0.6 or 1.1.0?
      I’ll also try to reproduce the same issue here


      • Kurosaki says:

        Sorry for late reply. I did see that this issue is being adressed in the future patch. Thankyou so much for your response!

        Did not change any costume, I am using the steam version of the game 1.1.0 and playing on normal difficulty.

        Keep up the good work. Issues aside this mod is phenomenal. 🙂

  36. Peter Kranz says:

    Has the radio sound when leon calls Hunnigan changed? I feel like it’s different now

  37. Alter Stier says:

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9850H CPU @ 2.60GHz
    32G RAM
    Windows 11 64bit

    1) Crash when Leon observe in cabin, the location I tweeted there:

    2) When Leon chats with Hunnigan, the text and the sound are faster than the video 🙁

    • albert says:

      what’s the size and number of files of your BIO4 folder?
      What’s your VideoCard?
      It’s really strange the game crashes in those random places hummm

      • Stier says:

        Thanks for reply.
        It is possibly my Laptop which made the wrong. 🙂
        My BIO4 folder has 6804 files. Its size is 37.4G
        My laptop has two VideoCards, one is Intel 630, the other is Nvidia Quadro T2000. the Game use Quadro T2000, I think.

  38. Edward says:

    Winrar wasn’t accepting password so I used 7-Zip and the password worked there and I extracted Bin32 perfectly but when extracting BIO4 it stops at 98% and says
    Data Error :Wrong Password? : BIO4\ImagePackHD\00000010.pack.lfs
    was so close and now im stuck any help would be great iv’e been trying to get this to work all morning.

    • albert says:

      Hello! I’ll copy paste this just in case:

      IMPORTANT: All 18 parts (if you download it using a Direct Download method) must be in the same folder, and you have to extract ONLY part 1. You may have problems using 7zip, so use Winrar instead.

  39. Edward says:

    Did everything now game doesn’t even open when I press play, I need some help.

  40. Sajirou says:

    “The Archive is either in unknown format or damaged” (Mediafire ones,) Megadrive has a 3 hour wait between parts unless I want bulk I have to install possible spyware/malware in the guise of their downloader in order to get a compiled zip and NEXUS one got taken down.

    • Alvin says:

      The MediaFire one is correct. I downloaded and it installed just fine. I’ve already played till the castle segment.

  41. Ansh says:

    acer aspire 7
    amd ryzen 5 3500
    8gb ram
    nvidia gtx 1650

    asserstion failed expression:countMatches

  42. No name bruh says:

    Well, when I pasted the “Bio32” folder into the game folder, I started up the game and then this happened:
    My game version is a non-steam one so I really don’t know if that version can run the HD Project. And I also used the 4gb patch then it still gave the same result.

  43. mothrasattorney says:

    I’m seeing issues where some objects appear almost doubled, like the truck in the opening cutscene has a ghost stuck to it. It’s like a shadow or something to the side of the object and happens often. It’s like I’ve gone cross-eyed.

    I feel like I saw it in one of my earlier downloads of the project a few years ago maybe? Any ideas?

    • albert says:

      It’s the Gamecube Depth of Field. It looks weird at HD resolutions but some people like it.
      You can disable it by disabling the “EnableGCBlur” option (press F1 ingame or edit the dinput8.ini file)

      • mothrasattorney says:

        Cheers! I solved it. One more question though. Any idea what’s causing this effect in the background? From your walkthroughs it looks totally clear, but there’s this odd grainy effect.

        • albert says:

          that blurry effect is the depth of field from the gamecube version
          It looks a bit outdated at HD resolutions, but you can deactivate it in the dll menu (press F1) and unckeck the EnableGCBlur box 🙂

  44. raul mendez says:

    Todo bien la verdad solo que el mod lo puse en idioma español y algunas cosas siguen saliendo en ingles como la descripcion de las armas mejoras etc igual felicitaciones por el trabajo!!

    • albert says:

      Sí, es un fallo mío a la hora de compilar archivos. Ya lo he arreglado y en poco tiempo subiremos un parche que arregla esto y otras cosas

  45. MZA says:

    Guys I’m facing the same problem after meeting Luis the dysinc of the voice because of the 30 fps problem in the cutscene .

  46. Muy buenas alber:
    Felicidades en tu salida de la version 1.0
    Queria reportar un Bug que me paso 2 veces en el Cual 2 objetos Clave al principio del juego me desaparecen y creo que es algo del Mod por que lo jugue multiples veces en vanilla (incluso lo jugue en la version anterior de este mod disponible en la pagina) y nunca me habia pasado.
    Antes que nada: Estoy jugandolo en la version de STEAM.
    La primera vez me paso cuando combinas 2 items formando la llave hexagonal. Insertas el Item en la puerta, el hexagono desaparece y el juego te pide que insertes el item para continuar. Dejo un video de demostracion:

    Reinicie el juego y volvi a empezar. En la segunda vuelta acepto el hexagono celeste
    El segundo me pasó poco despues de matar al 2do de la motocierra. Agarras la llave de la iglesia. Cuando puse la llave no me di cuenta y había desaparecido. No pude ingresar a la iglesia.

    Espero poder ser de ayuda. No he leido que le pase a nadie mas.
    Aclaro que instale todo al pie de la letra, sin mods previos y Siguiendo los pasos a rajatabla de tu video tutorial de hoy! Amo este proyecto y espero que siga creciendo.
    Contás con todo me apoyo! un abrazo enorme!

    • albert says:

      Madre mía, pero esto qué es??? XDD
      Ciertamente, es la primera vez que veo algo semejante…
      Sin duda los archivos mejorados no pueden provocar eso… así que quizás el dll?? pero es muy raro!
      Tenías algún “trainer” o algún programa que pueda modificar la memoria del juego de algún modo activado??

      Si te manejas bien con el inglés, te recomiendo que pases nota de esto aquí:
      Y crees un “issue” nuevo con lo que te pasa y los links a los vídeos. Si no te manejas bien, ya contacto yo con nipkow.

      Gracias por el apoyo y por el reporte del fallo misterioso del año XD

      • Jejejeje Mil gracias alber por contestar!
        Si, la verdad que es rarisimo. No tengo nada mas que tu Mod y se que no deberia afectar nada relacionado al Gameplay ya que lo que hiciste es todo estetico pero como nunca me habia pasado y es rarisimo pense que habia sido eso.
        Te mando un abrazo gigante desde Argentina y voy a seguir apoyando este Tremendo proyecto con todo lo que pueda!
        Saludos <3

  47. RE4-Fan says:

    What are your system specifications? : i7-8700, 1070ti

    In which language are you playing the game?
    Did you install other mods?
    What is the total file size and number of files inside the BIO4 folder? 21.4MB
    What is the total file size and number of files inside the Bin32 folder? 37.4GB

    I installed the mods with no issues. I am able to pull up the config menu (F1) but my changes don’t save when restarting the game.

    When I am in the middle of a game, I am able to adjust the changes and see the FOV change while I am changing it but when I quit the game and go back in it is not there.

    I also turn on the debug menu and press CTRL+F3 and it does not bring anything up.

    • albert says:

      It seems the .dll .ini file is read-only protected. Try changing that (right-click the dinput8.ini file and remove the “read only” property)
      We are working on that, so the read-only is no a problem
      Let me know if that worked! ;D

  48. Alluciate says:

    -don’t remember the spec but should be more than enough to run
    -after choosing difficulty, game flashes a dark difficulty screen before crashing

  49. hardcrasher says:

    For the ones who cannot apply the patch from menu, I went to RE4 folder on windows and left ticked all permissions (read, write, modify, etc.). Worked.
    Game crashes on 1.0.6, running a 950m gtx (2 gb vRAM + 8 gb system RAM), regardless of what’s done. Cards with 2 GB vRAM I think will crash (that happened even playing the vanilla game, in certain parts like the Castle gardens). Lowered resolution, ticked and unticked the blur fixes, the movie upscaling resolution, same crash on cutscenes persists. Ran the game plain, no mods or anything extra. The game is playable in low end pc’s, played with the same specs the HD release they did few years ago.
    BIO4 and bin32 folders are fine, being trying to debug it a while. Will see changing language, but don’t think will be affected.

    Anyway, much thanks to the devs (honestly lol), leave the comment in case anyone learns anything.

  50. Drew says:

    Everything is working great, but I am having a problem where my settings I select in the F1 menu are not being saved, despite me clicking on the save button. Every time I open the game it reverts back to the default options and does not save my changes. Anyone have any guesses as to what might be causing this?

    Phenomenal work, btw. This is the best texture mod I’ve ever seen and few games deserve it more than this one.

    • albert says:

      It seems the dinput8.ini file is read-only protected for some people. Try changing that (right-click the dinput8.ini file and remove the “read only” property)
      We are working on that, so the read-only is no a problem anymore.
      Let me know if that worked! ;D

      • Drew says:

        That was it! I had just discovered that myself and was actually coming back to edit my post with that exact info. You are fast!

        Thank you for this, albert. I donated $10 & would encourage anyone reading this to consider donating too.

  51. ghost says:

    Not a technical issue i guess, but the handgun suppressor in secret location disappears after picking it up..Even from case
    Is this a bug or game can’t load objects that aren’t supposed to be there

  52. Andrew says:

    AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT 6-Core Processor 3.80 GHz, 32 gb ram, radeon 560 4gb
    StartUp, screen stays black

  53. Flo says:

    I have a constant weird visual glitch: Leon’s hand/arm is clipping halfway through the shotgun when he’s casually holding it at hip level (i.e. not aiming). It’s pretty distracting.

    Also, in the first cut scene with Luis–where him and Leon lie bound in the back room: Over the course of the cut scene my audio desyncs more and more. By the end the character’s lip animations don’t match the audio lines at all anymore.

    – My specs: Core i7-4770K, 3.5 GHz / MSI 1070 ti / 16 GB RAM / Windows 10
    – Game language: English
    – No other mods
    – BIO4 folder–Windows 10 folder properties says: 6805 files, 62 folders, 37.4 GB, 40241936742 bytes
    – Bin32 folder: 7 files, 21.4 MB, 22498915 bytes
    – I don’t know, if those issues are present on a vanilla Resi 4 on PC. I’m playing the PC/Steam version for the first time.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the report!
      We are aware of the desync issue and we’ll try to optimize it as much as possible.
      About the shotgun, it was already like this even in the gamecube… I guess we can’t fix it unless someone finds a way to edit the animations…

      • Flo says:

        The shotgun clipping glitch: sorry for putting that on you! I had no idea it had always looked like that—and I actually even played the original on GameCube back in the day.

        Your HD Project is fantastic work, btw. A monumental achievement and the best and most accurate fan-made HD re-texture mod I’ve ever seen! It’s a total delight to replay Resi 4 like that. It feels so fresh and crisp. Congratulations and many, many thanks for all the fantastic work you guys did!

  54. Lynx98 says:

    Picking up the silencer with the Red9 and no other pistol in your inventory makes the pistol not appear in your inventory

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the info!
      It seems some people have “disappearing models” in the inventory for some strange reason. It seems quite random.
      nipkow and emoose surely will find a solution for this!
      We are on it 😉

      • Lynx98 says:

        I also wanted to add that in chapter 2-1 the waterfall and all the water around in the area flickers like crazy !

        I also wanted to congratulate and thanks for the awesome work you guys put !

        • albert says:

          I’ll check it out!
          It seems it may be an occasional random problem. First time I hear about it.
          Have you tried playing that area again?

  55. Okug says:

    Hello!, i have a problem, my game doesn’t open. This happens to me when i open the game with dinput8.dll, without this dll, it opens but crashes in the menu, someone can help me?

  56. Jake Bolt says:

    Processor AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor
    Video Card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060
    Operating System Windows 10
    RAM 16 GB

    Playing in English
    No other mods
    Bio4 folder is 37.4gb
    Bin is 21.4mb with 7 files

    My issue is simply when I go to change things in the config menu, FOV, disable VSync
    (and save the settings) ect, some things require a restart and whether I Alt+F4 or close the game from the main menu, none of these settings save, meaning I cannot disable VSync or use the traditional angles for Ashley’s section.

    • albert says:

      It seems the dinput8.ini file is read-only protected for some people. Try changing that (right-click the dinput8.ini file and remove the “read only” property)
      We are working on that, so the read-only is no a problem anymore.
      Let me know if that worked! ;D

  57. ¿Cuáles son las especificaciones de tu PC?
    Core I5 8300 2.3 Ghz
    8 Gb de RAM
    Grafica RTX 1060

    ¿Cuándo ocurre el bloqueo o el error visual?
    El juego inicia sin problemas, al cargar una nueva partida o una nueva, se cierra el juego.

    ¿En qué idioma estás jugando el juego?

    ¿Has instalado algún otro mod?

    ¿Cuál es el tamaño total de archivos y la cantidad de archivos dentro de la carpeta BIO4?
    Tamaño 32.6 Gb
    Total de Archivos: 9.456

    ¿Cuál es el tamaño total de archivos y el número de archivos dentro de la carpeta Bin32?
    Tamaño 23,7 Mb
    Total de archivos: 9

    ¿Estaba el problema antes de instalar el proyecto HD? (No podemos hacer nada si ya experimentabas el problema con el juego original).
    No, no tenía problemas antes.

    Una captura de pantalla o un video del problema (si es posible).
    Al querer cargar una nueva partida, se queda cargando la pantalla de carga unos segundos y se cierra el juego.
    Lo mismo sucede en cualquier misión extra como:
    Separate Ways
    Assignment Ada

  58. Hinasaky says:

    I already installed this, its 100% worked,
    but it kinda hard to play using default controller configuration,
    usually i’m using this mod to play with :

    It looks like this mod not working along with this HD PROJECT mod… any idea ??

    I appreciate all of your works guys.. its very cool 🙂

  59. Aaron says:

    Hey there 😀
    I have an issue where the cutscene straight after you save Luis from the wardrobe has audio desync.
    The one where Saddler injects you/axe guy tries to kill you.
    Just wondering if anyone else had similar problems ^^

    Also just wanna say, well done guys!
    This mod is blowing me away haha
    I bought Re4 day one so seeing it looks so good is bringing tears to my eyes 😀
    Thank you so much!

  60. Maxine says:

    Specs: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 19042) (19041.vb_release.191206-1406)
    DirectX Version: DirectX 12
    Memory: 12GBs of RAM
    Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor (12 CPUs), ~3.4GHz
    Graphics Card: Radeon RX 580, 8GBs of VRAM, driver version 22.1.1

    Issue: Black screen upon booting. I also tried manually applying the 4GB patch to no avail.
    Other Mods: None.
    Language: English
    Bin32: 21.4 MB, 8 Files (1 of which is the backup of the old exe)
    BIO4: 36.8 GB, 5,445 Files, 60 Folders
    Had no issues on prior versions.

    • albert says:

      Do you mean there’s no map when you enter the new area?
      But when you exit it the map is normal again, right?
      I can’t add new map sections, but since it’s an easter egg, it’s not necessary I think. Although, if I found out a way of edit the maps, I’ll surely do something about it

  61. Iggy says:

    Hello when i try to use Xbox Series Controller the game becomes laggy and runs in slowmo. But works fine when i don’t use a gamepad. I don’t know how to fix this. Also congrats on this amazing project!

    • albert says:

      Wow, this really goes beyond my comprehension… really weird…
      Does someone else here experience the same problem with an Xbox Series controller?

      • Pedro25 says:

        Eu tbm estou tendo.

      • Iggy says:

        Hello i would like to update my issue. The game seems to work fine when i start the controller for the first time. But if i turn it off and on again the issue will recur until i restart the computer again. Hope this info could be of use!

        • Iggy says:

          Reinstalled the game without the mod and looks like there’s something with the game or steam itself causing the issue. Guess i just settle with playing on 360 controller for now.

          • Iggy says:

            This might fix the problem some people are having:

            Control Panel > Power Options > USB Settings. Then disable USB selective suspend setting.

            worked for me at least.

    • Zezo says:

      I have the same issue. I fix it by turning off and then turning on again the controller while in game.
      The issue seems to be caused by the game actually detecting the xbox series x controller as 2 separate controllers – X360 controller and bluetooth device (you can see that in the controller settings menu in the game).
      Once you perform the steps I mentioned the bluetooth device is gone and it starts working correctly as X360 controller.
      Too bad this is just workaround that has to be performed each time you start the game ;(

  62. Coolmuzt says:

    Krauser’s bow and arrows are invisible in the Inventory/Status menu:

    System specs:
    Intel Core i5 760 2.8 GHZ
    NVidia GeForce 1050 Ti 4GB
    8GB RAM

  63. Dieu-Sama says:

    i7 5900
    GTX 1070
    32 Go ram

    Each time I pick up (2 attempt so far) the anonymous letter (First Ada letter, juste after the Del Lago bossfight), the game crash.

    Which is rather infortunate because I made as few saves as possible and I always make my very first save after I visited the merchant in his hidden lake store . . . so I lost 2h30 of game . . .

