Quick Update About Leon!

Hello everybody!

I’ve been working a lot on Ada and Leon’s models and textures these last few weeks and I can’t wait to share a post that includes a detailed list of all the improvements I’ve made so far! (Some of them are unexpected improvements that I thought were impossible to accomplish!)

But before that I want to polish a few things and I want to make sure all the edits are stable, both in-game and during the cutscenes. Everything seems to work fine so far, so I’m quite optimistic about that. 

In the meantime, I’ll share with you some comparison images of Leon’s new look. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m really proud of the results! I really hope you also like them 🙂  Maybe I should erase some of those small mustache hairs, haha.





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190 responses to “Quick Update About Leon!”

  1. EPD Gaffney says:

    No complaints here! Looks great.

  2. aymj says:

    Incredible work as always ! Thank you for making this

  3. Ghost says:

    Great job. yeah I think it would be better if Leon had a clean shave.

    • V I D A L says:

      Considering that Leon had a clean shave first thing in the morning when he left for the mission and knowing that it lasted pretty much 24h he would absolutely have some of it growing back by then.

      Hey.. after fighting Krauser the texture face changes for one with a scar.. what if he had a clean shave at the start at the game but after the scar in which the texture needs to be replaced, he got those little mustache bits growing back? That could be an overkill detail but kinda cool.

      • EPD Gaffney says:

        Em, overkill? NO. That sounds like the exact thing they should do if you ask me. That sounds fantastic.

        • V I D A L says:

          lol thanks.
          By the pictures we can see Albert already have both textures (with and without the scar) and he is considering remove the mustache… I say remove only from the texture without the scar and leave in the texture with the scar.. perhaps even add a bit to his chin to see how it goes and boom.. You have an attention to detail that we don’t see even in games from 2018. Subtle but effective as you get close ups on his face at the very beginning of the game and towards the end.

      • Mike says:

        Nah that doesn’t sound faithful to the game to be honest.

      • albert says:

        That’s a good idea! Unfortunatelly we can’t do it ^_^”
        Only the cutscene head for Leon with the scar uses a different texture. The ingame head model uses the same face texture and a “patch” with a scar texture is overlaped on his face…
        So, the cutscene face texture with scar can be different but the ingame would remain the same as before…

        • EPD Gaffney says:

          Shame, but I still think I’d do it for the cutscene head in that case. It’s so subtle to begin with that people would probably think they just can’t zoom in close enough or rotate the camera far enough. Really, you almost never get a decent look at Leon’s face besides cutscenes.

  4. Emanon says:

    Good job! Congrats!!

  5. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    Oh my goooooooood! You are só fucking good, i love it, you can make the Leon’s jacket look like leather, with that shine of leather and the white part of the jacket are animal hair you can make this like this, and the T-shirt of Leon is nota wrikled, then you can make her wrikled, it will more realística, because the T-shirt wrikled. I AM fan you guys, love you work! I’m from Brazil so sorry from my English that i learn more or less in the video game 😀

  6. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    Oh, sorry, it sent two turn’s haja’
    But what i mean is “white part of the jacket” not wait ??

  7. Mono says:

    Well done ! The ugly hair texture is finally gone ! I understand your doubts about the mustache, i think leon must look smooth and juvenile as possible, but it’s really a close up detail

  8. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    The T-Shirt of Leon must be Wrinkled, i forgot the ‘n’, god i wrong again haha’

  9. Martin Sp. says:

    Wow! That looks really good!
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Pliskin says:

    Dang, I never noticed how low-resolution Leon’s face textures were. Nice job but I agree with u those mustache hairs need to go, they look out of place.

  11. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    The T-Shirt of Leon must be Wrinkled, it will be so realístic, because in the versions of RE4 in PC ou PS4 it is not wrinkled like is in the Resident evil front cape of the game, and the shirts normaly are wrinkled in the body.

  12. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    You can use this to do the shirt wrinkled, in the front cape of RE4 of ps2 you can see the Leon’s t-shirt is wrinkled in the first two links, and the last link you can see the animal hair or pelt in the white parts of the Leon’s jacket




  13. V I D A L says:

    Fantastic work. I don’t mind the mustache bits.. it’s realistic.
    In the first pic it seems like you manage to replace the gameplay model with the cutscene model… Is that the case?
    Funny story.. when I played it for the first time in the GameCube.. in one of the cutscenes at the start of the game when Leon looks out the window after killing the first ganado and the camera really zooms in on his face, I clearly remember me and my friends saying: “wow we can see the pores on his nose”… hahaha well.. now we can.

  14. Luiz carlos says:

    Dude, you guys are really awesome and I really admire your passion for the game! I am also a huge fan since the first time I played it on PS2. Anyways, I used to modify some resident evil 4 stuffs before too, just like you guys trying to make all the textures look good and I know that this is really hard, it’s not easy doing what you guys are doing, so congratulations on what you guys are doing and keep it up, you’re doing a great, great job!

  15. Dilapidated says:

    Nice work, I love all the little details right down to the tiny mole/skin tag on his eyelid to the 5 o’clock shadow. A+

    I’m looking forward to seeing how you do enemies, especially Ganado’s. Not sure if it could be pulled off but would love to see a better variety of Ganado’s. Sometimes I feel like I’m killing a village of twins lol.

  16. Viola says:

    I really, really don’t like the moustache at all. I think the smooth look fits his character better, and is more accurate to the original game. Other than that the detail is fantastic, that hair is perfect!! (except maybe the stray hairs off his eyebrows, that stuff tends to look weird on flat texture faces like this)

    If you do decide to keep the moustache hairs I and many others would appreciate the option to use a version without them.

  17. Mike says:

    Excellent work it’s nice to see you guys are very faithful to the game when it comes to texture upgrades.

  18. Luke Stud says:

    Nice work, I would leave that small hair tho, I don’t know why people are complaining, Leon is a men after all you know…

    • EPD Gaffney says:

      I honestly think it’s because it was mentioned and we get to look at the texture itself in 2D form in the GIF on this page. I don’t think anyone would ever have noticed otherwise.

  19. Frank Nitty says:

    Awesome work guys. Yet again, you fail to disappoint

  20. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    I think the job tour make with his face is so realístic, i can wait to see the complete version, why capcom doesn’t see this yet, you make they look noyhing, the remaster of ps4 is so bad, congratulations, you’re too good!

