These are optional packages that you may be interested in.

We may create more of these if there is enough demand and if they would match the experience of a faithful HD remaster. And NO, we won’t create nude Ashley mods or things like that. XD


The HD project replaces Ada’s outfit during cutscenes when Leon wears his RPD uniform. Now she wears her RE2 outfit. If you prefer her original spy costume during those cutscenes, you can download it here. The download contains:

  • the spy costume files,
  • the installation instructions, and
  • the RE2 outfit files in case you change your mind.



For years, I’ve been using an input.ini file that changes the controller button scheme to match the GameCube one when using an XBOX 360 controller. The download contains:

  • the input.ini file and
  • the installation instructions.



79 responses to “BONUS”

  1. Rodrigo Souza says:

    First of all, thank you for all your work, this project is amazing. Could you make a Playstation Controller Button Scheme for all of us that play using PS controller ? 🙂 , thanks.

  2. Nick Swenson says:

    …You included a Gamecube button scheme?? Thank you so much!1

  3. Dillon says:

    Hey, congrats on the release!
    Was wondering if the new download contains the gradient file that emulates the GC look, and if not could you put that in this section?
    Thanks 🙂

    • albert says:

      Yes, it has custom filters including that one
      I can create other filters and offer them as separate downloads…
      but it will be in a few weeks. Now I’m dealing with all the feedback XD

      • Dillon says:

        Ah, haha well you desrve all of the praise I’m sure you are getting.
        Oh, one more thing. I know it’s kinda outside the scope of what you’ve done with this, but I was wondering if it was possible for someone to reanimate RE4. An example would be in the beginning at the village. The villager taking the wheelbarrow around in circles; if you notice he isn’t really holding the handles on it, just made to vaguely look like it. How hard would it be for someone to say continue your work here and add in reanimations like that, or is the engine too limiting?

  4. Alex Galarza says:

    Thank you so much for this awesome port!!! Any way to remove the “LOADING” screen to match the GameCube original? PC nowadays are so fast the scenes transition quickly and the “LOADING” screen breaks some of the immersion. The GameCube original simply faded to black between scenes. Thanks for reading! 🙂

    • albert says:

      This is one of the optional patches I want to add in the bonus page 😉
      Since the textures are huge, it takes longer in some computers and the Loading appears during a couple of seconds
      Also, I’ve seen the Loading text in my GC copy… soooo maybe the Loading text doesn’t appear only in the American version ¿?¿?¿? strange…

      • Nick Swenson says:

        Came down here just for this exact thing!
        That is strange, I played the NA Gamecube version as well as the NA Wii version the most and never saw the “Loading…” screen. I always thought it was added specifically for the lower-spec PS2 version.

        • Alex Galarza says:

          That is correct. The NA Gamecube version does not have a “Loading” screen. The fist time I saw it was for the PS2 port and most ports going forward from there. Thank you for considering as an optional patch. 🙂

          • albert says:

            Ahh another difference of the NA version haha
            I checked the European one. It DOES have the loading screen
            No problem!
            As soon as all the major issues are fixed, I’ll take some time to create the extra downloads packs

      • Anthony says:

        Indeed, most ports were based on the European version. The American GameCube version had the most differences, I finished a round with the merchant having about 32 first aid sprays in stock xD

        • albert says:

          Haha yeah, I wonder why they released the American version before the Japanese and even unpolished at some degree… deadlines to accomplish maybe?

          • Michael says:

            It wouldn’t be the first time that there were differences between regions and releases. The first RE had no auto aim in the American version in addition to less ink ribbons.

            Early builds of the American version even had the item boxes set up such that they were not connected to one another but this feature was later scrapped although it was brought back in the remake’s real survival difficulty.

            I recently played through the NTSC Gamecube black label version on my gamecube and even did a no merchant pro run after playing through the mod and noticed some differences.

            For example, I noticed that enemies seem to be more aggressive and the knife does less damage. For example, you can’t knife regenerators to death like you can in later versions.

            In 5-2 after Ashley crashes the bulldozer and you go into the Merchant room the gamecube version has no music whereas other editions, including this mod, have the serenity theme playing.