  64. Bison256 says:

    Windows 10 Pro (64)
    31.9 GB RAM
    Intel Core i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz, 3600 Mhz, 8 Core(s), 16 Logical Processor(s)Total Physical
    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER
    RAM (1,048,576) bytes

    The game crashes when I try to start a new game


    No other mods
    BIO4 folder 39.7 GB
    Bin32 folder 30.1 MB

    I had no issues with the game before installing this mod

    • albert says:

      BIO4 should be 37,4
      You didn’t delete the original BIO4 folder before pasting the new one, right?

      • Bison256 says:

        That was the problem, next time I’ll try reading the read me. Muchisimas Gracias.

        • albert says:

          Hehe no prob 😉

          • Ben says:

            same issue it crashes when I start a new game, but i can load other saves, however once im in the game pressing the start and select buttons crash the game.
            I did delete the original BIO4 folder and im only using the new BIO4 folder that is 37.4 gb
            I’m using the torrent download if that helps

  65. SelenitaDelSur says:

    He empezado una partida y todo bien, puedo cargar cualquier save. Pero al intentar empezar una partida nueva, tras la pantalla de Loading, el juego se cierra y me vuelve al escritorio.

    • albert says:

      Hola! Mira cuanto pesa y cuantos archivos tiene tu carpeta BIO4
      Puede que no hayas borrado la carpeta original BIO4 antes de poner la nueva?

      • SelenitaDelSur says:

        Pues la carpeta pesa 37,4 GB (40.241.926.498 bytes) y si, la borré antes de poner la vuestra. Probaré de todas formas a volver a borrar y pegar a ver.

        • SelenitaDelSur says:

          Pues no, he borrado la carpeta BIO4 y la he vuelto a poner y sigue igual. He podido empezar una partida y guardar y cargarla, pero a partir de ahi parece que no puedo empezar otra. Si necesitáis cualquier otra info me decís.

          • albert says:

            Oh, que extraño…
            es una versión original del juego?
            Es versión 1.0.6 o 1.1.0 (eso aparece en la pantalla de “PULSA CUALQUIER BOTÓN”, abajo a la derecha)
            Algún otro mod instalado?

          • SelenitaDelSur says:

            No se porque no puedo contestar a tu comentario, lo dejo aquí y espero que lo leas. En honor a la verdad, por un momento cambié el exe por uno 1.0.6 para probar un trainer, pero rapidamente quité el trainer (no hay nada de los archivos de este) y volví a dejar el exe original.

          • albert says:

            Y ese exe original es de una versión comprada o “crackeada”?

          • SelenitaDelSur says:

            Como decía, en cualquier caso volví a poner el exe original (1.1.0). El que usé lo encontré por internet y creo que salía de un foro de Steam, asi que sinceramente no se si estaría crackeado o no, mi intención era solo poner un exe 1.0.6 para probar el trainer.

          • SelenitaDelSur says:

            Si te refieres al exe que usaba antes del trainer y el que uso ahora, si, es original comprado en Steam.

          • SelenitaDelSur says:

            He probado a verificar los archivos del juego con Steam y luego reinstalar el mod y ya va bien. De hecho, incluso he podido volver a poner el exe 1.0.6 para usar un trainer y de momento todo OK. Gracias por el soporte, por lo demás todo perfecto!

  66. tocem says:

    Ryzen 5900X
    64GB ram
    GTX 3090
    Windows 10
    No other mods, brand new Steam install.

    Game crashes after playing out the cutscene where Luis and Leon are handcuffed and you release them by QTE. Hunnigan’s call plays, and then a CTD occurs. The main cutscene there also had serious desync issues.

    Loving the mod so far, congratulations on such a great release!

    • Nick Swenson says:

      Did you make sure you deleted the entirety of the original BIO4 folder before replacing it with the modded BIO4 folder? Simply dragging and dropping to overwrite will causes issues and crashes.

      Audio desyncs seem to be happening for that scene with Luis and Leon in Ch.2 in particular.

  67. Ryan says:

    The Secret Tunnels in Chapter 2.3 after fighting off two chainsaw ladies i found a silencer for the handgun but it never shows up in inventory

  68. Wyatt Grossman says:

    I am experiencing desynced audio with this mod. This was particularly noticeable right at the start of Chapter 2 which is where Leon is injected with Las Plagas. This appears to clean itself up after the cutscene but it was noticeably off right at the start. I don’t have any mods installed for this game (Unless you include the 2018 release of the HD Project mod which I deleted when the official HD release was made).
    My system Specs:
    OS: Windows 10
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900x
    GPU: Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 Ti
    RAM: 32GB

  69. KingRadish says:

    Hi here are my specs

    Ryzen 5600x
    nvidia gtx 1660 ti
    32gig ram
    Ubuntu 21.10 64-bit

    re4 runs normally on steam with proton and has perfect stability, no modifications required, no external proton versions.

    after downloading the torrent for hd project i followed the instructions
    delete bio4 folder then copy over hd version
    copy contents of bin32 over

    torrent version of bio4 folder comes in at 40.2 GB
    total size of entire torrent is 40.25GB
    this is not consistent with the total download size using the rar packages on mediafire

    starting re4 i am able to get to the main menu, upon starting any kind of game the game crashes on the loading screen. attempted the 4gb patch using wine, it appeared to be successful but saw no changes the same problem remains. Is the torrent download bad? I am attempting to download the mediafire package now to see if i have better results.

    • Nick Swenson says:

      The torrent file on my end that has been working successfully is 37.48GB. I used MIRROR 1 on the download page here on I’m using Windows 10 so I’m unsure about any Linux-specific issues.

    • Evan Holmberg says:

      Hi KindRadish,

      I am having the same issues as you but I am using Fedora 35. I wonder why our file sizes are different. Do you have a windows computer on hand? I am curious about extracting the files into the bin32 and bio4 folders on a windows machine and then moving them over to the linux machine via flashdrive. Also, what program did you use to extract the files on your linux machine? I used unrar.

      When you start the game after installing the HD mod, do you notice the new texture on the typewriter save screen? You also mentioned that your game crashes on any loading screen, but does it crash when starting a game of Assignment Ada? I am able to start a game of Assignment Ada but the game crashes when I open my inventory.

      • KingRadish says:

        hey all
        i’m currently running a checksum on the torrent as per the instructions given. I was able to get a terminal command cksfv using apt-get to replace quicksfv.

        when i checked the torrent it came back all good, and when i checked the bio4 folder inside of the steam game directory it also came back all good.

        The file size differences must come down to differences between different operating systems of tracking files.

        also i’ve noticed something interesting now that you mention assignment ada. I attempted to load an old save which starts at the typewriter in the castle next to chimera relief.
        the game was able to load the save with all the correct textures.
        however after waiting less than a minute the game crashes, after opening inventory the game crashes, and attempting to go through the double doors backwards in the game also crashes the game.

        i dont have access to assignment ada yet i was going to run windows 11 from a usb stick to test the files from my torrent but i suspect there is nothing wrong with them. My suspicion is that the mod is doing something that proton doesnt like or isnt expecting. Also pressing f1 does nothing i cant access any of the features from dinput8.dll

        i’ve tried a few different versions of proton but no dice there either. version 6.3-8 is the only one that doesnt immediately crash the game on launch.

        • Regis says:

          Hi KingRadish I’m facing the same issue as you, I’m running Manjaro, and after install the mod, I can’t pass the loading screen unfortunately.
          Please, if you figured out a way to get this working, reply this.
          I’ll do the same!

          • KingRadish says:

            these are all the steps i took to make the hd mod work

            use proton 6.3-8

            1. add to launch options: WINEDLLOVERRIDES=”winmm=n,b” %command%
            2. rename dinput8.dll and dinput8.ini (from the bin32 folder) to winmm.dll and winmm.ini respectively
            3. copy the files
            4. go to .steam/debian-installation/steamapps/compatdata/254700/pfx/drive_c/windows/system32
            5. rename winmm.dll to winmm.dll.old to disable it.
            6. paste the copied files over.
            7. download the 4gb_patch.exe tool and put it in the bin32 folder
            8. go to the bin32 folder using the terminal and type the command.
            wine 4gb_patch.exe bio4.exe

            re4_tweaks should work now. press f1 to check for sure to see if the menu shows up if it doesnt then re4 isn’t loading re4_tweaks which the hd mod requires to function.

  70. Tri says:

    Hi, I got issue with the “Playstation PS2 Button Mod V3 Chris – Albert RE4 HD Project” (original source & download below):

    Here is download link of PS2 button mod for you to replicate the bug to fix:

    The game work perfectly before the HD Project 1.0. After upgraded to HD 1.0, game can not start (crashed). So I already try re-install everything again carefully, the same issue. Please help fix it, the PS2 button layout is very awesome and I don’t want to miss it. So here is the details of the file:

    -Bin32: 21.4MB – 8 Files
    -BIO4: 37.9 GB (already included the PS2 Mod above – Original is 37.4GB installed using Manually Method)
    -The original Steam game work well with the PS2 button Mod with no issue.

    Please help fix and let me know, thanks in advanced

    • albert says:

      Hello! Try asking the modder who created it to adapt it to the HD project. Unfortunately, some mods are not compatible with the HD project

      • Tri says:

        Please consider some investigation please, I also already reported it to the mod author. It worked great with your previous HD Project (the 18GB patch version + patch). In the mean time, I am now using the previous version which I have backup. The ps2 button layout is too good to be missed.

  71. Dieu-Sama says:

    Little visual bug with shotun ammo pack texture after i tried to move it from it’s inventory space

    It still like that atm

    cf message above for my spec.

  72. KamenGabe says:

    My game just crashes when I start a new game

    My specs:
    Intel G5400
    16gb RAM

    Also, I never had this problem before the final release

  73. Evan Holmberg says:

    Linux (Fedora 35) Kernel 5.15.18
    16 GB RAM
    AMD Ryzen 4900HS
    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 with Max-Q Design
    Language: English

    Bin32: 22.5MB, 7 items
    BIO4: 40.2GB, 6866 items

    After starting the game, I do not get a notification to install the 4gb patch so I do it manually using wine. I can see the new bio4.exe and the bio4.exe.Backup. I also am unable to pull up the menu with F1. I can see that my load screen has been updated but when I try to load a save, the game freezes on the loading screen. I can start a round of Assignment Ada but the game crashes when I try to open my inventory. I have tried the manual install as well as using the installer by nipkow. I have also tried using Proton 6.3-8, Proton Experimental and Proton-6.21-GE-2. I do not have issues running this game without the mod.

    • albert says:

      hello! BIO4 should be 37,4 6804 files
      Could it be you placed the nipkow installer inside the game’s folder instead of placing it inside the downloaded and extracted folder?

      • Jacob says:

        My BIO4 folder is the same size, and I got it from the torrent. I fear the torrent files aren’t correct for some reason. I’ll try again using the direct download links.

        • albert says:

          Could you try checking the files integrity with the SFV file and the QuickSFV tool?

          • Jacob says:

            It all checks out alright (had to change the file separators in the SFV to unix-style on Linux, but no problem). Still no success launching in Proton using either the unpatched or patched bio4.exe.

            Will try looking into this more this weekend, but no worries on your end, you’re obviously not targeting Linux and I don’t expect you to. Thanks for all your work, this mod looks amazing. May just have to play it on Windows, and that’s fine.

          • Jacob says:

            > Just in case could you send us your bio4.exe and the bio4.exe.backup files? (inside Bin32 folder) We are compiling people that have strange issues exe file,s just in case there are different exe file versions we are not aware of, so we can make the dll file compatible for all of them.

            Sure, how do you want me to submit the files?

          • albert says:

            A Mediafire or Mega link should be enough.
            I think Google Drive doesn’t allow sharing exe files. Not sure if Wetransfer allows it.

          • Jacob says:

            Oh okay, just links works. I don’t have accounts on either of those so I just used my own site, hope that’s alright.



          • albert says:

            Thank you!
            I hope my coder colleagues can find something that also solves your issue

        • Jacob says:

          It’s the same when using the direct downloads. I think the listed file counts are simply incorrect and rely on some strange Windows behavior that hides certain files.

          • albert says:

            Just in case
            could you send us your bio4.exe and the bio4.exe.backup files? (inside Bin32 folder)
            We are compiling people that have strange issues exe file,s just in case there are different exe file versions we are not aware of, so we can make the dll file compatible for all of them.

    • Donut says:

      I’m LInux user as well and i have the same issues related here by others LInux users. For some reason 4GB patch doesn’t open and it says ”Couldn’t open executable” even with wine installed. When I open the game there is no patch message asking me to patch the game executable. If i start on new game it crashes during loading screen. Assignment Ada actually works but it is very slow and laggy and when I open inventory it crashes. I downloaded all 18 parts on mediafire link and for some reason, after extracting all files they count in total 6867 files(40,2 GB). I don’t’ know what’s the matter or the solution, but please try to find a solution for this problem or any Linux user that already found one help please 🙁

      Distro: Linux Lite 5.8 64 bits
      Kernel 5.4.0-97-generic (x86_64)
      Intel Core i3 540 @3.07 GHz
      4 GB RAM
      Nvidia GTX 550 Ti

      • KingRadish says:

        Hey guys to anybody following this i was able to solve one problem on my own.

        I decided to look into why re4_tweaks wasn’t working as its built into the mod and i found this post on steam discussion for the mod.

        “It works if you use this launch command:
        WINEDLLOVERRIDES=”winmm=n,b” %command%

        I also had to extract winmm.dll and winmm.ini to two locations: .steam/debian-installation/steamapps/common/Resident Evil 4/Bin32

        So I found out that you can get re4_tweaks to work if you follow the previous instructions, then do the following
        1. rename dinput8.dll and dinput8.ini to winmm.dll and winmm.ini respectively
        2. copy the files and go to .steam/debian-installation/steamapps/compatdata/254700/pfx/drive_c/windows/system32
        3. rename winmm.dll to winmm.dll.old to disable it.
        4. paste the copied files over.

        re4_tweaks should work now.

        • KingRadish says:


          As of writing this I tested out the menu and it works
          starting a new game on normal starts the intro cutscene no crashes.

          I am now at the starting area everything seems to be working now!

          playing hd project on Ubuntu 21.10 through proton!

        • Donut says:

          Ok, but where I can find winmm.dll and winmm.ini? Where i can download these files?

          • albert says:

            I haven’t read the entire discussion, but these 2 files are dinput8.dll and dinput8.ini. They used to be named winmm before 😉

          • Donut says:

            It still keeps crashing, I have done all these steps:
            1 – I put WINEDLLOVERRIDES=”winmm=n,b” %command% in launch options on steam
            2 – I took dinput8.dll and dinput8.ini from HD Project folder and renamed them as winmm.dll and winmm.ini respectively
            3 – In ”.steam/debian-installation/steamapps/compatdata/254700/pfx/drive_c/windows/system32 ” i renamed winmm.dll as winmm.dll.old
            4 – After that I paste the renamed files from HD Project in ”.steam/debian-installation/steamapps/common/Resident Evil 4/Bin32” and ”.steam/debian-installation/steamapps/compatdata/254700/pfx/drive_c/windows/system32″
            5- After that, no results, still crashing

          • KingRadish says:

            Are you using proton version 6.3-8? I’ve found that its the only version that runs re4 well.

            Also check to see that your video card drivers are up to date.

          • KingRadish says:

            And one more thing nvidia video cards don’t work well with Wayland so if your distro uses Wayland by default it may be causing your issue. Nvidia drivers are stupid and buggy and only work will if your distro is using x-server.

          • Donut says:

            The original Resident Evil 4 without mods doesn’t work with Proton 6.3-8 on my distro, only 4.1 and 4.2-9 versions. Now if it works with HD Project installed I have no idea. In my case the game crashes after starting new game or just freezes after loading a save. Linux gave me so much headache that I decided to finally go back to Windows

          • KingRadish says:

            i’m sorry to hear about your issues with linux i understand it is a headache. Definetely your issues go beyond the mod itself. If proton couldn’t load the vanilla version of re4 before the mod then you’re DOA.

            choosing your distro can have a massive impact on your experience using linux in general and some distros are better at some things than others.

            Linux Lite is not a distro i would have recommended to a beginner I probably would have recommended, Linux Mint, or Ubuntu, even manjaro would have given you a more consistent experience.

          • Jacob says:

            This actually didn’t work for me either on Arch Linux. I also checked permissions for everything and changed everything to 755, still nothing.

            Are you sure there wasn’t anything else you tried while testing that we’re missing?

        • Jacob says:

          Thanks for your investigation!

          • KingRadish says:

            The only other thing that i did that i didn’t mention was i used wine to run 4gb_patch.exe and I patched it using the following command inside the folder

            wine 4gb_patch.exe bio4.exe

            this produced the patched exe and the backup exe.