  21. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    The mouth its very realistic!

  22. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    Leon’s shirt is wrinkled in the front cape of the game, but in the game not, in ps4 not to. And the Leon leather jacket can not be seen that is leather in ps4 to and the white parts of the jacket are animal hair, you will make this like this? Will be cool and familiar with the original.

  23. togan says:

    Yes keep Leon clean shaven, it is more fitting to the lore.

    Looks amazing ! Keep up the great work albert & cris !!

  24. DoUKnowDaWae says:

    Great job! Many things are noticeable like Leon nose on default gameplay. It seem like you replace with the cutscene head model. The texture is the best. I wonder if Ashley got cutscene head model with hd texture it would be great! Because Ashley gameplay model head is really bad. But it would a very long time like 1 month because you have to edit the npc and player with 3 frickin model for each.

    //you can skip this
    And it’s time to collect some money and buy new pc. I hate laptop battery saving feature. The performance is the worst so no more u laptop.

  25. Jack says:

    Ohhh its so great i cant say anything its so AMAZING nice job
    When we can download it????

  26. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    You can ler the shave appear after get out of the castle, because the time will pass.

  27. smad1996 says:

    Great job man 🙂

    Can’t wait to see when you start the enemies remodeling ^^
    Super Salvador and regenerators in UHD

  28. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    Your work is very famous here in Brazil and the biggest question of the guys is if you will make the Leon shirt kneaded as it is on the cover of the game and if the jacket looks like a leather and the white details of the jacket will be fur to the in leather as on PS4. Because of this I insist on this ?? congratulations on everything!

    • albert says:

      We’ll be faithful to the original textures. The wrinckles doesn’t look good on plain models. They look as they were painted on the shirt and terribly deformed with the animation. So that’s not possible.
      The “fur portion” of the jacket will obviously use a fur texture and the leather part already has specular effect taht will be improved in the final version.

      The “cosplay jackets” you can find in internet are not good references. They are made of cheap material and they are not HD pictures. Fortunatelly we have a huge texture library available which includes lots of leather textures.

      Thanks for following us and for the suggrestions!

      And again, please, don’t send the images again XD

      • Luciano de Oliveira says:

        Thanks for answering me Albert, you guys are awesome! I apologize for sending several times the same thing, but as I said in comment sometimes it does not appear that my comment was posted, sorry ???

  29. Max says:

    Hey Albert it’s me. I was surprised when I saw leon’s face from the original pic to HD. What’s confusing is that in every cutscene in the game, his face doesn’t have that low-res textures but I never notice that his in-game model do have that high-res textures. Thanks for the update

    • albert says:

      Hehe yes, Leon’s face and hands models and textures are different ingame compared to the cutscenes, The rest of the body (hair included) is the same in both contexts

  30. Bobby says:

    Wow this is incredible! First time commenting, the pores on his nose and upper checks seem a little too noticeable. Other than that this is perfect, great work!

  31. Max says:

    Hey Albert, since Resident evil 4 was release on the Gamecube,Ps2, and Wii, i notice that some of the trees have leaves or bushes but those leaves models have that j-peg image like every Ps2 games had before developers uses a more realistic tree bush model. So my question is,did you replace the tree leaves with a more realistic models and textures instead of that jpeg image tree?

    • albert says:

      It’s nearlly impossible to add real 3D trees and leaves because the game has some polygon limitations. Also it would heavily hit the game’s performance bacause this port is poorly optimized. The most we can do is making those textures (dds or tga format, not jpg) HD, but this is already a huge improvement when it’s done properly 🙂

  32. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    I’m a little sad because there are not any wrinkles on my shirt, I wonder if not even a simple kneading as it already exists in “special 1” clothes, but I know it will be great anyway, because you have talent, I hope I have not bored you, I really wanted to know, because in the videos of Brazil (gamers) this is one of the most frequent questions

  33. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    You could take a look at it, it looks pretty much like the original, but with some subtle details, maybe you can use something like that.

    • Luciano de Oliveira says:

      I already served the army, and this shirt that Leon uses looks like a “thermique”, it is very similar, that of the image I sent looks like the original but has no wrinkles, just details or a scaly type.

  34. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    And I have a question to ask, this may seem difficult, but your remaster is sure to be the best already made for RE4, if there was a possibility that Capcom would buy from you to use on consoles as a decent remaster, would you sell them? I ask you this because you have no idea how the Resident community is commenting on this, it should reach the ears of Capcom

  35. Lucas Mendes Garcia says:

    It looks great, but personally, i think without the mustache hair and the pimples in his nose it would look better.

  36. Ascaron says:

    wow, I didn’t think this was possible. That’s some crazy face improvement!

  37. Thumba-Umba says:

    Keep the facial hair, mate.
    I mean yea, Leo is F A B U L O U S, we know, but he is not Legolas, right?

  38. Lucas Mendes Garcia says:

    Is possible to you guys make a Resident Evil 3.5 costume for Leon? i know the objective of this mod is to remaster the game keeping the original style and overall feeling but i think i would be really cool had this option http://residentevilmodding.boards.net/thread/8116/resident-evil-3-leon-updated this guy is basically doing this but i think that with you guys talent and experience i would look WAY better.

  39. MAGG says:

    Great job as always! Just a comment. In 0100-LEON-FACE-3.jpg, near the neak, you can see a spike in the new head of Leon. You may already notice this, but i wanted to let you know.

    The gif is so cool, btw!

  40. Greg says:

    There is one thing that really,really bugs me about the face and that is not the moustache. It is the scar(?) or wrinkle on Leon’s left side of the face (to our right on the pictures). In original I it is virtually unnoticable, and here it just sticks out so much for me. Once I’ve seen it I couldn’t unsee it and it looks really bad, like Leon is an old lady with mouth wrinkles. What’s worse it ruins the symmertry of the face. I don’t know why it ruins the enjoyment of an otherwise amazing texture for me, but it just does. Is that thing near Leon’s mouth really necessary?

    • Johaan says:

      The original looks like he had that scar for years – decades. This cut looks recent as it should, since cuts usually leave inflammation, this game happens what in a day? Fits perfectly well with his HD makeover.