            Upgrades are different for a few items as are their costs in the store.

            I also noticed that some strats used in speed runs don’t work in the NTSC version as well like how most people finish the opening village section by throwing two grenades ending the sequence rather quickly. Not sure if its because you need to kill more enemies or if something else is going on.

  5. Mario says:

    is it possible to add native compatibility for a gamecube controller so the game can be played exactly as it had been with the og controller?

  6. Leo Prada says:

    Hello guys, thanks a lot for this great work. Greetings from Colombia.

  7. DarkLink1308 says:

    My suggestion for a bonus, if possible, is a bonus that restore the classic properties of the P.R.L. 412. The laser shot of the classic version didn’t hit multiple enemies, it didn’t hit breakable objects, it wasn’t homing on the enemy and the maximum power laser shot charge was longer. The classic version is only possible to find in the PS2 and PC 2007 version of the game. I find the classic version of this weapon more challenging and fun to use. The new version is very overpowered.

  8. KillOpsCross says:

    The link of the ASSIGNMENT ADA COSTUME doesn´t work ;c

  9. Logan says:

    Help! I found that secret room you added with the parasite strung up and the many ominous writings in Spanish. I picked up the silencer, but it’s not in my inventory and disappeared from the field. What do I do?

    • albert says:

      Check this page I’ve created right now 😛
      We’re on it 😉

      • Logan says:

        I’m sorry. I’m intelligent enough in the way that game coding works. What am I looking for on that page? Also wow! When I discovered that secret area, my mind was blown! As I was walking it my heart was throbbing waiting for something to come and try and kill me. I totally thought that ancient parasite was going to come to life. Amazing job man!

  10. Klemc says:


    about QTE, will we have a bonus to (for any dificulty) :
    push button only once when original needs repetitive inputs ;
    extend time when button has only to be pressed once ;

    Thanks in advance, i hate those things when it become difficult…

  11. Walter says:

    Hola Albert, alguna posibilidad de agregar una opción o descarga adicional para usar el traje de RE2 de Ada en Separate Ways y Assignment Ada? en algun lugar debe haber un mod ya seguramente, pero no tendrá la calidad del que mejoraste para el modo mercenarios y visto en las cinematicas de la campaña principal. Gracias de antemano, excelente trabajo!

    • albert says:

      Por desgracia no podemos añadir opciones extra no existentes ya en el juego,
      pero puedes usar el trainer del juego creado por Raz0r para seleccionar el traje de los personajes
      No estoy 100% seguro que sea compatible con el HD project actual
      pero yo lo he estado usando estos últimos días y a mi no me ha dado problemas

      • tanuki says:

        Un saludo y gracias por tu trabajo para tanta gente.
        He terminado Separate Ways con el traje de RE2 de Ada y todo el episodio ha ido bien, el único problema grave que me dió era cuando intentaba usar la Chicago Typewriter que cerraba el juego cada ver que intentaba equiparla.
        Aparte de eso la munición del Bowgun era invisible en inventario, y algunas veces cuando terminaba la partida aunque me preguntaba si queria grabar no me dejaba (la única solución que he encontrado a eso, es repetir desde el ultimo punto de guardado, la pelea con el boss final y la parte que viene despues, hasta que me permitia grabar.
        Realmente ningun problema que te impida disfrutar del episodio.
        Un saludo

        • albert says:

          Gracias por el informe!
          Lo del traje de RE2, quizá es que el modelo de Ada con el traje de RE2 no tenga las animaciones de la Chicago o no sea compatible con esa arma. Hay que tener en cuenta que cada traje es un modelo completamente distinto, con sus características. No es el mismo modelo con una skin diferente y ya está. Quizá sea ese el problema ¿? Lo comprobaré
          Lo de los items transparentes en el inventario ya lo hemos arreglado y estará incluido en la actualización 1.1
          Y lo del guardado es algo que también me di cuenta precisamente hace 2 días. Investigaré con mis colegas programadores a ver qué puede ser…

  12. Dillon says:

    I found a z-fighting issue in the 2nd map of the village (the one with the chicken coop. after you walk towards the way out (the way to the boulder scene) if you look up towards the deck (the one you drop off of to get the Beerstein) under the deck there is z-fighting on one of the boards holding it up.