            The key to knowing if this worked is
            1. can you see the title screen for resident evil 4.
            2. press f1 does the menu popup for the re4_tweaks mod?

            i’ve found that the mod does not work without re4_tweaks working.

          • KingRadish says:

            hey jacob i just thought of something that i totally didnt realize…

            under my instructions i use the folder extension .steam/debian-installation/steamapps/compatdata/254700/pfx/drive_c/windows/system32

            but I have also realized the reason why this works for me is because i’m running ubuntu which is debian based.

            your folder instruction may be this instead.


            you will have to do your own reasearch because I think my instructions will only work if you are using a debian based distro, maybe the folder names are different under fedora, or arch.

          • Jacob says:

            Thanks for following up, but I already did patch it myself using WINE, and I also did account for it being at a different path (for me it’s ~/.steam/steam/…). Still no luck sadly.

            Thanks again though!

  74. Eduardo says:

    The game instantly crashes when trying to open it alongside the script fixes. The game only opens without the scripts, although it becomes quite buggy.

    • Eduardo says:


      My computer configs are:

      CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3110M CPU @ 2.40GHz, 2400 Mhz, 2-core
      GPU: Integrated Intel Core GPU
      RAM: 8GB of DDR3 RAM
      Storage: 240GB Patriot SSD

      Also, I just realized that the game treezes on the very first cutscene.

      • Eduardo says:

        Edit 2:

        BIN32 size is at 17.5 MB;
        BIO4 size is at 37.4 GB;

        I can get to start the game when I DELETE the script fixes, with them, the game doens’t even open, I just click the icon and it stays on the esktop;

        • Nick Swenson says:

          Did you delete the entirety of your original BIO4 folder before copying the modded BIO4 folder over? Simply merging and overwriting will cause issues.

          • Eduardo says:

            Yep, I did that. Then, when it didn’t work, I uninstalled the game, deleted everything, downloaded the mod again and even got rid of my save files. Then I followed all steps, and the same issue happened. I think I overcomplicated the issue.

            In short, the game doesn’t open with the RE4 Tweaks DLLs. Without them, I can get the game to open, but anything aside from the main menu will crash it and I’m back to the desktop.

        • Nick Swenson says:

          I’m actually seeing you have an Integrated Intel Core CPU. I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t believe those have the necessary VRAM (different than RAM) of a recommended 2GB minimum to run the mod.

        • albert says:

          Try to manually patch the bio4.exe file (make sure it’s the original one) using the 4GBpatch tool

  75. Fckundo says:

    Jejejeje Mil gracias alber por contestar!
    Si, la verdad que es rarisimo. No tengo nada mas que tu Mod y se que no deberia afectar nada relacionado al Gameplay ya que lo que hiciste es todo estetico pero como nunca me habia pasado y es rarisimo pense que habia sido eso.
    Te mando un abrazo gigante desde Argentina y voy a seguir apoyando este Tremendo proyecto con todo lo que pueda!
    Saludos <3

  76. DiasFlacOg says:

    Hello, I seem to be having a little issue.

    I followed your video and everything went smoothly. However when I try to install the 4gb patch on the title screen nothing happens.

    I basically have 2 mouse pointers (the same as on yoru video) one for the 4gb patch and one for the game itself.

    However, when I move the mouse cursor BOTH mouse cursors move at the same time and I end up starting, loading, or going into the games options menu by mistake (depending on where the game’s mouse is at).

    I rewatched your video and I can clearly see that only ONE mouse cursor moves on your screen (the one for the 4gb patch the games mouse cursor stays on the upper left hand corner).

    Please let me know how to fix this issue. Thank you for your hard work 😀

    • albert says:

      Hello! did you try applying the 4GBpatch manually? I added this step in the instructions in the download page.
      the 2 cursor part is really wird!!!

      • DiasFlacOg says:

        Yes I already got the game working 😀

        I simply fixed this issue by pressing F1 to bring up the lil tweaks menu. Pressing F1 removed the “second mouse pointer” and allowed me to easily click on the 4gb install. So far the game is working perfectly for me and looks amazing.

        I do have a random question though.

        I’m close to the end of the village chappers and I found a “secret” room. Did you guys add this secret room to the mod? Or was this room always in the game? I don’t remember because its been a very long time since I played RE4 on gamecube.

        There’s also a handgun silencer in there too but it doesn’t show up in my inventory.

        • albert says:

          It’s a present/Easter egg I’ve done from scratch:P
          Some items not appearing in the inventory is a known issue some people suffer from randomly, and we are working on that

  77. King_IRL says:

    NexusMods flagged the mod because of the password on the rar files. Says to remove it. Once that is done I will download.

  78. Peter says:

    Hello Albert,

    Congrats on RE4HD release!!!!

    Sadly I have crash to report.

    Crash occurs at beginning of game, when going to check on the Police escort that got ran off the road into the river. When I go to check scene (using prompt X) the game crashes.

    I will try again to see if persists.

    I’ve only used the in-game config to change FOV +20 (F1 Menu)


  79. Anthony says:

    This one is extremely minor, I was actually gonna comment on other stuff and saw this right before quitting the game xD Looks like there’s a bit of Z-fighting right where the laser is pointing, which sadly can’t be seen in the frame I took the screenshot. This is in the farm (day), under the ‘bridge’ thing, and the wooden fence is right behind Leon.
    Anyway, the other stuff I was gonna mention was the mercenaries loadouts’ screenshots, since they look a little squished. The originals were a simple screenshot of the suitcase the way it looks in-game I believe, and it was slightly tilted and zoomed out. There was also the one inverted texture in Santiago Santiago’s livestream in the island section.
    Either way, the mod is incredible! Congratulations on the 1.0 release!!

    • albert says:

      Thank you!! 😀
      The mercenaries inventory screenshots are like this now because they were like this in the gamecube ;P
      Someone took cheat and compressed screenshots for the HD versions…
      Z-fight issue easy to fix 🙂

  80. Anthony says:

    I hope this is the place to report these things

    Not a big deal (so far at least), but I noticed Leon can still turn with the mouse while the merchant is playing his “Welcome” animation if the mouse turn feature is enabled. It doesn’t really impact gameplay at the end of the day, but I don’t know if this also applies to other instances where Leon isn’t supposed to be able to move while interacting with stuff

    Also, I saw someone pointed out the silencer not appearing in the inventory after picking it up in the visual inaccuracies section so I wanted to confirm that the same happened to me, not sure if that’s intended though

  81. Peter says:

    Hello Albert,

    Info: No other mods installed, English version played, BIO4 folder 37.4 GB 6804 files, Bin32 12.7MB 6 files.

    Congrats on RE4HD release!!!!

    Sadly I have crash to report.

    Crash occurs at beginning of game, when going to check on the Police escort that got ran off the road into the river. When I go to check scene (using prompt X) the game crashes.

    I will try again to see if persists. ( *EDIT I try again, had to start new game since previous CTD. Crash still occurs when check on the Police crash into the river scene (X button Check Prompt).

    I’ve only used the in-game config to change FOV +20 (F1 Menu)


  82. Alvin says:

    There’s a texture issue I noticed when approaching U3.. when Leon is in tactical vest, his eyes are black with blue red green buttons on it. Has this issue happened to anyone else?

  83. Phantron says:

    – the cutscene when Leon and Luis got captured is out of sync
    – when selecting the special costume 1, Ashley’s graphics bug out completely in the cutscene where they run to the “surviver” shed and meet Luis
    – the pistol silencer you find from your new room is invisible in the inventory

    – in german
    – with a few sound modifications of my own (cant be in conflict with the mentioned bugs)

    additional mentioning:
    – it seems a few UI textures from the “guidebook” graphic are in english and not german.

    • albert says:

      Most of them are already reported and working on fixing them 🙂
      About the English texts. Do you mean the red handwritten texts? They are in English when playing in all languages, even in the original version

      • Phantron says:

        I mean the remade graphics in the ingame guidebook/manual, most of the text is german, but a few are english for some reason.

  84. RrexBr says:

    Hello I found a problem in the game, the silencer does not appear in the inventory

  85. Inversi says:

    spec: amd ryzen 5 4600h, gtx 1650 ti and 8gb of ram
    the crash happens right after choosing difficulties for new game, my game is fresh so i wouldn’t know if loading a save is different
    no mods
    37.4gb and 21.4mb
    game works just fine without re4hd
    plz help

  86. Andrew Bottino says:

    Hello, I’ve been playing the texture pack and loving it, but I noticed I’ve been getting lag spikes throughout the game, sometimes in cutscenes which cause audio to desync. I was wondering if there was a way to fix this.

    • Andrew Bottino says:

      Oh forgot to send my specs,

      Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz (12 CPUs), ~2.6GHz
      NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
      16384MB RAM
      5980 MB VRAM
      Sandisk External SSD

  87. Josue says:

    Hola buenas, no se si alguien mas de los había comentado pero resulta que a la hora de hablar con el buhonero sucede que la descripción de los objetos sale en ingles, también a la hora de examinar un objeto en el inventario sucede lo mismo, los textos se muestran en ingles, te dejo una imagen ahí abajo, gracias.

  88. Barry Burton says:

    Hello all,

    Not sure if an issue with RE4 by itself, but I noticed that I was getting massive FPS drops from 60 locked to about 23 FPS randomly. I found out it was due to my controller, as I was using an XBOX ONE controller via Bluetooth. I fixed my FPS drops issue by testing with A PS4 dualshock controller via wired usb cable and using DS4 Windows. I usually swap between PS4 and XBOX controllers depending on the game. Worked perfectly fine without drops using the the wired PS4 controller. I’m assuming the XBOX ONE controller would also work wired but I hadn’t tested it yet.

    Just wanted to post this in case someone else had the same issue. Cheers.

  89. cl0ck says:

    The game crash after the initial video nothing can’t be done?

  90. Renato says:

    Hi guys,

    I was wondering if I could get some help.
    I’ve followed every step of the tutorial. When I run the game first time, the 4gb patch appeared, but I couldn’t use the mouse, so I had to patch it manually.
    After this, everytime I execute the game, the screen turns black and a message to press f1 so I can change some settings appear, but the game close imediatly after. If I manage to return the old BIO4 folder to it’s original, the game runs fine.
    Is there anyone with the same behaviour?
    I’m running the steam version on Windows 11. I also installed the latest nvidia drivers and I’m using a GTX 1080 to run the game.
    Thanks in advancce.

  91. Klemc says:

    CTD (tested three times), when taking the “anonym letter” on the bed in hut (it opens, but game craches) ; after : lake monster… Leon’s dreamed he’s sick… and the radio communication with the girl (1-3 end chapter save).

    i7 9700F
    GTX 1660S

    No visual glitches to report (water’s good…). Greatest mod of the decade.

  92. Zarathos says:

    Quiero felicitarlos por su dedicación a este proyecto.
    Hay dos cosas que noté durante los juegos. En primer lugar, a veces el sonido del juego se silencia durante aproximadamente un segundo cuando se reproducen dos sonidos al mismo tiempo, por ejemplo, cuando comienza a sonar el tema de los ganados y cuando disparo con las armas.
    Segundo, el silenciador que se encuentra en la parte secreta no tiene textura en el inventario.
    Aparte de estos detalles, el mod es increíble. gracias por traernos la versión de RE4 que a todos los fanáticos les encantaría jugar.

    • albert says:

      gracias! Lo del sonido no sé a qué puede ser debido.. lo apunto por si a alguien más le ocurre.
      Lo de algunos artículos en el inventario siendo invisibles (con krauser y ada probablemente también te pasará) es algo en lo que estamos trabajando para arreglar 🙂

  93. Irvin says:

    CPU: Intel Core i7-9700K @ 3.60GHz
    GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090
    RAM: 8GB of DDR3 RAM
    Storage: 500GB Samsung NVMe SSD
    The game was crashing right after it booted but I could see it was asking about 4GB patch so I downloaded the patch tool. After the patch, I just get a black screen and the game crashes after about a second.

    • albert says:

      what’s the size and number of files of the BIO4 folder?
      have you an original copy of the game?
      WHich version of the game is? 1.0.6 or 1.1.0?

  94. jhon says:

    friend because when I press f1 menu configuration I press save but it does not save the configuration help please…?

  95. Joel says:

    Hi y’all, not sure if this is the right place to post this, but there seems to be something wrong with nexus download link. It looks like it was taken down.

    Looking forward to checking out your mod soon!

  96. Anthony says:

    Not sure if this is a system issue but I’m having controller issues and as of now I’m using a PS4 controller (wired connection) but I will be referencing the Xbox controllers input button since it might be easier to follow.

    A lot of the buttons seem to be swapped I’ll give you a couple examples.

    Y is shoot instead of the usual X button when aiming which is very uncomfortable/hard to use

    B is your action button for opening doors selecting through the menus etc. instead of X
    X and B seem to be swaped

    I’ve tried using DS4windows witch helped a little but then I came across other issues like stuttering when running.
    I had just got the game for the first time on PC and didn’t test controller before updating to RE4 HD project so I don’t know if this is a well known issues but I couldn’t find anything online about button swaps.
    GEFORCE GTX 1650 super
    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-10400F CPU @ 2.90GHz 2.90 GHz
    Installed RAM 8.00 GB (7.75 GB usable)
    System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

    • Alice says:

      I am getting this same issue – swapped buttons without DS4 Windows, and when I enable DS4 Windows the buttons are correct but Leon cannot sprint. If anyone has any ideas of a fix that would be great

  97. Felipe says:

    The game crashes and close in the part of Casttle

  98. Sona says:

    What are your system specifications? NVIDIA 3060.
    When does the crash or visual bug take place? Church when Saddler talks about the eggs.
    In which language are you playing the game? English.
    Did you install other mods? No.
    What is the total file size and number of files inside the BIO4 folder? 37.4 gigabytes.
    What is the total file size and number of files inside the Bin32 folder? 21.4 megabytes.
    Was the issue there before installing the HD project? (We can’t do anything if you already experienced the issue with the original game.) No.
    The glitch is the chandelier is violently shaking in place during the cutscene.

  99. jaim says:

    hola! a mi solo me anda cuando uso en modo windowed el juego ni arrancaba cuando de forma nativa tuve que poner el re4 tweaks y el divx y solo arranco al ponerlto en windowed no importa que hiciera el juego crashea al ponerlo en pantalla completa y tambien veo que no es compatible con el mod de voces en latino algun dia se podra usar ese mod? y un error es que todas las descripciones de las armas y objetos de la tienda del buhonero estan en ingles en lugar del español paso link de imgur

  100. Kayden says:

    Hi, thank you for this masterpiece.
    I notice a unsync voice problem during the cutscene which leon and luis tied up in an abandonded house. It seems the slowdown occurs during salazar appearance in the cutscene.

  101. Foster says:

    So I followed all the instructions and whenever I try to boot up the game, it gives me a VC Runtime error where it says “assertion failed” and “Expression: countMatches” Any idea as to what to do?

  102. BenRaccoon says:

    What are your system specifications?
    – i9-10850K+64G+RTX 3090 + 1TB Samsung 970 EVO
    When does the crash or visual bug take place?
    – During the common play procedure.
    In which language are you playing the game?
    – Simplified Chinese version.
    Did you install other mods?
    – No.
    What is the total file size and number of files inside the BIO4 folder?
    – 37.4GB (40241926477 Bytes), 6804 Files, 62 Folders.
    What is the total file size and number of files inside the Bin32 folder?
    – 21.4MB (22498914 Bytes), 7 Files.
    Was the issue there before installing the HD project? (We can’t do anything if you already experienced the issue with the original game.)
    – No issue.
    A screenshot or video of the issue (if possible).
    – I couldn’t record a video, but I could describe the issue clearly for understanding. I am used to use keyboard to play the game and I found after applied HD project, the camera movement speed has become extremely fast when using keyboard to rotate.

    • albert says:

      Hello! Could you check inside the dinput8.ini inside Bin32 folder?
      I’m pretty sure one of the keyboard/Mouse new options is the responsible for this.
      Try setting some of them to “False” or change some value and see if the movement backs to the normal speed 😉

      • BenRaccoon says:

        Hi Albert,
        Thanks for your reply, I have found that setting “UseMouseTurning”, and the camera rotating speed returned to normal after I set it to “False”. It could also be changed using F1 menu -> Mouse -> Mouse Turning in game.
        Appreciate your kindness.
        Best Regards.

  103. Highlander says:

    Bought game on steam, downloaded it. Thew the extracted files into the games files, replaced.
    Game launches, but after first opening cutscene the game goes to a loading and crashes.
    Downloaded from the Mediafire

  104. MZA says:

    Mr Albert,

    Thank you for the phenomenal work here ?, when can we expect the patch fix ?
    And thank you again ?

  105. Nick Swenson says:

    Sometimes while loading, the game is the incorrect resolution and is stretched off-screen to the right. This is when set to 1920×1080, Fullscreen, and multiple displays. The issue can be resolved by adjusting the in-game resolution to anything else and back to 1920×1080.