      • I think he refers to the dark shade in the left corner of his mouth (the opposite cheek to the one that has the scar). It’s not actually a wrinkle, nore like a decoloration of that area, but it is true that it’s somewhat noticeable and it crerates kind of an “expression line” in the corner of the mouth where there wasn’t any in the original. Maybe Albert can soften it up a little bit using a symmetry of the other side, but not too much: check the original texture, it wasn’t fully symetrycal either.

  41. ¡Un trabajo excelente, como siempre! ¡Muy gratamente sorprendido con la calidad del resultado!
    Leyendo los comentarios veo que vas a quitar algunos de los puntos negros y pelillos más evidentes, creo que es la decisión correcta: Leon se supone que es tan ridículamente guapo que todo el mundo hace bromas a costa de su metrosexualidad (¿Te olvidas del maquillaje?), de modo que una cara con poros limpios pega con el presonaje.
    Es alucinante ver lo bien que se adapta a el modelado de la cara. Hasta has logrado mantener la falsa sombra “baked” debajo de la nariz, sin que parezca onvia o dibujada, super natural.
    ¿Tienes imágenes HD de Cristian Duerre o has hecho un composite de varias caras? te debes estar volviendo loco… LOL
    Por cierto, aunque nadie parece haberlo comentado: lo que se ve de la parte superior del cuerpo de Leon muestra un trabajazo también, con las costuras, botones y correajes.
    ¡Me muero por verlo en movimiento en un video!

  42. Steven says:

    Leon’s a beautiful man, almost feminine, unnaturally well kept. These additions of large pores, blackheads, uni-brow stubble, patchy mustache and beard stubble don’t fit with his perfect appearance in the game. It’s gotta be that movie star “an hour of make up and a clean shave between scenes” kind of look or it isn’t faithful to the original look. Yes he looks more realistic now, good job on that. He looks good from the farther shots of him, but his close-up scenes really show off that stubble, and those pores.

    • Y.Z. says:

      I concur; it looks a bit TOO quote-unquote “imperfect”; ESPECIALLY given the graphical look of CG, and SPECIFICALLY CG characters (not just in video games – pre-rendered CG cutscenes, in-game models, etc. – but also in other media – animated CG films, etc.) during the era RE4 was made. (I really miss that “semi-realistic” look of early-to-mid 2000s CG/video games, to be quite honest.)

    • Steven says:

      You seem to have edited the post, I don’t see any of the problems I had with Leon’s appearance anymore. The pores are a little large, but whatever. Vastly improved over the original post due to that facial hair removal.

      • albert says:

        Hehe yep :)And I even improved it a little more but I won’t update the images again.
        You’ll see it in the next update 😉

  43. A modo de crítica constructiva, yo le añadiría algo más de brillo/claridad en el segmento central del labio inferior: en la textura original esta especie de brillo/resalte se mantiene más o menos uniforme a lo largo del labio, mientras que en la nueva textura hay una pequeña franja que se muestra más oscura, dando la sensación desde lejos de que lo tiene partido o pelado justo en el centro.
    Es difícil de señalar con el dedo exáctamente qué es lo que le pasa, puede que sea la falta de brillo ahí, o puede que los otros brillos a los lados del centro del labio sean demasiado claros o tendentes al blanco que la textura original, hciendo que se note más el contraste. En cualquier caso, es lo que más se nota como “diferente” al mirar las imágenes desde cierta distancia (es algo que suelo hacer cuando dibujo, para que los detalles no me impidan apreciar los volúmenes).
    Es muy poca cosa y apenas se nota, por lo demás es un trabajo excelente.

  44. Johaan says:

    This looks great, the original (from what i remember playing, been a while) looked to much like a doll with smooth skin, this make over gives it enough realism but not too much that borders the uncanny valley.

  45. Irvin Smith says:

    Need more screenshots in different lights. Because now it looks that Leon has skin problems and hates wash up. Is it posible to change skin on different stages of the game? Like he is clean at the begining and with bristle at the end?

    • I think it is because of the fixing that Albert and Cris did to the lighting, which was broken and with crushed levels of white (with the resulting burned image eating detail away), to a more natural hue matching closer what the Gamecube original looked like. Thus, in the comparisons, the newer images look a tad colder, but if you take a look at the face unwrapped texture, the overal skintone and color are the same in both the original and the new, amazing texture.
      What I’m sooo looking forward to seeing is a video with these amazing improvements in action!!

  46. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    I was in favor of leaving the little mustache hairs, because Leon is a man and that would not take away the beauty of it would only give more realism, it would even be nice if he did not have a beard and when arrives on the island he has, because he would have grown up.

  47. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    I’m really excited to see Leon “final”, with realistic eyes and realistic hair that they’ve improved on in gameplay ?

  48. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    Odeio quando envia 2 vezes ?

  49. Lucas Mendes Garcia says:

    Humm… looks better, but his pores still too wide, like Steven said Leon has to have a perfect face, the wrkinkles, and the pores don’t fit the character, no the Resident Evil 4 version of Leon.

    • albert says:

      Why? He’s 27 years old and I’ve used textures from 20-30 years old men.
      Nobody has never seen a HD texture of his face. The original texture doesn’t have enough resolution to see how many skin imperfections the original picture had. (probably very few because Capcom loves to make all their characters to look like perfect models XD)
      He’s a trained man that doesn’t care to crush heads by kicking them. Do people really think a government agent like him would care/have the time to go to the stilyst and receive a facial cleaning to remove all his baby face skin imperfections? And how many hours did he need to prepare himself and arrive to Spain? Did he touched-up his face inside the car?
      And I’m being serious with this questions haha

      But if you take a look at the RE6 face textures (which are 25% in size compared to our new RE4 Leon texture) you can glimpse some of these imperfections and some pores and even some red spot here and there
      I don’t think the pores are that noticeable in motion. It will only provide some realistic detail.

      Next time I’ll upload a video and many more pictures 😉

      • Lucas Mendes Garcia says:

        “Capcom loves to make all their characters to look like perfect models” that’s the point, yes, ins’t a realistic concept but its how he suposs to look.
        And yeah RE6 version of Leon had this characteristics but as i said “no the Resident Evil 4 version of Leon” the design and the art style of this 2 games are diferent, RE6 Leon is an old, realistic and Americanized version of him, and RE4 is a young and more “anime” version of him, not tryng to be disrespectful, is just personal point of view.

