Here comes the first PATCH! (1.0.1)

I won’t call it 1.1 yet, because I still have more than 50% of visual inaccuracies pending to be fixed. But we’d like people with major issues can test and try if this patch fix their problems, or at least a few of them.

So, If you are experiencing some of the issues mentioned below, it would be great if you can test and confirm the patch solves your game’s problems! THANKS!



  • No need to say you need to install the HD project 1.0 first. This is just a patch for the people that already have the HD project 1.0 installed. If you are looking for the entire mod, it’s HERE.
  • Don’t worry, when the final 1.1 patch is released, there will be both options:
    • Patch format: available for those who already have the HD project 1.0 installed and don’t want to download everything again.
    • Updated HD project Direct Download links including all 1.1 final content.
  • This patch I’m releasing today is a partial “emergency” patch for people that have the issues in the list below.
  • If you don’t have any of the issues mentioned below, It’s better for you to wait for the final 1.1 patch to be released 😉
  • This patch includes an unreleased build of re4_tweaks (dinput8.dll and .ini files) by nipkow and the help of emoose. Big Thanks to both!!! (


Restore the original bio4.exe first!

Since some problems of the first version are potentially a consequence of the way the EXE file was patched, you need to recover the original EXE. It should be located inside the “Bin32” folder of the game, and you’ll see it renamed to “bio4.exe.bak”. Delete the existent “bio4.exe” and rename “bio4.exe.bak” to “bio4.exe”. OK! You are ready to install the patch.


  • Unzip the file. PASSWORD: re4hdproject OUTDATED
  • Copy or cut the 2 extracted folders, “BIO4” and “Bin32” and paste them inside the “Resident Evil 4” game’s folder OUTDATED
  • Overwrite what’s already there. OUTDATED
  • Again, make sure the bio4.exe file in the Bin32 folder is the original non-patched file. OUTDATED
  • Run the game! OUTDATED

Check your files’ integrity:

  1. Download this SFV file courtesy of emoose: MIRROR 1 | MIRROR 2 OUTDATED
  2. Install the QuickSFV tool here (CURRENT VERSION).
  3. Run QuickSFV and Open BIO4.SFV after downloading and extracting the patch.
  4. BIO4.SFV must be in the same folder the BIO4 folder is, as in the picture below.
  5. If you don’t get the “All files OK” message, that means some file is corrupted and needs to be downloaded again.

What this patch fix:

  • Invisible inventory items.
  • Different EXE file patch method. The previous one didn’t do it exactly like the 4GBpatch tool. It generated some occasional random crashes.
  • Chinese and Japanese corrupted/invisible text prompts that even caused some crashes.
  • Settings in the configuration menu not saving (F1)
  • Major Desync issues during certain cutscenes.
  • Anonymous Letter in chapter 2-1 missing texture when playing in French (crash).
  • Spanish Item description texts restored.
  • Corrupted Ashley Special 1 costume model in the cabin cutscene.
  • Black Ada’s decap-head in The Mercenaries.
  • No shooting effects when Luis fires in the cabin battle.
  • Dozens of subtle visual inaccuracies.
  • Some collision issues.

Known issues:

  • Even more dozens of subtle visual inaccuracies I have in my list 😉
  • Some distorted water effects while playing at ultrawide resolution.
  • The typical 60fps animation issues we all know.

SLOWDOWNS TIP: If the game suffer from fps drops, specially during the cutscenes, deactivate the “EnableGCBlur” option in the DLL menu (Press F1 ingame), or manually edit “dinput8.ini” file inside “Bin32” folder (EnableGCBlur = false).

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222 responses to “Here comes the first PATCH! (1.0.1)”

  1. Lucifronz says:

    Thanks for keepin’ at it. Hopefully it’ll be to 100% soon. I’ve luckily had reason to put off revisiting RE4 just yet, so I can wait for the rest of the fixes.

  2. Putera says:

    Thanks for quick update response! Youre all have so much integrity and always humble. Thank you so much!

  3. shi says:

    Thank you, brother. It’s great! What I want to ask is, does the final patch 1.1 contain the fixes of these “emergency patches”?

    • albert says:

      Yes it will 🙂
      This is a part of that patch just to fix the worst issues and also for testing purposes in order to get the best 1.1 patch as soon as possible.
      If you don’t have any major issue, you can wait until the 1.1 is completed.

      • DjalmaVMJ says:

        Hi, Albert. Of all incurrencies you’ve listed I only have one of them: missing itens in inventory. The one I speak about is the silencer which we find in the secret area. It can’t sell it to Mechant? Do I need to download the updates just yet? I mean, I’ve played the game all well other than I wrote before. Also, thank you!!

        • EPD Gaffney says:

          The silencer has no sell data. The unreleased version of re4_tweaks fixes the silencer being invisible in your inventory (which is a problem for Krauser’s bow and the bow gun bolts as well), but I don’t believe it adds sell data to the silencer.

          • albert says:

            You are right, it doesn’t have sell data. After all, this is just a beta item that finally became a Wesker exclusive item.
            I placed in that secret room just for fan service and because many people asked the silencer to be in the main campaign.

      • Lightning says:

        the other patch resolve distorted water effects while playing at ultrawide resolution?

      • shi says:

        If this emergency patch is installed, when the 1.1 patch is released, how can I ensure the integrity of the patch without repeated installation?

        • albert says:

          It won’t be a problem. It will overwrite the same files already included in this partial patch. The only difference is 1.1 will overwrite even more files, and that’s it 😉

          • shi says:

            That’s great, brother. However, at the beginning of the game, when Lyon looks down to check the car crashed under the bridge, it will still lead to the collapse of the game. I found that this fix is not in the list of emergency patches. Is it included in the fix of version 1.1 final?

      • Rui V. says:

        Hello Guys. Thank you so much for all you do and have done. I’m playing the game and the ONLY “problem” that i notice after apllying the patch is the “quick time” button description (A+D and S+D), now only appears “0” (zero number). The mouse description and all the other inaccuracies seems to be gone. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL. I’ll be donating FOR SURE. You all diserve it. Best of luck and greetings, your brothers from Portugal.

  4. Shigetora says:

    Thank You! Fixed the invisible items in the inventory.

  5. phil says:

    crash with the letter in French fixed.
    as far as I’m concerned at the moment, the most visible visual bug is the problem of water with ultrawide screens.

    Thank you again for your exceptional work for which I have no problem leaving donations.

  6. Nik says:

    So far:
    – invisible crossbow bolts are fixed, can’t check the suppressor yet
    – desync issues during 1-2 starting cutscene and on Krauser QTE fight reset are fixed; however, 1-2 cutscene still drops to 30 FPS when Saddler appears even with GCBlur disabled, but I assume it can’t be fixed yet just like other 30 FPS issues?
    – Leon’s eye texture with vest on are still broken during gameplay, but they look fine during cutscenes

    I’ll try to get to the cabin standoff with Luis later today to report on that as well

    Also, noticed that some of the mirrored textures I reported are now fixed so I guess I’ll keep an eye out for more!