    Can provide better documentation and images if required.

  106. Woch says:

    ADA’s bowgun bolts model disappear in the bag and SELL
    1.1.0 version, no mods, no issues before install
    game in english
    BIN32 21.4 MB, 7 files
    BIO4 37.4 GB, 6804 files, 62 folders
    Did I lose any files?

  107. Arad says:

    yo albert everything works fine thank u for this masterpiece . there is an bug in 3 file playing menu . when u wanna press to next page there is no sound effect on it but the other files works fine all 3 file playing menu have this problem. and another bug about sound effect on radio pick up . in some area like the where the church ball ring after that cutscene when leon pick the radio up to speak to hannigan there is no pick radio up sound effect expect when they are talking . and that it lol

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the report!
      The radio sound when Leon is the one how’s calling (and no Hunnigan is the one calling Leon) is now different, like in the Gamecube.
      The new sound starts playing a bit later. Could it be the reason?? Maybe you expect to hear the sound earlier and that’s why you thought there was no sound ¿?

      About the instructions files with no sound. It’s been always like this. I never notice that in fact haha

      • Arad says:

        oh lol sorry ive never notice this before. u know i always played re4 in ps2 not gamecube . this is great to see orginal things restored in this . thank u bro

  108. Anthony says:

    Not sure if this is a system issue but I’m having controller issues and as of now I’m using a PS4 controller (wired connection) but I will be referencing the Xbox controllers input button since it might be easier to follow.
    A lot of the buttons seem to be swapped I’ll give you a couple examples.
    (Y) is shoot instead of the usual (X) button when aiming which is very uncomfortable/hard to use.
    (B) is your action button for opening doors selecting through the menus etc. instead of (X).
    I’ve tried using DS4windows witch helped a little but then I came across other issues like stuttering when running. I had just got the game for the first time on PC and didn’t test controller before updating to RE4 HD project so I don’t know if this is a well known issues but I couldn’t find anything online about button swaps.
    NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1650 super.
    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-10400F CPU @ 2.90GHz.
    RAM 8.00 GB.
    System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor.
    Bin32: 7 files at 21.4MB, BIO4: 6,804 Files, 62 Folders at 37.4GB

    • albert says:

      The game by default only has Xbox and keyboard button icons, so, only mods can change that
      the game doesn’t detect the kind of gamepad you are using. It will always display Xbox buttons. Sorry ^_^”’

  109. News Bot says:

    I just want to report that the cutscene audio desync issues don’t appear to be isolated to a single scene, but are fairly persistent throughout many scenes, such as those with Krauser. In the movie browser at least, you can just skip the scene then reload it and it will sometimes fix itself, but obviously you can’t do that during the game itself.

    From what I can tell, it’s caused by the audio loading in faster than everything else. Even on my SSD there’s a noticeable small difference in loading time between the original and HD mod textures, which appears to be causing the desync.

    Apart from that, I’ve encountered no other issues so far. Absolutely astonishing work!

  110. Mark says:

    It’s great to know RE4HD is available since yesterday!
    I will play the game this evening. It’s also great to hear RE1RM + RE:CV are in development right now.


  111. Ryzen 9 3rd Gen 3900X 12-Core 3.80GHz (Max Turbo 4.6GHz)
    32 GB DDR4 RGB Memory (128GB Max)
    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super 8GB GDDR6
    1TB M.2 NVMe SSD + 6TB HDD
    Lag during 2nd fight with Krauser
    No other mods were used
    Bin32 is 21.4mb and 7 files
    BIO4 is 37.4gb and 6,804 files
    The issue was not there before installing the HD Project mod
    5:38:29 into my twitch vod is the krauser fight, 2 or 3 times the game lagged really badly.

    • albert says:

      That’s strange, that area is not “hardware consuming” like others much more complex.
      Could it be your computer was doing something in the background during that moment? Have you tried to play that portion of the game again and see if the problem reappears?

  112. Razzee says:

    The only mod to replace the X360 buttons with PS3 ones makes the game crash upon starting.

  113. MacGrath says:

    Hola, desargue todo el mod mediante torrent, realize todos los pasos del video para instalar el mod y al tratar de iniciar el juego me sale el error 0xc0000012f en el archivo dinput8.dll, si pueden darme alguna sugerencia o posible solucion se los agradeceria. Gracias

  114. Miguel Ángel says:

    Buenas albert. Enhorabuena por el gran proyecto que has hecho. Al grano, he encontrado un fallo pequeño y otro grave. El pequeño es que las descripciones de las armas (cuando le das a examinar) están en inglés pese a que tengo la versión en español. Y el fallo grave es que cuando activas la cinemática de los dos coches tirados en el río al principio del juego, el juego baja de forma permanente a 10-20 fps, y se vuelve lento, incluso en la cinemática.

    • albert says:

      Cierto! lo de las descripciones ya lo he arreglado y estará incluido en un parche que espero sacar dentro de poco (un despiste por mi parte a la hora de reorganizar archivos…)
      Echaré un vistazo a lo de esa cinemática. Ya que hay gente a quien le peta el juego directamente… Es extraño…
      Gracias por el aviso!!

  115. Pedro25 says:

    Meu jogo roda em slow motion com o controle de series x e fica caindo pra 40 FPS sem motivo.

  116. Forest Preston says:

    My game will not launch from steam anymore after following all instructions and trying to install the mod. I have manually patched the game with the 4GB tool. I followed all instructions to a tee and it will no longer open. I even reinstalled re4 and verified the files. Still nothing.

  117. shi says:

    What are your system specifications?

    I7 1070 graphics card 8g memory

    What language do you play games in?

    1.1 steam simplified Chinese version

    What is the total file size and number of files in the bio4 folder?

    6804 files 37.4gb

    What is the total size and number of files in bin32 folder?

    8 files 21.4mb

    No other modules are installed

    First of all, the game crashed when Lyon checked the broken bridge at the beginning. Second, when Lyon checked the console in the cable car control room, the picture stayed still. I thought it crashed. In fact, the Chinese subtitles below should not be displayed. Please verify; The third is in the castle sewer cell. When Lyon examines a body, the game crashes and jumps out. Thank you again for your work!

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the feedback! I’m going to revise all the issues

      • shi says:

        Thank you very much for replying to my post in your busy schedule. Dealing with the problem of error reporting must have driven you crazy. But I still want to add another one (smiling face). In the chapter of the island, a mercenary took off the door card used to open the door. If Lyon checked, there would also be the problem of losing Chinese subtitles.

        In addition, I plan to post a summary post on our game forum to give you timely feedback on the known problems. Let’s work together to improve this project, because it’s really great! Thanks again!

      • shi says:

        Oh, I forgot to explain to you, brother. Sometimes all the places where Chinese subtitles are lost can go on normally. Sometimes the game crashes and jumps out, but there are no Chinese subtitles.

    • REBoi says:

      My game also crashed when I first checked the broken bridge, I resolved it by manually installing the 4gb patch

  118. ¡Funciona perfecto con una 970 NVIDIA!

    Muchísimas gracias por todo el trabajo.


  119. says:

    I´ve done a full playthrough of the game with the hd and i have found 2 things regarding krauser´s and ada´s crossbow which is they are invisible when opening the inventory case, in seperate ways its only the ammo type that is invisible.
    Thank you very much for this mod, it is amazing!

  120. Jonathan says:

    ¿Cuáles son las especificaciones de tu PC?:
    Windows 11 Pro

    Procesador Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz 2.90 GHz
    RAM instalada 8.00 GB (7.90 GB utilizable)
    Tipo de sistema Sistema operativo de 64 bits, procesador x64
    Memoria de pantalla (VRAM): 128 MB

    ¿En qué idioma estás jugando el juego?
    Lo estoy jugando en ingles con sub. Español.

    ¿Has instalado algún otro mod?

    ¿Cuál es el tamaño total de archivos y la cantidad de archivos dentro de la carpeta BIO4?
    37.4 GB

    ¿Cuál es el tamaño total de archivos y el número de archivos dentro de la carpeta Bin32?
    21.4 MB

    ¿Estaba el problema antes de instalar el proyecto HD? (No podemos hacer nada si ya experimentabas el problema con el juego original).

    ¿Cuándo ocurre el bloqueo o el error visual?

    Hola, mi problema es que todo esta desfasado. El audio se adelanta hasta 13 segundos y el video queda desfasado y los subtítulos aparecen hasta mucho después o a veces no aparecen. Además de que el juego se ve opaco cada que lo abro, a pesar de tener mi computadora con el brillo al máximo y tener el brillo del juego al Max. Tambien. Aquí dejo un video como prueba:

  121. John says:

    Any chance of giving us the option to toggle running? Having to hold a button to run for 90% of the game is annoying. The tweaks have done some amazing things, hopefully they can do this too!

  122. Schuma6 says:

    Firstly, its my honour to report issues to you guys who created a fantastic mod with great textures, instead of CAPCOM!
    1, Choice items in most puzzles are invisible, eg. on the door of village head home and the rotation puzzle of the twin alphabit looking like M S V behine the church where we rescue Ashley.
    2, When pressing X button(XBOX Controller) to read the description on the wall, sometimes game will stuck for a while, sometimes just crashes and quits. eg. try reading the book on the shelves in village head home.
    3, Game sound disappears after staying at the game system option menu(during the ongoing game) for a while.
    4, Also the sound issue, game can not identify the sound output change from Windows. After switching from laptop speaker to the earphone, game sound is still output from the laptop speaker, vice versa….
    5, PS5 controller’s left stick sensitivity and dead zone have some problem….dead zone is too big… but XBOX elite controller behaves well.

    AUSUS Laptop G733QS, Windows 10
    AMD 5900, 32G RAM
    RTX 3080, 16G RAM

    Thanks again for your contribution!

  123. manuel says:

    a lo que teneis problemas y eso probar el enlace de 2 torrent a mi con ese me resolvio todos los problemas
    yo me descargue el torrent del 1 enlance y no me funcionaba pantalla en negro y y se quedaba cargando no funcionaba nada lo borre todo me descargue el torrent el 2 enlance y ya esta ya me va perfecto todo

  124. Alex says:

    Hello! Rifle reloading animation is 30 fps locked? I’ve this issue :/

    • Adrian Hall says:

      The Rifle reloading animation has always looked weird, I believe this is why:

      The reloading animations are not interpolated, but just jump between keyframes at some low framerate. All of the other weapons reloading animations involve small movements, so this is not a big deal. However, reloading the sniper rifle is a big motion, so the low framerate is very noticeable.

      AFAIK, RE4HD does not modify any animations. Hence, this animation looked stuttery before and it still looks stuttery now. It’s just high definition stutter 🙂

  125. Sajirou says:

    NEXUS Download:

    This mod has been set to hidden

    Hidden at 02 Feb 2022, 4:17PM by Pickysaurus for the following reason:
    This mod cannot be downloaded in the current state. Please remove the passwords on the RAR archives and upload them again.

    “Placeholders, password-protected, or otherwise wholly non-functioning files are prohibited.”

    So apparently you can’t do password protected RAR files on the Nexus, which’ll probably be my only way to DL it since the mediafire files are broken and I can’t do torrents and the Mega one has a 3 hour wait limit between downloads.

  126. Pentacoro says:

    Yoooeee, I’ve been having issues booting up the game. As you say in the instructions, I wipe out the BIO4 folder and replace it with the new one. At first the game crashed on launch just after the 4gb patch popup. I patched manually and it still crashed just the same way (except the popup didn’t show up anymore of course). Then I tried booting the game with the original BIO4 folder, and it did! The tweeks GUI shows up and I can config it just fine, so it seems there’s a problem with the modded BIO4 files that prevents my game from booting up.

    AMD A10 4C + 8G
    AMD Radeon RX 560 Series 4gb VRAM
    16.0 GB RAM
    Windows 10 64bit
    Clean Install
    Of course the game worked 10/10 with no mods

  127. Peter says:

    Hello Albert,

    Info: No other mods installed, English version played, BIO4 folder 37.4 GB 6804 files, Bin32 12.7MB 6 files.

    PC specs: Windows 10 CPU i7 3930k 16GB RAM GPU GTX 1080ti

    Congrats on RE4HD release!!!!

    Sadly I have crash to report.

    Crash occurs at beginning of game, when going to check on the Police escort that got ran off the road into the river. When I go to check scene (using prompt X) the game crashes.

    I will try again to see if persists. ( *EDIT I try again, had to start new game since previous CTD. Crash still occurs when check on the Police crash into the river scene (X button Check Prompt).

    I’ve only used the in-game config to change FOV +20 (F1 Menu)


  128. Gustavo says:

    Las configuraciones con el DLL (F!. como el disable vsync o windows borderless) no se guardan a pesar de darles al boton “save”, no creo que sea un error astronomico pero si no permite usar las configuraciones adecuadamente del menu opcional.
    no creo que haga falta colocar specs ni nada por que es un error del menu opcional y solo es una acotacion

    • albert says:

      eso es (no se sabe por qué) que a veces el archivo dinput8.ini (dentro de Bin32) está en modo “solo lectura”. Cambia eso (clic derecho — propiedades) y quita “solo lectura” y ya estaría 🙂

  129. Heat says:

    Hi !
    Congrats for your incredible project, we love you tbh.

    At the begining of 1-4, just after del lago, when you spawn, if i take the note on the bed, the game crash.
    A friend had the exact same bug.

    What are your system specifications? 2080 ti / i9 9900k / 16gb 3200mhz c15 / game on ssd nvme corsair
    When does the crash or visual bug take place? at the begining of 1-4, just after del lago
    In which language are you playing the game? french
    Did you install other mods? nope
    What is the total file size and number of files inside the BIO4 folder? 37.4 gb / 6805 files / 62 folders
    What is the total file size and number of files inside the Bin32 folder? 21.4 mb / 7 files / 0 folders
    Was the issue there before installing the HD project? i really don’t know but i don’t think so
    A screenshot or video of the issue (if possible).

  130. Pedro25 says:

    msm a 800×600 el juego sigue bajando a 40 y poco fps, parece un mod bug
    gtx1050 2gb
    8 carneros

  131. mofail says:

    is slowmotion a technical or visual issue…I keep getting slow motion if i run along close to a wall with 60fps activated. Maybe its better to stick at 30fps instead since 60fps is capcoms ripp off half assed idea in the first place. Not sure if it could even be fixed anyway

    • Peter says:


      The game is built by Capcom at 30fps.

      When you introduce anything higher than intended you get many problems.

      Stick to in game setting FRAME RATE

      Perhaps in future, when Capcom decides to remaster RE4 (again ?) like they did to RE2 , RE3 of late from the ground up Engine support 60fps things will be better.

      • Peter says:


        • mofail says:

          capcom built & released that unfinished 60fps mode deliberately. I don’t know the tech stuff so I’ll prob stick to 30fps going forwards & reporting slowdown may still help. Anyway I’m unsure if reshade is causing my slowdown which is not the mod authors problem…I can live without the dodgy 60fps but i need reshade, the visuals are so000 much better with it.

        • mofail says:

          The typewriter save screen slows down & inventory screen slows down a lot with latest reshade it seems, switching it off gives instant speed difference in these sections.

    • Pedro25 says:

      Creo que es un error de mod, en la primera versión funcionaba perfectamente a 60 fps, ahora está más lento.

      • mofail says:

        Yes i’ve seen slowdown all over though turning reshade off can help a bit. It seems many here have better computers than me & still having problems

  132. Enrique says:

    ¿Cuáles son las especificaciones de tu PC?- i5 10400f – rx 590 – 16gb ram dual channel
    ¿Cuándo ocurre el bloqueo o el error visual?- al intentar iniciar – el juego no inicia de ninguna forma
    ¿En qué idioma estás jugando el juego?- español
    ¿Has instalado algún otro mod? no, incluso reinstale todo hasta el steam y nada
    ¿Cuál es el tamaño total de archivos y la cantidad de archivos dentro de la carpeta BIO4?- 37.4gb – 6 804
    ¿Cuál es el tamaño total de archivos y el número de archivos dentro de la carpeta Bin32?- 3.93mb – 4
    ¿Estaba el problema antes de instalar el proyecto HD? (No podemos hacer nada si ya experimentabas el problema con el juego original).- no nunca todos los días juego normal, ya hice de todo hasta pase Ccleanner, lo unico que queda es formatear
    Una captura de pantalla o un video del problema (si es posible). DATO ADICIONAL, Ya parche el juego manualmente con el patch 4gb y sigue sin funcionar, aquí el error si borro los archivos dinput8.dll y dinput8.ini el juego si abre pero al iniciar la partida se detiene en la pantalla de carga, (Literalmente me duele la espalda de estar sentado todo el día intentando hacer funcionar el juego, de verdad tengo muchas ganar de jugar con el mod es mi juego favorito y agradecería que me ayudes a que funcione, ya no se que hacer, veo que todos suben videos a youtube con el mod trabajando y me siento triste de verdad, ayudame albert.. saludos

  133. Qamook says:

    Most water scenes are broken. Sorry of image quality, but its screenshot of compressed video.
    RX570, I54590,WIN10
    Take place with segments containing water around.
    Did you install other mods? No

  134. Qamook says:

    Audio desync in that cut-scene Spec from previous post and setting on beggining of video. It takes time to transfer in to HD.