      • C. says:

        What you have done is great. If we were to follow exactly what Capcom did then the whole game would look like shit. Do not change your detailed work. This is what the majority here want. Leon is a real person. This is not anime, and he should not be smooth and ridiculous looking. Do not mind that poster. Keep doing what you are doing.

  50. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    I wonder if you gave your eyes off, or will you upgrade? This is fine, but it looks like the face is very real in relation to the eyes.

  51. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    If you have finished the eyes*

  52. me encanta que le hayas podido meter mas poligonos a la cara ingame, desde luego ahora la antigua se ve horrible jajaja un genial trabajo como siempre 😀 tambien me gusta mucho que le hayas añadido mas defectos como los poros etc, hacen que se vea mas sucio y case mejor con la atmosfera y la ardua aventura de leon por españa :3

  53. Sean says:

    I always saw the resident evil games as being cheeky low budget b movies, the original RE1 dialogue was pretty bad and even though RE4 dialogue is much better, it still has the tongue-in-cheek one-liners. Adas dress is clearly unrealistic for the circumstances, even if it is suiter for her weapons or something she still shouldnt be wearing bright red lol… and as for Leon well, his hair is unrealistically too long, police or “secret agents” who are in search of the presidents daughter at some mysterious cult should have short hair

    All Im trying to say is that sometimes things dont need to be realistic to look good. IMO a little stubble is fine, but I wouldnt be too attached to having pores, it just makes him look dirty and I think a clean look is more “true to the original” which is your intent, right? Obviously it would be awesome if Leon could grow some stubble as the game progresses but, that would probably require some extra software like a trainer.

    Either way, your work is great and still way better than what we had! 🙂

  54. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    You will do something that will give knees and elbows to Ada, Ashley and Leon(and his muscles details) because they look like a loaf of bread, there is not any crinkle or detail on them in any platforms on which the game has already been released.

  55. Luciano de Oliveira says:


  56. Marius Johnsen says:

    The upgrade looks incredible. Makes me realize just how low resolution the original textures for the characters are. Combined with the fixed overexposure on Leon’s face in one of the scenes, it makes a night and day difference. Very much looking forward to seeing the villagers in HD, especially the first one you encounter as he’s so iconic.

  57. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    Please, i see this video that Albert puth on his channel, Leon using the Jacket in places that you allready lose her, will be possible play with her in this places ? https://youtu.be/rbRxSTWym5o

  58. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    Thank you, i can’t imagine how gonna be the Leon’s shirt, i so anxious to ser it, i have a very good sugestion that must be easy to make and you will like i guess, but, don’t worry, it’s nota the same images that i send 1 billion times before ??

    You can do something like this, it gives an elastic effect on Leon’s shirt, mark the muscles and still remains original but realistic https://pre00.deviantart.net/fb33/th/pre/f/2017/074/1/6/leon___re4_by_franalcantara-db2fjtu.png

    Please look this other: https://pre00.deviantart.net/070d/th/pre/f/2017/135/c/3/hero__by_franalcantara-db9ai81.png
    you can by some texture that enhances the elastic appearence of the shirt and by these slight scales in the mesh.

    You may not noticed the diference, may you have to give zoom, you explained that the wrinkles are impossible to make, but this elastic texture is very cool, like captain america use in movies, this little scales are very cool and look like the original, it must be something tactical. It’s a detail to se closer, hope this be usefull, for inspiration, thanks!

    And the good new, thia shirt do not have wrinkles, so tha may be easy to do this or do something like this, thank you guys, i wanna see the final version soon, will be great ?

  59. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    Please, give a look when you can ???

  60. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    I also find that part of the fabric around the neck of Leon very thick, it looks like a tire, in all versions, it had to be thinner, just, glued to his neck at the same height of the skin as if it were cast on it, it would be cool do that for more realism.

    • albert says:

      It is necessary to be this way, otherwise there would be clipping issues with the neck and you’d see his skin apearing over the shirt neck during cutscenes

      • Luciano de Oliveira says:

        You say that the skin can transpose the tissue? I understand. Just as when a female character walking her hair crosses the shoulder as if it did not exist and this conflict appears and disappears. ?

        • Luciano de Oliveira says:

          Anyway, this elastic texture can be serve of insipiration, I did not know to specify better on the shirt, I believe it is thermal, that would be nice to see, when to take a camera from close to appear those small details of her. Thanks for the attention with those who appreciate your work, I hope you work with other remasters or even in the future bring improvements to this mod, Capcom should be ashamed, you guys are awesome!

  61. Jenkins says:

    Hi. Absolutely stunning work. I hope all of RE4 characters, enemies, bosses will get you HD treatment.

    Thanks to your work.

  62. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    I was playing when I realized something that I had never noticed:

    when his with the jacket he does not have the two (on each side) door-loader of pistol on the sides of the waist, and his chest holster does not appear the horizontal part of the leather the holster on the shirt when it is in a jacket

    And Leon does not have that bag (which should be our invisible case haha ‘) in the coccyx behind the waist, and he takes off his jacket and out of nowhere these things come up (leave his ass haha’)

    Could you make these things appear from before Leon lost his jacket? It would be more real, because this should appear from the beginning, but as always, just one more suggestion, is it possible to do this?

    See to understand!??
    Door-loader(its this little squares on the two sides of waist)and bag/case (all do not appear with jacket) https://assets.geekinsider.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/resident_evil_4_church-300×169@2x.jpg

    Horizontal part of the holster on the front that does not appear

    Sample of the holster does not appear on the shirt when it is in a jacket, not even in cutscenes https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRSJHo5ZmTf_Fvf393Ik_cvMJrt0uQZb_4I8I0H_8oyspCsVC6A4t0iT98w

  63. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    I even did an assembly (very bad xD) adding what does not appear, for better understanding, are small details, but for those who are observant … haha ​​

    I think that is not difficult to do, the back pouch do not lean on the jacket and neither the carrier, then it should not bugar I think, apparently only on one side appears a carrier when it is in the jacket, hope this help

    ? the image ?

    This things do not touching the jacket, so i think this wiil not bug, You guys think is possible do this?