    • Narancsugynok says:

      I can fortify the statement, the eye’s is whiteness is still missing with the tactical vest.

      • albert says:

        Ouch! You are right… I forgot to include the file haha. No worries, it will be on the final 1.1 patch.
        I already deleted the line in the “what this patch fix” part…

    • albert says:

      Yes, I have a huuuge list of visual inaccuracies haha
      Since I’ve already fixed some of them, I decided to include them, too 🙂
      So, a lot of them are still pending, but I’m storing absolutely ALL the pictures and feddback people are sending me,
      So, while nipkow and emoose are working in the coding part, I’m fixing all texture-model-light issues 🙂

    • Nik says:

      Ashley’s costume in cutscene and Luis’s gun flash during cabin standoff at the end of 2-2 are both fixed

  7. Schuma6 says:

    So even worse with the 1.0.1patch that the game can’t start after pressing the PLAY button in STEAM eg.
    There is a quick warning window with black background showed up and disappears immediately, no chance to see what exactly is in this warning window, seems there something like the 4G blablabla…
    Now help! I can play the game currently and I don’t want to download the original 1.0 package again……


    • Schuma6 says:

      I mean I CAN’T play the game currently and I don’t want to download the original 1.0 package again…… sorry

    • albert says:

      Try the 4GBpatch tool
      And patch the bio4.exe using this tool. Then the game should run without problems and no messages

      • Schuma6 says:

        Thanks a lot!
        But maybe I am lucky. Just before you told me about the 4GBpatch tool I have already run the game successfully.
        I just did the patch again and try running the game, 4G warning window showed up again but this time the warning window could remain there until I clicked on YES to agree with some patch….Finally it worked….

        • albert says:

          Oh! Great!. Then everything should be fine. Now the automate 4GB patch the dll does is identical to the one done by the “4GBpatch” tool.

  8. KS says:


  9. zma1013 says:

    In the very first enemy encounter on the island where the mirror laser puzzle is, there is an invisible concrete pillar on the left side. It blocks shots and prevents you from running through it.

  10. Mute says:

    Is anyone else getting insane slowdowns in the novistador cave(Chapter 4-2)?

    • albert says:

      A few people have reported it, yes. But it seems it’s not a global issue. Not sure what could cause this…
      Have you already installed this patch?
      I still have to revise a couple of things in that room, so I’ll take the opportunity to check if I can optimize something in that area.

      • Eonian says:

        I had this problem in heavier part of the game 2 years ago, before i upgraded my CPU. I would say that it’s probably a problem with a slower CPU, but idk which one you have in your PC, so idk.

        • Mute says:

          It might actually be that, Ryzen 5 1600 has always had problems with games, especially open world games, and the novistador cave is a large area, so who knows…

  11. Dark Link says:

    Thank you so much!!

  12. Eonian says:

    Thank you for the first update! I’ll be testing it later today.

  13. Eonian says:

    Hi there again! I was testing the new patch that said that the invisble items on the mercenaries inventory we’re now fixed, and working good! But that’s not what it seems to me. Krauser still has the invisible bow and arrows in his inventory and Wesker’s supressor is still invisible aswell.

    • albert says:

      Oh really? Could you make sure the dinput8.dll file was properly pasted into the Bin32 folder? Could you check the “modify date” of that file? (Just in case. You can’t replace that file is the game is running)

      • Eonian says:

        Just found that i actually have installed the patch in the folder of the game, the bow and the supressor are actually fixed and now visible on the inventory. Sorry for this, it was actually my bad. Btw nice job u did with that too.

  14. Riasat Salmin Sami says:

    # Chapter 1-2 cutscene desync is gone. But the framerate still does drop to 32 fps when camera pans to Saddler. However since the audio is mostly synced now, it feels a lot better.

    # The Village lake water is still blurry and looks out of place [separate issue from the ultrawide aspect ratio water bug, the blurred water still happens at 16:9].

    Example screenshots:
    With HD project [including patch]:

    Vanilla game:

    Lake water connected to other area [like the 2 merchant outpost] are blurred too it seems.

  15. Coolmuzt says:

    Hi, do I have to re-apply the 4GB patch again?

  16. Alberto says:

    Buenas Albert. Serías tan amable si fuera posible, de pasar por aquí el fix para el problema de la textura fallida de los ojos al usar el Tactical Vest? Supongo que será sustituir un simple archivo y ya está, así no tenemos que esperar hasta la release final del 1.1 .
    Un saludo y muchas gracias por este enorme proyecto que llevo siguiendo desde 2016 😉

  17. Arad says:

    albert bro can i copy this patch to extracted pack 1.0 that i downloaded and then install everthing ?

    • albert says:

      Humm good question. I’m almost sure it shouldn’t be a problem. Do you have the installer? The installer links are down due to an absurd DMCA claim that makes no sense (I have to reupload them and password protected

      • Arad says:

        Yes i have the installer i will try that to see if its works . And one more question: when u released the final patch 1.1 can we upgrade our 1.0 version to it? I mean i have the pack and i wanted to know if it can upgrade to 1.1 so we can install everything. I hope i made my point

  18. Alvin says:

    Hahaha I love that the large smiley is actually an svg (Adove Illustrator) embed. 😀

  19. Frank Nitty says:

    Thanks Albert, good looking out.

  20. Coolmuzt says:

    Hmm, Chapter 3 of Separate Ways keeps crashing, even after restoring the original bio4.exe and reinstalling the 4GB Patch. I read somewhere else that it has to be something about 4GB not being enough for the texture overload, maybe the game could handle it if a 6GB Patch existed, but I’m not sure.

    • albert says:

      Hello! Which room exactly?
      So I can check if that room is specially heavy in textures or if the enemy’s textures in that room are big or something else…

    • v00d00m4n says:

      6gb patch could not exist. Game is 32 bit exe, it has initial limit for 2gb of RAM per process, this patch gives its expansion to 4gb which is maximum regular 32 big process can use due of 32 bit adressation limitation.

      However there is a thing called AWE. Game is not coded to use AWE, but i believe that its possible to implement AWE via process patching with dll injection, but it could be very trick to do, i dont know if creator of RE_tweaks is capable to do so, but i suggest albert to give him idea and make him read this:
      Address Windowing Extensions (AWE) is a set of extensions that allows an application to quickly manipulate physical memory greater than 4GB. Certain data-intensive applications, such as database management systems and scientific and engineering software, need access to very large caches of data. In the case of very large data sets, restricting the cache to fit within an application’s 2GB of user address space is a severe restriction. In these situations, the cache is too small to properly support the application.

      AWE solves this problem by allowing applications to directly address huge amounts of memory while continuing to use 32-bit pointers. AWE allows applications to have data caches larger than 4GB (where sufficient physical memory is present). AWE uses physical nonpaged memory and window views of various portions of this physical memory within a 32-bit virtual address space.

