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Walkthrough | The Mercenaries Fully Remastered

Hello everyone! Finally, a new video is here. This time it will cover ALL Mercenaries Stages and ALL characters. I don’t play extremely well, but I got 5 stars in all the stages hehe I took the opportunity to talk … Continue reading

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The Mercenaries – HD Project POSTER COLLECTION

Hello! The Mercenaries mini-game is almost completely finished. In the meantime, here’s a present for all of you! Download all the 11 HD Posters here: MEGA | MEDIAFIRE

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Walkthrough | Assignment Ada Fully Remastered

Hello! Here comes the first no-main-campaign video. It covers the entire Assignment Ada mission. These are the differences you’ll see in this video compared to the pack we released on 2018: Adjusted, improved and new lighting and effects. Re-created and … Continue reading

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First and Quick 2021 update!

Hello and Happy New Year! Since it’s been almost a month since the last video, I wanted to post something even if it’s just in the form of a few images. I’ve been remastering Assignment Ada mini game the last … Continue reading

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Walkthrough | The Final Chapter Fully Remastered

Hello everyone! Finally, the final chapter is here!! I’ve been dealing with countless small visual issues everywhere this last month. All of them minimal, but time consuming! They were mostly related to effects appearing briefly during the cutscenes… I also … Continue reading

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‘Result Screen’ is done :)

Hello people! This is just a brief post to show you how the Result Screen background image looks like now. Thank you everyone for all your suggestions and help! (Of course I’m still open to suggestions as always ;D) The … Continue reading

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I need some help to identify something! (Result screen image)

Hello! I was about to re-create the background image of the Result screen, but I’ve run into an item that I can’t identify… UPDATE: Thank you everyone! You’ve helped me a lot. Based on all the info I reached the … Continue reading

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Walkthrough | Chapter 5-4 Fully Remastered

Hello everyone! Today I’m showing you the penultimate chapter of the main campaign. This chapter is filled with lots of new small improvements such as restored light bloom effects during the cutscenes, touched and even re-re-created textures and additional countless … Continue reading

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Walkthrough | Chapter 5-3 Fully Remastered

Finally! Chapter 5-3 is ready… Hello everyone. It took me a lot of time to complete this chapter. The 2 new enemies in this area had by far the most difficult to re-create textures. Both, Krauser (and all the shirt-no … Continue reading

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Knives Out

Since I love comparative images and I’m more than happy because I finally remastered this famous cutscene, I’m going to share a few comparative images (And I also know some of you love comparison screenshots, too ;D) There are a … Continue reading

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