    You can even see in one of the versions previous to “3.5” that this bag behind the waist already appeared with the jacket, I do not know why the final version only appears that bag and the carriers on the waist only after losing the jacket

    Here is an example ?

    • albert says:

      Hello Luciano.
      Yes, I’m aware of these things and I’ll do what I can. Keep in mind the jacket is moving constantly and some of those items would clip terribly with it. They need to be adjusted in size and position in order to avoid the clipping issues.

      Thanks for the pictures references, but please, try to post everything in just one message. As you can see I’ve put together all your short messages to make thinks more simple and clear (Maybe you did it this way because you are used to chats?). And it’s more complicated for us to manage a lot of short messages than simply read one long text.

      Thank you again for the suggestions, encouragement and enthusiam. We really appreciate it! I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the next update 😉

      • Luciano de Oliveira says:

        Oh, so you board them? Thank you! I figured I’d need adjustments so that the physique of the jacket did not conflict with those things. I apologize for the separate messages, but when I comment something very big, just do not put it, an error, as I said should be my phone or internet, I’ll try to send only one attachment from now. As for what I had sent of the shirt with elastic effect and more real, I found and I made an example that I believe that in your hand can be very well used and more beautiful,I will leave here if you find useful to inspire: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/7b/f5/f6/7bf5f63f17132de91eb0feffd1b94969.jpg will be good use this, do not have wrinkles and give an elastic effect that i think have in this style of shirt. Thank you very much for your attention, I look forward to seeing the final result, I admire your work and with what seriousness you take our suggestions and opinions! ?

  64. junky says:

    wow amazing work. I hope you will also update enemies and bosses and other characters.
    Thank you for your hard work.

  65. Awesome!!!!! Do you will increase the polycount of the characters models?

    • albert says:

      Only when it’s really needed. The game engine have some limitations with character polygon count, specially during the cutscenes. But I guess the texture improvement will be enough in most cases. You’ll see in the next post the 3D edits I’ve done so far, So’ you’ll have a better idea about what we can do about this 😉

      • gamer says:

        yeah extra 3d detail is only needed here and there like the gun belt for the machine gun character on the island

  66. Bobby says:

    In the first image, I was wondering why the polygons on Leon’s right earlobe and upper jaw line seem to have shaper angles than the before image?

    • albert says:

      This is the only angle the Hi-poly cutscene head model looks worse than the original ingame model XD, but I already refined that 🙂

  67. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    One more thing that Leon draws from the intimate parts when he loses his jacket ?? The lantern at the waist with the jacket does not appear, losing the jacket, the lantern appears, I do not know if it is possible to add it too, you can check here ?
    https://i.pinimg.com/originals/22/c3/58/22c35852b6d23cec7f22b740eb9760d7.jpg i aways noticed this, and the others things that i say, but don’t have any place or people to show, but now i have haha’

      • Luciano de Oliveira says:

        My God, thank you, thank you, thank you a thousand times, it’s very good, too much, I feel fulfilled, thank you too much, you have no idea if I’m happy to see this, thank you very much, ours is too, very good, very good work, I am really a fan of yours, for your efforts and dedication, if they were owners of a game company they would surely have success because they listen to what we say and take into consideration, thank you! Sorry for the two comment, but one its for you, the other not ?

    • I can come up with two very good reasons to leave it the way it is:
      -A) Leon was wearing the jacket in broad daylight, he didn’t need the flashlight then, so he attached it to the belt later on, seeing that the mission would last longer and the night would be coming soon.
      -B) The flashlight model probably clips through the jacket.

      However, if you are worried about flashlights, I hace a better question for you. Where did Ashley get hers from? The moment she goes theorugh the door and you start controlling her, she has a flashlight in her hands. I can only wonder where she was hiding it, but all the possibilities I can come up with are way too naughty to share them here.

      • Luciano de Oliveira says:

        Exactly why I sent this, the Ashley is no longer known where it came from, and why hers does not know then the Leon should also leave it at that ?? ‘-‘ just because it’s weird with the two should it be anyway ?? ?, if it is with this logic, not even the remaster they would not be doing, nor would have put the texts in the files that you can collect, they would have left those blurs just for that, too.
        And I understand that the flashlight can enter conflict with the jacket, exactly why I also said that I do not know it is possible to add this just demonstrated.

        • I swear to god that I read what you wrote three times and I still couldn’t make any sense of it. Did you use an automatic translator or something like that?

          • Luciano de Oliveira says:

            In fact I write with what I know and then I play in the translator to see if it’s right, but sometimes it does not show the same kind of word, it ends up replacing one word with another with similar meaning. Looks like I better send it myself, if everything’s going wrong. ?

          • gamer says:

            if they are speaking Spanish then Spanish usually translates ok into English using Google translate so it`s odd that it seems more confusing. And for the flashlight, yeah maybe Leon shouldnt have the flashlight to begin with, the other stuff is ok though

          • Luciano de Oliveira says:

            It’s so hard to imagine, onde guy with one lantern in the waist where you can see, and he on the lantern only when the night comes? It’s already ridiculous he be sent to save the president daughter with only one pistol, then i think its more realistic if he have the equipments more visible possible. One lantern to Ashley would stay ridiculous to do, because Leon have some tactical equipments, so a lantern its obvious and Ashley use a skirt ‘-‘, so what can be better and less strange, must be done, that is. The equipment for Leon is correct for the obvious, he does not wear a skirt, and it would be ridiculous to hang a flashlight on a skirt, so only for Leon should appear. And not only because some things do not make sense that you have to leave everything as it is, at least what is possible should be done. As for example show the equipment of Leon that did not appear before, which is what was already done by Albert, and thank you again, incredible work!

  68. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    And as we can see, Albert did the excellent job ever, adjusted everything in a way that did not bug, thanks again. I also have ideas where Ashley took the flashlight, take into account that he is a woman, she has “resources” to hide the flashlight, if you understand me ?? ja Leon is a born heartthrob, I think it is unlikely that flashlights in her private parts ? and once again, sorry for sending me cut messages, this is the last time, I did not think of everything I was going to say at once, because I did not know if Answered albert about the marvel that sent or answered the joke of Lazaro on the curiosities from where Ashley hid its lantern to the parts ?