  13. Will says:

    Outstanding work on the mod and release! I was curious if you were planning on making it possible to use Ada’s RE2 costume in Separate Ways? It just looks so good!

  14. Ahmed says:

    You guys are legends.
    Love and respect to you all.

  15. Basel (DevilRbx) says:

    this is the best mod ever.
    I thank you from my bottom of my heart.
    I hope for more amazing stuff from you.

  16. Marcelo says:


    My game closes when I use Ada Spy. How do I handle it?

  17. Riasat Salmin Sami says:

    Posting it here in the Bonus page again as suggested 😀

    I’d like an optional unblurred village lake water. Thanks for considering.


  18. Diegoeo99 says:

    Hola Albert, lo anoto de nuevo como sugerencia para los bonus, sobre modificaciones al HUD, tengo 2 ideas:
    – Ya tenemos tvs panorámicas y de alta resolución, ya no son necesarias las barras de vida gigantes. Por lo que sería bueno hacerlo más pequeño, menos intrusivo, pero sin que se vea raro xd. Como lo hacen muchos remasters.
    -Los nuevos Resident “ya no usan hud” (solo se ve en inventario o al apuntar) eso hace la experiencia más inmersiva, aunque talvez no es conveniente aquí, por lo que me gustaría ver en tu estilo una versión más minimalista/moderna de este, (como puede ser: quitar los nombres, las texturas oxidadas, los “segmentos” de la vida, o algo más interesante que se te ocurra jaja) similar a estos mods de aquí: (aunque estos los encuentro un poco feos lol).

  19. Alex J says:

    Hola, es posible jugar RE4 con mando de PS4? porque no parece funcionar para mi, probé con programas externos como, Input Mapper y DS4 pero no encuentro una solución.

  20. Klemc says:

    An auto stuff take/confirm system… because taking stuff (ammos, money, …) from enemy is not enjoy !..

    X… wait display… confirm (sound !! time passed) !!

  21. WrathFul says:

    Hola de nuevo Albert! Ya instalé el pequeño patch que subiste y arregló mis problemas que había comentado en el foro, gracias! Me preguntaba si no podrías poner una opción de escoger el traje clásico de RE2 y el de Assigment Ada al jugar en Separate Ways como cuando empiezas la campaña de Leon y puedes escoger su traje, siempre he querido esa opción desde que existe el modo de juego de Ada, Saludos!

  22. DrSalvador says:

    Hi, first great work Albert & Chris on the 1.0 release. Been keeping an eye on this for ages and now I can finally say – this is one of the best texture/model packs ever released.

    You mentioned in the latest update that the 1.1 patch may include a unreleased/updated version of nipkow & emoose’s re4_tweaks. Recently emoose seems to have has created an audio resampler tool to update the sound files inside BIO4\snd to be a higher sample rate This lets the game work better with X3DAudio HRTF to allow the game to output binaural audio.

    Since the RE4HD project already involves replacing the the BIO4 folder, is there the possibility of the main release, or a bonus release pack, to include the resampled audio so that anyone wanting to add 3D audio to RE4 can just drag and drop the X3DAudio dll, or is there even the possibility of contacting the X3DAudio HRFT author to distribute the the X3DAudio dll along with the RE4HD pack so that this becomes both a visual and audio update! 🙂


    • albert says:

      Oh this looks promising!
      I’ll ase emoose about the potential of all this stuff fro sure
      Yes, I also fixed some sound bugs, so all sounds are included in the pack. I can replace all the sounds to high frequency sounds if there are no side effects!

  23. Piensas incluir la version del archivo que encuentras en la granja el cual es un pergamino ya abierto?

  24. TheNemesisGamer says:

    Please for Sepearate Ways ADA in Black (Assignment ADA outfit)

  25. Kasra says:

    Any way you could create a complete pack of all the wallpapers and renders you have released for this game?