  135. jaim says:

    hola! a mi solo me anda cuando uso en modo windowed el juego ni arrancaba cuando de forma nativa tuve que poner el re4 tweaks y el divx y solo arranco al ponerlto en windowed no importa que hiciera el juego crashea al ponerlo en pantalla completa y tambien veo que no es compatible con el mod de voces en latino algun dia se podra usar ese mod? y un error es que todas las descripciones de las armas y objetos de la tienda del buhonero estan en ingles en lugar del español paso link de imgur fijate si sirve esto

  136. Gabriel Eduardo says:

    Intel i7 8700k
    32,0 GB RAM
    RTX 3080ti
    crash at the beginning of the second phase of the mendez bitores
    NO other mods
    BIO4 37,4 GB
    BIN32 12,7 MB
    NO issues before install

  137. Tom says:

    When i try to copy the files from winrar it says i need a key, what do I have to do?

    • mofail says:

      Use the password from the download page, only extract the first part of 18 parts. It takes a while to extract everything once started so make a cup of coffee or something.

  138. Etiel says:

    Game crash
    ryzen 3300x, rx570 4GB, 32GB ram
    Playing in english, I don’t have any other mods.
    Bin32 = 23.3MB
    BIO4 = 37.4GB
    Game crashed in the second area as soon as Hannigan gave me the Playing Manual (at the end of cutscene, the manual did not load and the game crashed). Can’t reproduce the crash, it only happened the first time I played. Other than that, it looks good.

  139. Mani says:

    Hello there, ive installed the latest HD project mod as instructed, however, upon Installing it, i was completely unable to access the game whatsoever, unlike the previous version of the HD project (release 3), i did not have such issue with it, as i also recall the installation procedure was also different by being installed through the command prompt (windows 10) but im unsure if thats relevant to the issue at hand, sorry, basically, whenever i try opening the game after installing the latest 1.0 release, it gives 2 correspondent error messages as follows; i will be leaving a link below showcasing the errors.

    Furthermore: no i did not have any previously installed mods that could potentially collide with the HD project, including release 3, ive also uninstalled/reinstalled the game and repeated the procedure, yet was met with the same result. My version of the game is: 1.0.10983.1 and not the steam version.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated mr Albert or cris – thanks

  140. Claudio says:

    Hola buenas, quería consultar sobre un problema con las cinemáticas, pasa que en la versión anterior de re4hd Project el fondo no se veia “borroso”, pasa que ahora solamente se enfoca el o los personajes que salen en la cinemática y lo demás de al fondo se ve muy borroso, casi sin detalle.

    Hay alguna forma de mejorar eso? desactivando alguna opción? También pasa lo mismo con la mira del rifle

    De antemano muchas gracias por leer la pregunta y por mejorar el juego de esa forma grafica, quedo genial.

    • albert says:

      Es el efecto de profundidad de campo (DoF) de la versión de gamecube. En HD no se ve tan bien como en la consola original.
      Se puede desactivar en el menú del .dll (pulsar F1 en el juego) I desactivar el “EnableGCBlur”

  141. Jesus says:

    ¿Cuáles son las especificaciones de tu PC?
    Intel i7 4770
    16 gb Ram DDR3
    Tarjeta nvidia 1080
    ¿Cuándo ocurre el bloqueo o el error visual?
    Después del primer enfrentamiento contra el primer aldeano, fui a ver el coche de policía en el rio y se bloqueo y cerro al salir la escena
    ¿En qué idioma estás jugando el juego?
    ¿Ha instalado algún otro mod?
    ¿Cuál es el tamaño total de archivos y la cantidad de archivos dentro de la carpeta BIO4?
    37,4 GB, 6804 Archivos
    ¿Cuál es el tamaño total de los archivos y el número de archivos dentro de la carpeta Bin32?
    21,4 MB, 7 archivos
    ¿Estaba el problema antes de instalar el proyecto HD? (No podemos hacer nada si ya experimentabas el problema con el juego original).
    Una captura de pantalla o un video del problema (si es posible).

  142. Jazz says:

    i am now starting to experience problems with the HD mod.
    overall, the mod is beautiful, excellent work, truly. you should get paid for this!
    i am up to chapter 5.1 and so far, encountered the following issues on my playthrough. if anyone encountered similar and found solutions, let me know…
    1. sometimes in cutscenes only the background is blurry – not all the time, but sometimes. i solved this by disabling motion blur and unchecking the blur option in the mod.
    2. my game crashed after the cutscene convo between salazar and leon, right after he said ‘die you worm’. after that, the game shut down. i had to go through the level again, saved before going to the cutscene where leon is dropped, and it didnt crash.
    3. in the boiler room with the two gigantes, i notice that when they walk towards you, the moment before their attack animation goes into effect, the figures freeze, stay stuck, and i dont recall that happening in previous games.
    4. after completing the rollercoaster level and going to the merchant just before going in the castle to the salazar statue level, while leon was running, suddenly the motion slowed, like slow motion, only very breifly, for about a second. i stopped running, kept still for a moment, then ran again, and it was ok.
    i thought i alert people of my problems with the mod thus far. any solutions welcome. the above is all still in normal difficulty. i thought i let you know too.

    • Jazz says:

      5. there are serious lags in the krauser fight (2nd encounter). when running or going places the whole action goes in slow motion at various points. i think its whenever krauser is in the gameplay, could be that he moves fast and this was factored in as default speed of the game at this point, meaning leon moves slowly

  143. Marco says:

    Hello Albert
    I have a problem, the game “lags” and slow down a lot in oustide environments.
    My pc is Ryzen 3 2200g, 16gb ram ddr4 2666 Mhz, 480 ssd.m2, W10
    i play other games that need much more power than re4hd and no problems

  144. mofail says:

    I have another weird find, i’m surprised but this is about A.I. First instance was with ashley. AT the pit fight with the chainsaw sisters? After the fight i called ashley from hiding. I put her in the first metal box in that section. She gets out of the box then starts running into the corner wall where the explosives carriage was.. She never went to the ladders, just runs into a wall & stays there until i jump down to her then she follows me as normal. This never happened to me before in re4. Never. She supposed to find & climb the ladders to where i was waiting every time. This is the 1st time i’ve seen this. Did you guys try to make her smarter? because she runs into a wall now at this section.

    Another scenario is when you enter the castle catapult section right at the start. After making my way to that winding the cannon lift section to blow the castle gates open? There are two sneaky monks that come after ashley while you wind up that cannon lift. I could hear their voices & foot steps so i waited & waited but they never show up. So I go looking for them making my way back to the beginning & sure enough both of them running int0 a wall.
    One into a bunch of crates & the other into the wall on the stairs. Took a snapshot for you.
    Decided to attack them but they never fought back just kept running into the walls.

    I’m using no mods other than this game, re4 tweak & reshade. Deactivating reshade didn’t change anything.
    Small things here & there today, i started totally fresh game which means i have to unlock the other modes before i can even test but if i find anything else i’ll add it to this website. Great work btw loving playing through this game again it really does feel new.

  145. Zanarkand says:

    I patched the game exactly as the instructions say. I start the game and the menus look beautiful. The intro Movie about umbrella starts playing and when its done regardless if i skip or not. It crashes to the desktop every single time. 🙁

  146. koh says:

    First of all, huge kudos to you guys for all the hard work and making this dream project come true.
    Ryzen 7 1700
    16GB 2133Mhz RAM
    GTX 1070
    2560 x 1440, 144Hz display
    Currently playing through the Ada chapter. When inspecting object such as locked doors, graves, puzzles etc. descriptions do not show up.
    Japanese version 1.0.6 set to English
    No other mods are installed
    BIO4 folder is 36.4 GB large with 6804 files and 62 folders inside
    Bin34 folder is 21.4MB large with 7 files inside
    This issue has never occurred before installing the mod

  147. Cristian says:

    ⚫︎ AMD A10-7870K Radeon R7, 12 Compute Cores 4C+8G 3.90 GHz
    Asus Radeon RX 550 2Gb Gddr5
    16Gb RAM
    ⚫︎ Cuando abro el juego
    ⚫︎ No tengo ningún mod
    ⚫︎ 37.4Gb, 6,804 archivos
    ⚫︎ 22.1Mb, 12 archivos
    ⚫︎ No, es mas abrí el juego antes de instalar HD Project.

  148. shi says:

    There is a line on the water surface map at the bottom right of the wooden ladder behind the church. Sorry, I don’t have a screenshot. It should be easy to find. Thank you!

  149. Isa says:

    AMD PHENOM II X4 955 3.2GHz
    8 GB RAM DDR3
    AMD RADEON R5 340X 2GB

    Quizas el problema es mi pc, pero no estoy seguro, pues he jugado juegos que exigen mucho mas, por ejemplo Resident evil 2 Remake, El juego me funciona perfectamente, tengo el problema de que las voces en algunas cinematicas estan desincronizadas, y en el escenario donde te encuentras por primera vez al buhonero, en esa zona amplia el juego se ve ralentizado, aunque me pone 40fps, y si voy a donde esta el buhonero o entro a la casa, va fluido a 60fps estables, no se si harán luego un parche para optimizarlo o algo, espero que si, Gracias por crear esta maravilla.

    • albert says:

      intentaremos optimizar lo que se pueda. Ciertamente, este juego no lo optimizaron muy bien los programadores y corre en un motor gráfico bastante antiguo, de ahí que pueda haber algún problema puntual.

  150. Klemc says:





    What are your system specifications?
    i7 9700F
    z390 Prime plus

    When does the crash or visual bug take place?
    Anonymous letter = more info !! PE header patched eexe included.

    Fixed in patch to come list, just more info !!

    In which language are you playing the game?
    FRench, yes.

    Did you install other mods?

    What is the total file size and number of files inside the BIO4 folder?

    What is the total file size and number of files inside the Bin32 folder?

    Was the issue there before installing the HD project? (We can’t do anything if you already experienced the issue with the original game.)

    A screenshot or video of the issue (if possible).
    EXE, screenshots, NFO !!!

  151. Huberth González says:

    Procesador Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7600K CPU @ 3.80GHz 3.80 GHz
    RAM instalada 16.0 GB
    Tarjeta de video GTX 1070
    re4HDProject.exe elimina la carpeta BIO4

    NO tengo otros mods
    BIN32 12,7 MB
    NO tengo errores previos a instalacion

    • albert says:

      El archivo re4HDProject.exe tiene que estar junto a los archivos descargados, no en la carpeta del juego.
      Luego durante la instalación sí que hay que indicar donde está instalado el juego.
      (lo comento porque las carpetas se llaman igual…)

  152. SWG says:

    I’m not sure where 34.7 GB (6804 files) comes from. I’ve downloaded the mod twice. Both using a torrent files and a MEGA link. I deleted the original BIO4 first as was mentioned in the download page. After unpacking and dropping BIO4 to the game folder there are 6,867 items, totalling 40.2 GB. The game works well. I’m just trying to understand what’s up and whether it’s crucial. Is there something wrong on my side or I just don’t understand something?

    • albert says:

      hard to say… but take a look at the last post
      there’s an integrity SFV file.
      Follow the instruction I’ve post there.
      but I have no idea where the other files came from :/

      • SWG says:

        Yeah, that’s weird. I literally downloaded it twice and just recently once again to check, but it’s always 6,867 items 40.2 GB after downloading/unpacking. Interesting enough that in the torrent client it indeed shows 37,47GiB of the BIO4 folder, but after downloading it magically turns to 40.2GiB and 6,867 items. The game works well so far.

        • albert says:

          This is one of the weirdest things I’ve seen XD
          maybe some download temp files remain there ¿? It’s the only thing that comes to my mind
          But as far as it works… this is the important!

          • SWG says:

            Yep. Everything’s been working well aside from one desynced cutscene, but you’re aware of that one already. The game looks gorgeous with this mod. Just amazing. Thanks for the hard work guys. Sorry for this little off topic.

          • albert says:

            No problem!
            I’m glad someone didn’t have any major issues haha

  153. Sona says:

    What are your system specifications? NVIDIA 3060.
    When does the crash or visual bug take place? When Ashley falls on her butt when dodging the knights (QTE), her skirt wildly flails about
    In which language are you playing the game? English.
    Did you install other mods? No.
    What is the total file size and number of files inside the BIO4 folder? 37.4 gigabytes.
    What is the total file size and number of files inside the Bin32 folder? 21.4 megabytes.
    Was the issue there before installing the HD project? (We can’t do anything if you already experienced the issue with the original game.) No.

  154. Dino-Killer 912 says:

    Intel Core i5-8300H CPU @ 2.30GHz 16G RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with Max-Q Design 6G

    In 3-2, after entering the sewers for the first time, you need to go to the depths and rotate a valve. The game crashes immediately after interacting with the valve, making it impossible to continue.
    In addition, a little earlier, near a cell that could not be opened (not shown on the map) will prompt “open”, if you interact with it, the game crashes.

    Simplified Chinese

    No other mods.

    BIO4 folder: 21.4 MB, 7 files.
    Bin32 folder: 37.4 GB, 6804 files.

    I played the original game a few years ago and at least I didn’t encounter any bugs that caused the game to not continue.

  155. Shina says:

    [I don’t understand why my previous comment got censor so let me post again with shorter link]

    Interact with these tank and door are always CTD

    CPU:Ryzen 5900X
    GPU:EVGA 3080 FTW3
    Memory:G.Skill Trident Z Neo DDR4-3600 C16 (16Gx2)
    Storage:WD SN850 1TB (System) , PNY CS3040 2TB (Steam)
    OS:Windows 10 21H2 (Build 19044.1415)
    Nvidia driver version:497.09
    Language:Traditional Chinese (繁體中文)
    Total file size:

    “resident evil 4 HD project v1.0” downloaded from official torrent(still seeding) which only one in-use, no any other single mods.

    Also test in original version and game doesn’t crash at all
    (but check door will freeze entirely, can quit with E)

  156. BAU BAU says:

    Hello, thank you and congratulations for the mod.
    My one problem so far is that the silencer is invisible in the inventory screen. The name appears, I can move it around, can discard it, CAN’T sell it and CAN’T see it, except with “examine”.
    I7, GTX 1050 2GB Vram, 16GB Ram, no other mods.

  157. Pedro25 says:

    mi juego se ejecuta en cámara lenta en varias partes, incluso a 800×600, parece un error de modificación.
    todos los archivos estan bien
    gtx1050 2gb
    8 carneros

  158. theenglihshman says:

    Intel Core i7-9750H CPU
    NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650
    16 GB RAM

    In 3-1, the dragon head statues blocking the entrance to the Water Hall were breathing water instead of fire.

  159. aoximus says:

    To the people that are using AMD GPUs, install 21.3.1 driver instead of the new one if the game doesn’t open.
    Here’s the link:

    Para la gente que esta utilizando GPUs de AMD, instalad la versión 21.3.1 en vez de la mas nueva si el juego no os abre.
    Aqui os dejo el enlace:

    ¡¡¡¡Gracias albert!!!!

  160. dayle says:

    you should be able to answer this since its not explained why on the install page. why is there a password on the files? why instead of removing said password to make it ok to be on the nexus you just removed it from the nexus?

    • albert says:

      Because by removing the password the files wouldn’t be exactly the same, and it could be a mess if someone download some parts from mega, other parts from mediafire and other parts from nexus.
      So, I’ll wait until we release a patch to fix certain bugs to re-upload it all again in all sites 🙂

  161. wukang says:

    In Chinese mode, I cann’t see any words when I check something like waypoint after I enter the inventory, It
    happens at the path to help Luis Sera

  162. Saúl says:

    ¿Cuáles son las especificaciones de tu PC?
    Placa Base: Asus Prime B450M-A
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (6 cores, 12 threads)
    RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4 3000 16GB 2x8GB CL16
    GPU: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 950 2GB
    ¿Cuándo ocurre el bloqueo o el error visual?
    ¿En qué idioma estás jugando el juego?
    ¿Has instalado algún otro mod?
    No he instalado ningún mod
    ¿Cuál es el tamaño total de archivos y la cantidad de archivos dentro de la carpeta BIO4?
    37,4 GB
    ¿Cuál es el tamaño total de archivos y el número de archivos dentro de la carpeta Bin32?
    21,4 MB
    ¿Estaba el problema antes de instalar el proyecto HD? (No podemos hacer nada si ya experimentabas el problema con el juego original).
    No, este problema se inició cuando instalé el proyecto HD
    Problema en sí: he visto la primera actualización que va a traer el proyecto HD 1.0 y el ultimo punto: Slowdown and heavy desync during chapter 2-1 first cutscene.
    Este error NO solo me pasa en esa escena, sino en todas las escenas del juego, hay una desincronización con el sonido y lo que se ve en la imagen. Simplemente quería informar que no solo pasa en ese capitulo y escena en concreto, por lo menos a mi me pasa, no se si a los demás les pasa.