    • Sean says:

      most games are like this though, Zelda has you carry 100 items in a small pouch, most shooters let players carry dozens of weapons, even the attache case in RE4 is not visible

      more questions arise though like, why did the developers never place any lanterns in other parts of the game? and why cant Ashley carry things for you like to expand your inventory?

      you realize if you look up at Ashley from a ledge she calls you a pervert? yet they just had to get her crawling around on her knees xD

  69. gamer gamer says:

    they added things for gameplay reasons and not realism or they where so focused on the gameplay that they never thought of the realism to begin with

  70. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    I apologize for sometimes, i write things that you can not understand but like i already say in one comment, it’s my translator, and my corrector, he corrected (or thinks that he corrected) one word but ends up putting some other one and I send, and we can not edit comments here so it gets this wrong way. i’m Brazilian and my English is limited, because sometimes i don’t know how write one word, then i see on the translator, and some times the word go in another sense. I do not have a course of English, I’m just know a little of English, so I use the translator when I’m too lazy to write myself big comments and it ends up going in another direction, the translator it’s not wrong, he just don’t understand the sense of the things that i try to say sometimes. It’s funny, because the times I’ve written alone none of this happened, I just need to see some word or another that I do not know sometimes. After all we do not know all the words of our own language, much less of another country ? Even with these small obstacles i could not fail to appreciate his work and accompany your incredible work development.

    • Nah, don’t worry. The fact that you are trying to write your comments in English is commendable enough and shows your respect towards the community.
      Also, LOL, you made me picture Leon in a miniskirt. Now I need some mental bleach to erase that image from my memory…

      • Luciano de Oliveira says:

        Thank you! I see you participate a lot too. And that you like of jokes ? and give good examples and opinions. The example of the skirt was the best I could come up with in mind haha ​​’it would be cool to have a way to show Ashley’s lantern, but like I said, she wears a skirt, and suppose she was in a square, or leaving college or any thing she das doing, she would not be carrying that large flashlight. Then by the skirt and having been kidnapped, and having been caught by surprise, it is better to leave only Leon’s lantern appear, because he is not in a skirt and he is equipped. I will miss this place when it is over ? discuss the best game ever released (in my opinion), even playing assassins creed origins and others, RE4 will always be in the first place. And I do not understand why people are hating his pores, a handsome man can not have pores? His nose is a human, to have realism these things need to appear, and is a detail that is being used in the games of the new generation, then this remaster is at this time, be happy, as well as handsome now Leon is realistic, and take into consideration the remaster of RE4 for ps4, the shame that was, Leon had no pores, hair looked like a lot of noodles, so be happy, we do not argue because of pores, Leon remains beautiful, his features are the same , what Albert and Chris are doing is every day better, keep it that way, and do not remove the pores, maybe decrease, but do not remove ? Maybe one day, since they are doing a remake of RE2 and a RE3 for what CAPCOM said is quite possible (not to say that will be done), then after the obviously before the 3 comes the 4, if RE4 not win a remake will be the only one of a “non-HD” generation not to win a remake, since RE5 is already HD generation, for now what Albert and Chris are doing is the best we’ve ever had RE4, and CAPCOM will have to work hard for us give something better than that, only with a real remake.

  71. Irvin Smith says:

    Oh, each day I looking on new Leon – more and more he looks bad. He must be handsome, but he looks like living dead. If you make another light in the game, you must adapt skin textures to this light. Same problem with Ada, but with Leon it much worse.

    • I beg to differ: They didn’t create any new lights, they simply restored the way lighting was in the original game, which got altered in the porting process when creating the HD versions, causing levels of white to crush and eating detail away. The game was more greenish/blueish in it’s original form, it was supposed to reflect the diseased environments that leon goes through, but the ports got this wrong adding a red hue to everything.
      In the original GameCube game, both Leon and Ada sported small pores and imperfections (We all remember and were amazed with the detail on his face during the cutscene when Leon looks out the window after downing the first ganado). It was a combination of low texture resolution combined with low rendering resolution that blurred that detail away.
      Also, while this detail might be more noticeable when scrutinized in a still image, it is not as noticeable in movement (the game even has a grain filter effect that masks everything a little bit.
      Albert has done a magnificent job and I’m sure it will look even better in motion.

    • albert says:

      I understand your concerns but we are not changing lighting, we are restoring the original Gamecube/Wii brightness and colours. The textures have been always the same colour, brightenss and tone in all the versions. What you see in the “original” picture are wrong colours and brightness, consequence of a bad porting process. Anyway, as I mentioned somewhere else, we included a new colour filer “4” that emulates the wrong colours because we know some people like that warm tone, even they are not the original colours and it generates some overexposition issues.

      • Irvin Smith says:

        Looks good. I believe that develepers didn’t want that Leon looks like corpse.
        I googled some pictures of Leon from GameCuve version. Result:

        • albert says:

          Hummm The only think I’m seeing is the new texture is close to the artwork detail and Leon doesn’t look sick or dead at all… I’m sorry but I have to disagree
          It seems we have completely opposite tastes or points of view and there’s nothing I can do about that :/

          • Luciano de Oliveira says:

            The only thing I found different from the picture that was sent up was the hair, which looks a bit more real than the ones Albert did, but let’s take it into account that this is a wallpaper and not the game itself. It seems to have some pores in the cheek in that image, but the nose does not have. Who has pores in the cheeks and not on the nose? About he be looking a little “dead” , should be because this is closer to the original filters that are not those half reddish / yellowish of ps2 and pc that ended up giving a certain color alive in the pale skin of the Leon, but were very saturated. Who knows Albert could give a almost nothing of orange color in Leon to give life to his skin. Although in my humble opinion is already great this way.

  72. Guitarplayer says:

    Simply perfect.

    That level of details remind me of Resident Evil 5 characters.

  73. Guitarplayer says:

    “what if he had a clean shave at the start at the game but after the scar in which the texture needs to be replaced, he got those little mustache bits growing back? That could be an overkill detail but kinda cool.”

    I like this idea too, but no problem for me if it’s in the whole game.

    Moreover that could make leon character looks a bit older than in the coming RE2 with those nice wrinkles on the forehead.

    But in general it simply gives some details that a gamecube coudn’t deliver.

    Keep up the good work.