  26. Michael says:

    Is there a specific place to talk about the unique features of the NTSC Gamecube version of RE4 for a potential bonus mod later on down the line.

    I’ve seen several discussions in the comments of various posts but didn’t know if there was a more dedicated forum where these matters are being discussed.

    On another note, I think it would be cool to see a mod/alternate outfit where Leon keeps his jacket throughout the entire game instead of losing it early on.

    • Michael says:

      Is there a specific place to talk about the unique features of the NTSC Gamecube version of RE4 for a potential bonus mod later on down the line?*

      • WrathFul says:

        No, right now there isnt an specific forum for that, but you should comment the feature here and specify is something from the GameCube version 🙂

  27. Nick Swenson says:

    For Special 2 Costumes, can we get Ada in her ‘Assignment Ada’ gear? Not sure if possible, just asking 🙂
    (Also, haven’t unlocked AA yet, starting fresh, so let me know if this is already the case!)

    • albert says:

      Oh, I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do with Special 2 costumes. There is no cutscene data to replace. It simply uses the regular cutscene data and loads the regular Leon costume.
      You can force the game to load Mafia Leon costume using Raz0r trainer, but that’s it…

      • Nick Swenson says:

        Damn, I forgot that’s how it works. PS2 pre-renedered custscenes made Special 2 integration unnecessary, huh. That’s okay.

        But as long as I’m just whining about my wishlist outside the scope of this project, I sure wish we could have Mercenaries Luis and Ashley xD

        Thanks for getting back to me (and all of us here) so promptly and regularly!

  28. doedsmedveten says:

    Haven’t played RE4 since the release of Ultimate HD and have been waiting for this project to finish before playing it again. It’s almost hard to describe how impressive your work is and how impressed I am. Not only as a RE fan, but as a graphics enthusiast as well. It’s exactly what I wished for; Aside from mechanics I wholeheartedly think it’s like re-experiencing the game again for the first time. I keep finding myself stopping just to look and admire the visuals like when the game first released on Gamecube. Everything is not only intact, but also extremely true to the original assets in style and art direction and the composition is just fantastic. I hope this turns into an official patch at some point and that you’ll be compensated for it.

  29. fromafan says:

    hello, Albert. i was wondering if you are interested in making/restoring the Wii pointer as a bonus?

  30. Lukas says:

    does anyone know of some skin mods to use in HD Project?

  31. Ryan Powell says:

    Could you possibly be able to add a mod that changes the button inputs to the playstation buttons? I think it’d be a neat idea to have multiple options for button inputs in the menu of the game. Like have an option for gamecube, xbox, ps, pc etc. Can’t wait for the patch that fixes a lot of the issues! Thanks for the hard work! I know it’s not easy.

  32. Klemc says:

    That’s a good idea (really) :

    Tested !
    Approved !!

  33. Ink Vixen says:

    Any way to replace the default costume with the “Spy” costume? Asking for a me.

  34. Mar says:

    I hope you decide to make a PS2 layout, for a PS controller. The current controller setup I’m using, breaks with the HD project. Can’t wait to try your mod in the future!

  35. mofail says:

    I just watched this video..

    Just imagine raytracing in re4 lol

  36. Logan says:

    Think you could do some reskins, color changes or costume swaps? The base costumes are good but no fun after many play throughs. Like swapping Ashleys normal for her popstar costume, that way Leons regular and Ashleys special 1 are seen at the same time

  37. Damon says:

    Hello, I have been using your mod GC scheme and planning to use my GameCube controller with it via a GameCube adapter for PC and making sure to make it read as a 360 controller. I was wondering if there would be a later modification that implements the use of OG GameCube button prompts. It would be awesome to do as I wanna try playing the game like it was a released in 2005 (with a new coat of paint of your mod and resolution of course). So if you are open to reply that would be awesome I don’t wanna rush you as you are currently making a patch but some clarity on it would be nice. I hope you enjoy your day and I’m glad and respect your dedication to this mod alone. Stay safe and healthy for times to come.

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