      AWE places a few restrictions on how this memory may be used, primarily because these restrictions allow extremely fast mapping, remapping, and freeing. Fast memory management is important for these potentially enormous address spaces.

      Virtual address ranges allocated for the AWE are not sharable with other processes (and therefore not inheritable). In fact, two different AWE virtual addresses within the same process are not allowed to map the same physical page. These restrictions provide fast remapping and cleanup when memory is freed.
      The physical pages that can be allocated for an AWE region are limited by the number of physical pages present in the machine, since this memory is never paged – it is locked down until the application explicitly frees it or exits. The physical pages allocated for a given process can be mapped into any AWE virtual region within the same process. Applications that use AWE must be careful not to take so much physical memory that they cause other applications to page excessively or prevent creation of new processes or threads due to lack of resources. Use the GlobalMemoryStatusEx function to monitor physical memory use.
      AWE virtual addresses are always read/write and cannot be protected via calls to VirtualProtect (that is, no read-only memory, noaccess memory, guard pages, and the like can be specified).
      AWE address ranges cannot be used to buffer data for graphics or video calls.
      An AWE memory range cannot be split, nor can pieces of it be deleted. Instead, the entire virtual address range must be deleted as a unit when deletion is required. This means you must specify MEM_RELEASE when calling VirtualFree.
      Applications can map multiple regions simultaneously, provided they do not overlap.
      Applications that use AWE are not supported in emulation mode. That is, an x86 application that uses AWE functions must be recompiled to run on another processor, whereas most applications can run without recompiling under an emulator on other platforms.
      This solution addresses the physical memory issues in a very general, widely applicable manner. Some of the benefits of AWE are:

      A small group of new functions is defined to manipulate AWE memory.
      AWE provides a very fast remapping capability. Remapping is done by manipulating virtual memory tables, not by moving data in physical memory.
      AWE provides page size granularity appropriate to the processor (for example, 4 KB on x86), which is more useful to applications than large pages (for example, 2MB or 4MB on x86).
      An application must have the Lock Pages in Memory privilege to use AWE. To obtain this privilege, an administrator must add Lock Pages in Memory to the user’s User Rights Assignments. For more information on how to do this, see “User Rights” in the operating system help.

      The following functions make up the Address Windowing Extensions (AWE) API.

      TABLE 1
      Function Description
      VirtualAlloc and VirtualAllocEx Reserve a portion of virtual address space to use for AWE, using MEM_PHYSICAL.
      AllocateUserPhysicalPages Allocate physical memory for use with AWE.
      MapUserPhysicalPages Map (or invalidate) AWE virtual addresses onto any set of physical pages obtained with AllocateUserPhysicalPages.
      MapUserPhysicalPagesScatter Map (or invalidate) AWE virtual addresses onto any set of physical pages obtained with AllocateUserPhysicalPages, but with finer control than that provided by MapUserPhysicalPages.
      FreeUserPhysicalPages Free physical memory that was used for AWE.

  21. WabbitNugget says:

    ¡Que tal! Vengo a reportar de nuevo como el juego se desempeña luego del parche. Lamentablemente sigo experimentando relentizamiento con desincronización de audio en la escena introductoria del capítulo 1-2 (justo cuando la cámara enfoca a Saddler) tanto con la opción “EnableGCBlur” activada como desactivada, de ahí en la escena en la cual Leon y Ashley se encuentran con Saddler (luego de que Leon la rescatase del almacén del segundo piso de la iglesia) hay un ligero retraso en el audio, pero la escena se mantiene a una tasa de 60 frames constante. Algo que todavia me parece raro es como en escenas mas “pesadas” (tanto en texturas como en efectos visuales) como la de la intro antes de la pelea en la cabaña o en áreas grandes como la cueva de los Novistadores, el juego me va fluido, sin relentizamiento ni desincronización de audio. Solo en esas dos escenas que mencioné previamente tengo esos problemas. Algo mas que agregar es que el juego a veces se cierra solo cuando quieres salir del “Visor de secuencias”, justo cuando le das click en “SALIR” el juego puede o no que se cierre solo (cosa que no me pasaba antes de tener el HD Project instalado). Sigo teorizando de que quizá se necesite mas optimización (si es que es posible) o hacer algo con esas escenas que mencioné (quizá tengan muchos efectos a la vez, no sabría decirlo con exactitud) o que simplemente se deba a mi hardware (GPU: GTX 1050 (3GB), CPU: i5-9300H, RAM: 16GB, OS: Windows 10) que en caso que sea asi pues ya no podría hacer nada 🙁 Pero bueno… No tengo nada mas que reportar (ya que la mayoria son errores visuales los cuales ya han sido reportados y ya se está trabajando en ello). El resto del juego y escenas van de maravilla. Y de nuevo, muchisimas gracias por crear esta fantástica remasterización, aqui estaré a la espera de la versión 1.1 para ver si esto puede ser corregido. ¡Saludos!

    • albert says:

      Imagino que estás hablando de las cinemáticas cuando las ves a través del visor de secuencias, cierto?
      Muchas de estas desincronizaciones no están mientras juegas porque el juego ya tiene cargados los datos del escenario cuando empieza la cinemática. En cambio, en el visor de secuencias tiene que cargarlo todo desde cero.

      Además, por motivos que van más allá de mi comprensión, algunas cinemáticas “esperan” a que todo esté cargado antes de empezar el sonido y nunca hay desincronización. Mientras que otras empiezan el sonido cuando aún falta algo por cargar. De ahí que algunas cinemáticas aparentemente más complejas no presenten problemas… Misterios de la vida…

      Como “truco” si inicias una cinemática en el visor y sales inmediatamente y vuelves a entrar, la desincronización suele solucionarse, porque ya tiene en memoria los datos de la sala.

      En resumen, depende de lo rápida que sea tu máquina en cargar las nuevas texturas HD tendrás más o menos problemas en esas cinemáticas.

      Lo del crasheo al salir del visor de secuencias es algo que me pasaba a mí antes de empezar a usar el dll de nipkow y emoose. En el momento en que empecé a usarlo, ya no me ha vuelto a pasar. Y de momento nadie más nos ha notificado de ese error.

      Por suerte es algo que sólo me pasaba al salir del visor de secuencias, nunca en el juego… Otro misterio… :///

      Esperemos que con tiempo nipkow y emoose logren optimizar tanto como sea posible el juego

      Gracias por el reporte!!

