Finally… the Castilian home (major update!)

I finally reached the castle! It was a hard work and there is still a lot of work to do before the Village section is completely finished and polished. But I’m presenting you a few comparison shots and a video from areas 11c, 11d, 11e, 11f, 10f and 200.

As you’ll see I found some of the original surfaces used in-game, but most of them are just HD recreations. Remember, this is «work-in-progress» so, the most obvious differences between the original and HD recreation textures will be fixed or completely redone when Cris revises them. 🙂

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24 Responses to Finally… the Castilian home (major update!)

  1. V I D A L says:

    Fantastic… OMG those stairs. =)

    • albert says:

      Hahha thanks! I found the original stairs. I was lucky someone took a photo of those stairs. Obviously they were in a completely different perspective and I had to adapt it and colour correction, luminosity etc…

  2. Lukas says:


    Btw, I noticed the RE4 art book contains higher resolution versions of some of the paintings in the game.

    • albert says:

      Yeah! I notice it. Fortunately the bonus artbook included in this new PC port is in its full print quality (its even in CMYK colours too). I think there are 2 o 3 useful images 🙂

  3. Alvare says:

    Best texturing skills ever.

  4. luis garcia says:

    Any idea about a patch #1 release date?

    • albert says:

      For now we are focusing our efforts into making progress. When we reach certain point in the project we’ll take some decision and we’ll let you all know 😉

  5. Lukas says:

    Sorry for doing work for you that you never asked for, but i’m almost 100% this exact ad can be found in one of the merchant’s caves.

    I’m not 100% confident about any of the stuff I post here though, except for the wine bottle. That one was definetely the one in the game. 🙂

  6. kaludio says:

    wow you guys are going faster than i thought… can’t wait for the second update. great work on the textures, you know that you’re doing something right when the recreations look better then the originals. although in my opinion the textures need more accentuated blacks and more whites in form of shinny reflections to make up for the lack of bump maps. This could make the wood and brick walls look better, but that’s just me.

    • albert says:

      Thank you for the feedback kaludio!
      Yeah, I know what you mean but this could be a double-edged sword. The light is not the same everywhere. So, the same texture would look natural in some places but forced and unnatural in some other places. And it could look too much an edited image if we add artificially too many reflections/light effects.
      Of course we’ll do what makes the game look better and if its needed to add some shinny effects in certain textures no doubt we’ll do too 🙂

  7. Geoffrey says:

    Not playing RE4 again until this mod comes out! 😀

  8. Keikato says:

    Guys, you’re great! sory my bad english, I’m from Ukraine and i saw this mod rather accidentally. I’m fan of RE4 and its cool that find some people who tried to do this beautifull game some better)

  9. Donel says:


    First of all, thanks for the amazing work.

    Second, how much percent is the progress for this project? I’ve never played RE4, so I don’t know which part this belongs to.

    • Cris says:

      Hi Donel! Thanks for the encouragement! It’s difficult to estimate how far along we are at this point, sorry. 🙁 Generally speaking, we are thinking this project will take about a year to complete. I’m sorry that we don’t have a more specific estimate. Thanks again for your interest!!

    • V I D A L says:

      Just so you know.. this part of the game are reached around 30% of total gameplay time to beat the campaign.

  10. kaludio says:

    did you guys got the original texture for the eye scanner gate or is it a recreation?

    • albert says:

      I found the base door Capcom used to create their final customized texture. The result Capcom got is faaaaar different from the original door. It’s not even blue, is bright brown. And its at 40 min walking from my home ;P

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