  163. Stefania says:

    Hola! Realice la instalación completa, todo en orden, pero no hay configuracion para mando de PS4 y a pesar de cambiar el tipo de control I, II o III de XBOX, no afecta en el juego, no sucede el cambio con los botones. Como puedo solucionarlo o que mod nuevo me recomiendan agregar?

    • albert says:

      El juego solo muestra botones de Xbox o de teclado, no hay texturas para otros mandos me temo. Solo se puede arreglar mediante mods,
      que seguro irán apareciendo en breve. (los que hay ahora no son compatibles con el HD project)

  164. NO-CLEAN says:

    So first off this project is incredible. I’ve been having a blast with it. All of the enemies are way more terrifying in HD. Eyes WAY creepier. Anyways the only problem I’ve been running into while playing is audio desync issues during cutscenes but only certain cutscenes (slow downs i can remember:
    when finding Ashley in the church towards the end of 2-1.
    During the cutscene before the cabin fight in 2-2.
    During the cutscene with Luis outside the castle at the beginning of 3-1.
    During the cutscene when Ashley gets kidnapped in the castle at the end of 3-1.
    That as far as i’ve gotten in the game) . The only thing i’ve changed in the config ini file is increasing the FOV (FOVAdditional = 15.000000) and turning off the intro logos (SkipIntroLogos = True). I haven’t installed any mods. And i don’t remember having this problem with the original unmodded game.

    Total Size:37.4 GB
    # of Files: 6,804, 62 folders

    Total Size: 21.4 MB
    # of files: 7, 0 Folders

    My settings:
    Language: English
    Version 1.1.0
    Resolution: 2560 x 1440
    Fixed 60 Fps
    Fullscreen: Off (im using the Borderless gaming app to make it fullscreen)
    Anti-aliasing: Off (i read on the steam discussions that turning this down might help desync issues for the unmodded game but didn’t work in my case)
    Motion Blur: off
    Shadow Quality: High
    Texture Quality: HD

    My specs:
    RAM: 32gb
    GPU: Nvidia GTX 980ti
    Storage: SSD
    OS: Win 10

    No hiccups or slow downs during gameplay. I can’t believe you made this game look so dang good! Its better then i remember it. Thank you!

  165. Wiibu says:

    My specs:
    CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 @3.4ghz
    Ram: 32gb 2666ghz (8×2 and 16×1)
    GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1650
    Storage: SSD for operation system, HDD for overall storage (game is installed in HDD)
    OS: Windows 10

    Game settings:
    Language: English
    Version 1.1.0
    Resolution: 1920 x 1080
    Framerate: Fixed 60fps
    Fullscreen: On
    Anti-aliasing: 8x
    Motion Blur: off
    Shadow Quality: High
    Texture Quality: HD

    Total file size
    BIO4: 37.4 GB | 6804 files, 64 folders
    Bin32: 21.4 MB | 7 files, 0 folders

    First of all, sorry for posting it twice ( on Release Update(I) ) and here, I realized I posted in wrong section and did not follow the format xd
    So anyway, I found the issue for most of the audio desync for cutscenes. In this case I’m using Rivatuner Statistic Server to demostrate the issue. The sudden freeze seems to occurs during the beginning of cutscene when the “Loading” screen is done. When the animation is about to play, the graph froze for a half second, which got me realized instantly that the game was froze suddenly for some reason. After that on the graph, it shows the instant lag spike, causing the audio “*seems* to play earlier” when it’s actually not. This issue is very noticeable on Leon&Luis cutscene on Chapter 1-2 and the Special Rocket Launcher cutscene towards saddler (read the more information)
    More information: this will not happen on The Movie Browser if you play the cutscene twice or more (will occur again after you exit The Movie Browser or load a save)
    This issue may be related to re4tweak, as I haven’t tried yet to find the culprit.
    Hope it helps, thanks and cheers!

  166. A Dirty Fart says:

    Probably no need to state my pc specs since everything runs perfectly but I noticed if you slash the first Merchant his death grunt bugs out like as if it loops the sound 50 times withen 2 seconds. has anybody else run into this before?

  167. ¿Cuáles son las especificaciones de tu PC?
    Procesador: amd ryzen 5 2600 six-core processor 3.40 ghz
    Ram: 16 gb
    Sistema operativo: windows 10, 64 bits
    Tarjeta gráfica: geforce gtx 1660 ti

    ¿Cuándo ocurre el bloqueo o el error visual?
    Tras el escenario donde aparece mike, durante la pantalla de carga al escenario siguiente donde lo derriban

    ¿En qué idioma estás jugando el juego?

    ¿Has instalado algún otro mod?

    ¿Cuál es el tamaño total de archivos y la cantidad de archivos dentro de la carpeta BIO4?
    37. 4 GB, 6804 archivos

    ¿Cuál es el tamaño total de archivos y el número de archivos dentro de la carpeta Bin32?
    21.14 MB, 7 archivos

    ¿Estaba el problema antes de instalar el proyecto HD? (No podemos hacer nada si ya experimentabas el problema con el juego original).
    No he jugado sin el mod, pero por favor leer abajo

    Por lo que he leido, buscando en internet a otros con el problema, el crash ocurre si el jugador trata de salir del escenario mientras Mike dispara, por favor revisar. gracias de antemano

  168. Tri says:

    Hi, any chance to have a built-in PS2 button layout option included in the next update , please.
    The button layout which is:
    LB (L1) = Aim Knife
    RB (R1) = Aim Gun
    RT (R2) = Command Ashley
    A (Cross) = Action
    X/B (Square/Circle) = Run
    Y (Triangle) = Map
    Back (Select) = Options/Skip Videos
    Start (Start) = Status/Inventory

  169. H4nter says:

    GTX 1050 ti
    i5 9400f
    HD: 1TB.
    As soon as I enter the game, the error appears: Assertion failed, I realized that it is because of dinput8.dll, with or without installing the textures, it gives this error, and as soon as I delete the game, it starts normally.

    About the mods, I only installed the hd project a while ago.

    The file is 36.8 gb and has 6300 files in the bio4 folder.

    No, with hd or without the game only starts without dinput8.dll

  170. Genome says:

    Hi Albert ! Is it possible to use a PS2 layout mod with the HD texture project? ty

  171. Timon says:

    First of all: this mod looks amazing, THANKS!
    But unfortunately at one part of chapter 4 my game slowed down in a very smooth way and just runs in slowmotion. Looks funny but of course is a little anoying.

    AMD FX-6300
    Radeon Saphirre 480 Nitro 8GB
    8 GB Ram
    fans and stuff lmao

    after the fight against the two giants
    played in german
    no other mods installed
    BIO4 folder: 37,4GB/6811 Files
    Bin32 folder: 21,4MB/7Files (readme´s included)

  172. Gerardo Uzcategui says:

    GTX 1060 3gb , procesador i5 4570 16 gb de ram
    Bin32 22,2 mb y BIO4 37,4 GB versión del re 4 ultimate hd edition 1.0.6
    al ejecutar por primera vez me sale el mensaje del parche del .exe si le doy que si y reinicio el juego da error “la aplicación no se pudo iniciar correctamente (0xc0000142) haga clic en aceptar para cerrarla” lo mismo ocurre si hago el parche de forma manual con el exe que aportas, si por el contrario no parcho el ejecutable puedo jugar unos minutos hasta que se cierra solo
    no tengo el juego original

  173. GH05TW0LF says:

    Buenas me aparece este error al inciar:
    bio4.exe – Error de la aplicación
    La aplicación no se pudo iniciar correctamente (0xc0000142). Haga clic en aceptar para cerrarla
    El juego corre sin el mod.
    Mis Specs:
    Ryzen 5 3500x
    16gb ram
    Gtx 1660 super
    Windows 11

  174. Chris says:

    What are your system specifications?
    processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3401 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
    RAM: 12 GB
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
    OS : Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
    When does the crash or visual bug take place?
    just to get this out of the way lol : I have an official legal steam copy of re4 and have correctly and carefully installed everything. I also checked everything with the QuickSFV tool and all the files were OK. The game launches fine but when I try to start a new game it crashes on the loading screen. I have tried installing the 4gb patch manually and still it crashes ):
    In which language are you playing the game?
    Did you install other mods?
    No I have not installed any other mods
    What is the total file size and number of files inside the BIO4 folder?
    Size: 37.4 GB (40,241,926,498 bytes)
    Files: 6,804 Files, 62 Folders
    What is the total file size and number of files inside the Bin32 folder?
    Size: 12.7 MB (13,363,346 bytes)
    Files: 6 Files, 1 Folders
    Was the issue there before installing the HD project? (We can’t do anything if you already experienced the issue with the original game.)
    No the game will run fine with the original files
    A screenshot or video of the issue (if possible).
    Im not sure how to screenshot but if needed I will

  175. Dave G says:

    Nipcow’s installer triggers Windows Defender as it sees it as a virus, specifically the Phonzy.C! trojan, which it rates as severe and immediately deletes the file.

    Regardless if it’s a false positive or not, due to the severity rating you don’t have the option to create an exception and allow the file to be saved, albeit I wouldn’t do that regardless unless I knew it was a false positive. Tried both download locations, same result.

  176. Nick Swenson says:

    – Audio for footsteps in first Garrador room/prison area with bells in Chapter 3-1 do not reverb/echo. The stairs are fine but the floor itself does not.
    – Shortly after, the fire from the horse heads blocking progression looks white like steam but is definitely still using fire textures. Looks like blown out brightness rather a coloration issue as there is still orange at the edges.

  177. Pedro25 says:

    mi juego va lento en varias partes, en la primera versión del mod funcionaba perfecto
    gtx1050 2gb
    8 carneros
    jugando ingles
    archivos bin 20 mb
    bio 37.4 todo bien

  178. Lifeboy says:

    Trainer made by Raz0r won’t work anymore is there a way to fix this? It say wrong version

  179. Virgel says:

    1. GeForse GTX 1050TI 4GB
    Intel pentium G4560 2/4 3.5Ghz.
    16GB DDR4 RAM.
    2. Game srushes in 3 mission of Separate Ways (Garden), but if graphics settings turn on low and 30 fps lock its works OK.
    3. ENG
    4. NO
    Folders screens:
    Also in this location before crush, a slow FPS ~45
    4GB patch installed.
    (sorry for my bad english)

  180. Virgel says:

    GTX 1050ti
    Intel Pentium G4560 2/4 3.5Ghz
    16Gb RAM

    Game works slow an crush on Ada mission 3 in garden location.
    (works normally in low settings 30 fps lock)

    EN lang

    No other mods

    BIO4 – 37.4Gb 6804 files
    Bin32 – 21.4Mb

    No problem when intall.

    Screens –

  181. william30428 says:

    (sorry for my bad English)
    First, thank you guys for 8 years hard work, you guys make everything beaufitul, and make the game deserve a “ulitmate” HD version name, as a RE fan i really want to give you a hug and say thank you at persent. (smile) Well…technical Issues list below…

    What are your system specifications?
    Windows 10
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz
    16.0 GB RAM
    geforce gtx 1660 super

    When does the crash or visual bug take place?
    1. In chapter 3-1, if I investigate stage surrounding by push “check ” button, game will crashes and end then back to desktop. (same also happen in chaprer 2-3 if you investigate the altar where Ada wake up)
    2.when you try to take gold sword out, descriptions text “yes” and “no” won’t sow up (but still can take and Game still can paly)

    In which language are you playing the game?
    Japanese, version 1.0.6 (BIOHAZARD 4)

    Did you install other mods?

    What is the total file size and number of files inside the BIO4 folder?
    BIO4: 37.4GB

    What is the total file size and number of files inside the Bin32 folder?
    Bin32: 21.4MB

    Was the issue there before installing the HD project?

    A screenshot or video of the issue (if possible).

  182. Rich says:

    System specs:
    RTX 3080
    32gb ram
    AMD Ryzen 2700X

    Game version 1.1.0
    No other mods
    No issues prior to install of this mod

    Up to beginning of chapter 2, all cutscenes (apart from radio scenes) are out of sync, with audio about a second before video.

    Lag spikes throughout all first chapter, at random.

    BIO4 size 37.4gb, 6804 files, 62 folders. (Original BIO4 folder deleted before installation).
    Bin32 size 21.4mb, 7 files (including bio4.exe.bak).

    Really good mod, and I’ve been waiting for this since the beginning. I’m hoping there’s a fix for these slight issues soon. Thanks

    • albert says:

      Thank you for the report!
      Not sure if its related at all, but just in case, an user said this:

      If anyone has the game crash on startup with or WITHOUT the mod, and is using an AMD card, MAKE SURE YOUR DRIVERS ARE UP TO DATE!!! Apparently some update broke RE4 UHD completely on AMD cards a few months back, and the most recent one restored it. Has nothing to do with the HD mod itself, but I spent 2 hours struggling to get the game running before I found out the cause, so I’m posting this in case it helps someone else.

      Maybe it also alleviates the problems you have at some degree…

  183. Rich says:

    Forgot to add, playing in English.

  184. exodia275 says:

    Ryzen 5 4600H
    GTX 1650
    16GB Ram

    assignment ada first cutscene where minigunner spawns there is an audio delay before the tone plays (tested multiple times)

  185. DD says:

    Ashley’s special outfit is bugged in the cutscene leading to the Luis shootout in chapter 2.

  186. Hermes says:

    Meu jogo fecha assim que dou novo jogo ou carrego algum salve
    Tenho um i7 e gtx 1070ti

  187. mi pc es el siguiente:
    microprocesador AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Eight-core 3.60GHz
    GRafica: Nvidia 1050ti 4GB
    Ram 16GB
    disco duro 1TB
    Mi problema con el juego es que no se me cierra el menu al darle F1 ya que me bloquea todo, se me traba el juego en algunas cinematicas como en el capitulo 1.1 choca el camion con el coche de los policias y en la puerta al enfrentarse contra el boss de el lago se me cierra el juego y dialogos que van con retardo

  188. RicePickah says:

    I’m on version 1.1.0 and my game seems to freeze up and crash when I go towards the bridge and “Look down” tried the 4 gb patch also with no luck :[

  189. H N says:

    What are your system specifications?
    Processor: Intel i9-80850K, RAM: 32.0 GB, OS: Windows 10 Pro, OS Build: 19044.1466
    When does the crash or visual bug take place?
    The issue is I started a New Game on Professional mode using a cleared Normal game. (So a first run on Pro no upgraded items.) The game feels too easy on Pro. Pre-patch, during the Village encounter the enemy would kill Leon on the second grab/choke. Post-patch Leon can last through the third grab. The chainsaw guy never comes out after the reinforcement cutscene and eventually, the bell rings and the villagers leave. Also enemies die too easily with one headshot + one kick + one headshot.
    In which language are you playing the game?
    Did you install other mods?
    No, not even the bonus Ada content.
    What is the total file size and number of files inside the BIO4 folder?
    37.4 GB (40,241,926,498 bytes)
    6,804 Files, 62 Folders
    What is the total file size and number of files inside the Bin32 folder?
    21.4 MB (22,498,917 bytes)
    7 Files, 0 Folders
    Was the issue there before installing the HD project? (We can’t do anything if you already experienced the issue with the original game.)
    No. Pro mode was appropriately difficult.
    A screenshot or video of the issue (if possible).
    Sorry, I don’t have a video for you.

    • albert says:

      That’s really strange, hummm there are no files we’ve edited that change difficulty levels to any degree.
      I’ll wait and see if there is anybody else with the same problem…
      Maybe you just were lucky? XD Did you try it more than once (just to be sure…)
      It’s true the PRO mode is not that hard in this game. It was way harder in the NA gamecube version

      • H N says:

        Thanks, Albert. I have not played that section again (I’ve been enjoying this play through). However, I will do some more testing in the future and get back to you if there is still an issue.

        I did find this article that may explain the difficulty variability.

        It would be nice if you updated any other donations in the credits since the release of 1.0 when you patch in the future. You can even separate out the OG donors who have supported you over the years vs new supporters. A “by the numbers” update would be cool too.

  190. srlesrbin says:

    Everything is working well after an hour or so on GTX 960 2gb, i5 4670, 8gb ram, @1080p/60fps.
    BUT, i am using gamepad (F710) and i wish i could turn the character with right analog stick, just like it’s done with the mouse (with “mouse turning” option checked, which is default). Is there a way to do that?

  191. Otavio Lenne says:

    Hello! First of all, congratulations on completing the project!
    my problem is that when i go to extract part 1 it asks for a password on one of the files. I don’t know what password this is. if you can help me, i will be grateful.
    Thank you very much in advance!