      • WabbitNugget says:

        ¡Hola! Lo del relentizamiento me referia a cuando se está jugando normalmente y solo me ocurre en esas escenas que mencioné (lo del crasheo del visor de secuencias es algo aparte que noté luego de haber instalado el HD Project la primera vez, queria ver las escenas de Separate Ways y cuando terminé de verlas quize regresar al menú principal pero el juego se cerró solo, eso si, no siempre ocurre esto; más bien me habia olvidado mencionarlo cuando hice mi primer reporte en la sección “Problemas Técnicos”, mil disculpas).
        Cuando salió este parche volví a jugar desde el inicio y no tuve ningún problema en medio del gameplay o con las escenas en tiempo real hasta llegar a la escena que previamente ya mencioné (creo Saddler ha maldecido mi juego y lo relentiza cada vez que aparece él en esa escena XD). De ahi fui a probar como se desempeña el juego en otras áreas (para eso tengo varios saves en diferentes partes del juego) y pues toda va perfecto (tanto gameplay como escenas). Estuve leyendo otros comentarios de gente con el mismo problema y al parecer se les ha solucionado parcialmente (siguen notando una caida de frames, no tan mala como antes, cuando se enfoca a Saddler en la escena). Algo que tambien probé fue el “re4_tweaks” pero con el juego en su estado vanilla (sin el HD Project) y pues no tuve ningún problema en ninguna escena, tanto con todos los efectos restaurados de GameCube encendidos como apagados. Estoy comenzando a aceptar la teoría de que esto ya se deba a mi hardware, cosa que bueno… ya veré en un futuro que puedo hacer al respecto XD. ¡Saludos y muchisimas gracias por responder!

  22. Max says:

    Chinese(simplified/traditional) 2-1 still got the chance to broken when i enter next area.(the starting room go to next area when game is loading)?

    • albert says:

      which door exactly? (a picture or a random youtube video and the moment the door appears is enough)
      Can you send me your exe file?

      • Max says:

        Hi Albert, this is what you need. And im sure i done everything what you ask.


        The door won’t 100% crash the game. My new file didn’t crash at every first time.(I tried it twice. Always new game. Both didn’t crash.) And my old file won’t 100% crash the game too. But it got a big chance to crash when im entry it and loading.

        Hope those things can help.
        Love you ?

  23. Ambition says:

    Hello, brother. After I used the mod, the picture quality improved a lot, but why does it feel blurry a little farther away, like having dog teeth, my anti-aliasing is 8x

    • Superbegita says:

      Hi ! Simply because anti aliasing is very bad for the clearity of the picture itself….Is known for that anti aliasing blur the picture quality ALWAYS specially for some AA methos as TAA one of the worst of them.

      No aliaisng but blurry picture.

      And to add that i advertise to desactivate the film grain who make some well…. pixels apparents and

      If you play at just 1080p it will be specially true. But in 4k i can tel you that with no anti aliasing at all and film grain is oiff…game is very precise and much clearer.

      By ex on Resident evil 2 remake if you are in 4K and you put the TAA anti aliasing…you will have the impresison that you go down in 1440p définition….And that’s clearly visible…

      The less your definition is and anti alising you put , the more the picture will be blurring and with lots of details lost.

      Personnally i HATE anti aliasing and motion blur etc , film grain.

      Ah yes ! By the way the motion blur is a bit of “anti aliasing localized” a bit as gc motion blur for background during cinematics.

      Blur just hide the problems of the game engine.

  24. Jacob says:

    Leon’s eyes still in black while wearing tactical vest after installing the patch.

  25. sandro says:

    I’m having problems inspecting weapons like shotguns and snipers in general large items, the game crashes when inspecting the items.

  26. Shigetora says:

    Hey Albert , Noticed a bug in the starting section of the game. When you free the dog and go forward you can’t go through the far right part of those trees it’s like there is a invisible wall blocking you. Before i could just squeeze through that space without any issues.

  27. Leo says:

    Hi Albert. I just tried this patch and the silencer is no longer invisible. Just two quick questions.

    Does the silencer actually change any stats from the handgun?

    If it does change the stats does it stack with the exclusive upgrade from the handgun, by how much?

    I tried this amazing mod with and without the patch. The handgun with the silencer description say that the crit chance increased by X5, but it doesn’t show it to me. And also once I get the exclusive upgrade (again, with and without the patch) I actually works, but just the usual X5, it didn’t stack with the silencer.

    Take care and really thanks a lot for this amazing project.

    • ZetsuMT says:

      I don’t think the silencer actually affect the stats, the “5x critical” is additional description after exclusive upgrade for the handgun. The only plus you’ll get by using the silencer is the “silenced gun sound” ???

      • Ghost says:

        What you said is correct
        it doesn’t affect any stats
        although suppressor has real advantages (blind garador can’t pinpoint our location) they can still hear gunshots
        and many ganados can’t hear your gunfire tooo if you are not on their direct sight

  28. Sh37! says:

    Please add playsation buttons.

  29. XD says:

    The Krauser battle lag’s a lot man, plz fix that :/ the game drops to 18, 20 fps… i have 16gb, 5500 XT and 3300X

  30. Eden Rainheart says:

    Thank you very much for your amazing work! I have a question though, would hiding the popup menu indicating that you can press F1 for settings be possible. For example, it shows by default one time, but then you can disable it in the settings or some command, and just open the settings without any popups on start, is there a way to do that?

  31. Jaxx says:

    Chapter 1-2 cutscene is audio desync is still NOT fixed, why is everyone saying that it is fixed?
    please note the framerate is stable 60 but when the camera pans to sadler it drops to 24fps and that’s where the audio desync happens, I tried recreating the issue using rivatuner (setting fps below 30) and It seems that the audio is tied to framerate.

    • AXEL says:

      I agree with you, to me the audio of the entire sadler cinematic is out of sync, the previous cinematics work without any problem

      • Rui V. says:

        Oh yeah, i noticed that too. The only “solution” i discovered is to turn off “hd textures” but meh… I’m sure they gonna resolve that too. Let’s be patient.

  32. Juan gomez santiago says:

    En el capitulo 1 hay un error ya no puedes pasar por esa parte caminando no lo tenia antes del catch se lo instale y apareció el error xd

  33. shi says:

    At the beginning of the game, when Lyon looks down to check the car crashed under the bridge, it will still lead to the collapse of the game. I’ve tried this paragraph repeatedly recently, hoping to find new clues. Sometimes there are slow movements in the investigation, and then click on the survey, the text is the text of the old man’s body in the house.

  34. razofieldz says:

    Leon still has no eyes with a tactical vest, in their place you can see the darkness.

  35. Ghost says:

    So i found this
    The room where many regenrators are hold up …..where we rewrite the key card for garbage disposable room
    The steam boiler machine thing is shaking all the time (i think it’s a glitch)
    2nd one is when we ride the cart with Ashley when we have received all the puzzle part of statue two Knight statue (on display near the door) have transparent effects going on (might be a glitch too)
    Thanks again for your all hard work

    • Ghost says:

      *2nd one is when we ride the cart with Ashley when we have received all the puzzle part of door that is blocked where we first meet salazar

    • the shaky thing in the regenerator room can’t be fixed afaik, the 2nd one is intended, they are supposed to be armors made of glass

      • albert says:

        Yep. I can make it doesn’t move at all, but then someone else would complain that it doesn’t move anymore XD
        Gracias Ernesto!