  74. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    I ask you to observe:
    A – https://i.pinimg.com/originals/9b/a9/e9/9ba9e9a614b937d789cbf9b5c4a23e07.jpg Leon’s hair in this first image, seems a little more realistic, some texture like this reference would be beautiful, and he has details marking the definition of the muscles in his arms

    B – https://i.pinimg.com/originals/9b/a9/e9/9ba9e9a614b937d789cbf9b5c4a23e07.jpg Look at the dress, this effect where you can see that it is a fabric, a texture like that would be cool, Ada’s hair like that or something similar would also be more real . Even her breasts may be more real because they do not have that curve around the breasts, and could be a little bigger

    C – https://i.pinimg.com/originals/43/c2/f6/43c2f6402afb158b9c6d45950c1395cd.jpg look at Ada’s coast, the details and their curves, it would be cool to have this, since she and Leon are almost flat, their skin looks like the texture of a candle in all versions, they do not have those wrinkles / details at the elbow, neither in the knee nor in the fingers or the veins that appear lightly in our hands, Ada does not have that detail of the curve of the breasts that of that round thing of the breasts, Leon has little detail of the pectoral and abdominal muscles, nor in the arms, not has nails, Ada has no ankles. It would be cool to give all this to them, for they never had. Just more references and suggestions, before the work is finished, I still have some questions about Leon’s shirt so I’ll leave this here as a reference Thermal shirts like his seems to be, usually have these elastic textures and a little shine or with reflections, here are the examples of shirts that i found… ? https://i.pinimg.com/originals/dd/fa/1d/ddfa1d6dfa6a77f1f735f99303892fec.jpg

    This two are the same but, in diferent angles ?



    And that was the one at i like more, looks like pretty tactical


    I found some gloves that will be good, the Leon’s glove have details in leather, but can be unity with this models https://w1.ezcdn.com.br/ventureshop/fotos/grande/14617fg3/luva-nautika-tatica-preta-meio-dedo-gg.jpg


    Obviously that it are all references, and you will have to change all this shirts and gloves to the original colors of the game.

    Please give a look guys, it was a lot of time to write “half right” all of this. ??

  75. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    What the hell, why my comments not have been sendo, what happen O.o

    • albert says:

      When a comment contains links to certain images or sites, the message needs or approval before it is make public. All 10 messages where here waiting the moderation.

      • Luciano de Oliveira says:

        Thanks for erasing Albert, I did not understand why it was not showing up, it must have been very strange, sorry, thank you.
        These shirts that I send, are not meant for you to do the same, let me explain, this would be a much smaller detail than it seems, something like the pores of Leon, who only in the zoom scenes was remarkable, in a way where not if it deviated from the original, and obvious, it would have to be made with the original color, a subtle detail, not exaggerated, would have to be very small, in a way that appears clearly only in the scenes or camera very closely.
        Some original things like we know are very unreal, you put pores in Leon and that was amazing because it seemed lifeless, and the same I feel with this shirt, it looks like a plastic, it never looked like a fabric, and it should have some detail subtle like this, because it can not have wrinkles as you explained and I understand that would be horrible, so some detail almost imperceptible like the one I’m proposing would be great, it does not have to be 100% original, like that painting on the island that you did and it looked beautiful, even not is original. And on them never having had elbow, knee and all, I believe you also agree with me. I’m not trying to boring you. And I apologize if you is, sorr. The shirt is something I always noticed in the remaster of all the platforms where it was released, and everything gets more real, except the shirt, you do not even need to use these shirt references, I’m happy with so much that you do something that differs from the other RE4 remasters in the sense of giving something that makes these shirts more realistic, or that comes close to that realistic elastic effect we can see on the game wallpapers thanks.

  76. Johaan says:

    Luciano it’s cool that you’re hyped about this, but that picture you keep posting deviates way too much from the original. What you’re suggesting is more of an artistic choice rather than an improvement over the original.

    • Luciano de Oliveira says:

      I’m not insisting, sorry. But it was not sending and I was not understanding I keep trying, is not it original? I know, but maybe you do not understand, it’s not supposed to be the same as the photos, I show it in order to be made as a detail similar to the pores Albert showed, something that only appears in close-up scenes, or when eventually the camera to cross close, can not be the same as the photos I sent, I agree that it would deviate much from the original, so it should be sugil these details, I just send a reference of what I was trying to say.

  77. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    And the gloves, it’s only to see the like is one in real, not for change tje Leon’s glove for this.

  78. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    Like, a example to see thr fabric.

  79. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    I ask you guys to watched this video in a good resolution, to understand what I’m talking about, these little striped details of an elastic fabric do not appear from far away and the shirt is still practically the same, it’s something like this that I’m talking about. “Oh but Luciano why do not you install the mod of this video then?” Because it is of low quality, with Albert’s hand these details of sgirt of the video or something like the ones I sent from the shirts would look perfectly the original, but up close would have realistic details that they had not before, just as he did with the pores. The video is here. ?


    • abi says:

      Luciano stop spamming already, nobody cares about your elastic shirt fantasy, you can retexture it yourself when he releases the mod.

      • Luciano de Oliveira says:

        I don’t care about tour opinion too ? ,If it was not for suggestions, I would not comment.
        If you dont like. Is easy, Don’t read.

    • i'm9yearsold says:

      cara, serio, cala a sua boca, pelo amor de deus. você é insuportável!

  80. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    And the shirt is the only thing I find a damn in all remasters and mods, everything gets real, but this shirt not, you have to admit that it totally equal to the original is a drug and would not match the realism of the rest that they did, in all versions this shirt sucks, so I give my suggestions. I’m not saying to do any of the ones I sent, I just gave a reference to do some detail so, or whatever they do that give something real to her, or a different texture to look less like the strange texture that she has when original, most likely Albert and Chris will make a beautiful and shut my mouth when they show her , but in the meantime I give these suggestions for fear of not liking and why I have not yet seen theirs. Respect my opinion, because when they complained about the pores of Leon that were a very cool thing, I was not going to confront anyone.

  81. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    It’s very likely that Abert and Chris will shut my mouth when they show their shirt version.
    Crap of a broker and translator :p
    Sorry for that.