  192. Darnknight07 says:

    – AMD Ryzen 5 3600
    – Gtx 1060 3gb
    – 8 gb of ram 2666mhz
    – Crash/Force quit happened when i try to start a new game (main campaign. assignment ada, ands separate ways) or load save files
    – i play the game with English Language
    – i don’t have any mods installed except this one (HD Project) – The total file size of BIO4 folder is 37,4 gb and the total number of files of BIO4 are 6811 files and 64 folders
    – The total file size of BIN32 is 17,5 mb and the total number of files in BIN32 is 7 files
    – There are no Issue before i install hd project
    – i have the video of proof but dont know how to upload it here . Thank you for the mod im very excited to play it and i hope you can help me with this problem as soon as possible. Cheers

  193. nameo says:

    Starting with a new game (professional).
    If you execute “Examine” in the area where the blue coin file is located, it will crash randomly. The phenomenon was confirmed in both Chapter 1-2 and 2-2.
    For now, there are no crashes in other areas.
    I also tried manually running the 4GB patch, but it didn’t improve.
    I also ran the file check tool, but everything was fine.
    The language I’m playing is Japanese.
    I’m sorry for my poor English because I use a translation tool. thank you.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the report!
      We are working on a patch that fixes a few problems when playing in Chinese and Japanese. Maybe the patch will also fix this issue.

  194. Daniel says:

    hola albert, mira yo me instale todo como indicabas en el video y me funciono a la primera y a la perfección, pero una vez dentro del juego toque los ajustes de resolución de la cámara y desde entonces no me funciona en HD como debería, se me ve como el juego original, he desinstalado e instalado el juego varias veces y haciendo el proceso desde el principio pero sigue sin funcionarme.

  195. kaue douglas says:

    Hey, good jog, thats a real remaster of the game, is beautiful congratz!!. But im having a weird problema in some parts of the game;

    like the novistador part (right after killing the 2 giants)
    the whole Krauser’s cenario
    Salazar cenario

    and about 2 ou 3 other parts on the game, the game runs at suuuper slow motion, i can barely pass thru the enemies because they can hit me easily and the game is running so slow that i cant kill or avoid them

    I was not using any other mod before, i just restarted the game from deleting the folder on steam diretory so i doubt that is causing problems, i also believe that my PC is enough to run the game, if not i wound’nt be able to play the whole game, is only bad at this specific parts

    my config is:
    RX570 4Gb
    Ryzen 5 1600 3.20GH
    16GB Ram
    1920 x 1080 monitor

    the Bin32 folder is 21,4 gb
    the Bio4 is 37,4

    i wish i could post some recording to show how it is going , i’ll try to do in some way

    thank you guys, and i hope theres something i can try to to, bless you

    • albert says:

      Thank you for the report!
      We are aware some areas have this problems in certain computers.
      Could you try deactivating the “EnableGCblur”?
      Open the dinput8.ini file inside Bin32 folder and search for EnableGCBlur and change “True” to “False”
      And Let me know if the issue is still there

      • kaue douglas says:

        Wow thanks Albert, that change really helped in some areas that i had problems, its running better with this option off, i’ll play more so i can see if still slows. thank you so much, love you guys. awesome work!

  196. Saúl says:

    ¿Cuáles son las especificaciones de tu PC?
    Placa Base: Asus Prime B450M-A
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (6 cores, 12 threads)
    RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4 3000 16GB 2x8GB CL16
    GPU: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 950 2GB
    ¿Cuándo ocurre el bloqueo o el error visual?
    Bug Cuadro
    ¿En qué idioma estás jugando el juego?
    ¿Has instalado algún otro mod?
    No he instalado ningún mod
    ¿Cuál es el tamaño total de archivos y la cantidad de archivos dentro de la carpeta BIO4?
    37,4 GB
    ¿Cuál es el tamaño total de archivos y el número de archivos dentro de la carpeta Bin32?
    21,4 MB
    ¿Estaba el problema antes de instalar el proyecto HD?
    No se si este “error” estaba al instalar el proyecto HD

  197. ke says:

    Once you get “Lewis Note 2” at the mine, any object you touch afterwards will crash.
    from Japan

  198. Eduardo Silva Maia says:

    I5 3570 3.40ghz
    9500gt 1gb
    8gb ram ddr3 1333mhz

    Hi. First of all, congratulations for the awesome work. My issues starts to happen after Sadler takes back Ashley with the control of Las Plagas. When i interact with the door that trigger the cutscene with Krauser and Ada, the game just crash in the loading. I need to set the textures to original to get passed by the cutscene. After this i set the textures to HD again, and continued until the next cutscene activates and the same thing happens.

    I am playing in english version

    No. I just have HD project and the 4gb Patch, nothing more

    6.804 files, weighing in total 37,4gb

    8 files with 21,5mb

    No, the issue just happens with HD Project

    Dont have nothing to show, the game just crash

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the report!
      Did you check the integrity of the files? (just in case) with the SFV file here?
      It’s strange there were no problems with previous cutscenes… that one is particularly a simple and “light” cutscene

      • Eduardo Silva Maia says:

        Yes, i verified the integrity and 26 files are bad. Why they just get corrupted suddenly? Or maybe they already came like this. Next time i will download the files part by part. It is less chance of them getting corrupted by torrent

  199. jaim says:

    hola! a mi solo me anda cuando uso en modo windowed el juego ni arrancaba cuando de forma nativa tuve que poner el re4 tweaks y el divx y solo arranco al ponerlto en windowed no importa que hiciera el juego crashea al ponerlo en pantalla completa y tambien veo que no es compatible con el mod de voces en latino algun dia se podra usar ese mod? y un error es que todas las descripciones de las armas y objetos de la tienda del buhonero estan en ingles en lugar del español paso link de imgur fijate si sirve esto podes al menos responder?

  200. DD says:

    Windows 10 64-bit
    Intel Core i7-3770k quad-core @3.5ghz
    AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT
    16G Ram

    There are two areas in the game where I’m getting huge amounts of slowdown: the novistador cave, and the Krauser ruins area. I had played the last release prior to 1.0, and had no slowdown at all, on a lesser graphics card (I’ve sense upgraded, I used to have a GTX 780). This happens when playing at 60fps, I haven’t tested it at 30, but those two areas seem very unoptimized. I don’t have any slowdown at any other point in the game.

  201. Joel says:

    Two things:

    1) Every 10-15 minutes or so, my game will have random instances of severe frame rate dips, usually 3 times over the course of about 5 seconds.. When it happens during cutscenes is causes audio desync until the cutscene finishes. This has actually always happened with the Steam version of the game for me, but it’s become much worse since downloading this mod. My PC specs are: Windows 10, 16gb ram, 3080TI, i7-9700K.

    2) Does the Silencer actually do anything? I tested out shooting it with enemies nearby before they spotted me, and they still seemed to react as they normally would.

    • Joel says:

      And yes, I’m sure the Silencer is equipped. I can hear the “silenced” sound effect when firing. 🙂

    • Phantron says:

      Windows 10 is most likely your problem for the framerate issue, as the game was never updated for 8 or 10. it’s a Windows 7 game.

      the silencer isn’t just aesthetical, it seems to increase critical headshots chance around 20 or 25%.
      (if the chance is 10% (a guess), then it’s ~12,5% with the silencer attached)

  202. Phantron says:

    Hello, I’m not sure if you can fix this, as this is a problem with any HD version, but the subtitles in cutscenes freak out a bit at times.

    – one problem is that for a single frame that the last subtitle appears again before the next one after it already disappeared before (not everytime, but very often)
    – one other problem is that in some scenes the subtitles appear at wrong times, either too early or too late, too long, or not long enough (at the timing of the speech). this is luckily relatively rare though, but in the Ada reports, it’s the most common

  203. DD says:

    Hunnigan’s eyes are bugged in the post-credits cutscene.

    • Phantron says:

      they’re not bugged, this was a texture made in development of the project.
      but yeah, it shouldnt be like this, especially since they dont look like that without glasses

  204. shi says:

    Hello, Albert, I was thinking that except for the common errors with other players, all the errors reflected to you in the 1.1 simplified Chinese version seem to be caused by Chinese subtitles. You have carefully made all subtitles high-definition, which is great, but it also leads to some problems. Look forward to your patch to fix this problem! Thank you for your efforts!

  205. postal says:

    Hi, this isn’t particularly useful, but I did want to throw out there that I did crash while entering a loading screen door at the near-end of the helicopter support section in the Island chapter – the door right after you have to get past 3 minigun turrets, where you load into the area where the helicopter crashes. This only happened once, on an attempt where I was going very slow and exploring/killing everything and died a couple times. On my second attempt I just ran straight for the end in one life and didn’t crash, so not sure if there’s a connection there.

    Processor: Intel Core i5-6600K CPU @ 3.5GHZ
    Ram: 16 GB
    GPU: Nvidia 1060 6GB
    Windows 10
    Playing on English
    No other mods
    Bin32 filesize: 21.4 MB
    BIO4 filesize: 37.4 GB
    Never played this PC version before the HD project. Not on any beta branches, just the default build.

    Again this probably isn’t very useful, but figured I’d report it anyways incase it proves to be a common issue.

    • Medeiros says:

      Oh, it happened with me too! However, I believe that it happened to me before, in this same section, but I didn’t have the mod installed at the time, so I’m not sure if there is a connection or not.

    • Phantron says:

      postal dude, you have the EXACT same gpu and cpu as me, wtf lol !
      and I also have 16 GB Ram, dont tell me it’s also DDR4 – 2400 Mhz?

  206. Chris says:

    i5 4430
    1060 6gb
    16gb ram ddr3 dual channel

    El Depth of Field funciona mal? casi todas las cutscenes tienen partes donde las paredes se ven muy borrosas, y es practicamente como poner 2 imagenes identicas en photoshop y poner la trasnparencia de cada una en 50%, para luego mover una de ella un poquito, lo suficiente para que la imagen pareciera doble.
    Juego en español, pero por lo que veo esto pasa tambien en ingles y probablemente todos los idiomas
    Tengo el juego en limpio, oficial de steam
    BIN32 21.4mb
    BIO4 37.4gb
    El problema no esta en la version de steam sin moddear, este bug visual quizas venga del gamecube DOF/Blur filter agregado, no encuentro como arreglarlo, y por lo que vi en el traielr de release del mod, incluso te pasó a ti
    No creo que necesite capturas, como dije antes, hasta en el video del trailer se nota este bug, lo que me parece raro porque sigo el mod hace muchisimo y en las cutscenes que has mostrado antes este bug no estaba.

    • albert says:

      No, no es un bug. Es así de feo el DoF haha
      En la Gamecube se veía bien porque era una consola SD, pero en HD este filtro se ve pobre.
      Por eso es un filtro opcional. Hay a quien le gusta por motivos nostálgicos y hay a quien no, porque se ve muy falso.
      Puedes quitarlo en las opciones del dll 😉

  207. Chase says:

    How am I supposed to combine all 18 BIO4 folders into a single folder to replace the old one? I’m stuck at this step. Thanks

  208. Medeiros says:

    GPU: GTX 1060 3 GB
    CPU: i3-7100
    RAM: 8 GB

    BIO4 Folder: 37,4 GB (6.804 files)
    Bin32 Folder: 21,4 MB (7 files)

    I’m playing in English, no other mods are installed and the issues I’m about to share never happened to me before. All of the issues are only related to the main campaign.

    First of all, congratulations for the release. The mod looks stunning without ever putting aside the fidelity.

    I personally didn’t like the DoF during cutscenes and the original Sniper’s zoom effect, but I’m glad they are optional. Talking about options, I wasn’t able to close the [F1] Menu after opening it and I had to restart the game, since it wasn’t allowing me to proceed playing.

    After defeating the Bella Sisters, I called Ashley (hidden in the first dumpster), and she presumably got stuck in something. I had to go after her so she could unstuck.

    The Secret Room’s atmosphere is incredible and the music is beautiful. I appreciate the inclusion of the Handgun’s Silencer, however it remained invisible in my inventory all the time (I’ve beat the game with it).

    Oh, and I’ve experienced some severe slowdowns in some moments. I don’t remember all of them, but I know that I had problems during the Waterfall section (2-1) and Krauser’s Ruins (5-3).

    It wasn’t a fully-committed run, so unfortunately my feedback can’t be really complete, for now. Nevertheless, I decided share my first experience with the mod.

    • albert says:

      thanks for the feedback!
      If you have problems with the F1 menu, you can manually enable or disable any options inside the .ini file in the Bio32 folder (just set what you want to True or False)
      The invisible item issue is being solved right now. It should be fixed in the patch we’ll release soon 🙂
      I’m taking note of the slowdonws!

      • Medeiros says:

        Hello, Albert.

        It seems that I only had to press [Ctrl+F1] to close the menu. This info must be somewhere, even if I couldn’t find it.

        About the slowdowns: at least the Waterfall Section stopped being slow after I disabled the GC Blur. I can’t say about the rest of the game since I only replayed up to this part, but this option seems to have made the difference.

  209. Kayden says:

    i7 7700k
    16.0 GB RAM
    gtx 1070 8 GIG VRAM
    Voice desync during chapter 5-1 very first cutscene
    NO other mods
    BIO4 37.4 GB
    BIN32 21.4 MB
    NO issues before install

  210. Orestes says:

    I’m running Linux and launching RE4HD via Steam (following your instructions first), and the game crashes after selecting to start a new game. I’ve made a Unix formatted version of BIO4.sfv if anyone is interested since the original one the paths work only on Windows.

    These are the instructions for Linux to verify the integrity of the files (this assume you are on the directory where the BIO4 directory is located.

    Download the Unix formatted version of BIO4.sfv file:

    Execute these commands on the console:

    mkdir quicksfv && cd quicksfv
    tar xjvf quicksfv64.tar.bz2
    cd ..
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./quicksfv
    ./quicksfv BIO4-unix.sfv

    After the integrity check I get that all files are good.

    BIO4/Title/usa_press_Start.fix.lfs: Ok
    6804 files checked
    All files Ok

    But still, the game crashes.

    I’m running this on a Ryzen 9 5900X with an AMD RDNA2 6800M and 16GB of RAM (it’s a laptop)

    Not sure if you support this kind of environment (Running on Linux via Proton (steam))

    Gran trabajo por cierto.

    • KingRadish says:

      following these instructions worked for me.

      i’m running ubuntu 21.10
      proton 6.3-8

      1. add to launch options: WINEDLLOVERRIDES=”winmm=n,b” %command%
      2. rename dinput8.dll and dinput8.ini to winmm.dll and winmm.ini respectively
      3. copy the files
      4. go to .steam/debian-installation/steamapps/compatdata/254700/pfx/drive_c/windows/system32
      5. rename winmm.dll to winmm.dll.old to disable it.
      6. paste the copied files over.

      re4_tweaks should work now. press f1 to check for sure to see if the menu shows up if it doesnt then re4 isn’t loading re4_tweaks which the hd mod requires to function.

  211. PUSHER says:

    Specs: i7 10700H
    GTX 1660 ti
    16gb ram
    Windows 11
    No issues before installing a mod called PS4 BUTTONS FOR RESIDENT EVIL 4
    Crashes right on the start
    please fix this issue fast

  212. Franco Carovano says:

    Hola Albert, desconozco si ya lo han reportado, pero resulta que estaba jugando esta grandiosa remasterización, y en el capitulo 1-2, luego de resolver el puzzle en el que hay que rotar el cubo celeste hasta acomodar correctamente la insignia de los iluminados, no se si recuerdas que luego de esa parte, al abrir la puerta ocurre la cinematica de Bitores agarrando a Leon del cuello y le dice lo de la misma sangre, etc. Bueno, resulta que esa cinematica no cargo y pude abrir la puerta sin que ésta se reproduciera, por lo que no pude hacer la transición al capitulo 1-3, rompiendo por completo el juego.
    Desconozco si es un error casual o sucede siempre, supongo que es casual, quizas lo vuelvo a intentar y la cinematica se reproduce, pero lo alerto por si acaso.
    Aclaro que solo instale el juego vanilla 1.1.0 y tu mod, no tengo ningun otro parche ni textura extra

  213. Reine says:

    First of all, I’ve been following your work for a few years now and I’m incredibly impressed to see the final result that you and your team were able to deliver. That being said, I’m experiencing this issue with the game and tried to search for anyone else facing this same problem but couldn’t find any. I hope you will be able to guide me here 🙂

    What are your system specifications?
    amd ryzen 5 3550-h
    radeon rx 560x 4GB GPU
    16GB ram
    game is installed on a SSD

    When does the crash or visual bug take place?
    game doesn’t crash however it is playing in slow motion. I’ve tried changing resolution, played on 30 and 60 fps modes, turned off v sync, tried looking for options to fix this issue in the debug menu but always plays extremely slowly. Its not dropping frames or looks jittery but its just slow motion.

    In which language are you playing the game?