  36. Krzysztof says:

    great job overall 🙂 Many thanks for that great remaster.
    I’m just playing. I noticed one portrait upside down. I don’t know if anybody noticed 😛
    Added screenshot:

    • albert says:

      Hahah yeah… that’s because of an upside down texture that contains a few of the paintings of the room. I’ve already fixed it 🙂

  37. Diegoeo99 says:

    El parche resolvió las desincronizaciones , ya veo el silenciador, y demás cosas que mencionas, excelente!!
    Por cierto, el juego me ha crasheado varias veces al intentar abrir el maletín, solo lo hace al abrir el juego por primera vez, o segunda, luego ya no jaja, (pero es random).

  38. Marko says:

    Hi Everybody!
    Im having some issues with the game. I installed the UHD Steam version and when i go to start the game, the game starts up but nothing shows up on the screen. I can still see my desktop but can hear the game running in the background. When i click on the desktop randomly it seems to start the game (can hear the intro cutscene running). My monitor is 2560×1440 170Hz. Might that be where the problem is?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  39. SorcererOne says:

    Okay I’m really confused. I got the 1.0 installed fine, but when I followed the instructions above to add the 1.1 patch, now my game won’t start. I uninstalled RE4 on steam, reinstalled it, tried adding the 1.1 files, and it still won’t start. I don’t really know how to do stuff like this so more detailed instructions would be appreciated.

  40. Eu tive um problema na parte 5.1 ao entrar na porta onde sai um ganadao pegando fogo, o jogo cracha. Estou desinstalando e instalando novamente para ver se corrige.

  41. MZA says:

    Thanks a lot Albert, but in my case I didn’t find the exe.bak, I found exe.patch then I deleted it and renamed it as above and then it worked.

  42. Vita says:

    Remember mini patch u said before? ( causes motion sickness, will there be a patch soon? XD

    I’ve also tried playing version 1.0, it feels like laggier compared to the 2018 version.
    But ya, still playable, thanks in advance ^^

  43. Riasat Salmin Sami says:

    I got a nice idea for the secret room.

    Say if the player enters that area uing newgame+ [cleared game save data], then Super Chainsaw guy should attack Leon in that area. This will catch people off guard and scare the hell outta them since on first run they didn’t see him, so they won’t be expecting it on the newgame+ [Unless people read this comment and become aware of it lol]

  44. Aziz says:

    first of all thank you for this amazing hardwork.
    but can you add extra thing that enable us to play with X360ce so that we can play with configuration like PS2, bcoz I’m get used to play it with PS2 configuration. but this mod you’ve created won’t allow it, it says error, but the original UHD one is possible. it would be wonderful. thank you very much 🙂

  45. Sean says:

    The issue I’m having is the game runs in slow motion and runs at normal speed during cut scenes. I’m playing it at 4k 60 fps everything high.

  46. Wanderson Silva says:

    Justo al comienzo del juego, si miro el coche de policía que se ha caído al río, el juego falla, de manera que tengo que reiniciar la computadora, ¡porque el juego no se cierra! Esto ha sucedido antes y continúa sucediendo, ¡incluso con el parche!

  47. Rui V. says:

    Hello Guys. Thank you so much for all you do and have done. I’m playing the game and the ONLY “problem” that i notice after apllying the patch is the “quick time” button description (A+D and S+D), now only appears “0” (zero number). The mouse description and all the other inaccuracies seems to be gone. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL. I’ll be donating FOR SURE. You all diserve it. Best of luck and greetings, your brothers from Portugal.

  48. Rui V. says:

    Hello Guys. Thank you so much for all you do and have done. I’m playing the game and the ONLY “problem” that i notice after apllying the patch is the “quick time” button description (A+D and S+D), now only appears “0” (zero number). The mouse description is fine and all the other inaccuracies seems to be gone. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL. I’ll be donating FOR SURE. You all diserve it. Best of luck and greetings, your brothers from Portugal.

  49. Andre says:

    You are just AWESOME! many thanks from Brazil! MUITO OBRIGADO! Grato demais!

  50. Juan Cabrera says:

    Encontré un error en una cinemática instale el patch :
    Otra cosa no se si esos parpadeos estén bien creo q si aun asi pregunto xd:

    • albert says:

      Es lo que pasa cuando arreglas una cosa, otra se te estropea haha
      Tiene fácil arreglo 😉

      Sí son correctos, pero eso otro de los problemas de este juego a 60 fps… hay ciertas cosas que van el doble de rápidas…
      Ojalá mis colegas programadores puedan dar la solución a todos ellos!

  51. Mariotimeee says:

    Siento que los subtitulos de las cinematicas al menos en español van muy rapidos hasta creo que se cortan dialogos

  52. Alex J says:

    Hola, tuve un pequeño problema con los fps, en la zona del castillo cuando se gira el puente, no sé si será problema de mi PC pero fue muy extraño ya que no tuve ningún problema con el rendimiento hasta ahora, el puente se giraba a 15 fps y el entorno iba bien. Aclaro que estoy jugando a 30 fps y con el nuevo parche.
    Componentes de mi PC
    CPU: Intel I5 3450 3.10GHz
    RAM: 8GB DDR3
    GPU: GT 1030 2GB GDDR5

  53. Beserker says:

    The patch always causes me to crash after the intro. 🙁

  54. Tharon says:

    Just finished the game and it’s awesome. Again, congratulations. That’s a *real* remastered, you all should make a job about it.

    Anyway, i’ve noticed the download is a heavy bloated. Many replaced files are the same than the Steam release (not know about the boxed) so there is no really need to download them again in the patch.

    I made a little software that automatically create a patch with only the changed files, and produce a list of the useless files to delete, and the result is a patch file of only 22 gb, and even less when compressed (under 20 gb).

    I’m now writing a software to patch the game and automatically delete the useless files. Are you interested in it ?
    It’s also more safe, because your actual patch replace the whole game (minus the executable) and include untouched copyrighted files from Capcom.

    • albert says:

      Yes, I know that, but an executable could potentially create more problems (permission issues, conflicts with mods people don’t remember they installed, etc…)
      And the installation executable will probably need to be updated, too, because of the future changes and some extra files that are not changed now

      Even the modded files contain “subfiles” packed inside them that are not modified. The legal concern comes with the .exe file. That’s why we don’t share it.

      There’s also a problem with extension of certain files that now are different (.pack, .pack.y2z, .pack.lfs, .pack.yz2.lfs…) they are all the same kind of file with different types of compression. Some modded files don’t use the original extension anymore. So, 2 different files with the same name could be stored in the same folder and the game would load the original one instead of the modded one.

      There are certain variables that made me took the decision that simply get rid of the entire folder.
      And even there are people that don’t delete the BIO4 folder before pasting the new one. So, whatever we do, there will be difficulties. I guarantee it to you! XD

  55. Jim says:

    Is there a way to mod this to make the Wiimote work with it?

  56. Peter says:

    The game crashs allways after the intro. I use the german version.

  57. boogeyman484 says:

    The water blur effect looks too blurry in the castle, would be nice if it can be disabled

  58. Alex jornyak says:

    Albert, when I open the game files unpacked xwb in wav format, the sound is of high quality, as it should be in fact. How can you decide that the sound was the same quality and in the game itself, as in wav format when you open through the player?

    • Alex jornyak says:

      The game itself deteriorates the quality of sound, it seems to me the developers did it on purpose, that would degrade the quality of the PC version. The 2007 version does not have this problem.

  59. Alex jornyak says:

    Albert when I open the game files unpacked xwb in wav format, the sound became a lot of quality, such as should actually be. How can you decide that the sound was the same quality and in itself and as in wav format when you open through the player?

  60. Sosh says:

    I successfully installed HD Project 1.0, and the patch, but now whenever I start the game it asks me about patching the exe again. Should I click “No” and ignore this every time?

  61. JcFerggy says:

    I uploaded a match of images regarding issues I found.

    1. Gap in the wall.
    2&3. Invisible armor.
    4. Gap in the floor.
    5&6. Model Z-texture fighting.
    7&8. Gap in the door.
    9&10. Floating barrel.
    11&12. Weird lighting issue around the left wall looking into the doorway.
    13&14. Gap in the door.
    15&16. Invisible water near the wooden planks.
    17&18. All jars and cans are facing the same direction. Please rotate some as to seam more natural.
    19&20. You already mentioned the invisible models. The item preview on the character select screen is seen from directly above, not the angle the pause screen uses. Seeing the same object angles in a straight on view makes this appear odd in Pic 20.
    21&22. The barrel is poking through the wall.
    23. Water on the left side of my screen is shimmering. Viewing at 3840 x 2160.
    24&25. Z-texture fighting in the door frame.

    Overall I love this mod, and happily await 1.1. I first played RE4 on the Wii, and had bought the PC HD release when it was on sale a few years back in anticipation of this mod. I started a Professional playthrough, but I might hold off for 1.1 before continuing to see what other issues crop up.

    The only gripe I had was the Ada cutscenes. I know they were more compressed than the rest, but occasionally the playback would stutter or miss a frame. Otherwise if I could ask for one thing, could each door me re-examined so there are no gaps when opening? Then the only other thing that would make RE4 perfect is the ability to quick map items to the D-Pad like in RE5, but that would be outside the scope of this mod.

    Thank you again for all your hard work.

  62. Max says:

    Hi Albert, got a new problem.
    If i save a load with your mod then playing a new game. The new game has a big chance to get random broken at anytime.
    Maybe it cause by special clothes 2. I choose that to play a new game.

  63. john says:

    Hi folks I trying to play the game with a PS4 controller but with the dinput8.dll the game doesn’t detect the controller when I remove the the dll or use other versions of this dll downloaded on internet the game normally detects the controller again but then it crashes when opening the inventory.

    some info:
    – game version: 1.1
    – lanaguage in the game: english
    – no other mods
    – bio4 files and size: 42 files, 37GB
    – bin32 files and size: around 15 files total size 40MB
    – windows 11

  64. Daniel says:

    This patch did NOT fixed the audio desync on the first cutscene of 1-2 for me. Like the user Jaxx said up there, when it pans to Saddler the framerate drops (and locks) to 24 and the desync happens.

  65. Niro says:

    It seems that the film grain is permanently disabled with this patch? The checkbox does not seem to work anymore.

    • albert says:

      If you have some problems with the dll options (F1 menu) try to change the settings manually changing them to “true” or “false” inside the dinput8.ini file (It’s in the Bio32 folder)

      Search: DisableFilmGrain =
      and set it to “false” in order to activate it again 😉

  66. Daniel says:

    Started playing it yesterday, got to 1-2 and got the audio desync during the first cutscene. Installed this patched but it didn’t solved the issue. Like others already said, when it pans to Saddler the framerate drops to 24 and the desync happens. Other than that it looks and works great.

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the feedback!
      We’ll investigate about it further. It seems it’s something that happens to some people for unknown reasons. On my side, for example, it’s always 60fps
      I’ll try to optimize that camera angle as much as possible by reducing the drawing distance (maybe it’s drawing the entire stage behind that wall XD)

  67. Alexandr Jorny says:

    Maybe I’m writing off-topic, but does anyone know why the sound in this game is played quieter and not at full volume than it really should be. Is it just me who is bothered by this? The 2007 Ubisoft version and the Wii Edition on the Dolphin emulator don’t have this problem, and the sound in those versions works at full volume.

  68. Greg says:

    Hi Albert
    I finished main game without any problem, without patch (on 1.0). No crashes, no slowdowns, no desync, only strange blurry wather during Del Lago fight (blurry GCube filter off).
    Professional mode
    GTX 1080
    I7 8700
    16 gb RAM
    FHD. english ver.

    Great, phenomenal work! Thank you

    • albert says:

      Thank you for the feedback!
      It seems some people don’t like that filter I added to the water, haha
      Good to know everything was fine 😉

      • Alvin says:

        I like the blur filter on the water and tile reflection in the castle area. I think it gives off that physically based lighting approach a little. (Glossiness of reflection causing reflection to be less visible.) I also think the glass armored statues were awesome. So yeah, a lot of people seem to mark these as visual inaccuracies, which I dunno, find it kinda strange.

  69. Stiliyan says:

    Hi Albert will you update the progress summary page

  70. simp de belle delphine says:

    En la batalla de Salazar algunas texturas parecen mas negras de lo normal o no se si sea asi instale el patch también en la cinemática cuando Leon y Ada van en la lancha a Ada se le ve el brazo algo raro este no lo capture xd pero también me paso segundo 29

  71. Charlie Cyprus says:

    Just beat RE4, thanks for the awesome mod. I noticed Hunnigan without glasses in the stinger ending looks like a completely different model than regular Hunnigan. Different hairline and brows. Ear texture looks different. Shape of her lips and her pupils are so different they don’t resemble the original. Is this intentional or maybe a beta model accidentally got used?

  72. jim says:

    Hello and thanks for your nice project.We will ever see depth of field and ambient occlusion?

  73. Rayne says:

    Any idea when the official 1.1 patch will come? Looks amazing!

  74. Jim says:

    When can we expect the finally 1.1 patch?

  75. belteshazzar says:

    Hello, this is an incredible work! I’ve been following this project since it was first announced all those years ago. I just wanted to report that even after installing the emergency patch, my game is completely freezing up after the initial confrontation and looking down the bridge where the car was pushed down by the truck. Hopefully you can iron out these issues in the future. Keep up the amazing work!

  76. MZA says:

    Sir Albert when can we expect final patch 1.1 ?
    And thank you for the legendary mod.

  77. Rui V. says:

    Finished my gameplay right just now. And my MAJOR problems was some massive slowdowns in FPS. In the Novistadors light switch puzzle section, in Krauser battle area and in some areas of the castle with water “pools”.
    I had disable ALL blur options and i was playing in FHD with high shadows and 2x AA.
    My PC – CPU FX8350 GPU asus rog strix rx480 8Gb RAM 12Gb 1600MHz
    Besides that, the game is just simply perfect.

  78. Rui V. says:

    Oh, and no heat issues on my machine that would justify slowness, of course. Nor high cpu/ram/disk usage. The pc is very light.

    • Shigetora says:

      Used to have the same thing on my old rig but now no issues on my new build.(R5 3600 , RTX 2060 Super)

      • Rui V. says:

        ha-ha, i know what you mean… “The famous” fx8350… But unfortunately, to change the cpu, a have to change mobo and ram. And right now i cant (€). Plus the game runs great without the graphic pack, so i think they can adjust that issues. After all is an 2005 game.

        • Rui V. says:

          I explained myself badly. The game runs fine without the graphic pack and with. The only slowness is in the areas I mentioned. Otherwise it’s perfect. With the pack.
          Also, I don’t have lags of this kind in any other game. That’s why I think it’s some adjustment that these two prodigies can give 🙂

  79. Sean says:

    Hey Albert Cris & Co, congrats on the release 🙂 been a long time!! I started following your project at least 6 years ago lol! I have not yet downloaded v1.0 as I’ve been busy lately, but I am excited to play it very soon! I think I’ll wait for you to release v1.1 hopefully in the next few weeks, so I don’t have to worry about multiple patches, then I will make a video showcasing your latest work with v1.1!!

    As you probably remember, I’m more concerned about difficulty mods… I mean, your graphics mod is superb!!! but I hope maybe after you release v1.1 (or 1.2?) I hope you might be able to continue working on further improvements to the game?? We talked briefly several months ago about the original Gamecube difficulty (NTSC not PAL) but I do not know if you confirmed whether that is possible, or if its something you are able to do???

    I made some youtube videos of myself playing RE4 in October (comparing Gamecube to PC) and I also posted some requests on the site, but nobody responded about my requests to modify the weapon values and/or adaptive difficulty, so either its very difficult or its not even possible 🙁 well the weapon values at least can be edited but it’s probably very time consuming, and the adaptive difficulty makes it so confusing to test everything (sigh)

    Anyway, I realize you are probably very busy trying to fix issues with patch 1.1 so I don’t want to slow you down with additional requests. I realize the graphics mod was always your primary focus, but with all the attention you are bringing to the game, it would be awesome to have the original (or a new) difficulty! Please let me know if you can look into this after you finish v1.1! Thanks 🙂

    I’ll try posting more videos of myself playing RE4 on gamecube soon, because I’m trying to count the exact total # of enemies in the game… of course now I know about the “infinite spawn” locations like the spiders at the end of 4-4 Salazars boss battle, but excluding the infinite spawns, I want to know the exact # of enemies compared to the PC version… it’s somewhere around 1100 or so but I think PC/Steam is slightly less

    I read something about other mods you have coming soon too… like hud/fov stuff? filters, etc? I can’t wait to see what else you can do 🙂 what about mods for mercenaries like a new stage or characters? or maybe something like this one?

  80. MZA says:

    The second patch is coming guys just be patient.
    (Wishful thinking).
    Thanks Albert we are waiting.

    • albert says:

      Yes! I’m fixing all the visual adjustments needed based on people feedback (and even some extra detail I’ve found in the meantime), also, nipkow and emoose fixed some extra stuff related to the dll 🙂
      It won’t take too much…
      Thanks for the patience!

      • zma1013 says:

        Is there any way to add outfit options to the mod? Like, what if I want Adas tactical outfit with Leons RE4 outfit? Or the Ashleys Knight outfit with Leons RPD outfit? Or Adas red dress with Leons RPD outfit?

        Just wondering if that’s feasible or easy to implement or if i can do it on my end by just swapping some files.

        Sorry to ask, you guys went way above and beyond with this great mod. This is more just wishful thinking on my part.

      • DarkLink1308 says:

        Don’t worry Albert, take your time! Thank you for everyone involved in the project!

  81. Michael W. says:

    This made my game crash when starting a new game, right after skipping first movie.
    Also, when I loaded a save, it worked, but key icons were black squares.
    My game is in english and turning the “fallback” option on or off did not make any difference.
    I tried redownloading this patch and reapplying, same results.

  82. Kumakare says:

    I was wondering if the mafia suit is available during cutscenes with this mod?
    and if not would that be something yall could implement?

  83. Hi, I’ve been excited to try this out once I got a faster internet connection to download it, and I finally did. but it crashes every time right after the intro finishes, skipping the intro has the same result. I tried lowering the fixed frame rate but no help. I’m not sure if I did something wrong but I think I followed the instructions pretty closely. can anyone help me out? thanks in advance 🙂

  84. Jim says:

    I have ghosting,is it normal?

  85. when will the patch be ready?

  86. Maddin Sp. says:

    “A.M.G. estuvo aqui. Me arden los ojos. ”
    I guess i have found a huge Easter Egg 😀

    Soooooo cool!

  87. Maddin Sp. says:

    “A.M.G. estuvo aqui. Me arden los ojos. ”
    I guess i have found a giant Easter Egg 😀 Soooooo cool! I like the bgm.
    Do those markers indicate the days you worked on the project?

    • albert says:

      Yeah!! haha

      • Martin.Sp says:

        I actually got really excited when i noticed that there finally is a DOOR! Getting Ashley down there, was pretty tricky though. 😀

        I have a question about the doors with this black window. In the first PC version this window is transparent. Could you make it look like that in the UHD too?

        And sorry for the double post. Somehow the old text got into the newer comment. I even used my wrong user name. 🙁

  88. Teh Mabster says:

    Quick question
    Does this patch fix the problem with win 10 where the game crashes on start up because of some hz issue

    • Superbegita says:

      If i remember if it fix it but i can confirm that even on Win10 game was working fine WITH the mod. I am on Win 111 since the first official release of Win 11 and no problem so far , bugs wise of the actual release of the mod of course (i have not update the mod so still on the official 1.00 release).

      For the hs the mod inbclude indeed if i remember the fix for. But you can do it aside also even WITHOUT the mod. Of course you are better with the mod for obvious reasons ^^

  89. MZA says:

    It’s been a month since the first patch, when will the second patch come ?
    Thanks Albert I know you’re busy working on it, please give us a little update on the matter, much appreciated ?

  90. vorrapong says:

    need for edit thai langue in this files , how i can?
    thank you for HD project , Love You!

