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Quick Update & a Couple of Clarifications

Hello everyone! Since it’s been a while since the last post, I wanted to keep you updated about the 1.1 patch: It’s complete, but I’m waiting nipkow and emoose to fix a couple of issues we’ve found in their latest … Continue reading

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Smaller HUD Mod

EDIT: I’VE FIXED THE PRL 412 HUD. It wasn’t ported to the new size. Please, download it again if you already did it. Sorry!! 😛 Hello! A small update about something several people has asked during the progression of the … Continue reading

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Release Trailer!

Hello everyone! This is a brief post just to bring you the Trailer of the HD Project. Better late than never! I’m quite happy with this because it’s the first trailer I do, and even it’s quite long, I guess … Continue reading

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HD Project 1.0 Release Date

The day is approaching… I know some of you may feel slightly disappointed when you see the release day, but believe me, it will deserve the extra month of waiting. Thanks to the combined efforts of the community, we’ve been … Continue reading

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Look familiar? (L)

4 years later… Here’s the 50th “Look Familiar” tweet 😛

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Chapter 5 – FINAL Comparison Images

Hello everyone! First of all, thank you everyone for all the support during all these years. I still can’t believe we are on the 8th year of this project! Finally, I had some time to post this comparison gallery that … Continue reading

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Chapter 4 – FINAL Comparison Images

Hello everyone! The 2 first Island areas are driving me crazy… Their geometry is a complete mess even after the first revision I did in the past! Fortunately, I’ve checked the rest of the Island areas and most of the … Continue reading

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Walkthrough | Chapter 4-2 Fully Remastered

Hello again! A new video is here… in 4K! The game runs 100% smoothly in my new computer even at 4K and recording a 150mbps video at the same time!I was a bit worried even in a new machine this … Continue reading

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A glimpse at chapter 4-3 (Testing 4K Recording)

Hello everybody! Long time since the last video. I’ve been doing regular progress as usual, but since my graphic card was dying I took the opportunity to get a new and super fast machine. Right now I’m transferring all data … Continue reading

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Chapter 4-2 is ready! Sort of…

Hello! I’ve finished the final revision for Chapter 4-2, but I’ve just bought a new video card because mine is slowly dying… So, I’ll have to wait a few days before recording the video. In the meantime, I’ll be remastering … Continue reading

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