    • OK, I’m gonna settle this once and for all: That is not a shirt, or a thermal t-shirt, that is tactical MKII under armour and it’s based off a real pice of military clothing that exists in the real world, and it does look the way it does in the game: uniform and expandex-like. It does look like this:
      See? No fabric texture, no nothing: it looks smooth and uniform, like a T-shirt does.
      Here’s a slightly different model from the Clawgear manufacturer, with some tactical velcros, but still very similar:
      The shirts DO look the way they look in the game, and thus, the game is an ACCURATE representation of those shirt in real life. Thus, The way they are being remastered is the correct one, PERIOD.
      And, yes, asking the same question over and over and over and over IS spamming.
      The shirt looks like that in real life, the debate is over. Move along.

      • albert says:

        Thanks! Yep, that’s the exact same shirt Leon’s wearing. a ultra detailed pattern at close range would make no sense because the real shirt doesn’t have any pattern unless you see it in a microscope 😛
        The lack of detail is not a bad idea if the real thing doesn’t have detail either.

        And just like the fabric wrinkles, any kind of fabric detail would look bad because of how the polygons are distorted while the player moves. It’s clearly visible in that video

        • re4 says:

          Albert please release it for ps4 too

        • Yo diría que el asunto está zanjado, ¿no? Porque si no, nos dan las burras de la leche y sigue aquí el colega dale Mariano al torno. ¡Qué fijación con la mierda la camiseta…! (o como diríamos en La Mancha: ¡qué cansino!)

          • albert says:

            XDD Ya te digo, y porque no has visto cuando ha posteado 10 veces el mismo mensaje y todos pendientes de moderación. Pues se va a llevar un chasco cuando vea el resultado. La camiseta está mucho mejor pero no tienen en cuenta nada de lo que sugiere, porque no le veo motivos para ello. Alguna arruguita básica y sutil he añadido y una suave textura de camiseta táctica y conserva los valores de iluminación y color del original. Que como habrás notado, las texturas HD de la camiseta son más oscuras. Voy a tardar un poco más porque ya estoy metido con los enemigos y quiero terminar las texturas de los aldeanos antes de postear algo nuevo. Así se verá un avance más “sustancioso”.
            Y también he rehecho la foto de Ashley que lleva Leon 😛

            Sí si, aquí en Cataluña también la usamos la palabrita esta (cansino), yo al menos la uso mucho, creo que gracias Cruz y Raya XDD

    • I sent another message, but since it contains links to images it’s still pending moderation. You will be able to see the images once the message is approved. STILL, the shirt Leon is wearing is NOT a thermal t-shirt: it is tactical military clothing used as under armour. Specifically, this kind of piece of clothing is usually refered to as mkII short sleeve tactical shirt, and it does look like a mixture of cotton and expandex, thus, it has no fabric texture. It does look the way it does in the game, which is a VERY accurate representation of the real thing.
      You’ll see once my other comment with the image links is approved, these shirts look the way they do in the game.

  82. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    Thanks Lazaro and Albert for the answers, but I think you did not understand the point you i wanted to get, I did not want to replace Leon’s shirt, I wanted something that made it more real, in all the remasters it looks like it still has the texture of ps2 . On the cover of the game Leon’s shirt has wrinkles, so Albert explained to me that wrinkles would be horrible, I thought, and I agreed. They would look like a drawing on his shirt. So I suggested you put on an elastic effect, because a very elastic elastic shirt does not have wrinkles right? That was why. The details would only be to give more life, because I had not seen the shirt that Lazaro sent, I already served the army and I know what you is talking about, but I have to disagree in the sense of not seeming that it stretches. This shirt you sent me I loved, but it looks like a fabric, do you understand? If they make Leon’s shirt like that, I’ll love it! But it seems kind of “elastic”, let’s say, even if it is not, at least it causes me this effect, i hope Albert make the Leon’s shirt have a texture of this shirt you send Lazaro Thanks for the attention, at no time I wanted to boring you, only my biggest concern is this, I always watch and still have that dead effect of ps2. If albert does something like this that Lazaro sent, it will be great, thank you.

  83. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    And I’ll say it again, I’ve already explained it. Maybe I’ve talked more than 20 times about the shirt, because I send my comments and I could not see them until Albert explains that he needs approval, I thought it was my internet or something, because on facebook this happens to me too. I apologize again, but if you had said what I said now I would not even have insisted, because I liked that image you sent, if that’s good.

  84. Dilapidated says:

    I’m not sure if you’ve answered this already but when the time comes to begin remodeling enemies (especially village/infected humans) is it possible to add a larger variation of these than the current game does? For example it appears there’s only 3-5 different looking Ganados that repeats constantly, can you make it so there’s 6-10 different models instead to increase variation?

    Perhaps even small differences will do; like facial hair, age, scars, etc to create a more immersive experience without much deviation from the original.

    Hopefully something like this is possible. Thanks again for all your guys hard work.

  85. jack says:

    Can Re4 graphics be like re2 remake?

    • albert says:

      Nope. This game runs in a quite old engine.

    • Johaan says:

      would take a dedicated team, a new engine, and millions of bucks for that to happen.

      Gonna have to wait for capcom for Re4Remake – im sure they’ll get around to it in a decade or so.

      • kaludio says:

        i hope they do 3 nemesis next you know, since re2 and re3 shared location and assets xD

      • Alvin says:

        Capcom had every chance to create a remake and they blew it release after release. After all the hard work Cris and Albert put up with this one, I don’t think they’ll bother. And if they do, they’d sure as hell have to use their work and credit them properly.

        • albert says:

          This is my dream: A real remaster using a nextgen engine with our textures and new lighting and effects and everything hi-poly :DD

          • Alvin says:

            Next gen engine with extra bloom, saturated cheerful colors with a 2018 piss filter xD
            After all these so called ‘remakes’, I think they simply never get it as right as you guys got it. I mean yeah, tone mapping and linear color space are great, but don’t mess it up. Stay subtle and remain truthful to the original feel. Don’t port a game and start using cutout shading on faded beards.. oh my god.

            The companies all seem to wanna make a quick buck and don’t care about the actual game art. What you guys managed to do so far is simply spot on in every way possible. Complementing the original source material. I must say, in all the years that I’ve been following the media that is games, I’ve never seen something quite like this.

    • John says:

      It would have to be like the team that is remaking Morrowind in Skyrim.

  86. The community has done an amazing job updating the textures for this classic.

  87. Aaron says:

    Looks good enough for me. Good HD.