  91. Prathamesh Bhekare says:

    I’m playing the game with ps5 controller. Can anyone suggest me playstation buttion icons mod that is compatible with our HD project?

  92. Shigetora says:

    Waiting for the 2nd patch :<

  93. MZA says:

    The Second patch will be released when we reach 200 comments ? come on guys.

  94. Alexandre says:

    Pra mim funcionou bem o patch, o silenciador voltou a aparecer na maleta mais ainda não verifiquei o modo Mercenários. mais está ótimo já, vlw e continue com esse ótimo trabalho.

  95. Jim says:

    Albert why is the final patch taking so long I understand perfection takes time but I thought you give an update on the update or something that’s all.

    • MZA says:

      I know how you feel man, I’ve been waiting for this patch for almost two months now, sadly it doesn’t seem to be coming any time soon.

      • DarkLink1308 says:

        A lot of people have sent feedback, probably Albert and the team are analyzing the feedback and applying as many fixes as possible so they don’t need to release more patches in the future. Maybe during the next month we will have news about the 1.1 patch.

      • albert says:

        I’m fixing all the inaccuracies people are finding, but it’s almost done.
        200/240 inaccuracies fixed right now XDD

        I’m having a loooot of homework these weeks and almost have no time. This is the main reason it’s taking me so long… the lack of time…
        Also, I’m probably forgetting to respond some messages because of that, and when the answer requires some investigation from my side… sorry!

        • MZA says:

          Thank you so much Albert for responding, we love you and your phenomenal work on the mod and can’t wait to play it.♥️

        • Shigetora says:

          Haha Good luck with the homework! We’ll be waiting patiently for the new patch 🙂

  96. Dac says:

    Estoy flipando en colores, que maravilla habéis hecho, de verdad. Os voy a donar porque os lo merecéis con creces.

    No he seguido muy de cerca el proyecto, aunque alguna vez cuando me acordaba si que me gustaba ver los avances, pero madre de Dios, acabo de jugar y no salgo de mi asombro, mi más sincera enhorabuena.

    De momento el juego no me ha crasheado ni nada raro, lo único la descripción de los textos en el inventario que están en Inglés, pero vamos, que si todo es eso… ¿Debería instalarme este parche, o si solo tengo ese problema es mejor esperar? (Llevo poco de juego, igual luego encuentro alguna otra cosilla) Lo digo porque no me molesta en absoluto que la descripción esté en Inglés, al fin y al cabo me manejo más o menos con el idioma.

    Perdonad el tocho y enhorabuena otra vez.

    • albert says:

      Muchas gracias por el apoyo!! 😀
      Efectivamente, este parche soluciona este y otros pequeños detalles, pero si no notas nada más y eso no te molesta, sí, mejor espera a que el parche 1.1 esté completo. ;D
      un saludo!!

      • Dac says:

        He notado desincronización en una escena en concreto y como vi que el parche corregía eso, lo apliqué y efectivamente, problema corregido. También han vuelto los textos en Español, aunque como ya comenté era lo de menos, pero lo de las secuencias es obvio que es algo más molesto.

        Gracias por curraros también el soporte que estáis dando después de acabar el proyecto.

        Un saludo.

  97. Dac says:

    Trasteando en el menú de F1, vi una opción que dice lo siguiente:

    This filter was originally meant to add an extra glow effect on certain fire sources, but it was broken
    when the game was ported to the Xbox 360, making the entire image have an orange tint overlay applied to it. (if you’re using the HD Project, you should disable this option)

    Por lo que dice ahí, hay que desactivar dicha opción (Que viene así por defecto) para que no aparezca el filtro que estropea la imagen, pero el propio parámetro se llama “DisableBrokenFilter03”, dando a entender que si marcas la casilla, lo que hace es desactivarlo.

    Supongo que será un error de escritura simplemente y hay que dejarlo sin marcar, ¿No?

    Se que es una duda un poco absurda, y que dado que no noto nada que estropee la imagen, todavía más, pero era por asegurarme y por si te sirve a la hora de corregir ese “Disable” por “Enable”.

    ¡Un saludo!

    • albert says:

      Hola! respuesta rápida. Si usas el HD project, desactivado.
      Si usas el juego sin modificar, activado para eliminar el tinte rojo de ciertas áreas.
      (en el archivo .ini creo que lo pone ;D)

  98. Dac says:

    Voy a quedar como un pesado, pero se me había olvidado añadir algo al mensaje anterior y no puedo editarlo.

    Juego a 60 fps sin problema, salvo dos zonas del juego donde, no se si llamarlo bajada de fps o que iba todo ralentizado (Perdón por no ser tan concreto, pero me recordaba más a una especie de cámara lenta) Estas zonas de las que hablo, una es cuando acabas con la criatura del lago y sales de la cabaña, pues si miro hacia el muelle donde está la lancha ocurre esto, y la otra zona es cuando tienes que desviar el agua para que se corte la cascada y puedas acceder al interior y coger el medallón para abrir la iglesia (Creo que solo ocurre si miras hacia la cascada)

    Te dejo mis especificaciones por si las necesitas:

    CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight-Core Processor 3.50 GHz
    GPU: GTX 1060 6GB
    Memoria: 16 GB RAM DDR3

    De todas maneras, no se si esto estaba ya en la versión original, vete a saber, porque es la primera vez que lo juego en PC.

    Un saludo, y ya te dejo en paz, jaja. Gracias por todo.

  99. Martin Sp. says:

    I finally finished playing the german version and i have not found any issues with the mod. Everything looks brilliant and i had no framerate drops.

    Thank you.

    I already miss tthe updates about cool improvements for RE4.

  100. KP99 says:


    What is the muffler for? I can’t combine it with my 9mm.

  101. Frank says:

    Any update?

  102. MZA says:

    Yesterday I dreamed of the second patch being released ? and checked as soon as I woke up.

  103. Jim says:

    Albert what happened to the planned 1.1 patch?

    • albert says:

      It’s almost done! Now I’m asking new donors about their names, so I can update the credits.
      Since I’m studying now, I’ve been doing all the corrections at a really slow pace, and they were hundreds of them… but it’s almost done!
      I’ll post something this weekend just to tell people I’m still alive XD

  104. Gabriel says:

    Hi Albert! I wanted to ask, I think I asked you this a long time ago but dont remember your answer fully. Would it be possible at all to port/ what is the correct term, your textures somehow over to Dolphin to use for the Wii edition? I’m pretty sure you told me before that changes to things like lighting and effects of that nature cant be changed, but replacing all the textures with yours is possible, just a long process. If this is possible, would you know how to do that? Because if it is within my technical capabilities I would be interested in doing that myself.

  105. Yekkusu says:

    Just a quick question: Do you guys intend of making a Button prompt mod for this game to work with this mod? The normal prompts are the XBOX ones, but I do use a DS4 and all that xD
    Anyway, not an issue, there are mods out there that do that but none of them work with this mod