    Did you install other mods?
    no mods, this is a clean installation.

    What is the total file size and number of files inside the BIO4 folder?
    37.5 GB, 6,804 Files, 62 Folders

    What is the total file size and number of files inside the Bin32 folder?
    21.4 MB, 7 files, 0 folders

    Was the issue there before installing the HD project? (We can’t do anything if you already experienced the issue with the original game.)
    never faced slow gameplay issues before

    • Reine says:

      Sorry, Albert but I did find a solution for this issue in the comments above and turns out I had to disable the EnableGCBlur setting by turning its value from True to False in the dinput8.ini file within the Bin folder of the game.

  214. PriscFalzirolli says:

    Hello Albert. Sorry to add to the pile of technical issues but…

    What are your system specifications?
    Ryzen 5 3600X, 16 GB RAM, Radeon RX 6700 XT, Win 10

    When does the crash or visual bug take place?
    I’m almost certain Separate Ways cutscenes are still the PS2 originals, but AFAIK the upscaled ones were implemented in the 1.0 release?

    In which language are you playing the game?

    Did you install other mods?

    What is the total file size and number of files inside the BIO4 folder?
    37.4 GB, 6804 archives

    What is the total file size and number of files inside the Bin32 folder?
    9 items, 39.1 MB (have a couple backups of the .exe, bug occurs in both 1.0.6 and 1.1.0)

  215. Victor Sánchez says:

    Hola Alberto, tengo problemas, hay forma de tener la cámara tan espectacular, modificar el FOV y todo eso sin tener las texturas?

  216. Rodrigo Oliveira says:

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570 CPU @ 3.40GHz
    8,00 GB
    64 bits
    MSI GTX 1050 2GB VRAM.
    When I get the silencer for the handgun, it doesn’t show up in the inventory.
    Playing in the English language.
    There are no other mods installed.
    37,4 GB (40.241.926.498 bytes) and 6.804 files in BIO4 folder.
    21,4 MB (22.486.529 bytes) and 5 files in Bin32 folder.
    Video of the issue:

  217. Phantom Pain says:

    Hello. I went through the game and found the following problems in the game. I am playing this game for the first time. Maybe I’m the only one with these problems. But I decided to share with them in the comments.

    Game version: 1.1.0. Steam.
    Game language: French.
    System: Windows 8.1, Intel® Core™ i5-3470, GTX 1060 3gb
    I don’t have any other mods. Mod file size – 37.4

    – Beginning of the game. Leon looks into the abyss into which the car has fallen. Sometimes the game goes to the desktop. Reboot helps.
    – Chapter 1.2. Beginning of the chapter. Leon is talking to Louis. Audio out of sync.
    – Chapter 1.3. Leon looks through binoculars. Leon sees that the mutants are placing the policeman’s corpse in the lake. Audio out of sync. Loss of sound at the end of cutscene.
    – Chapter 2.1. Level start. Leon takes the anonymous letter. The game keeps crashing to the desktop. Reboot doesn’t help.
    – Chapter 2.1. Leon meets Ashley for the first time. Leon is talking to Hannigan. After a conversation, sometimes the game goes to the desktop. Reboot helps.
    – Chapter 2.3. There is a silencer in the dungeon. The silencer is invisible in the backpack.
    – Chapter 5.1. Level start. Leon and Ada sail to the island. Audio out of sync. Loss of sound at the end of cutscene.
    – Chapter 5.4. Leon and the helicopter are fighting in the trenches. Enemies with three machine guns. After the battle, Leon opens the door with two switches. When Leon enters this door, the game sometimes goes to the desktop. Reboot helps.

    In any case, the above problems are not critical for me. The plot of the game is completely passable, and I really like the new graphic effects. Many thanks to the authors!

  218. Phantron says:

    Hello, in the Seperate Ways Saddler fight, a few QTEs are humanly almost impossible, at least super hard.
    This is likely caused by running in 60 fps, and not completely fixed by the RE4-tweaks!

    – the one where he does the super fast run towards you cand slams Ada’s head on to the ground, you have a press time frame of ca. 0.2-0.3 seconds maybe. it’s doable but much closer than the others
    – the other attack where he throws his tentacle to you for snagging it around Ada to pull her towards him, the timing for that QTE is either entirely impossible or only extremely close. I pressed the buttons when they still were on screen and I still failed EVERY-time. this is a timeframe of <0.1 seconds.

    • Phantron says:

      I forgot one other QTE, the one where he attacks with his tentacle through the ground far away, the 2nd one of them also seems almost impossible to me, again <0.1 seconds…

  219. Nuties says:

    Hello, tried several times to install the mod following step by step the tutorial: when at first I have to agree for re4_tweaks I noticed that the backgrounds aren’t changed, so I saw the Capcom and Criware logos weren’t different from the original version of the game, they were actually a little more streched; Anyways, after having restarted the game as required, the graphic mod seemed to be applied and when I tried to load or start a new game it says that my game files has been succesfully charged and in the loading screen the game close itself with no error

    AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
    Asustek RTX 3060 Ti 8GB
    RAM: 16,0 GB

    Game version: 1.1.0. Steam
    Game language: Italian

    I’ve never installed mods on it

    In RE4 Folder:
    39,7 GB with 8.370 files in BIO4 folder.
    21,4 MB with 5 files in Bin32 folder.

    The game is legitelly purchased from Steam.

  220. Timontimoteo says:

    In chapter 4-4, in the corridor just before entering the area with the giant Salazar statue, there’s a bubble type artifact that starts expanding from the bottom right side of the screen. When it covers the whole screen there is heavy distortion that covers every inch of the image that last for like 45 to 60 seconds. Afterwards the image returns but the game becomes incredibly slow making it unplayable. It doesn’t seem to affect neither the inventory menu nor pause screen.
    I encountered this bug the 08/02/22

  221. Hello I would like to report a problem here. Ashley is being held captive on the island and all of a sudden my game crashes.. (in the link you can see where this happens in the game)

    and the silencer is invisible when you have it in your inventory.

  222. Riasat Salmin Sami says:

    I compared with the unmodded [and the previous hd mod release version] with the 1.0 version of HD project and it does seem like the Village Lake water is significantly blurrier and most probably rendering in lower resolution. I’ve made side by side comparison screenshot to make it easier to explain:

    Comparison with vanilla and hd project water:

    Another problem is the weird glow around objects near water as pointed out here:

    The blurry water and its textures doesn’t look intended, since it looks like its being rendered at lower res for some reason.

    System specifications:
    GPU- 980 Ti
    CPU-i7 6700k
    RAM-16 GB
    Windows 10 64 bit

    When does the crash or visual bug take place:
    Village lake area

    In which language are you playing the game:

    Did you install other mods?

    What is the total file size and number of files inside the BIO4 folder?
    37.4 GB
    What is the total file size and number of files inside the Bin32 folder?
    23.3 MB

    Was the issue there before installing the HD project?
    No. Also this error wasn’t present with the previous 2018 release version of the mod.

  223. alxed says:

    Hola amigos de r4hdproject, tengo una portátil Asus X505ZA, procesador AMD Ryzen 5 con tarjeta grafica Radeon vega 8, con 8 de RAM..
    Primero que nada les felicito panitas de r4hdproyect y les doy las gracias por tan grandioso proyecto y la dedicación puesta para embellecer en este gran clásico ….
    Tengo el R4 en Steam, lo instale normal sin problemas, empecé a jugar y luego de llegar a la parte donde nos enfrentamos al de la motosierra por 2 vez y luego de eliminarlo abrí el menú para cambiar el arma y el juego me saco, me pareció raro por que no salió aviso de errores o algo así, comencé de nuevo a jugar y se volvió a repetir lo que les comentaba anteriormente, reinicie la portátil por si las moscas y nada me seguía sacando del juego, ahora ya ni carga las partidas guardadas y me saca, solo funciona la pantalla de menú, ojala puedan solucionar este problema por que estaba emocionado viendo mi juego favorito todo guapo, un saludo y gracias nuevamente.

  224. ryder says:


    Felicidades por el trabajazo espectacular.

    He seguido los pasos para la instalación, he ejecutado el juego (versión steam) y he parcheado el 4GBpatch, saliendo el mensaje de succesfull,

    El problema viene en el menú, ya que no parece reaccionar ningún botón y no me deja iniciar partida, cargar partida, opciones… ni con el mando ni con el teclado. Al pulsar F1 sí me aparece el menú y me deja modificar todo sin problemas.

    ¿Qué podría hacer?

    Un saludo y gracias.

  225. iRockGuy says:


    I’ve noticed some textures’ issues in the chapter 2 of Separate Ways when you meet El Gigante ! Textures’ issues only appears when El Gigante breaks the wooden fences !

    Here some screenshots of the textures’ issues :

    Have a nice day ! Thanks again for this project and congratulations for the work you’ve done ! You guys are awesome !!

  226. protocol7 says:

    I’ve found a secret area where there’s a silencer for the handgun, and i love it. but after equipping it to my handgun, although it changed how the gun looks and sounds, the critical damage boost it has doesn’t seem to work. i’m still only getting critical hits %5-10 of the time or so, instead of the supposed x5 times.

    additional info:
    gtx 1050 ti, ryzen 2600, 16gb ram, win 10, installed on ssd
    game is being played on english, bought on steam, i have no other mods installed
    bio4:37,4 GB,42 files
    bin32:21,4 MB, 7 files

  227. rio says:

    hi going through the steps i managed to see the part where i have to click yes to patch but my entire computer changes its resolution to be lower and i cant move my mouse around besides hitting windows with the power options. i used the quicksfv tool and everything checked out but i still cant seem to get over this problem

  228. rio says:

    idk what happened to my comment but i use a legit copy on steam, whatever the latest ver of that is, no other mods, good specs, enough space, i used the quick tool as suggested but i still cant move my mouse around to click yes for the patch, the game itself just freezes

  229. Raginstar says:

    Tengo un pequño problema, en las opciones estoy intentado desactivar el BLUR pero no se me guardan las opciones al reiniciar el juego, intente ejecutar como administrador pero tampoco funciono.

    me ayudan porfa.

  230. aquila says:

    Hi, Albert and Chris. Thanks for your mod. It’s beautiful, but without flaws. Here is a list of problems that I encountered while playing.
    -If you load a save from the menu before chapter 5-1, then in the cutscene with Leon and Ada on the boat there will be the same out of sync as in the openning cutscene 1-2.
    -Last QTE-actions at the first meeting with Krauser. Krauser always stabs Leon with a knife.
    At some points, the game has performance issues. She seems to be going into slowmo.
    The most visible places.
    -2-1. -If you look towards the lake.
    -In a location with a waterfall and a dam. After the dam is closed, FPS is up.
    -5-3 Battle with Krauser in ruins.

  231. Jazz says:

    krauser boss fight (second encounter) – is still in slow motion when hes in the gameplay. leon runs slow and krauser running at ‘normal’ speed not fast speed.
    this is from playing it on both normal and pro mode just now.
    i have win10, never had this problem before the mod.

  232. Shantasma says:

    specs: Win10, 16GB RAM, Ryzen 5 3600 CPU , 5700XT GPU
    bug: Water rendering flicker on left side of display in Separate Ways Chapter 1. Most noticeable when going up wooden bridge (towards the Church, away from Bella Sister spawn). Not in Ultra Widescreen. No changes to FOV in retweaks.
    language: english
    other mods: none
    bio4 folder: 6,805 files, 37.4 GB

  233. SMLSG says:

    GTX3060ti + AMD5600X
    No Problem found in v110,
    but in 106 a big trouble is Inventory err
    see this

  234. peps says:

    Hola Albert como va? Esto no es un problema solo tengo curiosidad

    Estaba jugando con el debug menu y tu nuevo mapa en el cap 2-3 para ver si había algo mas escondido pero me dí cuenta que está en el mismo nivel que la cueva del buhonero.

    Quería preguntarte si podrías explicar un poco como lo hiciste y/o funciona todo esto?
    Dejo un video mostrando lo que me refiero:

    Lo gracioso es que al principio cuando vi todas esas cosas fuera del nivel pensé: “ajá!! hay algo escondido” pero después me di cuenta de lo que era jajaja

  235. danilo says:

    Hi,(I’m using google translate so sorry for the mistakes) i was playing normally for three days when out of nowhere today the game just doesn’t load my save and it won’t even let me create a new game, my game just closes. when I remove the mod the game works normally when I put it on it doesn’t load my save and it doesn’t even let me create a new one. Please I need help I was playing and everything was fine when out of nowhere this happened, I already did everything from the ”Release Updates” you posted and everything is ok.

  236. Schuma6 says:

    Chapter 4-1
    high probability of game crash when Leon try taking the holy Grail in the round room with 6 armor knights(3 per time) inside.
    Also the substitles for the holy grail can not be displayed as many other cases.

    Pistol suppressor can not be displayed in the inventory. But anyway, thank you for this special gift! the suppressor 🙂

    AUSUS Laptop G733, Windows 10
    AMD 5900, 32G RAM
    RTX 3080, 16G RAM

  237. Rava says:

    in chapter 4 of separate ways when I climb up it should be green text and load up the game, but it instead it will climb up to a place where you cant do anything, workaround, I still have the original files so I replace project HD with original files then I pass that place, lucky there is a save point after it so I save the game and reapply RE4HD project again
    video of the issue

    What are your system specifications? CPU: xeon e5 2670 v3
    Chipset : B85
    RAM: 16 GB ECC 2133
    GPU: AMD R9 380 4GB GDDR5 Saphire nitro
    When does the crash or visual bug take place? in chapter 4 of serpate ways
    In which language are you playing the game? English
    Did you install other mods? No
    What is the total file size and number of files inside the BIO4 folder?37.4 GB (40,241,926,946 bytes) 6,804 Files, 62 Folders

    What is the total file size and number of files inside the Bin32 folder? 23.3 MB (24,447,818 bytes) 14 Files, 8 Folders
    Was the issue there before installing the HD project? (We can’t do anything if you already experienced the issue with the original game.) no current workaround is removing this and get BIO4 folder to pass this part

    A screenshot or video of the issue (if possible).

  238. David says:

    Error 0xc0000020

    “D:\Games\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Resident Evil 4\Bin32\DINPUT8.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support.
    Error status 0xc0000020”

    I Just Re Downloaded RE4 from Steam, and tried the steps on this page. I also downloaded the 4GB patch for the exe file. Im using version 1.1.0 (confirmed by running the game before altering the folders).

    When i lunch the game through Steam I can see the “Play” button change to “Stop”, but it quickly changes back to “Play”, Im assuming that the game just closes by itself without any message. Its only when I lunch the exe file that I get the error message. The message pops up immediately after double clicking the exe file.

    • Specs
    Intel i5-8400
    16GB RAM
    and im using Windows 10 Home
    • Right after clicking on the exe file
    • English
    • No mods
    • BIO4 (can’s see its size) 6,804 files, 62 folders
    • Bin32 17.5MB, 7 files, 0 folders
    • No issues before altering folders
    • Not sure how to post a screenshot or video but the error message was posted just as it shows on my computer.

    Anyone with the same issue or a solution?

    • David says:

      Fixed my issue. I didnt see that it was best to use Winrar instead of 7Zip. All files on the BIO4 were 0 Bites, thats why it wasnt working…Just installed Winrar, repeated the installation steps and worked on first try.

  239. Jack says:

    Hola albert, tengo una serie de bugs y cosas:
    El audio a veces se descordina en las cinematicas, tambien fuera de la iglesia sigue sin tener colisión una planta, luego en el cap 4-1 un puente al moverse lo hace muy trabado. Los arpones cuando los ves en el buhonero no tiene icono y tampoco en el maletin y por ultimo, leon cuando usa el chaleco, su pelo no se mueve.

  240. Hernan says:

    Este trabajo es hermoso!
    Especificaciones de Sistema:
    MSI A30M Gaming Pro
    Ryzen 5 1600
    RX 560 4GB Asus Expedition
    16GB de Ram HyperX 2133
    Se desincronizan algunas cinemáticas como por ejemplo cuando nos encontramos con Luis y un Ganado nos quiere asesinar (antes del quick time event).
    Tengo un conflicto con el emulador 360ce con los archivos “dinput8.dll” que son los tweaks, pude hacer funcionar el programa cambiando de lugar los dll y después de configurar el joytick los restaure a su ubicación original pero provoca crasheos cuando se dispara o utiliza el cuchillo.
    Muchísimas gracias por este enorme trabajo

  241. Coolmuzt says:

    Random crash at the beginning of Assignment Ada Chapter 3 (Castle Maze) 🙁

    PC Specs:
    Intel Core i5 760 2.8 GHZ
    NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
    8GB RAM

  242. Nick Swenson says:

    Dumb question, probably asked to death and I apologize in advance, but is there anyway to smooth out animations while running at 60fps? Is it an engine limitation/some kind of impossible-to-fix kind of thing or will it be addressed in the future?

  243. TheNemesisGamer says: