Look Familiar? (XXIII)

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2 responses to “Look Familiar? (XXIII)”

  1. Terminento says:

    Ha ha ha! Awesome.
    On another nore, I have a question. It kind of got behind many people’s radar, and I actually found about it because the new steamworks version, unlike the previous GFWL version of Resident Evil 5, doesn’t allow for the instalaltion or use of mods to play local split screen multiplayer, but the Lost in Nightmares DLC is finally out with the gold version on PC.
    Since it has lots of classic style textures, will you take a look at the DLC and see if something can be used or salvaged, just like you did when Resident Evil HD remaster was released? It wouldn’t surprise me that Capcom reused a lot of it’s library of textures for that one.

    • albert says:

      Hello Terminento!
      Yes, I extracted XBOX360 version textures a couple of years ago from RE5 Gold ed.
      Some textures from RE4 were reused just double size or so… but they are still not good enough for our project quality standards. Luckily. I was able to locate real life location for most of them 🙂

      And yes! Capcom’s been reusing some textures since 2000. Even REvelations 2 has some of them.

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